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Listening Skills


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Listening Skills


How to Hear English Everywhere
Two simple definitions   to hear: to receive sound with the ears to listen: to try to hear

You are very good at languages. That‘s obvious, because you already speak one language very well—your own! And if you can learn and speak one language well, then you can certainly learn and speak one or more other languages. But did you ever ask yourself: ―How did I learn my own language?‖ In fact, you never really ―learned‖ it at all—you just started speaking it. One day, when you were about two or three years old, you started speaking your language. A few words at first, not full sentences. But you spoke. And very soon you made progress without even thinking about it. It was like magic! But it wasn‘t magic. It was the result of hearing. For two to three years before you spoke, you heard people speaking your language all day, and maybe all night. You heard people speaking your language. Maybe you listened to people, but more importantly you heard them. Then, as if by magic, you started to speak. All that hearing was necessary for you to start speaking. For two to three years words went IN to your head. Then words came OUT of your head! That is why hearing (and listening to) English as much as possible is so important to you now. The more English you put in, the more you‘ll get out! So the important question is, how can you hear a lot of English when you‘re not in an English-speaking country or family? Fortunately, there are many ways of hearing English in almost all countries of the word. Discuss this with your partner and report back to the whole class.



Think about your culture.Listening Skills Communication and Culture Pre-Listening Activity MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI Every culture has its own communication style. what should you do? Take it right away Say ―no‖ the first time it is offered Work with a partner. Compare answers. too. Try to give examples. Calling out answers in class Latin America Korea Saudi Arabia ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 191 . not very often A little late Not very often Often Sometimes B C Someone invites you to a party that starts at 08:00. Behavior 1. Which are NOT OK? Put an (X) in the boxes. Which things are OK to do? Check (√) the boxes. Touching the other person while speaking 2. explain your reasons. Check (√) your answers. Interrupting someone 3. Listening to Conversation Listen. sometimes A little early No. for each answer. People are describing conversation styles in three cultures. often Yes. When people have conversation. When should you arrive? Exactly on time D When someone offers you something. Saying ―no‖ directly 4. Disagreeing with someone 5. do they… A interrupt each other? disagree directly? touch the other person when talking? say no directly? Do students call out answers in class? Yes. When your answers are different. Try to write brief reasons.

Each of the other groups below stands a little farther away. 192 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . People in the East Asia stand the farthest away. People in the Middle East stand the closest.Listening Skills Post Listening Activity MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN Cultures have different ideas about ―personal space‖—how close people generally like to sit or stand from TERINTEGRASI each other.

The operation was helped because of the good weather.……………………………… to assist the farmers. ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 193 . MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI Complete the notes below in brief in the spaces provided.……………………………. was forced to land just (5) ………………………………………… minutes after take-off.Listening Skills Listening to News Section 1 Listen to the 6 o’clock news and answer the following questions Tick the THREE other items which are mentioned in the news headlines. The government plans to give (1) $ ………. Australia has experienced its worst drought in over fifty years. This money was to be spent on improving Sydney‘s (2)………………………………………… but has now been re-allocated. The passengers thanked the pilot for saving their lives but unfortunately they lost their (7) ………………………………… . Farmers say that the money will not help them because it is (3) …. The passengers were rescued by (6) ………………………………………. An aeroplane which was carrying a group of (4) ……………………………………..

194 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . in price but (8) ……………………………………………. Complete the notes below based on the information you TERINTEGRASI SECTION 2 get from the presenter. Buying a cycle is like (9) ……………………………………………………. Five and ten speed cycles are suitable for longer distances.. Three speed cycles are suitable for (5) ………………………………………..Listening Skills MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN You will listen to Helpful Hints through the radio... Cambridge University Press. There are many kinds of bicycles available: racing touring (1) ……………………… ordinary They vary in price and (2) ………………………………………. hills and (6)…………………………………. Cambridge. Source: Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS. The size of the bicycle is determined by the size of the (10) ………………………………. Prices range from $50. Ten speed bikes are better because they are (7)……………………………………………. Single speed cycles are suitable for (4) ………………………………………. United Kingdom.00 to (3) ………………………………………..

with an introduction that gives a map of the whole talk and ideas organized in a clear way __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 195 . a listener has to: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ What are the features of a good lecture? To be comprehensible. but to: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Comprehension of academic lectures What things do you think are involved in comprehension of an academic lecture? To comprehend a lecture. a lecture should:      Be structured.Listening Skills LISTENING & NOTE-TAKING MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI Learning from academic lectures Discuss the following questions:    What do you think the purpose of lectures is? What do good lectures do? What problems do lectures pose for students? Lectures are not simply meant to present information.

