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Rock Music's Satanic Message By Henry Makow Ph.D. October 28, 200 By Henry Makow Ph.D. Recent!

y "B# Date!ine ha$ a story about two a%erage &'erican teenagers who 'ur$ere$ an$ cut u( a )rien$, (ut the bo$y (arts in a garbage bag an$ !e)t it in a $rain sewer. *Date!ine +i$eos ,-t began as a .een Dra'a,/ .he announcer, the (arents an$ the au$ience shook their hea$s an$ aske$0 ,How cou!$ they $o this1, - was $u'b)oun$e$ too. &)ter watching a ten2hour 32D+D (resentation on the Satanic agen$a in)using 'uch youth 'usic, - ha%e the answer. -ncre$ib!e an$ bi4arre as it soun$s, the younger generation is being in$ucte$ into Satanis'. -t is being taught to 'ur$er, ra(e an$ hate society in genera!, an$ es(ecia!!y #hristians an$ #hristianity. 5ntit!e$ ,.hey So!$ their Sou! )or Rock an$ Ro!!, the $%$ 'akes a con%incing case that es(ousing Satanis' is the (rice o) success in the 'usic in$ustry. Starting with the roots o) Rock an$ Ro!!, $own to Hea%y Meta!, 6oth, 6runge an$ Ra(, this rocku'entary shows that 'any )a'ous 'usicians actua!!y see the'se!%es as e%ange!ists )or Satan an$ say they $eri%e their (ower )ro' hi'. .hey ha%e !itera!!y so!$ their sou!s to the $e%i!, an$ their (ri'ary goa! is to 'ake us $o the sa'e. .he M.+ network is the han$'ai$en o) this agen$a. Pro$uce$ by ,7ight the 6oo$ 7ight Ministry, the D+D ana!yses the !yrics, inter%iews an$ a!bu' art o) 'ore than si8ty su(erstars. .he consistent es(ousa! o) the i$eas o) Satanists &!eister #row!ey, &nton 9a+ey *Howar$ 9e%ey/ an$ Ma$a'e B!a%atsky, an$ their inc!usion in the a!bu' art, a!ong with )a'i!iar Satanic i'agery, is (art o) a $e!iberate e!ite agen$a. .he !ist o) artists e8(ose$ inc!u$es the Beet!es, the Ro!!ing Stones, Michae! :ackson, Ma$onna, 9e$ ;e((!in, <urt #obain, Mari!yn Manson an$ 5'ine'. =ou can see e8cer(ts on !ine. - reco''en$ you watch #obain, Manson an$ 5'ine'. .his e8cer(t )ro' ,D5MO"S, by Rigor Mortis is ty(ica! o) hea%y 'eta!. ,>e co'e bursting through your bo$ies Ra(e your he!(!ess sou! .rans)or' you into a creature Merci!ess an$ co!$ >e )orce you to ki!! your brother 5at his b!oo$ an$ brain Shre$$ing )!esh an$ sucking bone .i!! e%eryone's insane >e are (esti!ent an$ conta'inate .he wor!$ De'onic !egions (re%ai!, *)ro' ,Satanic Roots o) Rock an$ Ro!!, by :ack Phau/ .he D+D e8(!ains how 'usic is the 'ost e))ecti%e 'eans o) brainwashing an$ 'in$ contro!, es(ecia!!y i) the au$ience thinks it's !istening to a s(ontaneous creati%e e8(ression. .he D+D traces the Satanic 'essage ,Do as thou wi!t, *)or'er!y ,$o you own thing,/ in 'any songs a$%ocating )ree se8, $rugs, %io!ence, 'ur$er an$ 'ayhe'. =ou are 6o$? =ou can $o anything you want? .here is no 'ora! or$er base$ on uni%ersa! 9o%e. .he rock concerts scenes are chi!!ing!y re'iniscent o) the "a4i "ure'berg Ra!!y. .he unabashe$ es(ousa! o) e%i! raises the @uestion0 why are the wor!$'s biggest cor(orations (ur%eying this (oison1 >hy is tainte$ s(inach interce(te$, but this to8ic )i!th is actua!!y (u'(e$ into the 'in$s an$ sou!s o) 'i!!ions o) unsus(ecting chi!$ren1 .he -!!u'inati's centra! banking carte! contro!s these cor(orations. -ts ai' is ,re%o!ution, i.e. ,co''unis', A banker wor!$ $ictatorshi( an$ the $estruction o) >estern #i%i!i4ation *#hristianity an$ a!! true re!igions, nation, )a'i!y an$ race./ .hey nee$ to trans!ate their contro! o) go%ern'ent cre$it into tota! contro! using their cu!tura! an$ (o!itica! (u((ets. .his is why o((osition to socia!!y $estructi%e e!e'ents *e.g. the (ro'otion o) ho'ose8ua!ity to straights/ o)ten is "O. to!erate$, but %icious hatre$ against #hristians an$ society in genera! is not on!y acce(tab!e, but actua!!y bankro!!e$. ,#hristianity is our on!y rea! ene'y since a!! the (o!itica! an$ econo'ic (heno'ena o) the bourgeois states are on!y its

