Whither Canada?

Rolf Auer, 4 November 2013 Two very important links: (i) Proposed Constitutional resolutions: http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/politics/inside-politics-blog/2013/11/cpc13-day-3---its-plenarytime-part-1---constitutional-resolutions.html (ii) Proposed policy resolutions: http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/politics/inside-politics-blog/2013/11/cpc13-day-3---its-plenarytime-part-2---policy-resolutions.html Two pdfs can be downloaded by following the preceeding links. Because (i) is internal to the Conservative Party of Canada, whereas (ii) affects all Canadians, I shall work with (ii). This is divided into three sections. (1) Canada’s Social Fabric (Page 6) (2) Role of Government, Taxation, and Crime (Page 15) (3) Economic Development (Page 20) THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING SECTION AT THE END: MORE LINKS TO NEWS ABOUT THESE POLICY RESOLUTIONS (1) Canada’s Social Fabric 1-01-134 (NEW) p.8 Re Medical Isotopes: The CPC supports the production of medical isotopes. My interpretation: none. 1-02-250 (MODIFICATION) p.9 Re Recognition of International Credentials: -“work with recognized professional bodies to prequalify internationally trained individuals for certain occupations as part of the immigration process” -“We support developing a better system to identify Canada’s occupations facing current labour market shortages and make the immigration system more flexible to ensure these needs can be met.”

My interpretation: appears to stress having immigrants fill current labour market shortages.

1-03-222 (MODIFICATION) p.10 Re Agricultural Principles: -“We must seek to be the world’s best when it comes to the safety of our food supply. We will encourage measures to require clear and accurate labeling of ingredients and country(ies) of origin, and more rigorous safety testing of imported food products.” My interpretation: appears to anticipate Canadians wanting GMOs explicitly labeled. 1-04-210 (MODIFICATION) p.12 Re Internet Connectivity: -“The CPC will protect privacy and fair access for all Canadians in all legislation and policy endeavours. The CPC does not support online censorship nor regulation of content within the limits permitted by the Criminal Code” My interpretation: NSA (CSEC) interference with—and commercialization of (such as pay-perclick)—the internet appears to be anticipated. 1-05-254 (MINOR MODIFICATION) p.13 Re Foreign Affairs Principles: -“We believe that Canada’s international relations, trade and foreign aid policies should advance the country’s economic interests while promoting human rights, democracy, and individual freedom.” My interpretation: I suppose promoting other types of government (or lack of), i.e. anarchosyndicalism, is out of the question. I also notice that economic interests come before human rights, democracy, and individual freedom. Long live capitalist democracy! 1-06-015 (NEW) p.14 Re Rights of Workers: -allow Government to “work with unions and employers” to develop—and encourage use of— dispute mechanisms to avoid or minimize disruption of services to Canadians -oblige unions to utilize “full, transparent annual financial reporting” -Fed Gov to legislate that Fed Pub Service unions and unions in federally regulated industries explicitly detail political donations, donations to media organizations and to political activism and campaigns My interpretation: makes it much more difficult for unions—especially Fed Gov unions—to exist. “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”—Tacitus

1-07-106 (MODIFICATION) p.15 Re Environmental Principles: -“We believe that the government, in its areas of jurisdiction and in collaboration with the provinces and territories, continue to give priority to an effective national conservation strategy, based on strong science and with superlative standards, providing necessary contiguous habitat areas for species and the protection of watersheds in all regions of the country.” My interpretation: considering that the Fed Gov recently finished UNprotecting Canada’s watersheds, the effect of this appears to transfer responsibility for these to other governments. 1-08-255 9 (NEW) p.16 Re Human Rights Abroad: -“The CPC believes that Canada must continue to defend the democratic countries of the Middle East and the right of Israel to exist.” My interpretation: none. 1-09-194 (MODIFICATION) p.17 Re Sexual Exploitation in Canada: -“The CPC rejects the concept of legalizing the purchase of sex” -human beings cannot be enslaved, bought, or sold -plans to target purchasers of sex, negate human trafficking, criminalize johns, pimps, brothels, and sex trade workers. My interpretation: so much for establishing the rights of—and the protecting and helping of— sex trade workers, and so much for Canada becoming as similarly enlightened as, say, Amsterdam, with regard to what is permitted between two consenting adults. (Maybe the Netherlands should sue Canada under CETA for unfair trade practices… Don’t look now, but CPC-brand puritanism is showing whitely stark above certain waistbands… I daresay that if Canada came out of the Dark Ages with respect to the sex trade, horrid incidents such as the Picton business would never have happened.) 1-10-133 (NEW) p.18 Re Mental Health (no really, it DID follow the previous resolution…) -“To continue to support the development of a national strategy to identify, treat and support those who are mentally ill, inside and outside of our correctional facilities. To protect them. To protect Society.” My interpretation: means what, exactly? I wish I knew…

