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Kulliyyah "e#a$%men% '$o $amme Cou$se Ti%le Cou$se Code S%a%us Level C$edi% !ou$s Con%ac% !ou$s '$e&$e(uisi%es (i" an#) Co&$e(uisi%es (i" an#) Ins%$uc%ional S%$a%e ies 3 3 3 $I% $I% Brainstorming Cooperative %earning Demonstrations Disc!ssion &resentations and lect!res LO Me%hod *+2+, -id-term .est 2+3+,+/ inal E0amination 2+/ .eam(or1 research (inc) report presentation+ peer eval!ation) To%al .o 2e determined 3ll semesters Islamic Revealed Knowled e and !uman Sciences Ul al&"n and Com#a$a%ive Reli ion (BIRK) Ul al-Dn and Comparative Religion Islamic Ethics RKUD 3020 !ndamental

Cou$se Assessmen% 'tate (eightage o" each t#pe o" assessment) Ins%$uc%o$,sSemes%e$ O..e$ed

) 20 ,0 ,0 *++

Cou$se Syno#sis

Cou$se O/0ec%ives

Lea$nin Ou%comes

.his Co!rse disc!sses Ethics "rom the 4!r56nic and '!nnah perspectives (here s!ch notions as usn al-khuluq+ khuluqin am and makrim alakhlq (ill 2e st!died) -!slim scholars5 (or1s on Ethics (ill 2e disc!ssed) 7estern theories (ill also 2e highlighted as comparatives) Contemporar# ethical iss!es (ill 2e anal#8ed too) .he o29ectives o" this co!rse are to: *) highlight the signi"icant o" ethics 2) disc!ss the "!ndamentals o" Islamic Ethics 3) e0plain some theories o" ethics as presented 2# prominent 7estern scholars o" Ethics ,) e0amine the signi"icance o" ethics in Islam /) appraise the practice o" Islamic ethics in contemporar# -!slim societ# Upon completion o" this co!rse+ the st!dents sho!ld 2e a2le to: *) recogni8e the a0ioms o" Islamic Ethics 2) e0amine the practice o" ethics in contemporar# -!slim societ# 3) compare (estern ethical !nderstanding to that o" Islam ,) anal#8e ho( importance to practice (adopt) the essence o" Islamic ethics in their li"e individ!all# and collectivel#) /) propose a sol!tion to moral pro2lems and iss!es in line (ith the principles o" Islamic Ethics Con%en% Ou%lines To#ics Tas23Readin 7al8er+ R+ (*<<=) pp) 32/-32<) >aro!g+ 3)? (*<<<) a1hr#+ -) (*<<*)+ pp)*-/C

1ee2s *

Introd!ction - ;vervie( o" the Co!rse .he de"inition+ scope and so!rces o" Islamic Ethics) .he importance and place o" ethics in Islam Implementation o" Islamic Ethics in .he val!e 9!dgment - the concept o" right and (rong .he concept responsi2ilit# and acco!nta2ilit# .he concept o" retri2!tion @ Divine &o(er A B!stice .he 4!r5nic approaches to ethics - verses on: `adl and ramah, ma`rf and munkar khayr and shar, birr and taqw &rophetic adth approaches to ethics: terms related to `adl and ramah, ma`ruf and munkar khayr and shar, birr and taqw

Is!t8!+.)+ (*<=/)

Khan+ -) (*<<,)

eat!res o" Islamic Ethics Balance reedom o" (ill and action Brotherhood Unit# 'pirit!al coherence according to al-Dha886l concept o" h!man so!l 'pirit!al coherence according to al- Dha886l c!ltivation o" virt!es elimination o" vices 'pirit!al coherence according to al- Dha886l doctrine o" eF!ipoise (was) Character 2!ilding: Dood character -ethods o" change in character Comparative Ethics : Islamic conceptions o" Ethics vers!s 7estern Utilitarian ethics

3l-3ttas+ ')-)$) (*<<2))

3l-Dha886l (*<CE) 4!asem+ -)3+ (*<E3)+ pp) *=-EC) 4!asem+ -)3 (*<E3)+ pp) *,E-*<3) 4!asem+ -)3+ (*<E3)+ pp) E<-CE)
4!asem+ -)3 (*<E3) pp E<-*0,)



Comparative Ethics: Islamic conceptions o" Ethics vers!s 7estern Kantian Ethics

I2n 3li+ -) (*<<=) sect) + chaps) *+ E &op1in+ R? and 'troll+ 3+ (*<=<) pp) *-=<) I2n 3li+ -) (*<<=) sect) + chaps) *+ = &op1in+ R)? and 'troll+ 3+ (*<=<) pp) E0-C<) I2n 3li+ -) (*<<=) sect) + chaps) 2+ 3


Iss!es in Ethics: -oralit# and -oral Behavior se0!al miscond!cts "amil# disintegrate gender iss!es Iss!es in Ethics: 'ocial miscond!ct 2!siness miscond!ct pro"essional 2odies Iss!es in Ethics: 'ocial miscond!ct 2io-medical ethics environmental ethics


