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Tabletop Conquest

The Story
You play the commander of a medieval army, attempting to conquer a foreign land. You must make it to the enemy capital and conquer it before you run out of troops.

1. Move
)ove to an ad*acent territory.

S(irmish %*ample
You choose your infantry Unit to attack. You have 1$$ infantry. Your infantry<s ,ighting ,orce ; 1$$ ? $.. ; .$. You roll a #, meaning the enemy<s rchery Unit defends. 3here are . archers. 3heir ,ighting ,orce is . ? ! ; 1$. ll the enemy archers are killed, and 1$ of your infantry are killed, leaving you %ith @$ infantry.

2. A !ust Scores
1hen you enter a territory, increase a Unit permanently as follo%s: )arsh dd ! knights

Creating Your Army

Use point-buy to build army units: 1 Infantry costs 1 point 1 rcher costs ! points

2lains Increase infantry by !$4, rounded do%n )ountains Increase archers by !$4, rounded do%n

+. #oll $or ,earby Territories

If any territories north, south, east, or %est of you are not yet revealed, roll to determine their type: 1 1ater /impassable0 !-' )arsh #-. 2lains & )ountains

1 "night costs # points

You have !$$ points to spend. You %ill have a total of three units: an Infantry Unit, an rchery Unit, and a "night Unit.

". #oll $or %nemies

fter applying territory effects, roll for opposition. 1 5one !-' 6andits

Sample Armies
1$$ infantry, !& archers, and 1! knights && infantry, '' archers, and 1( knights

# 7mall rmy /1$ infantry, . archers, ' knight0 . )edium rmy /!. infantry, 1$ archers, . knights0 & 8arge rmy /#$ infantry, 1! archers, 9 knights0

%n -ame Territories
8ater in the game, once at least 20 territories have been placed, roll as follo%s to determine ne% territories: 1 1ater /impassable0 2-3 Capital # )arsh . 2lains & )ountains

Actions During Your Turn

1. !. '. #. )ove to an ad*acent territory. d*ust scores based on territory. +oll for an enemy army. ,ight the army: -hoose your Unit, roll for an enemy Unit, and they fight. -ontinue until all Units on one side are destroyed. .. +oll for territories north, south, east, and %est.

&. 'ight
,ights are divided into skirmishes. :ach skirmish involves one player Unit /chosen by the player0 and one enemy Unit /chosen randomly0. 2lay skirmishes until one side is out of troops.

The Capital 'ighting a S(irmish

-hoose one Unit to attack. +oll to determine the enemy Unit /1-! ; infantry, '-# ; archers, .-& ; knights0. If you roll a destroyed enemy Unit, re-roll. -alculate each Unit<s ,ighting ,orce by multiplying Infantry Units by $.., rcher Units by !, and "night Units by #. ,or each side, reduce the defender<s actual Unit si=e by the attacker<s ,ighting ,orce. 3his occurs simultaneously. >verruns are ignored. 3he -apital is defended by a 8arge rmy. Aefeat it, and you have %on the game.

Preparing the Territories

You begin the game %ith one territory of %ater north of you /and all territories at this latitude are %ater0. +oll for the current territory and the ones east, south, and %est of you. 1 1ater /impassable0 !-' )arsh #-. 2lains & )ountains 3he current territory cannot be %ater. fter preparing the territories, take your first turn.

Cre its
3his is the !$1!-$9-!! version of this game. 3his game %as %ritten by 6rent 2. 5e%hall.

)an its
6andits are a special case: they have only infantry and archers, and the amount of each is unkno%n. >n your first skirmish %ith a bandit Unit, roll a die and multiply by ! to determine the Unit<s actual si=e.

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