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My topic is about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its Responsibility in ensuring Peace and Equality throughout

our world after the atrocities committed by Nazi Officials created a Humanitarian crisis. In choosing this topic I reflected my middle school trip with my family to Auschwitz Concentration Camp where I became interested in Human Rights. I began my research with brochures and pictures I amassed from my visit to Auschwitz. Then I looked specifically at Nazi Human Experimentations and outlined what I needed, like what experiments were carried and how the victims were affected. I took notes from The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide and The children of the flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the untold story of the twins of Auschwitz which helped me understand specifically what experiments were tested and why. Then I outlined what I wanted to know about the Human Rights document so I checked out more books based on that and took notes about its creators and their goals whilst creating such an important document. Once I understood my two major themes, I began to outline the possible connections between the two and I looked at newspaper articles from the New York Times and even primary sources like a letter from Eleanor Roosevelt, speeches from President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Nazi films to help me form a basic view of all three lenses. In choosing a website I am able to display all my information in an organized sections of my website that allow for clear chronological presentation of my project. In my website I included PowerPoint, pictures and texts to represent each of my Argument topics. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was seen as a document that would prevent the horrors of war in our future world and create moral peace. After two World Wars in the span of only thirty years, the United Nations came together to propose a Declaration offered to all Nations to willingly overcome the Humanitarian Crisis. Unlike World War One, World War two appeared more devastating as it was revealed that more than six million people died as a cause of Nazi Atrocities caused upon innocent victims because of their race. Never before had the Human population been so exterminated or the wars fight for freedom from fear and want been so significant. This resulted in a collective formation of a group of people, supervised by Eleanor Roosevelt, that would take our Natural Rights from history and form the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to create a moral peace entitled to every Human Being. Human Rights have existed long before these wars, but only now had it been universally accepted under a global definition. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights now continues to promote equality and peace throughout our world as its primary mission and has effectively inspired many individuals to overcome the small steps necessary to create a World with Equal Rights for every Human Being. Words: 494