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82. What does the word 'Deuteronomy' mean?: second law 83. What does the book of Deuteronomy describe?

: law-code by which the Israelites are to live within the Promised Land 84. Where did Aaron die?: Moserah 85. Where did Moses give sermons to the Israelites before entering the Promised Land?: plains of Moab 86. Where did God made a covenant with his people according to the book of Deuteronomy?: Horeb 87. Which day should be kept holy?: Sabbath 88. Where did the Israelites test God?: Massah 89. How many years did God kept his people in the wilderness?: 40 years (god tested the people if they will obey him) 90. What did Moses see before he died?: Promise Land 91. Why did the Israelites not enter the promised land after sending out the spies?: unbelief (the Israelites sent a spy to look upon the promised land and had found it fertile but they were afraid and did not believe in god) 92. Of whom was it that he wholly followed god?: Caleb (caleb was the only one allowed to go to the promised and because he never lost faith in god) 93. What was Moses to do for Joshua?: strengthen his determination for he will lead the Israel to occupy the land. 94. Israel was not to possess land belonging to whose descendants? (2:5,9,19): esau and lot 95. What were the Israelites NOT to do to the Lord’s commandments?: do not add anything and do not take anything away 96. What would happen to Israel if they made idols?: They would be scattered among the nations 97. What would be the reward for keeping the commandments?: it will go well for them and their descendant and they will continue to live in the land the lord is giving. 98. What were the Israelites to do to the nations that dwelled in the land? (7:1-5): Smite them and Utterly destroy them 99. Why did the Lord choose Israel? (7:6-10): Because he would keep the oath which he had sworn to their fathers and because the LORD loved them 100. What power did the LORD give the Israelites? (8:17-18): To get wealth 101. What is the idol made by the Israelite when they lost their faith in god: metal idol in the form of a bull calf

How did the spies escape from Jericho? (2:15): Let down by a cord through a window 110. Ground it into dust. Over what river did the LORD tell Joshua to take Israel? (1:1-2): Jordan 109. What did they do with the twelve stones that they got from the midst of Jordan? (4:1-9. the waters of Jordan will pile up in one place 113. What river was mentioned describing the extent of the land to be given to the Israelites? (11:24): Euphrates 106. Who hid the men that Joshua sent to spy out Jericho?: Rahab 108. Cast the dust into a brook 102. What was the reaction of the Amorite kings west of Jordan and all Canaanite kings when they heard that the LORD had dried up Jordan? (5:1): they became afraid an lost their courage. jebusites 112. How long did moses stay in the mountain to receive the stone tablets from the lord: forty days and forty nights. What did Moses do to the idol shaped as a calf?: Burnt it with fire. What else did Israel keep at Gilgal? (5:10): Passover 117. Who did Joshua circumcise at Gilgal? (5:2-9): Those who were born in the wilderness 115. amorites. 104. Ground it into dust. What miracles were given to let them know that God would drive out the inhabitants of the land? (3:9-17): when the priest carrying the covenant box (container of the stone tablet) and the 12 men put their feet in the waters. hittites. How often did they march around Jericho on the seventh day? (6:15): Seven times . Who were they not to forsake? (12:19) : the levite 107. What report did the spies bring to Joshua? (2:24): all the people there are terrified of them 111: who will god drive out of jericho?: the canaanites. perizzites. What did Moses do to the idol shaped as a calf?: Burnt it with fire. Stamped it. girgashites. Whose prayer prevented the Lord from destroying Israel? (9:22-29): Moses 103.19-24): Set up as a memorial to remind future generations that the LORD had dried up Jordan 114. Cast the dust into a brook 105. 116. How often did the Israelites march around Jericho the first six days? (6:1-14): Once each day 119.101. When did the manna cease? (5:11-12): when they had eaten the food grown in canaan(roasted grain and bread without yeast) 118. hivites. Stamped it.

