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AC UPS System PDW 3000 10 - 220 kVA Three Phase

0.9 lead 30% of UPS nom.75 dBA depending on type IP20 according to IEC 60529 pebble grey. EN 50091-2 IEC / EN 62040-3 VFl .4lag .Linear load .115% programmable 100 .static within 0-100% asymmetric load .for function Bypass input voltage Frequency Inrush current Intermediate DC Circuit Voltage Rectifier voltage tolerance Float voltage range at -10% mains Boost voltage range at nominal mains Boost charge time Charging current limitation Inverter input range .0 Hz/s sinusoidal unlimited =< 3% =< 5% 0.dynamic at 100% load surge .5/1/2/4/6/8% programmable 0.125% programmable 1-24h programmable depending on battery programmable +20/-15% typical +/-25% kVA at PF 0.01% 0.Bypass 100 ms Short-circuit Inverter 50 .TECHNICAL DATA / PDW 3000 UPS Input Rectifier input voltage Tolerance . free running Synchronization range Slewrate single unit Slewrate redundant system Wave form Output crest factor admissible Distortion factor: .with output tolerance +/-1% Inverter maximum input range .70 dBA depending on type 65 .Inverter 10 min .Non liear load according to IEC 62040-3 Allowable power factor Fault clearing capability 3x380/400/415V +/-10% +10/-15% 3x380/400/415V +/-10% 50/60Hz +/-6% <10x IN (Input current) 110/125/220/400VDC +/-1% IU characteristic 100 .100 ms Frequency Frequency stability.with output tolerance +/-10% UPS Output Nominal UPS rating Voltage Voltage tolerance: .DC in tolerance . RAL 7032 structured IEC / EN 62040-1-2 IEC 62040-2. current rated gG fuse (IEC 60269) within 10 ms and bypass available General Data Ambient temperature range for storage Ambient temperature range for operating Altitude above sea level Allowable air humidity Noise level standard n+1 fan system Noise level 100% redundant fans Degree of protection Painting Safety EMC Performance UPS Classification Conformity Efficiency Cooling Data subject to changes from -20 to +70 °C form -10 to +40 °C (100% nominal load) 1000 m without load derating <95% (non condensing) 60 .1 1 1 acc.5/1/2/4 Hz/s programmable 1. to IEC 62040-3 (TÜV approved) CE-Label 78-93% depending on type range forced ventilation with redundant n+1 monitored fans .regulation time Overload .8 lag 3x380/400/415V +/-1% +/-3% +/-4% <25 ms 150% 125% 1000% 200% 50/60 Hz <0.S S .static within 0-100% symmetric load .25/0.Inverter 1 min .

