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CONTeNT 19 Business Division 02 Figures 03 04 06 10 14 Different from Others Company Management Constructing Differently Designing Differently Focusing Differently Machine Tools 20 Business Field Laser Technology 21 Business Field Electronics 22 Business Division Medical Technology 23 Locations 24 Research and Development 25 Employees 26 Social Responsibility 28 30 1923 – 2013 Our Values

18 Sales

CONTAC T TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG Johann-Maus-Straße 2 71254 Ditzingen Germany Fon +49.7156 303- 0 Fax +49.7156 303-930309 w w

EDITORIAL Press and Public Relations TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG CONceP T AND DeSIGN StrIchpuNkt GmbH Stuttgart / Berlin w w

PHOTOGR APHS Titel: Bpk /Hamburger Kunsthalle, Elke Walford P. 07: Corbis / Tetra Images P. 08: TRUMPF/John Sterling Ruth P. 09 / 11 / 16: TRUMPF P. 12 / 13: TRUMPF/ David Franck P. 15: Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen/ Volker Lannert P. 17: Robert Bosch GmbH

TRUMPF T H E F U T U R E S IN C E 1 9 2 3

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8% Income before taxes Net operating margin before taxes in million € in percent 210.330.1 154.328.5% +3.0 +0.0 9.7 2.925 +2.9 9.1 211.9% –27.347.343.2% +1.555 945.0 –10.7 45.02 TRUMPF   Company Profile > Figures TRUMPF Group 2011/12 2012/13 Change to 2011/12 Sales Overseas share Orders received in million € in percent in million € 2.9% number .3 9.2 46.2 2.7% –0.1 6.5 2.4 74.6 –26.7% +4.2 71.4% Expenditure on fixed assets Expenditure on research and development in million € in million € 152.1% Equity Equity ratio Employees on June 30 in million € in percent 924.5 193.8% +9.4 136.

energy. and employees – from production. communicators. responsible and geared toward the long-term. We are a family-run company. and with the expertise and the capital to help our customers transform their plans and visions into reality. And we are a group of companies that thinks internationally.TRUMPF   Company Profile 03 > Different from Others Because we go our own way trumpf is rather unconventional. With technologies that make production processes more intelligent. conscious of our history and focused on the future. training. attorneys. human resources. With a blend of pioneering spirit. bringing key benefits to customers and colleagues. service technicians. and more flexible. building management. . We are a medium-sized enterprise – even though we have almost ten thousand employees. We are a mechanical engineering company. sales. with almost 50 percent of our employees working outside Germany. product managers. This is the attitude that shapes our products and services for the world of tomorrow. logistics. with production methods that enter new dimensions of material processing and make several products possible in the first place. purchasers. health. controllers. safety and the works council – constantly come up with solutions that are frequently ahead of their time. We are a leader in innovation. a laser specialist – but also a manufacturer of medical technology. finance experts. our developers. and have shaped the technological state of the art for decades. more rapid. great ideas and healthy lateral thinking.

Peter Leibinger Vice . corporate communication. .I n g ..h. M a t h i a s Kammüller D r.Kam mülle r D r. p h i l .Ing. E.Ing.Kammüller President and Chair woman of the Managing Board.. E . real estate and facilities Dr.Chairman of the Managing Board. Mathias Kammüller Head of the Machine Tool Division. Nicola Leibinger. responsible for research and development as well as new business fields . responsible for strategic development. h . phil.04 TRUMPF   Company Profile > TRUMPF T H E F U T U R E S IN C E 1 9 2 3 Company Management D r. . N i c o l a Le ib in g e r.I n g . Peter Leibinger Dr. Head of the Laser Technology/ Electronics Division. responsible for production and quality management as well as ­ p roduct group organization Dr.

