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Booze crackdown continues

City Mart A Ministry of Commerce
official examines wine
1000 cases
slams govt stocks at a Premium
Distribution warehouse
on December 6.
seized by
for ‘unclear’ grog squad
trade policy in new raid

CITY Mart Holdings has pulled im- A SECOND major food and wine im-
ported alcohol and cigarettes from the porter is being investigated for pos-
shelves of its retail outlets and slammed sible illegal importation of alcohol.
the government over its trade policy On December 4, a government task
following a raid on the warehouse of its force found 1000 cases of wine and
major supplier last week. foodstuffs in a warehouse in Thaketa
The country’s largest retailer said in township industrial zone belonging
a statement that it had pulled the stock to Premium Distribution Co. Ltd.
from shelves at its City Mart, Ocean The investigations have triggered
and City Express shops because of the shops and supermarkets throughout
“unclear” situation over alcohol and Yangon to pull imported wine and
cigarette imports. spirit stocks, forcing customers to
City Mart described the current settle for locally produced alcohol,
policy, under which only hotels and which is notoriously poor in quality.
duty-free shops can legally import alco- U Ngwe Soe, deputy director at the
hol and cigarettes, as a loss for retailers, commerce ministry, who is on a gov-
consumers and the government. ernment task force cracking down on
The company said the policy meant illegal alcohol imports, said the esti-
it had been forced to rely on hotels mated price of one bottle of the wine
and duty-free shops for these prod- found at Premium’s warehouses in Yan-
ucts, as well as distributors who import gon ranged from K7000 to K20,000.
through “illegal channels”. “These are the prices cited by Premium,
“There has been no transparency we haven’t estimated yet,” he said. If so,
in the retail sector since we started in the store would be worth several hun-
1996. It is difficult for us to check how dred thousand US dollars.
the products from our suppliers have A source at Premium said about
been imported ... This situation has 90,000 bottles of wine had been
cost the country a lot of revenue.” found in the 7920-sq-ft space, though
“The business sector is very impor- the mobile team’s estimate was nearly
tant for the country’s future develop- 80,000 bottles and about 30 tonnes
ment and we need transparency and of foodstuffs, including frozen meat,
clear rules and policies.” vegetables and preserved foods. The
The company said it had, through team, which was still examining the
the Myanmar Retailers Association, More Reports products as of December 5, said their
been lobbying for changes to import investigation would conclude that
rules since July. “Since then we have PAGES 26, 27 night and they would confiscate the
submitted suggestion letters continu- products.
ously to get a legal trading channel for
importing these products,” it said. PHOTO: BOOTHEE FULL STORY PAGE 26


Landmark waits on Gold prices hit five- Religion in focus on Zoning policy limits Mandela leaves legacy
govt approval year low human rights day high-rises of tolerance
Serge Pun’s proposed Landmark The price of gold continued its slide The Myanmar Times examines Development in much of Yangon’s Tributes flowed from around the
development in downtown Yangon last week, sinking to K653,500 for the state of religious freedom in downtown area would be limited globe for South Africa’s first post-
is still waiting on approval as a a 24 karat tical – its lowest price Myanmar ahead of World Human to 12 storeys under a proposed new apartheid president, who passed
December 31 deadline looms. since 2009. Rights Day next week. zoning plan. away peacefully on December 5.

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Spitfire dig revived with cash injection Spitfire tale was nothing but an enticing myth based on
UK farmer and aviation enthusiast David Cundall’s dubious anecdotal evidence, the ever-determined David
search for the fabled WWII-era spitfire planes suppos- Cundall will be returning to Myanmar soon to resume
edly buried in teak crates somewhere in the vicinity of digging.
Yangon’s Mingalardon airport has been revived, with Cundall believes that, once found, the restoration of
global logistics firm Claridon announcing it would fund the aircraft will create 400 jobs in the UK over a five-year
the expedition. period. After that, he hopes many of the aircraft will find
Previous efforts to find the aircraft came to homes in museums across the country.
naught, causing Belarusian online gaming website to pull its funding from the expedition in If you all stopped honking you wouldn’t need to honk
February. Local traffic police say Yangon’s “No Car Horn Zone”
In a post-mortem of the abandoned expedition, Bagan policy has been an abject failure – a fact immediately
Capital consultant Derek Tonkin weighed in calling the apparent to anyone with ears, which authorities have
Spitfire story “a classic case of mass hysteria induced by reportedly confirmed as the rule marks its tenth year
irresponsible media hype”. in effect.
“I have the niggling feeling that this saga was in “We can evaluate now that the project was a failure.
retrospect in considerable measure a waste of time and But we will restart it to be successful. The main
resources, a legend based on oral myth which used the objectives were for the public to travel peacefully and
charismatic icon of the Spitfire to seduce all and sundry,” without any panic. Some vehicles have very noisy horns
Tonkin wrote. installed, which can frighten the public. That’s why we
Despite many observers having concluded that the established the project,” Police Colonel Lin Htut told
Eleven media.
In a controlled scientific experiment carried out by
Page 2 on December 6, it was found that honking around
the downtown area could be classified as “incessant”,

When Myanmar with an average of three horns sounding in any given ten-
second period around rush hour.
Speaking with Eleven, motorist Kyaw Naing shed some
was Burma... light on why motorists are so trigger-happy when it
comes to car horns:
“Cars have horns installed to honk. If they’re not to
Archival material provided by honk, all horns have to be uninstalled. Traffic accidents
Pansodan Gallery may occur as a result if not to use horn,” said Kyaw Na-
The report neglected to indicate whether or not Kyaw
Naing feels this circuitous logic ought to be applied to

The long, tentacled arm of the surveillance state

The US launched a rocket into space last week, as part of
its dragnet surveillance operations which will see data col-
lected from the digital ether. Given the recent uproar over
allegations of phone-tapping and surveillance, it seemed
odd that the department of National Intelligence was so
publicly live-tweeting the launch. Stranger still was the
choice of logo given to the mission: an octopus wrapping its
tentacles around the earth, with the vaguely sinister slogan
of “Nothing is beyond our reach” emblazoned below.
In a comment provided to Forbes,
National Reconnaissance Of-
fice spokesperson Karen
Furgerson justified the
“NROL-39 is
represented by the
octopus, a versatile,

adaptable, and highly
intelligent creature. Moe Hay Ko
enemies of the United
for NOW! magazine. Statement
Short Films of Japan by The Association for the States can be reached Photo: Pyae Han (ColorMax)
Diffusion of Japanese Films Abroad no matter where they
choose to hide,” she said. News 3

Landmark waits on govt approval

Application to extend the lease for downtown Yangon site still yet to get green light from the Ministry of Railways, Serge Pun says
THOMAS KEAN SPA to acquire the new lease, as part
NYAN LYNN AUNG An artist’s impression of the completed of the sale and purchase agreement -–
TIN YADANAR HTUN Landmark development. Photo: Supplied had been pushed back from June 30 to December 31.
In October, Yoma said it had signed
THE US$400 million Landmark pro- a memorandum of understanding
ject in downtown Yangon is waiting with Mitsubishi Corporation and Mit-
on Ministry of Railways approval for subishi Estate, the largest real estate
a lease extension that developers say developer in Japan, to cooperate on
is essential to making it economically the Landmark site. Mitsubishi is likely
viable. to have a minority stake, while FMI
The project’s main backer, business and Yoma will hold a majority. Around
tycoon Serge Pun, said last week that 50 percent of the cost will be covered
the delay was the result of successive by equity between the partners and
personnel changes at the top of the the rest will be funded by debt.
ministry over the past year. However, However, neither the agreements
he expressed confidence that the nec- with HK & Shanghai Hotels, Mitsubi-
essary paperwork will be completed shi or Starwood can proceed until MIC
in the coming months to enable con- approval has been received for the ex-
struction work to begin and agree- tension of the current lease. Even Yoma
ments to be finalised with prospective is not yet officially a partner and as a
investors in the project. result SPA and Mr Pun have agreed to
Covering more than 10 acres, the reimburse Yoma’s start-up costs, which
mixed-use project will include a part- are already several million dollars, if
nership with Hong Kong-based HK & the project does not go ahead.
Shanghai Hotels to convert the her- “We’re waiting for the final MIC
itage-listed former Burma Railways approval,” he said, “before we can en-
headquarters building into the Penin- ter into formal agreements and move
sula Hotel Yangon. A partnership with forward.”
Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubi- partners in the project. recently, on July 25, U Zeyar Aung Limited, the leaseholder of the site. An MIC member confirmed last
shi Estate will see a separate business Once agreement is reached with was replaced by U Than Htay, while a Mr Pun said an “amicable settlement” week that no formal application had
hotel, serviced apartments, a high-end the Ministry of Railways on the terms long-serving deputy minister, Thura U was reached between minority partner been received for Landmark.
condominium, and retail and office of the lease extension, the application Thaung Lwin, was moved to another SPA and the Thai company in August “We think the companies are con-
space developed. It occupies a prime will be submitted to MIC, he said. position. 2012 and its debts with the govern- ducting discussions or meetings with
location at the corner of Sule Pagoda Amendments to bring the original “When a new minister assumes a ment cleared by SPA. the government for their project,” said
and Bogyoke Aung San roads. lease into conformity with the Foreign new post, it is understandable that he “We have fully paid them for [their MIC member and Directorate of In-
While the project has planning ap- Investment Law that was approved in has to study and review the history of shares] and settled all the debts that vestment and Company Administra-
proval in principle from Yangon City late 2012 have also been submitted to the case afresh. That naturally takes they owed the government.” tion director Daw Khin Aye Tint.
Development Committee, complies the Attorney General’s Office. time. The same applies to the higher Three months later, on Novem- “The commission is ready to con-
with its new zoning plan and faces no “MIC is a body that only approves authorities in Myanma Railways. We ber 19, 2012 – the day Air Force One sider this project according to the of-
objections from heritage campaigners, things when it comes to it. In order to just have to be patient about it,” a vis- brought United States President ficial channels if it receives an applica-
the lease extension requires approval get to MIC we have to get an agree- ibly frustrated Mr Pun said. Barack Obama to Yangon – Yoma an- tion,” she said.
first from the Ministry of Railways ment signed with the Ministry of “Everybody knows what is going to nounced its intention to undertake The Landmark project is consid-
and, later, from the Myanmar Invest- Railways as well as an endorsement be built and are supportive but until I the Landmark project, including the ered crucial for the future prospects
ment Commission. of the MIC application by Myanma have MIC approval major permits to renovation of the railways building, of Yoma Strategic Holdings, which
Mr Pun, the chairman of public Railways.” allow construction to commence can- the demolition of Grand Mee Ya Hta is trading at around S$0.75 (about
company First Myanmar Investment This has been complicated by two not be granted.” Executive Residences and FMI Centre, US$0.60) on the Singapore stock ex-
(FMI), Serge Pun & Associates (My- changes of minister at the Ministry of He did not back away from his and construction of four new build- change, about 25 cents off its peak in
anmar), and Singapore-listed Yoma Railways in the past two years. Most comments at the FMI annual general ings. 2012.
Strategic Holdings, told The Myan- meeting on November 22 that the pro- In April it reached an agreement to In a company update issued on De-
mar Times in an exclusive interview ject would hopefully receive approval form a joint venture with Hongkong cember 4, Singapore-based OCBC In-
that he has applied to the ministry to ‘I have been assured “by the end of the year”, although that and Shanghai Hotels to restore the vestment Research said failure to meet
extend the original 1995 lease for the prospect appears increasingly unlikely. former railways headquarters into a a December 31 long-stop deadline for
maximum 70 years – 50 years, with repeatedly by the “I have been assured repeatedly by Peninsula Hotel as part of the devel- the Landmark site acquisition “may be
two 10-year extensions – allowable un- the government that it will be done opment of the site. The company will a temporary speed-bump for the share
der current investment laws. government that it and it’s only a matter of the process. also manage the high-end Peninsula price” and recommended a hold for
“The total investment is going to
be around $400 million, and this is a
will be done and it’s Even a few days ago I was assured
again by the president’s office that it
Residences, while US firm Starwood
Hotels has been selected to run the
investors. It has previously described
the project as a “key catalyst” for the
great deal more than our original lease only a matter of the is taking note of that and giving the business hotel. company’s share price.
anticipated. Therefore in accordance right directions to get it done as soon The developers submitted the lease “Now that it is less than a month
with the foreign investment law today process.’ as possible.” extension for Landmark almost im- away from the long-stop deadline ...
we have applied to extend our lease to The Landmark project could not mediately after the enactment of the we believe that the group will soon
the maximum permissible number of Serge Pun move forward without resolving a dis- rules for the Foreign Investment Law provide more colour regarding the
years,” he said on December 5. Landmark developer pute with Nawarat Patanakarn Public in late January, Mr Pun said. On June site,” it said. [W]e continue to see good
Under the proposed deal, FMI and Company, the original majority inves- 16, however, Yoma announced the odds that the group will ultimately ac-
Yoma will become the majority equity tor in Meeyahta International Hotels “long-stop deadline” – the deadline for quire the site successfully.”

