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There is NO Membership FEE | Members should not have any criminal record/history | Member must bear good Moral Character

To, The President / Secretary
- RTI Activists Federation,


H.No.3036 FF, Sector 37-D, Chandigarh - 160036 Sir, Please enroll me as a Member of your Association. I undertake to abide by the rules and regulations, Code of Conduct and decisions of the federation. My particulars are as under:-

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Name: Date of Birth: Address Business/Profession/Occupation Phone / Mobile Numbers E-Mail address Experience, if any, in the field of social Service Number of RTI Applications/Appeals/ Complaints filed so far Any problems faced by you The State Information Commission or before the PIOs etc. (Please attach separate sheet if required) REF 01 Name & Mobile Give two References



Fathers/ Husbands Name




REF 02 Name & Mobile

ATTACHED: Self Attested Photo ID Proof and Address Proof ANY OTHER INFORMATION YOU WISH TO GIVE Recommended By Name: Phone:
He bears a good moral character Signature of recommender

I have read the attached Terms & Conditions, General Policies, Objectives and Code of Conduct as these stands today. As a member of RTIFED, I agree with those and I will abide by them as applicable from time to time. I will not bring the name of the RTIFED to any disrepute. I put my signature hereunder in token of having understood the same and agree with the same.


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Code of Conduct for RTiFED Group Members

PURPOSE AND SCOPE RTIFED IS AN EXCLUSIVE GROUP TO HELP AND ASSISTANCE OF THE MEMBERS CONCERNING THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS AND TO REVERSE AND ARREST THE TREND OF SUBSTANTIAL EROSION OF CIVIL LIBERTIES. TO MAKE THE JEFFERSONIAN PRINCIPLES OF INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, FREE MARKETS AND LIMITED GOVERNMENT WORKABLE. RTIFED in an internal group for discussion and activities concerning Human Rights and to equip the members with the tools and measures to deal with and handle their external issues at various fora and authorities. RTIFED seeks to promote informed activities and discussion of matters pertaining to the Rights of every Citizen through the individual participation. As a part of this objective, this Group of fellow Activist establishes subject-specific offline/online Activities and discussion Groups. This forum will strive to pool in our collective resources of knowledge to help an individual protect & exercise his rights in this country. This forum is a need of the hour as every other day we see Bureaucrats, professionals, business houses & Politicians such likes trampling our rights. Through this Code, the RTIFED group aims to promote ethical activities and discussion, support member rights, and to try and maintain RTIFED group as one of the leading contributor to consideration of Citizens Rights. The Code covers responsibilities of every member to the activities and discussion of Citizens Rights, RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE ACTIVITIES AND DISCUSSION OF RTIFED MATTERS NO member will use the RTIFED name while dealing with the non-members and others outside entities, like, Public Offices, Courts and other Quasi-Judicial Authorities, NGOs, Business Houses, Professionals for any purpose what-so-ever, for his personal benefits or for using RTIFED as a tag on the Letter-Heads, Visiting Cards, and in electronic ids or in any other form what-so-ever, or by verbal expressions and postures. To promote the activities and discussion as a valued, informed and ethical contribution, members have a responsibility towards all others RTIFED group members involved in the discussion and activities, as well as to the broader public interest. RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE RTIFED GROUP & FELLOW MEMBERS Members of the RTIFED have different interests in matters of Citizens Rights, work in a diversity of activities in governments, business, educational institutions and other organizations, and come from diverse backgrounds. All members should be able to enjoy the rights of membership, which include participation in the RTIFED group affairs, access to information about the RTIFED, and the enjoyment of professional interaction with fellow members. The exercise of these rights can be affected by the behavior of other members. All members have a responsibility to avoid impairing other members' rights and to ensure that these rights can be fully and fairly enjoyed by all members. THE CODE: RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE RTIFED AND TO THE PUBLIC 1. Rules / Etiquettes A) Report to a moderator or administrator privately if you have found a post or conduct of a member that you feel is inappropriate or that violates the forum Code of Conduct. While the administrators and moderators of this forum will appreciate your assistance, will take suitable action as quickly as possible on the same. Please do not start a debate in the open forum by responding to the such post/conduct.

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B) Do not send something exclusive, such as an invitation to an event that does not include everyone on the activities and discussion group or email list. C) Strictly Prohibited: Promotional (business, political, religious, or otherwise), including selling, advertising, or offering products or services to others; junk mail, spam, chain letters, contests; requests for signatures on a petition; announcements about causes or issues; or any other form of promotion or solicitation except as directly relevant to the RTIFED. If any member still wishes to post any of the above, will have to seek an explicit permission from the moderator or administrators of this group. D) Please do not repeat your question or request that you have already communicated to the RTIFED as it will result in multiplicity of the office record or posted on this forum as it will clutter the inbox of the recipient members. Please have patience and wait for 7 clear days. E) Do not write or post something that is defamatory, malicious, or disrespectful communication targeting race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, physical characteristics, or disability. Individual member shall be solely responsible such a conduct and RTIFED will not defend his/her such actions. F) Do not write or post something that is obscene, vulgar, harmful, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, untrue, a personal attack, or invasive of someone elses privacy. Individual member shall be solely responsible such a conduct and RTIFED will not defend his/her such actions. G) Do not write or post something that has swearing or other inappropriate language. If you have any doubt that a specific comment might be considered offensive by someone else, dont post or send it. H) Do not post something that is not yours to publish (because you did not create it or you dont have the legal right to publish it). Give due credit to the author, if you have permission to quote the same. I) Do not violate any copyright or other proprietary or Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

