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Natal chart

Size of this preview: 660 600 pixels. An astrological chart calc lated for !an ar" #$ %000 at #%:0#:00 A.&. 'astern Standard (i)e in New *ork +it"$ New *ork$ ,SA -.ongit de: 0/01002%34 5 .atit de: 00N0%26#47. 8n astrolog"$ a natal chart is a st"lized )ap of the niverse with the 4native4 -the individ al or s 9:ect to 9e st died7 at the center. 8t is calc lated for the exact ti)e and location of the native2s 9irth for the p rposes of gaining insight into the native2s personalit" and potential. +o))onl" sed alternative na)es for the natal chart incl de birth chart$ horoscope$ natus$ nativity$ radix$ geniture and genethliac chart$ a)ong others. (he chart shows the positions of the s n$ )oon$ planets$ and potentiall" other celestial o9:ects$ all referred to as the native2s 4planets$4 within the fra)es of references defined 9" the astrological signs and ho ses.

(he acc rate 9irth ti)e -generall" agreed pon as the first 9reath or intake of air7 and location are necessar" for the calc lation of the exact degree of the signs that are rising$ setting$ c l)inating p$ and c l)inating down$ known respectivel" the ascendant -or 4rising sign47$ descendant$ medium coeli -or 4)idheaven47$ and imum coeli -or 4lower )idheaven47. (hese degrees$ also known as the angles$ are essential for )apping the positions of the native2s twelve ho ses.


# 'xa)ple % ;lace and ti)e of 9irth 3 'recting the natal chart o 3.# ;lace)ents of the planets o 3.% Aspects 0 <ectification 6 8nterpretation 6 (he solar chart / See also = <eferences > 'xternal links


Astrological?l"phs5Asteroids+haldean.:pg -%03 %=> pixels$ file size: #0 @A$ &8&' t"pe: i)age/:peg7 (hese are the astrological s")9ols/gl"phs as )ost co))onl" sed in 1estern Astrolog"

No higher resol tion availa9le. Astro_signs.gif -003 003 pixels$ file size: / @A$ &8&' t"pe: i)age/gif7 (he s")9ols sed in 1estern astrolog" to represent the astrological signs -Bodiac7 (he pict re to the a9ove5right is a )odern exa)ple of a natal chart as a )odern 1estern astrologer wo ld )ost likel" view it -tho gh there are variants depending on the specific astrological tradition that the astrologer follows and/or their personal preferences7. 8n this exa)ple$ a horizontal line thro gh the )iddle of the chart ro ghl" corresponds with the horizon$ with the left side 9eing the place where o9:ects on the ecliptic are rising in the east -the ascendant7. (he s n is seen near the 9otto)$ since the chart was )ade for )idnight$ in the sign +apricorn$ since it was )ade for !an ar" #. (he design$ along with the s")9ols/gl"phs sed in the chart$ can var" widel"C so)e choose to incl de the Bodiac wheel$ while so)e do not. Also$ charts do not have to 9e ro ndDfollowing the Eellenistic/<o)an$ )edieval and/or Fedic st"les$ the" can 9e sG are as well. (he astrological aspects -s ch as con: nctions or oppositions$ a)ong others7 are delineated in the center of the chart. (he twelve signs of the Bodiac are located at the o ter portion of the chart wheelC si)ilarl"$ twelve seg)ents of arc for) astrological

ho ses which are said to have significance for different areas of life. (here are )an" different s"ste)s for calc lating the ho ses. (he sa)ple chart ses a quadrant house s"ste) of ho se division where9" the angles of the chart divide the chart into fo r G adrants with three ho ses within each G adrant$ and in which the ho ses s all" incl de portions of )ore than one astrological sign. 'ach G adrant has an ang lar ho se$ which incl des one of the angles of the chartC a s ccedent ho se follows this$ with a cadent ho se at the end of the G adrant.