clash with
World has lost a ‘great man’
military BRIDGET DI
“This is what women should instil
in our children.”
Citing the so-called “Burmese

NINE people, including three elderly

CERTO envy syndrome”, Daw Aung San Suu
Kyi said there was a tendency in My-
women, have been hospitalised after anmar society for envy to overpower
protesters calling for the return of con- spiritual generosity, a cultural issue
fiscated land clashed with the military. she said she found “the most disturb-
Many of the demonstrators, who NATIONAL League for Democracy ing”.
lived in Mee Gyaung Kan 1, 2, 3 wards leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi ex- “I think this is because of the
in Thingangyun township until they pressed “extreme grief” at the pass- way our children are brought up,”
were evicted by the military about two ing of fellow Nobel Peace Prize laure- the politician said. “I have heard
decades ago, were injured when they ate Nelson Mandela last week. parents say, ‘We won’t love you if
tried to stop workers from a Military During opening remarks at the you are not good.’ Children are then
Development Committee fencing the Myanmar Women’s Forum 2013 on taught to please those with influ-
disputed site at about 11:45am on De- December 6, Daw Aung San Suu ence and power to have a comfort-
cember 6. The three elderly women Kyi spoke about the “great man who able life.
were sent to hospital at 1:15pm. stood for human rights and equality”. “Those who [are raised] with self-
“At around 11:45, many people from The former South African presi- confidence rejoice in the achieve-
the military arrived and tried to cor- dent, who played a pivotal role in ments of others.”
don off the land. We tried to stop them ending the apartheid policy that Women have a special role to play
... so they pushed us back. The workers made blacks second-class citizens, in bringing up this next generation
didn’t care about us and were making passed away on December 5. of Myanmar leaders with a spirit of
the fence urgently,” said Daw Ei, 45, “He taught us that we can change generosity, she said.
her feet covered in blood. the world by changing attitudes and “We do not want democracy as
When The Myanmar Times vis- perceptions,” she said, drawing par- window dressing. Rights cannot be
ited the area, dozens of men from the allels between the lessons of Nelson divorced from responsibilities.”
Mingalardon-based Military Devel- Mandela’s struggle against apartheid The role of women in rearing
opment Committee carrying rubber and the continuing struggle in Myan- children is a fundamental element of
truncheons were maintaining security. mar for true democracy. societal change, Daw Aung San Suu
“Police were sitting and just watch- “He was a great human being who Daw Aung San Suu Kyi speaks at the opening of the Myanmar Women’s Kyi said.
ing from the other side of the road as raised the standard of humanity,” she Forum 2013 in Yangon on December 6. Photo: Boothee “There is a [Myanmar] saying: You
the violence happened,” said Ko Naung said. “Nobody is inferior. Every hu- must treat your son like a lord and
Naung of MTSF, a civil society group. man being is born with the innate humanity and civilisation, Daw Aung road we started in 1988.” your husband like a god,” she said.
The demonstration had been run- right to human dignity.” San Suu Kyi added. This new culture of democracy “This doesn’t do them any good.”
ning for 12 days as of December 6. Myanmar society must also strive “We the people want to be in con- starts at home, the NLD leader The Women’s Forum concluded in
– Noe Noe Aung to meet this higher standard of trol of our own destiny. This is the stressed. Yangon on December 7.

Girl, 10,
dies four
days after

A NOVEMBER 29 accident in down-

town Yangon that killed a 45-year-
old woman has claimed another life.
Ma Nhin April Tant, 10, the daugh-
ter of the deceased woman, passed
away at Yangon General Hospital at
9:30pm on December 2 from head
injuries sustained in the accident.
Father U Myo Thant said he was
devastated by the loss of his wife and
daughter but believed they had “died
under the Buddha’s Dhamma”.
He said his daughter had waited
three hours in the hospital’s emer-
gency department for treatment and
passed in and out of consciousness.
“She was vomiting blood while
on a stretcher. One time she gained
consciousness and asked about her
mother so we told her that her moth-
er was also being treated,” he said.
Two other students, aged nine
and 10, were injured when the group
was hit by a taxi while walking home
along Bogyoke Aung San Road.
Driver U Zaw Than has been
charged over the accident, police
said. But U Myo Thant said he was
unhappy at the response from the
company that owns the taxi.
“The manager of the company
apologised to me … but only on the
evening after my wife was buried.
They said that they couldn’t come
earlier because they were busy and
their boss was travelling abroad,” he
Car owner U Khin Maung Lay
said in addition to the apology the
company had given K200,000 to cov-
er funeral expenses.
“What happened was an acci-
dent. We will do as much as we can
for them and they have our contact
details,” he said. “Our boss said to
make sure all the proper procedures
are followed.” News 5

FDA pushes for lawsuit against Licence

consumer protection group stop during
observations about the association’s sale of unhealthy and dangerous speed up the production process,
SEA Games
SHWE activities. It also recommended taking
legal action against the association.
foods in cooperation with the FDA.
But the anticipated cooperation
which would normally take six to 12
SOME food and medicines could be
in short supply this month as import-
YEE SAW Thit Htoo Lwin is a widely read has been lacking, as the two organi- While the tests confirmed the pres- ers face delays getting their licences
MYINT Myanmar-language website that re- sations have been in dispute because ence of urea in the fish paste in the renewed, a businessman has warned,
packages articles from media outlets. the FDA has taken no action over the three samples, the FDA refused to re- after the Food and Drug Administra- The article in question was referenced results of laboratory tests that the as- veal the exact amount, saying it was tion has announced that the grant of
as from army-run Myawaddy Daily. sociation believes show food products within the normal range. The associa- import and licences will be suspended
CONSUMER protection bodies are However, Myawaddy said it had not may be tainted. tion then went public with the results, from December 2-22.
embroiled in a row over a blog article published the article. The Myanmar causing anger in both the FDA and During that period, the staff who
that allegedly misrepresented their Times traced the report to an un- sections of the business community. usually process the licences will be
activities. The Ministry of Health’s bylined article in state-run Mandalay ‘The story ... is “The FDA test results were unclear working full-time on ensuring food
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) daily Yadanabone on November 5. U and did not provide the information safety for athletes at the Southeast
has accused the Consumer Protection Soe Naing, the editor of Yadanabone, not attributed to we need to know so we were not hap- Asian Games in Nay Pyi Taw and Yan-
Association of misusing its authority
and its director has asked the minis-
which is published by the Ministry
of Information, said the article came
any reporter, and py,” U Ba Oak Khaing said. “But then
we were attacked many times over this
gon, said FDA deputy director Dr Zaw
Lwin. “[We] cannot carry out labora-
try to take legal action against the as-
sociation, which has also threatened
from a freelance reporter in Yangon
but declined to give any further details.
we made no such case. Some people said we were trying
to harm some businesspeople because
tory tests, but some processes will be
kept going,” he said.
to retaliate with a law suit. Consumer Protection Association statement.’ after we told the media that we discov- U Myo Zaw Lwin, business man-
“I wrote to the ministry because chair U Ba Oak Khaing said the article ered urea in the fish paste sales slowed ager of Amethyst Company, said the
the Thit Htoo Lwin blog said the was wrong but the group would de- U Ba Oak Khaing down. The businessmen were so angry suspension could cause some food and
Consumer Protection Association was fend itself in any legal case that arises. Consumer Protection Association about that and said the products had pharmacy prices to rise. “If a company’s
going to inspect food vendors in ac- “The story [republished] on the blog been declared safe by the FDA.” licence expires during this month they
cordance with the ministry’s request,” is not attributed to any reporter, and U Ba Oak Khaing said the associa- will have to wait 20 days to get it re-
FDA director Dr Tun Zaw told The we made no such statement. We’ve tion also plans to build its own lab to newed. High-demand pharmaceuticals
Myanmar Times last week. asked them to publish a correction.” test food products because it does not could be in short supply during that
Dr Tun Zaw said the ministry had In turn, he has accused Dr Tun In one recent case, the association trust the results from the FDA. time,” he said.
made no such request. He said he has Zaw of trying to discredit the associa- sent fish paste to be tested at the FDA “We are fighting with the FDA on The expansion of the FDA is branch
not yet received a reply from the min- tion and said it was considering legal laboratory after receiving eyewitness paper but we did not fight their of- offices in August has left the agency
istry to his request for legal action. action against the Ministry of Health. reports that fish paste manufactur- ficials personally,” he said. “But now short of staff. “We need 665 staff, but
On December 1, the Ministry of The association was established ers are using chemical fertiliser when they have attacked our association have only 165 staff,” Dr Zaw Lwin said.
Information also submitted a report last year to complement government producing fish paste. The fertiliser, and me personally ... I can’t under- “We need more people for our branch
to the minister for health outlining its efforts to tackle the production and the association alleges, is used to stand why they are behaving like this.” offices.” – Shwe Yee Saw Myint

