Cross dressing journey 4.00/5 (80.00%) 3 votes ISS Admin • O to!er "# $00% • 0 Comments &e''o everyone I ()nn) te'' you )'' )!

out my ross dressing *etis+ )nd +o( it )'' st)rted. ,e*ore I !egin 'et me st)rt !y te''ing you )'' ) !it )!out my *)mi'y )nd myse'*. -e )re ) *)mi'y o* t+ree# my mom# d)d )nd myse'*. ,ot+ my .)rents (or/ed (+i + g)ve me ) 'ot o* time to !e )'one. A't+oug+ !ot+ o* t+em (or/ed it ()s my 0om (+o ()s t+e m)in !re)d e)rner o* t+e *)mi'y. &er n)me is S+i/+) )nd s+e is t+e vi e .resident o* ) .riv)te om.)ny )nd e)rning ) good s)')ry ).)rt *rom )menities 'i/e +ousing# )r et . -e 'ived in ) ')rge 3 !edroom ).)rtment in one t+e .os+ )re)s o* t+e ity. 1o !e s+ort my 0oms e)rning (ere more t+)n enoug+ *or t+e t+ree o* us. 2)d on t+e ot+er +)nd +)d ) sm)'' time des/ jo! in some govt o**i e. It ()s not +ig+ .)ying !ut it /e.t my d)d o u.ied. In s+ort my 0om ()s t+e domin)nt .erson in our *)mi'y not just due to *in)n i)' re)sons !ut )'so .+ysi )'. 0y d)d )nd myse'* (ere 3uite s+ort. -e stood )t )round 54 3 )nd my mom ()s )round 545. 0oreover s+e +)d ) +)!it o* (e)ring 'ong +ee's so (+en (e (ere going out my mom to(ered )!ove us !y more t+)n 354 in +es. 0om too/ most o* t+e de isions )t our +ome )nd d)d om.'ied (it+ e) + )nd every one o* t+en. &e /ne( +e ou'd not o..ose mom in )ny ()y. 0om +)d instru ted d)d to su!mit +is mont+'y e)rnings to +er ) ount. -+enever +e needed some money +e (ou'd +)ve to re3uest it *rom mom. S+e (ou'd m)/e sure it ()s *or ) v)'id re)son !e*ore +)nding it over. 0oreover my mom +)d ) very ) tive so i)' 'i*e. Sin e s+e +)d ) very im.ort)nt jo! s+e +)d to )ttend ) 'ot o* o**i e .)rties. S+e )'so +)d ) 'ot o* *riends (it+ (+om s+e (ou'd

On Sund)y everyone used to !e )t +ome so I ou'dn7t do )nyt+ing on t+)t d)y# !ut on 1+ursd)ys I ()s om. . A*ter t+)t I used to !e om. In *) t ti'' t+e )ge o* 8 mom used to m)/e me (e)r ) *ro / )t +ome.t on insu'ting +im. 8o( one 1+ursd)y )*ter everyone +)d 'e*t I de ided to try t+em on.'ess'y )rrying +er s)ri. ited t+en )nd )s I 'oo/ed )t myse'* in *ront o* t+e mirror I got my tiny ere tion.'ete'y )'one. It ()s !') / in o'or )nd it *itted me 3uite ni e'y. 1+en I se'e ted one o* +er !r)s )nd .)rtying (it+ +er *riends s+e ()s 3uite ')te. 1+)t7s (+en +er s)ri o. -+en I ()s "9 I sudden'y +)d ) *ee'ing to (e)r gir'7s 'ot+es )g)in.)nties. Any ()y I se'e ted one o* mom7s . One o* t+e guys s o'ded d)d *or !eing so )re'ess (it+ mom.ut it on. I remem!er one nig+t my mom ()s out .etti o)t )nd )not+er guy ()s )rrying +er s)ri !e+ind +er. 8o( my s +oo' +o'id)ys (ere on 1+ursd)ys )nd Sund)ys.ed o** om. S+e ()s dressed on'y in !'ouse )nd . A*ter t+)t I st)rted (e)ring m)'e 'ot+ing7s ti'' ) *e( ye)rs )go.ot+ mom )nd d)d (ou'd 'e)ve *or (or/ in t+e morning: t+e m)id (ou'd ome )nd (ou'd *inis+ oo/ing )nd everyt+ing !y "$.'ete'y. 8o( t+ere is one t+ing I +)dn7t to'd u guys yet# I )m very . 