1-11-099 (MODIFICATION) p.19 Re Transportation Principles: -modify transportation so that Canadians economically benefit My interpretation: >ya-a-a-w-w-n-n< 1-12-161 (NEW) p.20 Re Harassing Telephone Calls: -“That the harassing telephone calls Section 372 (3) of the Criminal Code be amended to include digital communications (e.g. text messages)” My interpretation: does this include sexting? See 1-09-194. Are you listening, Netherlands? CETA? NSA? CSEC? Anybody? (Harass? Whose ass, again?) Are telemarketers harassers, because there hasn’t been much success on that front, so what does that say about this one? 1-13-152 (NEW) p.21 Re Faith Based Organizations: -“The CPC supports and right of faith based organizations to refuse the use of their facilities to individuals or groups holding views which are contrary to the beliefs or standards of the faith based organization without fear of sanctions or harassment and that discrimination based on the beliefs of a faith based organization be excluded from the definition of disallowed discrimination under Human Rights.” (italics mine) My interpretation: whoa! heavy duty! 1-14-115 (NEW/MODIFICATION) p.22 Re Federal Health Care Transfer Payments: -“The CPC believes the payment system used to finance the Federal Government share of Canada’s provincial Medicare program spending should be fair and reasonable and provided on similar terms and conditions throughout the nation.” My interpretation: so what does this mean if a province like, say, British Columbia decides to overtly endorse privatization of medical service; that ALL provinces must do the same in order to retain Fed Gov funding?

1-15-159 (NEW) p.23 Re Pensions: -“The CPC will include in its policy statement a commitment to bring public sector pensions inline with Canadian norms by switching to a defined contribution model, which includes employer contributions comparable to the private sector.” My interpretation: public sector pensions will be shredded. 1-16-205 (MODIFICATION) p.24 Re Canadian Broadcasting System: -“The CPC believes that the CBC should a) Move towards a user-supported model and b) Make adjustments in it’s [sic] broadcasting model to recognize the vast changes that have happened in Canada’s electronic media sector and the role that a public broadcaster needs to play in it.” My interpretation: it’s instructive to see what this replaces: “The CBC-SRC is an important part of the broadcasting system in Canada. It must be a true public service broadcaster, relevant to Canadians. We will focus the CBC-SRC services on its mandates as public broadcasting services.” It looks to me like draconian Fed Gov funding cuts to the CBC are coming down the pipe (not to say such haven’t already occurred). I don’t like the sound of ‘Make adjustments in its broadcasting model’ either. 1-17-256 (NEW) p.25 Re Rights of Women Abroad: -“The CPC, in furtherance of the fundamental values of Canadian democracy and of Canada’s international commitments, shall lend effective support to the emergence of democratic states, guarantors of the rights of women, religious minorities and of the individual.” My interpretation: are these going to be new conditions to which countries must conform in order to receive Canadian foreign aid dollars? That is, even more excuses to cut more foreign aid funding further than already has been done? If so, this policy is ironically titled.