UN targets
over child

THE Myanmar government will help

the United Nations make contact with
non-state armed groups accused of re-
cruiting child soldiers, a senior UN of-
ficial said last week.
A UN report earlier this year named
seven non-state groups in Myanmar
that it said had soldiers aged under 18,
including the Kachin Independence
Army, The Karen National Liberation
Army and The United Wa State Army.
“We have discussed this with
the government, and they said they
would help,” Sylvie Lucas, chair of the
UN Working Group on Children and
Armed Conflict, said at a press confer-
ence on December 4.
Despite the persistence of fighting
in some areas that could hinder efforts
to stop underage recruitment, Ms Lu-
cas said progress toward a nationwide
ceasefire was a positive step. “We also
discussed the importance of including
child soldiers in the peace process and
ceasefire agreements,” Ms Lucas said.
“No child should be in any army.”
Myanmar signed an agreement to
stop child recruitment in June 2012
with the Myanmar Country Task Force
which comprises the UN and interna-
tional NGOs based in Myanmar. The
plan expires in late December and Ms
Lucas said she hopes a new agreement
would be signed “very soon” in line
with international protocols.
Myanmar is one of 15 countries
where child recruitment and other vio-
lations of child rights still exist, accord-
ing to the UN.
Although 176 children have been
discharged from the Tatmadaw since
the action plan was signed, 23 new cas-
es were reported between January and
September, according to Child Soldiers
International, an NGO based in the
United Kingdom.

Children raise voices, but who’s listening?

The National Children’s Forum was supposed to give children the chance to speak up but attendees say their voices fell on deaf ears
CHERRY THEIN ment that they weren’t allowed great- er participation in issues affecting
them directly, as all decisions would
A GATHERING to discuss the needs inevitably be made by their elders.
of children resulted in an outpouring One organiser, Daw Wah Wah Lin
of frustration from activists – both Tun, of the NGO Friendly Child, said
children and adults – who said their the event encouraged advocacy on
message was not taken seriously by children’s issues and on that basis
the government. she considered it successful.
“I braced myself for dialogue on She added, however, that she
behalf of children but now my con- hoped for a more balanced exchange
fidence is decreased,” said Ma Ngu in the future. “I’m sorry for the chil-
Wah Htay, 17, who spoke on behalf dren who worked hard for it. We
of children in Mandalay. “I am not hope to make more reciprocated dis-
sure I can say I am unsatisfied and cussion in the next event.”
unhappy, but I certainly feel it is use- Police Captain U Min Naing from
less now.” the Nay Pyi Taw Task Force office said
Held on November 21 in Nay Pyi he welcomed the input of children
Taw, the first National Children’s Fo- and said that it would be valuable for
rum was organised by more than 20 decision-makers.
NGOs working for children’s rights “The children presented many
and development. The event brought true stories. If we can learn [from
together 70 children’s representatives them] and think about taking action,
and 200 participants, including gov- it would be great. I wish the parlia-
ernment and NGO representatives, mentarians could present those is-
and MPs from Yangon, Mandalay and Children conduct a role play at the National Children’s Forum in Nay Pyi Taw on November 21. Photo: Cherry Thein sues in parliament to bring about ef-
Mon and Rakhine states. fective action,” Pol Capt U Min Naing
The children entered talks with Phyo said, recounting the response to say. voices. They blocked our voices.” said.
high hopes, they said, ready to talk her presentation received. “I didn’t have the chance to say “But we’re happy we tried to rise One rare satisfactory note came
about issues such as child labour, After the public ridiculing, she everything within 45 minutes. I will up,” he added. from Mg Yin Thwe, a children’s rep-
education, health, sexual abuse and said, “I was so nervous. I swallowed try to keep it shorter and to the point The children’s representatives resentative for Yangon Region, who _
drug addiction. After the forum, how- my words.” if the elders hold a similar event next spoke about child labour, barriers to in spite of the disappointments oth-
ever, many told The Myanmar Times She added some officials seemed time,” he said. education and health services - in- ers expressed _ said he was proud to
their voices had been muzzled by the to take the children’s reports as per- The children’s representative from cluding shortages of medical staff in have had the chance to play a role in
one-sided response given by officials. sonal criticisms. Sagaing township said that while the remote areas, poor transportation to the country’s future.
“It took two months to prepare “They [officials] are defending event was called the National Chil- clinics and reliance on sometimes- “I am happy about the event be-
the collection of children’s voices in themselves. [But] we are not blam- dren’s Forum, children’s voices were dangerous folk medicines. They also cause I was able to show the work
our region,” Ma Ngu Wah Htay said. ing them. We just wanted to speak not properly heard. discussed troubles faced by those in of my dream,” Mg Yin Thwe said. “I
“We tried to present the real condi- out. If they would listen carefully to “Actually, it was not our voices” conflict and restricted areas. wish to contribute in building my
tions and challenges of children. The what we are saying we would be very being raised, he said. “It is the [MPs’] But many expressed disappoint- country.”t
officials and parliamentarians sug- grateful. We would feel better if they
gested we work with the regional could understand our difficulties.”

MGM Hotel killer gets 10-year sentence

USDP. It is like playing volleyball.” Mg Kyaw Nyut Oo, 12, from Pauk-
Others voiced similar frustrations. taw township in Rakhine State, spoke
Ma Win Thandar Phyo, 15, a chil- about child labour, an issue that af-
dren’s representative from Chaung fects many parts of the country.
Sone township in Mon State, said “In our village, children of 10 or 12 TOE WAI AUNG MGM Hotel in Lanmadaw’s Wardan show any firm evidence to the judge to
children in her area face malnutri- have to work in dirty jobs,” he said. Street on April 13. back up his version of events. Noting
tion due to poverty and struggle to “But they earn half of normal daily The judge rejected U Aung Ko that the deceased woman was signifi-
get by in a drug-prone environment. wages: Adult men get K4000 but A MAN accused of murdering a wom- Latt’s defence that he had killed her cantly shorter than the defendant, the
“I tried to speak up before the children get K2000 ... even though an in a downtown Yangon hotel in in a moment of anger because she had judge said it was unlikely she could
ladies from the health department they have to work full-time like the April has been found guilty and given slapped his face and assaulted him hurt him to the point he would have to
but they asked, ‘Do you read news- adults.” a 10-year jail term with hard labour. with a wooden rod and the telephone respond with violence.
papers or watch television? There are Mg Kyaw Nyut Oo also spoke Yangon’s western district court on cable. He said the attack had been pro- The husband of the victim told the
answers for your question there. Do about the dangers faced by children December 2 handed down the sen- voked by him telling her that he had court that he recognised the man cap-
you know the national census? You in transit due to internal migration, tence to U Aung Ko Latt, 27, from recorded a conversation between them tured on CCTV footage with his wife was
don’t know [the answers] because such as abuse and homelessness, but Tarmwe township. The woman, whose and planned to play it to her husband, U Aung Ko Latt because he ran a phar-
you are wasting your time with use- time constraints meant he wasn’t name has not been released, was found who was abroad at the time. macy beside the stairway to their apart-
less [activities],’” Ma Win Thandar able to cover everything he wanted strangled with a telephone cable at However, the defendant could not ment. – Translation by Thiri Min Htun News 7