Place and time of birth

Aeca se the S n$ &oon$ planets$ and pri)ar" angles in the sk" are constantl" in )otion relative to the earth$ as each second passes the natal chart/astrological chart is changing -al9eit slowl"7 and a new chart is created for ever" )o)ent at each location. A natal chart is extre)el" personal and niG e$ depending on the specific date$ exact ti)e$ and precise location of the 9irth. 'ven the 9irth charts of twins are often slightl" different 9eca se one of the twins is s all" 9orn a few )in tes apart fro) the other -see also: astro5twin7. (he ti)e of 9irth can s all" 9e fo nd on the 9irth certificate in )an" co ntries. 8n so)e instances$ however$ the 9irth ti)es are ro nded off 9" the n rse or doctor that is present to the nearest half or G arter5ho r$ th s rendering the ti)e onl" approxi)atel" correct. Aeca se of this fairl" co))on practice$ the parents sho ld alwa"s re)e)9er to note the exact ti)e of the child2s first 9reath and not rel" on the ti)e given on the 9irth certificate in the event that the" ever plan on having a precisel" acc rate natal chart calc lated for their child. An acc rate ti)e of 9irth is virt all" seless if the exact location of 9irth is not known. &ost charts are geocentric$ that is 9ased on the 'arth. Eowever$ there is no reason in theor" wh" a chart cannot 9e created for another planet. So)e astrologers se Eeliocentric 5 S n centered 5 charts. (hese are theoretical constr ctions and have a different interpretation to geocentric natal charts. +harts 9ased on other planets wo ld need all the points recalc lating fro) that point of viewC for exa)ple$ 4!ovocentric4 wo ld 9e a ! piter centered view.

Erecting the natal chart

&ain article: Eoroscope Hnce the astrologer has ascertained the exact ti)e and place of the s 9:ect2s 9irth$ the local standard ti)e -ad: sting for an" da"light saving ti)e or war ti)e7 is then converted into ?reenwich &ean (i)e or ,niversal (i)e at that sa)e instant. (he astrologer then has to convert this into the local sidereal ti)e at 9irth in order to 9e a9le to calc late the ascendant and )idheaven. (he astrologer will next cons lt a set of ta9les called an ephemeris$ which lists the location of the s n$ )oon and planets for a partic lar "ear$ date and sidereal ti)e$ with respect to the northern he)isphere vernal eG inox or the fixed stars -depending on which astrological s"ste) is 9eing sed7. (he astrologer then adds or s 9tracts the difference 9etween the longit de of ?reenwich and the longit de of

the place in G estion to deter)ine the tr e local )ean ti)e -.&(7 at the place of 9irth to show where planets wo ld 9e visi9le a9ove the horizon at the precise ti)e and place in G estion. ;lanets hidden fro) view 9eneath the earth are also shown in the horoscope.

Size of this preview: 0>3 6>> pixels. Hther resol tions: #>/ %00 pixels I 3>6 0=0 pixels I 0>3 600 pixels I 63# /6= pixels I =0% #$0%0 pixels I #$0%6 #$/30 pixels. Hriginal file -#$0%6 #$/30 pixels$ file size: 3/3 @A$ &8&' t"pe: i)age/:peg7 Natal chart for &artin . ther$ also appearing in Si9l"2s Astrology. (he horoscope is then divided into #% sectors aro nd the circle of the ecliptic$ starting fro) the eastern horizon with the ascendant or rising sign. (hese #% sectors are called the

ho ses and n )ero s s"ste)s for calc lating these divisions exist. (a9les of ho ses have 9een p 9lished since the #>th +ent r" to )ake this otherwise de)anding task easier.

Placements of the planets

Eaving esta9lished the relative positions of the signs in the ho ses$ the astrologer positions the s n$ )oon$ and planets at their rightf l celestial longit des. So)e astrologers also take note of )inor planetar" 9odies$ fixed stars$ asteroids -for exa)ple$ +hiron7 and other )athe)aticall" calc lated points and angles s ch as the vertex$ eG atorial ascendant$ etc. &an" astrologers also se what are co))onl" referred to as Arabic parts -or ?reek .ots7$ the )ost co))on of which is the ;art of Jort ne -;ars Jort na7.