conse@uences,, a 'e'ber o) the -!!u'inati e8(!aine$. Peace is ,counter2re%o!utionary, since it is war that (a%es the way )or re%o!ution. .he D+D re%ea!s that the #o!u'bine shooters knews the !yrics o) Satanist ban$s by heart, an$ !itera!!y were acting out instructions. .hey $e!iberate!y targete$ #hristian stu$ents but the ter' ,hate cri'e, $oesn't a((!y to #hristians. #assie Berna!! was aske$ to reBect 6o$ to s(are her !i)e. She re)use$. She is a Saint but there is !itt!e 'ention o) her in the -!!u'inati 'e$ia. ,How cou!$ this ha((en1, .o' Brokaw intone$ at the ti'e. >ith one han$, the 'ass 'e$ia (reten$s to be shocke$, an$ with the other han$ it teaches chi!$ren to ki!!. Si'i!ar!y, 'e$ia an$ go%ern'ent (reten$ to sta'( out chi!$ (re$ators whi!e at the sa'e ti'e (ro'oting rock grou(s that teach chi!$ren to ha%e se8. .he D+D shows a ,S(ice 6ir!, serena$ing a si82year2o!$ with a song a$%ocating se!)2 aban$on'ent. -t shows C32year2o!$ teenage gir!s who !ook !ike hookers a$'itting that grou( se8 orgies are co'on(!ace. Reaction to this D+D is shock an$ $enia!. .here is a ten$ency to $is'iss it as the work o) o%er4ea!ous #hristian )un$a'enta!ists. -n$ee$, the 'akers are too @uick to reBect 5astern re!igions as satanic an$ they )ai! to see how so'e (er)or'ers !ike 5!%is Pres!ey 'ight ha%e been honest $u(es with goo$ intentions. -) you are not a #hristian, - urge you to o%er!ook the ser'oni4ing *which - (ersona!!y think is (ertinent./ .he o%era!! 'essage cannot be $enie$ an$ shou!$ not be ignore$. .he -!!u'inati starte$ o)) innocent!y in the )i)ties an$ si8ties, urging the young to $e)y authority an$ in$u!ge their !ibi$o. 9itt!e $i$ we sus(ect that ,Sargeant Pe((er, re)erre$ to Satanist an$ M-2 &gent &!eister #row!ey an$ that the Beat!es' !abe! 5M- stan$s )or ,5!ectrica! an$ Mechanica! -nstru'ents, one o) Britain's !argest war contractors. 9itt!e $i$ we know the 'usic in$ustry is contro!!e$ by the 'ob, an$ 'any (er)or'ers are brainwashe$ an$ $rugge$, an$ !i%e in )ear. 9itt!e $i$ we sus(ect that their $estructi%e 'essage a$%ance$ the -!!u'inati's ,$i%i$e an$ ru!e, strategy. Or that their (rescri(tions )or !i%ing wou!$ 'ake us $ys)unctiona! an$ $estroy our !i%es. .o a !arge e8tent, our !i%es are sha(e$ by our contro!!e$ cu!ture an$ (seu$o history. >e are so'eone e!se's !ab e8(eri'ent. .he ,so'eone e!se, is a $isci(!e o) Satan who has hiBacke$ hu'anity. &n argu'ent can be 'a$e )or so'e as(ects o) the ,Se8ua! 9iberation, an$ ,"ew &ge, 'o%e'ents but the botto' !ine is they were $esigne$ to $i!ute an$ un$er'ine #hristianity an$ are an inter'e$iary ste( )or the intro$uction o) a #!ockwork Orange society *a cross between ,6ran$ .he)t &uto, an$ ,"ineteen 5ighty 7our.,/ "o won$er we see so 'any young (eo(!e won$ering aroun$ !ike 4o'bies. >hat is the (ernicious 'essage being whis(ere$ in their ear1 Society cannot eschew 6o$ an$ (reten$ to be neutra! an$ secu!ar. 6o$ is synony'ous with uni%ersa! abso!utes0 truth, !o%e an$ Bustice. =ou cannot turn o)) the 9ight without being consu'e$ by Darkness. Don't be )oo!e$. Peo(!e who are re'o%ing the .en #o''an$'ents )ro' (ub!ic !i)e are 'aking roo' )or a (agan sacri)icia! a!tar. .he ,O(en #ons(iracy, is a cancer at the heart o) >estern Society that is reaching an a$%ance$ stage. Do we ha%e the ,eyes to see an$ the ears to hear1, Do we ha%e the courage to tack!e it1 *.his !ink goes to the %i$eo o) ,&'erica0 7ro' 7ree$o' to 7ascis'., >eb site./ 2222222 +ery i'(ortant resource? Satan's Music More on Mari!yn See a!so 'y ,.he 7rau$u!ent Basis o) Mo$ern <u!ture, an$ ,Bankers Behin$ the '#ounter' #u!ture.,