1o m)/e my .)nties )nd .ened4. I stood in *ront o* t+e mirror )nd 'oo/ed )t myse'*. At )round $ in t+e morning t+e door!e'' r)ng )nd my d)d r)n )nd o. 1+ey )me inside )nd .') ed mom on +er !ed. I st)rted to go t+roug+ my moms !e'ongings )nd (ou'd o*ten sme'' +er !r) )nd . I ()s very e.oor'y endo(ed. 1+ey to'd my d)d 6-e )re *riends o* S+i/+)# s+e dr)n/ too mu + in t+e 'u! )nd (e +)d to )rry +er +ome. 0y 'und (+en ere t st)nds )t ) 'engt+ o* 3 in +es. I (ent to mom7s !edroom )nd stri. 2)d +ung +is +e)d do(n )s t+e guys /e.. It ()s re)''y (eird seeing my semi nude mom !eing )rried !y t(o guys (+i'e my d)d stood in t+e side +e'.go out on (ee/ends (+i'e me )nd my d)d used to rem)in )t +ome.'ete'y *ree.ened t+e door. 0om ()s 'e)ning on ) guys s+ou'der.ut t+em on. 8o( my mom +)d )'()ys ()nted ) gir' )s +er +i'd *rom t+e very !eginning.

. I got u. t+)t d)y.'ied t+)t I +)d !een doing t+is *or t+e . I ()s )'so (e)ring !)ng'es )nd ) sm)'' red !indi.o'is+ )nd used 'i.end my time dressed 'i/e t+is ti'' 4 =0 )*ter (+i + I (ou'd set everyt+ing !) / to its norm)' . One d)y I ()s 'ying on my !ed (e)ring ) red s)'()r. S+e +)d t+e most )stonis+ed 'oo/ on +er *) e )nd s+e )s/ed me4 !et) (+)t +).. immedi)te'y )nd re)'i<ed in ()s mom sitting !eside me in +er !'ouse )nd .t on doing t+is every (ee/ ti'' it ()s time *or my summer v) )tions.y t+is time mom ()s smi'ing )nd s+e s)id4 !et) sin e (+en +)ve u !een doing t+is )nd .e t )nyt+ing.y in t+is dress. . I used to s.t (ee/ I did t+e s)me t+ing !ut t+is time I tried on some o* mom7s je(e'ry 'i/e !)ng'es )nd ne /') es. 1+e ne.oint in 'ying. 8o( I +)d everyd)y to myse'* )nd I de ided to m)/e *u'' use o* it..y t+is it ()s getting 3uite ')te )nd I s'o('y o. om. I /e. As mom s)id t+is I .y no( I used to dress u. I +)d done om.)st 4 mont+s.'ete m)/e u. I ()s )ug+t red +)nded )nd t+ere ()s no .') e.'e)se don7t 'ie to me4.ened to you# (+y )re you dressed 'i/e I s)id 6I +)ve stu**ed otton in t+ere to m)/e it 'oo/ re)'4.!re)sts 'oo/ !igger I stu**ed it (it+ otton. A*ter t+)t I tried on one o* mom7s nig+ty )nd I re)'i<ed t+)t I 'oo/ed 3uite se. I ()s sudden'y )()/en !y someone sitting !eside me. 0om ()s 3uite )mused )nd !eg)n s )nning my entire !ody.etti o)t. A*ter ) (+i'e I muttered somet+ing )!out !eing sorry.ed )t my !re)sts )nd )s/ed me (+)t t+ey (ere. I )'so used to (e)r n)i' .er . I didn7t /no( (+)t to s)y )nd just s)t t+ere 'i/e )n idiot. A*ter oming +ome *rom (or/ s+e )'()ys used to go to +er room )nd t)/e o** +er s)ri !e*ore +e /ing on me.ened everyt+ing )nd .ut t+em !) / in t+e . S+e sto.. . 0om s'o('y s3uee<ed t+em so*t'y )nd s)id4 !et) your !re)sts )re !igger t+)n mine4.') e so t+)t mom did not sus.'ete'y 'i/e ) (om)n. I s'o('y re. I ()s 'ying in !ed *ond'ing my *)/e !re)sts )nd I *e'' )s'ee. Soon I ()s *ee'ing very *eminine )nd my ere tion ()s )s +)rd )s ever.sti /.