Head of the Medical Technology Division.TRUMPF   Company Profile 05 Dipl. Harald Völker D r. rer. Lars Grüner t Responsible for information technology. acquisition management and sales financing Dr. legal affairs. p o l . responsible for corporate finance and controlling.Ök..Ök. pol.. rer. responsible for human resources as well as ser vices in the Machine Tool Division . soc. Harald Völker Chief Financial Officer. r e r. r e r. Gerhard Rübling D r. Gerhard Rübling L abor Direc tor. organizational development and central purchasing as well as finance and controlling in the Laser Technology/Electronics Division Dipl. s o c . Lars Grünert Dr.

06 TRUMPF   Company Profile > TRUMPF T H E F U T U R E S IN C E 1 9 2 3 Different from Others Arne Steck Workshop Lecturer for Sheet Metal Design constructing differently Sheet metal is fascinating: When used and processed properly. Add a laser to the equation and designs are possible that only very few engineers would have spontaneously thought of. Arne Steck and his colleagues from trumpf construction consulting travel the world – to open the eyes of existing as well as potential trumpf customers. weight. . this ancient and yet highly modern material can result in huge potential savings in all kinds of sectors including material consumption. processing stages and manufacturing costs.

TRUMPF   Company Profile 07 > Fig. 01 .

Affectionate — Sometimes a sheet metal component is almost a work of art. 02 . Like this section of stainless steel with its many bends that was produced for an American ice-machine manufacturer. The masterpiece was made possible by the combination of a press brake. > Fig. a 2D laser cutting system – and a sophisticated design.

This gives them a high-quality combination of smooth seams and high stability.Powerful — At trumpf Medical Systems. 03 . high-tech operating tables are produced from numerous individual modules. The tables have to stand up to a lot of heavyduty treatment later on – so their individual components are welded by lasers. > Fig.

Architect Regine Leibinger says: “Creating identification – that’s the true added value of good and committed architecture.10 TRUMPF   Company Profile > TRUMPF T H E F U T U R E S IN C E 1 9 2 3 Different from Others Regine Leibinger J o i n t O w n e r. A r c h i t e c t u r a l P r a c t i c e B a r ko w L e i b i n g e r. Making this an architectural reality is also the task of Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger. B e r l i n designing differently Giving employees an unusually beautiful place in which to work – that is trumpf ’s mission and also a part of its corporate culture.” . from the Berlin architectural office of Barkow Leibinger.

04 .TRUMPF   Company Profile 11 > Fig.

At trumpf. the building’s design refers to the company’s core competencies: laser-cut metallic elements form the structure for the roof. which projects freely over the traffic lanes along a length of 20 meters. 05 .Light — The main entrance to a company’s headquarters always gives a first impression – a visiting card in the shape of a building. > Fig.

06 . Meetings like these are a basic prerequisite for new ideas and a constant joy in innovation.Communicative — Meeting spaces are generous offers made to us by architecture. Open stairwells on interconnected levels provide a lot of potential for unplanned encounters. often between people from different departments. > Fig.

companies developing the results in accordance with market requirements.14 TRUMPF   Company Profile > TRUMPF T H E F U T U R E S IN C E 1 9 2 3 Different from Others D i r k S u t t e r  Head of R + D. and Professor Stefan Nolte from the University of Jena were all nominated for the German Future Prize. This is also why Jens König from the automotive supplier Bosch. Dirk Sutter from trumpf. and the value-added remaining in Germany. which is awarded by the German President. . Ultrashort Pulse Lasers focusing differently The fact that ultrashort pulse lasers are in industrial use today is a perfect example of the German research model: Universities doing the basic research.

07 .TRUMPF   Company Profile 15 > Fig.

Both materials are very heat-sensitive – making them perfect for the so called “cold processing” with the ultrashort pulse laser. In the future they will also be made out of bioresorbable polymer.Sensitive — Modern stents are usually made from nitinol. 08 2 0  m m 10  m m 2 m m . > Fig. a sensitive shape-memory alloy.

> Fig. The holes drilled in this way enable especially fine distribution of the gasoline across the combustion chamber interior.Fine — Producing this new gasoline injection valve from Bosch requires ultrashort laser pulses. 09 . This optimizes combustion and contributes to fuel savings of up to 20 percent.