aiming to record only the information that you need so that you do not KEPRIBADIAN end up with incomplete information or masses of information that you have difficulty finding your way TERINTEGRASI through.e. for examples: > = is greater than ↑ = grows. increases. . boxes. – administration atten. During a lecture you have to do three things:    attend to and make sense of the information in the lecture think critically about the information take notes of some kind You cannot do them all at the same time and you need to monitor what you are doing. viz.g. and brackets to show the relationships and connections. You should also use abbreviations and symbols to help you speed up the note-taking process. It is not necessary to write full. Sometimes briefer notes my be better. Abbreviations e. etc.Listening Skills Selecting what to record and writing your notes MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN You should make notes selectively. lines. Add some more examples in the list below. i. For example. Many words can be abbreviated by simply omitting letters at the end and adding a full stop for examples admin. you can use arrows. Some of them are listed below. – attention apt. It is useful to use graphic and visual features to distinguish different kinds of information. cf. Meaning for example. so that you do not miss an important point in the lecture.apartment What other important words can you abbreviated in this way? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ There are also abbreviations from Latin which are widely used. rises 196 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . complete notes during the entire lecture. The most important thing is that you use these consistently enough so that you can recall the meaning when you read your notes. such as compare Quite a number of logical relationships are represented with mathematical symbols.

However one thing you can make strategic choices about is the form you put your notes in. be clear Types of notes You need to consider the different forces that are pressing on you and influencing the quality and usability of your notes. You do not have much control over these. comprehension. They are time. be brief . PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ It is essential to remember three basics rules for making notes: 1. Two of them are linear and visual notes. be selective . there are many ways of taking notes. how the speaker‘s ideas and arguments are related to each other.decide what is important according to the speaker and according to your knowledge of the subject.Listening Skills Think of other symbols and abbreviations you might use and try to think of your own symbols or MATA KULIAH abbreviation that you often use.use abbreviations and symbols . your power of attention and you note taking goals. 2. ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 197 .

Usually at least one per main idea 3. Read paragraphs for more specific ones a. critical. Evaluate the test 1. etc 3. proof. Survey (SQ3R) for general ones 2. In hunt for main idea and important details 1. Be skeptical (Expect the author to prove) 2. If need them (for my purposes) 2. Which do I consider important? D. Look for Main Ideas 1. according to purpose 2. Strong diagrams. Discuss with other students F.g. support for main idea 2. Don’t ignore difficulties E. Compare with other students G. By seeking understanding (not memorization) 2. but not at expense of understanding Liner/outline notes my be more effective if they:  are built around complete. What do I get from it? 4. Look for Important Details 1. comprehensible phrases  show the relationship between information or relative importance of information  allow plenty of white space so that you can add more text at any point later in the lecture  have a rule-off margin so that you can write your own question. Usually in Topic Sentence (1 st or last) C. B. example. Each para usually has one main idea b.Listening Skills Linear/ Outline notes MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN The art of TERINTEGRASI Reading Actively A. Make notes 1. and see chapter 4 hints H. e. etc) b) Verbal (clue words) 2. At recall stage (of SQ3R) 3. Compare with my own experience 3. comments or criticisms 198 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . Watch for signposts a) Visual (layout. questioning. Active = purposeful. Vary reading speed: 1. Concentrate: 1.

Listening Skills Visual/ pattern notes MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN The key concept is placed in a circle or box in the center of the page and related ideas or subtopics are KEPRIBADIAN connected in a pattern spreading out. this type of notes is called a ‗brain map. Sometimes.‘ TERINTEGRASI ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 199 .

The tape will be played once only without stopping. see whether the others in the class can help you. answer the following question: What is the speaker‘s main point? Note-taking practice Now take notes on a separate piece of paper. If there were parts that neither of you cold understand. If there were parts of the talk you could not follow. Remember that your notes should be selective. Comparison of notes Compare your notes with those of a friend. After you hear it. 200 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES .Listening Skills Lecture comprehension and note-taking practice MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN Listening for the “larger picture” KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI You are going to hear a lecture entitled ―Lectures and Note taking‖. ask your friend to explain them to you. Use what you have noted down to summarize the speaker‘s main points. Listen to the lecture once without taking notes. brief and clear.