#o''ents )or ,Rock Music's Satanic Message, 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

Sarah in &ustra!ia sai$ *October 28, 200 /0 Back in CDD0, - atten$e$ a !ecture at 'y !oca! Se%enth Day &$%entist church gi%en by 9ouis .orre4, yes, that 9ouis .orre4 *base (!ayer )or Bi!! Ha!ey an$ the #o'ets/. !aying be)ore us his !i)e's history, the (ath o) his youth which !e$ to his in%o!%e'ent in 2 $are - say, %irtua! creation o) rock 'n' ro!! 'usic, his e8(eriences in the ban$ an$ so on, he )er%ent!y, a!'ost (!ea$ing!y in)or'e$ us o) how the %ery structure an$ rhyth's o) the 'usic itse!) can $irect!y sti'u!ate the 'carna! a((etites' 2 (rinci(a!!y the back2beat, on the secon$ an$ )ourth beats o) a bar, rather than )irst an$ thir$. 7urther'ore, the !i)e o) $rug2in$uce$ $ebauchery they !i%e$ was not g!osse$ o%er either. Sti!! a bri!!iant!y ta!ente$ 'usician, he an$ his wi)e *a (ro'inent ES concert %io!inist/ ha%e $e$icate$ their !i%es to (reaching the truth as to the $e'onic , satanic )oun$ations an$ nature o) rFr. .ragica!!y *'yse!) at that ti'e )a!!ing into this category/ 'any )ro' a'ongst #hristian ranks $is'isse$ (resentations !ike these as nothing 'ore than o%er24ea!ous 'ki!!2Boying' $esigne$ to rob !i)e o) any %estige o) )un. how wrong we were. &s i) this were not ba$ enough, #hristianity, in a $es(erate atte'(t to $ro( $own to the wor!$'s !e%e!, has e'brace$ Rock ho!us bo!us in its $isgrace)u! $ri%e to try an$ win an$ ho!$ onto its youth. near!y 0 years on, rock see's to ha%e $is!o$ge$ e%erything e!se in its wake 2 the ti'e!ess 'usica! c!assics both conte'(orary an$ historica! which so beauti)u!!y e!e%ate the !istener hea%enwar$, (ro%i$ing ins(iration to stri%e an$ seek re)uge abo%e are not 'ere!y si$e!ine$ but $e!iberate!y (ortraye$, in 'y be!ie), as to))y', snobbish' an$ inaccessib!e to the young *an$ not so young/. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 Dan sai$ *October 28, 200 /0

