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Theres a lot doing and, therefore, the tag-line of these blast e-mails has been amended.

Literati may recall that Caesar, upon crossing the Rubican in 49 B.C.E., exclaimed Veni.ViniVinci! [I came, I saw, I conquered.]; the approach here differs: aggregatum.puto.actum.peto. [I aggregate, I think, I act, I request.] It is a bit more laborious but, after accruing a database and formulating a plan, I act upon my beliefs and hope that others will concur with my approach. Thus, armed with a new font [Arial, 10-point] and a new heading [Action-Items], info will be sent that has been distilled into what may be formulated into a plan-of-attack [without abandoning the underlying theme of these blast e-mails, namely, to expose how dangerous BHO has become].

{For a diversion, watch how stephen-colbert-jammed-to-madonna-with-rep-dan-kildee.}

The anticipated secondary-gain when composing these blasts is to become armed when conversing with those who have the power to effect change; thus, these data can be conveyed before/during/after such interactions, amplifying and clarifying what is averred, maintaining candor while admixing self-deprecation. Certain legislators and their staff have demonstrated that they have read details, but those who wish to elide over lugubrious documentation [and hyperlinks] are cordially invited to accept the premises upon which these efforts are predicated. {Bowing to critique that these are a bit lengthy, a greater effort will be made to be topic-focused; also, anyone wishing to review the prior 1051-pagescomposed during the past six months is invited to do so, for a new set of archives is to be startednoting that a friend may wish to upload these memos onto his blog. Reassuring is recognition that Im not the only person who archives news -data, inasmuch as a Germantown woman videotaped 35-years of-broadcast-news.} Varying formats will not abandon the chiasm -style [of attracting a reader, explaining an issue, and suggesting what may be needed]; the hyperlink-heavy approach should obviate opposition, particularly when seemingly inapposite concepts are juxtaposed, yielding additional insights. {Because this has become so labor-intensive, basic-concepts will not be restated religiously; readers are invited to search prior blasts and/or to send an e -mail requesting clarification[s]. Also, to maximize terseness, the first-person (rather than this physician) will be employed, but this should not be misconstrued as an overextension of egofor I eagerly invite strong critique.} Media-Failure Overview Were anyone else to be digesting current events in this fashion reliably and reasonablythese would not be needed; but liberals are constantly losing free-speech controversies. [Note that the word liberal is used in its modern (progressive) sense, and not in the classical (open -minded) way that the Dems (of the 1970s) projected; this is why Dems and Libs are interchangeable.] Evening Newscasts Saw their Best November in Years, but they continue to lose Young Viewers because they dont convey useful info; the same is true of on-line lib-sources, who have promoted hoaxes [BuzzFeed, HuffPo's New Business Model: Drive Traffic with Hoaxes; Andrew Sullivan: BuzzFeed Has No 'Journalistic Soul'; and huffposts-gut-wrenching-poverty-editorial-that-wentviral-a-hoax], as the Desperate Mainstream Media Turn to Radicalism, Cats, and Celebrities. {True-to-form, BUZZFEED SMEARED (a truly innocent) FOX NEWS' ANDY LEVY.} Perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, note that there is a HUFFINGTON ROAST, as the AOL editor-in-chief (Cyndi Stivers, who only joined in May) is about to exit; more turmoil engulfed AOL, as one source said it is a slow fire (which suggests it wont go public until next year). Note that AOL CEO Tim Armstrong was forced to make massive cuts to his pride and joy, (which was in Abington), the hyper local news site he founded in 2007 when he was at Google and then sold to AOL when he was tapped as its CEO; the 900 sites were cut-back to only 14 fully-staffed sites this fall in the face of continuing losses and poor ad support.