18 TRUMPF   Company Profile > TRUMPF T H E F U T U R E S IN C E 1 9 2 3 Sales 1 (consolidated) 2012 2013 2.343 Sectors MAcHINe TOOLS L ASeR TecHNOLOGY/ ELec TRONIcS Machine Tools Machine tools for flexible sheet metal and tube processing L aser Technology Lasers for production technology Electronics Power supplies for high-tech processes million € 2 MeDIc AL TecHNOLOGY Medical Technology Equipment for operating rooms and intensive care departments .

918 emploYees Business Division Machine Tools We support our customers with innovative. bending. cost-effective machines and automation equipment.943 million € 67. Machine tools for flexible sheet metal and tube processing . from household appliances and fixtures to transportation. our customers manufacture sheet metal parts and tubes required in almost every industry. laser cutting and laser welding. 4 % SHARe Of SALeS 5.TRUMPF   Company Profile 19 Sales Machine Tools 1. Across a process spectrum of punching. professional advice and services – a mix that creates high-quality products.

We provide our customers with application expertise. advice and system solutions. in any industry and in all ranges from macro. micro to nano.20 TRUMPF   Company Profile Sales Laser Technology 758 million € 26. 2 % SHARe Of SALeS 2. marking or surface processing. Lasers for production technology . welding. trumpf has the right laser to manufacture products in an energy and cost efficient manner.330 EmploYees Business Field Laser Technology Whether the job calls for cutting.

Power Generators for high technology processes . Our high and medium frequency generators supply electricity with defined rates and output for induction heating.TRUMPF   Company Profile 21 Business Field Electronics Process power supplies make advanced technology possible – in semiconductor manufacturing or the photovoltaic industry. plasma and laser excitation – with a high level of reliability and repeat accuracy.

intensive care units and optimize hospital logistics improve patient care and increase efficiency. They create excellent conditions for physicians and nurses so they can focus on the well-being of the patient. Equipment for operating rooms and intensive care units . 4 % SHARe Of SALeS 713 EmploYees Business Division Medical Technology Our medical products that equip hospital operating rooms.22 TRUMPF   Company Profile Sales Medical Technology 184 million € 6.

TRUMPF   Company Profile 23 > TRUMPF T H E F U T U R E S IN C E 1 9 2 3 48 Locations 59 – Subsidiaries GERMANY EUROPE AMERICA AsIeN-PazIfIk 14 Ditzingen 6 Headquarters Freiburg 1 Gerlingen 1 Hettingen 1 Munich 1 Neukirch 1 Puchheim 1 Saalfeld 1 Schramberg 1 24 Clermont- 1 Ferrand France Haguenau 1 France Paris 1 France Luton 2 Great Britain Southampton 1 Great Britain Milan Italy Orbassano / Turin Italy 1 1 Zielonka 1 Poland Moscow Russia 1 7 Charleston 1 USA Cranbury 1 USA Farmington 1 USA Santa Clara USA São Paulo Brazil 1 1 14 Shanghai 1 China Hong Kong 1 China Dongguan 1 China Taicang 2 China Pune 1 India Yokohama 1 Japan Sagamihara 1 Japan Gueishan Shiang Taiwan 1 Kuala Lumpur 1 Malaysia Singapore Malaysia 1 Alingsås 1 Sweden Baar 2 Switzerland Grüsch 3 Switzerland Košice 1 Slovakia Madrid 1 Spain Liberec 1 Czech Republic Prague 1 Czech Republic Budapest 1 Hungary Seoul 2 South Korea Mississauga 1 Canada Apodaca 1 Mexico Hengelo 1 Netherlands Pasching 1 Austria Warsaw Poland 1 Jakarta 1 Indonesia .

laser technology and its fields of application. As a high-tech company. The main focus of research and development at trumpf is on technological fields such as production and fabrication technology.8 percent to 1. electromobility. The number of employees working in research and development on the closing date rose by 5. photonics. beam sources. We again sharply increased our research and development expenditure in fiscal 2012/13. . materials of the future. and medical technology.1% expenses R & D 08/09 09/10 10/11 11/12 12/13 Research and Development Innovation is an integral part of trumpf’s corporate culture.4 percent of our employees are working on the products and ideas of tomorrow. This means that 14. The development ratio in relation to sales lay at 9.0 percent.1 percent to €211 million.430. It rose by 9.24 TRUMPF   Company Profile 211 193 158 129 155 Research and Development 211 million € + 9. our mission is to turn visions into reality and to give our customers a constant edge over their competition.