&ain article: Astrological aspects (o co)plete the horoscope the astrologer will consider the aspects or relative angles 9etween pairs of planets. +ertain aspects are considered )ore i)portant than others. (hose generall" recognized 9" the astrological co)) nit" are Conjunction -0K7$ Opposition -#=0K7$ Square ->0K7$ Trine -#%0K7$ Sextile -60K7$ Semi-Sextile -30K7$ SemiSquare -06K7$ Quintile -/%K7$ Sesquisquare -#36K7$ i-Quintile -#00K7 and Quincunx -#60K7. ,nderstanda9l" these aspects are )ore significant when the" are exact$ 9 t the" are considered to f nction within an orb of infl ence$ the size of which varies according to the i)portance of each aspect. (h s con: nctions are 9elieved to operate with a larger or9 than sextiles. &ost )odern astrologers se an or9 of =K or less for aspects involving the S n$ &oon$ and ! piter and s)aller or9s for the other points. So)e astrologers$ s ch as practitioners of +os)o9iolog"$ and ,ranian astrolog"$ se )inor aspects -#6K$ %%.6K$ 6/.6K$ /6K$ #06K$ ##%.6K7.

1hen the 9irth ti)e is known not to 9e precise$ astrologers will tr" to find the exact ti)e 9" sing a techniG e known as 4<ectification of (he Airth (i)e4. (he starting point of an" rectification is alwa"s the known -inexact7 9irth ti)e. A list of i)portant events and the dates the" took place in the life of the native is collected 9" the astrologer. (he death of parents and the date so)eone e)igrates to a foreign co ntr" are a)ong the events that will register )ost strongl" when the techniG e is sed correctl". 8)portant accidents and s rgeries s all" offers strong registration also. Jor each event the astrologer will calc late Solar Arc ;rogressions and Lirections$ +onverse Solar Arc ;rogressions and Lirections$ and (ransits$ co)paring all these charts with the Natal. (he angles are then replaced in the degrees responding to the exercises. According to Lane < dh"ar and several other proponents of the rectification of the 9irth ti)e$ co)plete acc rac" is onl" possi9le when the range of do 9t regarding the exact ti)e of 9irth is no )ore than one ho r. After that the possi9ilities of acc rac" drop dra)aticall" and the exercise sho ld not 9e tried. + rrentl"$ )an" astrologers nacG ainted with the )eaning and/or techniG es involved in the calc lation of a rectified chart tend to call an" chart calc lated

with no known starting point for a 9irth ti)e a 2rectification2. (his is incorrect$ for those charts are nothing )ore than 2spec lative astrological charts2 with no 9ase in realit". A 2rectification2$ like the na)e s ggest$ is a recalc lated chart$ alwa"s taking into consideration its starting point$ the alleged$ inexact$ 9irth ti)e.

&ain article: Natal astrolog" Hnce the natal chart has 9een constr cted the process of interpretation can 9egin. (his is a 9ranch of astrolog" known as natal astrology$ which involves 9 ilding a co)plete pict re of the personalit" of the s 9:ect$ or native. 8nterpretation involves two )ain steps 5 chart weighting and chart shaping. Chart weighting involves noting the distri9 tion of zodiac signs and ho ses in the chart$ and the significance of this to the overall personalit" of the native. Signs are assessed 9" ele)ent -Jire$ 'arth$ Air$ and 1ater7 and 9" G alit" -+ardinal$ Jixed and & ta9le7. Eo ses are assessed 9" the significance of Ang lar$ S ccedent and +adent ho ses. Chart shaping involves assessing the place)ent of the planets 9" aspect and position in the chart$ and noting an" significant patterns which occ r 9etween the). (his involves noting significant aspect patterns -or gro ps of aspects7$ which )a" appear in the chart and an" other patterns$ s ch as !ones patterns.

