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We dedicate this report to our parents. Who made us able to be what we are.

Table of contents:

Acknowledgment About WC Executive summary Need, Want, Demand Environmental Factors Segmentation, Target Market, Positioning Consumer Behavior Product Development Product Life Cycle Pricing Place/Distribution Promotion


Up and above everything, all prays go to ALLAH, I find no words to express my deepest sense of gratitude to the almighty ALLAH, the most gracious, compassionate and beneficent and his prophet MUHAMMAD(peace be upon him) who is a true torch of guidance for whole humanity forever. We are greatly obliged to ALLAH by whom grace we have been able to accomplish this report successfully. Well, the most important personality, Mr. Raza Ali, our instructor, we can’t describe her kind behaviour and her cool and nice attitude towards students counseling and guidance. We very grateful to him for his guidance in various stages of our plan strategy when we really felt ourselves helpless, he guided us how to settle different things. We are grateful to Mr. Asad warriach and Mr. Zaeem Yaquob for providing us guidance in settlement of different issues during our research.

About White-Collar

White Collar is the job bank with the idea of “right people for right job at right time”. It is serving two communities of the economy. Which are the persons who having enough qualification and the skills to get a hand sum job but couldn’t find it and on the other side it is serving the organizations which are in search of the potential employees which will help them for achieving there target of maximum profit.

White Collar is serving like a channel between the job seekers and the job providers. White collar is the on line service providers. Organizations will approach us to fulfill their need and for employees we will deliver their requirements to public. As public response to us we will short list the candidates which are exactly match the requirement of the organization. Thus we are minimizing the work and effort of the HR dep’t in hectic work of recruitment.

On the other side the persons having enough qualifications and skills but having no job to do or not having the proper job according to there qualifications will approach us through our web site and then we’ll find that for which job and for which sector they can serve properly.

Executive summary:
In this marketing plan we have introduced an online job bank which will help the organizations to find out right person for the jobs they are offering. It also provide services to the people who want to get the jobs according to their qualification and skills. Firstly we have identified our target market which is all those qualified and skilled people who are seeking for job or who are already on job and searching for a better opportunity. Organizations which are in search of proper skilled and qualified workers who make their way to the progress are also our target market except public sector. After identifying our target market, we have discussed the effect of micro and macro environment on our product. After this, we have divided our market into different segments. These segments are on the basis of demographic factors. We have use the differentiated market segmentation. We have divided our target market into different groups according to their qualification, experience and skills. On the other hand we have divided organizations into different sectors e.g banking sector, industrial sector, services sector etc. Then we have positioned our brand on the basis of different factors and describe the importance of our brand for our target market. We have selected the value proposition for our brand which is “Destiny At One Step”

Now come the phase of branding, here we have set the brand name of our organization which is “WHITE COLLAR”. At last, we have described the 4 p’s of marketing with respect to our organization’s services. Our product is a job bank and it’s core benefit is just providing jobs to job seekers and workforce to employers. In place, we make the distribution plan for our organization. We directly provide our services to final consumer and use the disintermediation approach where no third party is involved. We have make the pricing of our product on value based approach. The pricing is only for organizations which are seeking for a better workforce. Jobseekers will avail our services free of cost. For promoting our “WHITE COLLAR” we use advertisement and personal selling.

Bread and butter are the basic necessity for every human being to live. For fulfilling his necessity he needs earning. This earning can be possible either from business or job. Every person in the world has not enough resources to run his own business. The remaining option is job. A valid degree is no longer the only tool, you need to build your career or develop a sound plan for employment in an already saturated employment industry. What you need is a well-timed entry of your individual brand into the job market. Searching for a new job can be an incredibly tedious procedure. Infect, it can be the toughest ‘job’ you’ll ever have prior to landing that dream job. It can also get very stressful- given the preponderance of job applications on has to fill out, go through a series of interviews and then finally, play the much-dreaded ‘waiting game’. Regardless of your qualifications, personality and past work experience, you might face a lot of trouble finding just the ‘Right’ job for yourself. Human resources are the best resources in the world. For any business to run efficiently there is need of human resources. Organizations need skilled person to run there business.

In the existing era of competition achieving job is not an easy task. People want an effective platform from where they can get the job according to their qualification and which minimizes the hardships of the way to achieving this task. After feeling the significance of people’s need in this particular issue we are going to lunch a new job bank. This job bank is not only providing the sure job opportunity to people but also giving them value in the right means.

