John S. Thompson to support their John 1:1 translation! He is listed as an authority in the WTS's Kingdom Interlinear Translation 1985 p.

1139-1140. Research in Thompson's book, The Monotessaron, or The Gospel History, According to the Four Evangelists (1829) shows that his inspiration and direction came from the spirit world!

Fig (a)

Fig (b)

Fig (a) Johannes Greber Fig (b) A Ouija Board (Often used by spirit mediums). Opps, there is the evil symbol of Baal the sun-idol, again. He often pops up in the occult world. I call this idol, "smilie the psychotic button."

The image of Baal is an image also often appearing in the Vatican itself. (See Fig`s c, d & e -below), How surprising?!

Fig (c.)

Fig (d)

Fig (e).

At the top of each of the four spiraling pillars of the Roman `Pope`s` throne in the Vatican, we can see "smilie the psychotic button" again on each flat side at the top of each spiral column! (See figure ******), next page.

themselves of their history without delay: no time is to be lost: their workings are before you in every day’s events: they are a secret society, a sort of Masonic order, with superadded features of most revolting odiousness and a thousand times more dangerous. They are not confined to one class on society; they are not merely priests, or priests of one religious creed, they are merchants, and lawyers, and editors, and men of any profession, and no profession, having no outward badge (in this country,) by which to be recognised; they are about in all your society. They can assume any character that of angels of light, or ministers of darkness, to accomplish their one great end, the service upon which they are sworn to start at any moment, in any direction, and for any service, commanded by the general of their order, bound to no family, community, or country, by the ordinary ties which bind men; and sold for life to the cause of the Roman Pontiff…”MORSE, IMMINENT DANGERS TO THE FREE INSTITUTIONS OF THE UNITED STATES THROUGH FOREIGN IMMIGRATION ANDTHE PRESENT STATE OF THE NATURALIZATION LAWS, p. 9-10 [1835]).
Fig (1) Fig (2)

Fig (1) A painting is of Loyola dressed as a knight. Fig (2) Another painting Fresco of Approving of bylaw of Society of Jesus depicting
Ignatius of Loyola receiving papal bull Regimini militantis Ecclesiae from Pope Paul III. The fresco was created by Johann Christoph Handke in the Church of Our Lady Of the Snow in Olomouc after 1743.

Both Pictures are courtesy of Wikipaedia).

NOW I will ask the question, "Does the Watchtower have anything else to hide?
YES!, it was hidden in the forward of the 1950 edition of the New World Translation!
The following questions we must ask:
Why is it so hard to now obtain a copy of the 1950 edition of the New World Translation in any library on or at a university campus, or even on the internet?

The Watchtower has JESUIT links & has deceived its followers to believe lying spirits & doctrines of demons. Truth seekers among the `Jehovah’s` Witnesses need to get out of that cult & find a support group that will help them in the painful exiting process}. This article was written by an ex-Mormon who is now saved by the Great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ (Isaiah 9:6; 43:10-11; Jeremiah 32:18-19; Titus 2:10,13) , by His Mercy & Grace alone (Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:4-7), through faith alone (Romans 5:1, 6-11), in the risen, Historical Lord Jesus Christ alone (Romans 10:4, 9-13; John 14:6), according to the Bible (God’s Word) alone (2 Timothy 3:15-17). The truth was also painful for me to find out that Joseph Smith was a false prophet. It’s a betrayal to be lied to But as someone once said, "Truth hurts but lies damn." the hurt did me good & it will do you good to. Don’t sear your conscience!

COMPILED BY WATCHMAN<7 MINISTRIES SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. For those who need help & support in the exiting process visit the following websites of my friends:
• • • A good discipleship book for those who are new Christians & want to have a good defence for their new found Christian faith visit This book has many interesting chapters such as: Chapter 2 "Fulfilled Prophecy as Proof of The Bible"; Chapter 3 "Science as Proof of the Bible"; Chapter 4 "Proofs for the Existence of God"; Chapter 92 "Evidence against Evolution & For 6 Day Creation" & Chapters 91-123 dealing with the major cults & also the false religions of Roman Catholicism & Islam, e.t.c. Remember Jesus Christ said, “Ye shall be witnesses UNTO ME...” (Acts 1:8). Come to the REAL JESUS & Become a real witness of the real truth, today (John 17:3; 1John5:20-21).

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