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A Project report submitted in partial fulfillment for the

award of
Post Graduate Program in Business Management

( BATCH 2008-10)

April-June 2009


I ,Deepika Rai a bonafied student of Kohinoor Busin

would like to declare that the project entitled “A STUDY ON MUTU
in partial fulfillment of post Graduated Program in Busin
Management and
is my original work

I extend my thanks and indebt-ness to my guide Prof. Ajeet

for Constant encouragement and valuable support through
out the course
of the project.

I wish to acknowledge my sincere thanks to all of the faculty

For their valuable advice and suggestions.

I am very grateful and deeply indebted to MrChahat Miyan khan,

( team
Leader ), Mr. Sunil Singh , Mr. Durbadal Mukharjee , Mr.
Amit Gupta
( Relationship Executives ) NJ Indiainvest pvt. Ltd.
for their invaluable Co-operation in helping me to
the project successfully.

My profound thanks and extreme gratefulness to the organizat

NJ India Invest pvt. Ltd. that gave me the project and valuable
to complete the same.

Last but not the least I wish to acknowledge my deep felt

to all my respondents for their Co-operation which helped me to for
base for the project work.


Chapter No. Chapter Name Page


1. Industry profile ( 1-1

2. Company profile (18-

3. Product profile (57-

4.Objective of study (61-81)

4. Limitations (82-94)

4. Research Methodology (95-96)

4. Data Analysis and Interpretation (96-101)

4. Summary of findings (102-103)

4. Summary of suggestions (103) (104)



IndiaInvest Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading advisors

and distributors of financial products and services in
India. Established in year 1994, NJ has over a
decade of rich exposure in financial investments space
and portfolio advisory services. From a humble beginning,
NJ over the years has evolved out to be a
professionally managed, quality conscious and customer
focussed financial / investment advisory & distribution firm.

NJ prides in being a professionally managed,

quality focused and customer centric organisation. The
strength of NJ lies in the strong domain knowledge in
investment consultancy and the delivery of sustainable
value to clients with support from cutting-edge
technology platform, developed in-house by NJ.

At NJ we believe in ..

ϖ having single window, multiple solutions that are

integrated for simplicity and sapience.
ϖ Making innovations, accessions, value-additions, a
constant process
ϖ providing customers with solutions for tomorrow
which will keep them above the curve, today.

NJ had over INR 60 billion* of mutual fund assets

under advice with a wide presence in over 96 locations*
in 18 states* and 500+ Employess in India. The numbers
are reflections of the trust, commitment and value that NJ
shares with its clients.
At NJ, we continue to innovate, enrich our intellect,
and ask critical

questions. We challenge our own processes and systems

on constant basis to emerge more convinced. At NJ, we
continue to expand the scope and depth of our offerings,
making apt use of technological support.
NJ Wealth Advisors, a division of NJ focuses on providing
financial planning and portfolio services to premium clients
of high net worth. At wealth advisors.

We have dedicated processes that focus on

providing the best in terms of the advice . And the
ongoing manage your portfolio and financial plans.

At NJ, our experience, knowledge and understanding

enables us to provide value , in an enhanced way . As a
leading player in the industry, we continue to
successfully expectations of our clients ,
through meaningful and comprehensive Solutions
offered by NJ Advisors.

Our vision

To be the leader in our field of business through,

•Total Customer Satisfaction
•Commitment to Excellence
•Determination to Succeed with strict adherence to
•Successful Wealth Creation of our Customers

Our mission

Ensure creation of the desired value for our

customers, employees and associates, through constant
improvement, innovation and commitment to service &
quality . To provide solutions which meet expectations
and maintain high professional & ethical standards along
with the adherence to the service commitments.


At NJ our Service and Investing philosophy inspire

and shape the thoughts, beliefs, attitude, actions
and decisions of our employees. If NJ would resemble
a body, our philosophy would be our spirit which drives
our body.

Service Philosophy:

Our primary measure of success is customer satisfaction …

We are committed to provide our customers with

continuous , long - term improvements and value-additions
to meet the needs in an exceptional way. In our efforts to
consistently deliver the best service possible to our
customers , all employees of NJ will make every effort to:

* think of the customer first, take responsibility, and make

prompt service to
the customer priority.
* deliver upon the commitments & promises made on time.
* anticipate, visualize, understand, meet, exceed our
customer’s needs.
* bring energy, passion & excellence in everything we do.
* be honest and ethical, in action & attitude, and keep the
customer’s interest
* strengthen customer relationships by providing service
in a thoughtful &
proactive and meet the expectations ,effectively.

Investing Philosophy:
We aim to provide Need - based solutions for long -
term wealth creation .

We aim to provide all customers of NJ, directly or

indirectly, with true, unbiased, need - based solutions
and advice that best meets their stated & un-stated needs.
In our efforts to provide quality financial & investment
advice , we believe that …

* Clients want need-based solutions, which fits them.

* Long-term wealth creation is simple and straight.
* Asset-Allocation is the ideal & the best way for long-
term wealth
* Educating and disclosing all the important facets which
the customer
needs to be aware of is important
* The solutions must be unbiased, feasible, practical,
,measurable and flexable

* Constant monitoring and proper after-sales service is
critical to
complete the ongoing processes.

At NJ our aim is to earn the trust and respect of the

customers, ,partners, regulators, industry members and the
community at large by following our service and investing
philosophy with commitment and without exceptions

The management at NJ brings together a team of people

with wide experience and knowledge in the financial services
domain. The management provides direction and guidance to
the whole organisation. The management has strong visions
for NJ as a globally respected company providing
comprehensive services in financial sector.

The ‘Customer First’ philosophy in deeply ingrained in the

management at NJ. The aim of the management is to bring the
best to the customers in terms of

•Range of products and services offered

•Quality Customer Service

All the key members of the organisation put in great focus on

the processes & systems under the diverse functions of
business. The management also focuses on utilizing
technology as the key enabler for all the activities and to
leverage the technology for enhancing overall customer

The key members of the management are:

Mr. Neeraj Choksi Jt. Managing Director

Mr. Jignesh Desai Jt. Managing Director
Sales Team:

Mr. Misbah Baxamusa National Head

Mr. Prashant kakkad V.P.

Executive Team:

Mr. Vinayak Rajput Finance & Operations

Mr. Viral Shah Research
Mr. Dhaval Desai Human Resources, Marketing

People & culture


Enthusiasm, Enterprise, Education and Ethics form the four pillars at

NJ. At NJ one can witness the vibrant energy, enthusiasm and the
enterprising drive to excel flowing freely throughout the
organisation. At NJ can also experience the creativity, one-to-
one responsiveness, collaborative approach and passion for
delivering value.

At NJ people evolve to be more effective, efficient, and result

oriented. Knowledge is inherent due to the education-centric
approach and the experience in handling different clients
groups across diverse product profiles.

NJ understands that the people are the most important assets of

the company and it is not the company that grows but the people.
NJ hence undertakes rigorous training and educational activities
for enhancing the entire team at NJ . NJ also believes in the ‘
Learning through Responsibility’ concept for its employees.

For people at NJ success is not a new word, but is a regular

stepping - stone to realising the one vision that everyone shares.


At NJ we believe in transforming the lives of our customers.

We exist to create a difference a change towards a better
life. The culture at NJ reflects this responsibility, this dream
of transforming lives. And we at NJ are always excited
and enthused in doing so.

We believe in keeping ‘You First’, providing you with products and

services that meet your stated and unstated needs. Client
satisfaction and client service is the Mantra we constantly recite.
This service oriented philosophy runs throughout the organization
, from top to bottom.

Employees are given ample freedom in their work. The objective

is to keep an open, healthy environment with ample scope for
enterprise, improvement, innovations and out-of-the box solutions

Our efforts are constantly engaged in improving our existing

services, offering new and innovative solutions that go beyond
your expectations. This focus has made us one of the most
respected and preferred service providers, especially in the
mutual fund industry.
Service Standards

Service is the key to unlocking customer satisfaction , which

again is key for sustainability Business. At NJ we understand
this very well . NJ has set strict processes in place to
delivered service to customers. AT NJ strict quality service
standards are set and a well defined established and followed
religiously by our quality customer service team.

Performance evaluated on a frequent basis and glitches are iron


But quality service also involves quality people in

addition to processes . NJ gives Significant the proper
training and development of the people involved in the
service delivery chain.

Further We:

ϖ Have well-defined “Privacy Policy “ to keep clients

information confidential

& internal done on the same at regular intervals .

ϖ Receive various statistics which are analysed on an

ongoing basis To improve the standards.

We are committed to improve and enhance our services

and undertake new Services initiative and other services
differentiate us with other services providers in the industry.
Our service commitment…..

The service commitments are to guide the actions of the

people at NJ. Clearly stated Customers can freely
communicate any such action /events wherein they feel that
any Of the commitments have been breached/ compromised .
At NJ we desire to honour Our commitments all points of
the time and to all our customers without any bias.

ϖ To provide customer-focussed need-based valued sevices.

ϖ To provide reliable , accurate and timely information .
ϖ To maintain all records in privacy.
ϖ To optimize services/benefits at least justifiable cost.
ϖ To develop and grow the customers business.
ϖ To provide constructive after sales service .
ϖ To honour our service commitments.

As NJ Wealth Advisor’s Global Private Client, you get

comprehensive set of services that ensure you stay
informed, insightful, in command, of your investments at all
Comprehensive Financial Planning

We all have many responsibilities and goals in our lives. We have

dreams an aspirations
for a better future. But quite often we are not sure as to how we
will fulfill these goals and aspirations. Life changes over time. We
may never be sure what today holds for us tomorrow. What if
something goes wrong? How do we make sure that we get what we

A comprehensive Financial Plan is what you need. At NJ Wealth

Advisors we offer you with Comprehensive Financial Planning
solutions which would involve …

♣A detailed study of your goals.

♣Preparation of a comprehensive Financial Plan.
♣Monitoring of the Financial Plan on an on-going basis.

Quality Portfolio Advisory

Making money is easy. Managing money is difficult. And

managing money in today’s complex financial markets with
multiple products on an ongoing basis becomes even more

As investors we often may feel the lack of time and

energy to undertake monitoring and managing of our
investments in multiple avenues. This requires both
dedicated efforts and skills in portfolio management.

At NJ Wealth Advisors we realise the need for quality,

unbiased portfolio advisory services. At NJ we would aim to
manage your portfolio with a superior, time tested and
much effective way of Asset Allocation keeping in mind your
risk profile.

Consolidated Reporting

Account Quality online Wealth:

As a premium client you would have access to one of the best online
investment accounts that offer comprehensive reports, many of which
are unique in nature and give valuable insights on our investments

Our online Wealth Account covers almost all the investment

avenues that you may have:

•Mutual Funds – All AMCs, All Schemes

•Direct Equity
•Life Insurance
•Physical Assets – Gold and Property
•Private Equity – Business
•Debt Products
•Bank Deposits and Company Deposits
•RBI / Infrastructure Bonds
•Postal Savings – KVP, MIS, NSC
•Small Savings – PPF, NSS

You would have access to Consolidated Net Asset Reports

which would give you a single view of all your
investments into different avenues as given above.
Further, within each of the Asset class we have many more
reports and utilities. Some of the reports covered are …


Consolidated Asset Allocation, Consolidated Net Asset,

Interest Income, Profit & Loss.

Mutual Funds:
Valuation, transaction, Profit & Loss, Performance, Portfolio
reports like - AMC / Sector / Equity / Credit / Debt Exposure,
Weighted Average Maturity, dividend history, etc.

Direct Equity:
Demat accounts, Transaction, Valuation, Profit & Loss.

Life Insurance:
Policy Report, Premium Reminder, Cash Flow.

Transaction, Interest Income, Maturity reports for different

Dedicated Team
At NJ Wealth Advisors, we work in a team concept to
provide quality, effective and timely service to our clients.
The team is designed keeping you at the beginning or the
end of the flow as the originator and the end receiver of any
request or service.

