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Branded Inverter & Car Batteries and Authorized Dealers in Noida

In India, apart from home grown local brands there are many big brands manufacture and supply inverters and batteries household and industrial use. Though, the cost of local or regional based product is much cheaper than well-known brands but there are other advantages which gives an edge over these small players. Sometimes it depends on your choice and budget to afford such products but it also becomes very difficult to choose the most reliable brand when there are too much competitors available in the market. Virtually all the brands produce a quality products and give same after sales service you ust need to check the products range offered by them and choose as per your need and affordability.

Luminous Inverter Battery :!uminous is the second largest manufacturer " suppliers of inverter batteries in the India. It offers wide range of batteries and speciali#ed in producing flooded !ead $cid batteries which are most common batteries used in energy systems because of their price, local availability, and ease of recycling. The company is famous for deep-cycled batteries which are designed to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time. $ deep cycle battery is also designed to be deeply discharged over and over again and can provide a surge when needed.

!uminous %atteries have specially designed deep-cycle cells that are much less susceptible to degradation due to cycling, and are required for applications where the batteries are regularly discharged, such as photovoltaic systems, electric vehicles and uninterruptible power supplies. &ange of high performance luminous batteries for inverter application are'

(lat )late %atteries * +esigned to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time Tubular %atteries - ,-tra-strong with %etter and quick charge acceptance !T .// %$TT,&0 - 1anufactured using 2$+I 2igh pressure casting machine

Microtek Inverter Battery :1icrotek is usually famous for its long-lasting inverters but it also produce batteries which has been especially designed for its diverse models of Inverters. If you buy inverter battery along with its inverter you can get advantage of special discounts offered by the company.

2owever, you can also choose other brands of batteries as per your need and choice but batteries manufactured by the 1icrotek also comes with good quality to give long-lasting performance in the form of power of backup for your home " office.

Sukam Inverter Battery :Sukam is also one of the leading manufacturers of Inverter " %atteries and offers e-tensive range of lead acid batteries in the whole country and more than 3/ countries across the world. Sukam developed )ower %ank %atteries are tough enough to perform under e-treme operating conditions and are scientifically built while keeping the demand of the customers. It is also one

the leading supplier of batteries for private and commercial vehicles such as 4ar, Truck and Trackers etc. Its batteries are featured with capacity to withstand deep discharge due to balanced active material and large electrolyte reserve. 5here on the other hand a special lead alloy composition ensures low self-discharge and resistance to overcharge making it one of the more dependable and economical brand to use. 0ou can choose sukam batteries from these models offered by the company'

!ead $cid %attery * +esigned for +eep 4ycling 4apabilities " available in various capacities Tubular %atteries - Special Tubular for ,-tremely long life and !ow 1aintenance

Exide Inverter Batteries :,-ide is India6s Top manufacturer of lead acid batteries for domestic and commercial use. The company is speciali#ed in manufacturing batteries for household and commercial use, in the commercial segment which is sub-divided into automotive and industrial divisions it has significant market share and company also manufacturer submarine batteries to meet the country6s defence requirements. The ,-ide batteries are produced to use with Inverters to ensure the uninterrupted and regulated power supply after the failure main power supply.

,-ide has designed all its batteries rechargeable within the shortest time to meet the frequent power cuts demands across the country. It offers wide range of batteries in various si#es and capacities for the use of household and industries and recently it has launched wide range of I7V$ batteries and other series which require low floor space and low maintenance. 0ou can buy these batteries from any one of the Exide batteries dealers in Noida.

Amaron Car Batteries :$maron is also one of the largest manufacturer of standby valve regulated lead acid batteries in the India, however it is known for producing e-tensive range of powerful #ero-maintenance batteries in India. It is speciali#ed in producing #ero-maintenance batteries with the full charging capacity and not sub ect to inconsistent charging at the dealerships which gives its customers could rest assured that all $maron batteries were created equal and would perform equal. The batteries produced by $maron are long-lasting and require ultra-low maintenance.

$akash ,lectronics is an aut orised dealer o! amaron car battery and you can also find batteries for every type of motor vehicles including cars, S8Vs, trucks, %uses and other commercial vehicles.

0ou can choose a battery from any one of the companies mentioned above, not only $maron but batteries produced by other companies can be also used in home 8)S Inverters and other automobile vehicles and almost all of them give warranty and after sales service for their respective customers. 7onetheless, always buy these products from an authorised dealer as they are reliable supplier of branded products and provides free service in case of any technical faults comes during the use. $uthorised dealers also suggest most suitable combination of batteries and inverters with some useful tips for its maintenance and care taking which helps to increase its performance life.

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