-'%e got to rea!!y write 'y D0's e8(eriences out so'eti'e. - !i%e$ in &ustin, which - know now is a youth 'e8(eri'ent 4one', a test center, )or this !e%e! o) socia! engineering. -t has a 'usic in$ustry22a!! the big 'usicians ha%e !inks there, 'ost!y un$er the ra$ar. -t a!so is a center )or Satanic cu!t in$octrination, which - $isco%ere$ by CDDC was o(erate$ by none other than ES &r'y (sywar guru #o! Michae! &c@uino. &si$e )or the %isib!e .e'(!e o) Set connection there, &ustin is hea$@uarters )or the Southwest ES 4one o) the Or$o .e'(!i Orientis,through the 'Scar!et >o'an' 9o$ge. .hese were both out in the o(en $uring the D0's, acti%e!y recruiting at E., an$ ai'ing at 'e$ stu$ents,!aw stu$ents, as we!! as !awyers an$ 'e$ica! (eo(!e a!rea$y in (ractice. .he 'usic in$ustry is, as S%a!i sai$, an ar' o) recruit'ent )or the Satanic satra(s o) the -!!u'inati. .hey con$ition the ki$s )or Satanis'. - cou!$ write a book on this. - $o not know what the in)!uences are in this $eca$e, though. .he ES has been in a (erio$ o) )ear, an$ 'y take on it is that they switche$ e'(hasis to $eath rock grou(s !ike Pantera an$ to gangster ra( by the !ate D0's because those are 'i!itaristic22in a Hit!erian, brownshirt sense. &i'e$ to $irect (oor 'a!e )rustration an$ con)usion into an urge to ki!! an$ to be (art o) a heirarchy o) ki!!ers. Per)ect )or recruiting so!$iers )or the 'war on terror'. -n the sea'y, Hyroni'us Bosch wor!$ o) teen 'usic, )e'a!es are obBects )or se8ua! use, $egra$ation an$ sacri)ice to Satan. Ma!es are seria! ki!!ers in a wor!$ o) 'ight Busti)ies a!!. Pretty (icture. -t 'akes no sense to us non2(sychotic )o!ks, but it's got a goa!. .hey're con$itioning the ne8t generations )or being a 'hor$e' that can be use$ in the C00 years wars they (!an. >hich isn't the en$ resu!t. >hat they want is a (ub!ic they can use )or ki!!ing a !ot o) (eo(!e o)), !ea%ing a hu'an race that's a b!ank s!ate. .hen they'!! 'o!$ their 'new 'an' )or their 'new age'.& co'(!ete!y co'(!iant s!a%e.

22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 :i' in &ustra!ia sai$ *October 28, 200 /0

