It Just Is Not Fair!
Have you ever tried to make a cake without a cake mix? Let’s say your mom gave you some, eggs, butter, water, a mixing bowl, and a mixer and told you to make a chocolate cake. You think, “This is too hard. How can make a cake when cannot even drive to the store to but one?! You may even become "rustrated and think it is un"air to be asked to do this without the ingredients. #haraoh, the $ing o" %gy&t, had ordered the "oremen not to su&&ly nay straw "or

October 12, 2008

To a! i" Wors#i$
'e en0oyed the story o" -oses and the le&rous hand with #astor ,eanne. 'e had a game with -iss .anthe, and did 5ui66ing with -iss ,udy. -rs. #hyllis read us a missionary story. The youth &resented a cool skit on -oses. 'e had a wonder"ul time today in $id’s 'orshi&.

October 25 Saturday, there is a Family Harvest Cookout at -ary and /uane Yates’ home. +ome "or a grand time, en0oy a hay ride, and roast hotdogs over an o&en "ire. Friday, November 21 #rogressive /inner Sunday, December 14, +hristmas #arty Sunday, December 21, +hristmas -usical 12342 a.m. 'e must have u&dated &ermission sli&s "or the u&coming activities i" you have not already taken care o" this.

the sraelites to make bricks. He even said they had to make as many bricks as be"ore. 'hen they could not do this the sraelite "oremen were beaten. This did ()T seem "air. How cold they make brick without straw? Li"e will not always seem s "ar or even reasonable at times. *od has assured us He will hel& us in time o" trouble. +all on Him. #astor ,eanne

-rs. #hyllis #astor ,eanne -rs. ,udy -iss .anthe Youth "or /rama