The team handling you consists of the Relationship

Manager and the Account Manager who would be in direct
touch with you. This would be supported by the
Centralised Research Team, the Chief Portfolio Manager and
the Service Team. All the important investment decisions
and/or plans recommended to you are actually prepared and
/or approved by the Chief Portfolio Manager with inputs
from the Research Team. The structure ensures that all the
Plans and recommendations that you receive are unbiased,
based on true research & detailed study, and suited to
your needs.
Quality Customer Service

NJ realises the true importance of quality customer service. The

service commitments are to guide the actions taken at NJ.
Clearly stated, customers can freely communicate any such
actions/events wherein they feel that the following
commitments have been breached. At NJ we desire to honour our
commitments at all points of time and to all customers without
any bias.

Quality Service: Highlights

•You will receive regular portfolio reports in hard copies

to serve as record
•All records are maintained for the plans and
recommendations and minutes of all the meetings are kept.
•Dedicated Account Manager directly oversees the
operational support to you Quality Advisory .

•True, unbiased recommendations.

•Each plan is unique in nature to suit your needs and
•Defined Process followed in investment consultancy /
portfolio management.
•All the plans are prepared and/or approved in line with
the set process by Chief Portfolio Manager with inputs
from the Research Team.

Quality Communications support:

Daily market update


Daily MF tracker-for sort term debt fund


Weekly performance report

Email/ Hard copy

Comprehensive monthly fact sheet

Hard copy

Research articles and reports

Email / Hardcopy

Our Service Commitments

•To provide client-focussed need-based advisory services.

•To provide reliable, accurate and timely information.
•To identify and recommended only the right products.
•To maintain all records in privacy .
•To optimise returns based on risk .
•To preserve our clients capital .
•To honour our service com .


some of the awards & recognitions that we have received in

past …

Year 2000:
For Outstanding Performance presented by Chairman,
Prudential Plc. at London.
Year 2002:
For Outstanding Performance presented by Group Chief
Executive, Prudential Plc. at London.

Year 2003:
For Outstanding Performance presented by Group Chief
Executive, Prudential Plc. at London.

Year 2004:
Among Most Valued Business Associates presented by
HDFC Standard Life at Edinburgh, Scotland.

Year 2004:

For Outstanding Performance by Deputy CEO, Prudential

Singapore atMalaysia.

Year 2006:
Award for mobilising the Highest Number of SIPs at
National Level by Fidelity Mutual Fund Plc at Mumbai.

Year 2006:
Award – Vietnam

Comments from Industry Stalwarts:

The essence of investment consultancy lies in optimal asset

allocation as against security selection or timing the markets for
clients. NJ understands this very well and has added
significant value to the clients through this approach. I am sure
with this new initiative; a much larger number of clients will be
able to benefit from this approach. I wish them all the best in this
Company Profile

Message from Directors:

Dear All
It is a great pleasure for NJ Gurukul to have you visit this site.

If an individual is a vehicle to run on the highway called life then,

Continuous Learning is the driver who makes the individual reach
the destination safe & sound in time.

You might have seen in the season of kite-flying, there are many lose
kites passing by and those with alert sight turn out to be gainers with
little effort.

It is our belief that we all need inputs to remain updated and

alert to be able to grasp opportunities passing by.

NJ Gurukul provides you that incisive vision to set focus to grasp

opportunities for your own benefit.

Success in Financial advisory services depends upon update

knowledge, an ability to correlate knowledge with perspective of
client, and art of expressing things in simple manner that can be
received and understood by people in general who have to be oriented
to the concept of wealth creation.

You can have solution for these needs and other useful support from

Wish you a very useful association with Gurukul.

Avail the best and be the best.

With best wishes,

Mr.Neeraj Choksi(Joint MD) Mr.Jignesh
Desai(Joint MD)

NJ IndiaInvest pvt.Ltd is one of leading advisors and

distributors of financial products and services in India .“ It is
known as a national distribution house” dealing with
all AMC’S companies. Estat 1994 , has over a decade of
rich exoposure in financial investment space , portfolio
advisory services and distrit products. Prides in being a
professionally managed ,quality focused and customer centric
organization . The strength strong domain knowledge
in investment consultancy and the delivery of
Sustainable value to clients with support technology
platform , developed in-house by Presently , has over INR
65 billion (6500+crores) of mutual fund asset under advice
It is a reflection of the trust ,values that NJ shares with
its clients. In India , is presentIn 85 locations in 18 states,
also has a wide network of financial product division ,
Which offers a dedicated platform for independent financial
advisors to help them.

Grow & develop their products . Today provides over

11000 of such advisors with unique , comprehensive 360
advisory platform to grow their best quality solutions.

At NJ we exist to provide quality financial / investment

advisor , customers of diverse profiles and needs . We aim to
take the maturing Indian financial market to the masses and
provide solutions that best serve their interest.
At we believe in……

having single window ,multiple solution that are integrated for

simplicity and sapience making innovations accessory additions, a
constant process providing customers with solutions for tomorrow
which keeps them above the customer experience, knowledge and
understanding enables us to provide you with the expected
value, in an enhance way. As the industry , we aspire to meet
the expectations of our clients , through meaningful and
comprehensive solutions.

Designation : Senior Executive – sales

Job Description : (1) Recruit partners, Expand

the Network

(2) Expand the volume of

(3) Follow sales process to recruit
partners and
report to them leaders.
(4) Report the sales process
system .
(5) Co- ordinate , if needed the
Business Opportunities
programme and arrange within
the budget alloted
to you.
(6) Arrange client meet and the
requisite booking for

Desired profile : Basic know how of Mutual fund or

other financial
product good . Convincing power ,
& good
communication skill both verval and
written. A go
getter attitude, strong team culture.
Ready for hard
corporation . Entrepreneurial driven.

Industry Type : Banking / Financial service /


Functional Area : Sales, BD

Location : A.P., Bihar, Goa, Gujrat, Jharkhand ,

Kerala , Karnataka
Pune, W.B., Orissa,Punjab,New Delhi,
Mumbai, U.P., M.P.

Education : UG – Any Graduate –Any

specialization,PG- MBA/
PGDM- Finance , Marketing.

Key word : Basic know how of mutual fund or

other financial
product, good power ,& good
communication skills
verbal and non verval.

Contect : Shehzad Malik

NJ IndiaInvest pvt. Ltd.
NJ centre ,901,
Udhna Udhyog Nagar Sangh
commercial complex,
Central Road No.10, Udhna
Surat – Gujarat , INDIA 394210

Telephone : 91-0261-3987501, 097243211706

Fax : 301 3957

Website :,
Reference :


Making people benefit from the growing economy is possible by

attracting t hem to participate in Equity for long term, to make
their money work for themselves and create wealth. For this to
happen, a huge force of effective Financial Advisors is needed.

Formation of fraternity of effective financial advisors is possible by

spreading awareness and enabling people qualify requisite
examination and develop skills to function as qualified Financial

This sporadic growth in terms of need of performers in financial

advisory services has lead to the crunch of available performers.
Though lots of youngsters are getting into financial advisory
services, but the greatest challenge is of RIGHT SELLING, for which
adequate Training is a prerequisite.

Advisory function demands updated knowledge, backed up by

honed skills to fetch effective business. Building long term
relationship with clients depends upon possessing clear edge over
others in the field. Hence continuous people development has
an important role in building this fraternity.

Though there is a mushroom growth of bodies offering training, the

deficiency of training centers and effective trainers is very much there.

In addition to the organizations craving for right training facilities

, a whole lot of un-taped junior population needs to be oriented
towards basics of investment, significance of financial planning for
wealth creation, right at the inception of their careers to be better off.

Gurukul Emerges:

Visualizing this need and with a view to bridge the gap, NJ

IndiaInvest Pvt. Ltd. has set up NJ Gurkul to offer different
training programs to cater to the immense learning needs of
different categories of people.

Gurukul Works to conceive, craft, design, develop and execute

effective training modules to energize people with right inputs.

Powered by NJ’s experience of over 14 years as

leaders in financial advisory services, Gurukul has emerged
successful in conducting sizeable number of trainings
since Inception in April 2007 and enjoys lineage of
efforts put in by NJ prior to April 07.

Our Vision and Presence

Pursuing to cause change in people’s lives.


•Energize people to realize their potential & enable them to

use their strengths
•Creating fraternity of empowered advisors assisting clients in
wealth creation.


NJ Gurukul enjoys a strong reach across India and having conducted

trainings at virtually every major city, is setting up its own
learning facilities at 9 major locations.

Our Approach and Strengths

NJ Gurukul is driven by passion for a genuine idea and powered by

strengths that ensure quality delivery & scale.
NJ Gurukul seeks create an enlightened community of ‘quality’
financial advisors capable of changing millions of lives across
India and even beyond…
NJ Gurukul also seeks to help people become better professionals,
business personalities & achieve success in their own endeavours.
For businesses, as a people partner, Gurukul seeks to groom
employees & management so that they deliver upon their
expectations & responsibilities, successfully.

Key Strengths:
•Strong Team
A strong & passionate team headed by a very senior person
with 26+ years of experience in people development.

•‘Board of Trainers’
Over 60 professional Trainers empanelled across India for various
training modules.

•Process Driven
Strong institutionalization of all processes coupled with strong
use of technology. Focus on ensuring delivery uniformity in
quality & content. Training assessment mechanism in place to
assess the performance.

•Strong Domain Knowledge

Training modules developed are time-tested & have proved more
functional rather than educational . Leveraging NJ’s domain
experience & deep understanding.

Online desks for both trainers & Gurukul members featuring
many reports & utilities.

•Gurukul`s utility for customer

With its wide spectrum of offerings Gurukul is capable to be of

assistance to flowing broad categories:

•Mutual Fund Employees:

In assessing them on Will-Skill matrix and providing inputs on
Product knowledge and skills to perform the functions with
effectiveness. Employees can also be helped out by getting
their needs assessed based on their performance parameters
and structured inputs for right area to seek visible
improvement at their work.

•Insurance and Bank Employees (Employees of Banks,

Insurance and other financial service providers):
By providing inputs for AMFI certification effort. Our course
specially designed for Bank and other financial
organization’s employees makes the grasping, retention
much reproduction during test much easier.

•Distributors of Mutual Funds (Partners/ Agency Manager/

Express) :
Through integrated development program that takes them to
the realm of product knowledge, skills on advisory functions,self
excellence program to provide a peep into themselves,
reassess orientations and motives and also understand
inter personal styles and reconnect self with the business
efforts with right thrust and the tips to excel in the type of
business one is in.

•Employees of other organizations :

Provide Knowledge, Skill and attitudinal enhancement and
improvement programs tailor made to suit the organizational
culture philosophy and practices for enhancing their capabilities
and in turn performances.

•Students of MBA/ BBA courses:

To provide them awareness in variety of options available for
seeking entry into and to help them acquire an insight into
their strengths and weaknesses based on Psychometric testing and
guise them towards an right option and also to offer them

awareness and orientation towards financial advisory services.

Can also help them in Personality development programs and
career counseling programs.

•Educational Institutions (Schools and other education

To impart small simple awareness programs drawing their
attention towards savings, investments and how to leverage
the power of money working for it self. Also to provide them
orientation towards MF its utility I savings and wealth
creations. To plant in young students the ability to aspire and
dream for big things and by instilling in them the discipline
for savings and right investment for long terms and becoming
a sure successful person in what ever walk of life they enter.

•House wives and other sections of society:

Brief awareness programs signifying the right saving
methodologies and right investment options for creating
financial stability and achieving goals.

•Superannuated people or those who opted Voluntary

To refresh and rejuvenate them to avail advantages of
Platform offered by us from where they can make productive
and satisfying use of their wisdom and experience and
contribute for them selves and others by picking up the
financial advisory function to make their more power and
enriching as compared to the first when they picked up what came
their way.

Future Plans

Further mile stones to be achieved:

•Impart effective training for regulatory compliances, and

other development programs supporting enhancement in
Knowledge, Skill and Attitude.
•Mass Investor Education Campaigns.
•Promoting On-line training solutions.
•Setting up a state of the art Training Centers in 25 major cities in a
phased manner.
What NJ offers

Customised Training Programme

NJ Gurukul offers progressive development training

programs that focus on virtually every aspect of a growing
personality or business. Following is the list of trainings that
we offer:

Sr. No.
Duration in days
For whom- Beneficiaries

AMFI training
Aspirants to appear for AMFI exam.
Know More

Basic Training
New entrants in advisory functions and employees of partners.
Know More

Product training
For performers in distributing MF
Know More

Advisory Skills training

For advisors keen to enhance them selves.
Know More

Motivational training
Open to all.
Know More

Soft Skill Training

Open to all.
Know More

Orientation program
For the trainers identified to take more sessions.
Know More

Focusing on Customer relationship Management.

