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Contents Introduction What fashion events require a Fashion Event Coordinator? What is a Fashion Event Coordinator? The job description The personality profile So do you have what it takes? So are you suitable? Employment opportunities Areas of expertise Delegating Communication Organisation People skills Working with Clients What is the event? Who are your clients? Who are the key stakeholders and what are they hoping to achieve? Where are your markets? Target markets Developing your ideas Providing the clients with their vision Providing a positive experience for your clients Event calendar planning/brainstorming/exercise International and local parade trends/ Fashion trends/themes Creating a themed event Clothing and accessories – Brands/Designers 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 7 7 7 8 8 9 9 9 9 10 12 14 14 15 15 21 22 24 Contents Introduction to Fashion Event Coordination .

Important areas to consider when organising your event Planning Filling in the timeline Important area’s to consider when organising your event Costing/negotiation Contracts Personal presentation Venue selection Safety and Risk Management Event Protocol Legal requirements including licenses and venue requirements Insurance issues OH&S Volunteers Some specifics that need to be organised Staging/Sound Music Styling TAFE SA • Fashion Industry Training Services 25 26 26 26 28 28 29 30 31 32 34 34 35 38 38 41 45 45 48 50 51 51 Hair and makeup Choreographer Food and Beverage Dressers Compares Contents .

Models Agencies Considering your model choices Castings How to attract your end user Public relations Publicity/publicists Advertising Socialites. Celebrities and Wannabes Invitations/RSVP’s Design Floor plans VIP seating Show bags The Event Confirmation Timing/Trouble shooting Running sheets FEC Survival Kit Creating your Portfolio/CV 52 52 52 53 54 59 59 60 62 62 63 63 64 65 65 66 66 66 67 Contents Introduction to Fashion Event Coordination 54 .


au) and the Mercedes Fashion week (www.  Introduction to Fashion Event Coordination .INtrodUctioN What fashion events require a Fashion Event Coordinator? Fashion Event Coordinators (FEC) can be called upon to perform a variety of functions within the Fashion Industry. shows clothes a season ahead and where you get the chance to pre-order the garments for the upcoming season. • Product Launches – New products in store that require surrounding promotional activities. • Trade Shows – Trade Shows take place all over the world and are for showing the latest fashion and fabric trends. some companies spend a lot of time. Department stores also hold VIP nights that are only for mailing list/store card customers. you may also get work at Fashion Shows for example. perhaps a small parade. having a structure.Imff.afw. Most trade show halls are divided into hundreds of small stands where you get the opportunity to provide a glimpse of your new collection. • Boutique Openings – Showcasing the style/target market and apparel direction of the new store. Whilst Parades may be the most common request. who they then invite to special evenings to showcase their latest where multiple designer and fashion house parades take place for both Summer and Winter fashion range launches. an FEC can also plan and organise: • Fashion Shows – As well as parades for retailers and designers. • Party Plan Evenings – A party plan with a Trade shows also have several fashion parades that run throughout the event to showcase some of the exhibitors. (The term Trunk Show derives from the traditional practice of the designer transporting the clothes in giant stripped trunks). Whilst many stands are basic in design. a few VIP’s etc. Melbourne Fashion Week (www. • VIP nights – Usually retailers have a database of their best customers. • Trunk Shows – Where a store or designer. money and effort to create beautiful and enticing stands for the trade show

Even if you do not think you fit this personality profile you can always learn and practice things like the art or schmoozing and small talk as you begin to develop your contacts and gain work experience and plan your first few fashion events. Some of the areas you will be responsible for are booking venues. There are however more areas that will be outlined in greater detail later in this text. selecting clothing and gaining publicity to name just a few. are highly motivated. The personality profile If you like people. enjoy being busy and working behind the scenes (not grabbing the glory). TAFE SA • Fashion Industry Training Services  . choosing models. You may be employed by a fashion company or retailer or you may choose to start your own business as a freelancer. can give the impression of always being in control (even if underneath you are ready to explode) always put up your hand to organise your family’s birthday parties. love chatting. This could include organising all aspects of the event themselves or having the contacts and industry networks to employ specialists in particular areas of the event coordination.What is a fashioN eveNt coordiNator? The job description A FEC is usually responsible for being the manager of an entire fashion event. are nosy and give advice (even if not asked for) to every women and man you meet who is getting married you may have the right personality to be an FEC.