LORD.070 men of Bethshemesh?: They looked into the ark of the LORD 137. a bar of gold 127. How did Joshua find out that Achan was the one who sinned? (7:1.14-18): He made all Israel come by tribes. What happened when the ark was set beside Dagon?: Dagon fell down twice before the ark 136. five pounds of silver. Who were the only inhabitants of Jericho that were spared? (6:17. 21-23. Why did Israel send only 3000 men to fight against Ai? (7:2-9): it was reported that ai was a small city 123. What did achan steal?: Babylonian cloak. What did Samuel call the stone he set up near Mizpah?: Ebenezer 138. What did Israel do when they brought the Ark of the Covenant into camp?: What did Israel do when they brought the Ark of the Covenant into camp?: shout for joy 133.25): rahab and that with her in the house 122. What was done to Achan and his family when he confessed his sins? (7:22-26): stoned and burned 126. Who was killed when the Philistines captured the ark?: hophni and phinehas 134. Why did Israel want a king? (8:1-5): Because Samuel's sons did not walk in his ways and Because Israel wanted to be like other nations 139. He would take their daughters to be cooks. for your servant hears 132. What military strategy did Joshua use to defeat Ai? (8:1-27): When the bulk of Israel soldiers pretended to flee. the other soldiers Israel soldiers in hiding attacked Ai and set it on fire. What name means “The glory is departed from Israel: for the ark of God is taken”? : Ichabod 135. What did Samuel warn the people that a king would do to them?: He would take their sons to be soldiers. Who did Samuel think had called him at night?: eli 131. 128. What did Eli tell Samuel to say when he realized it was the LORD calling?: Speak.120. What could be said about the spiritual condition of the sons of Eli?: They knew not the Lord and they lay with the women that assembled at the door of the tabernacle 130. They would be his servants . families. He would take their substance. What did Samuel’s mother bring him each year?: a coat 129. Why did God strike down 50. What happened to the walls of Jericho when the Israelites shouted? (6:20): they fell down flat 121. What was achan’s sin?: he took something from Jericho that is to be destroyed 125. households and by man until Achan was revealed 124.

What physical injury was done to Jesus when they saw that He was already dead on the cross?: his side was pierced. mark.140. Who in the New Testament said the following quotation: "Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming. Who asked Jesus to perform his first recorded miracle?: his mother. mary 158. Who did Jesus say would remind the disciples of everything He said after He had gone?: holy ghost 160. How many letters did paul write in that are in the new testament?: 13 147. Which genre is the majority of the new testament?: letters 148. What did Herod do as a result of Peter being freed from his jail by an angel?: he executed the guards 157. What was the English meaning of the Greek word "gospel"?: good news 163. What was the subject of the forged letter which the Thessalonian church received and which pretended to be written by Paul?: the second coming of jesus 155. Luke. in which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice. be killed with a sword?: herod 154."?: Mary magdalne 159. What can be said about Saul’s physical stature?: He was taller and handsome 141. How where the letters organized? Longest to shortest 150."?: jesus 156. From what tribe was Saul? (9:21-24): Benjamin 142. . Where was Saul when Samuel wanted to present him to the people at Mizpah?: Hid among the stuff 143. What did Mary use to wipe the feet of Jesus after anointing them with perfume?: her hair 151. john 149. What are the gospels?: Matthew. Who took the body of Jesus to be entombed?: Joseph of arimathea 153. To whom did Jesus say the following: "Touch me not. What language did jesus speak?: Aramaic 146. Who ordered that James. What language was the new testament written in?: greek 145. for I am not yet ascended to my Father. Who was cured of 7 demons by Jesus?: mary Magdalene 162. who denied jesus three times?: peter 152. brother of John. Who saw a vision of a sheet lowered to earth by its four corners?: peter 161. What language does the old testament written in?: Hebrew 144.

What were the last words of Jesus on the cross recorded in Matthew and Mark?: my god.164. What were the first words Jesus said to the eleven disciples when they saw Him for the first time after He had risen?: peace be unto you 165. my god. Who at first refused to let Jesus wash his feet?: peter 167. . why hast thou forsaken me? 166.