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Southeast Asian Games 2013

Worksheet 1 Topic : History of the SEA Games Name ....... No. Class
1. Cloze activity fill in the missing words.

The . are now the largest sporting event in Southeast Asia. The Games were formerly known as . The 6 founding members were , . , ........... , ., and . The Games were changed the title from SEAP Games to SEA Games in .. Nowadays, the SEA Games consist of 11 members with the inclusion of .. as the last participant.

2. True or False? a. The first SEAP Games were held in Yangon, Myanmar. T/F

b. Laos was one of the 6 founding members of the Southeast Asian Peninsula Games Federation. T/F

c. The SEAP Federation changed their name to Southeast Asian Games in 1977. T / F d. The 26th SEA Games were held in Hanoi, Vietnam. T/F

e. Nowadays, the SEA Games are held every four years. T / F

ASEAN CORNER by Kru Ekachai

3. Answer the questions. a. How many countries were the founding members of the SEAP Games? .. b. When were the first SEAP Games held? . c. Where were the first SEAP Games held? . d. What country was the 10th member of the SEA Games? . e. Why the SEAP Federation changed the name to SEA Games? . 4. Circle the correct answer. 1. SEAP Games stands for . a. Southeast Asean People Games c. Southeast Asean Peninsula Games 2. Thailand had hosted times of the SEAP Games. a. three b. four c. five b. Southeast Asian Peninsula Games

3. .. is the latest participant of the SEA Games. a. Brunei b. Papua New Guinea c. Timor-Leste

4. The SEA Games is a .. multi-sport event with the participation of the Southeast Asian Nations. a. bienial b. tertiary c. quadruple

The SEA Games Worksheet # 1 was originally created by Kru Ekachai. Creation Date : 8 December 2013

ASEAN CORNER by Kru Ekachai