>hat Michae! Moore $i$ "O. te!! us in ,Bow!ing )or #o!u'bine, is that you cou!$ buy Manson's %o'itus ''usic' at <2 Mart as we!! as D'' bu!!ets )or auto'atic assau!t ri)!es. Or that the rank, aw)u! soun$s o) hi' wai!ing were conscri(tion )or the 7ather o) a!! !ies hi'se!). Se(arate #hurch )ro' State *a )atuous i$ea taken )ro' an un(ub!ishe$ !etter o) &n$rew :ackson's/, an$ these ki$s ha%e no 'ora! co'(ass. >hen young a$u!ts nee$ reasons why they shou!$ $o the things they are asking to $o, they )in$ their answers in Manson's nihi!istic %o'it1 Enti! - rea$ this artic!e - ha$ (asse$ on ,7ahrenheit DGCC, because Moore 'isses too 'any rea!!y har$ @uestions. Missing the #O".5". o) Manson's 'ateria! in the )or'u!ation o) a theses against the Secon$ &'en$'ent is Bust as sho$$y as not 'entioning that Dick #heyney to!$ "OR&D to stan$ $own on DGCC because it was ,una'erican,. .hanks )or the eye2(o((ing artic!e, Henry. &s 'uch as - $i$ not !ike Manson's 'soun$', - ha$ "O i$ea that this (uke was the substance o) what he ha$ to o))er. &n$ Moore, when he ha$ a chance to e8a'ine it *!a(se$ catho!ic he continua!!y rues that he is/ $oes "O.H-"6 to e8(ose Manson. - $on't be!ie%e rock 'usic, o) itse!), is o) Satan. Manson's ob%ious!y is 2 o%ert!y 2 though.

22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 D sai$ *October 28, 200 /0 6oo$ stu)), Henry. - cou!$nHt agree with you 'ore. My own e8(erience with 'usic went e%en )urther as - gaine$ access into the (er%erte$ #hristian Scene !oa$e$ with coke an$ whores who (raye$ )or )orgi%eness each Sun$ay an$ then $ro%e o)) in their new Ro!!s Royces. Be!ie%e 'e, the #hristian Scene is no $i))erent than working )or P!ayboy, which is 'y 'ost Satanic contact in the stri((ing in$ustry. So'e o) the 'ost %i!e (eo(!e! - ha%e e%er 'et were (art o) the #hristian Music scene. So, as you see, the Satanic cu!ture is ra'(ant with hy(ocrits on the )ar Right *)o!ey etc./ an$ the cra4e$ !i%era!s on the !e)t. 7ro' the +atican to the corner bar, Satan is a!i%e an$ we!! an$ 'ost (eo(!e are $oing his bi$$ing with nary a thought o) the eterna! conse@uences. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 ,Ste%e, sai$ *October 28, 200 /0 -'' a (art ti'e 'usician 'yse!). - (!ay guitar an$ - (!ay !ou$ har$ rock 'usic. -'%e been rea$ing your website )or @uite so'e ti'e now. - $on't ha%e any $oubt 'yse!) that rock 'usic is use$ to con%ey the 'essage o) satanis'. -t 'ay not be so ob%ious, but 'ost !yrics in rock 'usic wi!! usua!!y incor(orate se!) in$u!gence, se8, 'ateria!is' or out an$ out satanis'. -n a hea%y 'eta! or rock concert you'!! be har$ (resse$ not to notice the $e%i! han$ sign being $is(!aye$ e%erywhere. $on't think this is a coinci$ence at a!!. - ha%e e%en co'e across a !yric that rea!!y re'in$s 'e o) -!!u'inati. -t's a song ca!!e$ ,"o%a 5ra, by a ban$ ca!!e$ ,&ngra,. So'e e8cer(ts0 ,"ew $ay shines, )a!!en ange!s wi!! arise "o%a 5ra brings the ashes back to !i)e &!! o%er now, a!! the great an$ aw)u! !ies &nge!s wi!! arise

Back to !i)e?, =ou 'ay a!so notice that $rug abuse was )irst (o(u!ari4e$ by rock ban$s in the 0s. >oo$stock tru!y ha$ so'e great 'usic going on, but the 'ora! $eca$ence brought about by the e8cess o) $rugs an$ )ree se8 is unwor!$!y. >hat kee(s 'e )ro' sto((ing to (!ay is 'y !o%e )or the 'usic. .here's such a cathartic )ee!ing about (!aying the 'usic that (ro(e!s you to a certain e'otiona! !e%e! that is %ery satis)ying. - be!ie%e you get the sa'e )ee!ing when you're high on $rugs *not that -'%e e%er trie$ one/, an$ 'aybe it -S $esigne$ to be !ike one. -'$ !ike to be!ie%e that the 'usic an$ the !yrics are se(arate entities, a!though - know that's not true. >ho knows, one $ay -'$ (robab!y sto( (!aying at a!!.