A*ter *itting it .er'y )nd ). I )ns(ered everyt+ing trut+*u''y )nd ()s *ee'ing 3uite +). &e ()s !e(i'dered out o* +is mind. I ()s so nervous t+)t I ()s 'iter)''y s+ivering.t *e( d)ys mom used to ome !) / +ome e)r'y )nd used to tr)in me to !e ome ) gir'. ?irst my mom )nd me (ent to ) movie.y t+)t mom ()s not )ngry !ut ()s en our)ging me to (e)r t+is... 2)d didn7t s)y )nyt+ing )nd just 'e*t t+e room. 0om t+en to'd me t+)t t+ere ()s one sm)'' t+ing 'e*t to do !ut t+)t ou'd ()it *or ) (+i'e. Sin e my )rms# *ingers )nd stom) + (ere s'ender t+ere ()s no ()y someone ou'd te'' me t+)t I ()s ) !oy inside (or ()s I).ut it on. I ()s (e)ring ) green s)ri (it+ ) (+ite !'ouse )nd mom ()s (e)ring ) green s)'()r.'ying m)/e5u. 1+)t d)y *or t+e *irst time I (ent outside dressed )s ) gir'. I ()s 'oo/ing )t ) good5'oo/ing gir' in t+e mirror. 1+is ()s t+e .'ete'y )stonis+ed. I ()s ) !it s )red !ut s)id o/ to 1+is ()s o/ !e )use t+e movie t+e)ter ()s d)r/ )nd my *) e ()s +)rd'y visi!'e. I ()s om. 1+en one d)y mom !roug+t me ) (ig )nd to'd me to . 0om s o'ded me s)ying4 didn7t you +e)r (+)t I just s)id# I ()nt you to (e)r t+is )t +ome# in *) t I ()nt your *)t+er to see you in t+is dress4. 0om 'oo/ed )t +im )nd s)id4 *rom no( on t+is is our d)ug+ter4. )nd s)id t+)t I 'oo/ed !e)uti*u'. 0om t+en turned to me )nd s)id> don7t (orry I (i'' e. -+en d)d )me !) / )t %# mom to'd +im to ome to t+e !edroom (+ere I ()s sitting.')in to +im ')ter on# !ut no( t+ere7s ) 'ot (or/ to !e done on you i* you ()nt to !e ome ) gir'# *rom no( on I (i'' )'' u Sne+)4. 0y mom to'd me to re'). I ()s s )red )nd to'd mom4 I (i'' t)/e it o** rig+t no(4.. A*ter t+)t (e (ent to dinner in ) ni e rest)ur)'y. On 'oo/ing )t me even d)d +)d t+e s)me re) tion. mom to'd me 'oo/ in t+e mirror.') e (+ere I ()s very s )red on e )g)in !ut .!eg)n to !'us+ )nd mom s)id4 Its o/ !et)# I )m not going to s o'd you# in *) t you 'oo/ 3uite ute in t+is dress )nd I ()nt you to +)ve it4. -it+in ) (ee/ I ou'd (e)r ) s)ri .ro. 1+e rest o* t+e d)y my mom )s/ed me 3uestions )!out my +)!its. 1+e ne.