For all advisors who aim for lasting relationships with customers for
long term goal achievement.
Know More

Management Development Program for senior Executives and senior
For senior partners with large number of FOS and desire to achieve
personal leadership
Know More

Vijay Path
For high profile advisors who aim for acquiring business excellence.
Know More

Practice Tests :

AMFI tests :

The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) is dedicated

to developing the Indian Mutual Fund Industry on
professional, healthy and ethical lines and to enhance and
maintain standards in all areas with a view to protecting and
promoting the interests of mutual funds and their unit holders.

NJ with co- ordination with AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in

India) conducts AMFI examination for Mutual Fund advisors
throughout India. An entire team of NJ Gurukul is actively involved in
providing specialized training to candidates aspiring for AMFI

NJ I Gurukul offers training sessions and additional study

material for candidates opting for a career in Mutual Fund

NJ offers specialized training sessions and supplementary exam

oriented reading material and revision kit to give you an edge
over others. The course concentrates on imparting exam oriented
training and in-depth coverage of all objectives of AMFI
examination. Training sessions are conducted regularly throughout
India at all centers. These training sessions are most preferably
conducted by experts from financial academic background.

Not only will the training give you in-depth coverage of exam
objectives but also give you a view of current financial market
and investment horizons and more specifically investment
advising in mutual funds. Clearing AMFI would be your first step in
mutual fund advisory business, with a long way to go.NJ Gurukul
training will make you aware of current industry condition, your
alternatives and the road ahead. AMFI Mock tests are available to
all Gurukul members which helps in preparing for AMFI.

Self Tests:

With a view to facilitate members of Gurkul, to have a

peep into them selves to identify their hidden self, Gurkul
offers a self test facility On-line.

Interested member can attempt the test(s) and the scoring

with brief feedback would be available to him on this desk. For
further information he/she can contact Gurkul through
specified process.


360° – Advisory Platform

NJ believes in “360° – Advisory Platform ” philosophy …

With this philosophy, we try to offer all possible products, services and
support which an Advisor would need in his business.

The support functions are generally in the following areas …

•Business Planning and Strategy
•Training and Development – Self and of employees
•Products and Service Offerings
•Business Branding
•Sales and Development
•Advisors Resources - Tools, Calculators, etc..


With this comprehensive supporting platform, the NJ Fundz

Partners stays ahead of the curve in each respect compared to other
Advisors/competitors in the market.

Needless to say, the complete NJ Fundz offering is hard to resist

Marketing Support

The Marketing team will help you give the relevant support
needed for effective sales, creating
brand and for the development of your business.
The Marketing / Sales team will help you with the following marketing
support …

•Branded Flyers and One-pagers for products, new launches /

NFOs, services, etc
•Business Organizers, Performance Review Hand-books, etc
•Communication support – NJ Knowledge Edge and NJ I-Gurukul
•Letters, Direct Mail pieces.
•Email Communications for products, new launches / NFOs,
services, etc
•Calculators and Tools for effective communication to clients.
•Support in form of NJ websites, web services and product
•Branded Presentations

Effective marketing support would help you complete your

offering and package it properly. Such support would also add
to your effectiveness in sales activities.

NJ IndiaInvest and NJ Fundz Network enjoy a strong brand in the

industry.An NJ Fundz Network Partner leverages upon this brand in the
market to gain credibility and acceptance.

NJ aims to support the NJ Fundz Partners in marketing

indirectly by contributing through written articles, advertisements
in various magazines, newspapers, etc.
Sales & Development Support

Sales and development support form an integral part at NJ. Each

NJ Fundz Network Partner has a dedicated relationship executive
and /or a relationship Manager.

The relationship executive stays in touch with you on an ongoing,

regular basis and provides you with all the support that you need.
Your requirements in terms of sales, marketing materials,
application forms, etc would be taken care of.

Normally the team at NJ would help you with …

•Joint Calls to your clients .

•Presentations at your Client Meets.
•Organising Sales Meets, Fairs and Workshops.
•Business sales planning and helping you achieve your personal
business targets.

You may even get experts from industry like Sales / Marketing
Heads, Fund Managers, and Senior Executives to speak at your
Client Meets. Such activities have helped our Partners to gain rapid
acceptance, trust and goodwill in the markets.

The active support from the sales team from NJ has helped
transform the businesses of many Partners working with us.


Ongoing communications play a very important part in keeping in

touch with you clients, having a goodwill and loyalty or simply as part
of your service offering. Experience has
shown that timely, continuous and quality communications to even
unlikely clients has helped in converting them to your loyal clients.

NJ Fundz truly realise the importance of such communications. The

Research and the Marketing teams at NJ offer many communications
of use to you.

Under NJ Knowledge Edge series…

Objective : To keep everyone updated and well informed

•Daily Market Update – A roundup of market, forex, economic news.

•Daily Mutual Fund Tracker – A daily Debt performance review of MF
•Weekly Performance Report – A weekly review of all the MF
schemes as per sub-types.
•Monthly Fund Fact Sheet – A monthly publication ,
•Updates, etc of important changes, events.

Under NJ I-Gurukul series…

Objective: To make the difference between information &

•Articles on Investments/Economy/Finance, etc

•Training to employees and associates and also to investors
•Regular market analysis, stories

Business Planning

NJ has over a decade of experience in the financial advisory

business. During this phase the people at NJ have gained very
important insights and experience in successfully running and
developing the business.
Such a deep understanding and knowledge is also actively tapped, all
levels, in developing the business of the NJ Fundz Partners.

NJ Fundz Partners get active business planning and strategizing

support from the team at NJ. The plans are customized at each
NJ Fundz Partner level based on his own business environment.
The dedicated relationship Executives and Managers play a
crucial role in the process. Each NJ Fundz Partner thus would
ideally have his own business planning and s trategy worked out. The
whole thing is done keeping ‘You First’ principle in mind.

Proper planning and strategizing along with effective executive

support is the most potent weapon to help you grow and develop your
business. At NJ, we stay with you throughout the process and beyond
on an ongoing basis.

This has truly transformed the business of our Partners with respect
to the quality, scope of services and the scale of business.


At NJ we understand the mportance of an effective marketing

support. At NJ we have initiated the Print Shop to a cutting marketing
edge to our advisors.
Print Shop Features:

•Pre-defined inventory / marketing materials available on an

online menu card. Advisors only need to place orders after
viewing samples online
•Customisation of marketing materials for advisors to reflect
their brand, contact details, etc
•NJ does all the conceptualisation, designing, content and printing
work. Materials are sent to the advisors to the door step.

Print Shop Advantages:

•Advisors get quality marketing materials with their own brand and
much lower costs
•Advisors using Print Shop services get benefits in …
•Client Acquisition
•Client Loyalty
•Communication to Existing Clients
•Business mobilisation

Items available presently available in Print Shop:

•Leaflets & Flyers

•Banners & Hoardings
•Human Hoardings
•Monthly Newsletters
•One pagers
•Canopy & Tents


Technology is the biggest differentiator

NJ pots a lot of efforts and resources are put in to build a

technological edge to give you the best possible services to
you so that you give the same to your clients.

Technology has been and is our key strength. What we offer on the
technological front is unique and comprehensive. Our focus can be
gauged from the fact that we have a separate sister concern started
for the sole purpose of providing the best support to NJ in terms of
technology. High infrastructural spending is done to improve &
strengthen our deliverables on this technological front. Finlogic
Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.does all the development work in-
house on a continuous basis through its team of talented
professionals. All the tools, services, products, etc offered by NJ
has been developed in-house according to what we feel.

In today’s world much is dictated by two important words –

Information and Technology. NJ realises this more than anyone
else. And that’s way we make constant efforts to keep you ahead of
the curve and ensure that you and your client receive quality, accurate
and timely information.

But technology by itself cannot make a difference. Only when

technology is combined with strong domain knowledge and
understanding of customer needs, can it truly help make a
significant difference. And this is what NJ has achieved and aims to
continue doing so.

Your Total Technology Solution

•Website creation and Management .

•On-line Automatic Investment Accounts to all clients .
•Centralised Online Automatic Advisor Account (Partners Desk) for
Management, MIS, Portfolio Access, etc .
•Marketing, Sales and other support through application of
technology .

There exists a strong difference in quality, scope and type of

reports offered by NJ against other distributors. NJ, with very strong
domain knowledge – especially in mutual funds, and with investment-
management perspective offers reports that are superior to other
advisors and brokers and are even superior compared to what
many good banks offer.

Further, the Partners Desk service offered by NJ is a pioneering

effort in the industry. The kind of tools and reports offered on the
Desk is unique, more useful and superior to those offered by other

Data Management at NJ

NJ has made arrangements to receive the following …

•Details of transaction of any nature in Mutual Funds by any

client, through our Associates or us, on a Daily basis .
•NAV, Dividend, and other details of all the Mutual Fund schemes
on a Daily basis
•Monthly Portfolio and other important information of all the Mutual
Fund schemes
•All relevant details of Direct Equities like – Prices, Dividends,
Bonus, Market Capitalisations, etc on a Daily basis .
•All relevant market related information in addition to
economic, event-specific, key economic variables, etc on a Daily
basis .

All the data is effectively stored and managed at NJ and the

same in used in providing you and your clients with up-to-date
information and reports.

Partners Desk

The Partners Desk is an unique offering of great use to Independent

Financial Advisors. The Partners Desk lies at the heart of the NJ
Fundz offering exclusive to NJ Fundz Partners. The Partners Desk is
a web-based online account, which is updated on a daily basis.

The Partner Desk is the tool to keep you in full control of your
business. The following are the tools available to you at the desk …

•Tools to Service Nests subscribed by you …

•Includes – Mutual Fund Nest, Web Nest, Wealth Nest, etc
•Comprehensive MIS Reports
•Client Portfolio Access

1 AUM, Income, Brokerage, Transaction, and many other reports

2 Comprehensive SIP Reports

3 Important Client reports

The Partners Desk gives you all the reports and insights that will
help you in keeping records and management of your business.

With Partners Desk …

•You do not need to maintain back-office records and reports with

•You do not need to maintain records of the investments done by
your clients
•You can centrally manage your NJ Services, send Queries, check
Emails, etc
•You can effectively use reports/tools to improve your services to
your clients and develop your business
•You can do all the above – anytime, anywhere!


NJ Research Support

Original, Unbiased Analysis

NJ has its own Research team. The research team analyses and
studies the markets, investment products, and other important
things that are important from advisors point of view. The Research
team also undertakes study and analysis on the mutual fund houses
and schemes. Recommendations from the Research team truly reflect
the unbiased nature of the study it undertakes.

Objective of the research …

•Keep all associates, employees and customers well informed so
that they are able to make their own decisions.
•Provide guidance, suggestions, recommendations, etc as per
needs and study undertaken .
•To provide tools which would help associates/employees make
better decisions for their clients and render quality services.

The Research team follows a set process and methodology. The

fund houses and their schemes are evaluated on multiple parameters
like …

•AMC Due Diligence

•Service Standards Parentage & Pedigree of management
•Soundness of the Trustees
•Institutionalised or Personalised?
•Information sharing & Compliance
•Investment Philosophy – Clarity/flavour driven?
•Adherence to philosophy & process
•Past historical performance and variation in performance .

We believe that ideally good schemes should form a part of a

client’s portfolio. The research team regularly communicates such
analysis / results to the employees and associates.


I-Gurukul is a program run by NJ Fundz Network to educate and train

Financial Advisors. The I-Gurukul program is run throughout the year at
all the Branches of NJ.

The I-Gurukul Objectives :

To impart all the important knowledge and skills to Financial
Advisors necessary to be successful – both as a professional and a
business person.

To raise the quality and standard of such Advisors and bring them
on par with the best Advisors in the industry.
To ultimately benefit the investors with quality services, offerings and

The Team:

The Team at I-Gurukul combines rich industry experience along with in-
depth knowledge of the financial advisory field and the products /
markets. The team has been carefully selected keeping in mind the
objective of the programme, from among the best in the company
as well as from the industry.

