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INTERIOR INSPECTION R/C (for solo flight) Ejection seat -secured Safety pins -installed Parachute -removed or secure

Harness and lap belt -secure ISO !"IO# $! $E S%itch -off &I'E E(" cover -safety %ired &)* S"!" P'ESS ever -#O'+! safety %ired &)* ,-# P'ESS ever -#O'+! safety %ired &)* !"" I#, .!#/ S%itch -#O'+! &)* !"" I#, PI"*H S%itch -#O'+! !#,I#0 I0H" S%itch -#O'+! &)* ,0 0E!' O*/ O1" -O&& '!+ !I' shut off lever -* OSE, E#0I#E2&1E 0!0ES Priority s%itch -&)* E(" S"O'ES 3E""ISO# -safety %ired SE* . s%itch -O# +!S"E' s%itch -O# I*S s%itches--(avionics--) -!S 'E41I'E, E+E'0 .'!/E -O&&5 safety %ired Pressure gauges -proper reading Hand valves -closed5 safety %ired *anopy -closed E6ternal *!.I# SE! lever -I#& !"E

AFTER ENTERING THE COCKPIT Parachute and harness -tight and secure Shoulder harness loc7 -as re8uired 'udder pedals -as re8uired O6ygen e8uipment -connect and hoo7ed to E&" *O#SO E chain O6ygen panel -chec7 pressure Emergency lever ('E,) -#O'+! ,iluter demand lever (9HI"E) -#O'+! O(-0E# Supply lever (0'EE#) -O# *!. P'ESS ,1+P valve -closed (*9) &I'E *O*/ E$E' -OPE#5 safety %ired H-, ,1+P $! $E lever -* OSE, safety %ired "hrottle position -idle "hrottle friction -as re8uired &1E SH1" O&& lever -* OSE, ,E-I*I#0 lever -O&& P#E1 &I ,E -P'ESS -* OSE, (*9) ISO !"IO# $! $E s%itch -O&& !I' S"!'" button -covered5 safety %ired &I'E E(" *O$E' -safety %ired PI"O" .OO+ -'I0H" safety %ired P!'!*H1"E -#O ,E !- !#-!', !""

INSTRUMENT PANEL "!(I I0H" s%itch !#,I#0 I0H" s%itch HP O(-0E# indication ,0 0E!' buttons !ll instrument readings E(" S"O'ES s%itch E(" "!#/S s%itch !rming s%itch '!+ !I' shut off lever RIGHT CONSOLE Electrical s%itches E+E'0 .'!/E lever $H& = !$IO#I*S I*S panel --(avionics--) E+E'0 0E!' E("E#SIO# valve E+E'0 & !P E("E#SIO# valve *!.I# P'ESS) HE!"I#0 *!.I# HE!" Inverter select s%itch !ll *).<s Ejection pins BEFORE STARTING ENGINE Helmet

-O&& -O&& -chec7 min :;; 7g<s -chec7 out -normal -S!&E5 safety %ired -O&& -. !#/ -as re8uired -O&& -O&&5 safety %ired -! O&& -as re8uired -*losed5 safety %ired - *losed5 safety %ired -O&& -!1"O+!"I* -+!I# I#$ (do%n) -O# (in) -in soc7ets -on

O6ygen hose 'adio cable O6ygen chec7 .ra7e chec7 *ontrol stic7 and rudder .!"" s%itch $O ")!+ +E"E' chec7 button *O++S s%itch Intercome E6ternal po%er unit !P1 O# light (green) $H& radio Start up clearance 0E# s%itch E#0 s%itch *=9 panel Electrical gear position indicators

-connect -connect -complete ->7g)cm? -free and correct movement -O# -depress5 ?>v -master on -chec7 -connect -illuminated -O# -re8uest -O# -O# -push to test5 all lights -push to test5 all red lights illuminated

ENGINE START .e sure that the danger areas are clear before starting@

0E#E'!"O' light ,O #O" S"!'" light 0#, S"!'" button Spar7 plugs igniting "hrottle &1E SH1"-O&& lever E0" (!P1 B;; degrees .!"" BC; degrees) &uel) oil pressure Idle 'P+ !P1 &uel pressure Oil pressure E0" (idle) 0E#E'!"O' light

-blin7ing -O1" -depress for A sec -listen for spar7ing -idle -fully OPE# -7eep manually %ithin -rising limits -ACD %ithin E; sec<s -disconnect -:? 7g<s -;@C 7gs CC;<c +!( -out

FALSE START/ HOT START Stop the engine immediately if one of the follo%ing occurs

no spar7ing of spar7 plugs #o oil pressure indication

E0" e6ceeds BC;Fc "he engine must be stopped if there isG - no 'P+ rise - Idle 'P+ ACD is not reached after E; secFs - Oil pressure stays belo% ;@C 7gFs

"o stop the engine - "hrottle idle - &1E SH1" O&& lever -* OSE, In case of fire continue %ith the follo%ing stepsG &I'E *O*/ lever -SH1" &I'E E(" button -,EP'ESS !ll electric<s s%itches -O&& !ircraft -!bandon AFTER ENGINE START SE* . s%itch I#$ s%itch (PO-?C;) I*S panel $H&) !$IO#I*S E6t tan7 s%itch -O# -O# -rechec7 -O# -O#

ENGINE RUN-UP (first flight of !"#

.ra7es "hrottle E0" &uel pressure Oil pressure Oil temperature "hrottle *29 panel ("-H) !ttitude indicator (horiIon) '+I *ompass &ire %arning $O "S)!+PS "hrottle &laps) stabiliser Speed bra7es H-, P'ESS gage E(" "!#/S light (*29) "hrottle ISO !"IO# $! $E s%itch 'P+ rise "hrottle "hrottle E0" &uel pressure Oil pressure