to revoke
After speech, eivil society
some daily calls for action, not rhetoric
licences Another point of contention
between the authorities and civil
society is the proposed association
PYAE THET PHYO WA LONE law drafted by parliament, which would cover registration of non-
government organisations. While
THE Ministry of Information will re- extensive consultations have taken
voke daily newspaper licences issued place in recent months, organisa-
earlier this year if licence holders do COOPERATION between govern- tions remain unhappy about some
not begin publishing by December 31, ment and civil societies is crucial for provisions.
it announced last week. peaceful democratic reforms, Presi- “The government has been deal-
Information and Public Relations dent U Thein Sein said last week – ing with us very carefully,” said Ko
Department director U Aung Kyaw Oo but representatives from those same Thantzin Soe from the Yangon Youth
said up to 15 licences could be revoked civil society organisations say gov- Volunteers Network.
in the coming month. ernment officials continue to treat U Ye Htun, the Pyithu Hluttaw
“If publishers do not issue daily them with suspicion. representative for Hsipaw and a
newspapers before December 31, we will Speaking to representatives of member of the Shan Nationalities
withdraw their temporary certificates. more than 100 civil society groups at Democratic Party (SNDP), said the
This is the decision from a meeting we Yangon University on November 30, Pyithu Hluttaw Public Affairs Man-
held on November 29,” U Aung Kyaw Oo U Thein Sein said he gave “special agement Committee had discussed
told reporters on November 30. consideration to the civil societies the bill with 50 civil society organisa-
The 15 daily licences in the spot- who are involved in the reform pro- tions to gather feedback.
light were issued on or prior to June cess of this country”. “The new law is going to follow
25. To date 31 daily licences have been But some in the audience at Dia- the rights [enshrined in] the consti-
issued, he said. About a dozen daily mond Jubilee Hall told The Myan- tution,” he said.
newspapers are in circulation, while mar Times a different story. President U Thein Sein greets civil society leaders following a speech at The president acknowledged in
a handful have started but have since Ma May Sabae Phyu from the Yangon’s Diamond Jubilee Hall on November 30. Photo: Boothee his remarks that trust in society,
stopped publishing. Kachin Peace Network said that including between the government
U Aung Kyaw Oo said the minis- even though the president has been a peace march in Yangon in Sep- of suspicious about civil society,” he and civil society, has been absent for
try would give all publishers around encouraging civil society leaders to tember 2012. said. many decades.
six months after receiving licence ap- get involved in politics and the peace U Mya Aye from the 88 Genera- U Hla Maung Shwe, a senior advis- “The civil societies have more
proval to start daily operations. He process since last year, authorities tion student group called on the gov- er at the Myanmar Peace Center, said power to rebuild the trust as well,”
said this deadline is necessary so that continue to obstruct their work. ernment to show it is genuine about civil societies are normally shut out of he said.
the number of licences in circulation “The government should have a wanting to work with civil society. He conflict resolution talks because talks He said that while civil society
is kept under control. plan to help us rather than invite said non-government groups have with armed groups are usually closed- groups can work freely in politics
“If they fail to publish within this us to cooperate with them,” Ma May been excluded from some important door discussions. He suggested that and public affairs they should avoid
deadline we will revoke both their Sabae Phyu, who in late Novem- processes, such as peace negotiation the political dialogue might be more confrontation.
permission to publish and their pub- ber was convicted of violating the efforts. open once ceasefire agreements are “Find the way to solve the prob-
lisher’s certificate.” peaceful protest law for organising “The government still has a sense signed across the whole country. lem by negotiation.”
Accused still face hard
times in criminal cases
Freeing religion fro
International reports often paint a picture of Myanmar as a place where religious rights
BILL O’TOOLE of attorneys and their clients in Myan- mar being forced to pay bribes just to abuse, but many local residents say the key to national harmony lies with approaching
meet with one another.
KO Aung was a 23-year-old English Ko Aung recalled his family being
student at the University of Foreign forced to pay K5000 for a one-hour
Languages in Yangon when he was ar- meeting with his attorney. Prison CHERRY
Speaking to The Myanmar Times,
guards only allowed a handful of such
meetings during the five-month trial.
he explained that in the summer of As Ko Aung’s ordeal makes clear,
2004 he and his friends had a side the lack of access to lawyers leaves
business selling “small amounts” of the defendants vulnerable to being co-
marijuana out of a beer station in Ba- erced into false confessions. RELIGIOUS conflict has been at the
han township, their childhood home. “It’s in the first few days of deten- forefront of international discussions
According to Ko Aung, he, his tion you see the most incidents of po- about Myanmar ever since violence
friend and a neighbour were jumped lice abuse … That’s exactly when they erupted between Buddhists and Mus-
and beaten by plainclothed police as need lawyers the most,” said Mr Zarifi, lims in Rakhine State in June 2012.
they were leaving the beer station in speaking over the phone from south- Attacks on Muslim communities
late May. The trio was placed in an ern Thailand. were cited in the US Commission on
unmarked police car and taken to the He added that his group’s research International Religious Freedom’s
local station, where they were beaten found that access to legal counsel of- 2013 Annual Report as being among
and made to sign blank pieces of pa- ten depends on the whims of prison the primary reasons that Myanmar
per, which Ko Aung said were later authorities. The Myanmar report cites continues to be designated by the
made into confessions for the three the example of a prison in Bago where US State Department as a “country
men. lawyers can visit any day except Sun- of particular concern” in the area of
At no point in the process did the day, while another prison in Pyay has religious freedom.
police mention the prisoners’ right to designated Sunday as the only day According to the report, Muslims
legal counsel, even though the consti- when lawyers are permitted to visit. were not alone in suffering ill treat-
tution in force at that time explicitly For many offenders, a lawyer is ment based on their religious beliefs.
stated that defendants were entitled to simply too expensive, and the govern- “During the reporting period (Jan-
consult a legal advisor at any point in ment will only provide an attorney in uary 2012 to January 2013) … serious
the process. death penalty cases. abuses against mainly Christian civil-
Ko Aung was sentenced to 12 years As Mr Zarifi noted, “Even if they ians occurred during military inter-
in prison, later commuted to six years can get [legal advisors], they have ventions in Kachin State,” the report
because he agreed to do part of his problems using them effectively,” espe- said, while “Buddhist monks suspect-
sentence in a labour camp. cially considering how little time they ed of anti-government activities were
Lawyers and human rights groups are allowed with their clients, and the also detained and removed from their
say that cases like Ko Aung’s are all too lack of cooperation from judges and pagodas.” A man sorts through the wreckage of a burned mosque in Thabuchai village in Than
common across Myanmar, especially prosecutors. According to a 2012 report by To-
for criminal offenders. “[Judges and prosecutors] must mas Quintana, the United Nations rights, and its protection is enshrined of the Yangon-based Interfaith Dia-
The word of the constitution and protect the rights of detainees in crim- special rapporteur on human rights in in Article 34 of Myanmar’s 2008 Con- logue Organisation, said Myanmar is
the promises of politicians aside, law- inal cases. Right now they are not do- Myanmar, other forms of oppression stitution, which states that “every “better than many other countries”
yers and analysts in Myanmar and ing that,” he said. aimed at Kachin and Chin Christians citizen is equally entitled to freedom when it comes to religious freedom.
abroad say the reality is that defend- U Kyaw Min San, a legal advocate included “restrictions on the building of conscience and the right to freely “Although Buddhism is the domi-
ants below a certain income level are with the law firm Justice For All and of places of worship, destruction of profess and practice religion”. nant belief, the government gives
routinely abused and denied access to a member of the Legal Aid Network, religious venues and artifacts … and While Article 361 notes that the equal freedom to all religions. This is
fair and independent legal council, a said that while he still has many prob- the policy of coerced conversions to government “recognises the special a good policy because conflicts can be
right that is also enshrined in interna- lems accessing clients and even get- Buddhism”. position of Buddhism as the faith very hard to control if one religion is
tional law. ting the pertinent paperwork from Such statements seem to contra- professed by the great majority of favoured over others,” he said.
In a report released on December 3 the courthouse, the legal climate has dict perceptions that, since the 2010 the citizens of the Union”, Article 363 He said conflict often starts when
titled Right to Counsel: The Independ- undoubtedly improved since the gov- election, Myanmar has been moving “also recognises Christianity, Islam, a minority religion is made to fear the
ence of Lawyers in Myanmar, Geneva- ernment began transitioning from toward a more democratic system in Hinduism and Animism as the reli- loss of its identity.
based advocacy group the Interna- military rule. which human rights abuses are be- gions existing in the Union”. “When a fearful minority tries to
tional Commission of Jurists harshly “From 2012 to 2013 things have coming a thing of the past. Despite the wide international at- assert its identity, the majority feels
condemned the corruption and abuse been improving,” he said. “Lawyers are Freedom of religion is consid- tention given to religious conflict in threatened and starts discriminating
that are endemic in the country, espe- doing more pro bono work” for politi- ered one of the most basic of human the country, U Aung Naing, a member against the minority,” U Aung Naing
cially in criminal proceedings. cal cases and for cases involving abuse, said.
“Corruption is so embedded in the like Ko Aung’s. The best approach, he said, was
legal system that it is taken for grant-
ed,” said Sam Zarifi, ICJ’s Asia-Pacific
He acknowledged that much work
still needs to be done and said his
‘When a fearful minority tries to assert its for all people to live according to the
teachings of their own religion and
regional director. “When the public group will lobby for stronger legal aid identity, the majority feels threatened and avoid forcing their beliefs on others.
also generally assumes that corrup- laws in the coming years. “If people stop trying to convert
tion undermines the legal system, this “Everybody on every side of the po- starts discriminating against the minority.’ others to their own religion, many
severely weakens the notion of rule of litical aisle has identified rule of law as problems will be solved,” he said.
law.” the most important issuing facing the U Aung Naing Daw Yamin Aung, a Muslim living
Based on interviews with defend- country,” said Mr Zarifi, “and you can’t Interfaith Dialogue Organisation in Yangon’s Insein township, agreed
ants and lawyers during the past year, have rule of law without providing le- that religion should be approached
the report details numerous instances gal aid to the people.” on a personal level and should not be
om oppression Transforming the culture of
human rights in Myanmar
are curtailed by communal violence and government
religion on a personal, rather than a political, level. DAVID SCOTT MATHIESON cal Rights (ICCPR) or the International national reconciliation, in solving both Covenant on Economic, Social and Cul- the civil war in ethnic states and the
they want to hold activities, and the tural Rights (ICESCR), or their optional conflicts between Buddhist and Mus-
government will not interfere with FOR nearly two decades, Myanmar was protocols. In a positive move, the My- lim communities.
these activities if they have been in- a key case study in the growth of the anmar National Human Rights Com- There is a clear way forward to
formed,” he said. international human rights movement, mission recommended in June that the guarantee that the full spectrum of
As an example, last week tens of a country beset by systematic denial of government ratify the covenants and rights are respected, but it will take
thousands of Baptists converged on basic freedoms of assembly, association the optional protocols. great effort on the part of authorities.
Yangon to celebrate the 200th anni- and expression. It stifled a once-asser- Chapter 8 of the 2008 Constitution First, the government needs to rat-
versary of American missionary Adi- tive media; suffered a brutal, decades- guarantees many ESC rights, even if ify the ICESCR and ICCPR and their
noram Judson’s arrival in Myanmar. long civil war; and incarcerated thou- they are interspersed with quixotic qual- optional protocols. The government
Such a gathering of Christians would sands of political prisoners. ifications about national security and and parliament need to cooperate in
have been unimaginable just a few Political and economic reforms non-disintegration of the union. This ensuring that the rights contained
years ago. since 2011 have done much to improve chapter purportedly guides the fledg- in these covenants, and of course in
Although there were reports that this dire condition, going even further ing and uneven legal reform process: As the Universal Declaration of Human
trains carrying Kachin Baptists from than some of the government’s critics new laws are passed and drafted in the Rights, are infused throughout the le-
Myitkyina to Yangon were pelted with in the local Myanmar human rights Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, they must be in ac- gal reform process, which will go a long
rocks by unknown attackers, the gov- community and international move- cordance with the constitution. way toward averting social instability
ernment did not interfere with the ment could have thought possible. But ESC rights must be protected from as Myanmar transforms. Lack of re-
four-day commemoration. with these tentative gains come greater abuses of state power, such as illegal sources for the progressive realisation
Ko Saw Ehe Lin, an ethnic Kayin challenges to turn promises into reality land grabs, but also guaranteed by the of ESC rights is no longer an excuse in
who travelled from his home state to and address the disastrous effects of 50
Yangon for the event, said he felt free years of ruinous military rule.
to celebrate the anniversary and had The world marks Human Rights ‘Many of the communities protesting
not even considered the issue of reli- Day on December 10, a reminder that
gious freedom. as Myanmar opens up to new internal against development projects, such as the
“Myanmar is our country. We were and external pressures, economic, so-
born here and live here. The choice cial and cultural (ESC) rights will take Letpadaung copper mine, insist on getting
of religion is our right, and most peo-
ple in the country follow the religion
on more prominence – in some cases,
they will demand even more attention
access to basic services long denied or only
of their parents. It has nothing to than the civil and political rights that desultorily provided by the state.’
do with government restrictions,” he have long been at the core of human
said. rights activism aimed at the country.
“We have never felt that we lacked The right to health, education and
freedom of religion. We have always basic social services, as well as cultural
dwe on October 3. Photo: Kaung Htet been able to pursue our religious ac- rights and workers’ rights, are sectors state, such as providing adequate hous- Myanmar, and already the government
tivities. Yet people outside the coun- that impact the majority of the country. ing and helping the elderly and people has taken laudable steps to increase the
politicised or used as a means to dis- try, especially academics, sometimes Yet they have been little-discussed in with disabilities. health and education budgets.
criminate against others. try to create controversy by writing the past despite their centrality to hu- Myanmar is party to several inter- Second, the government must per-
“Each person is unique, and even about lack of religious freedom in man rights norms. national human rights treaties related mit the flourishing of civil society to act
people in the same family can have Myanmar.” Forcible displacement, denial of ac- to ESC rights, including the Convention as a “transmission belt” for grievances
different beliefs, but we can negotiate But U Hla Myo, president of the cess to education, lack of safe drinking on the Elimination of All Forms of Dis- between communities and authorities,
and live together,” she said. “So why Dhamma Yaung Chi Buddhist organi- water and inadequate food production crimination Against Women (CEDAW), to limit disagreements or protests from
can’t people of different religions live sation, said that although Buddhism are key ESC rights issues that drive which the former military government turning violent through misunder-
together in the same community?” is the main religion in the country, it ethnic conflict, yet they are often over- signed in the 1990s and which became standings or through the active denial
She also disagreed with the assess- often face government restrictions. looked by human rights groups that a hotly contested issue between govern- of basic freedoms by local officials.
ment that Myanmar was failing in the “People from other religions think home in on violations of civil rights, ment officials and women’s groups at Already, Myanmar has a robust and
area of religious freedom. the government does not restrict political rights and international law. international meetings. Another such increasingly sophisticated civil society
“If a person is allowed to worship Buddhism because it’s the dominant The tensions may well come from treaty is the Convention on the Rights sector that is active in promoting ESC
or pursue activities according to their religion, but this is not true. Some- Myanmar communities that wish to of the Child. rights. Donors and investors also need
religious beliefs, this is freedom. I times Buddhism faces greater re- promote these rights because they im- The immense developmental chal- to see civil society’s promotion of ESC
think we have this now in Myanmar. strictions than others. For example, pact more immediately on their every- lenges now facing the country are, rights not as an annoyance or impedi-
I don’t know of any restrictions, and it was very difficult to hold sermons day realities. more than ever, linked to the promo- ment – and many do, even if they won’t
I don’t think the government is at- following the 2007 Saffron Revolu- Already, many of the communities tion of economic, social and cultural admit it – but as a valuable reflection of
tacking the basic teachings of my reli- tion,” he said. protesting against development pro- rights. As development aid and invest- local needs.
gion,” she said. U Hla Myo added that the gov- jects, such as the Letpadaung copper ment ramp up, ill-conceived or abusive The government should not be
Baptist U Saw George Shey said he ernment is correct in targeting those mine, insist on getting access to basic programs pose the danger of exacerbat- afraid of signing international laws
felt there were some restrictions on who “try to change or add new con- services long denied or only desultorily ing already deep-seated social inequali- promoting the very rights their own
freedom of religion in Myanmar, but cepts to Theravada Buddhism”. provided by the state. ties. Communities must insist that de- people are demanding, and the univer-
for the most part people were able He cited the case of U Nyanna, In peace negotiations, the right to velopment agencies and donors place sal application of which could avert the
worship as they liked within their who in 2012 was sentenced to 20 preserve their own culture is a long- ESC rights at the core of their program ruinous effects of uneven development.
own churches, monasteries, mosques years in prison for starting the Moe term demand of many ethnic groups planning.
and temples. Pya religious group and preaching an that have waged armed conflict with Fostering a broader understanding
“Religious organisations are re- unorthodox version of Buddhism. the central state since independence. of these rights could also serve to ad- David Scott Mathieson is a senior
quired to get permission from the Myanmar is not a party to the Inter- dress the communal, religious and sec- researcher in the Asia Division of Human
Ministry of Religious Affairs when MORE ON NEWS 12 national Covenant on Civil and Politi- tarian fault-lines that frustrate genuine Rights Watch
10 News THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief (MTE)

