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!"#$%&'("#)"* ',$ #)--$%$"' './$& 0- 10*(

?oga ls becomlng a more and more popular acLlvlLy ln Lhe WesLern world Loday. 1he
number of places holdlng ?oga classes ls on Lhe lncrease and Lhere ls a pleLhora of
dlfferenL Lypes of ?oga. WlLh a cholce of PaLha ?oga, AshLanga ?oga, ower ?oga,
lyengar ?oga, 8lkram ?oga, vlnyasa ?oga and many more lL can be easy Lo geL confused.

Learn Lhe dlfferences beLween Lhe mosL popular Lypes of ?oga so you can choose whlch
Lype ls rlghL for you.

2(',( 10*( - ln SanskrlL (an anclenL classlcal language of lndla) Pa" means sun" and
Lha" means moon". 1hls Lype of ?oga ls relaLlvely slow paced, genLle Lype of ?oga and
ls a good place Lo sLarL lf you are compleLely new Lo ?oga and don'L know any of Lhe
asanas (poses). Llke all Lypes of ?oga, PaLha ?oga alms Lo unlLe Lhe mlnd, body and

3&,'("*( 10*( - Lhls ls Lhe Lype of ?oga LhaL l pracLlce on a regular basls and means
elghL llmbs" ln SanskrlL. lL's a fasL movlng, lnLense sLyle of ?oga pracLlce and ls based on
a progresslve seL sequence of asanas, synchronlzed wlLh Lhe breaLh. AshLanga ?oga can
be qulLe physlcally demandlng as you consLanLly move from one asana ln Lhe sequence
Lo Lhe nexL, so you'll flnd LhaL lL wlll lmprove your sLamlna as well as your flexlblllLy and

405$% 10*( - Lhls ls a wesLern lnLerpreLaLlon of ?oga and ls based on AshLanga ?oga. A
ower ?oga class may noL necessarlly sLlck Lo Lhe exacL sequence of poses llke AshLanga
?oga does, buL lL does lnvolve pracLlclng a serles of poses wlLhouL sLopplng and sLarLlng.

6.$"*(% 10*( - 1hls Lype of ?oga ls based on Leachlngs by 8.k.S lgengar and
concenLraLes on Lhe correcL allgnmenL and form of Lhe body. unllke AshLanga ?oga,
Lhere ls an emphasls on holdlng each pose for a long perlod of Llme raLher Lhan movlng
consLanLly from one pose Lo Lhe nexL. lyengar ?oga uses props such as blocks and sLraps
Lo help allgn Lhe body lnLo Lhe dlfferenL poses.

7)".(&( 10*( - vlnyasa means breaLh synchronlzed movemenL and ls anoLher fasL
paced Lype of ?oga, wlLh an emphasls on breaLhlng. A pracLlce Lyplcally sLarLs wlLh sun

saluLaLlons and moves on Lo more lnLense sLreLchlng. 1hroughouL Lhe pracLlce each
pose ls balanced wlLh a counLer pose.

8)9%(: 10*( - oLherwlse known as PoL ?oga", ls pracLlced ln a room heaLed Lo 103
degrees, wlLh a humldlLy of around 40. Cenerally a sequence of 26 dlfferenL poses ls
pracLlced durlng a 8lkram ?oga class and Lhe hoL LemperaLure helps Lo loosen muscles.
uue Lo Lhe hlgh LemperaLure mosL people sweaL a loL durlng Lhe class and Lhls helps Lo
cleanse Lhe body of Loxlns.

lf you're [usL sLarLlng ouL or have never done any ?oga before lL ls recommended Lo Lry a
few dlfferenL Lypes of yoga Lo flnd ouL whaL you llke besL.

8emember, Lhere's no rule LhaL says you have Lo sLlck Lo one Lype of ?oga.

;,$ <0&' =0::0" ;./$& 0- 10*(
1here are so many dlfferenL Lypes of yoga Loday, wlLh Lhls a problemaLlc slLuaLlon for
beglnners, lL ls besL Lo choose a form of yoga LhaL ls approprlaLe for each lndlvldual's
level of flLness, physlcal and splrlLual goals and healLh condlLlon.

Some of Lhe mosL common Lypes of yoga are llsLed below and brlefly explalned Lo gulde
you ln chooslng Lhe besL Lype of yoga LhaL you can sLarL wlLh.

>.$"*(% 10*(? Lhese Lypes of yoga are solely focused on Lhe allgnmenL and preclse
movemenLs. ?oga props such as blocks and sLraps are usually used as parL of Lhls Lype of
yoga for Lhose beglnners who are noL as flexlble as Lhe experLs as Lo compensaLe for

1hese ?oga props help asslsL all sorLs of people Lo be able Lo do Lhe poses comforLably.

8ecause of lLs aLLenLlon Lo deLalls and Lhe flexlble modlflcaLlon of poses, Lhese Lypes of
yoga ls ofLen a good form of exerclse for people wlLh back paln or neck paln, as Lhey are
llkely Lo beneflL from Lhe random alLeraLlon Lo Lhe poses.


racLlclng Lhese Lypes of yoga wlll glve you a good knowledge on Lhe classlcs ln yoga
poses so LhaL whaLever oLher sLyle you pracLlce, you wlll have Lhe baslc fundamenLals
on how Lo do each poslLlon.

ln lyengar yoga Lhe Leacher focuses more on allgnmenL and lnner awareness. 1hls
awareness sLarLs wlLh Lhe body and expands Lo oLher parLs of Lhe self as one conLlnues
wlLh Lhe regularlLy of pracLlce.

3&,'("*( 10*(? Lhese Lypes of yoga are commonly called power yoga" because lL ls
focused on a powerful flowlng movemenL.

Such movemenLs lnclude push ups and lunges, whlch deals wlLh sLrengLh and sLamlna.
1hese Lypes of yoga are besL for people who have successfully overcome back ln[urles
and are looklng for more challenglng pracLlce.

eople who are already aLhleLlc such as runners, gymnasLs and cycllsLs who wanL Lo add
more balance and concenLraLlon Lo Lhelr rouLlnes are also uLlllzlng Lhese Lypes of yoga.

8)9%(: 10*(? Lhese Lypes of yoga are also known as Lhe hoL yoga" for Lhls ls done ln a
very warm room. 1hese Lypes of yoga are excellenL Lools for lncreaslng flexlblllLy
because Lhe heaL helps Llssue Lo sLreLch.

8uL keep ln mlnd LhaL Lhese Lypes of yoga are noL appllcable Lo Lhose LhaL have
developed cardlo vascular dlseases due Lo Lhe sLraln placed on Lhe body when
vlgorously exerclslng ln Lhe heaL.

7)") 10*(? Lhese Lypes of yoga llnks breaLhe and movemenL ln flowlng exerclses LhaL are
adapLed Lo each lndlvldual. 1hese are ofLen a good form of yoga for Lhose wlLh back
problems or neck ln[urles because lL can be easlly adapLed by anyone.

@(A( 10*(? Lhese Lypes of yoga alms for llberaLlon Lhrough medlLaLlon. 1hese Lypes of
yoga are only for Lhose people who are capable of lnLense concenLraLlon.

8,(9') 10*(? or commonly known as devoLlonal yoga. 1hese Lypes of yoga focus on self
surrender ln Lhe face of Lhe dlvlne.

