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Alyssa Khaye F.

De Guzman BCH

Prof. Ignacio

Roles of Internal Institutions and its positive and negative effects on firms’ Corporate Governance Shareholders’ or owners’ roles are to appoint companies board of directors. Since they’re the one who appoints the board of directors, they can also remove them in the position and this is one positive effect of a shareholder in corporate governance. They can remove a director if this director is not helping the firm to have good governance. Since a firm has more than one owner, an owner may bribe a director or directors to do things in favor of him, and in relation to firm’s corporate governance is that it will not be the best interest of the firm but only the owner’s. Board of Directors as center of corporate governance because they are the one who’s overseeing the management of the firm, they can assure the best interest of both the company and the shareholders. On the other hand, having the most control over the firm and it will easy for him to violate the policies and hide his doings which is in favor for him at firm’s expense. Internal auditor’s effect to the firm is that, it helps the firm to analyze and improve the policies and regulations of the firm, for the benefit not just of the shareholders but also of the customers. One negative effect of an internal auditor is that they can hide the real situation of the company which will lead to deluding future investors. Administrators and Executives help the firm in the fulfillment of corporate governance through overseeing the assigned departments or divisions to them. Its negative effect is that they overuse or don’t explain well how the new regulations help the employees and not just the shareholders leading the employees to misunderstanding the regulation.

Also. That being said. However because of intense competition brought by industry. like paying fixers. so there’ll be uniform standards and regulations among the forms. However. The positive effects of buyers to the firms’ corporate governance are that they can motivate the firm to implement regulations that will satisfy both the firm and its customers. . government set laws for businesses. the firms tend to strategize and make their governance stronger and more effective. the firm becomes more aggressive and the Board somehow loss control on the flow of the business of the firm and on controlling the management of the firm. which is not sign of corporate governance because of lack in credibility. because of customers firms tend to do dirty strategies to have a competitive advantage over their competitors like spying and invading the confidential records of the latter. because without buyers there will be no profit and will lead to bankruptcy. However.Roles of External Institutions and its positive and negative effects on firms’ Corporate Governance Government’s roles are to set policies or laws and execute it for the betterment of the nation. they are often unaccountable based on their capabilities and skills or can be easily manipulated by the Board. Markets or buyers are very important in a firm. since customers bring competition among firms. Industry’s effect toward the good governance of a firm is that it let the firm and its employees to be more involved to each other and work together to survive the rivalry among the competitors. since some of the laws require lot of time and money before being complied corporations chose the shortcut ways. But since they are not known by the firm. External auditors help the firms in a way that they expose any fraudulent or unnecessary acts done by its management and employees.

Just like the tribe with people painted their bodies black and white who thought the other cave man to start a fire.Alyssa Khaye F. In relation to our topic sociology. This movie got my attention and did not bore me at all. . cave men form a society due to the need of fire and protection from predators or rivalry. This movie is not just about showing the culture of people of the and the differences from before and now but also for me. De Guzman BCH December 6. It does not just entertain you but also open your mind on how possibly our ancestors lived. I was amaze that though I was not able to understand how they communicate. 2013 Reflection Paper on Quest for Fire Watching a movie that for me really depicts the past way of human is very fascinating and informative. still I got the flow of the story and what they are saying through their movements. it want us to learn and to realize how lucky we are that we can have everything we need to live easily and involvement in your society not just benefits the society but also greatly benefit you. Another is that each tribe shows different culture and ways of living. By watching this movie. but it is better to live not just for you to survive but also to live with care for others. I’ve learned that it is okay to live independently. The movie Quest for Fire is definitely a must watch movies. they still learned to adopt one culture from another. Though they have differences.