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Boothee, Aung Htay Hlaing, Thiri peace talks in Myitkyina, Kachin State, in May. Photo: Boothee


From a criticised constitution,
Art Directors –
Tin Zaw Htway, Ko Pxyo


a new political culture emerges
Head of Department – Htay Maung
Factory Administrator – Aung Kyaw Oo (3)
Factory Foreman – Tin Win

Deputy National Sales Directors –
initiatives and reforms are taking mainstream politics. However, the the commitment to peace and peace-
place, this concept of political culture new polity offers the opportunity to ful settlement of problems. Political
Chan Tha Oo, Nay Myo Oo,
Nandar Khine, Nyi Nyi Tun and its practical implementation is redress such discrepancies and bring compromise will be the name of the
Classifieds Manager – Khin Mon Mon Yi
Naing Oo supremely important.
So what does this new political
about genuine inclusiveness.
Fourth, there is the principle of
game and violence will be avoided as
much as possible.
culture look like and where did it “agreeing to disagree”. Where neces- The new political culture is the
ADMIN, FINANCE & IT come from? sary, consensus will be sought. This politics of rationality – recognition of
Finance Manager – Mon Mon Tha Saing It all started with the end of our approach will likely be an integral the multitude of shades that exist be-
IN 2002, when I published my Myan- long democratic hibernation follow- part of the decision-making process tween black and white. It is the way
HR – Khine Su Yin, Han Oo Khin
Publisher – Dr Tin Tun Oo, Permit No: 04143
mar-language book on political nego- ing the elections in 2010. Like it or in political negotiations to end the forward.
Information Technology Manager – tiations called Dialogue, I dedicated it not, it is entirely linked to the sev- country’s long-standing ethnic con- However, this development is, in
Kyaw Zay Yar Lin to “the people of Burma, who do not enth Basic Principle of the widely flicts next year. and of itself, not enough. The new po-
have the culture of dialogue”. It gener- criticised 2008 constitution, which Fifth, there is mutual respect and litical culture will not be the panacea
DISTRIBUTION & CIRCULATION ated angry protests from fellow exiles. stipulates that Myanmar “practises a acceptance of each others’ positions. for Myanmar’s numerous ills. Other
Circulation & Distribution Director – They thought it was an insult to My- genuine, disciplined multi-party dem- It is the recognition that acknowledg- aspects of democracy, accountability,
Jesse Gage anmar culture and pressured me to ocratic system”. ing differences is a strength rather transparency, rule of law and conflict remove the dedication. Undeterred, mitigation must be vigorously devel-
I put it on the cover of the book. I oped and practised. Bringing about
Telephone: (01) 253 642, 392 928
wanted to point out that in Myanmar
we did not have the political culture
The new political culture is the politics of lasting peace and a properly function-
ing democracy will require more than
Facsimile: (01) 254 158 to resolve differences through peace- rationality – a recognition of the multitude of a political culture of dialogue and
ful and inclusive means. inclusiveness.
The Myanmar Times is owned by Myan- A few years later, a Myanmar per- shades that exist between black and white. Yet one cannot overemphasise
mar Consolidated Media Ltd and printed by son living in Singapore called me to how important it is for all stakehold-
MCM Commercial Printing with approval admonish me for things I had said ers in Myanmar to recognise the role
from MCM Ltd and by Shwe Zin Press (0368) in interviews which he thought were this new political culture has played
with approval from MCM Ltd. The title The
against the interests of the pro-de- to date – and can play in future – in
Myanmar Times, in either English or Myanmar
languages, its associated logos or devices and
mocracy movement. I offered to dis- One may argue on the merit of in- than a weakness and that there must rapidly consolidating democracy in
the contents of this publication may not be cuss “politics” with him and his group cluding the two qualifying adjectives be unity with diversity. This concep- Myanmar. It is critical that this new
reproduced in whole or in part without the written on my next visit to the city state. He – “genuine” and “disciplined” – in the tion is particularly crucial in the mul- way of working is actively embraced
consent of the Managing Director of Myanmar replied that his group would not talk provision and what they really mean. ti-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi- and strengthened, and not taken for
Consolidated Media Ltd. to me. It saddened me to see how the But it is undeniable that thanks to religious setting that is Myanmar. granted.
politics of black-and-white had over- the constitutional, legal and practi- Finally, dialogue, which is still in
taken rationality and that dialogue cal developments brought about by its infancy and needs proper nurtur- Aung Naing Oo is associate director
was misconstrued. this provision, we are now practising ing, will become the norm for resolv- of the Peace Dialogue Program at the
Fast-forward to 2013 and it is clear a form of democracy, albeit one far ing differences. Efforts will focus on Myanmar Peace Center.
Myanmar Consolidated Media Ltd.
Myanmar has entered a new era. To from perfection. my amazement, a new political cul- Second, as a result of these demo-
ture is emerging. The changes are cratic changes and the two rounds
Head Office: 379/383 Bo Aung Kyaw Street, already more profound than I could of elections in the past three years, Letter
Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar. have dreamed possible two decades politics is no longer the exclusive do-
Telephone: (01) 253 642, 392 928 ago because at the centre of this new main of the elite. Many new political
Facsimile: (01) 392 706 political culture is dialogue. parties, actors, civil society groups Dear editor, the country because it’s a free meal.
Although there is not yet wide- and institutions have emerged. Most Do you really think tourists take There have been reports of tourists
Mandalay Bureau: Bld Sa/1, Man Mandalar Hous-
spread awareness or acknowledge- crucially, politics has now become sleeping bags up to pagoda spires sleeping on long and deserted pagoda
ing, 35th Street, between 70th and 71st streets, Yan
Myo Lone Quarter, Chan Aye Thar San Township.
ment that this new political culture is competitive. (“Unruly tourists wreak havoc in walkways, such as at the Shwezigon
Tel: (02) 65391, 74585. slowly taking root, President U Thein Third, exclusion fuels conflict. The Bagan”, December 2) for no other rea- Pagoda in Bagan, and trying to camp
Fax: (02) 24460 Sein has spoken of it. Myanmar’s chief politics of exclusion has to end. To son “than ungodly bus arrival times out in monasteries but the insensitiv-
Email: negotiator with the ethnic armed reverse Myanmar’s tainted political and a desire to catch the sunrise”? ity of some towards our culture made
groups, Minister for the President’s legacy, the new political system seeks What about trying to save a buck? it more difficult for others to do so; in
Nay Pyi Taw Bureau: No. 10/72 Bo Tauk Htein Office U Aung Min, has on many oc- inclusion, as opposed to the exclusion For over a decade there have been some places they are being asked to
St, Yan Aung (1) Quarter, Nay Pyi Taw-Pyinmana. casions, including in peace negotia- exercised in the past. Marginalisation travel blogs suggesting that tourists move. What better place to hide out
Tel: (067) 23064, 23065 tions, proudly made this point. is still rampant and ethnic armed should go in and eat if they see an than up a spire?
At this critical time, as peace groups have yet to become part of ahlu donation ceremony anywhere in Ma Thanegi News 11