<("'%( 10*(? much more know as Lhe "yoga of poLenL sound,". 1hese Lypes of yoga
alms aL llberaLlon Lhrough Lhe verbal or menLal repeLlLlon of empowered sounds, such
as "om," "hum," or "ram."

1here are so many yoga lnsLlLuLlons Lo choose from. lL ls also a good ldea LhaL before
golng lnLo a class, dlscuss wlLh Lhe Leacher flrsL regardlng hls or her phllosophy and
bellefs ln order Lo flnd Lhe mosL approprlaLe and personally appeallng form of yoga for

3&,'("'( 10*(
AshLanga ?oga ls a meLhod of yoga LhaL ls LaughL ln lndla by Srl k aLLabhl !ols. 1hls sLyle
of yoga lnvolves Lhe synchronlzaLlon of breaLhlng wlLh a progresslve serles of posLures.

1hls ls a process LhaL produces a klnd of lnLense lnLernal heaL as well as a drenchlng,
purlfylng sweaL LhaL ls supposed Lo deLoxlfy Lhe muscles and organs of Lhe body. 1he
resulL ls a llghL and sLrong body, lmproved clrculaLlon and a calm mlnd.

3&,'("*( 10*( 8(B9*%0C"#
AshLanga ?oga ls a meLhod of yoga LhaL was recorded by vamana 8lshl ln an anclenL
manuscrlpL call Lhe ?oga korunLa. 1hls arLlcle was sald Lo conLaln llsLs of a varleLy of
grouplngs of asanas and hlghly orlglnal Leachlngs on Lhe sub[ecLs of vlnyasa, bandhas,
drlshLl, mudras and phllosophy.

1he LexL of Lhls arLlcle was handed down Lo Srl 1. krlshnamacharya by hls Leacher 8ama
Mohan 8rahmacharl ln Lhe early 1900's. lL laLer came lnLo Lhe possesslon of aLLabhl

!ols when he sLudled wlLh krlshnamacharya beglnnlng ln 1927. !ols has been Leachlng
Lhls Lype of yoga slnce 1948 from hls yoga shala.

1he llLeral meanlng of AshLanga ?oga ls elghL-llmbed" yoga as puL forLh by sage
aLan[all. Accordlng Lo hlm, Lhe paLh of lnLernal cleanslng ln order Lo reveal Lhe
unlversal self ls based on Lhe followlng elghL splrlLual pracLlces:

* ?ama whlch are moral codes
* nlyama whlch ls based on sLudy and self-purlflcaLlon
* Asana or posLure
* ranayama whlch ls conLrolled breaLhlng
* raLyahara whlch ls sense conLrol
* uharana whlch ls concenLraLlon
* uhyana whlch ls medlLaLlon
* Samadhl whlch ls conLemplaLlon

8,(9') 10*( D ;,$ EB)$"B$ F- G$H0')0"
8hakLl means devoLlon Lo Lhe AlmlghLy. 8hakLl yoga deals wlLh devoLlon Lo Cod and
achlevlng Lhe unlon wlLh Plm. 1hls ls Lhe easlesL of all yoga Lypes. 1hls branch of yoga
Leaches Lhe relaLlon beLween Lhe devoLee and Lhe dlvlne. lL does noL lnvolve any
Lechnlcal or compllcaLed procedures. 1here ls no need of any lnLellecLual capaclLy Lo
masLer Lhls yoga. lL has appealed Lo Lhe common man because lL glves hlm a feellng
securlLy and develops a klnd of rellance and dependence on Lhe ob[ecL of hls devoLlon.

8hakLl yoga assumes LhaL Lhere ls a hlgher power LhaL has creaLed Lhe unlverse and ls
all-powerful. 1hls power has Lhe capaclLy Lo confer grace and mercy on hlm and Lhus
proLecLlng hlm from all Lhe harms and evlls. 1he devoLee or bhakLa ls expecLed Lo make
hlmself flL for recelvlng Lhls dlvlne grace. lor Lhls, he has Lo pracLlce devoLlon and vlrLue.
Pls ulLlmaLe goal should be Lo unlLe wlLh Lhls dlvlne power and resL eLernally ln
happlness and peace. 1he devoLee surrenders all hls moLlves and acLs Lo Lhe ulvlne

ower. Pe renounces all responslblllLles Lowards Lhe good or bad consequences of all
hls acLlons and ascrlbes lL Lo Lhe wlll of Lhe Supreme.

uevoLlon and falLh play a vlLal role ln Lhls branch of yoga. 1he devoLee or bhakLa ls
supposed Lo be hlghly rellglous, should adopL a frlendly sLance Lowards all Lhe oLher
llvlng belngs lncludlng anlmals, read rellglous LexLs, concenLraLe on Lhe symbol of Lhe
ulvlne, Lhlnk and wlsh well for oLhers eLc. 1he beauLy of Lhls yoga lles ln lLs slmpllclLy.
1hls has made lL one of Lhe mosL appeallng of all Lhe yoga Lypes. lollowlng Lhls yoga
develops Lhe peace of mlnd ln an lndlvldual. A peaceful lndlvldual wlll always Lhlnk
happy and prosperous LhoughLs and wlll Lhus lead a happy llfe.

8$"$-)'& 0- =,()% 10*(

4(%' I
ln comparlson Lo many forms of exerclse, Lhe beneflLs of Chalr ?oga far ouLwelgh Lhe
rlsks. 1he LherapeuLlc exerclses work Lhe body, from head Lo Loes, Lo Lhe besL of any
cllenL's ablllLy.

1herefore, Lhe meLhod used, addresses Lhe whole body ln a slngle rouLlne. 1hls ls an
amazlng feaL, for a low-lmpacL exerclse program, where Lhe average sesslon lasLs 43 Lo
60 mlnuLes. 1he followlng lnformaLlon wlll hlghllghL some of Lhe many beneflLs of
regular parLlclpaLlon ln a Chalr ?oga class.

lncreased clrculaLlon ls a resulL of movemenL and every body parL LhaL can move ls used
ln a Lyplcal Chalr ?oga class. lor many of us, we Lhlnk of cardlovascular heaLh flrsL, and
Lhls ls rlghL fully so, buL Chalr ?oga helps many oLher forms of clrculaLlon, wlLhln Lhe
body, as well.

1o slL sLlll for days on end, we lnvlLe dlseases of many klnds. ulabeLlcs need movemenL
Lo keep sugar levels ln Lolerance zones." Chalr ?oga also has rouLlnes for Lhe feeL, Loes,
hands, and flngers, so Lhere ls no parL of Lhe body lefL ouL. uue Lo Lhls whole body
approach, Lhe lmmune sysLem ls also sLlmulaLed by regularly aLLendlng Chalr ?oga


1he many movemenLs, bendlng, and LwlsLlng, ln a regular Chalr ?oga sesslon, sLlmulaLe
Lhe ellmlnaLlon of Loxlns, wlLhln Lhe body. Lvery Llme you bend Lhe walsL ln one
dlrecLlon or anoLher, Lhe sLomach alds ln dlgesLlon and Lhe lower back ls genLly

now, back Lo cardlovascular beneflLs - 1here seems Lo be a loL of confuslon abouL whaL
ls classlfled as aeroblc exerclse. Cne of Lhe deflnlLlons for aeroblc exerclse ls: Any
exerclse LhaL would lncrease clrculaLory and resplraLory ablllLy. When Lhe hearL and
lungs have Lo work harder Lo keep up wlLh Lhe body's need for oxygen Lhen LhaL ls
consldered aeroblc.

ln facL, gardenlng and housework are also aeroblc exerclse LhaL mosL senlors rouLlnely
do. 1hls ls noL Lo say LhaL gardenlng and housework are compleLe healLh malnLenance
sysLems, buL Lhey do burn over 200 calorles per hour, for Lhe average person, and meeL
Lhe aeroblc deflnlLlon.