The Modules:

AMFI Module:
For beginners who wish to start their career in the Mutual Fund

Basic Module:
Free for NJ Fundz Partners, this module gives the basic knowledge
and understanding of Mutual Funds, Equities, Debt and NJ Services,

Intermediary Module (yet to be started):

The Intermediary model would focus on your soft skills. The
module will be taken by experts from the industry specializing in the
respective fields. The objective of this module is to improve the
much-needed soft skills of the advisors in areas of presentation,
speech, body language, effective communications, effective sales, self-
motivation, etc

Advanced I:
This module aims to further enrich the knowledge of the Advisors. The
topics covered are – Portfolio Construction & Restructuring, Financial
Concepts and Mathematics, Taxation, etc

In case you are a fresher and wish to appear for AMFI Mutual Funds
Certification exam, please visit any of our service centers and apply.

NJ Fundz Partners can register for the Modules they are

interested in with their Relationship Executives. Similarly they can
get in touch with them to know more on the topics covered, dates of
Training, fees, speakers, etc

Financial Tools & Presentations

offers many useful financial tools and calculators to NJ Fundz Partners.
Such tools are very useful increating financial plans for clients,
preparation of cash flows, etc.

NJ Tools & Calculators

•Monthly Dynamic Debt Analysers

•Dynamic SIP Calculator
•Dynamic STP Calculator
•Delay Cost Calculator
•Insurance Planning/Comparison Tool
•NJ Financial Planning Tool

In addition to Financial Tools and Calculators, each NJ Fundz Partner

is also presented with NJ Sales Kit – a great compilation of selected
useful presentations, which would help enrich the knowledge of
the Advisors. The presentations can also be used while
communicating with their clients.

Further the team at NJ also provides customized presentations to

Partners to be presented to their clients, either for one-to-one basis or
for group presentations.
The Partners also receive presentations of new
products/launches/NFOs by the mutual fund houses.

Customer Care

NJ Customer Care offers you with a 'Single Service Point' to all

the advisors to help solve their customer queries. Our centralised
team of Customer Care Executives would solve your queries at the
earliest. You can also view the latest status of all your queries online.

As an NJ Advisor you may submit your queries to Customer Case

Executives by …

•Email or
•Online directly through your Advisors (Partners) Desk

NJ has also introduced a TOLL FREE number for NJ Customer Care.

Members of NJ Fundz Network can now call on 1800 233 0155 from
throughout India and submit their Queries.

Customer Care Objectives:

•Solve customer queries within defined turn - around times.

•Serve Advisors as single contact point for all service related issues.
•Provide complete transparency and information to customers on
•Set a quality customer service benchmark in the industry .

Query Management
•Automated On-line Query Management Module is used to
efficiently handle the queries of our Advisors/Associates.
•Query entered is automatically forwarded to concerned person who
can immediately solve the same.
•Status is updated online and turn around time for different types
of queries defined.
•Alerts for unsolved queries is automatically shooted to the
higher management in instill discipline .
•Stringent actions taken against non-compliance .

NJ Advantage

An Advisor working as NJ Fundz Network Partner enjoys many

privileges and advantages over any other normal advisor.
Check list that differentiates NJ Fundz Network Partner from the crowd.

Services NJ
partner - Non-NJ Advisor

Superior Client Service

On line personal investment Account to Clients Yes

Quality Comprehensive, insightful Reports to clients Yes
Automatic Capturing of MF Transaction Yes
On line Query management module for queries Yes
Superior and Comprehensive product offerings
Comprehensive Email Subscriptions

Effective Marketing and Sales Support

Web Brand presence with your ”own website” Yes

Complete access to clients’ accounts Yes
Comprehensive Marketing Support Yes
Comprehensive Sales Support Yes
Regular Events, Seminars and meets Yes

Administration and Back Office Support

Your own online Business Accounts on partner desk Yes
Automatically Updated Online MIS Report Yes
Insightful reports on business and clients Yes
Transaction processing/acceptance at NJ service centres. Yes

On going Training and Personal Growth NJ partner

- Non-NJ Advisor

Comprehensive training modules under I-Gurukul Yes

Regular interaction with industry experts Yes
Regular Personal Meetings and Group Meetings Yes
Support and help on an on-going day to day basis Yes

Business Planning and Strategy

Business strategy and planning assistance from expert Yes

On-going planning and management guidance Yes

Mock AMFI Exam

•This Mock AMFI Exam is for Prospective NJ Fundz Partners.

•This is a 100 marks exam.
•Total time for this exam is of 2 hours.
•The exam shall have different questions for different
•Examination consisting of Multi Choice Questions, only one
option is correct.
•You can skip any number of questions as well as De-select
the selected option.
•You can revamp / reconsider your questions within exam time or
until you submit your exam.
•There is a negative marking for each wrong answer. Negative
marking is 25% of the correct mark. If question is of 1 mark
then 0.25 and if its of 2 marks then 0.5 mark will be deducted
from your total score.
•After the completion of your exam, you will be provided with the
result. Your given answers will be compared with the correct
answers we are having in our database, depending upon that your
score will be generated. You will have your result according to
the chapters.


Mutual Fund Advisor

A Mutual Fund Advisor is essentially a person who provides advisory

and/or distribution services in mutual funds. Normally he is a
person who sells schemes of multiple fund houses. His client profile
is generally retail in nature with investments mostly into equity-
oriented schemes.

Ideal For:
A person who is interested in the field of Investment Advisory and
management of wealth for clients.
A person who realises the importance and responsibility of
managing investments of clients
Career Development and Growth scope:
The mutual fund industry has a huge potential in a country like India.
This is just the right time to enter into markets and to create your
market. Raising income levels, lack of other attractive investment
options, growing aggressiveness and acceptability of new products is
transforming the savings habits of the people.

If you feel you can offer quality services and reach out to this large
section of customers, you would do well. Over time you can
increase your man-power, resources, offices, etc and cater to a large
network of clients, who would now range from retail to companies, co-
operative societies, firms, trusts, HNIs, NRIs, etc.

You may even add new products and solutions in your offering over

Why should you be a Mutual Fund Advisor?

Love investment/financial advisory role

Offer quality services and create wealth for my clients
Great opportunity for growth, service and respect

What should you do Now?

The first step in becoming a Mutual Fund Advisor is

Certification from AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds of India) – an
industry body for mutual funds. You need to appear and pass the AMFI
Mutual Funds Advisory Module Exam.
The second step is to get a Code called as ARN – AMFI
Registration Number, after passing the exam. After getting the ARN,
you can start with your advisory and distribution business.

NJ Fundz Network can help you to become a Mutual Fund

Advisor. We provide the requisite training and eductional material
for successfully appearing for the exams. This training, given by

Professional /experts working in the industry, would also be of use

when you start your business. We can also help you to register and
appear for the exams.

Life at NJ

Enthusiasm, Enterprise, Education and Ethics form the four

pillars at NJ. At NJ, the vibrant energy and enthusiasm of the
enterprising drive to excel flows freely throughout the organization.
People evolve to be more effective, efficient, and result oriented.
Knowledge is inherent due to the education-centric approach
and the experience in providing services to different advisors
across diverse product profiles. For people at NJ success is not a
new word, but are regular stepping-stones to realizing the one vision
that everyone shares …

People are perhaps the most important assets of any company. It is

said that, it is not the company that grows but the people. NJ
recognizes this important fact and undertakes rigorous training
and development activities for enhancing the entire team at
NJ. Responsibility, freedom and resources are given to everyone to
learn and grow. NJ also has a “360 Degree Performance Appraisal”
system in place where a holistic evaluation is done of all the

NJ is a great place to work. Here,

The ones with the right spirit first enter NJ, and then they get the
wings to fly!

NJ has over a decade of experience in the investment advisory field.

The company is one of the leading distribution houses in the mutual
fund industry. The company enjoys very strong goodwill and name in
the industry. We see a very strong future growth for yourself and our

NJ offers a great environment, opportunity to learn and freedom

for you to grow and develop yourself. Being a part of a growing
industry, within a growing firm with entrepreneurial freedom can
work wonders for you.

NJ Fundz Network Partner

A NJ Fundz Network Partner is essentially a Professional, Quality

Financial Advisor who offers comprehensive service and multiple
solutions to his clients. A NJ Fundz Network Partner’s offering to his
clients is on par and in cases even better than what the biggest
competitors in the industry offer. The key-differentiating factor is the
technology that a NJ Fundz Partner uses to deliver services & solutions
to clients and indeed to manage, develop his own business.

With active support and services from NJ, a NJ Fundz Partner is

an ideal, preferred advisor of any client / investor. The normal
Mutual Fund and Financial Advisors in the industry can truly transform
themselves and their business just by being on the NJ Fundz

Ideal For:
A person who is interested in the field of Financial Advisory and
complete Financial Planning for Clients.
A person who has a vision, passion to build and transform his
business to the next level
A person who appreciates the importance and role of quality
services and support to business and to clients.

Why NJ ?

Case of Independent Advisors – Threats and Competition:

The present scenario of the advisory and distribution business in
India in skewed towards large, corporate distributors like banks,
brokerage houses, etc. The independent financial advisors have
limited resources at their end to offer quality services and solutions to
their clients. They generally bank on their reach and accessibility to
their clients. But even this is under threat with increasing
penetration of the big competitors and increased usage of Internet.

Further, a normal individual advisor/distributor has many

weaknesses that far out-weight his advantages. As big competitors
penetrate the market and offer superior technology-backed services,
the niche advantages stands threatened. With all this and more, the
Long-term survival and growth of business comes into question.

What would you do – with limited resources to counter the

threat by large competitors?

Even if you are a very good advisor with a large clientele base –
How do you ensure that your customers remain loyal and you
develop and grow your business?

There is only one answer to these and many other questions – You
need to transform your business keeping the future in mind.
NJ Fundz Network
NJ offers a unique, complete business platform to independent
financial advisors. NJ ensures that the weaknesses and threats of
such advisors and eliminated and they come on par with the best
in the industry in terms of services, solutions and
technology. NJ Fundz Network becomes the force behind you and
your business. NJ Fundz Network truly helps you to transform your
business to a new higher level.

With the NJ support you can now freely focus adding and developing
your business and ensure a great future for yourself.

Mutual Fund NEST

The Mutual Fund Nest is an unique platform wherein your clients

would have a separate mutual fund investment account, available
online, automatically reflecting all mutual fund transactions routed
through you.

This service is would be great for all your mutual fund investors
investing through you. They would truly appreciate this 'Complete
Online Mutual Fund Investment Account' with truly comprehensive,
insightful reports available to them. This service is a basic service
availed by all NJ Fundz Partner

This product is unique, one of its kind, in the industry especially with
the scope, type and quality of reports that is available.

On-line Automatic
The account is available online - any time anywhere to your clients.
Mutual Fund Nest reflects the 'real value' of your mutual fund
investment with the values updated on a daily basis. Further all mutual
fund transactions of your clients routed through you will only be
automatically displayed, creating a preference for your service
and a barrier for your competitors to break.

The offering is comprehensive and complete given the contents and
from utility point of view. The account is very comprehensive with the
scope, extent, quality of reports and the insights that they deliver to
your clients.


These are truly unique reports giving valuable insights to your clients
on their investments. Reports include - Sector Exposures, AMC
Exposures, Dividend History, etc

This report gives complete records of all the transactions made by
your clients.
These reports, available with sub-options, would help your clients to
keep a regular track on the growth of their investments in a better

Profit & Loss

Your client would get complete P&L computation reports for
taxation purposes with break-ups of short-term & long-term capital
gains. The reports are available with sub-options

This would give the overall performance of all the investments of your
clients. The reports are available with sub-options.

CRM Nest

Customer Relationship Management forms a crucial part in

establishing a growing and healthy relationship with your clients.
Customer loyalty and satisfaction plays a very important role in the
success of any Advisor. Studies have shown that it costs 7 times more
to acquire a client than to retain a client. Hence proper customer
relationship management (CRM) forms an important element in the
overall success of the advisory business.

