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Wellhead Sand Filter: 10,000 psig
Halliburton Testing and Subsea, in conjunction with eProcess Technologies, offers enhanced Solids Filtration and Removal with removal efficiencies as high as 99% of solid particles > 150 microns. The Dual Pot Sand Filter offers a proven, compact, and simple design, which can be provided cost effectively at high design pressures, e.g. well shut-in, up to 10,000 psig and 15,000 psig as standard. The Wellhead Filter is to be used for the removal of solid particles from well stream fluids on the downstream side of the Christmas Tree and upstream of the wellhead choke valve. Filters can operate downstream of the wellhead desander to remove particles that may carry over from the desander under certain upset conditions. Filters minimize erosions to chokes, flow lines, control valves, pumps and other downstream equipment. Sand filter also maximizes liquid capacity of downstream vessels and minimizes partial blockage to pipelines. The Sand Filter standard system comprises 2 x 100% filter units, each housing a filter screen element. The filter screen is designed to treat flow from inside to outside with a mesh size of 150 microns (smaller mesh sizes can be made available). In operation, all of the well stream fluids pass through the Filter prior to the downstream separation process. The sand that is removed is collected inside the screen in the lower part of the vessel. To ensure maximum availability, the Sand Filter skid is complete with severe service screens and double block valves. The system design allows either Sand Filter to be isolated for backwashing to remove the trapped sand/debris. The filter screen can be easily accessed from the top section by using an on-skid hoist for periodic inspection or replacement.

Operating Principle

Features and Benefits

• No moving parts, low maintenance and downtime, result in significant capital and operating cost savings • Activates oil and gas wells previously shut-in due to excessive sand production • Eliminates solids erosion on downstream pipework, valves, chokes, and process vessels • Provides solids removal prior to oil contamination and eliminates sludge formation and other difficult solids accumulation problems


• Well Stream Sand Removal • Coiled Tubing Cleanup • Underbalanced Drilling Operations • Sand Management Systems (SMS)


• 5-10 psi pressure drop • Operate 0-100% Gas Void Fraction (GVF) • Filter elements can be easily replaced and withdrawn from the filter cover flange • Filter element is back-flushable to remove the trapped solids within the element • Pot Filters are available in many sizes, typically separating particles in the 50 - 150 microns range depending on solid removal requirements

5 M (H) 16 Tons DNV 2.halliburton. H09256 07/12 www.000 PSI (MAWP) H2S (NL) 4-1/16 IN and 2-1/16 IN 10K API Flange 3.TESTING AND SUBSEA WELLHEAD SAND FILTER SPECIFICATIONS (10.7-3 (as applicable) For more information contact your local Halliburton representative or email us at welltesting@halliburton. Sales of Halliburton products and services will be in accord solely with the terms and conditions contained in the contract between Halliburton and the customer that is applicable to the sale.7 M (L) x 2.7-1 & DNV 2. 600 micron TBC TBC API 6A.75 M (W) x © 2012 Halliburton.500 BPD 150. All rights reserved. 200.000 psig) Part Number Description Gas Flow Rate Liquid Flow Rate Screen Size Inlet Solids Concentration Outlet Solids Concentration Manufacturing Codes Temperature Range Rated Working Pressure Service Connections Skid Size Skid Weight Certifications 102157937 Wellhead Sand Filter Up to 100 MMSCFD Up to 7.3. 400. ASME Section VIII division . NACE MR-01-75 -20° F to 350° F 10. ASME B31.