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Thanks Sreyneang for giving me the stand. Now lets move to my part.

Im going to talk about the effects of FGM. In this part, I will cover two main effects, namely direct (effects) and indirect (effects). Direct effects include short term (health) effects and long term (health) effects. And indirect effects refer the economic impacts. Well, everybody lets start. With regard to short term (health) effects, there are many side effects. However, I will talk only three central points to discuss. The first one is that it causes immediately bleeding. Women who take FGM will lose a lot of blood resulting from cutting area of genitals. If they lose a little blood, it is not a serious case. Yet, if the lost is a lot, the result may be severe or even death. Furthermore, FGM taker may shock from bleeding and pain. These may be the result of cutting the area genitals without any drug to close the wound (anaesthetic), so it makes them feel nervous. And the worst pain will cause sorely wound after that day. Last but not least, regarding short term effects, it is the infection which is caused by cutting with the sharp and unhygienic objects. It leads to complication and even death. Finally, the long term (health) effects consist of four disadvantages. First, it increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and other diseases which are passed through the blood. With unprofessional operation, one tool is used for several procedures without proper cleaning. Another point is that it increases the risk of childbirth and newborn death. It may cause woman having difficulties during birth delivery and severely they baby may die. The third, female infertility makes women not be able to have baby. Even they have baby, they still face many problems before and after delivery. The last point is talking about psychological and emotional stress. Women who have had FGM may have problems sleeping, feel anxious and depressed. Now lets move to the next slide which is about indirect effects. It is the economic impacts. First, FGM is a burden on the health service. Women who are FGM victims usually need more health care to deal with which is a burden on the health service system run by the state. Lastly, FMG is an additional burden on a society's economy. Women with FGM use a considerable share of the funds allocated for government spending on treating side effects caused by FGM. Therefore, when the women are unable to involve in societys service due to health problem caused by FGM, it hurts countrys economy as the whole.