J) Do not indulge in doing anything illegal and do not encourage others to do anything illegal. K) Dont write or post anything that is counter to the general policies and objectives of this RTIFED Group. L) Cover only one subject matter in your communications or posts. If you have more than one concern, write or post separately for healthy debate discussion. Do not start a new matter or thread in any ongoing matter or thread as it will divert the flow away from that topic. Please always start a new communication or thread for your new issues. M) Do not divulge private information about another person. N) Remember that other members or people in the mailing list may have different lifestyles than your own; so be patient if you do not receive an immediate response to your post. O) If you think the importance of a message justifies it, immediately reply briefly to an e-mail message to let the sender know you got it, even if you will send a detailed reply later. P) Members should always remember to keep this communication inside the forum, strictly in the realm of activities and discussion and should not consider it or present it as an argument elsewhere, by quoting RTIFED, as a source or origin. Q) Member will desist from posting irrelevant jokes or humorous articles to this forum. If a member thinks that a particular article that may be funny, but is socially important, then the said member will start the subject line of the said topic or email with capital words "JOKE:" or "HUMOUR:" and then continue with his / her subject line and the subsequent matter. If a moderator finds an communication or post that is contravening the said rule, then the same would be blocked without any intimation to the author of that communication or post.

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Members who break the said rule several times would be liable for action specified under Section-11 of Code of Conduct. Note: Short funny comments or lighter moments that takes place in between any serious emails and which are related to the said Email thread, does not violate the said Section-1(Q) of Code of Conduct. 2. Ethical conduct 1. When participating in RTIFED activities and discussion, members should strive to uphold the ethical principles and associated procedures endorsed by the RTIFED. Members should be respectful of all users at all times. This means please use etiquette and politeness. Treat people with kindness and gentleness. If you do this the rest of the Code of Conduct won't need more than a cursory mention. 2. While dealing with the Public Authorities, Member of RTIFED will neither engage in any kind of witch-hunt, nor indulge in any type of the immoral, extortion and corrupt practices. Any member found indulging unnecessarily will be expelled from the RTIFED and if found guilty, a criminal complaint will be lodged. 3. Public Interest Members should consider the interests of the full range of stakeholders in their activities and discussion and activities, including the broader public interest, and in particular, the potential impacts of differences of opinion within the RTIFED and/or on the RTIFED. 4. Courtesy Members should conduct themselves with courtesy and consideration towards all with whom they come into contact during the course of their membership. 5. Integrity Members should conduct their dialogue with honesty and fairness. 6. Truthfulness Members should strive to check the authenticity of any third party comments before communicating or posting the same as truth in the forum. Members should avoid twisting the facts or give one sided remarks on any of their communications or posting in the forum, and should always strive to convey the entire issue or problem to the members of this forum, from whom they seek help.

7. Reasonable criticism Members should only use reasonable criticism and should not attempt to maliciously damage the professional reputation, practice or prospects of others participating in the activities and discussion and activities. 8. Privileged Information and Confidentiality Members should not post information that they consider as confidential in nature. Members are advised that activities and discussion groups and email communications by nature are not private, they are public, and while the practice is discouraged by etiquette and these guidelines, they can easily be forwarded. Also, be aware that you are responsible for all of your communications and their content while using the activities and discussion group or email list. The Members may share confidential information with any specific member/s with mutual understanding.

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Members should ensure responsible use of information obtained in the course of their involvement with RTIFED forum, and respect confidentiality undertakings if agreed to for the same with any specific member.

9. Acknowledgement Members should acknowledge the work of others by appropriate citations, credits and references. 10. Introduction of work The RTIFED is not a medium for the placing or soliciting of work. 11. Action may be initiated by the Moderator or Administrator for any violations of Code of Conduct. The Procedure of Action is as follows. A) First Violation: the member would be warned about his violation and his account will be placed in temporary suspension for 24 hours, he can read the posts but cannot comment or create a new post. B) Second Violation: the member would be warned about his violation and his account will be placed in temporary suspension for 30 days, he can read the posts but cannot comment or create a new post. C) Third Violation: the member would be deemed as habitual offender and would be permanently banned without any warning, he will neither be able to read the posts, nor can he give any comments or create a new post. His mane and credentials will be maintained and posted in the Banned Members list at the forum. D) The Moderator and Administrator of this group reserves the right to skip any of the stages as mentioned above and take action at his own discretion based on the gravity of violation by the member. The Moderator will exercise the discretionary powers with extreme caution and the decision taken subsequently will be final.

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