The solar chart

(he solar chart is a natal chart erected when the date of 9irth is known$ 9 t not the ti)e of da".M#N (he position of the s n at )idnight or noon is taken as the ti)e of 9irth$ and the position of the s n$ )oon and planets plotted in the chart for that ti)e. (his leads to a fairl" acc rate pict re of their position -with the exception of the )oon7$ as )ost of the planets do not )ove ) ch in the co rse of one da". (he aspects 9etween each of the planets -except the )oon7 can therefore 9e plotted with a high degree of confidence. (he s n2s position is taken as the ascendant of the chart and eG al ////=>/=>/=>/>=/=>/=>each are sedC or alternativel"$ the sunrise chart can 9e sed$ with the s n2s position at s nrise at the latit de in G estion taken as the ascendant. M%N Altho gh the solar chart is deficient in that it cannot show the ascendant$ )idheaven or the ho ses with an" acc rac"$ it can nevertheless provide a fairl" acc rate profile of a person2s character fro) exa)ining the position of the planets alone.

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Astrological aspect
Jro) 1ikipedia$ the free enc"clopedia -<edirected fro) Astrological aspects7 ! )p to: navigation$ search

8n astrolog"$ an aspect is an angle the planets )ake to each other in the horoscope$ and also to the ascendant$ )idheaven$ descendant$ lower )idheaven$ and other points of astrological interest. Aspects are )eas red 9" the ang lar distance in degrees and )in tes of ecliptic longit de 9etween two points$ as viewed fro) 'arth. According to astrological tradition$ the" indicate the ti)ing of transitions and develop)ental changes in the lives of people and affairs relative to the 'arth. As an exa)ple$ if an astrologer creates a horoscope that shows the apparent positions of the celestial 9odies at the ti)e of a person2s 9irth -a natal chart7$ and the ang lar distance 9etween &ars and Fen s is >%K of arc$ the chart is said to have the aspect 4Fen s sG are &ars4 with an or9 of %K -i.e.$ it is %K awa" fro) 9eing an exact sG areC a sG are is a >0K aspect7. (he )ore exact that an aspect is$ the stronger or )ore do)inant it is said to 9e in shaping character or )anifesting change.

(he astrological aspects are noted in the central circle of this natal chart$ where the different colors and s")9ols disting ish 9etween the different aspects$ s ch as the square -red7 or trine -green7


# Approach % &a:or aspects o %.# +on: nction o %.% Sextile D inter)ediate )a:or/)inor aspect o %.3 SG are o %.0 (rine o %.6 Hpposition o %.6 Leclinations 3 <eferences 0 See also 6 'xternal links

8n )edieval astrolog"$ certain aspects$ like certain planets$ were considered to 9e either favora9le -9enefic7 or nfavora9le -)alefic7. &odern sage places less e)phasis on these fatalistic distinctions. (he )ore )odern approach to astrological aspects$ gro nded )ore on ps"cholog" and tendencies$ is exe)plified 9" research on astrological har)onics$ of which !ohn Adde" was a )a:or proponent$ and which !ohannes @epler earlier advocated in his 9ook Harmonice Mundi in #6#>. A list of aspects 9elow presents their ang lar val es and a reco))ended or9 for each aspect. (he or9s are s 9:ect to variation$ depending on the need for detail and personal preferences.

Major aspects
(his section does not cite any re#erences or sources. ;lease help i)prove this section 9" adding citations to relia9le so rces. ,nso rced )aterial )a" 9e challenged and re)oved. (March 2008 (he traditional )a:or aspects are so)eti)es called !tolemaic aspects since the" were defined and sed 9" ;tole)" in the #st +ent r"$ AL. (hese aspects are the con: nction -approx. 05#0K7$ sextile -60K7$ sG are ->0K7$ trine -#%0K7$ and opposition -#=0K7. 8t is i)portant to note that different astrologers and separate astrological s"ste)s/traditional tilize differing or"s -the degree of separation 9etween exactit de7 when calc lating and sing the aspects$ tho gh al)ost all se a larger or9 for a con: nction when co)pared to the other aspects. (he )a:or aspects are those that can 9e sed to divide 360 evenl" and are divisi9le 9" #0 -with the exception of the se)i5sextile7.


