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Memorandum No 9, Series of 2013 9 December 2013 To: Re: All Recognized Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Organizations Submission of Organizational

Charters Ateneo Camera Club (ACC) Development Communication Society (DEVCOMSOC) Xavier English Language and Literature Organization (XELLO) XU-AdC Parliamentary Debating Circle (XUAdCPDC) Circulo de Arte Xavier Film Society (XFS) Xavier University Band Marine Science Society (XUMSS) Nature Crusaders of the Philippines Foundation (NCPF) XU Rodeo Enthusiasts Xavier University Mixed Martial Arts Association (XU MMAA) Xavier University Japan Karate Association (XU-JKA) Chemistry Society (CHEMSOC) Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers- XU (IIEE) Alliance of Business Economics Students (XU ABECS) AteneoAgri Business Circle (AAC) Ateneo Crop Science Society (ACROSS) Ateneo Society of Agriculture Economists (ASAGE) Junior Philippine Society of Animal Science (JPSAS) Ateneo Philosophy Club (APC) Ateneo Diplomatic Corps (ADC) XU Psychology Society (XUPS) KaliwatkiApuAgyu (Kaliwat) XU Red Cross Youth (XURCY) Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan DOST Scholars Organization (XADSO)

Special attention:

Velle este posse! Pursuant to Resolution 0018-1314 passed last 19 June 2013 by the 20th Directorate, the highest governing student policy-making body in the University, all recognized student organizations are required to create and/ or submit copies (in printed and electronic forms) of their organizational charters to the XU-CSG Office of the Vice President. Fostering transparency in all undertakings of governance and policy-making, such resolution is legislated to give due importance to the organizational charter/ constitution as a vital document which carry out the organizations collective mission-vision, goals, objectives, and modes and means of operations and standards. It is foremost a social contract between the governing body and its constituents. The deadline given was scheduled on 16 November 2013. However, to consider the case of those organizations whose charters are non-existent and to give [them] ample time to [comply] the requirement, the 20th Directorate has decided to move the deadline to 7 December 2013 through Resolution 0029-1314. Given these deadline extension and other considerations, abovementioned student organizations have failed to comply the requirement. It is then decided by the 20th Directorate, sitting en banc,that the clearance slips for the final examinations of the organization presidents will not be signed by OSA-SACDEV not until said requirements are complied. We hope for a positive and immediate action from the people and organizations involved. In service and excellence,

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