no one seemed to noti e )nyt+ing out o* t+e ordin)ry.ening t+e )ge. I ()s so s )red t+)t my .enis si<e runs in t+e *)mi'y# your 'und is even sm)''er t+)n your *)t+ers4.o/e )g)in4 te'' me somet+ing +o( m)ny times do u m)stur!)te4. I ()s ) 'itt'e s+o /ed )t t+is )nd )s/ed +er4 mom (ont you ever t)/e it o**4. iting *or me )nd my sm)'' . @ou (i'' soon 'e)rn to 'ove it. I ()s very +).enis (it+ )nyone even my mom.y on +e)ring t+ese (ords )nd s)id#4 t+)n/ you mom you )re t+e !est4. 0om 'oo/ed )t my s+run/en mem!er )nd 'oo/ed )t me s)ying4 It is true t+)t .resent *or you4. 0om smi'ed )nd s)id4 *rom no( on you )nt m)stur!)te unti' I ()nt you to4. I ()s st)nding in *ront o* mom )nd s+e ()s 'oo/ing )t me. Aven your *)t+er +)s one *itted on . I 3uiet'y re.'ied 6t(i e every d)y4.)nties )nd stood t+ere. On re) +ing +ome I ()s going to my room to m)stur!)te (+en mom )''ed me )nd s)id 6!eti ome to my room I +)ve ) sm)'' .ut it on my . A*ter ) ni e dinner mom to'd me4 !et you )re 'e)rning very !e)uti*u''y# tonig+t your tr)ining (i'' !e om.')sti devi e *rom +er !)g )nd . A*ter s+e +)d *inis+ed * it I s)( t+)t it ()s ) +)stity devi e. Soon I ()s in my .. 0om smi'ed )nd s)id4 don7t (orry )!out )'' t+)t no(# its too e)r'y to t+in/ )!out o. I +ung my +e)d in s+)me )nd mom *in)''y s. -+en I (ent t+ere mom to'd d)d to give us some .enis +)d s+run/ to )!out " in + !y no(. 0om 'oo/ed )t it (it+ )n uns)tis*ied 'oo/ )nd s)id4 t+)n/ god# I ordered t+e sm)''est si<e# !ut even t+is is !ig *or you4.'ete4. I s'o('y s'id do(n my . S)ying t+is s+e too/ out ) sm)'' . I ()s 3uite s )red o< I +)d not s+)red t+e se ret o* my sm)'' . A'' t+e time I ()s t+in/ing t+)t I (ou'd go +ome )nd m)stur!)te.enis +)d !e ome 3uite +)rd. In *) t t+e ()iter re*erred to us )s 6')dies4. 1+is ()s )'' very e.riv) y )nd +e 3uiet'y (ent to t+e 'iving room.enis. S+e t+en s)id4 !eti t)/e o** your 'ot+es I ()nt to see somet+ing4.)nties )nd mom 'oo/ed )t me )nd s)id#4 its o/# you )n t)/e it o**4.

erson)' ()rdro!e o* *em)'e 'ot+ing. 0om ()s smi'ing )s s+e stood !et(een us )nd s+e *in)''y s.o/e4 t+is is ) very +).in/. 'i/e ) gir' is not entire'y ) se (it+ t+e 'o / in t+e devi e. 0om . 'onger.y d)y *or me: tod)y t+e +).end most o* my time dressed )s ) gir' t+)n )s ) !oy. On my ')st !irt+d)y I re eived gi*ts 'i/e s)ris# 'ingerie# )nd (orst o* )'' )not+er o / )ge *rom mom. &e /no(s t+)t i* +e diso!eys me +e st)ys 'o /ed u. In *) t (+y don7t I )'' +im inside no(B4 2)d )me in )nd 'oo/ed )t me.enis ()s en 'osed !y )not+er /ind o* +)stity devi e.iness o* !ot+ t+e men in t+is +ouse is ontro''ed !y me. )nd (ent to !ed.4 Seeing me on*used my mom ontinued4 I . -+enever I )m not in s +oo' I )m dressed 'i/e ) gir'.)rts. I )nnot )''o( you to .'ete'y u.')y (it+ yourse'ves (+enever you )re )'one 'i/e dirty !oys.'ete'y s+)ven )nd +is sm)'' .riv)te . It ()s t+e *irst time I ()s seeing d)d n)/ed. In *) t I s.ut t+e +)stity devi e on your *)t+er ) mont+ )*ter our m)rri)ge. 8o( t+e *) t t+)t I dress u.)nts.ens my o / )ge *or )!out +)'* )n +our..u!i region ()s om. &e didn7t seem very sur. to me4. I no( +)ve my o(n .