Job bank is a forum where employers, hiring consultant and job seekers can exchange information quickly, effectively, and inexpensively. It is a platform to add value to the recruitment process by bridging the gap between employers and job seekers. Seamlessly integrating their needs and providing the right job, to the right candidates, at right time. This job bank is not only solving the problem of people in getting job but this also provide the solution for the organizations in the recruitment process for their employees.

White collar is a leading job bank which has given career direction to Pakistani talent and has enriched the industry with the pipeline of talented human resource. It’s a paid service for employers where they will spend very little to earn huge profit. And it is too much economical for the job applicants because they are not paying even a single penny to get the job.

Target Market:
Our job bank will connect talent with opportunity. It will provide services to the job seekers and employers by providing them one platform for searching and hiring respectively. Our Target market is the people who are seeking for job whether they are the students who have completed their study or they are the employees who are searching for better job. The organizations which are needed to have a third party which will help them to minimize there efforts on recruiting the employees.

Environmental Factors:

Micro Environment:
It includes all those factors which directly influence the ability of an organization to serve its

customer. This can effect our organization in following aspects:-

 Organizational culture:
All departments of a company have impact on each other. The interrelated groups of a company form internal environment. Our departments may also have influence on the efficiency of other departments of our company. Suppose we have a need to enhance our IT (information technology) department for such purpose there is a need of financial resources, if there are not enough resources in the finance department than it decreases the efficiency of our job bank.

 Supplier:
Our suppliers are the companies who are providing us the job and are those people who are willing to do job because our organization depend on these suppliers and if they are not providing us the job for the people than it will affect the efficiency and effectiveness of our job bank. On the other hand the institutes are also our suppliers to some extent because they are providing us the skilled person and these skilled persons are the products for us because by these products we are going to satisfy the need of the organizations. If they don’t do that efficiency of our organization will go down. Hence, our suppliers are both organizations as well as the institutes.

 Competitors:
We should have to provide greater customer satisfaction than our competitors in order to capture the market. Competitors will also influence our job bank because if they are providing the charming jobs to the people, charging low price from the organizations and satisfying customer in a more effective way than ultimately we should also have to try the same strategy. Setting the low price of our services and if this low price is below then our margin than it become the problem for our organization to survive. Our major competitors are “rozee.pk”, “nice Pakistan”, “islamabad job bank”.

 Customer:
Our customers are the job seekers and employers for whom we are providing a forum for job searching and job hiring respectively. These are key factors and can influence our marketing strategy. If both job seekers and employers are not confident about our strategies and way of doing thing then this have a negative impact on our productivity

Public is any group that has a potential impact on an organization ability. It includes stakeholders, media publics, government publics, financial publics etc. If financial publics (bank, investment houses, stockholders etc) don’t finance us at the time of need then it also cause a sever impact on our productivity. If local and general public hold negative perception about our organization due to any reason than it affect

the functioning of our job bank. lf government public ( company’s lawyer) don’t show any confident on our way of doing services then it also cause negative impression of our company.

2) Macro Environment:
These are the larger societal forces that effect the microenvironment of a company. These forces and their impact on our company is:-

 Political:
The development in political environment have a great impact on business sector. This include laws, GOVT agencies and pressure group that limit the working of various organization. For the best processing of our business our activities must be according to the amendments in law and it’s enforcement. We must have to aware of laws for protecting competition, consumer and society. For such purpose we should be updated with the laws at local, state and national level. If govt and other forces which are maintaining the law and order in the country impose any restrict law on us then it will also limit our scope.

 Economical:
It includes the factors that can affect the consumer purchasing power and spending pattern. If there is any fluctuation in economy (inflation, decrease in GDP, decrease in per capita income etc) will affect our earnings. People become unable to approach or afford us.

 Socio Cultural:
We are targeting both male and female graduates of Pakistan. We know in our population majority are females but if due to religious conflicts or any other basis female are not interested to avail our services then this will minimize our scope of work.

 Technological:
We are using the new technology in our functioning but if in future the advancement in the technology introduced and if we are not adopt this while our competitor is using that technology than it

will create hazardous for our goodwill and also our way of doing things consider become out dated. In this way we become not able to capture or compete the market. And if we introduce new technology in our organization it will increase the cost. So we have to manage the use of technology with it’s improvement and with in our budget.