The-end-of-journalism was summed-up-in-one-picture of the UPIs major stories that evaded key-issues; weekly, a friend remits a comparable list from Time-Mag. Thus, as ObamaDontCare continues its disastrous roll-out and problems such as Syria/Iran fester, the Media prioritize stories that are legitimate [natural disasters] or tangential [Miley Cyrus]. This may be due to CNN, CBS News and ABC News Honchos Having Obama Administration Family Ties, but its hard to explain-away, for example, claims by JOAN WALSH (LIMBAUGH is 'RACIST TROLL) while rushlimbaugh-announced his first-new-book-in-two-decades; by the NYT (GOP 'Mindlessly Gutting Food Stamps') and by the NYT (CEO Admits 'Brief Conversation' About Sex Allegations at BBC) and by the NY Times Public Editor (Syria Coverage Not 'Consistently Skeptical'); by the VA Media (in the Tank for Democrat McAuliffe in Governor's Race); and by David Letterman (Letting Rahm Emanuel Blame Bush for Economy and Congress for Obama's Syria Gaffes). The rationale for this is that, per the Media/Political Establishment, More Conservatives are Not Needed in Reporting. The print-media are also culpable: LIZ CHENEY noted 'NEWSPAPERS ARE DYING, AND THATS NOT A BAD THING'; a NJ-Paper-Termed Left-Wing-Tank-and-GovtLabor-Union-as-Non-Partisan; it is notable what-bob-woodward-doesnt-say; the LA TIMES CLAIMED 'DEMS LED PASSAGE' OF 1964 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT; the DAILY BEAST WILL LOSE $12 MILLION THIS YEAR and BROWN THEN EXITED; exposed was The Hypocrisy of US Media Regarding Syria; and the media-jumpthe-gun-again when issuing giddy-reports that george-zimmerman-had been arrested-for-pointing a weapon-at-wife (which appeared to-be-false). Introduction of Al-Jazeera America (the Muslim Brotherhood Channel) led to articles exploring what al-jazeera-wants-in-america; al-jazeera-america claimed to want to satisfy demand for a strong-network, although others feared Pallywood has affected newsreporting from Arab & other bullying states. In any case, Al Jazeera America's Most-Watched Show Drew 54K Viewers. {It has been alleged, also, that americans are being_forced_to_pay_for_al_jazeera.}
Media-Failure MSNBC

As noted previously, msnbc is still in a freefall, having lost 22% of its viewers-last-summer, after an EIB_sound_bite_ban_decimated_msnbcs_ratings; perhaps this may be due to viewer-ennui who cannot help but note that MSNBC has a full deck of race cards [e.g., MSNBC PANEL claimed RUSH and O'REILLY are 'JIM CROW'S GRANDSON']. To reverse this trend, msnbc-finally-came out-of-the-closet-as-progressive as it launched a New website ( by claiming that Its What Progressives Have Been Waiting For. Yet, While the media destroyed Paula Deen for something she said three decades ago and manufactured evidence to portray the Hispanic George Zimmerman as both white and racist, at the very same time this very same media gave left-wing actor Alec Baldwin a total pass for publicly spewing homophobic threats and slurs at a gay reporter. On top of that, MSNBC, a leftwing network that poses as gay-friendly, awarded Baldwin an anchor position within weeks of his homophobic outburst. Examine the hosts:
Alec Baldwin: After MSNBC gave Alec Baldwin a talk show, as MSNBC BEAT

WAR DRUMS, Alec Baldwin Deleted Tweets Supporting Attack on Syria; after the outburst, South Park Ripped MSNBC's 'Free Pass' for Baldwin's homophobia and, post-firing, he said the US is doomed by obsession with celebrity.

Krystal Ball {The Cycle}: birth-of-christ]


Martin Bashir: There was NO APOLOGY FROM MSNBC AFTER BASHIR RESIGNED [which pointedly occurred after he had met with the Prez, suggesting he had been told to resign lest he be ignominiously fired], even as a MEDIAITE WRITER DEFENDED MARTIN BASHIR [joining CNN's Cuomo and WaPos Milbank]; it was also revealed that ABC SUSPENDED BASHIR IN 2008 FOR LEWD 'ASIAN BABES' SPEECH, reflecting a pattern of prejudice/hatred. Karen Finney: MSNBC Host Refuses to Acknowledge Alger Hiss Communist Ties, ignorant of the truth regarding joe-mccarthy [namely, that the DoS was infested with known-Communists]. Chris Hayes: MSNBC's Hayes: 'Obviously, The Numbers Are Bad Right Now.'

Rachel Maddow: ratings-ever-in-august.


chris-matthews: He had multiple obamagasms (top 10 most tingling quotes) and

said Dems-Must-Support Syria War-to-Save BHOs-Hide and had a meltdown.

Newsweek [related to MSNBC]: It is apparently to Revive its Print Edition.

Keith Olbermann: He failed on ESPN too.

POLITICO: {lionized @ 6:25 a.m. on Morning Joe and episodically thereafter}: UNDER-FIRE OVER ALLEGED PAYOLA SCANDAL and Politico omitted ideas

in 'Dove' Attack Against GOP and Politico Ran Bloomberg's [false] Claim Seven Kids Are Murdered with Guns Each Day and POLITICO PRETENDED THAT 'TALK TURNS TO GUN CONTROL.' Joe scarborough: Claimed white liberals in suburbs oppose stop-and-frisk, as people-die-in-inner-cities.
Ed Schultz: MSNBC host says God supports health law; Says 'Amen'.