1-18-170 (MODIFICATION) p.26 Re Aboriginal Affairs Principles: -“That the CPC encourages the Fed Gov to eliminate the outdated and colonial aspects of the Indian Act, ensuring that Aboriginal Peoples can benefit equally with other citizens in the future growth of our country, in self suffiency and prosperity.” My interpretation: high-minded words. I notice that instead of First Nations peoples, Aboriginal Peoples is used. Question: is the Fed Gov going to try to legislate racism out of existence? I also notice there is no mention of initiating a “Missing Women/Children Investigation” (to police the disappearance/murders of more than 600 mostly First Nations women/children across Canada over the past quarter century) as has been called for even by at least one CPC member not to mention numerous others
1-19-173 (MODIFICATION) p.27 Re First Nations Land Title: -“The CPC supports the passing of legislation within the term of this current Parliament of a First Nations Land Ownership Act, which would allow reserve Land Title to be transferred from the Federal Crown to individuals and corporate entities. Such title held by individuals and corporate entities would be freely transferable so as to encourage: i) lending and financing with respect to Reserve Lands; ii) private house and businesses for First Nations individuals; and iii) commercial development of Reserve Lands The aim of this legislation would be to promote economic opportunity and individual freedom with respect to Reserve lands and First Nations peoples. By virtue of this legislation individual First Nations people would enjoy property ownership and the accumulation of capital on Reserve land.” My interpretation: this latter sounds virtuous, until one realizes that the entire passage would allow for the defunding—by Fed Gov administered First Nations monies—of First Nations by the Fed Gov, and promote the privatization of services—such as housing—currently provided free of charge to First Nations Peoples by the Fed Gov. Really, are capital-bereft First Nations Peoples supposed to buy their own lands? This further looks like a ploy to somehow avoid settling First Nations land claims by, to name one example, have infighting develop among First Nations Peoples thus causing them to forget about cooperating to fight joint land claims. Also looks like the Fed Gov is devolving responsibility for First Nations Peoples (to the Bands? or to corporations?).

1-20-169 (MODIFICATION) p.28 Re Aboriginal Affairs Principles: -added: “The CPC believes the following principles should govern the administration of existing federal Aboriginal programs: g) Economic Sustainability The CPC supports provisions for property ownership and women’s equality on reserves.” My interpretation: what does “economic sustainability” mean in corporatist cutthroat capitalism? The golden rule? That is, them that has the gold rule? 1-21-130 (NEW) p.29 Re Euthanasia: -“The CPC will not support any legislation to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide.” My interpretation: the CPC can’t fight the abortion issue over again, so they chose this instead. despite a groundswell of public opinion in favour of it. 1-22-142 (MODIFICATION) p.30 Re Post-Secondary Education: -“We believe the Canada Student Loan Program should be replaced with a transfer to the provinces in order to reduce confusion for students and inefficiencies for taxpayers.” My interpretation: in order to phase out student loans, in the final analysis. 1-23-146 (MODIFICATION) p.31 Re Employment Insurance: -“The CPC Party of Canada recognizes the benefit to employers and the economy, by permitting EI recipients to keep the first 200.00 [sic] earned per week, while on active EI claim without claw back [sic].” My interpretation: hey there, pogey people! Doesn’t this make your McJob seem that much more worthwhile? 1-24-216 (MODIFICATION) p.32 Re Official Languages: -“We support the constitutional protections for English and French minority language rights included in the Constitution of Canada and particularly in section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We believe that the federal government must continue to uphold these protections and refuse to enter into negotiations with a view to limiting or weakening them or seeking to apply provincial language legislation to Fed Gov institutions and federally regulated industries.” My interpretation: CPC sez, take a hike, Quebec!

1-25-207 (MODIFICATION) p.33 Re Canadian Broadcasting System: -“The CPC believes that control and operations of the CBC could be best accomplished through establishing distinct budgets for the operations of the TV and radio Broadcast function.” My interpretation: IS THIS FOR FRACKIN’ REAL?! The Fed Gov will determine distinct budgets for CBC functions?? Three guesses as to what will happen once the CPC gets it mitts on individual CBC budget allotments! Hint: “(We don’t like your ideology, so…) ZAP! Your budget is eliminated!” Two further observations: First, this resolution originated from the Electoral District Association (EDA) of Orleans in Ottawa, the first Ottawa-originated resolution that I noticed. Second, this resolution comes near the end of “Canada’s social fabric” section; you know what they say about legal documents: all the “good” stuff is found at the end… 1-26-157 (MODIFICATION) p.34 Re Women: -“The CPC condemns discrimination against girls through gender selection.” My interpretation: sounds rather euphemistic. Is this about prohibiting parents from selecting the gender of their yet to be conceived child? Or what, exactly? Sounds typically CPC-smarmy via polite-sounding indirect innuendo. 1-27-214 (MODIFICATION) p.35 Re Multiculturalism: -this was deleted: “The government should ensure that each community is able to enhance and contribute to Canada without discrimination and barriers.” -this was added in its place: “Canadians embrace a diverse society which promotes core Canadian values such as: equality of gender; equality of all citizens; freedom of religion, speech and media; rule of law; strong personal work ethic and personal responsibility; centrality of family; tolerance; and individual liberty.” My interpretation: so long, multiculturalism! Hello, small-c conservatism and libertarianism! “That’s one small step back for a man, one giant leap backwards for Canadians.” One more observation: this resolution renames “Multiculturalism” as “Diversity.” Interesting, the EDA responsible was Edmonton. 1-28-203 (MODIFICATION) p.36 Re Canadian Broadcasting System: -‘The Fed Gov undertake the preparation of an Action Plan for the reorganization and amalgamation of the numerous similar services of the CBC across Canada; the objective being the order by elimination of all public funding of the corporation which creates unfair competitive advantage with privately owned and operated networks and stations.” (italics and boldface mine) My interpretation: CPC sez, Rush Limbaugh for President of the CBC! Kiss your public broadcaster goodbye, Canada, and say hello to far-right propaganda replacing political and cultural reporting. Please read: Not a Conspiracy Theory: How Business Propaganda Hijacks Democracy – Donald Gutstein