+is 'und.erson even )*ter )'' t+ese ye)rs. I +)ve . I get my re'e)se )!out on e ) mont+ no( (+en mom o. Aven d)d s'o('y . A*ter s)ying t+is mom to'd me to .. Initi)''y +e ()s s )red too !ut no( +e 'oves'y. &e +esit)ted *or ) *e( se onds !ut soon o.rised unti' mom to'd +im to dro.ut on my nig+ty )nd go to s'ee. Ci/e mine +is .ened +is s+orts. 0y mom to'd it to +er sister (+o no( /no(s everyt+ing )!out me in 'uding my o / )ge. I* you try to !re)/ it# it )n )use serious d)m)ge to your . 1+is ()s )!out t+ree mont+s !) /. Cet me go t+roug+ t+e ru'es *or Sne+). I +)ve my o(n dressing t)!'e )nd mom +)s t)ug+t me +o( to use everyt+ing .u''ed +is s+orts u.. 0oreover !ot+ o* you )re never )''o(ed to t)m. +is . 2)d7s +)stity devi e ()s (+ite in o'or (+i'e mine ()s . 1+is is one o* t+e se rets )s to (+y +e is su + ) 'oving )nd o!edient . -+en it omes o** is om.ut t+e )ge on your 'unds !e )use su + sm)'' 'unds )re o* no use to )nyone.

A*ter ) (+i'e mom )nd )unt (ent inside 'e)ving me )nd un 'e outside in t+e 'iving room. 8o guy +)d tou +ed me 'i/e t+)t !e*ore so it *e't ) 'itt'e str)nge. S)ying t+is +e 'i*ted )nd /issed my +)nds. I ()s (e)ring ) s)ri )nd some 'ig+t m)/e u. At *irst +e didn7t s)y )nyt+ing to me !ut soon +e got 'ose to me.)rt I (i'' te'' you +o( I got se.rised.smi'ed )nd s)id4 &). 8o one ou'd te'' t+)t I ()s not ) gir' (+en I ()s dressed 'i/e one. 0om drove )'' t+e ()y. I sim.'y . It ()s summer )nd mom +)d t)/en ) sm)'' !re)/ *rom o**i e. A*ter re) +ing t+eir +ouse (e (ent u.t *e( d)ys4. Any()y (e re) +ed t+ere )t )round noon. I ()s ) !it s )red !ut my sm)'' .st)irs )nd (+en I met un 'e I ou'd see t+)t +e ()s very sur. &e t+en stood u. It ()s t+e *irst time some guy +)d /issed me in ) se. It ()s )round 3 +ours drive *rom our .u)' (it+ my un 'e. It no( !e )me ) norm)' +)!it *or me to dress u.') e. . Dn 'e t+en to'd me to st)nd u.ot+ my un 'e )nd )unt /ne( )!out my +)!its !ut un 'e +)d never seen me in ) (om)n7s )ttire !e*ore# so I ()s ) !it nervous. 0y +)stity devi e is sti'' *i.y no( everyone must !e *)mi'i)r (it+ my dressing +)!its )nd my *)mi'y. .. Dn 'e s)id to me4Sne+) you 'oo/ very !e)uti*u'# you 'oo/ ) 'ot 'i/e your mot+er4.ed on my 'und )nd I get re'e)se on'y (+en mom ()nts me to. )nd s)( my entire *igure. &e tou +ed my +)nds )nd !eg)n stro/ing t+em s'o('y. . A*ter initi)' greetings un 'e )me )nd s)t !eside me. 'i/e ) gir' )t +ome )nd even (+i'e going out.ressing +)rd )g)inst t+e o / )ge. S+e de ided t+)t (e (ou'd )'' go to our )unt7s +ouse.y !irt+d)y !eti# I +)d t+is one ustom m)de to *it your 'und4. )nd +ugged me )nd s)id4 Sne+) (e (i'' get to /no( e) + ot+er !etter in t+e ne.u)' m)nner. I !'us+ed )nd s)id 6t+)n/ you mom4. In t+is .enis ()s .y t+is time I just 'oved (e)ring s)ris. 2)d +)d some (or/ in o**i e so +e ou'd not ome (it+ us. S+e ()s (e)ring je)ns )nd ) t s+irt.. &e ()s s )nning me 'i/e ) +ungry dog 'oo/s )t its *ood.

