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"# !$ S.L.P. (Cr%.& N!. 4102 !$ 2013& State of Madhya Pradesh Versus Pradeep Sharma Respondent(s) 'ITH CRIMINAL APPEAL N!. 20(0 OF 2013 (Arisin !"# !$ S.L.P. (Cr%.& N!. 440) !$ 2013& .... .... Appellant(s)

P.S+#,+si-+./ CJI. 1) 2) Leave granted. These appeals are f led aga nst the orders dated

1!.!1.2!1" and 1#.!1.2!1" passed $y the % gh &ourt of Madhya Pradesh Pr n' pal Seat at (a$alpur n M s'. &r m nal &ase )os. ***+ of 2!12 and 1,2-" of 2!12 respe't vely .here$y the % gh &ourt granted ant ' patory $a l to the respondents here n.

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") a)

Bri0$ $+1#s/ The 'ase of the prose'ut on s that Ra0esh S ngh Tha1ur

(the de'eased)2 res dent of v llage 3opalpur2 Tehs l &haura 2 4 str 't &hh nd.ara2 Madhya Pradesh and Pradeep Sharma (respondent here n)2 res dent of the same v llage2 .ere hav ng enm ty . th ea'h other on a''ount of ele't on to the post of Sarpan'h. $) 5n 1!.!*.2!112 Pradeep Sharma (respondent here n)2 n

order to get r d of Ra0esh S ngh Tha1ur (the de'eased)2 'onsp red along . th other a''used persons and managed to 'all h m to the Tea %ouse2 &hh nd.ara on the prete6t of sett ng up of a n a f eld .here they offered h m po soned m l1 rabri (s.eet d sh). ') After 'onsum ng the same2 .hen he left the pla'e to

meet h s s ster2 h s 'ond t on started gett ng deter orated $e'ause of vom t ng and d arrhea. 7mmed ately2 the father of the de'eased too1 hm to the 4 str 't %osp tal2

&hh nd.ara .herefrom he .as referred to the 3overnment %osp tal2 &hh nd.ara.

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S n'e there .as no mprovement n h s 'ond t on2 on

11.!*.2!112 he .as sh fted to the &are %osp tal2 )agpur .here he too1 h s last $reath. The hosp tal 'ert f ed the

'ause of death to $e po son ng. 5n the very same day2 after send ng the nformat on to the Pol 'e Stat on2 S ta$ard 2

)agpur2 the $ody .as sent for the post mortem. e) 7nder S ngh Tha1ur8father of the de'eased su$m tted a

.r tten 'ompla nt to the Pol 'e Stat on 2 &hh nd.ara on 1".!*.2!11 suspe't ng the role of the respondents here n. After nvest gat on2 a : rst 7nformat on Report ( n short ;the :7R<) $e ng )o. 1!"=>2!11 dated 1-.1!.2!11 .as reg stered under Se't ons "!2 read . th "= of the 7nd an Penal &ode2 1-+! ( n short ;the 7P&<). f) 5n !1.!-.2!122 Pradeep Sharma (respondent here n)

moved an appl 'at on for ant ' patory $a l $y f l ng M s'. &r m nal &ase )o. #!*" of 2!12 $efore the % gh &ourt .h 'h got re0e'ted v de order dated !1.!-.2!12 on the ground that 'ustod al nterrogat on s ne'essary n the 'ase. g) 5n 2+.!-.2!122 a 'harge sheet .as f led n the 'ourt of (ud ' al Mag strate2 &hh nd.ara aga nst San0ay

&h ef

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)amdev2 Rahul ?or1ar2 Rav Parad1ar and V 0ay @ Monu ?raham$hatt .hereas the nvest gat on n respe't of

Pradeep Sharma2 Sudh r Sharma and 3udda @ )aresh Raghuvansh (respondents here n)2 a$s'ond ng a''used2

'ont nued s n'e the very date of the n' dent. h) 5n 21.11.2!122 arrest .arrants .ere ssued aga nst

