T he C ommun ica tion of Jud e

The Brother of the Lord

A new End-Time Translation by Frank Nic. Bazsika

Jude, Jesus Christ's servant and a brother of James:To the called ones (invited) in the process of becoming Holy (consecrated) by God The Father and watched over by Jesus Christ: (2) May mercy, peacefulness and Love be abundant towards you. (3) Beloved, it is with an earnestness of haste that I am writing to you about the salvation that we have in common, - it is imperative on my part to write you and beseech you to competitively fight for The Faith that was once for all time delivered to the saints (holy ones). (4) Because there are certain men that have stealthily taken up residency among us, who have long ago been notified in writing (i.e., scriptures) of their criminal verdict, ungodly men, perverting the grace of our God into license to sin, and repudiating our only Master and Lord Jesus Christ. (5) Therefore, I am minded to refresh your memory on the one time knowledge, - that The Lord after delivering the people from the land of Egypt (typifies sin), then destroyed those who did not believe (Him). (6) And the angels (messengers) that did not retain their original realm but renounced their appointed habitation, He has detained with eternal shackles under

2 dense darkness until the Great Judgment Day. (7) Just like Sodom and Gomorrah, - and their surrounding cities likewise, - committing fornication and indulging in homosexual acts, will serve as examples of suffering the punishment of eternal fire. (8) Even so, in similar manner, these men in their dreaming defile the flesh, reject government, and blaspheme The Glorious One (see v.15). (9) Whereas Michael the archangel (chief messenger) when he contended with the devil (adversary) in a dispute over the body of Moses, did not even presumptuously make a judgment to vilify him, but said, “The

Lord rebuke you.” (10) But these men in their speech slander whatever
they do not understand, and by acting out of mindless instinct like unreasoning animals do, they cause destruction. (11) Woe to them! Because they have gone down the road of Cain, and have made a stampede for the fraudulent course of Balaam for wages, and they perish in the rebellious speech of Korah! (12) They are the impending rockslide at your Love Feasts while they festively entertain with you, - ‘shepherds’ fearlessly feeding themselves! Waterless clouds swept about by every wind, barren fruit trees of late autumn, - twice dead and uprooted; (13) Wild waves of the sea, whose foam denotes their infamies; roving (out of orbit) stars (angels) for whom eternal dense darkness of obscurity is reserved. (14) Even in the seventh generation from Adam, Enoch himself prophesied concerning them when he said, “Look! The Lord arrives with a countless number of His saints

(holy ones), (15) to execute judgment concerning all, to fully convict all the ungodly of their ungodly works that they have ungodly committed, and of all the harsh words against Him from the mouth of ungodly sinners! “
(16) These are murmuring discontents, seeking after their own lusts, - and shooting off their boastful big mouths as they flatter people to profit thereby. (17) But as for you, beloved, call to mind the discourse prophesied to happen by the Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, (18) how that they

3 described to you: “In the End-Time there will be mockers (deride) that would

only be interested in seeking their own ungodly lusts.” (19) These are the
ones that depart (by party), being sensual and not having the Spirit. (20) But you, beloved, build yourselves up on your saintly faith by praying through the Holy Spirit, (21) keeping yourselves in the Love of God, awaiting the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ leading to eternal life. (22) And by being discriminate, even on these have pity, - (23) saving them by their fear (see Amo.3:8), snatching them from the fire, while you disdain their garments made filthy by the flesh (see Zech.3:2-3 and Amo.4:11). (24) Now to the One that is able to guard you from stumbling, and to set you up (stand by you) as unblemished in the sight of His Glory with abundant joy,- (25) to The Only All-Wise God our Savior, be glory, majesty, power, and authority, for all past ages and now and on into all eternity. So be it!

Stud y N ote s fr om the Author :
Extensive use of lexicons and other translations have been diligently employed and compared in this new fresh End Time translation of Jude’s letter. If you are led by the Spirit, - then the significance of Jude’s words in our modern vernacular jump off the page at you! They provide insight into some pivotal wisdom and understanding. Jude was a physical brother of Jesus and also James. The Bible mentions Jesus’ brothers and sisters. As with most family members even today, - they probably had some reservations about just Who their brother was. But after His resurrection, any doubts they may have entertained disappeared by the reality of His Divinity. The Book of Acts states that James the brother of the Lord (and Jude) was the head of the church in Jerusalem in the beginning of church history. Peter and the other Apostles

4 were sent to the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel (living in N/W Europe, Ireland and Britain). Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles (non Israeli stock). Jude spoke of the same problems in God's church as the Apostle John did in his letters (see author's work on "Communications of John"). Jude's letter, or communication, is prophecy for The End-Time. Jude describes the rebellious condition in God's End-Time church; - the people turn to the false Babylonian 'Christianity' of this world, and reject obedience to God's Government. The false ministers speak of 'love’, but reject God's definition of True Love, which is keeping His commandments (1 John 5:3). God allows them to be deluded by the Man of Sin and the False Prophet as a test to see if they truly love Him (2 Thess.2:1-15). This condition in God's church is a SIGN that the return of Christ is very near. The same problems the early church confronted will exist in the Last Days. Jude and the Apostles were confronted by wolves in sheep’s clothing that entered the church and left starting new followings. They appropriated the Name of Christ and then slapped ‘Christian’ labels on old beloved Baal worship. They incorporated the Christian label for ancient pagan sun worship. As the bible aptly states, - the whole world is deceived! This is a mystery to those that lack spiritual insight; the Bible labels this false Christianity as MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT. We are told to come out of her! The Truth will set you free from her hold. Jude said we should FIGHT for the Truth! (My notes in context for insight or referral are in red)
Author Frank Nic. Bazsika 1996 revised 2009 ©


Bew ar e the pr ophet s of Baal!

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