Much of Lhls menLallLy sLems from Lhe no paln - no galn" era. MosL of Lhe orlglnal
advocaLes of Lhls Lheory are now nurslng Lhelr own wounds" and pracLlclng genLler
forms of exerclse. AfLer all, none of us are lmmorLal, and Lhe body can only Lake so
much abuse over Llme.

May l remlnd anyone, who ls lefL sLandlng, from Lhe no paln - no galn era, LhaL walklng
ls also classlfled as aeroblc exerclse. So, wheLher you walk or run a mlle, aeroblc beneflLs
are galned and slgnlflcanL calorles are burned.

4(%' J
We have all heard Lhe saylng, 8ome wasn'L bullL ln a day." 1hose words are exLremely
profound, when Lhlnklng abouL correcLlng poor posLure and allgnmenL. lL Lakes years Lo
creaLe poor allgnmenL.

1herefore, poor posLure cannoL be correcLed ln a slngle day. A more approprlaLe saylng,
when Lhlnklng abouL posLure and allgnmenL mlghL be, 1he leanlng Lower of lsa cannoL
become sLralghL ln a week."


Powever, lmprovemenLs Lo posLure can be made Lhrough Chalr ?oga exerclses and
Lhrough dally posLure awareness." ln my classes, l refer Lo posLure awareness as
homework." lL usually draws a chuckle from sLudenLs, buL Lhey also know LhaL class
Llme ls Lhe Llme Lo learn and pracLlce Chalr ?oga LogeLher.

1lme away from Lhe ?oga class ls when you puL Lhe prlnclples you have learned, ln
moLlon, and adapL Lhem lnLo your llfesLyle. l cannoL promlse Chalr ?oga ls a cure all,"
buL you wlll see lmprovemenLs ln every aspecL of your llfe. Powever, pracLlclng your
homework separaLes Lhe fanLasLlc success sLorles from Lhose who see some modesL

So, whaL ls posLure awareness? 1hls ls Laklng Lhe Llme Lo be aware of your posLure, on a
dally basls. 1he flrsL Lhlng you wanL Lo do ln order Lo open your awareness ls look aL
your slde proflle ln a mlrror and any phoLographs of yourself. AL Lhls polnL, look aL your
splne from Lop Lo boLLom.

uo you see slumplng, forward LllLlng of Lhe neck, or exLra large curves? ?our splne
should be allgned so LhaL lL ls falrly sLralghL aL all Llmes. uurlng a number of dally
acLlvlLles such as: SLandlng, walklng, readlng, eaLlng, slLLlng, lylng, Lyplng, and more, you
should make a consclous efforL, Lo keep your head and back sLralghL.

now, we can all remember a schoolLeacher who preached, keep your back sLralghL,"
buL now we know LhaL he or she was absoluLely correcL. 1ake Lhe Llme Lo ad[usL your
splnal allgnmenL, from Lhls momenL on, and every Llme you can remember Lo do so.

lf posslble, you should also aLLend any workshops abouL ChlropracLlc and CrLhopedlc
medlclne. LducaLe yourself abouL your body, your splne, and your cholces. ?ou can
usually flnd Lhese workshops and many more valuable meeLlngs aL your local senlor
cenLer. 1hese workshops are usually free, you are under no obllgaLlon, and lL makes for
a good lacL flndlng mlsslon."

1he allgnmenL and posLure prlnclples, you learn ln a Chalr ?oga class, can be as slmple
as, aln or no paln."


4(%' K
llexlblllLy ls consldered Lo be a by producL" of ?oga pracLlce, buL ln Lhe case of Chalr
?oga, lL ls ofLen down played" or Laken for granLed. Slnce mosL Chalr ?oga enLhuslasLs
are senlors, Lhe Lrue value of flexlblllLy ls moblllLy.

When you conslder LhaL moblllLy for senlors can be Lhe dlfference beLween dependence
and lndependence, flexlblllLy ls now of exLreme value.

1he followlng ls an observaLlon l have made afLer worklng wlLh groups from asslsLed
llvlng complexes, adulL day care cenLers, nurslng homes, and senlors cenLers. 1he
average moblle senlor clLlzen ls much more flexlble ln Lhe hlps, splne, wrlsLs, and
shoulders, Lhan hls or her dependenL counLerparL.

!usL crosslng Lhe legs can be dlfflculL for Lhe cllenLs l work wlLh ln a nurslng home.
SLudenLs ln Chalr ?oga classes learn a varleLy of exerclses LhaL wlll free up" many of Lhe
ma[or [olnLs. Many sLudenLs also remark how paln, from a varleLy of allmenLs, ls much
more manageable, afLer pracLlclng Chalr ?oga.

lncreased range of moLlon makes a dlfference, when reachlng for anyLhlng. lL also helps
Lo prevenL ln[urles LhaL can occur from sLraln or a posslble fall. lf a senlor falls, Lhere ls
cerLalnly Lhe poLenLlal LhaL Lhe resulLs could be llfe LhreaLenlng.

Chalr ?oga offers a slgnlflcanL number of balanclng exerclses. AlLhough balance can be
affecLed by medlcaLlon, lnner ear problems, and more, many senlors show much
lmprovemenL ln balanclng Lhelr bodles wlLhln weeks of Lhelr flrsL Chalr ?oga class.
1herefore, flexlblllLy and balance are a slgnlflcanL parL of an ln[ury prevenLlon package
LhaL can lmprove, or enhance, Lhe quallLy of llfe for senlors. 1hls facL has been reallzed
by senlors who flock Lo Chalr ?oga classes on a dally, or weekly, basls.

MosL of us reallze LhaL physlcal condlLlonlng ls noL Lhe only facLor lnvolved ln
dependence. 1here are a number of dlsabllng dlseases LhaL can affecL any one of us and
have noLhlng Lo do wlLh lack of flexlblllLy. Lack of flexlblllLy ls noL Lhe slngle overrldlng
facLor lnvolved ln lndependence for senlors.


Powever, lL ls a facL LhaL less moblle, and frall, senlors wlll become conflned.

Pence, mosL senlors should make an efforL Lo sLay flexlble, for whaL ls ulLlmaLely Lhelr
own dlgnlLy aL sLake. ?ou could look aL your physlcal condlLlon as an lnsurance pollcy for
lndependenL llvlng. AfLer all, who really wanLs Lo lmpose on Lhelr chlldren or relaLlves
for Lhe sake of exlsLence?

4(%' L
Chalr ?oga can easlly work ln harmony wlLh mosL physlcal rehablllLaLlon prescrlpLlons.
Many physlcal LheraplsLs have knowledge of ?oga or are Leachers of ?oga. Many
docLors, physlcal LheraplsLs, and medlcal professlonals recommend ?oga Lo paLlenLs
who are maklng a come back."

?oga glves Lhese paLlenLs Lhe sLrengLh Lo move ahead, when many would be
dlscouraged. 1he comebacks LhaL l have personally wlLnessed are lnsplrlng Lo me as a
?oga Leacher. Cver Llme, l have seen come backs from sLrokes, hearL aLLacks, and car

lL Louches me LhaL Lhey Lhanked me for Leachlng Lhem ?oga or Chalr ?oga.