Pradeep Sharma2 Sudh r Sharma and 3udda @ )aresh Raghuvansh $ut the same .ere returned to the &ourt S n'e the a''used persons .ere not

. thout serv 'e.

tra'ea$le2 on 2*.11.2!122 a pro'lamat on under Se't on -2 of the &ode of &r m nal Pro'edure2 1*#" ( n short ;the &ode<) .as ssued aga nst them for the r appearan'e to the 'ompla nt. ) 7nstead of appeal ng the order dated !1.!-.2!122 Sharma (respondent here n) f led another


appl 'at on for ant ' patory $a l $e ng M s'. &r m nal &ase )o. ***+ of 2!12 $efore the % gh &ourt. V de order dated 1!.!1.2!1"2 the % gh &ourt granted ant ' patory $a l to Pradeep Sharma (respondent here n). a''used83udda @ )aresh S m larly2 another .as granted


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ant ' patory $a l $y the % gh &ourt v de order dated 1#.!1.2!1" n M s'. &r m nal &ase )o. 1,2-" of 2!12. 0) ?e ng aggr eved $y the orders dated 1!.!1.2!1" and

1#.!1.2!1"2 State of Madhya Pradesh has f led the a$ove appeals $efore th s &ourt. 1) 7n the meant me2 the respondents here n approa'hed

the &ourt of &h ef (ud ' al Mag strate2 &hh nd.ara for the grant of regular $a l. V de order dated 2!.!2.2!1"2 the

a''used persons .ere enlarged on $a l. =) %eard Ms. V $ha 4atta Ma1h 0a2 learned sen or 'ounsel

for the appellant8State and Mr. ) ra0 Sharma2 learned 'ounsel for the respondents. ,) The only Auest on for 'ons derat on n these appeals s

.hether the % gh &ourt s 0ust f ed n grant ng ant ' patory $a l under Se't on ="of the &ode to the

respondents>a''used .hen the

nvest gat on

s pend ng2

part 'ularly2 .hen $oth the a''used had $een a$s'ond ng all along and not 'ooperat ng . th the nvest gat on. +) Ms. V $ha 4atta Ma1h 0a2 learned sen or 'ounsel for the

appellant8State2 $y dra. ng our attent on to the 'harge

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su$m tted




f led

aga nst


respondents>a''used relate to Se't ons "!22 12!? and "= of the 7P& .h 'h are all ser ous offen'es and also of the fa't that $oth of them $e ng a$s'onders from the very date of the n' dent2 the % gh &ourt s not 0ust f ed n grant ng

ant ' patory $a l that too . thout proper analys s and d s'uss on. #) 5n the other hand2 Mr. ) ra0 Sharma2 learned 'ounsel

for the respondents n $oth the appeals supported the order passed $y the % gh &ourt and prayed for d sm ssal of the appeals f led $y the State. -) Be have 'arefully perused the relevant mater als and

'ons dered the r val 'ontent ons. *) 7n order to the a$ove Auest on2 t s des ra$le to

refer Se't on ="- of the &ode .h 'h reads as under/8

C432. Dir01#i!n $!r r+n# !$ 3+i% #! 40rs!n +44r0,0n5in +rr0s#.D(1) Bhere any person has reason to $el eve that he may $e arrested on a''usat on of hav ng 'omm tted a non8$a la$le offen'e2 he may apply to the % gh &ourt or the &ourt of Sess on for a d re't on under th s se't on that n the event of su'h arrest he shall $e released on $a lE and that &ourt may2 after ta1 ng nto 'ons derat on2 nter al a2 the follo. ng fa'tors2 namelyD (i) the nature and grav ty of the a''usat onE