22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 Ro$ sai$ *October 28, 200 /0 -n the ear!y D0's - bought a I (art, 8 hour %i$eo tit!e$ , He!!s Be!!s , a criti@ue o) the rock 'usic scene. Ree! to Ree! 'inistries (ro$uce$ it. -t was %ery en!ightening. -t see's by the $escri(tion you 'entione$ o) the other %i$eo that are %ery si'i!ar. -t o(ene$ 'y eyes. - !istene$ to hea%y 'eta! Rock in high schoo! an$ a!! the way through 'y 20's. - )re@uente$ Rock concerts. Such as <iss, +an Ha!en, Rush, an$ e%en 6un's an$ Roses an$ Meta!ica at the en$ o) 'y ignorance. - ha$ ne%er hear$ 'usic ta!ke$ about in such $ee( ter's be)ore. - thought , it was on!y 'usic,. - $i$n't rea!i4e the $a'age it was $oing to 'e through in$octrination. .he re(etiti%eness o) it. O%er an$ o%er the ban$s wou!$ (!ay the sa'e guitar chor$s an$ ri)ts an$ the singer wou!$ sing the sa'e !yrics o%er an$ o%er. .he re(etition ensures that the !istener wi!! ne%er )orget the wor$s. -) 'usic is (ower)u! enough to !i)t your s(irits an$ (ut you in a goo$ 'oo$. .hen isn't it a!so (ower)u! to change your 'oo$ )or ba$1 Songs 'ake (eo(!e cry, !augh, re'inisce, )ight. 9ook at the 'usic the bo8ers (!ay when they are entering the ring to (u'( the' u(. - can't think o) anything 'ore in)!uentia! that 'usic. .o be )air. Ra( 'usic is Bust as ba$, an$ e%en country 'usic is getting (retty 82rate$ as o) !ate. Maybe (eo(!e shou!$ !ook into who owns the recor$ !abe!s1 >ho are the (ro$ucers1 - think you wi!! see the sa'e grou( o) (eo(!e we see in the 'e$ia. Print an$ .+. 5%i! is the on!y wor$ - can think o) that )its a((ro(riate!y. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 Da%i$ 9i%ingstone2 sai$ *October 28, 200 /0 9ooking at Manson's (icture, - rea!i4e that he is not the e%i! we shou!$ be worrie$ about, but Bust another 'isgui$e$ ki$, !ike so 'any !i%ing in &'erica. - was !ooking at +!oggies, which is an awar$ )or best %!ogs, an$ at the to( o) the !ist is 9i%ing in Bagh$a$, which is rea! -ra@is te!!ing their 'iserab!e stories. . 5%eryone a)ter that, on the other han$, are Bust the o((osite. &n$ they are a!! the sa'e. - Bust )!u))y re)!ections an$ atte'(ts at 'i!$ hu'or on nothing in (articu!ar. .he a'a4ing thing is that the !atter re(resent the 'enta! state o) &'ericans, whi!e the -ra@i %!og re(resents an atte'(t to wake the' )ro' that %ery s!ee(. -t is a'a4ing how unconcerne$ &'ericans in genera! are. &n$ that is the heart o) the (rob!e', an$ the rea! ai' o) the Rock n Ro!! 'in$ contro! (rogra'. >e ha%e to re'e'ber that what we are witnessing is an agen$a that has been un$er way since the success)u! cou( $'etat o)

