PT1 1 1 2 ! % ' + . 1 2 111 12 1! 1% 1' 1+ 1. 11 12 2Choose the correct answer. I _____ him a quick note, and left it on the table.

a) received b) wrote c) sent d) answered

It's nearly impossible to _____ up a meetin because people are all free at different times. a) arran e b) make c) set d) take "here's no need to _____# $e can all hear you very well. a) whistle b) whisper c) yawn "he prime minister delivered his _____ in &erman. a) speech b) ton ue c) talk (e speaks five )uropean lan ua es, but his mother _____ is *apanese. a) speech b) lan ua e c) ton ue d) yell d) accent d) talk

"hey were very _____ when their son from ,ustralia turned up for their '-th weddin anniversary. a) surprised b) impatient c) uncertain d) disappointed /he doesn't like to keep anythin hidden0 she always _____ her mind. a) talks b) speaks c) tells It'e impossible to et _____ of him# (e's never there# a) feel b) contact c) hold d) says d) touch

I think it's polite to shake hands _____ someone when you meet them for the first time. a) with b) at c) for d) from $e passed him in the car the other day, and he waved _____ us from the street. a) into b) from c) for d) at I'm afraid 3r 4o an isn't in the office today, but I can _____ you throu h to his secretary. a) put b) et c) switch d) run 5aula is in a meetin at the moment, but I'll ask her to _____ you back as soon as it's over. a) han b) et c) call d) put 6ome with me# I want to introduce you _____ my uncle from ,merica. a) at b) into c) for d) to $aiter# "his food is awful# I'd like to _____ a complaint. a) make b) put c) do $e were chattin away when suddenly we ot _____ off. a) hun b) called c) put d) ask d) cut

(e's a very bossy child0 he's always _____ the other children what to do. a) talkin b) tellin c) sayin d) speakin "he teacher lared _____ the children who were not payin attention. a) to b) with c) at I didn't mean to upset her. It was 7ust a fi ure of _____. a) accent b) speech c) talk I've been tryin to phone him for a es, but I 7ust can't _____ throu h# a) et b) put c) cut I'd like to _____ a table for five for "hursday evenin , please. a) ask b) take c) apply d) for d) lan ua e d) call d) book

5lease don't shout ______________ me# If your sister's head didn't look like a football. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. I'd like to _______________ a favour0 could you water my plants while I'm away9 ________________ up or we'll be late for the meetin . 5eople in desert re ions are often bein short of water.n individual's ____________________ has nothin to do with their education. intelligent translate appear found assist enough nowhere few (e's ____________________________________________on that course. 3r /mith's office. Fill in the correct word derived from the given word. else too (is mother asked him if ____________________________________he wanted to invite. $hat you do for a livin it can affect your health. I couldn't see anywhere that we could put the new filin cabinet. so I didn't o to the usual parties. (e went to the town where he was born there. I hope he hasn't kicked the bucket# ________________ my wife and my dau hter came with me on a business trip to 6hina. "he ___________________ of the $orld (ealth . (e didn't know many people at the computer e8hibition. I'm afraid I can't eat the food you cooked. "he ___________________ of this book took several years. (e's much too ine8perienced to o on that course. =oth of <ew :ork and &las ow are cold in the winter.2 1 2 ! % ' + . Use between two and five words. Circle the unnecessar! word in each sentence.n the 1!th <ovember I'll be travellin to )dinbur h on business. I haven't heard ________________ *ohn for a lon time.r anisation saved many lives. (is mother asked him if he wanted to invite any more people. It's 7ust not ood _________________. . 1 2 13 1 2 ! % ' 4 1 2 ! % ' 1 2 ! % ' Fill in the missing word. &ood mornin . "he writin ________________________________________to read. . I wouldn't have kicked it. (e couldn't read the writin because it was so small. ______________ the line and I'll check if 3r /mith is in. :ou should never 7ud e people by their __________________. I found the shop ___________________ most helpful. "here was __________________________________________the new filin cabinet "here were only ______________________________________at the computer e8hibition. . (e sent his application _______________ fa8. $e need a new photocopier0 this one's _____________ old to handle and is likely to e8plode at any moment. 4et me ive you a _______________ of advice0 don't believe everythin you hear.

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