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(ii) the ante'edents of the appl 'ant n'lud ng the fa't as to .hether he has prev ously undergone mpr sonment on 'onv 't on $y a &ourt n respe't of any 'ogn Fa$le offen'eE (iii) the poss $ l ty of the appl 'ant to flee from 0ust 'eE and (iv) .here the a''usat on has $een made . th the o$0e't of n0ur ng or hum l at ng the appl 'ant $y hav ng h m so arrested2 e ther re0e't the appl 'at on forth. th or ssue an nter m order for the grant of ant ' patory $a l/ Prov ded that2 .here the % gh &ourt or2 as the 'ase may $e2 the &ourt of Sess on2 has not passed any nter m order under th s su$8se't on or has re0e'ted the appl 'at on for grant of ant ' patory $a l2 t shall $e open to an off 'er n 'harge of a pol 'e stat on to arrest2 . thout .arrant the appl 'ant on the $as s of the a''usat on apprehended n su'h appl 'at on. G66 666 666H

1!) The a$ove prov s on ma1es t 'lear that the e6er' sa$le under Se't on ="- of the &ode s some.hat e6traord nary n 'hara'ter and t s to $e e6er' sed only n e6'ept onal 'ases .here t appears that the person may $e falsely mpl 'ated or .here there are reasona$le grounds for hold ng that a person a''used of an offen'e s not l 1ely to other. se m suse h s l $erty. 11) 7n Adri Dharan Das vs. State of W.B.2 (2!!,) = S&& "!"2 th s &ourt 'ons dered the s'ope of Se't on ="- of the &ode as under/8

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61). Se't on ="- s a pro'edural prov s on .h 'h s 'on'erned . th the personal l $erty of an nd v dual .ho s ent tled to plead nno'en'e2 s n'e he s not on the date of appl 'at on for e6er' se of under Se't on ="- of the &ode 'onv 'ted for the offen'e n respe't of .h 'h he see1s $a l. The appl 'ant must sho. that he has Creason to $el eveH that he may $e arrested n a non8$a la$le offen'e. Ise of the e6press on Creason to $el eveH sho.s that the $el ef that the appl 'ant may $e arrested must $e founded on reasona$le grounds. Mere CfearH s not C$el efH for .h 'h reason t s not enough for the appl 'ant to sho. that he has some sort of vague apprehens on that someone s go ng to ma1e an a''usat on aga nst h m n pursuan'e of .h 'h he may $e arrested. 3rounds on .h 'h the $el ef of the appl 'ant s $ased that he may $e arrested n non8 $a la$le offen'e must $e 'apa$le of $e ng e6am ned. 7f an appl 'at on s made to the % gh &ourt or the &ourt of Sess on2 t s for the 'ourt 'on'erned to de' de .hether a 'ase has $een made out for grant ng of the rel ef sought. The prov s ons 'annot $e nvo1ed after arrest of the a''used. A $lan1et order should not $e generally passed. 7t flo.s from the very language of the se't on .h 'h reAu res the appl 'ant to sho. that he has reason to $el eve that he may $e arrested. A $el ef 'an $e sa d to $e founded on reasona$le grounds only f there s someth ng tang $le to go $y on the $as s of .h 'h t 'an $e sa d that the appl 'ant<s apprehens on that he may $e arrested s genu ne. )ormally a d re't on should not ssue to the effe't that the appl 'ant shall $e released on $a l C.henever arrested for .h 'hever offen'e .hatsoeverH. Su'h C$lan1et orderH should not $e passed as t .ould serve as a $lan1et to 'over or prote't any and every 1 nd of allegedly unla.ful a't v ty. An order under Se't on ="- s a dev 'e to se'ure the nd v dual<s l $erty2 t s ne ther a passport to the 'omm ss on of 'r mes nor a sh eld aga nst any and all 1 nds of a''usat ons l 1ely or unl 1ely. 5n the fa'ts of the 'ase2 'ons dered n the $a'1ground of the legal pos t on set out a$ove2 th s does not pr ma fa' e appear to $e a 'ase .here any order n terms of Se't on ="- of the &ode 'an $e passed.H

