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US. 15SN 0019-0144 Vol. It, No. 4, Whole No. 12 $1.50 THE science ano rH: unknown ow the International Fortean Organization Two of the gentle, wonderful persons of this century died recently: Walt Kelly and Alan Watts. Both were men of wisdom who possessed the indefinable characteristics that that term implies. Kelly, a modern La Fontaine, interpret- ed the world for us through the eyes of the all-too-human animals in "Pogo," helping us to understand that reality and fable are by no means opposite poles. His combination of, satire, surreality, and common sense was a unique blossom whose colors showed a vast spectrum. Pogo Possum, Albert Alligator, Churchy LaFemme the turtle, Howland Owl, and the whole lovable crew will be read and relished by people not yet born. Pogo will live. Watts, who in his youth became "a man of the cloth," found 2 better calling, for he learned that he could not preach, but had a hunger to open minds. He once wrote: "as a human being it is just my nature to enjoy and share philosophy. I do this in the same way that some birds are eagles and some doves, some flowers lillies and some roses, I realize, too, that the less I preach, the more likely I am to be heard. So he did not preach, but worked to inte- grate the philosophies of East and West; to get together the two hemispheres of our planetary brain. His contribution was e- normous; perhaps no single individual in our time has done more. These two men were greatly disparate in their ways and means, but somehow 50 alike in their loving calligraphy of mean- ing. ‘Another loss (that we neglected to men- tion earlier) was that of Mrs. A. Hyatt Verrill, known to her many friends as "Ruthie." She was an INFO member, and her informative and slightly letters to us were always a great enjoyment. This issue of the Journal is dedicated to their collective memor: RRR RE paths are made by the shoes that walk them; they are by no means shoes in them- selves." --Chuang Tzu ",,.1ife tells us more about history than history tells us about life.” --Julio Caro Baroja BUSINESS NOTES Clippings (or cuttings, if you prefer): If you wish credit, please put your name on each item, and especially don't forget to put source and date on each item. In- clude the city or town, state or province, on newspaper items -- the name of the paper alone is often not adequate for ready i- dentification. Please do not use staples when sending in Clippings. The staples have to be removed and this is often difficult without tearing the paper. If you make xerox copies of clippings with more than one item per sheet, please cut apart the separate items before sending in and put your name on each piece -- all of these details greatly assist us in handling the material you send in. Those in the British Isles should send dues and renewals to Robert J. M. Rickard, 31 Kingswood Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9AN, not to the U.S. office. Everyone else should send dues and renewals to the U.S. office. FRR RRRE EEE E "ast realms of human experience have been rejected in all ages by scientists, of whatever name, who failed to fit them in logical arrangement in their inadequate and too simplified natural philosophies. By rejecting the phenomena that lay beyond their intellectual abilities, the scientists and philosophers did not eliminate them nor prevent their manifestations." --John J. O'Neill, Prodigal Genius; The Life of Nicola Tesla, 1944. "More than any other, the present period of history should have a humble and open-minded attitude toward all possible sources of knowledge. Ira Progoft ",..the imagination, like certain wild animals, will not breed in captivity." +-George Orwell 2 ‘One measures acircle, beginning anywhere. —Charles Fort Vol. IIT, No. 4 February 1974 Whole No. 12 TABLE OF CONTENTS Flight 19... : pee no Kohoutek, the Light that Failed..........+ 7 Phaéton Rides Again!.......ssseeeeeeeeus Spr ep anuocgy 8 Erratic Crocodilians & Other Things. teeters eee 12 The Tunguska Event........ eee ce gayle The Problem of the Stanford Apports aonc aH freee Velikovsky's Ideas and the Unstable Solar System... e220 FORTFEST 73 Notes.......-ssseeeeeeees : eee) TeOs ste ee ee peeeneer 26) The "Pooliverse".....s.seceeeeee a 28 More on Flight 19...... es Published by the International Fortean Organization (INFO), Main office: P.0,Box 367, Arlington, VA 22210 U.S.A. Ronald J, Willis, Exec. Director and Publisher. Paul J. Willis, Secretary-Editor. Consulting Editors: Loren Coleman, Ronald Dobbins, David Drake, Mark A. Hell, Robert J. M. Rickard. Research Consultants: Ted Bloecher, Paul Braczyk, John B. Carlson, Richard Crowe, Isabel Davis, Tim Dinsdale, Ryan Drum, Pemle Ennis, Lucius Farish, Vincent Gaddis, George Haas, Richard Hall, Charles Hapgood, F, W. Holiday, William Scott Home, Robert Barbour Johnéon, John Keel, Al Lopez, Jim McClarin, A. R. G. Owen, Robert Rogers, Andrew E. Rothovius, Michael D, Swords. Australia: John Simpson. Canada: Gene Duplantier. Erie (Republic of Ireland): Leslie Shepard. France: Jacques Bergier. New Zealand: D. G, Shouler. U.K. Agent: Robert J, M, Rickard. ‘THE INFO JOURNAL © 1974 by the International Fortean Organization (INFO). Published in Feb., May, Aug., and Nov. Single copies: §1.50. Subscription ° (includes membership in INFO): $6.00 per annum. Address: INFO, P.0.Box 367, Arlington, VA 22210 U.S.A. Telephone: (703) 528-1263. In the Brit- ish Isles, address: Robert J. M. Rickard, 31 Kingswood Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9AN, England. Outside of U.S, and British Isles, remit to main office at current rate of exchenge.

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