(2) Role of Government, Taxation, and Crime 2-01-258 (MINOR MODIFICATION) p.38 Re Canada First Defense Strategy: -ensure troops have adequate resources My interpretation: increase military spending. Nothing said, however, about correcting the current Fed Gov mistreatment of Veterans. 2-02-190 (MODIFICATION) p.39 Re Firearms: -“A Conservative Government recognizes the legitimacy of private ownership of firearms and will resist any domestic or international pressure to the contrary.” My interpretation: none. 2-03-233 (NEW) p.40 Re Freshwater Fish Marketing Act: -“That the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act be repealed and a voluntary dual market be instituted. A CPC Fed Gov will give fishermen currently under the monopoly of Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation the freedom to make their own individual marketing decisions and to direct, structure, and voluntarily participate in producer organizations.” My interpretation: none. 2-04-238 (NEW) p.41 Re Oceans and Coastlines: -the CPC Fed Gov extends control of ocean waters with a view towards “exploring and exploiting…petroleum [resources].” My interpretation: environmentalists can rightly be upset at inadequately developed technologies which perform such exploitation, because of continuing dangers of catastrophic oil leaks, etc. (especially in light of—at the same time—enabling the ability to suspend scientific research in said waters). On the plus side, there supposedly is a promise to develop green technology couched in this resolution. 2-05-263 (NEW) p.42 Re War Veterans Allowance: -“That we extend War Veterans allowance to all veterans.” My interpretation: this could only be beneficial to Veterans. Assuming it passed, of course.

2-06-259 (NEW) p.43 Re Military Reservists: -ensure MRs’ jobs are waiting for them after they return from be deployed My interpretation: makes it easier for the deployment of armed force. 2-07-268 (MODIFICATION) p.44 Re Income Splitting: -married and common law partners should be allowed income splitting. My interpretation: none. 2-08-177 (MODIFICATION) p.45 Re Justice Principles: -“The CPC believes that those convicted of more than one serious crime serve their sentences consecutively rather than concurrently.” My interpretation: harshness of sentence has been shown to not prove a deterrent to serious crime. (Reflections On Hanging—Arthur Koestler, 1956, pp.48-49,144-145.) The effectiveness of rehabilitation is disallowed. Resultant prison costs increase. The question comes down to whether or not society benefits by locking away convicted criminals for longer periods. In my view, this “tough on crime” stance seems more directed towards satisfying CPC supporters, than towards satisfying a concomitant need of society, and in the total picture, are CPC supporters truly representative of society? As well, there may be a question of serving businesses interested in the possibility of privatization of prisons. 2-09-264 (NEW) p.46 Re Spousal/Survivor Benefits: -application deadline extended from two to five years. My interpretation: better than before. 2-10-029 (MODIFICATION) p.47 Re Tax Relief: -Reinvestment in Canadian assets from capital gains rewarded. My interpretation: better than before. 2-11-178 (MODIFICATION) p.48 Re Justice Principles: -promise by CPC to strengthen victims’ rights. My interpretation: how this might carried out was not described.