1he courage Lo go on came from wlLhln Lhelr mlnds, buL ?oga became a slgnlflcanL parL
of Lhelr llves. As a ?oga Leacher Lhe lnsplraLlon was muLual and made me feel helpful.
AfLer all, belng of help, and belng appreclaLed, are prlme moLlvaLlons for Leachers of any

Muscle Lone ls a resulL of sLreLchlng and flexlng any muscle group. AcLlve muscles
dlsplay Lhemselves on anybody LhaL chooses Lo use Lhem. 1hls ls also a good way Lo
relleve oneself of anxleLy, sLress, Lenslon, and prevenL depresslon. Llke Lhe oLher
beneflLs, prevlously menLloned, Lhls resulLs ln whole body healLh. A healLhy body does,
lndeed, compllmenL a healLhy mlnd.

lor Lhose cllenLs who are conflned Lo a chalr, lL ls wlse Lo lnclude some form of a welghL
bearlng, or welghL reslsLance, exerclse program. lor Lhose who can sLand, Chalr ?oga ls
anoLher welghL bearlng exerclse LhaL wlll sLlmulaLe bone bulldlng.

WlLh progresslve welghL reslsLance, you use free welghLs or machlnes, buL wlLh ?oga
you bear your own body welghL. 1he end resulL of Lhese exerclse programs would be
lncreased bone denslLy and prevenLlon of CsLeoporosls.

Senlors spend more Llme alone, Lhan any oLher age group. SomeLlmes, we all need a
llLLle sollLude, buL Loo much sollLude can lead Lo depresslon, ln some of us. Llvlng llfe llke
a monk ls noL for everyone.

Chalr ?oga classes offer a soclal acLlvlLy LhaL helps Lo sLlmulaLe Lhe mlnd and body ln a
poslLlve way. 1hls becomes an upllfLlng acLlvlLy LhaL parLlclpanLs look forward Lo.
8egular aLLendance, and soclallzlng ln Chalr ?oga classes, ls a healLhy acLlvlLy LhaL leads
Lo bulldlng sLrong relaLlonshlps.

lL also exposes senlors Lo Lhe many acLlvlLles LhaL are golng on wlLhln Lhe communlLy
cenLer. arLlclpanLs of chalr ?oga classes are exposed Lo whole healLh and galn a
nuLrlLlonal educaLlon as a member of a senlor, communlLy, or wellness cenLer.

LasLly, all parLlclpanLs ln Chalr ?oga classes learn Lo relax and quleL Lhe mlnd, Lhrough
breaLh awareness, medlLaLlon, sLage-by-sLage relaxaLlon, a comblnaLlon, or anoLher
meLhod. 1he end resulL belng LhaL Lhese ?oga sLudenLs can conLrol Lhelr mlnds, focus on
Lhe good Lhlngs ln llfe, and prevenL depresslon.

G%)&,') 10*(
?oga happens Lo be a form of exerclse LhaL came from some easLern rellglons, buL lL ls
also based on medlaLlon. ?ou wlll flnd LhaL Lhe yoga orlglns are LranslaLed ln Lngllsh
from SanskrlL. When you are beglnnlng wlLh your yoga, you wlll flnd LhaL lL can be a
dlfflculL Llme for you. ?ou wlll learn Lhe power of drlshLl once you have become an
advanced sLudenL. MosL Leachers wlll sLress LhaL Lhe drlshLl wlll help you Lo lmprove Lhe

way LhaL you carry yourself and your posLure. ?ou wlll also be able Lo geL a beLLer
undersLandlng of how yoga works on Lhe mlnd and body.

WlLh Lhe anclenL yoga Leachers you mlghL have heard Lhlngs llke wherever Lhe gaze lles,
your aLLenLlon follow. Pave you ever heard Lhe expresslon, "keep your eye on Lhe ball"?
1hls ls Lhe same prlnclple. ln yoga as a rellglous pracLlce, as well as Lo beneflL our healLh,
Lhe ulLlmaLe goal ls Lo calm Lhe mlnd. ?oga wlll help you Lo relleve sLress and you're
your body and mlnd focus and see Lhlngs more clearly. ?ou wlll flnd LhaL lL wlll help you
on many levels. 8y flxlng your gaze on a slngle polnL (a drlshLl), you can hone Lhe skllls
you need Lo brlng your mlnd Lo a slngle polnL as well. urlshLl seeks Lo block ouL exLernal
dlsLracLlons so LhaL Lhe mlnd ls wholly focused on lLself.

When lL comes Lo drlshLl, you wlll wanL Lo learn how Lo focus on your breaLhlng. lf you
keep your eyes open as you medlLaLe, you can also use an ouLslde source, llke Lhe Llp of
your nose or Lhe flame of a candle. When pracLlclng yoga, slmply choose a polnL ln Lhe
room on whlch Lo flx your gaze and your mlnd. ?ou wlll wanL Lo make sure LhaL you
choose someLhlng LhaL you can flnd naLural. 1hls can be very helpful when holdlng
poses for an exLended perlod of Llme. lor beglnnlng sLudenLs, Lhe drlshLl wlll be Lhe
lnsLrucLor. 8emember LhaL as you advance, your undersLandlng of Lhe use of drlshLl wlll
advance as well.

?ou should noL feel llke your eyes or sLralned or LhaL lL lnLerferes wlLhouL yoga rouLlne.
lor Lhose who are rellglous, Lhey wlll see Lhe acLlvlLy as a way Lo work on Lhe mlnd and
Lhe body. ?ou wlll flnd LhaL some Lypes of yoga have some drlshLl used poses. ?ou wlll
Lry Lhlngs llke Lhe downward faclng dog and you'll flx your gaze upon your navel. ?our
Leachers wlll explaln Lhe use of drlshLl and how Lo blend lL ln wlLh your rouLlne. 1hey wlll
Lell you some recommend on how you can use your poses Lo help you lmprove yourself

G%C 10*(
uru ?oga ls a poLenL and graceful form on yoga. lL ls based on dlrecLed breaLhlng, sofL
flowlng movemenLs and vlsuallzaLlon. lLs foundaLlons were seL ln anclenL yoglc LradlLlon.

uru ?oga works on Lhe body, splrlL and mlnd. lL lmproves flexlblllLy and sLrengLh, creaLes
core sLablllLy, bullds a helghLened sense of poslLlve Lhlnklng, ls deeply relaxlng and
re[uvenaLes your enLlre belng.

uru ?oga was deslgned Lo be pracLlced by people of all dlfferenL flLness levels, dlfferenL
ablllLles and all age groups. 1hls ls a sLyle of yoga LhaL can qulckly be plcked up or you
can learn more abouL lL over your llfeLlme.

G%C <$#)'(')0"
lf lL has been one of your goals Lo learn how Lo medlLaLe ln order Lo feel LhaL lnner
calmness or Lo be a sLress rellever, Lhen Lry uru MedlLaLlon! 1he uru approach Lo
medlLaLlon wlll help brlng you balance no maLLer whaL or how you are feellng.

lf you seem Lo be aglLaLed, uru medlLaLlon wlll help Lo brlng you a feellng of calmness. lf
you feel exhausLed, Lhls form of medlLaLlon wlll glve your energy.

lL wlll brlng peace Lo your splrlL lf you are feellng anxlous. 1he mosL lmporLanL Lhlng LhaL
uru medlLaLlon wlll do for you ls Lo brlng you Lo LhaL sLlll place wlLhln you, wlLh lLs sense
of achlevemenL, fullness and deep heallng properLles LhaL only medlLaLlon and yoga can

lf you really wanL Lo learn uru medlLaLlon, Lhe besL way Lo do Lhls ls Lo aLLend a
workshop or a medlLaLlon reLreaL ln your area. lf you are noL able Lo do LhaL, you mlghL
Lry a gulded uru medlLaLlon LhaL ls avallable on Cu.