 Natural environment:
It includes natural resources and forces that can harm to natural environment. it can effect the working of our job bank in the way that if any disaster ( earthquake etc) came in the country which destroy industries in some extent then we have less jobs to offer to our consumers. Some jobs are of seasonal nature, so they will also reduce our market for offering our services.

 Global environment:
Different global trends like globalization, workforce diversity etc are there. More and more businesses are expanding and economies become open economies. In result of globalization, if foreign companies launch their business in Pakistan then the scope of our organization increases with the increase of work force demand. On the other hand, if due to globalization, people want to do jobs in foreign countries our inputs (jobs seekers) start decreasing which will limit our working capacity.

Value Proposition:
“Destiny at one step”

Our job bank is working all around the Pakistan. We go for segmentation approach, so that we will be in better position to satisfy our customers. In this way we also are able to make separate policy for our different customers with respect to their status and location etc.

Micro marketing:

The level of market segmentation which we are using is micro marketing. We are tailoring services and marketing programmes which suit the taste of specific individual and location. We have divided our services into following category:

Job by category
Information technology Banking Financial services Fast Moving Consumer Goods(F M C G ) Pharmaceuticals

Job by location
Lahore Karachi Multan Islamabad Quetta Peshawar

Segmentation on Demographic basis:
Our job bank will work for the educated people started metric to post graduates and technical diploma holders. Our job bank is for all type of companies and of all sizes except public sector companies.

Differentiated markets:
For our product, and then offered different solution or services as well. We have divided our markets into different groups according to their educational We have divided our target market into several segments, according to the benefit they perceived qualification like metric, graduates, post graduates and having technical education.
• •

For employers For candidates


“To all the people who are in search of job. our job bank is the platform which will provide them their required job at their door step.”

Consumer buying behavior:
There are different characteristics which can affect consumer’s decision for our services.

Cultural factors:
It has a deepest influence on our consumer and we have considered the role played by our consumer’s culture, subculture and social class.

In our country the culture of different regions are different. The influences of culture on consumer decision vary from place to place. In each culture people have different perception, wants and basic values. In most cultures women are not allowed to do jobs. This causes a great impact on our scope of doing things.

It includes nationalities, religions, social groups and geographic regions. People living in Punjab area are not willing to do work with the people of other states e.g NWFP etc. this cause problem for us in setting the requirement of jobs of different states. Religion is also a part of culture or subculture. Sometimes people are not willing to do jobs in a specific sector (banking etc) due to religious restriction. In this way our scope is restricted.

Social class:
It’s basically divided into; • • Upper class Middle class

Lower class

Upper class is the business related people and for us they have least importance as compared to the people belonging to middle or lower class. For upper class we are basically providing the work force and for other middle and lower class we are providing the appropriate jobs. Each class has different wants and preferences; we have to allocate services according to the class of consumers.

Social Factors
It includes small groups, family, social roles and status etc.

Groups/Opinion leader
Our consumer behavior can be affected by his or her opinion leader. This affect can be positive or negative. If opinion leader is satisfied by our serving strategy he will motivate our customer for availing our services. If he is not properly aware and satisfied with our serving strategy, he will guide our customer to use any other way for fulfilling his/her need.

Our consumer behavior can also be greatly influenced by his family. They may or may not allow him to avail our services rather go for direct approach to fulfill his requirement.

Psychological Factors
It refers to the way our customers see and interpret the working of our job bank. If customers have negative perception about our job bank it will create difficulty for us to work on a huge scale. People mostly have negative perceptions about online recruitment services. They think that its just waste of time and money.


It’s a need which is pressing human being. For example, the motive of one person is to get job for fulfilling his basic necessities and on the other hand one person have the motive to get jobs for utilizing and polishing his skills and qualifications etc. For all of them, they have different approaches for our services related to provision of jobs. It may effect our working strategies to some extent.

Beliefs and Attitude
The people of our society have more belief on the factor of “luck”. So they don’t want to struggle in search of job. They probably would not approach us for our services.

Four P’s of marketing
There are four P’s or four pillars of marketing which have great importance in this field.

 Core Benefit:
We are providing the source of earning to the people and employees for the organization. We also help out the organizations in finding the right person for the right job.

 Actual Product:
We are providing the job to the people according to their qualification and save their time in the searching for the job. We are providing the exact required person to the organization and minimize their efforts and cost for hiring the new employees.

 Augmented Product:
There is no augmented product which we are offering with our actual product.