Thailand: Here we go again
Dear Roger Mitton,
I have come to notice that
most of your articles in The
Myanmar Times target Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi, criticise
her personal rights and at- ROGER
tempt to degrade her status
as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. MITTON
Are you taking advantage
of being a white man and
presumably non-Muslim,
thinking that you have the THE recent protests in Bangkok echo
right to insult Myanmar the biblical story of Barabbas, which is
people and, in particular, its described in all four gospels due to its
Buddhists, who make up the shockingly emblematic depiction of the
majority of the population. I power of group emotion.
certainly hope not. After a mob had been roused by fa-
You said in your article natics, it bayed for the blood of Jesus
“Daw Suu takes a battering”, Christ; but the governor, Pontius Pilate,
on November 18 that, “In My- knowing the man had done little except
anmar today, deploring the preach his own doctrine, held back.
fatal stabbing of a 94-year- The fired-up rabble would not re-
old woman is considered tak- lent, however, despite Pilate asking
ing sides.” In the paragraph them three times to be conciliatory and
above, you raised the “burn- to engage in dialogue.
ing to death of crippled and Exasperated, he tried another tack
elderly Muslims”, using the and asked if he should release the tran-
plural form. This creates a quil Jesus – or Barabbas, a foul thug
picture that many crippled who had committed insurrection and An anti-government protester cuts barbed wire at Government House in Bangkok on December 3. Photo: AFP
and elderly Muslims are be- murder.
ing killed. Are you throwing “Give us Barabbas!” the crowd mistakes, notably over an ill-conceived and poor – decide her fate. sign of ending.
gasoline on to the fire? roared. scheme to pay rice farmers a guaran- Suthep’s Democrat Party, ostensibly Perhaps the only way out is to
And you also said Daw Metaphorically speaking, the duly teed price for their crop. led by the puppet Abhisit Vejjajiva, will emulate Pilate and give the people a
Aung San Suu Kyi “is going elected government of Thailand’s And it botched an attempt to pass not even accept that outcome to the straight shout-it-out choice between
to do what her fellow Bud- Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is a blanket amnesty bill that would have current unrest because it lacks enough Yingluck and Suthep.
dhist compatriots do: stay being asked by the mob to make way allowed Thaksin to return home – and support to win a general election. The women and the poorer folks in
quiet or dissemble and in for a foul-mouthed bunch led by their would have let Suthep off the hook for The only way it can come to power the countryside will naturally go for
private cheer”. favourite thug, Suthep Thaugsuban. the murder charges he faces. is by fomenting mobs that force mili- Yingluck.
“Stay quiet or dissem- Suthep’s past shady dealings led to But in a civilised society, mobs tary intervention which then leads to But the fat cats in Bangkok, the guys
ble” is far enough. But when the downfall of then-PM Chuan Leek- do not go on the rampage and politi- a Democrat regime taking over, as in who decide these things, they’ll bellow,
you say “cheer in private” it pai’s Democrat Party-led government cians are not crucified for policy mis- 2008 – and as they clearly hope will “Give us Suthep!”
makes me question your eth- in 1995 and, later, in another case of judgements; instead, they face internal happen now. So let ‘em have him. It’ll serve them
ics. Do you want to be an in- alleged illegality in 2009, Suthep was leadership challenges or no-confidence If it does not happen, then, as in right.
stigator or a hero challenger? disqualified as an MP. votes in parliament. 2006, they will boycott the next elec- Let’s see how long they can tolerate
Has someone paid you to do Soon after, in his capacity as deputy In fact, Yingluck won a confidence tion and later argue the poll was fraud- his shady shenanigans, his endemic
that? Again, I hope not. prime minister in the previous Demo- vote handsomely last month. But had ulent because they did not take part – immorality, his pigsty mouth and gar-
Your comment that Daw crat government, Suthep signed an the vote gone the other way she would and then they will again instigate mob gantuan ego; it’s a fair bet that they’ll
Aung San Suu Kyi “will con- order for troops to move against Red have been obliged to call an election action. soon be calling for nice Ms Yingluck to
tinue to [remain silent on the Shirt protesters in central Bangkok and let the people – young and old, rich It is a despicable cycle that shows no come back.
violence] because she wants leading to scores of civilian deaths.
to be president” is a dirty, Most recently, wearing his Nazi-like
below-the-belt strike. It is a blackshirt uniform, the histrionic Suth-
personal insult that neither ep has been whipping up his lemming-
you nor nobody else should like followers into an anarchic frenzy
level at anyone. and urging them to occupy public
Lastly, what is your in- buildings across the capital.
tention in saying that visi- Actually, comparing him to Barab-
tors should “take a big black bas is perhaps unfair to Barabbas – and
marker pen and daub a swas- I say that advisedly, having interviewed
tika over those foul 969 stick- Suthep many times and lunched regu-
ers”? You are insulting a sym- larly for years with his former sidekick,
bol of our Buddhist religion Likit Hongladarom.
and calling on others to fol- All that is not to suggest that Yin-
low suit. Who are you to talk gluck’s government is without fault.
like that? For starters, it has been unduly in-
Shame on you and The fluenced by her elder brother, the for-
Myanmar Times for publish- mer PM Thaksin Shinawatra, who fled
ing such a dirty, low-grade into exile to avoid serving a jail term for
article. corruption.
Best regards, Under Thaksin’s apparent direc-
Kyi Tha tion, it has made profound political

Landmines kill three IN BRIEF


The case has been highlighted by the Asian

Human Rights Commission, which believes

Palaung in Kyaukme
that U Nyanna has been persecuted for “peace- Thant Myint-U receives
ful practice of his faith”. An online petition on honour from US magazine
the commission’s website calls for “revision Writer and historian U Thant
or revocation of laws in Burma that deny re- Myint-U has been placed among
ligious freedom”. the world’s top thinkers by a
But U Hla Myo disagreed with the com- prominent US magazine.
mission’s assessment: “U Nyanna tried to later. PWO general secretary In July, TNLA leaders and The chairman of Yangon Herit-
change the basic teachings of the Buddha and Ma De De Poe Jaine said they members of a government age Trust - a non-profit organisa-
propagate a new form of Buddhism. We con- NAN TIN died on the spot. peace team met for the first tion that works to preserve and
sider this to be misuse of freedom of religion
because he tried to insult the core of original
HTWE “This shouldn’t have hap-
pened. We are deeply sorry
time on the China-Myanmar
border. Chief government
protect Yangon’s urban heritage
- was selected as one of Foreign
Theravada Buddhism.” about it and for the remaining negotiator U Aung Min told Policy magazine’s “100 Leading
This difference in views highlights the con- family members,” she said. reporters that further talks Global Thinkers” of 2013.
fusion over concepts like religious freedom The statement said the would be held in Namhsan President U Thein Sein and
and interfaith dialogue. One problem, accord- THREE ethnic Palaung were women – 53-year old Daw Mar within 10 days. Three months National League for Democracy
ing to U Aung Myo Min, executive director of killed in Shan State’s Kyaukme Than Aye, also known as Ei on, the second round of talks leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi were
Equality Myanmar, is that elite-level discus- township last week after step- Mhan, and Daw Mar Si Aye, 45, has not yet taken place. chosen for the magazine’s 2012
sions are not trickling down to the grassroots ping on landmines placed by also known as Ei Bon – were The TNLA issued a state- list.
level. the Ta Aung Nationalities Lib- both mothers of four children. ment on December 5 alleg- “I am very pleased and honoured
“Now religious leaders are promoting inter- eration Army, according to a Ma De De Poe Jaine added ing that Tatmadaw soldiers to be included in this year’s list. It’s
faith dialogue, which is a good sign for peace. local non-government group. that the group believed the launched an offensive the a recognition of the hard work that
But this discussion should occur not only at The Palaung Women’s Or- landmines were laid by the previous afternoon near Nant everyone at YHT have undertaken
the top level but also in the community, where ganisation said on December TNLA as villagers had seen Late mountain. It said that over the past year and of the criti-
conflicts often arise,” he said. 6 said that a young man and TNLA soldiers shortly after the about 30 government soldiers cal importance of Yangon urban
He added that such general understanding two middle-aged women were incident. The TNLA officers were killed and 20 injured be- planning,” U Thant Myint-U said.
was essential for the stability of Myanmar. killed in separate incidents gave K200,000 to the relatives cause of landmines set up by “Yangon can be one of Asia’s
“If there is lack of harmony between re- near Ar Ram village. of the deceased to help pay for their group and the Kachin In- most beautiful and livable cities,
ligions, it will benefit the dictators. While Mg Kyar Kyi, 20, died the funerals. “If things contin- dependence Army. The report a city not only for tourists and the
people are fighting over power, it ensures a around 1:30pm, while the two ue our own people will be suf- has not been independently rich but for all its people.”
doomed future for the country.” women were killed 90 minutes fering,” she said. verified. – Noe Noe Aung

TRADE MARK CAUTION or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and
mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data
Merck KGaA, (a Corporation with general partners), of Darmstadt, Germany, is the processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus. Class 16: Paper,
Owner of the following Trade Marks:- cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed
matter; book binding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or
household purposes; artists’ materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites
(except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic
materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printers’ type; printing blocks.
Class 40: Treatment of materials. Class 42: Scientific and technological services and
Reg. No. 2852/2011 research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design
in respect of “Class 1: Chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in and development of computer hardware and software”.
agriculture, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics;
manures; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations;
chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; tanning substances; adhesives used in
industry. Class 5: Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations
for medical purposes; dietetic substances adapted for medical use, food for babies; Reg. No. 2849/2011 Reg. No. 2853/2011 Reg. No. 2854/2011
plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants;
preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides. Class 9: Scientific, nautical,
surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling,
checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus Reg. No. 2855/2011
and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or in respect of “Class 1: Chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well
controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed
or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and plastics; manures; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations;
mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; tanning substances; adhesives used in
processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus. Class 16: Paper, industry. Class 5: Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations
cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed for medical purposes; dietetic substances adapted for medical use, food for babies;
matter; book binding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants;
household purposes; artists’ materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides. Class 7: Machines and
(except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic machine tools; motors and engines (except for land vehicles); machine coupling and
materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printers’ type; printing blocks. transmission components (except for land vehicles); agricultural implements other than
Class 42: Scientific and technological services and research and design relating hand-operated; incubators for eggs. Class 9: Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic,
thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision),
hardware and software”. life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for
conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity;
apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data
carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated
apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers;
fire-extinguishing apparatus. Class 11: Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating,
Reg. No. 2850/2011 Reg. No. 2851/2011 cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes. Class
in respect of “Class 1: Chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well 16: Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes;
as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed printed matter; book binding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery
plastics; manures; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering or household purposes; artists’ materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites
preparations; chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; tanning substances; (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials
adhesives used in industry. Class 5: Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; for packaging (not included in other classes); printers’ type; printing blocks. Class 40:
sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic substances adapted for medical Treatment of materials. Class 42: Scientific and technological services and research and
use, food for babies; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development
dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides. of computer hardware and software”.
Class 7: Machines and machine tools; motors and engines (except for land vehicles);
machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles); agricultural Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Marks will be dealt with
implements other than hand-operated; incubators for eggs. Class 9: Scientific, nautical, according to law.
surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L
checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for Merck KGaA
and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or P. O. Box 60, Yangon.
controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound Dated: 9th December, 2013 News 13