?ou wlll flnd LhaL uru medlLaLlon can help allevlaLe faLlgue and sLress and brlng you
focus and calm. lf only you can do Len mlnuLes dally of medlLaLlon, lL wlll make a greaL

M(%:( 10*( D ;,$ 3%' F- >)H)"*
1he anclenL book of ClLa, whlch ls Lhe LreaLlse on Lhe llvlng has led a greaL sLress on Lhe
karma. karma ls deflned as Lhe acLlon and lLs frulLs. AnclenL Plndu salnLs have belleved
LhaL a man's llfe ls Lhe dlrecL resulL of hls karma. Cood LhoughLs, words and deeds lead
Lo good and happy llfe whlle bad LhoughLs, words and deeds lead a person Lo dlsasLer.
1hls has been posLulaLed ln Lhe 18Lh cenLury by lsaac newLon, who gave hls law as lor
every acLlon Lhere ls an equal and opposlLe reacLlon."

1he branch of yoga LhaL deals wlLh karma ls called as Lhe karma yoga. usually you are
bound by Lhe cravlngs and deslres assoclaLed wlLh your acL buL you can free yourself by
dolng Lhe acL buL dlssoclaLlng yourself from lLs consequences. 1hls ls Lhe baslc concepL
behlnd karma yoga and Lhe person who follows Lhls paLh ls known as karma yogl. Pls
behavlour ls of lndlfference and whlle Lhe world may Lhlnk he ls noL lnLeresLed, ln reallLy
he has masLered hls deslres and has developed awareness of Lhe real slgnlflcance of Lhe
evenLs LhaL occur around hlm.

1hls yoga lnvolves dolng your duLy wlLhouL any reservaLlons buL ls free of Lhe cravlngs of
Lhe resulLs LhaL are obLalned from Lhe acL. 1hls aLLlLude ls dlfflculL Lo acqulre because
we are LaughL Lo hanker afLer Lhe frulLs of our labour and any fallure Lo obLaln Lhe
deslred resulLs leads you Lo frusLraLlon and negaLlve Lhlnklng. Also, consLanL aLLachmenL
Lo Lhe resulLs leads you Lo sLress, compeLlLlon and aggresslveness. 1hls has led Lo
lncreased lncldences of sLress, dlabeLes, depresslon, hearL allmenLs and sulcldes and has
led many youngsLers Lo use drugs, alcohol and clgareLLes. Pence followlng Lhe Leachlng
of krlshna ln ClLa, whereln he advlses Ar[un: ?ou are enLlLled Lo an acLlon buL noL lLs
frulLs" wlll lead you Lo a happy and sLress free llfe.

A karma yogl reallzes Lhls and hence he follows Lhe paLh of deLachmenL. 8uL Lhls does
noL make hlm dull or lnefflclenL. Cn Lhe conLrary, he channellzes hls enLlre energy lnLo
Lhe Lasks aL hand wlLh compleLe vlgour as hls energy ls noL dlsslpaLed and glves lL a besL
shoL. Pence Lhe resulLs of hls acLlons are Lhe besL and he geLs good frulLs. Pe does noL
run afLer pleasure buL pleasure follows hlm. 1hls makes hlm a pleasanL person Lo be
around and Lhus en[oys success ln hls llfe.

M%)/(NC 10*( D O0)")"* P0%B$&
lnLerLwlnlng Lhe mlnd, body, and energy ls Lhe prlmary goal of krlpalu yoga. 1hose who
pracLlce lL belleve LhaL Lhe body conLalns energy pulsaLlons ln a flow LhaL are called

prana, whlch ls someLlmes referred Lo as llfe force. 1he ldea ls LhaL Lhe smallesL LhoughL
or worry can cause problems wlLh Lhe prana ln your physlcal body. 1haL ls why krlpalu ls
lmporLanL, lL ls a way of belng aware of Lhe prana and uslng breaLhlng wlLh LhoughL Lo
prevenL blockage or dlsLurbance of Lhe llfe force ln your body. ln Lurn, you wlll feel an
lncreased level of menLal clarlLy and emoLlonal conLrol.

8olled down Lo lLs essence, krlpalu yoga ls abouL looklng aL yourself ln order Lo free you.
krlpalu yoga followers belleve LhaL by slmply examlnlng and experlenclng physlcal,
emoLlonal, and menLal processes, you begln Lo erase blockages ln Lhe prana. ln Lurn, Lhls
creaLes a beLLer flow of llfe force lnslde you and lnvokes a feellng of physlcal and menLal

Q,. M%)/(NCR
?oga, ln all lLs forms, has been shown Lo be hlghly effecLlve ln honlng Lhe physlcal
human body. 1hls ls much of Lhe reason for yoga's lmmense popularlLy. WhaL krlpalu
does, Lhough, ls use Lhe physlcal body and yoga's beneflLs Lo lL as a vehlcle for pursulng
Lhe greaLer good of menLal and emoLlonal sLablllLy and clarlLy. Pence, many belleve lL Lo
be Lhe mosL compleLe and beneflclal form of yoga. 1he ldea ls LhaL as you release your
emoLlonal and menLal lmpurlLy, you lncrease Lhe amounL of prana ln your sysLem whlch
ln Lurn also helps wlLh physlcal heallng and performance. Cf course, when all yoga
pracLlces and medlLaLlon are prefaced wlLh Lechnlques, such as Lhe Maharlc Seal
(AzurlLe ress), LhaL seal Lhe body's energy flelds from exLernal lnfluences, Lhe
experlence of self knowledge ls boLh clearer and auLhenLlc. krlpalu yoga does noL Leach
Lhls, however.

Many use Lhls popular form of yoga Lo comblne physlcal flLness wlLh self growLh and Lhe
empowermenL of Lhe self. ln krlpalu, you wlll learn Lo lead yourself Lhrough self-
examlnaLlon raLher Lhan Lhrough a leader or lnsLrucLor. ln Lhls form of yoga, leadershlp
ls Lhere only Lo help you Lurn yourself lnLo your own leader.

?our senslLlvlLy Lo self, oLhers, and your own body wlll lncrease from Lhe focus you wlll
recelve when you look lnslde. 1o Lake lL deeper, many belleve LhaL you are uslng your
body Lo as a Lemple Lo aLLracL Lhe presence of Lhose powers greaLer Lhan yourself.
1hough some may be skepLlcal, many more feel such presences when led Lhere Lhrough
Lhelr own self-examlnaLlon.

When you learn krlpalu from an lnsLrucLor, you wlll flnd LhaL lL usually does noL maLLer
whaL your level ls ln yoga. 1he classes are generally conducLed ln Lhe same way for new
yoga pracLlLloners and veLerans allke. 1he emphasls, remember, ls on looklng lnslde
yourself and seelng whaL ls Lhere. 1hough Lhere are posLures and a rlghL" way Lo do
Lhem, you wlll llkely be encouraged Lo concenLraLe on your menLal sLaLe and on
lncreaslng Lhe flow of your prana.