she handles all letters in our office. 6. a. 1. What characteristics do Indonesian and Malaysian have in common? They decided a meeting might facilitate better communication at work. able to do something with a high level of skill. f. b. but his ability may decline after he goes back home. 5. to make it easier for something to happen to accept or admit that something is true share to decrease in quality able to speak a language very well in spite of what has just been mentioned g. Why is English used in the above situations? Why don‘t people use the First language of the country or another foreign language? 3. When do people use English in non-English speaking countries like Indonesia? 2. e. He only studied English for one month. Because she is a proficient writer. Many people acknowledge the importance of knowing English. ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 201 . English is obviously the most important foreign language in Indonesia. c. Write the letter of the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined word.Listening Skills MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI English: a Global Language ? Pre-listening Activity Discuss these questions in groups of four or five. 2. 9. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 1. English has replaced French in many international Situations. 3. He became fluent in English after he lived in New York. Do you think English will one day replace Indonesian as the most important language in our country? Vocabulary Preview A. 10. The underlined words below are from the lecture you are going to listen to. clearly j. to keep something in good condition h. 4. 8. he decided he knew enough to travel alone. nevertheless. started being used instead of another person or thing i. 7. You need to use a language you have learnt in order to maintain it. d. He is great at English now. Read each sentence.

PENGEMBANGAN  -ate indicates the action (verb) KEPRIBADIAN  -or indicates a person who does the action (noun) TERINTEGRASI  -ion indicates the result of the action (noun) Verb facilitate communicate Noun Noun creator generation education Strategies for Taking Notes At the beginning of a lecture. Some people have said that the quick spread of music is destroying art. or a bad thing? Look at the following example of notes based on the introduction above.Listening Skills B.Music everywhere will sound the same 202 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . Them complete the chart with the correct forms. This is the time for you to decide how to organize your notes. Underline words and phrases that tell you how the lecture will be organized. Listen for signal words or phrases that help you organize your notes on paper.‘ Work with a partner. Add more ideas to each column. that it is an exciting development. Read the introduction to a lecture on global music. Recording makes it possible for musicians to create new types of music and for us to have a wide variety of musical experiences. There is another way of thinking about what is happening now. Today.‘ based on the signal phrase ‗two contrasting points of view. I‘ll give you two contrasting points of view on global music. the speaker often says how the lecture will be organized. Decide on one way you would organize your notes based on the introduction. Is global music a good thing. Work with a partner. ‗for‘ and ‗against. namely. For -Exciting change Global Music Against . Look at the information on word forms below. They feel it will weaken the traditional music of each country. The notes are organized in two columns. and eventually music everywhere will sound the same. Use a MATA KULIAH dictionary to check your answers.

Other languages. According to the lecture. c. According to the lecture. An estimated one billion people study English every year. Everyone who speaks English uses it at home. what is one reason why English should NOT be considered a global language? a. Many people use the Internet. c. c. English is the official language of seventy-five countries. b. English is the main language in many countries.Listening Skills Listening to the Lecture A. English is the official language in many countries. 3. b. b or c. Use the following table to take notes while listening to the lecture. such as French. Many people who speak English are not fluent in it. Circle a. People need a common language in the world. What is the main reason given for the widespread use of English? a. Many people need to study English each year. There are millions of people in English-speaking countries whose first language is English. b. what is one reason why English should be considered a global language? a. 4. Many people need to study English each year. English as a global Language For Against MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI Listening for Main Ideas B. c. b. What is the main reason given for this? a. Use your notes to answer the questions below. English is the most beautiful language in the world. The speaker says that English isn‘t really a global language. 1. b. 5. c. English is the only language used in international meetings. are used at international business meeting. Which reason is NOT given to argue that English is a global language? a. ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 203 . English is not replacing other languages for daily communication. 2.

More than 75 countries use English as the official language. one of the official languages. There are 3.5 billion people in the world who study English every year. The European Union uses only English in its meetings. __________ 5. Airspeak is a good example of using English for specific situations. __________ 7. Most people in India speak English. 1. __________ 204 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . ___________ 6. __________ 2. Listen to the lecture again while looking at your notes. __________ 3. The speaker says that all Internet users know English. The speaker believes that English will not replace other languages. _________ 8. __________ 4. Add supporting details to your notes KEPRIBADIAN and correct the mistakes.Listening Skills Listening for details MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN Close your book. Use your notes to correct the statements that are FALSE and make them TRUE. The speaker believes that English will no longer be the main language used in international settings. TERINTEGRASI After you have listened to the lecture read the statements below and decide whether they are TRUE or FALSE.