2-12-260 (MINOR MODIFICATION) p.49 Re Veterans: -Veterans Independence Program services be directed to surviving spouses of Veterans of all conflicts. My interpretation: if this resolution was adopted, it would be better than before. 2-13-270 (MODIFICATION) p.50 Re Firearms: -“The CPC believes in a cautious approach to reclassifying firearms.” My interpretation: none. 2-14-230 (MODIFICATION) p.51 Re Dept of Fisheries: -purview to fall under provinces and territories. My interpretation: none. 2-15-262 (NEW) p.52 Re NATO and NORAD: -“That we continue our commitment to NATO and NORAD but that we should develop our northern strategy to enforce our national sovereignty.” My interpretation: I suppose the CPC is afraid Canada will be invaded by the Inuit. 2-16-051 (NEW) p.53 Re Charity Law: -“The CPC believes that the government must review the laws governing charities in Canada with a view to tightening the rules on acceptable activity, the use of a registered charity number, disclosure requirements, and it must also closely monitor charities and enforce existing regulations and laws.” My interpretation: perhaps the questionable propaganda activities of the charitable organization known as the Fraser Institute, a “conservative think tank,” will be scrutinized more closely. 2-17-039 (MODIFICATION) p.54 Re Equalization Payments: -“The CPC believes that Equalisation payments to a province shall be based on both revenue and expenses, and only be used to provide equal services, not greater services, than the provinces not receiving equalization payments” My interpretation: probably means more cuts coming to Equalization Payments.

2-18-019 (MODIFICATION) p.55 Re Debt Repayment: -“We support the sale of public assets where feasible with the proceeds of the sales being used to pay down government debt.” My interpretation: sounds ominous. “Public assets”? Like what, the CBC? 2-19-265 (MODIFICATION) p.56 Re Veterans: -“That the Veterans Review and Appeal process increase the number of military peers on panels.” My interpretation: still doesn’t directly address the pressing issue of not all Veterans being eligible for military pensions. 2-20-181 (NEW) p.57 Re Charter of Victim’s Rights: -to entrench the rights of victims to restitution, access to information, representation and safety. My interpretation: the CPC days of mollycoddling criminals are drawing to a close, if such a thing actually ever took place. What forms do restitution take, for example? Transferring proceeds of crime to victims and their families? 2-21-034 (MODIFICATION) p.58 Re Spending Controls: -“The CPC believes in an effective and efficient penal system. We need to implement cost controls and income earning opportunities for individual inmates and for prison institutions to reduce the burden on the taxpayer. This will also provide job-ready skills, training and work experience for the inmates upon release.” My interpretation: not sure what this means. I heard that the Fed Gov recently cut the allowance to inmates to ridiculously low amounts. If this is part of reducing the burden on taxpayers… As for jobready skills, what is this? Forcing the inmates to break rocks or some such additional punishment? If it involves offering inmates opportunities to truly acquire work experience and skills, okay; however, I’m suspicious of the predilection of the CPC and its supporters for increasing punishments. I am certain that if these which already exist are even superficially investigated, these will be found already be more than sufficient if not actually anachronistic. Additional: the first line suggests an increasing possibility of the privatization of prisons.

2-22-004 (MODIFICATION) p.59 Re Public Service Excellence: -“The CPC believes that Public Service benefits and pensions should be comparable to those available to similar employees in the private sector, and to the extent that they are not, they should be made comparable to such private sector benefits and pensions in future contract negotiations.” My interpretation: looks like the Fed Gov is trying to worm its way out of living up to the promises it made to Public Service employees regarding pensions, benefits, and the like: excuses to cut back and also reduce the power of unions, etc. By the way, I call bullshit on the name of this resolution. 2-23-027 (MODIFICATION) p.60 Re Tax Relief: -“We encourage the CPC to move to a less progressive tax system by reducing the number of personal income tax brackets.” My interpretation: no surprise that the CPC Fed Gov wants to reduce taxes on the wealthy. The question now becomes how is it going to make up for the resulting Fed Gov revenue shortfall? It would seem that the only way out is to enact more spending cuts. I am certain Fed Gov corporate welfare doesn’t qualify for these, so I can only presume that Canadians—and in particular the poor and vulnerable—will be targets more than ever. 2-24-044 (MODIFICATION) p.61 Re Balanced Budget Legislation: -spending cuts. -“Until a balanced budget (predicted for 2015-2016) is achieved, the government respect the objectives for spending cuts set out the March 2013 budget; The government freeze budget spending at 300 billion dollars in the year following the achievement of a balanced budget in the 2016-2017 financial exercise (the 300 billion dollar amount will correspond to the approximate level that spending will have reached if the projections of the May budget are realized, in comparison with the 276 billion dollars for the current financial exercise); That after the 2016-2017 budget, and for the four subsequent years (thus until 2020-21) the federal government freeze spending at 300 billion dollars per year in current dollars.” (italics and boldface mine) My interpretation: Fed Gov spending levels frozen for five years. From past experience, it will be the poor and the vulnerable who will take the brunt of this freeze. 2-25-001 (NEW) p.62 Re Sunshine List: -forcing transparency of organizations within Fed Gov purview to reveal salaries of best-paid employees. My interpretation: does this include CEOs etc. of corporations receiving Fed Gov largesse?