Enforcement could Chin meet to discuss results of conference

trip up government’s ORGANISERS of the Chin National
Conference in Hakha last month have
formed a “negotiation committee” to

Anti-Corruption Law conduct talks with the government

over recommendations from the event.
At a press conference in Yangon on
December 5, Chin political and civil
BRIDGET DI CERTO president also proposed broadening society leaders said they had reached the focus of the law from bribery alone. agreement on 13 issues, ranging from
However, all but two of these proposals ethnic identity to religious discrimina-
A NEW law intended to support the were rejected by MPs. tion, based on discussions at the No-
government’s anti-corruption agenda Nevertheless, the law and other vember 12-15 conference.
could be hamstrung by its own provi- corruption-fighting and transparency They said the negotiation team
sions, experts say. initiatives helped Myanmar’s move up would meet for the first time in Janu-
The Anti-Corruption Law estab- the rankings in Transparency Interna- ary. Its 45 members were drawn from
lishes a detailed framework for a presi- tional’s Corruptions Perception Index the conference’s thematic discussion
dential commission to investigate cases for 2013 (see related story right). groups, as well as other prominent
of bribery. While it primarily targets While Transparency International Chin leaders.
bribe-taking by public office holders, said the rise was the result of specific “We invited all Chin who can rep-
the net can be expanded to catch law- actions, business advisor U Aung Thura resent their townships, as well as or-
breakers in the private sector. of consulting firm Thura Swiss said ganisations and civil society groups. We
However, without proper implemen- there had been a significant shift in per- wanted to follow up on the points we
tation the law will have little impact on ceptions of doing business in Myanmar. agreed on so we founded this commit-
the worst forms of Myanmar’s corrup- The culture of “tea money” and tee,” said Salai Isaac Khen, a conference
tion culture, experts said – and could bribery remains difficult to navigate, A man speaks at a press conference on December 5. Photo: Zarni Phyo organiser. – Nyein Ei Ei Htwe
even undermine efforts to fight bribery, however. “In some cases it might make
as without adequate resources the com- your life easier. For international com-

Myanmar rises in
mission could create a bottleneck in panies coming in, they have their own
achieving corruption convictions. laws and they will often contract with
“Law without policy action is not a local agent or consultant to contract
a smart move,” said U Naing Ko Ko, a out work [that might require payment
visiting Myanmar scholar at the Aus- of facilitation fees],” U Aung Thura

transparency rankings
tralian National University in Canberra said.
who writes on political developments. “It is the same in other Asian coun-
“[Only] law with both action and strat- tries. Foreign investors can have double
egy can be effective.” standards where their country doesn’t
The Anti-Corruption Law schedules allow one thing, so they use subcon-
the commission to form a preliminary tractors to get around it.”
scrutinising team and an investigation U Aung Thura said action against Myanmar’s rise, it has led to a number will benefit the majority,” Mr Srirak
team to accept and investigate com- corrupt officials normally took place of new regulatory frameworks aimed said, adding that Myanmar is battling
plaints of bribery, as well as spearhead behind closed doors. Just because there TIM at combating corruption being imple- a culture of corruption and not just at
investigations into the assets of public
officials on its own initiative.
haven’t been widely publicised cases of
bribery it does not mean the issue is be-
MCLAUGHLIN mented and in turn strengthened the
country’s position in the index.
the highest levels of government and
While the sweeping powers and ing ignored, he said. Mr Srirak said enactment of the “In Myanmar corruption has been
responsibilities of the commission ap- “It’s not the government sanction- Anti-Corruption Law, which was part of people’s lives for decades. You
pear positive, U Naing Ko Ko said they ing corruption – at the highest levels passed by parliament in July, and My- have to have many strong messages for
could lead to failure without uniform there is government commitment,” GRAFT watchdog Transparency Inter- anmar becoming a state party to the anti-corruption” to fight this culture.
political and budgetary support. he said. “For the government, there is national last week ranked Myanmar UN Convention against Corruption The criticism of last year’s index
“There is still no vividly defined fis- much to do and they are giving pri- 157 out of 177 countries in its annual (UNCAC) in January were the most intensified when Samantha Grant, the
cal and public revenue management orities to these laws, but there are only Corruption Perceptions Index, which important factors in the rankings rise. group’s Southeast Asia program coor-
system in the country. It is very signifi- limited resources. measures the perceived amount of cor- The government’s formation of an dinator, told the Irrawaddy that the
cant for the people of Burma to enter a “Myanmar already has laws that are ruption in countries’ public sectors. Anti-Corruption Committee was an- reforms had not impacted the 2012
war against corruption.” very stringent that deal with corruption. With a score of 21, Myanmar was tied other positive step, Mr Srirak said. rankings as some of the data had been
The Anti-Corruption Law was The problem is more enforcement.” with the African nations of Zimbabwe However, he said concerns remain over collected two years earlier.
passed by parliament in August and Lawyer Alessio Polastri from Po- and Burundi. the committee’s independence from In an op-ed published in The Myan-
aims to “eradicate bribery as a national lastri Wint & Partners agreed that the The ranking represented a signifi- the government, adding that it must be mar Times in December 2012, Derek
cause, emerge a clean government and Anti-Corruption Law would only be as cant rise for Myanmar, which ranked fully independent in order “to fight im- Tonkin, chairman of non-profit Net-
good governance and to promote pres- good at fighting bribery as its yet-to-be- 172 out of 176 last year. That lowly rank- punity in a meaningful way”. work Myanmar and adviser to Bagan
tige and accountability”. formed commission. ing drew criticism from some Myanmar Another area of concern for Trans- Capital, called the index an “exercise in
The introduction of the Anti- Mr Polastri said that while the law watchers, who questioned whether the parency International is the extractive futility”.
Corruption Law is tied to Myanmar’s is geared toward eradicating bribery widely cited index had failed to ade- industries sector, one that has seen “It is at heart a political statement,
commitments under the UN Conven- committed by public officials, the law quately account for Myanmar’s reforms a flurry of activity over the past year. not a reliable indicator of the current
tion against Corruption, which was is clear and general enough to cover agenda undertaken by the government Winners of exploration licences for 18 level of official corruption in Myan-
ratified earlier this year. However, U all forms of corruption, including cor- of President U Thein Sein. onshore oil and gas blocks were an- mar,” Mr Tonkin wrote.
Thein Sein proposed 12 amendments ruption perpetrated by actors in the Srirak Plipat, Transparency Inter- nounced in October. The bidding round Transparency International de-
to the bill approved by parliament to private sector. national’s regional director for Asia Pa- for 30 offshore blocks closed in Novem- scribes it as a “composite index, draw-
bring the legislation in line with the “Ultimately, the best law is useless if cific, said this year’s ranking more fully ber and the winners are expected to be ing on corruption-related data from
convention, including the protection of the relevant authorities do not imple- accounts for the country’s reform pro- announced in the first quarter of 2014. expert and business surveys carried out
witnesses, experts and victims involved ment its application and enforce it on cess. While he said the country’s open- “The government needs to ensure by a variety of independent and reputa-
in the investigation of a complaint. The a daily basis.” ing was not directly responsible for that these [natural resources] revenues ble institutions”. News 17

Family of Thai visa

victim seeks agreement
longer jail delayed to
terms for next year
murderers NYAN LYNN AUNG

PHYO WAI KYAW THE signing of a planned visa exemption program between
HLAING KYAW SOE Myanmar and Thailand is likely to be delayed until early next
year, a government official said
A MANDALAY court is expected to last week.
rule in the coming weeks whether The agreement, which was
to accept an application to consider proposed by Myanmar, would
additional charges against two men enable those arriving by air in
convicted in relation to the brutal either country to attain a free 14-
murder of a young mother. day visa on arrival. Thai Prime
Ma Win Khin, the mother of a Minister Yingluck Shinawatra
four-month-old child, was killed in was expected to sign the agree-
her Pyigyitagun township home on ment in November during a
January 15. Her body was later found ceremony to mark the 65th an-
with 13 stab wounds. niversary of diplomatic relations
On October 4, Mandalay district Farmers put up vinyl sign’s before clearing brush from a disused section of a military plantation. Photo: Si Thu Lwin between the two countries but
court sentenced U Aung Ko Latt to she was forced to cancel the visit
eight years’ imprisonment with hard because of political turmoil at

Farmers reclaim land

labour for the murder of Ma Win home.
Khin. A second man, U Zaw Myo U Aung Lynn, director gen-
Aung, was sentenced to seven years’ eral of the Ministry of Foreign
imprisonment with hard labour for Affairs’ ASEAN Affairs Depart-