EN ON .Rectifier fuse blown .Bypass mains fault .Overload Inverter / Bypass .PF 0.Battery discharged .Fan failure .Manual Bypass ON .Rectifier ON .Asynchronous .pulse Rectifier with Isolation Transformer Rectifier standard size.Battery operation Additional options are available on request Battery Voltage & UPS Ratings Voltage ( VDC ) 110 10 15 20 30 40 60 80 – – – – 125 10 15 20 30 40 60 80 – – – – 220 10 15 20 30 40 60 80 100 120 160 – 400 – – – – – – – – 120 160 220 Higher ratings and other voltages on request Standards Single UPS UPS output voltage 3x400 / 230V Rectifier input voltage 3x400V +10/-10% Bypass input voltage 3x400/230V +10/-10% Frequency 50Hz +/-6% 6 .Power supply unit fault .6% 12-pulse Rectifier with Isolation Transformer Larger Rectifier +1 step* / +2 steps* UPS Rating (kVA) . RAL 7032 structured Options Parallel redundant configuration Other input voltages Frequency 60Hz +/.EA ON .Battery disconnected .8 and up to 1h Battery autonomy Rectifier input switch Fixed charging voltage IU characteristic Power .Set with Input VM & AM with select switch .DC out of tolerance . for UPS AC load .Module for nominal rating Static switch EN (mains side) with additional backfeed protection System front panel with additional LED’s for direct alarm display LCD display unit with keyboard Alarm relays . 16 failsafe NO/NC contacts: .Inverter ON . 16 failsafe NO/NC contacts: . VM & AM with select switch . cl.EA inhibited .Power factor Relay board A077.Earth fault DC .Rectifier failure .Common alarm 2 x NO/NC Battery capacity test ( full discharge with actual load ) Bottom cable entry Earth terminal N+1 monitored two-speed fans Ambient temperature range from -10 to +40 °C Protection IP20 Painting pebble grey.Overtemperature .Inverter fuse blown .Boost charge . recommended for sealed batteries and wide temperature range Battery temperature alarm Serial diode ( for parallel Rectifiers ) Diode for reverse polarity protection Rectifier output isolator Rectifier output circuit breaker Battery fuse in UPS Battery fuse box Battery MCCB in UPS Battery MCCB box Inverter input isolator Inverter input circuit breaker Larger inverter Power Module +1 step* / +2 steps* Static Switch EA ( Inverter side ) Manual Bypass 3 pos in UPS Battery Monitor ( programmable battery data ) Battery asymmetry supervision DC earth fault alarm AC earth fault alarm RS 232 Interface (event log download) RS 485 Interface RJ 45 Ethernet port for WEB browser based monitoring RS 485 MODBUS Protocol (slave) External time synchronisation Top cable entry Top & bottom cable entry Space heaters Panel lighting Ambient temperature maximum +55 °C Allowable altitude <4000 m above sea level Protection up to IP52 Air filters at air inlet Other colours Bypass isolation transformer Bypass stabilizer with isolation transformer * within type range Additional analogue meters 96x96. 1.5x options Relay board A078.Rectifier mains fault .Battery operation NO/NC .SPECIFICATION / PDW 3000 Typical Single .Set with VM DC.EN inhibited .kW of output .Inverter fault . AM Bat & output FM.External horn .5 .Line Drawing Rectifier fuse Bypass input switch Bypass input MCCB Rectifier input MCCB Sensor for temperature dependent battery charging voltage.

Wisma Genting Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Phone: +603 2161 3440 Fax: +603 2161 3441 E-mail: gutor.Load in % of nominal kVA rating . LED’s also indicate possible faults. Saudi Arabia Q410. It is divided into four sections: 1 4 2 3 1.Set date / time Measurements . Mexico.Bypass operation .usa@apcc. India. Germany. 3299 Fax: +1 (401) 788 2698 E-mail: gutor.Battery monitor test (optional) . an acoustic alarm and a key-pad.Battery capacity test .) Operations for turning on and off the system and a lamp test button for checking if all LED indications function properly.AC output peak current .125 GB4 . 2.Battery temperature (with optional sensor) .AC output voltage. ext. Russia. meaning which system part is supplying the load at the moment and which is in stand-by mode. current and frequency .MAN-MACHINE INTERFACE (FRONT PANEL) The front panel which is identical for both AC and DC Systems facilitates a comprehensive and flexible man-machine www.Autostart . Bhd.AC bypass mains 2 voltage . 6th Floor. Japan.Selectable second display language . Emirates.gutor.Time left in battery operation with actual load (optional with programmed battery data) . With this the user can set following operational after an alarm has Asia-Pacific GUTOR Electronic Asia Pacific www.Event log with date and time (change in operating mode and alarm) GUTOR offices: Headquaters GUTOR Electronic Ltd Hardstrasse 72 – 74 CH-5430 Wettingen Switzerland Phone: +41 (0)56 437 34 34 Fax: +41 (0)56 437 34 44 E-mail: gutor. Operational parameters .DC total current.) The display unit consist of a LC display.Auto boost (charge) .com www.AC Inverter current .com North America GUTOR North America 132 Fairgrounds Road West Kingston RI USA 02892 Phone: +1 (888) 994 8867. and get access to the event and alarm charge .AC rectifier mains 1 voltage and current . 4. 3.gutor. an alarm LED. battery voltage and current . obtain a list of measurement Representative offices in China.) On the alarm indication panel the respective LED lights up.) The system panel shows the system’s current operation status.