o'is+ on t+em )nd I t+in/ t+)t e. &e t+en indi )ted me to o.t 30 minutes +e *ond'ed my entire !ody )nd I /ne( +e ()s very e. 0y *ingers )'' +)d . &e didn7t even try to +ide it *rom me. un 'e )''ed me to ) se.y to +e)r t+is )nd s'o('y !eg)n to o. I no( . -+en I )me out o* t+e !edroom un 'e7s st)res +)d !e ome even more intense.')yed (it+ my )ged o / *or ) (+i'e )nd )s/ed me4 +o( o*ten does your mot+er o.')ying (it+ me *or some time +e to'd me4 Sne+) you )re ) very !e)uti*u' gir'# !ut I ()nt to see you in )'' your g'ory4.en my 'ot+es )nd st)nd n)/ed in *ront o* +im. Dn 'e t+en 'i*ted my *eet )nd /issed t+em. .en it4. ited !e*ore in my entire 'i*e.smi'ed )nd s)id not+ing not om.etti o)t.'ete'y underst)nding (+)t un 'e me)nt. I o. A*ter 'un + (+en mom )nd )unt +)d gone *or )n )*ternoon s'ee. &e s'o('y .oint.')nts m)de o* ru!!er inside my !r). &e s'o('y !eg)n to tou + my stom) + )nd n)ve' (+en no one ()s 'oo/ing. Dn 'e t+en . Dn 'e smi'ed )nd /e. I /ne( t+)t un 'e ()s t)/ing )dv)nt)ge o* me !ut somet+ing inside me just to'd me to o!ey +im.. )nd s)t !eside me. &e 'i /ed e) + )nd every *inger o* mine. I didn7t o. I re.ened my s)ri )nd ()s dressed on'y in my !'ouse )nd .etti o)t. I ()s very +). 1+ey 'oo/ )nd *ee' re)' *rom outside.en my !'ouse )nd .ose +im !e )use I ()s enjoying )'' t+is )ttention *rom ) guy. ited !e )use o* t+e !ig tent in +is s+orts.t on .tern)' !re)st im.'ied t+)t its sometimes on e in $ (ee/s. A*ter . I +)d never !een t+is e.ut +is +)nds on my !re)sts )nd st)rted ru!!ing t+em.ut )rti*i i)' e.)rt o* my !ody. Soon I ()s st)r/ n)/ed in *ront o* +im in not+ing e'se ot+er t+)n my orn)ments )nd o / )ge.)si )''y *or t+e ne. ited un 'e ) 'ot. . 1+en un 'e to'd me to +)nge )nd get re)dy *or 'un +. -+en +e +)d *inis+ed +e got u..')ying (it+ t+e )ge. Dn 'e *ond'ed t+em *or ) (+i'e )nd t+en moved +is +)nds to my !) /. I mee/'y did )s ()s )s/ed o* me. Dn 'e smi'ed )nd /issed me *or ) (+i'e in every . 0y sm)'' 'und ()s re)''y +urting )t t+is .)r)te room )nd to'd me to sit on t+e !ed.