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12) Re'ently2 n Lavesh vs. State (NCT of Delhi)2 (2!12) - S&& #"!2 th s &ourt2 (of .h 'h $oth of us .ere part es) 'ons dered the s'ope of grant ng rel ef under Se't on ="vis--vis to a person .ho .as de'lared as an a$s'onder or pro'la med offender n terms of Se't on -2 of the &ode. 7n para 122 th s &ourt held as under/
612. :rom these mater als and nformat on2 t s 'lear that the present appellant .as not ava la$le for nterrogat on and nvest gat on and .as de'lared as Ca$s'onderH. )ormally2 .hen the a''used s Ca$s'ond ngH and de'lared as a Cpro'la med offenderH2 there s no Auest on of grant ng ant ' patory $a l. Be re terate that .hen a person aga nst .hom a .arrant had $een ssued and s a$s'ond ng or 'on'eal ng h mself n order to avo d e6e'ut on of .arrant and de'lared as a pro'la med offender n terms of Se't on -2 of the &ode he s not ent tled to the rel ef of ant ' patory $a l.H

7t s 'lear from the a$ove de' s on that f anyone s de'lared as an a$s'onder>pro'la med offender n terms of Se't on -2 of the &ode2 he s not ent tled to the rel ef of ant ' patory $a l. 7n the 'ase on hand2 a perusal of the mater als .e.2

'onfess onal statements of San0ay )amdev2 9umar @ Rav and V 0ay @ Monu ?raham$hatt reveals that the adm n stered po sonous su$stan'e to the

respondents de'eased.

:urther2 the statements of . tnesses that .ere

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re'orded and the report of the 4epartment of :orens ' Med ' ne J To6 'ology 3overnment Med 'al &ollege J %osp tal2 )agpur dated 21.!".2!12 have 'onf rmed the e6 sten'e of po son n m l1 rabri. :urther2 t s $rought to our not 'e that .arrants .ere ssued on 21.11.2!12 for the arrest of the respondents here n. S n'e they .ere not

ava la$le>tra'ea$le2 a pro'lamat on under Se't on -2 of the &ode .as ssued on 2*.11.2!12. The do'uments (Anne6ure8 P1") produ'ed $y the State 'learly sho. that the &(M2 &hh nd.ara2 M.P. ssued a pro'lamat on reAu r ng the

appearan'e of $oth the respondents>a''used under Se't on -2 of the &ode to the 'ompla nt on 2*.12.2!12. All these mater als .ere ne ther adverted to nor 'ons dered $y the % gh &ourt .h le grant ng ant ' patory $a l and the % gh &ourt2 . thout nd 'at ng any reason e6'ept stat ng Cfa'ts and ' r'umstan'es of the 'aseH2 granted an order of ant ' patory $a l to $oth the a''used. 7t s relevant to po nt out that $oth the a''used are fa' ng prose'ut on for offen'es pun sha$le under Se't ons "!2 and 12!? read . th Se't on "= of 7P&. 7n su'h ser ous offen'es2 part 'ularly2 the

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respondents>a''used $e ng pro'la med offenders2 .e are una$le to susta n the mpugned orders of grant ng

ant ' patory $a l. The % gh &ourt fa led to appre' ate that t s a settled pos t on of la. that .here the a''used has $een de'lared as an a$s'onder and has not 'ooperated . th the nvest gat on2 he should not $e granted ant ' patory $a l. 1") 7n the l ght of .hat s stated a$ove2 the mpugned orders of the % gh &ourt dated 1!.!1.2!1" and 1#.!1.2!1" n M s'. &r m nal &ase )os. ***+ of 2!12 and 1,2-" of 2!12 respe't vely are set as de. &onseAuently2 the su$seAuent

order of the &(M dated 2!.!2.2!1" n &r me )o. 1!"= of 2!11 releas ng the a''used on $a l after ta1 ng them nto 'ustody n 'ompl an'e . th the mpugned order of the % gh &ourt s also set as de. 1=) 7n v e. of the same2 $oth the respondents>a''used are d re'ted to surrender $efore the 'ourt 'on'erned . th n a per od of t.o .ee1s fa l ng .h 'h the tr al &ourt s d re'ted to ta1e them nto 'ustody and send them to 0a l. 1,) ?oth the appeals are allo.ed on the a$ove terms.

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