Moreover, krlpalu ls Lruly abouL llfe change. ?ou wlll learn Lo focus on your splrlLual well
belng ouLslde of Lhe classroom as well as whlle you're on Lhe yoga maL, conLrlbuLlng Lo
your overall well belng and helplng you on your way Lo belng Lhe besL person you can

krlpalu ls a unlque form of yoga. WlLh emphasls on looklng aL Lhe self and rlddlng lL of all
LhaL has gone awry, Lhls form of yoga ls abouL more Lhan [usL flLness of Lhe body. lL ls
abouL flLness of emoLlons, splrlL, and even a llLLle blL of Lhe soul.

@(A( 10*(
8a[a means klngly or royal. 1hls form of medlLaLlon ls based on brlnglng Lhe mlnd and
emoLlons lnLo balance or harmony so LhaL your aLLenLlon may be easlly dlrecLed on Lhe
ob[ecL of your medlLaLlon or on Lhe Lord dlrecLly.

Llfe force ls generally a movemenL up and down Lhe splne so LhaL lL becomes balanced
and Lhe emoLlons as well as Lhe mlnd are serenely conLenL.

Awareness ls Lhen dlrecLed Lo move forward lnLo a polnL LhaL ls locaLed ln Lhe cenLer of
one's lower forehead. 1hls medlLaLlon polnL, whlch ls also called Lhe a[na, or Lhlrd eye, ls
locaLed abouL 1 half lnches above where Lhe eyebrows meeL.

When Lhe energy becomes balanced LhroughouL your body and braln and moves
efforLlessly lnLo Lhe area of Lhe a[na, calmness seems Lo overLake your mlnd.

CerLalnly your mlnd ls noL passlve buL lL frees lLself from Lhe meanlngless worrles,
LhoughLs and cluLLer of Lhe subconsclous mlnd.


?ou derlve a pleasanL sense of well belng ln Lhls sLaLe and your mlnd seems Lo be fllled
wlLh a velveLy darkness.

As your consclousness courses Loward your Lhlrd eye, dlfferenL pasLel colors appear ln
your forehead. 1here are sumpLuous, glorlous plnks, whlLes, lndlgos, purples, yellows,
blues and green LhaL Lake Lhelr Lurn ln your forehead.

As your llfe force becomes sLronger and more concenLraLed you may Lhlnk you see
llghLnlng, flreflles or moonllghL. 1hls whole process ls geLLlng you ready Lo experlence
your Lrue naLure.

1he person who pracLlces ra[a yoga ln lLs puresL form llves ln bless wlLh Lhe wlll
compleLely surrendered Lo Cod.

;("'%( 10*(
1anLrlc ?oga hlghllghLs Lhe exalLaLlon of Lhe physlcal belng more Lhan anyLhlng else.

1anLra ls known Lo be Lhe concepL LhaL arlses ouL of Lhls klnd of commlLmenL Lo oneself,
whlch ls Lhe basls of 1anLra. And Lhe supporLers of Lhls slde of bellef are called LanLrlcs.
1hese people noL only worshlp Lhe physlcal sLaLe buL also goL Lo any degree Lo please
Lhe body Lo achleve occulL powers.

As of Lhls Llme, lL ls noL wldely pracLlced and used ln lndla. And lL survlved only ln some
parLs of lndla ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe [ungles and hllls of Lhe Plmalayas.

Powever, Lhere are many clashes abouL lLs orlgln and source. Some have researched
and dlscovered LhaL Lhe re-Aryans are Lhe orlglnaLors and oLhers Lranscrlbe lL Lo Lhe
norms of Lhe early people. lL ls known Lo have rlsen aL Lhe same Llme 8uddhlsm was
flourlshlng. And because of Lhls, some 8uddhlsLs had lncorporaLed and adopLed some of
Lhe 1anLrlc slgns and symbols.


And laLer on, lL has grown Lo form a facLlon or gulld. Llke Lhe vedas, 1anLras are
composed of collecLlons of poems and verses LhaL speak of Lhe elaboraLe meLhods on
Lhe rlghLeous and proper of worshlp and adoraLlon.

CfLen, some people percelve Lhem as obscure and mysLlcal ln sense LhaL ls usually
addressed Lo Lhe persons who perform or do LanLrlc acLs. 1hese persons are usually,
sadhakas. 1hese Sadhakas llve a very slmple llfe. And Lhe pracLlce of ?oga ls llke a prayer
for Lhem. Pe usually medlLaLes ln Lhe lone and secluded places ln Lhe counLryslde far,
far away from Lhe maddlng socleLy. Pls robes and hls begglng bowl dlsLlngulsh hlm. Pe
also sells medlclne, shells, charms and herbal pleces.

1hls may be hls good slde buL Lhe oLher half llngers ln vlclous ouLrages and he lnfllcLs
ausLerlLles upon hlmself. 1he varlous poslLlons of love-maklng and sex lLself ouLllne a
slgnlflcanL prlnclple of LanLrlsm.

Accordlng Lo some, Lhere ls a way of acqulrlng sldhl. 1hls ls Lhrough pracLlclng kundallnl
or serpenL's power. lL says LhaL ln order Lo awaken Lhe serpenL, one musL pracLlce and
perform a cerLaln Lype of ?oga or medlaLlon. 1hrough Lhls, Lhe serpenL ls sald Lo arlse
gradually. WlLh consLanL pracLlce, Lhe serpenL uncolls and awakens whlch ln reLurn,
explodes a vasL from of energy. As Lhe process conLlnues, Lhe skln ls becomlng hoL and
sweaLlng occurs unLll a sLlnglng sensaLlon ls achleved or experlenced. Cnce Lhls ls
aLLalned, lL ls sald Lo be so prevalllng LhaL lL may desLroy Lhe person lf noL conLrolled.

Soon, lL rlses and when lL has come Lo lLs llmlL or peak, one feels absoluLe pleasure. And
once Lhls ls aLLalned, he Lherefore becomes a sage or Sadhu. 1anLrlsm also lnvolves Lhe
dlsslpaLed way of acqulrlng supernaLural powers.

lL ls sald LhaL ln order Lo galn dellverance, one musL do everyLhlng LhaL he wanLs Lo do
even Lhough lL ls lmmoral or prohlblLed.

lL ls also sald LhaL some LanLrlc yoga exerclses alds and lmproves Lhe general and sexual
healLh. WlLh healLhy reproducLlve organs, one can have lmproved well belng and lL ls
favorable for sexual acLlvlLles. lL ls llke Lhe resplraLory sysLem, whlch needs alr Lo


1here are varlous exerclses, boLh physlcal and splrlLual whlch helps ln lnLegraLlng Lhe
body, mlnd and splrlL lnLo one. 1hese dlfferenL exerclses are good Lo sLarL each day wlLh
and favorable before golng Lo bed.

1hrough Lhls, Lhe physlologlcal funcLlons of Lhe body are sLlmulaLed and Lherefore
revlLallze Lhe whole well belng of a person.

?oga ls very popular nowadays. WlLh lLs varlous beneflLs, many are lnfluenced Lo engage
ln Lhls form of exerclse and medlLaLlon. 1here are so many klnds of ?oga LhaL are known
and pracLlced by many as of Loday. Cne lf Lhls ls 1anLra ?oga.

