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Creative Brief for a Radio Play

Rationale of the desired change in behaviour: Basic theme- raise voice against any kind of sexual harassment at your workplace. Summary of play: In the play, a young girl comes to work in a new city; she is hard working and while working her boss assaults her sexually. She tries to put him off, but when he tries to rape her, she takes the matter up to the court. He gets sacked from his job but the case is still going on in court. Audience Information: Target audiences: Primary – focus on urban working women, who are prone to such situations. They need to be aware and cautious in their work place. The working women know that sexual assaults are present in many working places, but many don’t put open up about it as they fear they will be lose their jobs or be blamed. This play hopes to send a message to all the working women to have the courage to fight against such evils. These women are all educated, hence they should use the law, use the available laws to do so. Justification of the chosen medium: Radio is the chosen medium. This is because, it is cheaper, and can be even available to the working women from all classes of the society. The message is in the form of a play; hence it will be more effective, than just stating it as a form of information. e.g. - saying be cautious at your work place. Everyone knows the basic, but through a story, the message will register more and be more interesting.

Fight against Sexual Harassment. don’t encourage wrong advances. Number and duration of program: Tone.the tone should be emotional.  This play would try to encourage the victims to go out and fight against their assault.the assaulter being more powerful with connections and more money. It will consist of five (5) episodes. Project Purpose:  To bring to notice to society the increasing rate of sexual harassments in work places. to cater to the female mass. Time slot: 5:00 pm Day: Monday to Friday Message. Scope and Sequence: Message.Measurable Objectives:    To make women aware and be more cautious while they are in their aware at all times in your work place. and be careful not to be in situations that you may have to compromise. primarily being. To help women and men working realize that sexual harassment cases should not be covered rather to bring a top to it. people should be brave and fight against it. . Multiple cases have of sexual harassments have taken place but the victims do not get justice because of many reason. The play is a short one. To increase awareness of the sexual harassments in workplace.

middle and end. Characters: a 24 year old young girl. Preeti refuses him. a moral message can be addressed to the audience. and her boss takes all the credit. A young 24 year old girl (Preeti Sinha) from Delhi after her graduation moves to Mumbai. and she is asked to complete the work within a week. but she brushes it off and thinks it was by mistake. A very important assignment is assigned to Preeti.) Title: Stand Against Evil. Hence she begins working till late in the evening and leaves the office only after 9. to work as assistant to the creative manager of a reputed publishing house. 50 year old man. . her work is not acknowledged.Scope. followed by the play and then after the play ends. On her first day of work. Her boss begins to flirt with her and every evening. STRUCTURE OF A RADIP PLAY (Beginning. A few months pass without any prevent sexual harassment cases and making working safe for all. Sequence. She is a beautiful young girl. People need to be more aware and help stop this evil practice. when her assignment is complete. whose ambition is to become the creative manager one day.begin the play by giving a brief on sexual harassment. In our society. Then. even today multiple such sexual harassments occur but it is not discussed openly. her boss who is a 50 year old married man ( Mr Rajan Tajpal tries to touch her in appropriately while showing her around the office. the boss tries to ask her out for drinks and dinner etc.

to seek justice. she and her family file a sexual assault case on Mr Rajan in the police and to the head of the company. The police investigate the case. he is not prosecuted. Preeti tries to ask her other female colleagues to testify against Mr Rajan’s. and uses the paper weight from the desk to hit him and runs out of the office. the only relief for Preeti was that. and then tries to force himself on her. as he had tried to assault other young female workers before her. it begins to rain. Instead. She tries to fight him off. The police come and arrest him but he gets bail the very next day. On one unlucky evening. He says that she didn’t cooperate with him. Preeti gets stuck in the office late. comes to the office all of a sudden. . Preeti’s work load gets increased. The very next day. The case is still in court. hence she should open her mouth. but all keep quiet out of fear. the CEO of the company fire Mr Rajan Tajpal from the company. However. but as there is no evidence against Mr Rajan. She resigns from her job and files a case to a higher court. hence she has to work over time.Preeti gets really angry and confronts her boss. Her boss.