A con: nction -a9rv. +on7 is an angle of approxi)atel" 05#0K. An or9 of approxi)atel" #0K is s all" considered a con: nction$ however if neither the S n or &oon is involved$ so)e consider the con: nction to 9e a separation -or97 of onl" a9o t 0P0=K. (his is said to 9e the )ost powerf l aspect$ intensif"ing the effects of the involved planets ) t all" D and 9eing a )a:or point in the chart. 1hether the nion is to 9e regarded as 4positive4 or 4negative4 depends pon what planets are involved: Fen s$ ! piter and the S n$ in an" possi9le co)9ination$ is considered the )ost favo ra9le scenario -and all three act all" )et on Nove)9er >Q#0$ #>/0$ for exa)ple7$ while the )ost nfavo ra9le config rations involve &ars$ Sat rn$ and/or the &oon -with all three con:oining on &arch #0 in that sa)e "ear7. 8f the planets are nder stress fro) other config rations$ then the con: nction will 9e said to intensif" the stress. 1hen a planet is in #ery close con: nction to the S n it is referred to as ca$imiC when a planet is )oderatel" close to the S n$ it is said to 9e combust. (he S n and &oon are in con: nction )onthl" d ring the New &oon.

Sextile intermediate major/minor aspect

A sextile -a9rv. SRt or Sex7 is an angle of 60K -#/6 of the 360K ecliptic$ or #/% of a trine M#%0KN7. A separation -or97 of 60P00K is considered a sextile. (he sextile has 9een traditionall" said to 9e si)ilar in infl ence to the trine$ 9 t of less significance. 8t indicates ease of co)) nication 9etween the two ele)ents involved$ with co)pati9ilit" and har)on" 9etween the)$ 9 t onl" provides opport nit"$ reG iring effort to gain its 9enefits. See infor)ation on the semisextile 9elow.


A sG are -a9rv. SSr or SG 7 is an angle of >0K -#/0 of the 360K ecliptic$ or #/% of an opposition M#=0KN7. An or9 of so)ewhere 9etween 6K and #0KM#N is s all" allowed. As with the trine and the sextile$ in the sG are$ it is s all" the o ter or s perior planet that has an effect on the inner or inferior one. Aasicall"$ the sG are2s energ" is si)ilar to that of a trine 9 t it is intensified to s ch an extent that the energ" is said to 9e stressf l.


A trine -a9rv. (ri7 is an angle of #%0K -#/3 of the 360K ecliptic7. A separation -or97 of #%0P00K is considered a trine. (he trine indicates har)on"$ and ease of expression$ with the two ele)ents reinforcing each other. (he trine is a so rce of artistic and creative

talent$ which is innate. (he trine has 9een traditionall" ass )ed to 9e extre)el" 9eneficial$ providing ease even if ndeserved$ 9 t it can 9e a 2line of least resistance2 to a person of weak character.


An opposition -a9rv. Hpp7 is an angle of #=0K -#/% of the 360K ecliptic7. An or9 of so)ewhere 9etween 6K and #0KM#N is s all" allowed. Hppositions are said to 9e the second )ost powerf l aspect. 8t rese)9les the con: nction altho gh the difference 9etween the) is that the opposition ca ses exaggeration as it is not nif"ing like the con: nction 9 t instead exalted.

(he parallel and antiparallel -or contraparallel7 are two other aspects$ which refer to degrees of declination a9ove or 9elow the ecliptic. (he" are considered strong infl ences$ tho gh not ) ch research has gone into st d"ing these partic lar aspects.

!arallel: sa)e degreeP #5degree #%5)in tes of arc. (his is si)ilar to a con: nction$ 9 t s all" provides 9enefits. Contraparallel: opposite degreeP #5degree #%5)in te of arc. Said to 9e si)ilar to the opposition$ 9 t weaker.

#. T ! )p p to: a b Hr9s sed 9" .iz ?reene$ see Astrodienst

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