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9, 2013

NR # 3312B

Theres scarcity of medical professionals in the country

A medical doctor-lawmaker has proposed the establishment of a Medical Scholarship and Service Program to address the growing scarcity of medical doctors and other medical professionals in the country. he government has acknowledged the reality that! indeed! the country is facing an alarming shortage of medical doctors and other medical professionals! "on. Angelina #.$. an! M.# %&th #istrict! 'ue(on)! author of "* +,&-! said. ./pressing deep concern about the situation! the author noted the prohibitive cost of medical studies in the country as the real culprit. Medical studies in the country are too costly that it is now beyond the reach of 0ilipino families! even to those belonging to the higher middle income class. Making this problem even worse is the fact that even doctors are taking up nursing and leaving the country for more lucrative opportunities overseas! an lamented. "er proposal! under "* +,&-! shall provide for the institutional mechanism for the envisioned sustained human resource development for the Philippine public health care system. he program under the proposed Medical Scholarship and Service Program Act of +1-, shall provide the financial and other educational resource support mechanisms for the pursuit of studies in the field of medicine by deserving and 2ualified young people! the lady doctor stressed. an e/plained that a scholar shall undergo higher post graduate internship in a public health and medical institution which shall be considered as part of the mandatory public service. After passing the medical board e/amination! the scholar shall commence integration into the public health system and shall accordingly be given the appropriate rank and salary! she said. he integration into the public health service system shall be re2uired for a period e2uivalent to at least two %+) years for each year of scholarship benefits received! she added. 3ecently %4uly +1-,)! the Philippine Star reported in its editorial that Several years after some -11 private hospitals across the archipelago were forced to close shop for lack of health professional! particularly physicians! the country continues to suffer from a shortage of doctors.

5nder "* +,&-! there shall be an annual selection through appropriate e/aminations and screening processes of those who shall be admitted to the MSSP. he candidates shall come from among 2ualified graduating students or graduates of appropriate courses in colleges and universities nationwide. he 2ualified and selected scholars shall be granted scholarship in a medical course and shall cover e/penses for! among others! tuition! matriculation and other school fees! prescribed te/tbooks! supplies and e2uipment! board and lodging e/penses! clothing and uniform allowances! traveling e/penses and other related miscellaneous living allowances. he measure also provides that at least two %+) candidates per province shall be chosen to participate in the annual selection. Aside from being a natural-born 0ilipino citi(en! a candidate! among other 2ualifications! must not be more than +6 years of age and belong to the top ,17 of their respective graduating classes and completed undergraduate courses identified by the #epartment of "ealth as prere2uisites to the pursuit of studies in the fields of medicine. %,1)