the -!!u'inati in CJJ . 5%er since, their (ri'ary ai' has been to $iscre$it #hristianity, an$ by that, a!! 6o$2centere$ re!igions. 7irst, they 'anage$ to con%ince that the #hurch was a corru(t organi4ation co''itte$ on!y to its own (ower. .he 'yth o) e%o!ution an$ o) (rogress was )urther 'obi!i4e$ to $iscre$it re!igion as we!!. But their )iercest b!ow was in suggesting that re!igious %a!ues are too strict, or e%en counter to our nature. .his is the %ery basis o) 6nosticis', that 6o$ is an o((ressi%e go$, an$ that he has i'(ose$ !aws u(on us that are natura!. So Satanists instea$ teach in$u!gence. .his is a c!e%er $i%ersion )ro' the truth o) the 'essage o) #hristianity, an$ in )act o) :u$ais' an$ #hristianity as we!!. Because $i$ not teach us that we shou!$ be ,asha'e$, o) our bo$ies, but that we shou!$ ,ha%e sha'e,, that is, show a !itt!e se!)2res(ect. But se8 is not the big issue in #hristianity as it has been 'a$e out to be. Rather, :esus' centra! 'essage was to ,!o%e one's neighbour,. Se!)2restraint is an i'(ortant 'atter, but not the core issue. .he u!ti'ate e8a'(!es o) this kin$ o) (reBu$ice against #hristianity, an$ the su((ose$ (ru$ishness o) con%entiona! %a!ues, are the o%er!y2(reachy an$ se!)2righteous e))orts o) shows !ike South Park an$ the 7a'i!y 6uy. &n$ Mari!yn Manson is Bust another sy'(to' o) this ignorance, or sha!! we say arrogange. &n$ so, through this ruse o) critici4ing #hristianity's take on se8ua!ity, the -!!u'inati ha%e succee$e$ in $istracting the 'asses )ro' the centra! issue. &n$ - think that is how you can e8(!ain &'erica's co'(!ete !ack o) concern )or the (!ight o) so 'any o) hu'anity, as e8e'(!i)ie$ by the sha!!owness o) a new !egion o) %!oggers. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 Da%i$ 9i%ingstone sai$ *October 28, 200 /0 .his what it is a!! about, .a%istock an$ the 7rank)urt schoo! neo27reu$ians. Here's a (iece by #o!e'an0 htt(0GGwww.i!!u''GrockKan$K'' .he (oint is not Bust to $estroy society, but to teach the worshi( o) Satan $isguise$ as ,!iberation,. Because basica!!y it is !iberation )ro' #hristian %a!ues, or Bust e%eryone's inborn sense o) $ecency, which is errant!y e@uate$ with ,#hristian gui!t,. .his was a!! (art o) a !arge22sca!e 'in$2contro! (roBect. One %ersion was )or the 'asses, the other was )or s(eci)ic in$i%i$ua!s, or Manchurian #an$i$ates, traine$ as 'assassins,, or 'ore s(eci)ica!!y terrorists. .he use o) 'usic to in$uce trance states is the %ery basis o) the occu!t. .his is re)erre$ to in the B-b!e in the e(iso$e o) the 6o!$en #a!) as ,(agan re%e!,. -t in%o!%es the use o) 'usic in co'bination with into8icants, to ri!e the worshi((ers, unti! they beco'e (ossesse$ by 'the go$' L$e'onM, an$ are ab!e to (er)or' su(ernatura! )eats, !ike soothsay, or 'ore heinous!y, ki!! a chi!$. .his was then )o!!owe$ by the consu''ation o) the chi!$, an$ then orgies. -n ancient ti'es, these were ca!!e$ Mysteries. .hey )or'e$ the basis o) )irst Mitthrais', an$ )ro' there to the rest o) the so2ca!!e$ >estern occu!t tra$ition. .o$ay is si'(!y re)erre$ to as B!ack Magic.

.hose with a hi$$en insight into the acti%ities o) the occu!t, !ike the -!!u'inati, re(resente$ by the 20th centuries !ea$ing )igures, inc!u$ing the 7rank)urt Schoo!, recogni4e$ the (ossibi!ities o) 'usic to in$uce susce(tib!e states o) consciousness. So they create$ Rock an$ Ro!!, e%i$ent!y (ro$uce$ by so'e o) their 'ost $ys)unctiona! chi!$ren.

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