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Objectives of study

The FMCG companies in india is an important revenue generator for india. But whiIe it is leader in most of other business such as ready to eat foods and culinary and its distribution, it still has not been able to reduce loss at distribution system of fragile goods, the loss is high if we compare with global snacks and biscuits industry. ITC is keen in finding out the reasons which are dragging their losses in this segment and aggressively trying to find stratergies which would help them compete in this segment. Our study aims at studying two factors which the company believes play a vital important in the D&D losses. The objectives of the study are: To collect data and analyse with reference to areas: East-Uttar Pradesh consumption pattern changes with the change in area, like in case of biscuits Varanasi prefer small skus of Rs 5 and Rs 10 but Allahabad prefer large and family packs for biscuits hence the data of D&D subsequently changes. So it is imperative to collect data from different places and subsequently with town and cities. To examine and study different reasons of D&D in Biscuits and Snacks: With the increase in losses due to increase in D&D causes huge pressure for ITC because the customer never buys broken biscuits pack and air-leaked chips. The Indian biscuits and snacks industry is very competitive with a number of competitors providing a variety of products with goodies at each price points. ITC cannot afford to vacate a price points without losing a large share of its market, so its a crying need to

figure-out all permutations and combinations.

The first part of the project was to conduct a market study in order to learn the working of the market and develop the concepts required for the task. The initial few days were spent understanding the problems from the retailer, distributor and the consumer points of views. Survey questionnaires , personal interviews and observations were used as tools to gather the necessary data. The process was carried out in diverse markets such as Varanasi, Allahabad and Gorakhpur etc. each market having a different characterstics contributing to holistically understanding the problem. A test market was conducted based on the data and feedback in All above places. The results of the test market were analysed and recommendations were made based on these results and other observations.

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Grocery Distribution channel RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Data collection method Sampling detail MARKET RESEARCH & PROBLEM INDETIFICATION Varanasi Allahabad Gorakhpur W/D report and findings Recommendations General W/Ds APPENDIX Appendix-I

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