Al Sharpton: MSNBC Is Now Rev. Al Sharpton's Personal Fiefdom and MSNBC's Sharpton Slams 'Tea Party-Fueled Madness' Running 'This Country Into the Ground.'
Chuck Todd: 'Nakedly Liberal Leanings' of MSNBC Too Much for Chuck Todd. Tour {The Cycle}: MSNBCs-Toure-Doesnt-Know Where Kenya Is and donald-

trump slammed msnbcs-dumb-racist-tour.

Alex Wagner: MSNBC Host to Marry White House Chef, Head of Michelle's

'Let's Move!' and Fireworks-erupted-between-ron-paul-and alex-wagner. A bit of a scandal occurred after the D.C. Navy Yard Shooting, which MSNBC perpetuated after BuzzFeed Falsely Claimed AR-15 Used; CNN Tried to Vilify AR-15 and then cnn noted an ar15-

was-not-used]. As the NY Daily News Shamefully Left-Up Mike Lupica AR15 Column, MSNBC Still Aired Debunked Graphic Showing Navy Yard Shooter With AR-15 [Documentation: The photo above is a screen shot of MSNBC taken Tuesday at 12:08pm ET, hours after the FBI confirmed that Navy Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis, used a shotgun and two pistols during Monday's rampage that killed 12. Regardless, MSNBC continued to use a computer graphic that clearly shows the shooter with an AR-15.]. Thus, AR-15 reportage reflected an overtly ANTI-GUN NARRATIVE that BLEW-UP IN FACE OF CNN and DAILY NEWS; also, CBS and NBC Released 'Name' Of Shooter and then Retracted, Deleted Tweets, as Chuck Todd Blamed ID Found Near 'Dead Gunman.' And, not to be outdone, AP Pushed Gun Control Debate After Navy Yard Shooting, although a Poll showed the Media Decisively Lost the Gun Control Debate. {Here, MSNBCs bias wasnt unique.}
Media-Failure CNN

When you lose the comedians [as BHO knows], a lot has been lost; recalling CNNs involvement in the above-errors in reportage, Jon Stewart claimed CNN's Navy Yard Misinformation had been 'Deliberate' [Comedian Jon Stewart opened his serious/comedic segment by saying, "For sheer accumulation of breathless wrongness, there is only one source that matters." After the chuckles quiet, Stewart gets serious and accuses CNN of deliberately spreading misinformation.] This anti-gun stance was pervasive [CNN's Don Lemon: Without Guns 'Are We Setting Ourselves Up to Be Sitting Ducks'?; and CNNs Anti-Gun, Anti-Constitution Piers Morgan Made a Fool on Guns Again!; and Piers Morgan Throws Tantrum: Navy Yard 'Is Not A Gun Free Zone'; and CNN ANCHOR CAN'T REMEMBER LAST SHOOTING AT U.S. MILITARY FACILITY; and CNN forgets Fort Hood: 'I've Never Heard of Such a Thing Happening.' One hopeful sign occurred when, while exclaiming IM GOING TO CUT YOU OFF RIGHT THERE, a CNN ANCHOR CALLED-OUT OUSTED COLORADO DEMOCRAT FOR BLAMING RECALL ON VOTER SUPPRESSION. Its lib-politics were on-display regularly: CNN pounded Heritage Action for the Defund effort for 5 Weeks; cnn conducted a 12-minute interview with susanrice without asking about benghazi (as it was claimed pro-islamist-fake-news is disseminated by CNN); ANTI-SCIENCE CNN IGNORED CESSATION OF GLOBAL WARMING AND INCREASE IN ARCTIC ICE; a filmmaker-backed-out-of-a muchcriticized-cnn-hillary-clinton-documentary (as Bill Clinton Needled Piers Morgan on Low CNN Ratings); Carol Costello was 'Sick' regarding Limbaugh's Children's Book; and obama-interview-failed-to-deliver-ratings-for-cnn-morning-show. After newt, the-media-critic, became-a-tv-host via crossfire, this newly revamped show Got a Relatively Solid Ratings Start; it Fades Fast From Debut Ratings, however, perhaps because it was competing with the Fox All-Stars @ 6:38 p.m. (during the overlapping 6:30-7:00 time-frame);
occasionally, its worth watching, such as when the DNC and RNC CHAIRS HAD DEBATED. {Each show terminates with an effort to articulate areas of agreement that may have emerged.}