Product Classification:
Our product is consumer product because the consumer is finally utilizing our services by their self and our service are categorize as unsought product because mostly our population is not aware about the job bank and some of them having some type of negative impression about them. Our job bank is also categorized as specialty product because the organization has very high involvement in decision making and also this is used with less frequency.

As we are offering services to the customers so we have the direct relations with our customers. Our supply chain starts from suppliers who supply jobs to us then we will offer these jobs to our final consumers. On the other hand the institutes, unemployed people and the people who are doing job but searching for better opportunity are or suppliers whom services we are offering to the organizations.

We are using disintermediation approach to provide our services to the consumer because we are not using any intermediary between us and our consumers.

Process of New Product Development: Idea generation:
Money is the basic need of every human being. For earning this money there should be some source of earning. As these sources we have different ideas like shampoo, drop shippers, security services and launching a new job bank.

Idea screening:
After studying the general behavior of population there was the idea that there should be some platform for the organization which will help them in the hectic work of recruiting , as well as it

would help the general public in minimizing their hardships to get a job. It has more demand in the market that’s why launching a new job bank is considered as more profit potential idea.

Concept development and testing:
After selecting the idea we prepare the whole concept develop that idea into meaningful form. Then this concept is offered to population which may our potential customer to check their responses through questionnaire. The feed back was very positive from the customer so we go to the next step

Market Strategy Development:
In this phase we have identified our target market which was the educational people and potential organizations. The we develop market strategy which includes a job bank. Its price would be only from organization side and the common people will avail it without any cost. We will use internet for accessing our customers, and disintermediation should be there.

Business Analysis
In this phase we estimate the price of our product which is different for different level. Also calculated the expected potential profit from customer.

Product development:
Here we develop our product named “WHITE COLLAR” on a small scale as a prototype.

Test Marketing:
We offer our product as a prototype to our potential customer to check that rather it is workable or not.

After testing our product through our potential buyers we get a positive feed back towards our product. So we go to finally commercialize our product on the large scale.

Product Life Cycle:

As we are at the introduction stage of our product so we are having few customers with low profit. Our distribution is also selective to some specific organizations. Our promotion is just to create awareness in the mind of people and creating a positive image in the minds of people having negative concepts about job bank.

Brand Name:
“White Collar”

We charge money from organization after providing employees. In This price we include our physical efforts, mental efforts, promotional efforts, and our profit.

Factor which influence the price

Market mix strategy:

Internal factor

Objective – positioning:

Our product positioning strategy is based on serving every one that’s why we set it at lower price.

 Product mix
Four p,s of product mix can influence our pricing strategy.

 Cost
As we are using different new technologies in developing our online service, hiring technical and working staff so we have to add up this cost in our price

2) External factor

Market Demand

As market demand of our services is high so we can charge high prices from employers to whom we are providing the workforce.

 Consumer Perception
Organization perception effect on our price. So we set our price according to the organization perception

 Consumer Purchasing Power
Organization purchasing power effect on our pricing.

 Competition
So many organizations are working on the same project its effect on job bank price.

Product Mix Pricing strategy:
 Product Line Pricing
We set the price of different job according to level of pay scale.

 Product Bundle Pricing

One organization demand us many employees at one time so the pricing strategy for this organization is different to organization who demand us only one employee.

General Pricing Approaches:
Value based approach
we are using value based approach for pricing our product. First we identify the value of our services for our customers through questionnaires and direct meetings then we set the price and adjust our cost according to that.

New Product Pricing:

Penetration Pricing:

We adopt the penetration pricing approach because many organizations are working on same project. So first we develop the trust on our customer and show them that we are the most effective service provider .

Promotion: Target Audience
All the people who are in search of job or in search of better work force are our target audience.

Promotional Objective
The main objective of our promotion is basically to create awareness in our potential customers and to give the information in market.


“Right job for right person at right time”

Promotion Mix:
We are using the following promotion media for promoting our job bank.

For advertising our product we’ll use the following advertising medium. • • • Electronic media Internet Print media

Personal Selling
We will use personal selling for our promotion in the way • •

By conducting seminars in different institutes By direct meeting with our potential organization By making presentations in different job fairs

Direct Marketing
We’ll promote our job bank by direct marketing through • • • Telephone E-mail Fax

Determining Budget

As we are in the introduction phase so we have to promote our product 0n a large scale so we have allocated total 5 million rupees for our initial promotion.

Whatever we have discussed above we will launch our website within one month and our promotional campaign will also be started within two weeks.

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