2-26-199 (MODIFICATION) p.63 Re Firearms: -rewrite Firearms Act in plain language to reduce ambiguity. My interpretation: none. 2-27-028 (MODIFICATION) p.64 Re Tax Relief: -“A CPC Fed Gov will amend the Tax Act and any associated legislation to remove double taxation on Corporate Dividends that are paid out of after [sic] tax funds received from Canadian Corporations.” My interpretation: effective raises for CEOs and any eligible to receive corporate dividends. 2-28-191 (MODIFICATION) p.65 Re Firearms: -revision of Firearms Act to allow more permissiveness in gun ownership, except for those whose mental health is in question. My interpretation: none. (3) Economic Development 3-01-066 (MODIFICATION) p.67 Re Labour: -“The CPC believe that the government should prevent mandatory dues collected by unions from being diverted to fund political causes unrelated to workplace needs.” My interpretation: more limits on union power. “Do not adjust your set. We control the horizontal. We control the vertical. Welcome to the Outer Limits.” “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”—Tacitus Next, the CPC will force unions to make political contributions to it (because in effect that is what the result of this is). 3-02-069 (MODIFICATION) p.68 Re Labour: -“The CPC believes that mandatory union membership and forced financial contributions as a condition of employment limit the economic freedom of Canadians and stifle economic growth.” My interpretation: uh huh. And allowing corporations to plunder Canadian resources with impunity with no concomitant job growth is beneficial to economic freedom of Canadians, I suppose. Personally, I would tax the hell out of corporations… There is no relation between this action and damage to the economy.

3-03-087 (MODIFICATION) p.69 Re Arctic Sovereignty: -plan to increase military presence in the North, and coincidentally start development of northern resources. (Such as I presume drilling for oil in Arctic Seas.) 3-04-049 (NEW) p.70 Re Pensions: -“The CPC believes that company pension funds should be invested by independent trustees for the benefit of employees and should be held at arm’s length, not accessible by the company or its creditors.” My interpretation: so much for unions being able to control the investment of their pension funds. 3-05-074 (MODIFICATION) p.71 Re Labour: -“Be it resolved that the CPC believes unions should be democratic and voluntary, and labour laws should empower workers with: a) secret ballot votes on certification, strikes and ratifications; b) protections against forced union dues for political and social causes that are unrelated to the workplace; c) Respect for Article 20.2 of the United Nations Declaration on [sic] Human Rights: ‘No one may be compelled to belong to an association’.” My interpretation: more attacks on unions. Clause (c) is particularly ironic since the CPC Fed Gov assiduously ignores and condemns any UN influence on its activities; that it should invoke the 10 December 1948 UNDHR as justification for its union attacks shows its continued contempt for entrenching any human rights in Canada. (An egregious example of the CPC Fed Gov ignoring the UN: the UN called for the CPC Fed Gov to launch an investigation into the more than 600 missing/murdered women/children nationally for the past quarter century and this call went unheeded by the CPC Fed Gov.) 3-06-235 (MODIFICATION) p.72 Re Fisheries: -promoting Aquaculture My interpretation: contentious, given the environmental damage aquaculture causes. Exactly indicative of CPC Fed Gov continued disregard for environmental concerns so long as commercial interests (i.e. the economy) benefit. 3-07-070 (MODIFICATION) p.73 Re Labour: -“We believe that mandatory federal jurisdiction worker contributions to unions [sic] should be limited to the costs of collective bargaining and union administered benefits to workers. Contribution to causes or initiatives unrelated to those objectives should be collected on an individual, voluntary basis.” My interpretation: if the CPC Fed Gov can get away with removing freedoms of unions, you can start kissing your other freedoms goodbye as well, Canada.