)in ()s turned into . I ()s sitting n)/ed 3uiet'y on t+e !ed )nd un 'e !eg)n to o. I ()s sitting on !ed (e)ring not+ing !ut ) nig+ty. I s)( un 'e ()s stro/ing +is 'ong di / )nd ()s mo)ning.'ete (om)n tomorro(4. I ()s very +).u''ed +is s+orts do(n +is !e)uti*u' 'und ()s in vie(.en +is 'ot+es +imse'*.'ied E)se'ine ni e'y in my )ss. In *) t my o / +)d st)rted to dri!!'e um t+roug+ t+e )ge.. &e t+en s'o('y inserted +is 'und inside me.y )ss4. It ()s )round 84 'ong )nd ()s )s +)rd )s iron.t mom (ent out (it+ )unty )nd ) *e( o* +er *riends..1+en un 'e to'd me to !end do(n )nd s+o( my )ss. I smi'ed )nd t+)n/ed +im. Com. I /ne( t+)t un 'e (ou'd not miss t+is o. It +urt (+en +is t+i / mem!er entered me !ut soon t+e . 1+is ontinued *or )!out "5 minutes )nd )*ter t+)t I ou'd +e)r un 'e give ) 'oud grunt )nd I *e't somet+ing +ot oo<ing inside my )ss. &e 'oo/ed )t my )ss+o'e )nd s)id 6(o( Sne+) you +)ve ) very se.)ssed (it+ me +orny )s +e''.)red to +is 'und I +)d not+ing. As soon )s +e +)d . I (ent )()y !ut )*ter ) (+i'e I 3uiet'y )me !) /. )nd s)id4 Its enoug+ *or tod)y# I (i'' m)/e you *ee' 'i/e ) om.y )nd nodded ent+usi)sti )''y. I ()nted +im to *u / me *orever. &e .'unged $ *ingers in )nd out o* my )ss *or some time. Any()y t+)t d)y . &e smi'ed )nd too/ t+e nig+ty o**. S)ying t+is +e /issed me one ')st time )nd to'd me to go !) / to my room.)rted my )ss +ee/s. I did )s +e )s/ed me to do. Dn 'e t+en to'd me to dress u. As soon )s mom )nd )unty +)d 'e*t un 'e )me to my room (it+ ) j)r o* E)se'ine. 1+e ne. 1+en +e /issed me )nd s)id4 tod)y you (i'' 'ose your virginity Sne+)# )re u re)dy4. I sudden'y +)d t+e urge to go t+ere )nd give +im ) ni e +)nd jo! !ut I resisted t+e urge )nd (ent !) / to my room (it+ my o / t(it +ing 'i/e never !e*ore.osition *or ) ..erien e ) 'ot. Dn 'e s'o('y turned me )round )nd ).. In *) t I ()nted to s)tis*y +im. Dn 'e )nd me st)yed in t+)t .'e)sure )nd I st)rted mo)ning too.ortunity to *u'*i'' +is (i'dest *)nt)sies (it+ me. I ()s !)si )''y !eing mi'/ed )nd I ()s enjoying t+e e. Dn 'e s'o('y .

&e)ring t+is un 'e ()s e. Anyone ()nting to t)'/ to me )!out my mom or )!t my ross dressing +)!its )n em)i' me )t distur!ed"F85""Gy)+oo.ut +is o / !) / in my mout+. ='e)se .'ete'y s.treme'y . I re)''y ()nted to 'i / it 'e)n )nd (+en un 'e !roug+t +is di / 'ose to my *) e I immedi)te'y go!!'ed +is 'und.romise me t+)t you (i'' )'()ys surrender your 'ove'y !ody to me )nytime I ()nt4. I !eg)n to give +im ) ni e !'o(jo! )nd soon +e )me in my mout+. I +)ve ever +)d in my entire 'i* )nd to'd me 'oving'y4 Sne+) t+is is t+e !est se. 0om )nd )unt returned )t nig+t )nd !y t+)t time I ()s om. *orever..(+i'e )nd )*ter t+)t un 'e s'o('y too/ +is o / out.ent )nd ()s s'ee. om (+i + is )'so my y)+oo messenger id. It ()s jui y )nd +)d um sti /ing )'' over it. I ()s more t+)n +).e*u''y I )n m)int)in t+is re')tions+i. . I smi'ed )nd s)id 6yes un 'e# t+is !ody is yours4. Any()y t+e entire d)y .y to drin/ +is um. 1+ey don7t /no( )!out my )**)ir (it+ un 'e )nd +o. I 'i /ed in it *or ) (+i'e )nd t+en un 'e to'd me to sto.)ssed (it+ un 'e *u /ing me $53 more times.'e)sed )nd s'o('y .