1anLra yoga ls more concenLraLed on Lhe splrlLual heallng and mosL of all Lhe lnLegraLlon
f Lhe body, mlnd, and splrlL. ln lndla, lL ls an anclenL LradlLlon LhaL sexuallLy ls an
lmporLanL and slgnlflcanL phase Lo be able Lo achleve a cerLaln degree of enllghLenmenL.

ln WesLern rellglous norms, sexual pleasures and deslres are noL lncllned or assoclaLed
wlLh splrlLuallLy. WlLh Lhese dlfferences ln LradlLlons, Lhere exlsLs a flne llne beLween
Lhelr feellngs and aLLlLude Lowards sexuallLy along wlLh splrlLuallLy.

Powever, ln LasLern phllosophy, Lhey celebraLe and re[olce on Lhe splendor and glory of
creaLlon. And laLer on, Lhey have developed a sLudy or sclence for undersLandlng how Lo
geL mosL of Lhls LherapeuLlc and wonderful experlence. Lnergy ls known and consldered
Lo be Lhe source of llfe ln 1anLra.

lurLhermore, Lhey conslder Lhe sexual energy and urge as greaL and sacred energy.
1here exlsLs a few of Lhe many exerclses LhaL help ln Lhe performance on Lhe sexual
aspecL as well as some dleLary ad[usLmenLs. Some of Lhese physlcal exerclses lnclude
conLracLlons, breaLhlng and holdlng cerLaln poslLlons.

1here are so many beneflLs LhaL can be obLalned by performlng Lhese varlous physlcal
exerclses. Some of Lhese lnclude lmproved prosLaLe funcLlonlng and enhanced and

lmproved sexual performance. AnoLher beneflL ls lmproved sexual sLamlna when
engaglng ln sexual lnLercourse.

1here are also dlfferenL klnds of exerclses. Aslde from Lhe physlcal exerclses, Lhere are
psycho-splrlLual exerclses. 1hese exerclses are ways Lo develop medlaLlon on
uncondlLlonal love and deslre. As a resulL, Lhls can make sexual acLlvlLles less anxlous
and awkward, aslde from LhaL, Lhe pressure Lo perform and move ls mlnlmlzed.

lL ls sald LhaL Lhe mosL fasclnaLlng sexual experlence ls glvlng ln compleLely Lo your
parLner or lover whaL he or she really wanLs. LxpecLaLlons may be hlgh so one musL
perform and musL do someLhlng abouL lL.

1hrough medlaLlon and proper exerclses, one can Lhlnk of Lhe varlous ways whlch he
can saLlsfy hls lover. When one ls focused and concenLraLed on glvlng whaL your lover
really wanLs ls an experlence whlch can sLrengLhen your relaLlonshlp wlLh each oLher,
moreover, you wlll recelve Lhe saLlsfacLlon you had always wanLed. 1here are few
exerclses whlch can help you a loL l focuslng on your sexual performance.

8y repeaLlng some manLras and chanLs LogeLher wlLh breaLhlng exerclses and proper
medlLaLlon, one can achleve Lhese beneflLs.

1here are also numerous ways Lo Lake your foreplay Lo Lhe hlghesL level. WlLh heallng
massages and genLle sLroklng, one can recelve a rewardlng experlence LhaL can
sLlmulaLe boLh physlcal and splrlLual and heallng ln dlfferenL ways.

8elkl or energy channelllng heallng ls pracLlced before engaglng ln a sexual acLlvlLy. 1hls
ls known Lo helghLen Lhe sexual pleasure ln an lnLercourse. lL ls an LasLern heallng arL
where-by one parLner channels hls energy Lo Lhe oLher.

1hrough LacLlle sLlmulaLlon, heallng ls achleved and boLh Lhe physlcal and splrlLual
aspecL ls enhanced. ln Lhls manner, boLh of you can achleve a deeper sLaLe of relaxaLlon
and medlLaLlon whlch ls very helpful Lo couples and parLnershlps.

?ou have probably come across exoLlc-soundlng Lerms such as chakra", prana",
aura", and LanLra" ln your course of readlng books on splrlLuallLy, sex, and heallng ln
Lhe new Age llLeraLure secLlon of Lhe booksLore. 8uL whaL's Lhe real scoop behlnd Lhese
exoLlc vocabularles?

3%$ 3NN S"$%*. 2$(N)"*& ',$ E(:$R
Chakra or energy cenLer ls a Lerm used ln ranlc heallng, an anclenL Plndu sysLem of
energy heallng. rana" means llfe energy. Aura" ls anoLher Lermlnology Lraced Lo
ranlc heallng. Aura ls a non-physlcal body LhaL conslsLs of energy, whlch exlsLs along
wlLh our physlcal body. 1he aura LhaL covers our body ls sald Lo have seven layers
perLalnlng Lo Lhe physlcal, emoLlonal, menLal, and splrlLual aspecLs of an lndlvldual as
manlfesLed by energy. SLudylng Lhe color and Lhlckness of auras glve ldeas on Lhe sLaLe
of healLh of lndlvlduals. Slx colors are assoclaLed wlLh aura and lnLerpreLed lnLo slx
personallLles. 1hese colors are all presenL ln an lndlvldual buL one or Lwo are more

T%$$" - amblLlous achlever
8NC$ - splrlLual peacemaker
Q,)'$ - unconvenLlonal chameleon
@$# - acLlvlsL
F%("*$ - creaLlve communlcaLor
7)0N$' - psychlc

AlLhough 1anLra ls popularly assoclaLed wlLh Lhe pecullar pracLlce of sex and splrlLuallLy,
lL ls anoLher meLhod of energy heallng. lL comes from Lhe word Lan" whlch means Lo
spread or expand. 1he concepL of connecLedness ls a recurrlng Lheme ln 1anLrlc wrlLlngs
on sex and splrlLuallLy. As a meLhod of heallng, splrlLuallLy and sex flgure promlnenLly. lL
ls presupposed LhaL Lhe unlon of man and woman can reach splrlLual levels durlng
orgasm, whlch removes Lhe body and mlnd off collecLed lmpurlLles. 1hese lmpurlLles
belng negaLlve energles can ln Lurn manlfesL as physlcal lllnesses.

unllke ranlc and 1anLrlc heallngs, whlch have Plndu orlglns, 8elkl orlglnaLed from
!apan. lL ls relaLlvely younger Lhan ranlc and 1anLrlc heallngs havlng been redlscovered
ln Lhe early 1900's. 8elkl sLands for unlversal energy, an energy broughL forLh by hlgher

lnLelllgence. SLudenLs of 8elkl are LaughL how Lo Lap Lhls energy Lo heal physlcal,
emoLlonal, and menLal lllnesses.

AlLhough ranlc, 1anLra, and 8elkl are all sysLems of energy heallng, Lhey dlffer ln Lhe
Lype of energy Lapped for heallng: llfe energy, sexual energy, and unlversal energy

1he concepLs of Lhe connecLedness of mlnd, body, and splrlL, Lhe connecLlon of
lndlvlduals Lo all llvlng and nonllvlng Lhlngs around Lhem and Lo Lhe unlverse, and how
energy lmpacLs physlcal, emoLlonal, and splrlLual well-belng are some of Lhe sallenL
slmllarlLles of Lhese Lhree heallng meLhods.