3-08-061 (MODIFICATION) p.74 Re Single Window System [sic; a misnomer: should actually be, Infringement On Scientific Freedom] -“The CPC supports the establishment of a single window system to review large science project applications according to published guidelines. a)We support the funding of innovation technology, and research through granting councils. We support a competitive peer review process and enhanced transparency and accountability to determine who shall receive grants through these councils. b) We recognize the importance of private sector investment in research and development of commercial applications.” (italics and boldface mine) My interpretation: like I said, Canada, kiss your freedoms goodbye. 3-09-088 (MODIFICATION) p.75 Re Long Term Energy Framework: -“We believe that pipelines provide effective and efficient transportation of fossil fuels and will work to insure [sic] that Canada has an effective pipeline network, and will also work to insure [sic] that legislation implemented through the National Energy Board insures [sic] any liability from pipeline operation and abandonment is assumed by the operator of the pipeline and not the public, or the property owner through which the pipeline passes.” My interpretation: (please read “Oil Pollution Is Economically Inefficient” and “The Graveyard Laugh” in Intersection Vol 1 Set 1.) Oil pipelines are not robust. Oil companies should be held to account until these are robust. Don’t worry, they can easily afford it. Until such time as the proper pipeline technology is developed, no oil company pipeline building should be permitted. 3-10-094 (MODIFICATION) p.76 Re International Trade/Inter-Provincial Trade: -“The CPC believes that the federal government is responsible for taking the lead in collaboration with its provincial partners, in encouraging more open and rules-based international trade as it relates to persons, goods, services and investment.” -“The CPC supports the removal of substantially all federal and provincial barriers to the movement of goods, services, persons, and investment across provincial boundaries. To this end, we believe the government should conduct a comprehensive review of relevant regulations and administrative practices to identify and eliminate these barriers in the federal domain.” My interpretation: hello to the mysterious and onerous Comprehensive European Trade Agreement (CETA), e pluribus unum among trade agreements, which find many ways to circumvent human rights in the name of permitting corporations to make a fast buck, while Canadians can go buck themselves.

3-11-225 (MODIFICATION) p.78 Re Supply Management: -deleted: “The CPC believes it is in the best interest of Canada and Canadian agriculture that the industries under the protection of supply management remain viable. A CPC Fed Gov will support supply management and its goal to deliver a high quality product to consumers for a fair price with a reasonable return to the producer.” -added: “The CPC believes in an orderly transition away from supply management.” My interpretation: CPC sez, farmers, if you didn’t know it before, you’re on your own. Remember to vote for us. 3-12-096 (MODIFICATION) p.79 Re International Trade: -deleted: “The CPC believes that the government is responsible for taking the lead in working with its provincial partners to eliminate inter-provincial trade barriers in transporation, commerce, labour, and capital mobility.” My interpretation: sounds like the removal of “barriers” is incorporated in the trade agreements, such as CETA. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: the Harper Gov signed Canada’s life away when it signed CETA. 3-13-071 (MODIFICATION) p.80 Re Labour: -“Whereas unions meddle [sic] in political affairs, their finances are not transparent, that the Conservative Party is addressing the opacity of the financing of trade unions and compulsory membership of these unions for their members with the limits of federal jurisdiction.” My interpretation: more attacks on unions by the CPC Fed Gov. I’ll just say this: if unions go, so also go your fair wages, Canada. (see: race to the bottom) 3-14-068 (MODIFICATION) p.81 Re Labour: -“The CPC believes that union dues paid by members should not be donated by the union to third-party organizations without the consent of the members.” My interpretation: Let’s have FULL transparency of the donations by, and influences of, corporations to/on political entities such as, for example, the CPC.

3-15-058 (NEW) p.82 Re International Trade: -“The CPC strongly supports international trade initiatives that will generate increased economy activity, jobs, and a greater understanding and collaborative relationship between emerging economies and our democratic, streamlined regulatory, free enterprise approach to governance.” My interpretation: more trade agreements coming. What a surprise. Too bad the CPC Fed Gov scorns human rights as “totalitarian.” 3-16-059 (MODIFICATION) p.83 Re Capital Gains: -“The CPC believes that capital gains should be indexed to inflation prior to assessing income tax.” My interpretation: the upshot is the little guy pays while CEOs etc. get raises. (see 2-27-028) 3-17-240 (NEW) p.84 Re Oceans and Coastlines: -encouraging development of Ocean Technologies (or Blue Technologies). My interpretation: no doubt environmental concerns will ensue, which will as usual be ignored by the CPC Fed Gov. 3-18-084 (MODIFICATION) p.85 Re Northern Development: -“The CPC supports strategic investments in the Far North and the Territories, especially in communications and defence infrastructure and transportation, including new highways.” My interpretation: the beginning of the corporate usurpation and takeover of the north. Wait for the resulting diaspora of northern Native Peoples as they lose control of their lands. 3-19-077 (MODIFICATION) p.86 Re Labour: -“That the CPC supports: a) right to work legislation to allow optional union membership including student unions b) requirements for clarity and public transparency in financial returns from labour unions.” My interpretation: “right to work” is code for “death to unions.” Once unions go, watch your standard of living drop too, Canada. I’ve looked at the new requirements for union financial “transparency”: these are, to say the least, so onerous as to make union accounting operations virtually impossible.

