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Ingried Siras Presentation Good morning Miss Stella, Good morning everybody Thanks for the time and

chance that has given to me. No , I family e"#lanation. I am the last one Its abo!t ho $k, I ho e can #revent o!r self from smoking. ill e"#lain the first #art. Its for general, es#ecially for government. In ill contin!e my ill e"#lain abo!t #revention of smoking.

fact, every year many of #eo#le died beca!se of l!ng cancer. %!ng cancer is ca!sed by the chemical s!bstances of smoke, and many others disease can be ca!sed by smoke too. Its too terrible if the government cant decrease the n!mber of smoker. So, in this #art of smoker. The first, #rohibit cigarette advertisement. Smoking advertisement can infl!ence the #eo#le. Peo#le government ho dont kno abo!t the danger of smoke ill be interested to try beca!se of the smoking advertisement. So, if the ants to decrease the n!mber of smoker they sho!ld #rohibit arnings on cigarette #ackage. The arnings, e ho#e this ste# arnings ill cigarette advertisement. Second, #resent health alarm the #eo#le abo!t the danger of smoking. &ven tho!gh some of #eo#le often not #ay attention to the decrease the n!mber of smoker. Third, declare smoke free in #!blic area. Its !sef!l to red!ce the bad effect for #assive smoker. 'or e"am#le, hos#ital. If smoker is allo ed to smoke in the hos#ital it ill be bad for the #atient. So, as a health #lace, hos#ital sho!ld be free from smoking. 'o!rth, #rovide information of smoking leading to health #roblem. Many of #eo#le dont ant to (!it smoking beca!se of less information. So, clear information abo!t smoking can infl!ence the #eo#le for not smoking. This ste# ill be effective if the government do it serio!sly. $k, the second #art is for yo!th or adolescent. )o!ng time is a labile time. *e still look for o!r self and its o!r adolescence. So, #revent smoking are, e sho!ld be caref!l. $!r ste#s to ill hel# !s to e have some ste#s that can be !sed by government to decrease the n!mber


abo!t the danger of smoking. *e ho#e if hen

e kno

abo!t the bad effect

of smoking can make !s afraid to try it. The disease ill be s!ffered by !s yo!th and it ill be good hen e are ad!lt. Second, choose yo!r friends isely. Its mean that

hich ca!sed by smoke

e are ad!lt. *e advice that save o!r health in e not stay a ay from o!r hat there friends are for.

friend ho is a smoker. ,!t, be a friend and take his-her #ositive only. .nd e can try to remember his-her to (!it smoking, that So, have a ise friendshi#. Third, think #ositively to solve yo!r #roblem, dont do the negative one. Think the #ositive of yo!r #roblem, yo! can do everything like share family, friends, etc. /eali0e and dont smoking before everything is late. If e reali0e and it comes from o!r self, it can be a good motivator. /eali0e beca!se smoke is dangero!s ill make o!r strength to be not smoking and to (!it smoking. Thats all abo!t the #revention of smoking. *e 1!st have the ste#s b!t the sol!tion is yo!rs. Its de#ending on yo!rself, and everything sho!ld come from yo!rself. *e sho!ld reali0e that smoke not only bad for o!r self b!t also to other #eo#le aro!nd !s. 'or the smoker, (!it smoking beca!se it !seless. 2ont smoking to get a health life in o!r ad!lt time. Thats all abo!t my family e"#lanation, e are so sorry if e have mistake. Thanks for yo!r attention, Good morning ith yo!r