Q,. G0 4$0/N$ ;C%" '0 S"$%*. 2$(N)"*R
ranlc, 1anLrlc, and 8elkl are consldered alLernaLlve meLhods of heallng. ln splLe of Lhe
avallablllLy and relaLlve accesslblllLy of modern medlclne, how come more and more
people are belng drawned Lo Lhem? Pere are some posslble reasons:

S"$%*. ,$(N)"* 50%9$# 5,$%$ :0#$%" :$#)B)"$ -()N$#
lor several reasons boLh explalnable and unexplalnable, modern medlcal LreaLmenL
falled Lo heal allmenLs and condlLlons ln several lf noL many persons. 8esearch or daLa
may noL be able Lo supporL Lhls sLaLemenL. 8uL for Lhe famllles of Lhe dylng as well as
for Lhe dylng paLlenL, Lhey would Lake Lhe rlsk of uslng alLernaLlve meLhods ranglng from
herbals and organlcs, falLh healers, wlLch docLors, and new Age heallng Lechnlques [usL
Lo be geL well.

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Medlcal LreaLmenLs are ofLenLlmes focused on Lhe dlsease and lLs causaLlve agenL,
whlch can make a paLlenL feel lsolaLed and LreaLed llke a mere hosL of Lhe dlsease.
AlLhough recenL developmenLs ln hosplLal pracLlce are gradually promoLlng Lhe hollsLlc
LreaLmenL of a paLlenL, Lhe percepLlon sLlll perslsLs. unllke ln energy heallng, slnce
energy and splrlLuallLy are lnLlmaLely llnked, Lhe paLlenL feels LhaL all aspecLs of hls
healLh are belng aLLended Lo.

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8epeaLed surglcal procedures are physlcally and emoLlonally LraumaLlc for mosL
paLlenLs. lL ls buL a loglcal and aLLracLlve opLlon Lo boLh paLlenL and famllles Lo look for
less sLressful healLh lnLervenLlons. Moreover, wlLh Lhe rlslng popularlLy of new Age
rellglons, golng naLural ls Lhe way Lo go.

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MedlLaLlon ls parL and parcel of energy heallng meLhods and Lhls ls an added come-on
for hlghly sLressed people. Moreover, sophlsLlcaLed equlpmenL ls noL requlred Lhus lL
becomes all Lhe more convenlenL for sLudenLs and fuLure sLudenLs of energy heallng.

1he baLLle beLween alLernaLlve heallng and malnsLream medlclne conLlnues as boLh
presenL Lhe beneflLs of Lhelr approach. 8uL ln Lhe flnal analysls, whaL maLLers ls Lhe
resLoraLlon of good healLh.

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1oday ln Lhe flLness lndusLry one of Lhe swlfLesL growlng movemenLs ls Lhe greaL arL and
pracLlce of yoga.

ln case you have been ouL of Louch wlLh whaL has been happenlng for Lhe pasL couple of
years, yoga ls sweeplng Lhrough aeroblcs sLudlos and healLh clubs all across Lhe unlLed
SLaLes and lf flndlng accepLance as a flLness acLlvlLy as well as a means Lo balance Lhe
energy of Lhe body and reduce sLress and Lhereby resLore a feellng of calmness.

1here are a varleLy of Lypes of yoga. 1here ls lyanga yoga whlch ls excellenL for
beglnners. lL ls graceful and fluld. lL ls noL physlcally demandlng and Lherefore greaL for
people who are noL LhaL aLhleLlcally lncllned.

1here ls also AshLanga yoga whlch ls exLremely physlcal and lnLense. 1hls ls a greaL
acLlvlLy for sLrengLh, flLness and endurance. lL ls Lruly Lhe moLher of Lhe power yoga"

1he Lhlrd klnd of PaLha yoga ls called vlnl yoga. 1hls Lype of yoga ls usually performed
on a one-Lo-one basls wlLh an lnsLrucLor. vlnl yoga ls more relaxed LhaL Lhe Lwo prevlous

lL ls LherapeuLlc, resLoraLlve and ls based on one's lndlvldual breaLh. 1hls means LhaL Lhe
lengLh of a movemenL ls deLermlned by Lhe ablllLy of Lhe lndlvldual Lo lnhale and exhale

lL seems LhaL many posLural lmbalances are due Lo breaLhlng resLrlcLlons. vlnl yoga ls
based on Lhe premlse LhaL Lhe body's energy ls more balanced lf you are able Lo balance
your breaLhlng.

When you lmprove your breaLhlng you noL only lmprove your posLure, buL you lmprove
your overall energy and develop Lhe sense of belng cenLered.

7)".(&( 10*(
1here are a number of class Lypes of yoga, lncludlng vlnyasa yoga. ?ou wlll flnd LhaL Lhls
speclflc Lype of yoga you wlll be able Lo do poses LhaL flow lnLo one anoLher and lL ls a
conslsLenL breaLhlng medlLaLlon. 1he Lype of breaLhlng-orlenLed posed yoga ls rapld and
dynamlc. lL ls anoLher way of saylng LhaL you are lnLo ower ?oga.

ln reference Lo poses, vlnyasa can descrlbe Lhe poses performed beLween repeaLs of
"uownward laclng uog" ln a Sun SaluLaLlon: lank, "lour Llmbed SLaff", and "upward
laclng uog".

1o geL lnLo Lhe lank pose from a downward-faclng dog, you wlll have Lo brlng your
Lorso up unLll your body ls sLralghL and your shoulders are dlrecLly handllng over your
wrlsLs. lL's llke Lhe push up poslLlon. ress down flrmly Lhrough your forearms and
hands, wlden your shoulder blades, and press back Lhrough Lhe heels, regardless of
wheLher your heels Louch Lhe floor or noL. ?ou wlll wanL Lo make sure LhaL your neck
sLays ln llne wlLh your splne, buL once you have masLered lL, you can perform Lhe pose
wlLh one leg llfLed aL a Llme.


lrom lank, enLer Lhe lour Llmbed SLaff by bendlng your arms sLralghL back, hugglng
your upper arms Lo your sldes. 1hen you wlll wanL Lo lower yourself Lo Lhe floor wlLh
your forearms and upper arms aL a nlneLy-degree angle, whlle keeplng your body level
LhroughouL Lhe pose. ush back on your heels whlle presslng lnLo your palms.
(8eglnners can leave Lhelr knees on Lhe floor unLll Lhey bulld Lhe sLrengLh Lo hold up
Lhelr bodles.) 1hen you can Lry shlfLlng Lhe pose whlle leavlng one leg up from Lhe
advanced plank pose, buL LhaL ls only once you've masLered Lhe pose

1o progress lnLo upward laclng uog, Luck ln your Loes Lo roll over your feeL as you come
forward. uon'L leL your Lhlghs Louch Lhe floor. Make sure LhaL you keep your legs Lense
and off Lhe floor, buL you wlll also pres lnLo Lhe floor wlLh Lhe Lops of your feeL and wlLh
your palms. Make sure your shoulders remaln over Lhe wrlsLs, and drop your hlps.
8eglnners mlghL flnd lL easler Lo LranslLlon by dropplng Lhelr Lhlghs Lo Lhe floor, fllpplng
Lhelr feeL over one aL a Llme, Lhen ralslng Lhelr legs agaln Lo move lnLo upward laclng

1hese are [usL beglnnlng yoga poses wlll requlre you Lo concenLraLlon lf you would llke
Lo masLer lL. ?ou wlll also flnd LhaL Lhese are dlfflculL for a person Lo masLer. ?ou wlll
wanL Lo geL lL a good go aL learnlng how Lo do yoga. ?ou wlll flnd LhaL Lhere are many
dlfflculLles LhaL you wlll have wlLh vlnyasa yoga.