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Which variable would be considered a sociocultural variable affecting management functions?

Correct Answer: Education

Which group of variables is most likely to directly provide the context for the development and perpetuation of cultural variables? Your Answer: National variables

Research has indicated that managers of U.S. multinational corporations have a very weak understanding of which multicultural skill? Correct Answer: Intercultural communication

If you are an American and expect all people working in the U.S., irrespective of their citizenship, to behave just like everyone else, you would be exhibiting which attitude? Correct Answer: Parochialism

Which variable, identified by Harris and Moran to categorize subsystems in a society, is adopted by a society to guide family relationships? Your Answer: Kinship

Convergence describes the shifting of what organizational cultural elements to become more similar to one another around the world? Your Answer: Managerial styles


According to the research conducted by GLOBE, which country would be rated highest in assertiveness? Correct Answer: Germany

According to the research conducted by GLOBE, which country would be considered the most humane oriented? Correct Answer: Philipines

Which cultural dimension attempts to measure the extent to which a society encourages and rewards people for being fair, altruistic, generous, caring, and kind?

and passed on to succeeding generations. Correct Answer: True Attitudes provide the context for the development and perpetuation of cultural variables. assumptions. Your Answer: True . Your Answer: True The culture of a society comprises the shared values. high masculinity and a relatively small need for power distance? Correct Answer: Germany Cultural empathy refers to the awareness and honest caring an individual has for someone's culture.Correct Answer: Humane orientation Which one of Hofstede's value dimensions refers to the extent to which people in a society feel threatened by ambiguous situations? Correct Answer: Uncertainty avoidance Which type of culture would most likely view cooperation as a sign of weakness? Correct Answer: High in masculinity Which of the following countries has the highest rating on individualism? Correct Answer: United States The phrase "time is money" is most consistent with which culture? Correct Answer: United States According to the comparative management charts in the textbook. and goals that are learned from earlier generations. understanding. which country's cultural profile would be characterized by a relatively high score on individualism and uncertainty avoidance. imposed by present members of a society.

Japan rates higher than the United States. Correct Answer: True Latin America is.S. a homogenous area with a low-context culture. Your Answer: True With Trompenaars's value dimensions. power distance is the level of acceptance by a society of the unequal distribution of power in matter where or under what conditions they are applied.Ethnocentrism describes the attitude of those who operate from the assumption that their ways of doing things are best . the U. . Correct Answer: True Assertiveness is a cultural dimension that measures the importance of performance improvement and excellence in society and refers to whether or not people are encouraged to strive for continued improvement. banking system is technically illegal. in general. Your Answer: True According to Hofstede. countries were generally in similar positions on all of the dimensions. Your Answer: False According to Islamic law. since the collection of interest is banned. Your Answer: False According to the GLOBE research. and a strong belief in group decisions would be rated high in collectivism. Correct Answer: False According to Hofstede. emotional dependence on belonging to the organization. Your Answer: True In the masculinity scale of cultural values. a culture that has tight social frameworks. the United States is rated as being more performance oriented than Hong Kong.

Correct Answer: False A cultural profile attempts to create a composite picture of working environments. people's attitudes. Your Answer: True .S. and norms of behavior. Your Answer: True Most European countries have a more liberal view toward privacy of information that the U. imposing a deadline would likely be considered an insult.Your Answer: True Correct Answer: False Based on Arabs perceptions toward time.