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Patrick Jay M. Nicabera Engr.

Glenn Ortiz

03/11/13 BSECE-2A

“Philippines Stock Exchange tour”

We were gather to the Philippines stock exchange in another co-curricular enhancement knowledge to our engineering economics subject. There are two branches of Philippines stock exchange, one is at Ayala and other one is at Tektite tower located at Ortigas. The seminar will start at exactly 10:30 in the morning so we need to get there at 10:00am. Going to tektite tower was easy because of I take the MRT unlike the others who takes a bus and faces the traffic of EDSA. It was a walking distance from megamall building A to get to tektite tower. It was 10:30am and we decided to go inside to check our reservation for the seminar, after a few minutes the guard let us pass by to go to the PSE room seminar. Every one of us is seems to be excited because I can see in their eyes as we approaching the room we were shock that there’s another batch of class who is taking with us! And they already start the seminar. So the speaker which is Ms. Mj Pangan decided to go all over again from the start and welcome us. I thought that we will be able to go to the actual floor to see what they are doing at their desk but instead we were ask to seat at floor and listen as we see the Electronic board at the center of the trading floor in the glass windows separating the room. The tour to the Philippine stocks exchange aimed to familiarize us on the nature and operations of the agency and to in still in the students the significance of the stock market in propelling economic development through financial market opportunities. The speaker gave us a trivia game for us asking what is the Tagalog of market and PSE gladly one of our classmates answer correctly. The speaker also walked us through the history of the Philippine Stock Exchange way back 1990’s that there two different stock exchange here in the Philippines, Manila Stock Exchange and the Makati Stock Exchange. But it was already an epic when former president Fidel V. Ramos decided to merge them due to unequal issue of stocks value. Then the Philippines Stocks exchange were born! As she discuss I noticed that the stock floor was quiet unlikely in my research that the stock floor is like a wet market bidding prices. Is it lunch break? Then the answer came up quick with her discussion, most of the sellers and buyers of the stocks are making bidding and posting through online. The seminar motivates us to invest! Guides us to how to play the game. Why should we invest? When should you start investing? How do you make the money grow? These are the questions cope up with my mind while she is explaining to us. I feel greedy at that time, I want to invest! But she also explain the risk of investing. In this game you should be updated so you will not left behind. I also learned that when you will invest you should invest at the trusted

fair. Also I feel so thankful to my professor for giving us a chance to go to this kind of seminar and joining us to our lunch after the seminar as we were like a family. It’s nice to know that every Filipino person can invest at Philippines stock exchange. Overall the tour is great giving us a new knowledge about economic trend but it’s quite boring because I don’t see lots of action like I’ve seen at the movies. orderly. I think this persons are very smart and veteran in this league. and transparent manner. . The role of the PSE goes beyond bringing buyers and sellers together and facilitating sale and purchase of stocks. Being broker and stock holder at the same time has a bigger advantages in this game. I almost forgot about the or stock holder. In my perception when you want to invest you should be patience. also you should trust your instinct like what I’ve red at the book of “life of Donald Trump”. The important thing is this seminar convinced me to invest and participate to PSE someday to be a part of stock market. The Stock Exchange makes sure that the stock transactions are done in an efficient.