-apply -idle ACD -CC;Fc +!( :? 7gFs ;@C 7gFs ?;Fc +I# C?D (E0"5 OP5 O"5 &P) -chec7 -Erect -synchronise %ith standby -chec7 -chec7 ?J$ -ECD (E0"5 OP5 O"5 -chec7 operation 5&P) -chec7 operation -chec7 pressure -out -H>D (E0"5 OP5 O"5 &P) -on (chec7 light) -: to AD 'P+ -HBD (E0"5 OP5 O"5 &P) -:;;D(E0"5 OP5 O"5 &P) -B;;<c ma6 -BH 7gs ma6 -:@J to ?@C 7g<s

Oil temperature "hrottle "hrottle slam in ? secs 'P+ s%ing E0" "hrottle &light controls "a6i clearance

-::;<c ma6 -idle ('P+ stabilised) -:? to :> sec<s -?D 'P+ ma6 (C times) -BA;<c pea7 -idle -rechec7 -re8uest

ENGINE RUN UP (s$%s&'$&(t flight# .ra7es -apply "hrottle -idle ACD E0" -CC;<c ma6

&uel pressure Oil pressure Oil temperature "hrottle *29 panel ("-H) !ttitude indicator *ompass &ire %arning $O "S) !+PS "hrottle &laps) stabiliser Speed bra7e H-, P'ESS gage E(" "!#/S light (*29) "hrottle &light controls "a6i clearance

-:? 7g<s -;@C 7g<s ?;<c min -C?D (E0"5 OP5 O"5 &P) -chec7 -erect -sycroniIe chec7 standby -chec7 -chec7 ?J$ -ECD (E0"5 OP5 O"5 &P) -chec7 operation (elc2mech -chec7 operation ind) -chec7 pressure -out -idle -full = free -re8uest

BEFORE TAXI !ltimeter Engine instruments !ll safety pins *anopy -set -in green -removed and sto%ed -closed

Pressurisation TA)ING .ra7es *hoc7s "hrottle .ra7es "urn chec7 left) right PRE TAKEOFF "rim Speed bra7es &laps &uel 8uantity Engine and flight instruments O6ygen *anopy Harness Hydraulic pressure *29 panel &light controls !ll pins *oc7pit pressurisation TAKEOFF .ra7es

-as re8uired -apply -removed -J;D -release and test -perform -?< rear -chec7 in -:C< set -chec7 -"<s = P<s chec7 -chec7 -loc7ed -secure -chec7 -chec7 -full = free -removed and sto%ed -chec7 (both coc7pits) -apply

!ltimeter !ttitude indicator *ompass 'adio compass needle "hrottle Engine instruments .ra7es "hrottle #ose %heel lift off ift off AFTER TAKEOFF !#,I#0 0E!' 1P button & !PS ;< button "hrottle E E$ "'I+ lever Engine instruments !ll %arning lights

-rechec7 -reset -'9- heading -chec7 direction -H;D 'P+ -chec7 -release -:;;D ma6 po%er -:>;7m)h -:J;7m)h -push (min C;ft !0 ) -push (min :C;ft !0 ) -HBD upon reaching ?C; -set 7m)hr -chec7 -out

CLIMB :;;D 'P+ ma6 of E mins5 then reduce to HBD initial climb speed AC; 7ph *!.I# ! " P'ESS1'E O6ygen Engine instruments -*HE*/ -chec7 -chec7 (E0"5 OP5 O"5 &P)

CRUISE evel of maintain *!S or +!*H number po%er about H;D &uel 8uantity -chec7 O6ygen -chec7 Engine instruments -chec7 (E0"5 OP5 O"5 &P) ocation -identify *ESCENT #ormal decent is at ECD !" A;; /PH &uel 8uantity Engine = flight instruments !pproach !ltimeter ,e-mist BEFORE LAN*ING &uel 8uantity !ll %arning lights Pneumatic = hydraulic gages

-chec7 -chec7 (E0"5 OP5 O"5 &P) -re8uest -set 4&E -as re8uired

-chec7 -out -chec7

LAN*ING *hec7 speed) distance for particular %eight !pproach -A;; 7ph *O+N +IN* LEG !irspeed -?H; 7ph

!#,I#0 0E!' anding gear !irspeed & !PS :C< button &laps indicator !irspeed "hrottle BASE LEG !irspeed "hrottle & !PS A;< button &laps indicator !irspeed in turn FINAL APPROACH anding gear 2 flaps !irspeed "hrottle AFTER TOUCH *O+N +a6 bra7ing speed :A;; lts :;;; lts B;; lts >;; lts

-select do%n -chec7 indicators -?B; 7ph - select :C< -chec7 -?C; 7ph -H;-H>D -?>; 7ph -J;-JCD -select A;< -chec7 -??; 7ph -chec7 indicators -?;; 7ph -as re8uired :>; 7ph :>C 7ph :C; 7ph :E; 7ph

AFTER LAN*ING "rim Speed bra7es Pitot heat &laps Pressurisation

-neutral -in -off -up -off

ENGINE SHUT *O+N *hoc7s *anopies Ejector seat pins "hrottle &1E SH1" O&& lever SE* . s%itch I#$ s%itch Engine run do%n time !fter engine stop E#0 s%itch 0E# s%itch

-in place -open - install -idle for A; sec<s -closed -off -off -chec7 min C; sec<s -off -off

.!"" s%itch