Fox Mostly Fair and Balanced Although Im not thrilled with its tilt towards the GOP-Establishment, fox continues to Flourish; indeed, the-five is #1-in-demo-and-total-for-all-of-cable-news and, noting CNNs dominance when reporting international news, it is notable that, during a Presidential Address, Fox Crushed

CNN; a tucker-ed carlson (weekend tv-pundit) caught dead asleep on live news program and a disgruntled employee notwithstanding [brian-lewis-vs-fox-news], the FOX News Channels New Primetime Lineup (which Debuted on October 7th) has enhanced its dominance from 7-11 p.m. (Megyn Kelly is flourishing against Her Time-Slot 'Competition' @ 9 p.m., as Hannity and Greta Also Outperform). HASSELBECK LIFTED FOX while leading to NEW LOWS FOR CNN'S 'NEW DAY,' while new-kurtz-show-on-fox-news debuted on sept-8th (which Howard Kurtz Previewed), during which (inter alia) KURTZ observed that OBAMA 'ELEVATED RUSH TO HIS LEVEL.'
Illustrating the opposition to Fox, the Internet, and Rush [ et al.], note how a Liberal media group got a $520k dark money donation for war on right: MADISON, Wis. Two weeks ago, the liberal Center for Media and Democracy [which claimed liberals are morally superior to conservatives] kicked off a national campaign to reveal names of anonymous contributors to conservative groups in an effort to unseat the GOP governor here. The group may also have to answer embarrassing questions about its own anonymous donors. A review of financial documents reveals the Madison-based CMD, which bills itself as a journalism organization, received $520,000 in 2011 from the Schwab Charitable Fund (60 % of the $864,740 CMD received that year). CMD lists no donors on its tax returns, but its website identifies numerous financial backers without any financial data. Several are highlighted in bold and labeled current donors. But one important name is missing: Schwab. Schwab is a so-called donor-advised fund, a financial institution that manages contributions to nonprofits so that donors remain anonymous. Such donor-advised funds are legal. Like many nonprofits, Watchdog.orgs parent, the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, uses one, too. But CMD and allied organizations have worked feverishly to suggest the practice is shady and limited to conservatives. As recently as Monday, CMD attacked the practice on its own website. Dozens of groups organized as tax-exempt social welfare nonprofits made a mockery of the goals of Wisconsin campaign finance law, CMD declared. CMD alleged the consumer advocacy group Club for Growth was at the center of a tangled web of undisclosed dark money in 2011, raking in millions from out-of-state secret donors and shuffling it to other nonprofits that in turn spent millions on the 2011 and 2012 elections. But CMD could look at its own donor list to find evidence of dark money running through a tangled web. One of its most politically active donors is the Tides Foundation, which gave CMD $160,000 to fund research in 2011 the same year CMD and others ramped up a recall effort against Gov.

Scott Walker, a Republican. Walker outraged some liberals by championing reform of public employee unions. The reforms, known as Act 10, survived a federal legal challenge. Earlier this year, an investigation by Watchdog revealed that top Tides officials logged 92 White House visits in 2012 and helped draft President Obamas massive stimulus bill. Tides doled out $505,000 to the nonprofit group Catalist to create a voter database, which is sold to liberal clients engaged in partisan election campaigns. CMDs dark money claim is similar to one made by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, a Democrat. Multiple sources have told Wisconsin Reporter that Chisholms office has issued more than 100 subpoenas to individuals and some 29 conservative organizations. Some of those sources said the Democrat-led probe, conducted secretly under this states John Doe law, is aimed at collecting information about and harassing conservative donors in advance of Walkers 2014 re-election campaign. On its blog, CMD claimed to know nothing about the reason behind Chisholms subpoenas, but it speculated they were related to campaign finance violations; a 501(c)(3) charity cannot directly try to influence an election. CMD certainly has the personnel to push a political agenda. Its director is Lisa Graves, a former deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration and attorney with the Democratic staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee. She also was a legislative strategist with the ACLU. Her LinkedIn profile is silent on her political connections, instead hyping her publications under CMD. It lists her job category as publishing. CMD is a national non-profit investigative watchdog group, Graves wrote on her profile. Its reporting and analysis focus on exposing corporate influence on policies, politics, and media. This media-indictment is longer than had been anticipated; the goal has been to show what it misses and, thus, what these blast e-mails are intended to achieveas BHO remains POTUS.

Pearl Harbor Day: 12/7/1941