3-20-063 (MODIFICATION) p.87 Re Foreign Ownership Restrictions: -“We support openness and transparency in government decision-making regarding foreign acquisitions in order to bolster and uphold Canada’s fine reputation as a predictable place to invest.” My interpretation: appears to give foreign acquisitions the green light. CPC sez, Canada is open for business. The CPC Fed Gov is holding a fire sale on Canadian assets. If you happen to be dependent on any of these—say you live on land designated as an asset which is subsequently sold—so much for being protected by the CPC Fed Gov if these disappear. 3-21-244 (MODIFICATION) p.88 Re Immigration Principles: -“Increasing the level of foreign direct investment (FDI) through better communication and cooperati on between the Department of Citizenship and Immigration and the Development of Foreign Affairs and International Trade with the realization that FDI often comes hand in hand with accelerated immigration.” My interpretation: looks like business-class immigrants will be given increased priority. Money talks. Excuse my cynicism; it’s just that I believe there are more important things to be concerned about. 3-22-242 (MODIFICATION) p.89 Re Immigration Principles: -“protecting Canada’s democratic values, founding cultures and economy and ensuring that immigrant selection is closely correlated with national employment and development goals.” My interpretation: the next best thing to racial profiling. Excuse my cynicism: it’s just that I believe there are more important things than pushing new immigrants into not necessarily desirable employment. For example, are “live-in caregiver” programs going to be ameliorated to the point where abuses of caregivers no longer occur? This resolution (or any other immigration centred resolution) doesn’t appear to address that, to name one example of failure of immigration policy; there are others. 3-23-236 (MODIFICATION) p.90 Re Marine Transportation: -“The CPC supports a strategic plan to address proper docking facilities for all coastal communities across the Far North.” My interpretation: facilitates the rapid corporate takeover of the Far North.

3-24-236 (MODIFICATION) p.91 Re Labour: -“The CPC shall strive to properly restructure legislative protection of the Rand formula [which determines the amount deducted from paychecks for union membership] so as to provide full and effective protection to the right of all workers not to associate with broad political positions that they deem oppressive of their respective personal identities. Contributions for initiatives not immediately relating to workplace conditions or union administration matters must be collected on a voluntary basis.” My interpretation: do taxpayers therefore get to have a say on the massive spending of tax dollars by the CPC Fed Gov on useless and partisan ads bragging about some nascent and useless CPC Fed Gov programs? 3-25-239 (MODIFICATION) p.92 Re Marine Transportation: -assert sovereignty of Canada over ships traveling in waters over which Canada lays claim; and this is practically limitless, that is, ships can be boarded or seized for virtually any reason. My interpretation: will the CPC Fed Gov exert similar effort in investigating human smuggling? In pursuing companies responsible for ship-based oil spills? In pursuing any type of human rights violation due to economic endeavour? 3-26-224 (MODIFICATION) p.94 Re Supply Management: -“Food is one of the foremost necessities of life, and we believe that the government must insure [sic] that the food supply in Canada is salubrious, safe, and traceable. We must look to be the best in the world with respect to the security of supply. We encourage measures to insure [sic] accurate labeling and insure [sic] the traceability of ingredients and of the countries of origin and a more strict verification of the safety of food products.” My interpretation: appears to poise the CPC Fed Gov to begin forcing labeling of GMOs. Links to news stories about the resolutions: Union battles loom after CPC votes to change labour laws: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/financial-transparency-motion-approved-at-toryconvention-in-wake-of-senate-scandal/article15232241/ Hill Times on voting patterns: http://www.hilltimes.com/news/politics/2013/11/02/conservatives-vote-against-legalizing-marijuanaeuthanasia-sex-selective/36529 Fifteen motions: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/fifteen-tory-motions-to-know-about-from-theconvention/article15232762/

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