eliminate c. Circle the letter of the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the boldface word. Don't interfere with their plans. The police enforce the speed limit and give tickets to anyone driving too fast.  You‘re having a hard time understanding the class. make easier 2.Listening Skills Right and Wrong on the Net MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI Pre-Listening A. Is it wrong to down load music from the internet? 3. 1. They have to decide by themselves what to do. 1. sell 3. The programmers have to alter the software because it doesn‘t work right. B.  You have a part-time job and don‘t have enough free time. forget about 4. Do you think it‘s OK to open and read some else‘s email? 2. Would it be acceptable to copy a term paper from the Internet or from a friend in any of these circumstances?  You have been sick. a. Discuss the questions below. Vocabulary Preview The underlined words below are from a lecture you are going to listen to. signs ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 205 . punishments b. Ignoring safety rules can have potentially tragic consequences. decide on c. Read the situations below. get involved c. results c. a. forget to b. Has anyone every ‗stolen‘ information from you or your computer? 2.  You don‘t like the topic of the term paper. Work in small groups. a. make people obey b. a. change b.

the last decade of the twentieth century. B. scenery c. programs b. train c. ten-year period TERINTEGRASI 6.____________________________________________________________________ 2. 1. You will hear a lecture on computer ethics. Use your notes to answer the questions below.Listening Skills 5.____________________________________________________________________ Listening A. giving truthful information on your web site. b. general rules 9. A considered good enough b. The University plans to utilize more computers for teaching language. c. considered wrong c. b. Now listen to the lecture and take notes. it is not acceptable to use sandals to class. helping a neighbour. He feels out of place because he comes from a different background. a. critical time KEPRIBADIAN c. In this university. a. a.‖ What are two other rules that might be mentioned. such as ―Don‘t use someone else‘s computer without asking. to help companies enforce rules of computer use. In the 1990s. c. use C. a. or c. He kept the door closed in order to have privacy. These guidelines make clear what each person is expected to do. buy b. style b. reading someone‘s email without permission. 206 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . What is the main purpose of the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics? a. a nap 7. MATA KULIAH a. 2. to help all computer users think about acceptable computer use. letters c. Internet use increased rapidly. environment 8. The speaker will discuss some rules for using computers. Circle a. Which of the following would the speaker not consider an ethical action? a. a phone call b. part PENGEMBANGAN b. ability to be alone c. considered impressive 10. b. to help people utilize new software better. 1.

Listening Skills 3. _____3. Which statement would the Computer Ethics Institute agree with? a. Correct the false statements. It is not always clear whether our old ethics apply to the Internet or not. getting people to use computer resources b. Acceptable use policies need to be enforced by the police. Write T (true) or F (false). Another way to say ―Thou shalt not snoop‖ is ―respect other people‘s privacy. Ethical boundaries are never clear. b. Acceptable use policies are a good way to utilize the ten rules. c. _____7. Seven. What are the two principles behind the guidelines? a. TERINTEGRASI b. There are situation of widespread stealing from the Internet. The speaker says that to appropriate someone‘s ideas means to say someone‘s ideas are your own. getting people to respect the property of others 5. Listening for Details Listen to the lecture again while checking the notes you took on the previous page. _____2. What goal do Commandments Six. ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 207 . What‘s the speaker‘s point in saying ―there are situations on the Internet in which youPENGEMBANGAN have to decide if you are stealing or not?‖ KEPRIBADIAN a. The speaker believes that hackers are concerned about the social consequences of what they do. _____1. Plagiarism is an example of appropriating someone else‘s work. MATA KULIAH C. The speaker believes we all share clear rules of ethical computer use. and Eight share? a. _____8. _____5. Acceptable use policies should be decided on by the students. Add supporting detains to you notes and correct any mistakes. The speaker would agree that using someone‘s password without telling them is acceptable. c. Editing someone else‘s files without their permission is an example of interfering with someone else‘s work. 4.‖ _____4. fairness and respect b. The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics are laws the Institute enforces. getting people to use Internet connections wisely c. _____6. respect and appropriation 6. fair use of resources and plagiarism c. Use your notes to decide if the statements are true or false.

TERINTEGRASI D. 1. _____________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________ 6. _____________________________________________________________ 10. PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN _____10. _____________________________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________________________ 208 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . _____________________________________________________________ 8. The Computer Ethics Institute tells schools to enforce these rules. According to the guidelines. _____________________________________________________________ 9. _____________________________________________________________ 7. it‘s acceptable to put whatever you want to on MATA KULIAH your web site. With a partner try to complete The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics below.Listening Skills _____9. _____________________________________________________________ 5.