I2n 3li+ -) (*<<=) sect) + chaps) ,


I2n 3li+ -) (*<<=) sect) + chaps) /+ <


Re(ui$ed *) 3l-3ttas+ ')-)$) (*<<2)) Islam The Concept of Reli ion and the !oundation of "thics# K!ala %!mp!r: De(an Bahasa dan &!sta1a) 2) 7al8er+ R) (*<<=)) 31hlF) In "ncyclopedia of Islam (Gol) *+ no page)) 3) >aro!g+ 3)?) (*<<<)) Ethics "rom an Islamic perspective: 2asic iss!es) The $merican %ournal of Islamic &ocial &ciences + Gol) *=+ $o) 3) Giriginia: III.) ,) a1hr#+ -) (*<<*)) "thical Theories in Islam) %eiden: E)B) Brill) /) Is!t8!+.) (200,)) "thico-Reli ious Concept in al-'ur(an# K!ala %!mp!r: Islamic Boo1 .r!st) =) 3l-Dha88li) (*<CE)) Ihy )lm al-*n) al-4ahirah: -ar1a8 al-3hram) E) 4!asem+ -)3) (*<E3)) The "thics of $l-+ha,,l. Delmar+ $)H): Caravan Boo1s) C) &op1in+ R)3)+ I 'troll+ 3) (*<=<)) -hilosophy .ade &imple) 7)?)3llen+ %ondon: &rentice ?all) <) I2n 3li+ -) (*<<=)) section JIslamK in -organ &) and %a(ton C)(ed))) "thical Issues in &i/ Reli ious Traditions) Edin2!rgh: Edin2!rgh Universit# &ress) Recommended *) ?o!rani+ ?) (*<C0)) Ethical Concept in the 4!rLn) The .uslim 0orld+ vol)E0+ ($o) *)) 2) -a(d!di+ 3)3 (*<C,)) The Islmic .o1ement2 *ynamics of 3alues, -ower and Chan e) %eicester: .he Islamic o!ndation) 3) 3l-Dha88li+ 3)?) (*<CC)) The 4ook of 5nowled e+ $e( Delhi: International Islamic &!2lishers) ,) 3l-Dha8ali+ -) (*<C3)) tr) .uslim Character) $e( Delhi: ?ind!stan &!2lications) /) -!sleh!ddin+ -) (*<C,)) .orality2 Its Concepts and Role in Islamic 6rder) %ahore) =) Doleman+ D) (*<<E)) "motional Intelli ence# $e( Hor1: Bantam Boo1s)

'$o#osed S%a$% "a%e ,Semes%e$<a%ch o. S%uden%s %o /e

'emester *+ 200=A200E 'emester 3+ 200/A200=

'$e#a$ed /y= >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> , -

Chec2ed /y= >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> , -

A##$oved /y= >>>>>>>>>>>>>> ,"ean3 "i$ec%o$-

Cou$se Assessmen% Ma%$i?= RKU" 5+4+

'$o $amme Ou%comes Ou%come * Ou%come 4 Ou%come 5 Ou%come 6 Ou%come 7 Ou%come 8 4 5 5 5 5 Cou$se Lea$nin Ou%comes Ou%come 9 5 5 5 5 5

*) 2) 3) ,) /)

Recogni8e the a0ioms o" Islamic Ethics E0amine the practice o" ethics in contemporar# -!slim societ# Compare (estern ethical !nderstanding to that o" Islam &ractice (adopt) the essence o" Islamic Ethics in their li"e) 'olve moral pro2lems and iss!es in line (ith the principles o" Islamic Ethics

4 4 5 5 5

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M*No29ective addresses o!tcome slightl#+ 2Nmoderatel#+ 3Ns!2stantive * ANK$;7%EDDEO <N&'HC?;-;.;RA&R3C.IC3%A.EC?$IC3% 'KI%%O CN';CI3% RE'&;$'IGE$E''O "N&R; E''I;$3%I'-+ G3%UE'+ 3..I.UDE'+ E.?IC'O ENCRI.IC3% .?I$KI$D & 'CIE$.I IC 3&&R;3C?O @NC;--U$IC3.I;$ & .E3- 'KI%%'O AN-3$3DE-E$. & E$.RE&RE$EURI3% 'KI%%'O !N%I E%;$D %E3R$I$D & I$ ;R-3.I;$ -3$3DE-E$. .he ed!cational o!tcomes o" the programmes cond!cted 2# the Department are as "ollo(s: *) Demonstrate a thoro!gh !nderstanding o" the "!ndamental concepts and principles in Us!l!ddin and comparative religion) ,AB "B E2) 3ppl# and demonstrate the 1no(ledge the# acF!ired "rom their st!dies into their lives spirit!all#+ intellect!all#+ sociall# and pro"essionall#) ,AB <B CB "B EB @B A3) 3cF!ire and !se the scienti"ic methods (ith their critical and creative approaches+ (ithin the 2o!ndaries o" Islamic val!es+ to solve pro2lems related to 2ehavioral+ cognitive and spirit!al iss!es) ,AB <B EB @B A,) 3ppraise and e0amine appropriatel# iss!es s!rro!nding the )mmah and "orm!late sol!tions "or them) ,AB C/) Emplo# the 1no(ledge and s1ills the# learned "rom the co!rses into their social responsi2ilities in the conte0t o" `ibdah.,AB CB "B !=) &ractice state-o"-the-art technolog# into their intellect!al+ personal+ social and pro"essional lives) ,AB AB !E) Integrate Islamic teachings in the theoretical+ research and application o" Us!l!ddin principles in enhancing h!man relations) ,AB CB "B @B AB !-