Realising the importance of CRM, NJ will be soon launching CRM

Nest. This module would help advisors to effectively manage their
clients and provide quality services to them. The CRM Nest would
also allow you to know your customers better. This is also very
crucial since different customers have different expectations from
you. The CRM Nest would also allow you to manage your time more
productively and would help you streamline your processes in a better

CRM Nest Features:

•Client Service Management

•Client Business Reports
•Time Management
•Automated Utilities

Life Nest

The existing hectic lifestyles and increasing complexity and

uncertainty in life has made protection a very crucial goal for each
of us. Adequate protection of family in advent for any unforeseen
events or circumstances should be the first task of any individual. As
an advisor, you have the onus of helping your clients get proper
protection at all times.

Life Nest would help you as an advisor to properly plan and monitor
the protection of your clients in a better way. Life nest would also give
you information on the existing insurance plans, their features, etc
available in the markets. You may also track your clients'
investments in ULIPs and provide them updated reports on the same.

By adding Life Nest, you can better project yourself as a complete

financial advisor to your clients taking care of his investment and
protection needs.

Life Nest Features:

Planning Protection for your Clients
Tracking investments in ULIPs (updated on daily basis)
Premium Due reports for Clients and much more …

Financial Planing Nest

As an advisor, you have the onus to undertake complete

Financial Planning for your clients. Financial Planning is in fact a
must for every individual. A detailed Financial Plan would make it
possible for your clients to achieve their goals and objectives in life. At
NJ we realise the importance of Financial Planning (FP), both from
the perspective of an Advisor and a Customer.

NJ FP Nest is an online zone where you as an advisor would be in a

position to prepare detailed Financial Plans for your Clients. The
Financial Plans of the clients would be saved for your future references
and for ongoing monitoring of the Plans.

The FP Nest would allow you to plan for the various goals and
objectives for your clients, and also take print-outs of the same so as
to present it to your clients. You can also prepare Financial Plans for
your prospective clients from the FP Nest… Needless to say, the FP
Nest would make financial planning process, a very easy, simple to
understand exercise for you to undertake…

FP Nest Features:

Goal Planning for:

•Child Education
•Child Marriage
•Purchase of Home / Car
•Protection to Family

Taking in to consideration

•Risk profile of client

•Savings Potential
•Existing Investments
•Existing Protection

With FP Nest you would now help your clients achieve their goals in


Web Nest is a great product and a must for any advisor. It basically
is a service wherein you get your own branded website with certain
additional features/contents along with a Client Desk from where your
Clients can login to their on-line accounts.

You will have a choice of selecting the domain name as - for your website.


Your Brand
The Website will highlight your own brand. You can put your name,
logo along with your contact details, introduction, etc. Your clients will
log-in from your website, thus creating a preference/brand for your
On-line Automatic
All the reports and contents available on the website will be
updated on a daily basis, automatically so that all the information
available is the latest. Needless to say your, clients on-line investment
accounts will be updated daily.

The offering is comprehensive and complete given the contents and
from utility point of view. You do not have to bother about
maintenance, upgradation, updation of data, etc from your end.


Client Desk
Your clients can directly login from Client Desk on your website to
view their online accounts. A great value-add, this can highlight your
brand and service.

Returns Calculator
Your clients can get historical returns of any scheme/s according to
their sub-types as on any given date.

SIP Calculator
Your clients can even get historical SIP returns for any selected
period and amount.

Application Forms
Offer download facility to your clients for Application Forms of Mutual
Fund Schemes of any AMC

Your clients can make use of the financial planning tools like Child
Education, Child Marriage and Retirement Calculators on your website.

Guest Book
Visitors to your website can submit their details online along with any
comments/requests for your reference. You can later access this
information and even contact them.

Wealth NEST

Wealth Nest is an unique, revolutionary product/platform wherein

your client would have complete investment account covering all
investment assets. You can offer this unique, comprehensive
investment account to your selected important clients.

This service is ideal for your big clients - HNIs and Corporates alike,
where you can make a head-start with this product and impress them
and make them your loyal clients. Such an integrated product with the
quality, scope of reports is unique in the industry.

This product is unique, one of its kind, in the industry combining all
different investment assets and products into a single automatic on-
line account. The scope of assets covered, structure and the extent /
quality of reports makes it a winner throughout.

Assets Covered
The Assets covered are: All Mutual Fund Schemes (routed through
you), Direct Equity and Fixed Income Instruments with include - Bank
Deposits, Company Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Debentures, PPF,
Debentures, NSS, Postal Savings, etc

On-line Automatic
The account is available online - any time anywhere to your clients.
Wealth nest reflects the 'real value' of your investments, especially
mutual funds and direct equities, where the values are updated on a
daily basis. Further all mutual fund transactions of your clients routed
through you will only be automatically displayed, creating a
preference for your service and a barrier for your competitors to break.

The offering is comprehensive and complete given the contents and
from utility point of view. All major investment avenues that a
normal investor has is been covered under Wealth Nest. The
service offers quality, insightful reports to your clients on their


Consolidated Reports
•Consolidated Asset •Interest Income
•Net Asset
•Equity Investment
•Profit & Loss
•Direct Equity
•Transaction •Profit & Loss

•Valuation •Demat Account

•Mutual Funds
•Complete 'Mutual •Profit & Loss Reports
Fund Nest •Performance Reports
•Valuation Reports

•Portfolio Reports
•Transaction Reports

Fixed Income Instruments
•Interest Income •Transaction Reports

•Maturity Reports


500 Runns – A.C/Refrigerator/Washing Machine

1000 Runns – Desktop Computer/Sony Handicam
1600 Runns – Honda Activa/Dubai Tour for couple 4 Days 3 Nights
2000 Runns - Laptop
3000 Runns – Laptop and (Desktop Computer or Sony Handicam).
4000 Runns – 44” Samsung TV or Couple tour to Singapore &
6000 Runns – Couple tour to Singapore & Malaysia and
8000 Runns – Couple tour to Switzerland for 9 days 8
10000 Runns – Maruti Omni
12000 Runns – Maruti Alto
16000 Runns – Tata Indica
30000 Runns – Honda Activa
130000 Runns – Mercedes Benz


Objectives of study
1Understanding Mutual Funds

2Understanding Market Potential of Mutual funds.

3Analyzing Awareness of Mutual Funds among

insurance advisors.

Understanding Mutual Funds

Mutual fund is a trust that pools money from a group of investors

(sharing common financial goals) and invest the money thus collected
into asset classes that match the stated investment objectives of the
scheme. Since the stated investment objectives of a mutual fund
scheme generally forms the basis for an investor's decision to
contribute money to the pool, a mutual fund can not deviate from its
stated objectives at any point of time.

Every Mutual Fund is managed by a fund manager, who using his

investment management skills and necessary research works
ensures much better return than what an investor can manage on
his own. The capital appreciation and other incomes earned
from these investments are passed on to the investors (also known as
unit holders) in proportion of the number of units they own.
When an investor subscribes for the units of a mutual fund, he
becomes part owner of the assets of the fund in the same proportion
as his contribution amount put up with the corpus (the total amount of
the fund). Mutual Fund investor is also known as a mutual fund
shareholder or a unit holder.
Any change in the value of the investments made into capital market
instruments (such as shares, debentures etc) is reflected in the Net
Asset Value (NAV) of the scheme. NAV is defined as the market
value of the Mutual Fund scheme's assets net of its liabilities. NAV of a
scheme is calculated by dividing the market value of scheme's
assets by the total number of units issued to the investors.

For example:

? If the market value of the assets of a fund is Rs. 100,000

? The total number of units issued to the investors is equal to 10,000.
? Then the NAV of this scheme = (A)/(B), i.e. 100,000/10,000 or 10.00
? Now if an investor 'X' owns 5 units of this scheme

? Then his total contribution to the fund is Rs. 50 (i.e. Number of units
held multiplied by the NAV of the scheme)

Mutual Fund Operation Flow Chart

The flow chart describes broadly the working of a mutual fund:


1. Portfolio Diversification

Mutual Funds invest in a well-diversified portfolio of securities which

enables investor to hold a diversified investment portfolio (whether
the amount of investment is big or small).

2. Professional Management

Fund manager undergoes through various research works and

has better investment management skills which ensure higher
returns to the investor than what he can manage on his own.

3. Less Risk
Investors acquire a diversified portfolio of securities even with a
small investment in a Mutual Fund. The risk in a diversified portfolio
is lesser than investing in merely 2 or 3 securities.

4. Low Transaction Costs

Due to the economies of scale (benefits of larger volumes),

mutual funds pay lesser transaction costs. These benefits are passed
on to the investors.

5. Liquidity

An investor may not be able to sell some of the shares held by him
very easily and quickly, whereas units of a mutual fund are far more

6. Choice of Schemes

Mutual funds provide investors with various schemes with different

investment objectives. Investors have the option of investing in a
scheme having a correlation between its investment objectives and
their own financial goals. These schemes further have different

7. Transparency

Funds provide investors with updated information pertaining to

the markets and the schemes. All material facts are disclosed to
investors as required by the regulator.

8. Flexibility

Investors also benefit from the convenience and flexibility offered

by Mutual Funds. Investors can switch their holdings from a debt
scheme to an equity scheme and vice-versa. Option of systematic (at
regular intervals) investment and withdrawal is also offered to the
investors in most open-end schemes.
9. Safety

Mutual Fund industry is part of a well-regulated investment

environment where the interests of the investors are protected by the
regulator. All funds are registered with SEBI and complete
transparency is forced.


1. Costs Control Not in the Hands of an Investor

Investor has to pay investment management fees and fund

distribution costs as a percentage of the value of his investments
(as long as he holds the units), irrespective of the performance of the

2. No Customized Portfolios

The portfolio of securities in which a fund invests is a decision taken

by the fund manager. Investors have no right to interfere in the
decision making process of a fund manager, which some investors
find as a constraint in achieving their financial objectives.

3. Difficulty in Selecting a Suitable Fund Scheme

Many investors find it difficult to select one option from

the plethora of funds / schemes / plans available . For this, they
may have to take advice from financial planners in order to invest in
the right fund to achieve their objectives.

General Classification of Mutual Funds

Open-end Funds

Funds that can sell and purchase units at any point in time are
classified as Open-end Funds. The fund size (corpus) of an open-end
fund is variable (keeps changing) because of continuous selling (to
investors) and repurchases (from the investors) by the fund. An
open-end fund is not required to keep selling new units to the
investors at all times but is required to always repurchase, when an
investor wants to sell his units. The NAV of an open-end fund is
calculated every day.

Closed-end Funds

Funds that can sell a fixed number of units only during the New Fund
Offer (NFO) period are known as Closed-end Funds. The corpus of a
Closed-end Fund remains unchanged at all times. After the closure
of the offer, buying and redemption of units by the investors directly
from the Funds is not allowed. However, to protect the interests of
the investors, SEBI provides investors with two avenues to liquidate
their positions:

1Closed-end Funds are listed on the stock exchanges where

investors can buy/sell units from/ to each other. The trading is
generally done at a discount to the NAV of the scheme. The NAV of a
closed-end fund is computed on a weekly basis (updated every
1Closed-end Funds may also offer "buy-back of units" to the unit
holders. In this case, the corpus of the Fund and its outstanding
units do get changed.

Load Funds

Mutual Funds incur various expenses on marketing, distribution,

advertising, portfolio churning, fund manager's salary etc. Many funds
recover these expenses from the investors in the form of load. These
funds are known as Load Funds. A load fund may impose following
types of loads on the investors:

•Entry Load - Also known as Front-end load, it refers to the

load charged to an investor at the time of his entry into a
scheme. Entry load is deducted from the investor's contribution
amount to the fund.
•Exit Load - Also known as Back-end load, these charges are
imposed on an investor when he redeems his units (exits from
the scheme). Exit load is deducted from the redemption
proceeds to an outgoing investor.
•Deferred Load - Deferred load is charged to the scheme over
a period of time.
•Contingent Deferred Sales Charge (CDSC) - In some schemes,
the percentage of exit load reduces as the investor stays longer
with the fund. This type of load is known as Contingent Deferred
Sales Charge.