So do you have what it takes? Nobody can answer this question except you. maintaining relationships and running your life and business to a new and ever-changing schedule. hopes and aspirations determine how well prepared you are for breaking into this highly competitive field. Answer the following questions with either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. a desire to think outside the square creatively and be open to meeting new people.  Introduction to Fashion Event Coordination . however. How well do you know yourself? Your skills. Do you have a creative flair? Can you convince just about anybody that your ideas are great? Are you very organised? (either in your home life or work life. then having the above personality traits certainly help. You may have to be the wearer of many hats and be willing to learn new skills along the way especially if you cannot afford to use the experts. as well as a love of organising you also need a good sense of fashion and fashion ability. doesn’t have to be both) Do you like talking on the phone? Can you make quick decisions under pressure? Are you interested in current affairs and media? Are you humble and willing to work hard behind the scenes? Do you know how to get the best out of people? Y/N So are you suitable? If you answered mostly yes.

Similarly if you already work for a small retailer as a shop assistant or store manager or you own a retail store you may want to suggest or think about increasing the profile of the store by organising in-store events. If you are interested in working for a large fashion house such as a department store or equivalent. All the steps outlined in this guide can be suitably adapted for small or large businesses including working as a freelancer. a good career path may be as follows: Study Fashion Coordination/Event management Work Experience Work on as many jobs as you can – even for free to build up your resume PR/ Marketing/Advertising Look for work opportunities in these type of areas of the larger stores Enthusiasm Put yourself forward as the fashion event planner. even if this is not a tradition job role in the organisation you can create it. > > > TAFE SA • Fashion Industry Training Services  .Employment opportunities So where can I work and who can I work for as a Fashion Event Coordinator? Many fashion companies will have their own PR divisions or specific areas within their organisations that will utilise fashion event coordinators.

What better way to entice an audience than to put on a fashion parade for a local charitable cause. Working for a NPO also encourages you to be exceptionally resourceful which will help you with later events when budgets are tight. freelancers can begin to then employ other experts to work with them and eventually build up their own successful company. hospitals and CWA organisations are always looking for ways to raise additional funds. Not for Profit organisations Many not for profit organisations and charities either employ freelance fashion event coordinators or have their own PR/Marketing departments within the charities to put on events including fashion parades. Freelancing offers great variety as no two jobs are ever the same. Tip: How about a new homewares store where you can dress models in bed linen and pillow cases!  Introduction to Fashion Event Coordination . a parade to launch a new car or perfume or maybe working with the local council where your role is not only to organise fashion parades but also other fun local council events.Freelancing Often people who organise events like to start as freelancers (offering your services on a temporary basis to cover the event planning). Other potential areas of employment may be situations you would not normally think of as being connected with fashion. Once established. Non Profit Organisations (NPO’s) are also a great place to gain work experience as they are always looking for volunteers. For example. There are many other employment opportunities working as a Fashion Events Coordinator even if you live in a small town or rural area. This can then lead to a large variety of work and suits those who would like to run their own business. There are also numerous opportunities at local fetes. Community centres. Small towns often have enthusiastic audiences who do not usually get the opportunity to see the latest fashion trends. retailers and carnivals etc. • • • • www.billiondollarbabes.pooltradeshow.LearNiNG activity Go to the following websites to research successful online and fashion event planning Notes ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TAFE SA • Fashion Industry Training Services ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  .com • www. • www.couchnobelius.

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