origins Researchers have found that some genes are linked to specific diseases. Read each sentence. experiment 2. Circle the letter of the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined word. a. Applications of the new data include improved medical treatment and disease prevention. ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 209 . Discuss the questions below. What do you know about DNA? What kinds of things can it tell us? 2. connected c. a. Have you recently read or heard about a situation in which DNA testing was used? Tell your group about it. The underlined words below are from a lecture about DNA.Listening Skills MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI It’s in the DNA Pre-Listening Activity A. The second half of the twentieth century was an important era for DNA research. Work in small groups. a. 1. uses b. Vocabulary Preview B. What is DNA testing used for? 3. subject 3. researchers c. period of time c. relative b. resource b. 1.

a. There is a _________ for her to get the same disease her mother had. 5. 1. made. ended b. Research is a ________ part of scientific progress.Listening Skills 4. 3. 5. The fundamental research was done in the 1860s. 8. so eventually they arrested him. expensive The pattern in a DNA fingerprint can be used to identify someone. having to do with ability c. a. a. produced His doctor told him that he has a potential for certain health problems. The more we learn. or uses. possibility of getting c. C. 7. next b. Good research has always _________ more research. 4. part of a person's hand The new discovery generated a. data collected during research TERINTEGRASI Water is a compound made up of hydrogen and oxygen. copy c. 210 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . Fill in the blanks with the boldfaced words from Part A. more advanced research came later. design made in a regular way c. 8. basic c. A DNA fingerprint shows up as a(n) ___________. or design of black bars. a. find b. 9. showed c. no chance of getting Hair and eye color are visible characteristics we inherit. The seventeenth century was the ________ of the scientific revolution in Europe. the more we want to learn. DNA testing has several _________. MATA KULIAH a. Police are still trying to ________ the missing child. 7. something made up of two or more parts PENGEMBANGAN b. something that can be seen b. no risk getting b. a. programs of study KEPRIBADIAN c. 10. a. 2. 6. lot of excitement with the researchers. personality The police had enough evidence to trace the thief. fool 6. You can't have progress without research. result from a test b. A chemical ________ is made up of two or more elements.

A. What are the subtopics? Draw lines between the subtopics and their related details. Then add details and examples to your web. Taking Better Notes Using a Web to Cluster Ideas One way to organize your notes is to make a web to show how ideas in a lecture are related. review your notes to see if the relationship between the ideas is clear to you. Intelligence Hair Colour Physical characteristics Behavioral characteristics DNA Temperament height When you listen to a lecture. Close your book.Listening Skills 9. After the lecture is finished. the MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN police were able to collect tiny DNA samples. Read the notes below. edit your web to make it clear. If it is not clear. ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 211 . KEPRIBADIAN 10. The topic is DNA. Listen to the lecture and take notes. Though there was no ________ evidence at the scene of the crime. The researchers believe that the changes in world-wide climate are ___________ toTERINTEGRASI global warming. Write down main ideas and subtopics when you listen the first time. Listening to the Lecture You will hear a lecture about DNA and DNA testing. An advantage of using a web is that you can write down the ideas quickly. try to make a web.

Close your book. B. scientists understood how cells tell DNA what to do. Your DNA fingerprint is the same as your sister's or your brother's. Scientists need to gather large samples in order to get a good DNA print. _____ 8. The speaker thinks there are more negative than positive effects of DNA testing. DNA testing is difficult to do. _____ 7. _____ 4. 3. Information gathered from DNA testing can be used against people in a U. The speaker considers the Human Genome Project an important _____ 5. 2. serious illnesses. Use your notes to correct the sentences. Use KULIAH your notes and check (√) the ideas below that were mentioned in the lecture. KEPRIBADIAN _____ 2. _____ 3. achievement. Targeted medicine is based on all humans having the same DNA. Scientists have found a genetic cause for Alzheimer's disease.Listening Skills B. MATA PENGEMBANGAN _____ 1.S. The patterns on a DNA fingerprint form unique blue lines. The police use/can DNA testing to prove someone's guilt in a crime. Crick and Watson described the DNA structure. In 1860. 8. 4. 7. 212 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES . 6. court. 5. The presence of a certain gene defect causes a person to develop a disease. 1. In 1962. DNA testing can be used to identify a person's potential for developing _____ 6. Listen to the lecture again. The speaker believes DNA doesn't tell us much about a person. A DNA test sample is like a fingerprint because it is unique. TERINTEGRASI Listening for Details A. The sentences below are not true. Add supporting details to your notes and correct any mistakes.

Use your notes to complete the web. MATA KULIAH PENGEMBANGAN KEPRIBADIAN TERINTEGRASI __________________________(1) Police Free innocent people DNA Testing (2) Alzheimer’s Disease Identify health risks (3) – + get early treatment (5) Employers won’t hire you (4) ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES 213 . Some information is missing from the web below.Listening Skills C.