No-load Funds

All those funds that do not charge any of the above mentioned loads
are known as No-load Funds.
Tax-exempt Funds | Non-Tax-exempt Funds

Tax-exempt Funds

Funds that invest in securities free from tax are known as Tax-exempt
Funds. All open-end equity oriented funds are exempt from
distribution tax (tax for distributing income to investors). Long
term capital gains and dividend income in the hands of investors are

Non-Tax-exempt Funds

Funds that invest in taxable securities are known as Non-Tax-exempt

Funds. In India, all funds, except open-end equity oriented funds are
liable to pay tax on distribution income. Profits arising out of sale of
units by an investor within 12 months of purchase are categorized
as short-term capital gains, which are taxable. Sale of units of an
equity oriented fund is subject to Securities Transaction Tax (STT).
STT is deducted from the redemption proceeds to an investor.


1. Equity Funds

Equity funds are considered to be the more risky funds as

compared to other fund types, but they also provide higher returns
than other funds. It is advisable that an investor looking to invest in
an equity fund should invest for long term i.e. for 3 years or more.
There are different types of equity funds each falling into different
risk bracket. In the order of decreasing risk level, there are following
types of equity funds:

A. Aggressive Growth Funds - In Aggressive Growth Funds, fund

managers aspire for maximum capital appreciation and invest in less
researched shares of speculative nature. Because of these
speculative investments Aggressive Growth Funds become more
volatile and thus, are prone to higher risk than other equity funds.

B. Growth Funds - Growth Funds also invest for capital appreciation

(with time horizon of 3 to 5 years) but they are different from
Aggressive Growth Funds in the sense that they invest in
companies that are expected to outperform the market in the
future. Without entirely adopting speculative strategies, Growth
Funds invest in those companies that are expected to post above
average earnings in the future.

C. Speciality Funds - Speciality Funds have stated criteria for

investments and their portfolio comprises of only those
companies that meet their criteria. Criteria for some speciality funds
could be to invest / not to invest in particular regions /
companies. Speciality funds are concentrated and thus, are
comparatively riskier than diversified funds.. There are following
types of speciality funds:

iSector Funds: Equity funds that invest in a particular

sector/industry of the market are known as Sector Funds.
The exposure of these funds is limited to a particular sector
(say Information Technology, Auto, Banking, Pharmaceuticals
or Fast Moving Consumer Goods) which is why they are more
risky than equity funds that invest in multiple sectors.
iiForeign Securities Funds: Foreign Securities Equity Funds
have the option to invest in one or more foreign companies.
Foreign securities funds achieve international diversification
and hence they are less risky than sector funds. However,
foreign securities funds are exposed to foreign exchange rate
risk and country risk.
iMid-Cap or Small-Cap Funds: Funds that invest in
companies having lower market capitalization than large
capitalization companies are called Mid-Cap or Small-Cap
Funds. Market capitalization of Mid-Cap companies is less
than that of big, blue chip companies (less than Rs. 2500
crores but more than Rs. 500 crores) and Small-Cap
companies have market capitalization of less than Rs. 500
crores. Market Capitalization of a company can be
calculated by multiplying the market price of the company's
share by the total number of its outstanding shares in the
market. The shares of Mid-Cap or Small-Cap Companies
are not as liquid as of Large-Cap Companies which gives
rise to volatility in share prices of these companies and
consequently, investment gets risky.
iiOption Income Funds*: While not yet available in India,
Option Income Funds write options on a large fraction of
their portfolio. Proper use of options can help to reduce
volatility, which is otherwise considered as a risky
instrument. These funds invest in big, high dividend yielding
companies, and then sell options against their stock positions,
which generate stable income for investors.

iiiDiversified Equity Funds - Except for a small portion of

investment in liquid money market, diversified equity funds
invest mainly in equities without any concentration on a
particular sector(s). These funds are well diversified and reduce
sector-specific or company-specific risk. However, like all other
funds diversified equity funds too are exposed to equity
market risk. One prominent type of diversified equity fund in
India is Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS). As per the
mandate, a minimum of 90% of investments by ELSS should be in
equities at all times. ELSS investors are eligible to claim
deduction from taxable income (up to Rs 1 lakh) at the time of
filing the income tax return. ELSS usually has a lock-in period and
in case of any redemption by the investor before the expiry of the
lock-in period makes him liable to pay income tax on such
income(s) for which he may have received any tax exemption(s)
in the past.

DE. Equity Index Funds - Equity Index Funds have the

objective to match the performance of a specific stock market
index. The portfolio of these funds comprises of the same
companies that form the index and is constituted in the same
proportion as the index. Equity index funds that follow broad
indices (like S&P CNX Nifty, Sensex) are less risky than equity
index funds that follow narrow sectoral indices (like
BSEBANKEX or CNX Bank Index etc). Narrow indices are less
diversified and therefore, are more risky.

f. Value Funds - Value Funds invest in those companies that have

sound fundamentals and whose share prices are currently
under-valued. The portfolio of these funds comprises of shares
that are trading at a low Price to Earning Ratio (Market Price per
Share / Earning per Share) and a low Market to Book Value
(Fundamental Value) Ratio. Value Funds may select companies
from diversified sectors and are exposed to lower risk level as
compared to growth funds or speciality funds. Value stocks are
generally from cyclical industries (such as cement, steel, sugar
etc.) which make them volatile in the short-term. Therefore, it is
advisable to invest in Value funds with a long-term time horizon as
risk in the long term, to a large extent, is reduced.

g. Equity Income or Dividend Yield Funds - The objective of

Equity Income or Dividend Yield Equity Funds is to generate
high recurring income and steady capital appreciation for investors
by investing in those companies which issue high dividends (such
as Power or Utility companies whose share prices fluctuate
comparatively lesser than other companies' share prices). Equity
Income or Dividend Yield Equity Funds are generally exposed to the
lowest risk level as compared to other equity funds.
2. Debt / Income Funds

Funds that invest in medium to long-term debt instruments issued

by private companies, banks, financial institutions, governments
and other entities belonging to various sectors (like infrastructure
companies etc.) are known as Debt / Income Funds. Debt funds
are low risk profile funds that seek to generate fixed current
income (and not capital appreciation) to investors. In order to
ensure regular income to investors, debt (or income) funds
distribute large fraction of their surplus to investors.

Although debt securities are generally less risky than equities, they are
subject to credit risk (risk of default) by the issuer at the time of
interest or principal payment. To minimize the risk of default, debt
funds usually invest in securities from issuers who are rated by credit
rating agencies and are considered to be of "Investment Grade". Debt
funds that target high returns are more risky. Based on different
investment objectives, there can be following types of debt funds:
Diversified Debt Funds - Debt funds that invest in all securities
issued by entities belonging to all sectors of the market are
known as diversified debt funds. The best feature of diversified debt
funds is that investments are properly diversified into all sectors
which results in risk reduction. Any loss incurred, on account of default
by a debt issuer, is shared by all investors which further reduces
risk for an individual investor.

aFocused Debt Funds* - Unlike diversified debt funds,

focused debt funds are narrow focus funds that are confined
to investments in selective debt securities, issued by
companies of a specific sector or industry or origin. Some
examples of focused debt funds are sector, specialized and
offshore debt funds, funds that invest only in Tax Free
Infrastructure or Municipal Bonds. Because of their narrow
orientation, focused debt funds are more risky as compared to
diversified debt funds. Although not yet available in India, these
funds are conceivable and may be offered to investors very soon.
bHigh Yield Debt funds - As we now understand that risk of
default is present in all debt funds, and therefore, debt funds
generally try to minimize the risk of default by investing in
securities issued by only those borrowers who are considered to
be of "investment grade". But, High Yield Debt Funds adopt a
different strategy and prefer securities issued by those
issuers who are considered to be of "below investment
grade". The motive behind adopting this sort of risky strategy is
to earn higher interest returns from these issuers. These funds
are more volatile and bear higher default risk, although they may
earn at times higher returns for investors.

cAssured Return Funds - Although it is not necessary that a

fund will meet its objectives or provide assured returns to
investors, but there can be funds that come with a lock-in period
and offer assurance of annual returns to investors during the lock-
in period. Any shortfall in returns is suffered by the sponsors or
the Asset Management Companies (AMCs). These funds are
generally debt funds and provide investors with a low-risk
investment opportunity. However, the security of investments
depends upon the net worth of the guarantor (whose name is
specified in advance on the offer document). To safeguard the
interests of investors, SEBI permits only those funds to offer
assured return schemes whose sponsors have adequate net-
worth to guarantee returns in the future. In the past, UTI had
offered assured return schemes (i.e. Monthly Income Plans of UTI)
that assured specified returns to investors in the future. UTI was not
able to fulfill its promises and faced large shortfalls in returns.
Eventually, government had to intervene and took over UTI's
payment obligations on itself. Currently, no AMC in India offers
assured return schemes to investors, though possible.

aFixed Term Plan Series - Fixed Term Plan Series usually are
closed-end schemes having short term maturity period (of less
than one year) that offer a series of plans and issue units to
investors at regular intervals. Unlike closed-end funds, fixed term
plans are not listed on the exchanges. Fixed term plan series
usually invest in debt / income schemes and target short-term
investors. The objective of fixed term plan schemes is to gratify
investors by generating some expected returns in a short period.
bGilt Funds

Also known as Government Securities in India, Gilt Funds invest in

government papers (named dated securities) having medium to
long term maturity period. Issued by the Government of India,
these investments have little credit risk (risk of default) and
provide safety of principal to the investors. However, like all debt
funds, gilt funds too are exposed to interest rate risk. Interest rates
and prices of debt securities are inversely related and any change
in the interest rates results in a change in the NAV of debt/gilt
funds in an opposite direction.

4. Money Market / Liquid Funds

Money market / liquid funds invest in short-term (maturing

within one year) interest bearing debt instruments. These
securities are highly liquid and provide safety of investment,
thus making money market / liquid funds the safest investment
option when compared with other mutual fund types. However,
even money market / liquid funds are exposed to the interest rate
risk. The typical investment options for liquid funds include Treasury
Bills (issued by governments), Commercial papers (issued by
companies) and Certificates of Deposit (issued by banks).

5. Hybrid Funds

As the name suggests, hybrid funds are those funds whose portfolio
includes a blend of equities, debts and money market securities.
Hybrid funds have an equal proportion of debt and equity in their
portfolio. There are following types of hybrid funds in India:
aBalanced Funds - The portfolio of balanced funds include
assets like debt securities, convertible securities, and
equity and preference shares held in a relatively equal
proportion. The objectives of balanced funds are to reward
investors with a regular income, moderate capital
appreciation and at the same time minimizing the risk of
capital erosion. Balanced funds are appropriate for
conservative investors having a long term investment horizon.
bGrowth-and-Income Funds - Funds that combine features of
growth funds and income funds are known as Growth-and-
Income Funds. These funds invest in companies having
potential for capital appreciation and those known for issuing
high dividends. The level of risks involved in these funds is
lower than growth funds and higher than income funds.
cAsset Allocation Funds - Mutual funds may invest in financial
assets like equity, debt, money market or non-financial (physical)
assets like real estate, commodities etc.. Asset allocation funds
adopt a variable asset allocation strategy that allows fund
managers to switch over from one asset class to another at any
time depending upon their outlook for specific markets. In other
words, fund managers may switch over to equity if they expect
equity market to provide good returns and switch over to debt if
they expect debt market to provide better returns.

It should be noted that switching over from one asset class to another
is a decision taken by the fund manager on the basis of his own
judgment and understanding of specific markets, and therefore, the
success of these funds depends upon the skill of a fund manager
in anticipating market trends.

6. Commodity Funds
Those funds that focus on investing in different commodities (like
metals, food grains, crude oil etc.) or commodity companies or
commodity futures contracts are termed as Commodity Funds. A
commodity fund that invests in a single commodity or a group of
commodities is a specialized commodity fund and a commodity
fund that invests in all available commodities is a diversified
commodity fund and bears less risk than a specialized commodity
fund. "Precious Metals Fund" and Gold Funds (that invest in gold, gold
futures or shares of gold mines) are common examples of commodity

7. Real Estate Funds

Funds that invest directly in real estate or lend to real estate

developers or invest in shares/securitized assets of housing finance
companies, are known as Specialized Real Estate Funds. The
objective of these funds may be to generate regular income for
investors or capital appreciation.

8. Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Exchange Traded Funds provide investors with combined benefits of a

closed-end and an open-end mutual fund. Exchange Traded Funds
follow stock market indices and are traded on stock exchanges like a
single stock at index linked prices. The biggest advantage offered
by these funds is that they offer diversification, flexibility of holding a
single share (tradable at index linked prices) at the same time.
Recently introduced in India, these funds are quite popular abroad.