We offer our employees secure and interesting jobs. At the end of June 2013 the trumpf Group had a total of 9.577 abroad. During fiscal 2012/13. .555 8.925 + 3. and 4.546 7.965 7. Of those. we trained 496 young people as skilled workers. family-owned business – trumpf has been characterized in many ways. and their wealth of ideas and commitment contribute greatly to the company’s success.928 9.9% Personnel increase 08/09 09/10 10/11 11/12 12/13 Employees Exemplary German company.925 Employees 9. 5. global player. Training junior employees at our own company is of great importance to trumpf.925 employees.TRUMPF   Company Profile 25 9. innovative trendsetter.348 worked for trumpf in Germany. engineers or management experts.

all the way to higher education. This is why we invest in our employees’ overall advancement – in their training. they determine our competitiveness. With numerous education projects currently in place across Europe. school. Together with local educational institutions we plan and design future-oriented learning projects. The projects take place at various stages of a young person’s educational path: preschool. Fostering and encouraging an interest in technology and entrepreneurship in today’s young people is our constant objective here.26 TRUMPF   Company Profile S oc ial resp o nsibilit y Educ at io n Em pl oyees Social responsibility Social responsibility is a part of our culture as a family-owned company. research. . For instance. Here. professional qualifications. Employees Our employees form the foundation of our success. supply teaching materials. and support students by means of grants and scholarships. sustainable business. With their qualifications. commitment and motivation. Our social responsibility is focused primarily on the sectors of education. choice of career. We are geared toward a value system based on responsibility and sustainability. employees and family-owned companies. with innovative approaches and projects. we want to help steer young people toward knowledge. they undergo several hundred health checks every year. Education Education is a prerequisite for innovative thinking. we contri­ bute toward the further development of our society. cultural life and health.

We are proud of these values and of the success of our business model. Family-owned companies Our company principles form the basis of our longterm thinking and our actions as a family-owned company. That is why we strive to play an active role in shaping the political and economic climate. organizing lectures or making machinery available to institutes.own ed comp a n i es 0 0 10 0 00 10 0 00 10 001 0 10 10 001 00 00 001 1000 1010 010 100 01 00 10 10 01 10 01 01 01 01 01 00 01 01 00 00 01 10 01 00 10 10 00 00 10 00 10 10 10 10 10 01 10 00 0 01 0 10 10 0 00 10 10 01 10 10 0 10 00 00 01 00101001100 00 0 1 01 00 01 00 10 10 01010101001 10 10 0 0 00010001010 10 0 00010001010 01010101 00010 00 S Research As a high-technology company we work on many future-related topics. . and are active in research networks that are relevant to us. The resulting effi­ ciency – with futureproof products that are gentle on resources – can give our customers the competitive edge. We maintain close contact with universities and institutes. processes and overall infra­ structure in accordance with this. family-owned companies are an important cornerstone of growth and employment – so it is in everyone’s interests that the future of the family-owned company should be safeguarded in the long term. always seeking know-how transfer between research and practical application. In the German economy. We support university teaching by endowing professorships. We design our products.TRUMPF   Company Profile 27 Rese arch S ust ainable busine ss Fa mi l y. We also o ­ ffer industrial doctorate and trainee programs for young academics. Sustainable business Our awareness of responsibility includes the economical utilization and minimal consumption of resources.

