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Experience DevCom Shotlist |1

AUDIO MSC BACKGROUND LEVEL VIDEO Title card showing the logos of PAC, IAS, and DevComSoc. FADE OUT “Experience DevCom” MUSIC: FADE IN, BED NARRATOR: MS of talent standing, a blackboard in the Do you have the passion for writing? The voice to background showing drawings. speak out to people? The concern to save the environment? And the hands to help and reach out to other people? Then, you have what it takes to become a Development Communication practitioner. But wait, do you know what is Development Communication?

MUSIC: BACKGROUND LEVEL NARRATOR: Development Communication has come a long Montage of pictures of UPLB CDC way since it was born in the University of the Philippines Los Baños in the 1970s through the establishment of the Department of Development Communications in the College of Agriculture. Nora Quebral, the Mother of DevCom, coined the term “development communication” and first used it on 1971 in her paper entitled “Development Montage of pictures of Nora Quebral. Communication in Agricultural Context” presented at a symposium in UPLB. Nowadays, development communication is practiced also on other parts of the world like India, Latin America, and Africa. Montage of pictures showing the practice of DevCom in the said countries


One of the proponents of DevCom in PAC is the Director for Alumni Relations. being Pampanga State Agricultural University. Montage of pictures showing DevCom cum laudes. Dr. Ate Puto). and extension pictures. Interview with Dr. Also. FADE OUT. MS of talents reciting the definition of . and a lot more. Epifania S. campaign pictures. Darel. NARRATOR: The Development Communication program already produced 3 magna cum laudes. TRANSITION TO NEXT SHOT. students under the program actively participates on other activities like the college intramural and extension programs. Being on this position really made me grow socially and that made me really glad that I chose DevCom. the DWEE 107. interviews. MUSIC: FADE IN. NARRATOR: PAC’s community radio station. serves as the laboratory for Development Communication students majoring in Community Broadcasting. (Interview with Marian de la Cruz. magazine. Kuya Jordan.1 FM. then IAS. 2 cum laudes. BED FADE IN The Pampanga Agricultural College offers the Montage of shots showing the Admin course Development Communication in the building. DevComSoc President) MS of Marian. and 2 Ginoong PAC title holders and a runner-up of the prestigious Ginoo at Bibinibing PAC pageant. forums.Experience DevCom Shotlist |2 Quebral defines Development Communication as. BED Today. where it will continue the legacy of Academe’s expertise in the fields of agriculture. graduates. . Gosioco on how Gosioco. the Development Communication is Montage of shots showing PAC and starting to grow as PAC achieved its mission on students. research. It is really a challenge to become the president of the DevComSoc in a way on how I should lead students with different skills and personalities.. MUSIC: FADE IN. Here the students practice and show off their speaking skills through radio programs on like talkshows. Kuya Kenneth. pictures of Green Warriors footsal team (Ate Rubia. converting the college into a state university. DevCom started in PAC. extension. with the DevComSoc in the MARIAN: background. After that. DevCom in a cut and continuous manner. Institute of Arts and Sciences.

FADE OUT Interview with Mr. radio manager. Question: What will be FADE OUT the greatest contribution of a Development Communicator to the world?) TITLE CARD: “Why choose DevCom?” (Interview with a 2nd year DevCom) 2ND YEAR: MS of Sir Gelo outside his room. but also your presence and your willingness to teach them things for their own good. one is to become more sensitive on things that surround you. it’s not just the material things.Experience DevCom Shotlist |3 and music programs. the IAS façade in the background. shot at the IAS student interesting for me and I look forward for the center. MS of 2nd year. I want to become one of those people. have the concern for the welfare of the people and the environment. on how the radio started. . but also you should do things that will greatly help the people. I have learned many things from it. because DevCom is focused on the people. MS of 4th year. One must be a humanitarian. When it comes to helping. the DevComSoc bulletin board in the background. (Interview with a 1ST year) 1ST YEAR: I chose DevCom because this course is really MS of 1st year. his room’s I believe that the society needs more people that door on the background. Ryan Jayson Tamayo. that’s why I chose to be a future FADE OUT Development Communicator. experience and things I will learn from it. Shots showing airings of DevCom students. You must not only listen or see. (Interview with a 4th year DevCom) 4TH YEAR: For me. DevCom is not just a course. NARRATOR: Question: Why choose DevCom? (Interview with Sir Gelo.

Camile Rose Carl Rodriguez MS of Maam Cams. sitting on her desk at about what makes DevCom different among other the faculty. . BED NARRATOR: Be part of Pampanga Agricultural College’s growing family of future Development Communicators! Montage of shots showing DevCom students in IAS. influence people to become assets of the community through the useful information I disseminate to them.) (Interview with Ms. communication courses and what is the edge of a DevCom graduate among others.Experience DevCom Shotlist |4 (Interview with a 3RD year) 3RD YEAR: I strongly believe that with DevCom. I can MS of 3rd year. shot at the radio station. she chose DevCom and what are the impacts of DevCom to her as she graduated. (Interview with Ms. MUSIC: FADE IN. Rubia Malonzo on why did MS of Ate Rubia shot at her workplace.) FADE OUT. a well-informed person is a person more likely to help make the society a better place to live in. For me.

.ph Title card showing the logo of IAS and its hotline. TITLE CARD: SPEAK UP. MUSIC: EXTRO CHANGE REACH OUT. FADE OUT. please call the Institute of Arts and Sciences at 045 343-4369 or visit www. then the logo of PAC and its website.Experience DevCom Shotlist |5 For inquiries.