9. Fund of Funds

Mutual funds that do not invest in financial or physical assets, but do

invest in other mutual fund schemes offered by different AMCs, are
known as Fund of Funds. Fund of Funds maintain a portfolio
comprising of units of other mutual fund schemes, just like
conventional mutual funds maintain a portfolio comprising of
equity/debt/money market instruments or non financial assets.
Fund of Funds provide investors with an added advantage of
diversifying into different mutual fund schemes with even a small
amount of investment, which further helps in diversification of risks.
However, the expenses of Fund of Funds are quite high on account of
compounding expenses of investments into different mutual fund

Why an insurance agent should sell mutual fund ?

Reason 1: Easy to make more clients …

The Penetration of Mutual Funds is very low …

whereas relatively,

The Penetration of Insurance is very high ….

Opportunity for you to acquire more clients …

Now no call of yours should get waste

Reason 2: Less Competition in the market

Nationally there are 15 lakh insurance agents … huge

competition even in small villages/towns


There are only 30,000 AMFI certified mutual fund agents all over

A huge DEMAND of Quality Mutual Fund Agents …

There is a genuine need for more than 2 lakh mutual fund advisors
in India …(our estimates)

Reason 3: More satisfaction to your clients

If you are not selling mutual funds then you must not be aware of
what they truly are and the possibilities that they offer in providing
solutions that meet the diverse needs of different clients.

With mutual funds in your offering, you are in a much better

position to fully meet the client’s financial and investment needs.

Your client would ideally like you to do that and will be happy
once to offer him multiple solutions.
Reason 4: Additional source of income

Mutual fund is one product today that potentially has no

limits to the volumes that you can generate.

The important differentiation here with insurance is

that you income is not based on the premium you
collect but on the entire AUM (assets under
management) that you have mobilised to counter the low

An agent’s AUM running into crores in quite common in

the industry. The income from mutual funds can complement
your earnings from insurance and may even substitute them
in future …

Reason 5: Leveraging existing clientele base

How to get more out of what you already have?

Well, mutual fund is just the perfect answer to that question.

The truth is that there is a lot of potential to generate
further income from your existing clientele base.

Much of the investment needs of clients are unexplored and

unfulfilled that you can satisfy.
Reason 6: Strong industry growth ahead

There is a very strong growth of mutual funds ahead …

The reasons are many – good product, low penetration,

huge market, growing income, changing mindset, lack of
other attractive investment products, etc.

In US, almost every third household invests in mutual funds.

The US MF industry size is about 67% of the US GDP and are 1.5
times of the bank deposits in US.
The situation is though almost opposite in India with the MF
industry size here equal to 6% of GDP and bank deposits are
10.50 times of the total industry size.
The potential is huge and India is expected to follow in on the
lines of the more developed countries.

Reason 7: Retention and loyalty of clients

The underlying logic can be found in the growth of multiplexes,

shopping malls, after all the human nature is basically the same

People today look for easy, fast, and single service point that
provides them with solutions that meets their multiple needs.
your client would probably invest in mutual funds some day or
later …
Why not You do the same before anyone else gets to your client?
Reason 8: Greater choice of products

Till now we haven’t really talked about what choices you can offer
to your clients … In fact, you can offer cash-flow management, to
long-term goal oriented planning to your clients.

Your basket would include pure equity funds (Diversified / Sectoral

/ Index Funds) to pure debt funds (Gilt / Income / Short Term Plans
/ Floating / Liquid Funds) to hybrid funds (MIPs / Balance / Arbitrage
Funds) to the tax saving ELSS.

With a vast range of Fund houses and many more schemes –

the choices are virtually endless, and one is sure to find what one

Reason 9: Be a Complete Financial Advisor …

What next to Insurance?

There is an opportunity for you to transcend to the next

level and offer ‘real solutions’ that will truly add value to
your clients.

You should develop yourself and grow more as a

‘Financial’ advisor rather than just ‘Insurance’ agent.

The learnings can extend beyond products to

markets, to equities, debt, economy, etc to understanding
real financial planning, funds management, etc
Reason 10: Helps in selling ULIPs …

If your focus is also selling ULIPS then, dealing in mutual

funds should also help you in better understanding and
helping communicate the same to your clients.

It is a general observation in western countries that as an

economy progresses, term plans and ULIPs have
increasing % of fresh investments from clients as far as
insurance is considered.

Your presence in mutual funds would be an advantage to

you going forward.

The first step in becoming a mutual fund advisor is

appearing for AMFI certification examination.

After clearing the same and taking the registration number

(ARN code) can you start advising and selling mutual funds.


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Exchange Management Act, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, to
the extent applicable.

The Customer shall provide NJ with its residential status, whether

resident Indian, Non Resident Indian (NRI) / Overseas Corporate
Body (OCB) / Foreign Institutional Investor (FII), and keep it
updated at all times. The Customer shall further submit a copy of a
Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate ("FIRC") from the concerned
authorized dealer/bank, in the event the funds for such Transaction/s
are made from a Non Resident External (“NRE”) account.

Customer agrees to pay the Subscription Fees and Transaction Fees as

per Schedule A to this T&C.

In the event of any subsequent addition, deletion, or alteration in this

T&C, NJ shall make the revised T&C available online, and the
customer shall be required to confirm the same online for continued
use of NJ E-Account and / or the website services.

Subscription and Transaction Fees and Services

1Subscription Fees and scheme with respect to the NJ E-Account is
as per Schedule A and Schedule B respectively. NJ does not
charge any fee for browsing, accessing, downloading free
material and availing any other product and / or service or
information that is available for free.

2NJ reserves the right to change its Transaction Fees and / or

Subscription Fees from time to time without any prior intimation
approval of the parties. In particular, NJ may at its sole discretion,
introduce new Products and/or Services and modify some or all of
the existing Products and/or Services offered on the NJ E Account
and/or Website. In such an event, NJ reserves the right to fix
fees for the new Products and/or Services introduced or
amend/introduce fees for existing Products and/or Services, as
the case may be. Changes to the Transaction Fees and / or
Subscription Fees shall be posted on the Website and such
changes shall automatically become effective immediately after
they are posted on the Website.

1Customer is responsible for paying all fees associated with

the use of the NJ E Account and /or Website and the Customer
agrees to bear any and all applicable taxes, charges, cesses etc.
levied thereon. NJ reserves the right to issue a warning,
temporarily / indefinitely suspend or terminate the Registration of
the Customer and refuse to provide the Customer with the access
to the NJ E-Account and Website in case of non-payment of
Subscription Fees and / or Transaction Fees by the Customer to NJ.
NJ also reserves the right to take legal action in case of non-
payment of Subscription Fees and / or Transaction Fees to NJ.

1All amounts payable under this T&C by the Customer shall be

payable in India and in Indian Rupees (INR) only.

1In addition to NJ’s other remedies, for any late payment of

Transaction Fee, Customer shall pay 1.5% per month or the
maximum percentage permitted by law, whichever is less, on
amounts not paid as due.

1Subscription Fees and Transaction Fees shall be a net amount and

any indirect taxes and duties shall be borne by the Customer.

Transaction Process and Delivery Mechanism for

Mutual Funds

1The Customer shall identify and authorize those persons who are
permitted to access and use the NJ E-Account on the Website on
its behalf, and any Transaction that takes place as a result of the
same under such NJ E-Account shall be deemed to as authorized by
the Customer. The first holder of the Customer’s NJ E-Account shall
execute a Power of Attorney in favour of NJ in the form to be
provided to it by NJ. In the event the Customer’s NJ E-Account has
more than one holder, the second and third holder shall execute a
Power of Attorney in favour of the first holder through which the
first holder is entitled to carry out all Transactions on the NJ E-
Account on the Website.

1The Customer shall be provided a single login-id and

password for the NJ E-Account.
1The Customers monies for any Transaction shall be collected in
NJ’s pool account and then transferred to the respective AMC or
may be directly transferred from the Customers account to the
respective AMC’s account, as the case may be.

1With respect to any Transaction pertaining to mutual funds, the

Customer will get the transaction account statement in electronic

1All the purchase transactions pertaining to mutual funds made

through E-Account and or the website shall be allotted an online
folio number or will get added to an existing online folio no.

1The customer cannot execute any transaction of the mutual fund

units falling under an online folio through the AMC or an ISC or
any entity other than the NJ E-Account and / or the website. For
executing transactions through a AMC or an ISC or any entity
other than the NJ E-Account and / or the website, the customer
requires to get the online folio converted to an off-line folio through
a duly signed written request submitted to NJ in the format as
specified in the schedule D. The request would be subsequently
confirmed by the AMC and the conversion of the online folio to an
offline folio shall take place within 15 business days from the date
of submission of such request to NJ.
1Existing folios of customers can be converted to an online folio
by giving a duly signed written request to convert such existing
folios into online folios to AMCs in their specified format and to NJ
in format as specified in schedule E. The offline folios will be
converted into online folios after the subsequent confirmation of the
same by the AMC to NJ.

1Details of the Transaction Process and Delivery Mechanism for all

other products other than Mutual Funds will be provided on the
Website from time to time.

1All the redemption proceeds and dividend payouts shall get

credited to the bank account of the customer as registered under
the NJ E-Account, directly by the AMC.


The Partner and the Customer agree to treat as confidential and

privileged all Confidential Information supplied or received by it and
will not divulge or disclose the same to a third party.
Such obligation will not apply to information that has entered into the
public domain other than as a result of a breach by one of the
Parties of such obligation, or is required to be disclosed further to a
court order or as well as any information, which has been expressly
excluded from the confidentiality requirement in writing. The Parties
further agree not to use any such Confidential Information to the
detriment of the other Party in any way whatsoever, at any time.

The Partner and Customer agree that it will use all Confidential
Information received by it from NJ only in connection with the
purpose of fulfilling its obligations as per the T&C and for no other
purpose whatsoever.

The Partner and Customer agree not to make copies of any such
Confidential Information or any part thereof except for the
performance of the obligations under the T&C.

Partner’s and Customer’s obligations under this Clause VI shall survive

the termination of this T&C for any reason whatsoever.

NJ’ Rights

NJ has full rights to reject the Subscription Form of any Customer at

its sole discretion.

NJ retains the sole right and discretion to change, amend or

modify the rules and regulations, T&C and the Subscription Fees
and Transaction Fees of any of the Products and/or Services without
any prior intimation or prior approval of the Partner/Customer.
The payment of the Subscription Fees and Transaction Fees for any of
the Products and/or Services to be availed through the NJ E Account
and/or Website shall be non-refundable in the event of early
termination of the Registration by any Party.

Without limiting other remedies, NJ may issue a warning,

temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate Customer’s
registration to NJ E-Account and refuse to provide any Products and
Services to Customer if: (a) the Customer breaches any terms and
conditions of this Agreement or the linked policies and
information incorporated herein by reference, including our written
policies and procedures posted on the Website; (b) NJ is unable to
verify or authenticate any information Customer provides to NJ or on
the Website; or (c) NJ believes that Customer’s actions may cause
legal liability for the Customer, NJ or Service Providers. Once
temporarily suspended, indefinitely suspended or terminated,
Customer may not continue to use the Website under the same NJ E-
Account, a different NJ E-Account or re-register under a new NJ E-

Customer has to pay to NJ all amounts due to NJ within one (1)

month from the date of termination from the NJ E Account and/or

If Partner ceases to be a Partner for whatsoever reason, NJ has

the right to service the Customer directly or transfer the Customer to
any other Partner.
Partner & Customer Representations and Warranties

1It is competent to enter into a legally binding contract and this

T&C under applicable law/s and that it is not incompetent to
contract within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.
2It shall abide by the Association of Mutual Funds of India
(“AMFI”) guidelines, Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002,
SEBI Act, 1992 and all other applicable guidelines, laws, rules and
3It will not permit access to NJ E-Account to persons other than
persons authorized by it and whose names have been mentioned
in the Subscription Form.
4Customer represents and warrants that it is permitted
under Indian law and regulation to undertake the Transactions and
avail the Services.

NJ Representations and Warranties

NJ shall maintain appropriate infrastructure to provide the Products

and Services through the NJ E-Account and Website.

