What Does Your Sleeping Position Tells About Your Personality?

Wise man saysif you want to understand a person’s better peep at how they sleep. I am not encouraging you to be a peeping Tom or Mary but if you wants to know him or her well look at how your prince charming or princess Leasleeps. Scientists believe the position in which a person goes to sleep provides an important clue about the kind the person they are. Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy 风水) masters say from the way a person sleeps they can know the person’s character and how is their future. Here is a list of sixteenth common sleeping postures. Are you how you sleep? Judge for yourself! 1. Foetus Those who curl up their hands and feet in the foetus position are described as tough on the outside but sensitive at heart. They may be shy when they first meet somebody, but soon relax. They may have gastro problem. 2. Athletes Athlete sleep like they are preparing for the coming Olympic. They are all rounder, they seems to be able to take part in most of the games. One can see Athletes running, doing tennis but all on their bed. This group of people arealways on the move in their real life. Quick temper, sensitive, has no patient. 3. Eye-Opener Eye-opener sleeps with their eyeshalf or wide-open when they are in their deep sleep. They always over-sensitive or over-suspicious and tends to be the one who starts any quarrel or fight at home or with friends. 4. Narrator Quiet, reserved and lonely. But narrator will talks about anything they had missed

during the day when they are in their sleeps. Wants to know more about narrator, stay close to narrator when he or she is asleep. 5. Skater Skaters tends to slipdown from their pillow as they sleep. Always moody, when faced with problems they will not find ways to solve their problems but spent their days grumping and blaming others for getting them into that state. 6. Snorer They snore in sleep, the louder the snoring is, the deeper they are in their sleep. Snorer is a straight forward person but can’t take on any criticisms, unreasonable at times. 7. Hands Lover Hands Lover sleeps on their hands and most have their pillow untouched even after sleeping with the pillow for more than a year, they only need their hands. Romantic, easily fall in love with opposite sex, but always place his or her first love as the sweetest memory ever. Tend to compare present lover with past lovers. 8. Opera Opera sleeps with their mouth wide opened. They dreamed for romantic love life but was never realist in their real life. Lack of patience and always find ways to excuse themselvesfrom bearing any responsibility. They seemed to have lots of dreams and inspirations but were seldom achieved. Their life is more like an Opera. 9. Jester A sentimental person who likes to collect memories and any items he or she thinks that it’s has some unforgettable values. Persistent and aggressive in getting things done. Will not easily give up on any on goal. 10. Security Guard Always on alert mood even they are in sleep. Sensitive, intelligent, always wary on people around them. Hard to get trusted by this group of people but once you had attained their trust they will be totally unguarded toward you. Difficult person to get along, but is a person who is blessed with good fate and luck. 11. Dreamer Dreamers are always too tired during the daytime, and times they are still continue with their day doing in their dreams. Most of them look worn out due to overstress and lack of rest. 12. Dripper Most have digestive problem. Male drippers always find themselves unattractive to opposite sex. 13. Warrior Warriors do not sleep as they are forever in PK match. In reality they are reserve and always avoid crowded area. They tend to keep sorrows and troubles to themselves, always helpless when faced with difficulties but kept unknown to people around them. Very few friends as they are always hurt by surrounding people. I am one of

them. I had “threw” my one and only well beloved kitten down from bed and broke his rear limb during sleep. Kick off my mum from bed on a holiday trip. 14. Singer Singer has continues breathing in a harmony tone throughout their sleep. Healthy, happy go-lucky, easy going person. Well loved by people around them and has good fortune and luck on them. 15. Muay Thai Professional Thai boxer they sleep with their fits tight and firm. They are able to take on hardship, a determine person. No one can change their mind when they think their point of view is right. 16. Smiley Smiley as they are, they sleep with smiles on their face. Gentle, lovely, kind-hearted and generous. Seldom regret on their decision. Popular among friends. Lucky in luck and fortune.
Author: Annie Cleopatra Leo Email: qilegege@gmail.com Copyright © 2009 (MBA) Monkey Business Authority All Rights Reserved.

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