193 4 trumpf manufactures the first motor-driven hand shears (HSP 201) for cutting sheet metal. This results in an entire product range of electric and compressedair shears. These are initially produced for dental and printing use. It is presented as the trumpf Nibbler TAS.1923 – 2013 J 1923 1923 Christian Trumpf acquires the machine shop of Julius Geiger GmbH in Stuttgart. for the very first time – and is celebrated as a sensation. has 1 kW of beam performance and is the first compact laser resonator with RF excitation. 19 8 5 trumpf presents itself as a laser manufacturer. The first CO 2 laser it develops and produces by itself. Today. the trumpf laser tlf 1000. the trumatic 180 l with CO2 lasers from the USA. 1971 Carl Haas in Schramberg begins developing solid-state lasers. which manufactures flexible shafts. 19 6 8 With the trumatic 20. 19 47 trumpf decides to build a stationary nibbler. with the invention of the motor drive they are also used for the machining of metal and wood. trumpf presents the first sheet metal fabrication machine with a numerical control system. as a member of the trumpf Group. right down to tool changes. It enables fully automatic work at the machine. This is the starting point for the numerical control that will soon be used for the operation of all machine tools. . 1979 trumpf manufactures the first combination punching-laser machine. his company is still the competence center for solid-state laser development. 19 57 Berthold Leibinger patents the coordinate guide system for metal sheets in the new trumpf copy nibbler.

or solid-state lasers as the beam source. 19 87 trumpf presents the trumatic l 3000 . In contrast to conventional machine types. this laser enables entirely new applications such as scanner welding. the workpiece is no longer moved – and the cutting head “flies” across the metal instead. a flatbed laser cutting center with flying optics. Due to the high beam quality. 2012 trumpf presents the complete world of 2D laser processing: every machine performance category now offers a choice between CO 2 . 20 0 9 trumpf demonstrates the first high-brilliance multi-kilowatt industrial laser with high-performance laser diodes as a direct beam source. a solid-state laser is used to process thin sheets for the first time. 2013 The new BrightLine fiber function transforms solid-state laser machines into universal systems which can process all conventional materials and material thicknesses in outstandingly high quality. trumpf unveils its first lab machine. trumpf goes on to extend its product range by integrating methods such as laser welding and laser tube machining.TRUM PF then TRUMPF now J 2013 19 8 6 trumpf enters the bending sector and presents the world’s first CNC machine for fully-automatic bending: the trumaform 400 press brake. 19 9 9 The disk laser greatly increases the potential of diode-pumped solid-state lasers. 2010 In addition to the CO2 models. 20 03 trumpf presents as a world premiere the prototype of a new 4 kW disk laser. or as a highly productive solution for thin sheet processing on the trulaser 5030 fiber. . At the laser trade show. 19 9 5 In the flatbed laser cutting center trumatic ly 2500 . the solid-state laser stakes out territory for itself – as a joint beam source for two applications in the LaserNetwork.

and trust. management. Here.Our Values We are a family-owned company The readiness to fully commit oneself to the company in bad as well as good times is something that applies in equal measure to everyone who works for it: managing partners. moderation. As part of this process. This secures the company’s success as well as the achievement of our economic and social objectives. and employees alike. Our Sectors The sectors in which we are active are thematically interrelated. Our Dealings Our dealings with our suppliers are marked by fairness. We want to remain independent. Entrepreneurial success Entrepreneurial success is only possible if we convince our customers of what we can do. Growth by our own efforts is decisive in this regard. We thereby increase and intensify the know-how and skills of our Group members. Abstract of the corporate principles of the TRUMPF Group . Our task is. which sets our strategic direction and establishes important standards. to provide them with innovative technology of high quality. Geographical proximity to them is therefore essential. Our company Our company is run by a powerful headquarters. We make every effort to fulfill the ideas and wishes of our customers in the best possible way. Economic independence Economic independence is our overriding objective. our subsidiaries take regional and cultural idiosyncrasies into consideration in their dealings with customers and employees. the high expectations we place on ourselves where top performance is concerned also apply to our business partners. therefore. executives.