The Website and NJ E-Account shall have a secured environment with

adequate firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and other means of
access control, which in the opinion of NJ are adequate and capable of
protecting the network against unauthorized access. NJ further
confirms that these access control measures will be kept current and
will not be removed or reconfigured so as to significantly reduce the
risk of unauthorized access.
Intellectual Property (IP)

1NJ owns all IP including all rights in trademarks, marks, logos,

symbols, copyright works, reports, diagrams, patents, designs
created or held in the Services and Website including but
not limited to the domain names, the source codes, the
database etc.
2The Partner and Customer shall have no right to use the IP
in any manner whatsoever except to the extent expressly
permitted by NJ.

Partner and Customer expressly agree to indemnify and hold
harmless NJ, and its respective employees, directors etc, from
and against any and all damages, liabilities, actions, causes of
action, suits, claims, demands, losses, costs, and expenses arising
directly or indirectly from or in connection with Partner’s and
Customer’s acts or omissions with respect to these T&C’s.

The Partner and Customer shall indemnify NJ from all claims,

actions, liabilities, losses, costs, arising from third party(ies) as a
result of Partner’s and Customer’s unauthorized or improper use of the
NJ E Account and/or Website or any other Product or Service.

The Partner and Customer shall indemnify NJ from all claims,

actions, liabilities, losses, costs, as a result of Partner’s or Customer’s
negligence or fault of complying with the KYC or provision of a valid
PAN before accessing, using or registering with the NJ E Account and/or

NJ shall not be liable in the event of any interruption or stoppage,

malfunction, errors, and any other interference with, in or on the
Website or NJ E-Account.

NJ shall not be liable for any delay caused in execution and / or

rejection in respect of any transaction or the subsequent receipt of
such transaction / account statement, or delivery to a wrong person of
any information, including but not limited to login information, account

statements, transaction confirmations, electronically or otherwise,

that has been made through the NJ E-Account and / or the website for
any reason whatsoever.

NJ shall not be liable for any delay or non-payment of any

proceeds on redemption or dividend payouts by the AMCs to the
Customers Accounts for any reason whatsoever.

NJ cannot be held responsible or liable for any and all damages,

liabilities, actions, causes of action, suits, claims, demands, losses,
costs, and expenses, whether direct, indirect, incidental or
consequential from such delays, non-executions, rejections,
non-communication and /or mis-communication of information, non-
payment of proceeds in regards to any transaction or request for
any product and service or otherwise made through NJ E-Account
and / or website for any reason whatsoever.

If the foregoing limitation is held to be unenforceable, the

maximum liability of NJ and its service providers to Partner and/or
Customer shall not exceed the amount of fees paid by Customer for
the Products or Services that Customer has ordered or availed of
through the NJ E Account or Website.

Term, Suspension & Termination

The Customer is authorized to access and avail the Products and

Services through the NJ E Account and/or Website till such time that
these T&C are terminated.

NJ may suspend or withdraw its Website, Products, Services and

other online web-based facilities, in part or in full, at any time without
stating any reason and / or prior intimation or approval of the
Customer and Partner. The Partner and Customer acknowledge that
they are subject to interruption for reasons beyond NJ’s control during
the period which the NJ E-Account and / or websites may become
inaccessible or incapable of use.

NJ reserves the right to terminate the status as Customer under the

T&C at any point of time it feels by giving one (1) month prior notice to

NJ reserves the right to terminate the status as Customer forthwith,

upon the happening of any one of the following events:

Customer commits a breach of any of its obligations hereunder and

does not remedy such breach within 30 (thirty) days after written
notice has been given to it by the other requiring such remedy; or

Customer becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation or

receivership or suffers an administrative receiver to be appointed in
relation to the whole or any part of its assets, or suffers any judgment
to be executed in relation to any of its property or assets, if any of
these would adversely affect the performance of the obligations under
this T&C.

(v) In the event of termination of this T&C by NJ for breach by

the Customer, the Customer shall, within thirty (30) days pay all the
remaining amounts due as on date of termination.

Dispute Resolution

Any claim, controversy, difference or dispute between the Partner

and/or Customer and NJ shall be attempted to be resolved through
mutual negotiations within a period of fifteen (15) days from the
date of such dispute being subject to negotiations upon mutual

If the dispute is not resolved by negotiation within the above

referred fifteen (15) days, such dispute will be referred to and finally
resolved by arbitration at Surat in accordance with the Indian
Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, for the time being in force,
which rules are deemed to be incorporated by reference into this
clause. A sole arbitrator appointed by NJ shall conduct the

The language of the arbitration will be English. The Parties hereto

undertake to keep the arbitration proceedings and all information,
pleadings,documents, evidence and all matters relating thereto

Not withstanding the above, NJ or Partner or Customer shall be

entitled to approach the court of appropriate jurisdiction for the grant
of any interim or equitable relief.


Data collection :- 1. Primary data

2. Secondary data:- Book

, Internate,

Data for the study was collected by the survey method with the
accessories questionnaire Keeping in mind the objectives. The primary
data was for attaining the objective while the
Secondary data were relied to write the literature.

Primary data:

Primary data can be obtained through observations or through direct

communication with
Respondents or through personal interaction. There are several
method of collecting primary data through survey & descriptive
research. I have used questioner from as for collecting primary data.
Which have been very helpful for me to analyze the
the exact market potential of and awareness of mutual fund and
mutual fund advisors

Secondary data:
Secondary data means, the data has already collected and analyzed
by some one else.
Various sources of secondary data are as follow……






Projects etc.

Market potential of mutual funds.

Low Penetration of Mutual Funds in INDIA

Few people have been exposed to the idea & advantages of mutual
funds and even fewer actually invest in mutual funds, because of lack
of adequate no. of advisors

Measure US India
Rupees invested in Mutual Funds out of 100 > 30 <2
MF Industry size as % size of economy (GDP) 83% 6%
Total size / value of MF industry (Rs. Lac Crores) > 469 > 3.4

Opportunity to offer such products to clients …

Every person can be a customer !!

low Competition of Mutual Fund Advisors

Lack of competition represents a very big opportunity to grow
your business anywhere in India.

> 15 Lacs Insurance Advisors

< 50,000 Mutual Fund Advisors (Very Few
Financial Advisors)

30 Insurance Advisors V/s 1 Mutual Fund Advisor

Excellent Past Performance

Mutual Fund Equity schemes have delivered very attractive

returns in last 5 years, giving over 39% returns annually

Scheme name 3 years 5 years

7 years 10 years

Average of diversified MF scheme 35.17 39.32

19.72 29.66

BSE 30 ( Sensex) 32.76 30.17

14.71 13.96

NSE 50 29.23 27.41

13.99 14.33

No. of diversified scheme considered 33 23

17 8

Opportunity for you to offer your clients with such equity-

related products for long- term wealth creation
Target Marketing of NJ India Invest:

In the initial training sessions we were asked to identify different

segments of potential people who could benefit the company most as
advisors. Therefore after some thought and research I came to the
conclusion that ambitious people who had at least 1-2 hours to spare
in a day and wouldn’t mind an extra income would be perfect
candidates for the job. Hence, the segments that I surveyed and
targeted are given in the following pie chart.
Dynamic Comparison Tool


Insurance Premium/ MF SIP Amount Rs. 1,000,000 Yearly

Commission Structure … Insurance

Insurance Mutual Funds
Year 1 25% Upfront 2.00% 1st year
Year 2 7% Trail 0.30% 2nd yr on…
Year 3 on … 5%

Growth in AUM for Mutual Fund Investments … 15.00%

Total Business Done by the Agent/Distributor 25,000,000 In 25 years

Total Earnings in Insurance 1,470,000

Total Earnings in Mutual Funds 4,891,239

Times MF Earnings to Insurance Earnings 3.33




Contact no:________________________________

1.What are the products in your existing business?

a. life insurance b. general insurancess
cpostal scheme d. others

2.Do you know about Mutual Fund SIP 8th wonder of the world as a product
for wealth creation of customers?
a. Yes b. No
c. know slightly

3 Do you know about revenue and commission in Mutual Fund and SIP
business for advisors?
a. Yes b. No
•know slightly

4. Do you know the advantages of adding up Mutual Fund and SIP as a

product along with your existing product?
a. Yes b. No
•Would like to know

5. Would you you like to attend business opportunity program organized by

NJ IndiaInvest?
a. Yes b. No
c) Yes but not now

6.Can we send representative from NJ IndiaInvest for more information about

Mutual Fund?
a. Yes b. No c)Yes but with an appointment

7.Have you cleared your AMFI exam?

a. Yes b. No

8 If no, would you like to give the exam if adequate reading materials and
a. Yes b. No

Analysis of questionere in terms of percentages

1.What are the products in your existing business?

a. life insurance b. general insurances
cpostal scheme d. others











2.Do you know about Mutual Fund SIP a. Yes

8 wonder of the world as a product for
th b. No
wealth creation of
customers? 80%



cknow slightly




3 Do you know about revenue and commission in Mutual Fund and SIP
business for advisors?
a. Yes b. No
cknow slightly












4. Do you know the advantages of adding up Mutual Fund and SIP as a

product along with your existing product?
a. Yes b. No
cWould like to know












5. Would you you like to attend bussiness opportunity program organized by

NJ IndiaInvest?
a. Yes b. No
cYes but not now
6.Can we send representative from NJ IndiaInvest for more information about
Mutual Fund?
a. Yes b. No c)Yes but with an appointment

7.Have you cleared your AMFI exam?

a. Yes b. No
8 If no, would you like to give the exam if adequate reading materials and
a. Yes b. No

Summary of findings:
Creating awareness of NJ INDIAINVEST PVT.LTD as one of the major leading
advisors, national distribution house of financial product and services in india.
While meeting the people I found that almost all of the respondents except the
rare one or two were quite aware of the company however most of them were not
quite aware of the different products of the company. When told about the whole
concept of mutual fund and how it could be a substitute to the conventional
methods of savings, most were impressed and on being made to realize how it
was a great tax-saving tool, most started considering their insurance needs. Most
of the respondents thought that insurance was a must for every working
individual. However majority of the individuals still felt that Mutual Funds was the
best method of savings and tax-planning which made it even more easier for me
to introduce the wealth generation Plans which were almost similar to ULIP plans
and also doubled as an insurance policy. I found that most of the individuals who
hadn’t been awared was due the lack of knowledge of the benefits of mutual

When I asked the respondents if they were interested in having an additional

source of income, the obvious answer was ‘yes’. This set the platform to
introduce the business opportunity that NJ INDIAINVEST PVT.LTD, was providing
business platform and to make people aware of the various benefits of being a
financial advisors for NJ INDIAINVEST PVT.LTD. Most people were aware of the
monetary benefits that a mutual fund advisors got but most were not aware of the
various other benefits such as Flexibility, R&R, Career Progression and that they
need not necessarily have their own infrastructure for commencing the business
and the fact that they could use the NJ FUNDZ NETWORK infrastructure anytime
as per their convenience.
Most found the opportunity interesting, however, the majority of them were not
really keen on grabbing it. When asked why, most answered that they didn’t have
the time. Some answered that would rather put in their time and efforts towards
something that could give them a fixed income rather than commissions whereas
some thought being called a mutual fund advisors was degrading for their image.
Amongst those who were interested in the opportunity, majority said they would
rather be associated with mutual fund as it was a US based company and that
they trusted MF more than any private players in the industry.

Some were not interested as they said they did not have enough time for the
training as made mandatory by AMFI. Out of the 10 people I surveyed I was
successful in converting 3 individuals as MF advisors for NJ FUNDZ NETWORK out
of which one was employee of HDFC Bank and two were insurance agent in well
reputed company, which was an achievement in itself.
Summary of suggestions:
NJ INDIAINVEST PVT.LTD came up with a plan deciding to waive off the training
fees and therefore, they charge only Rs 8000 as of AMFI registration charge and
being a partner of NJ FUNDZ NETWORK to wannabe Financial advisors. Post this
decision, very few people opted to become advisors as they were reluctant to
paying as most of the companies today do not charge any fees. Therefore I
strongly suggest that the training fees should be waived off permanently.

Another important thing that I would like to suggest is that a lot of effort
should be put into creating awareness of the various benefits that an
advisors gets because unfortunately a negative impression has been created of
the term mutual fund advisors in the minds of people which has to be rectified.