confiscated by military
abetting the offence. ment, said Thailand is also not
Lawyer Daw Zin Mar Myint, act- yet ready to sign the agreement
ing on behalf of Ma Win Khin’s fam- but declined to comment further.
ily, submitted an application to Man- “We are waiting but we can’t
dalay Region court on November 22 get it signed yet because the
asking it to reconsider the sentences. Thailand side still has some in-
“We can know the result in the SI THU LWIN the farmers’ association in Laypin association. “Now we are preparing ternal processes to complete,” he
next two weeks,” she said. “If the Sakhan village. “But they failed to to grow on our own. said. “When they are ready we
case is dismissed at the region level grow anything.” “We are all ready to face the will sign it.”
we can apply to the Union Supreme AFTER multiple letters of com- Since 2011 farmers have sent court if they charge us.” Myanmar has proposed set-
Court. The victim was killed with 13 plaint brought no official response seven letters to the authorities – in- A retired military captain in ting up a visa exemption pro-
stab wounds and we asked the region from authorities, farmers in Pyin cluding the President’s Office – say- charge of the plantations said the gram with all of its Southeast
court to give them a heavier sentence Oo Lwin township in Mandalay Re- ing that the farmland is not being military initially grew durian and Asian counterparts to enable
after considering their offence.” gion have taken matters into their used and that it should be returned rambutan on the sites in Laypin, their citizens to visit easily when
She said that while seminal fluid own hands and started ploughing to them according to law. Thapye and Thamanthar. When it hosts ASEAN meetings in 2014
had been found on some pieces of evi- fields left unused since being con- Chapter 11, article 32 of the those failed to grow, he said, they and hoped to have the agree-
dence the accused only faced charg- fiscated by the military. Farmland Law of March 2012 re- switched to sein ta lone mangoes. ments in place by the end of the
es related to the murder because of Pyin Oo Lwin’s Defence Service quires land confiscated for pro- “We have 1269 trees on 400 acres year.
problems with the statements from Academy seized Field No 23 – in the jects to be returned to its original now, but not all the trees produce However, it has deals with
plaintiffs. three villages of Warnet, Thapyeyay owner if the project is not imple- fruit. The fruit was sold through only two countries: Laos, which
“We can’t ask to charge them and Laypin Sakhan – for a planta- mented. Chapter 10, article 95 of brokers. I just stay here as instruct- signed on in 2009, and Vietnam,
for rape now [because the case has tion project in 1995. The farmers the farmland by-law states confis- ed. If there is a notice or order by which agreed to the visa exemp-
closed]. The plaintiffs didn’t really were allowed to continue working cated land should be returned to the officials [to give back the land], tion program on September 26.
understand the legal process,” she the land as tenant farmers until its original owner once a project we have to leave,” he said. While Singapore is consider-
said. April 2005, when the fields were is completed. Mandalay Region Minister for ing the proposal, Cambodia and
U Maung Ko, a neighbour of the handed over to the Defence Services Their requests, however, have Agriculture and Livestock U Myint Indonesia have agreed to sign a
victim who examined her body with Technology Academy. brought “no action”, said U Soe Win, Than said the regional government deal soon, the ministry said.
police, said Ma Win Khin’s hands Since then, residents say, the which is why they plan to clear the is dealing with 46 separate instanc- U Aung Htoo, a deputy direc-
had been placed above her head, her three areas have not been devel- fields without permission – even es of Tatmadaw land confiscation tor general in the department,
longyi was raised to her thigh on one oped, with only a small plantation though they risk being hit with a involving 3740 acres of land. He said one issue for Thailand,
leg and the buttons of her blouse had under cultivation. trespassing charge. said the regional government is pre- Malaysia and Singapore is the
been undone. He had volunteered to “They gave no compensation “A few farmers have been com- paring to return the land back to its potential impact on migrant
give testimony in the murder trial but when they took it, but just said it pensated to some extent, but it original owners once the cases have worker inflows if they agree to
was never called by the prosecutor. was for a military-run mango plan- was not at a market price,” said U been examined. issue visas to all air arrivals from
– Translation by Thiri Min Htun tation,” said U Soe Win, secretary of Than Lwin, the chair of the farmers’ – Translation by Zaw Win Myanmar.

NOTICE is hereby given that Goodman Fielder Consumer Foods

Aquino pledges to help

Pty Limited, a corporation organized under the laws of Australia of
T2/39 Delhi Road, North Ryde, New South Wales, 2113, Australia,
do solemnly and sincerely declare that we are the owners and sole

democratic transition
proprietors of the following trade mark in Myanmar:
The said mark is used in respect of ‘Edible oils and fats, margarine’.
The said trade mark is the subject of Declaration of Ownership
recorded with the Registrar of Deeds and Assurances, Yangon, PHILIPPINE President Benigno Aqui-
Myanmar, in Book IV under No. IV/5216/2013 Dated 23rd May, 2013. no lauded democratic reforms in My-
anmar last week as he signed several
Any infringement or colourable imitation thereof or other infringement bilateral agreements with President U
of the rights of the said corporation will be dealt with according to law. Thein Sein in Manila.
U Thein Sein arrived at the presi-
U Kyi Win Associates dential palace on December 5 where
for Goodman Fielder Consumer Foods Pty Limited he was accorded a red carpet welcome
by its Attorneys-at-Law for his first visit to the Philippines.
Mr Aquino said the Philippines,
REMFRY & SAGAR which also made a transition from au-
INDIA. Dated: 9th December, 2013 thoritarian rule to democracy in the
1980s, would be helping Myanmar in
opening up its society.
Formerly one of the most vocal crit-
TRADE MARK CAUTION ics within ASEAN of Myanmar’s gov-
ernment, Mr Aquino praised recent
NOTICE is hereby given that The Goodyear Tire & Rubber “historic developments” in the coun-
try, including the holding of elections,
Company of 1144 East Market Street, Akron, Ohio 44316-0001, release of political prisoners, dialogue
United States of America, are the Owners and Sole Proprietors of with the opposition and opening up to
the following trademark: - foreign investment.
“These herald a new chapter in
Myanmar’s history. The Philippines
EAGLE supports these initiatives and offered
assistance through capacity building,
The said mark is used in respect of “tires”. through technical cooperation,” Mr
The said trade mark is the subject of a Declaration of Ownership Aquino said after a meeting with U President U Thein Sein shakes hands with Philippine President Benigno Aquino
Thein Sein. upon his arrival at the Malacañan Palace in Manila on December 5. Photo: AFP
recorded with the Registrar of Deeds and Assurances, Yangon, The Philippines has offered to help
Myanmar, in book IV under No. IV/10820/2012 dated 17th September, Myanmar establish its human rights more than 7500 dead or missing. Myanmar suffered as a result of Cy-
2012. commission and training in areas like U Thein Sein, who brought doctors clone Nargis in 2008 made the coun-
agriculture, entrepreneurship, fisher- and relief goods to typhoon-hit areas try more aware of the suffering of the
Any infringement or colourable imitation thereof or other infringement ies, eco-tourism and gender issues, Mr during his visit, said the damage that victims of such disasters.
Aquino said. The Myanmar president, who was
of the rights of the said Corporation will be dealt with according to law. The two presidents also discussed on a three-day state visit, said he asked
U Kyi Win Associates peace efforts with rebel groups in their ‘The Philippines Mr Aquino to help his country in ar-
respective countries, Mr Aquino said, eas like “health, education, economy
for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company adding that the Philippines would be ... [has] offered and human resource development”,
by its Attorneys appointing a resident defence attaché because it was lagging behind in these
to further cooperation. assistance through areas due to several years of economic
Remfry & Sagar Dated: 9th December, 2013
The leaders also oversaw the sign-
ing of several agreements including
capacity building, sanctions.
He also said “there have never been
one that will allow Filipinos to enter
Myanmar without a visa and another
through technical any issues between Myanmar and the
Philippines”, despite the Philippine
that will expand cooperation in renew- cooperation.’ leaders’ criticism of the former mili-
TRADE MARK CAUTION able energy. tary government.
Mr Aquino thanked Myanmar for Benigno Aquino U Thein Sein arrived in Manila on
Sigma-Tau Industrie Farmaceutiche Riunite S.p.A., of Viale the aid it provided after Typhoon Hai- Philippines president December 4 and returned home on
Shakespeare, 47, 00144 ROMA, Italy, is the Owner of the following yan hit the Philippines last month, December 6 after visiting typhoon-
Trade Marks:- flattening whole towns and leaving stricken areas. – AFP

Reg. No. 4517/2010

Reg. No. 4518/2010

Reg. No. 4519/2010
in respect of “Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary
preparations for medical purposes; dietetic substances adapted
for medical use, food for babies; plasters, materials for dressings;
material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations
for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides”.
Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Marks
will be dealt with according to law.
Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L
for Sigma-Tau Industrie Farmaceutiche
Riunite S.p.A.
P. O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 9 December 2013 News 19

Indonesia jails
Rohingya over
Buddhist killings
AN Indonesian court last week a fisherman had tried to stab one
jailed 14 Muslim Rohingya men of the Rohingya men, who retali-
from Myanmar for nine months ated by hitting him with a broom-
each for bludgeoning eight Bud- stick.
dhists from their country to A mass fight broke out and
death in an Indonesian detention eight Myanmar Buddhists were
centre. found dead and bloodied when
The Rohingya asylum-seekers the police arrived at the scene.
killed the Buddhist men, who had Three minors suspected to be
been detained for illegally fishing involved in the attack were freed
in Indonesian waters, in April as in July due to lack of evidence.
sectarian tensions in their home The men’s lawyer, Mahmud
country flared. Irsyad Lubis, said the men would
The Rohingyas, aged 18 to 37, appeal for freedom. A woman sits beside a road near the site of the proposed Myitsone dam in May. Photo: Boothee
accused the fishermen of sexually “They said they wanted free-
harassing two Rohingya women dom because there was no real

Myitsone residents
and said the Buddhists started evidence shown during the trial
the violence in the detention cen- that they committed a violent at-
tre, in the port town of Belawan tack,” he told reporters.
near Medan city on the island of In a separate case in Jakarta,

threatened with arrest

Sumatra. an Indonesian on trial for a foiled
scheme to bomb the Myanmar
embassy confessed on December
‘They said they 5 to being the mastermind of the
plot, saying he was “still at war”
wanted freedom with anyone oppressing Muslims. The floodwaters aren’t flowing into the dam and it is uncertain when – or if – they
Sigit Indrajid, 23, testified that
because there was he led a group of Islamic extrem- ever will. But those displaced from their villages still aren’t allowed to go home
no real evidence ists that planned the attack to
avenge the harsh treatment of Ro- THAN NAING SOE an order can be jailed for a month, the area in 2010 and 2011 and moved
shown during hingya in Myanmar. fined or both. If the failure to obey to a new village, Aung Myin Thar, one
The group wanted to avenge causes danger or leads to rioting, the of two newly constructed model vil-
the trial that the treatment of Muslim Rohing- RESIDENTS forced out of their homes punishment jumps to six months in lages built to house more than 2600
ya in Myanmar – an issue that has for the Myitsone dam project say that jail, a fine or both. people who were to be displaced for
they committed a resonated widely in Indonesia, the those who have tried to return to their Originally scheduled to be com- the project.
world’s biggest Muslim-majority old, as-yet-unflooded houses are being pleted in 2017, the US$3.6 billion My- The transition hasn’t been smooth,
violent attack.’ nation. threatened with arrest, even though itsone dam project was to be built by Ko Tu Khaung said.
“It was my initiative,” he told construction on the dam is officially Chinese state-owned firm China Pow- In Tanpe residents used to earned
Mahmud Irsyad Lubis
the South Jakarta district court. on hold and conditions in their new er International (CPI). their living from plantations, farming
Lawyer for 14 Rohingya men
Asked by a judge if he regretted village have left them unable to make The project, however, faced a flur- and fishery jobs. In their new location,
his actions, Mr Indrajid respond- a living. ry of criticism for its impact on the however, they are having “a very dif-
ed in a raised voice, “No. This was Ko Zaw Lon from Tanpe village environment, its displacement of vil- ficult time” – so much so that nearly
a warning to Myanmar as well as said that on November 29 Myit- lagers and the fact that the vast ma- 60 out of Tanpe’s over 200 households
“The defendants have been others who treat Muslims as they kyina township’s administrator U jority of energy produced would be have chosen to return to their old vil-
proven legally and convinc- please.” Thein Tun and a group of policemen sold to China. The site’s location - in lage site.
ingly guilty of working together “I am still at war – as long as came to Tanpe – one of the villages the midst of conflict between the gov- “It’s very hard to earn our living in
to blatantly carry out violence, there is oppression of Muslims,” on land that would be flooded by ernment and Kachin armed ethnic the new village,” Ko Tu Khaung said.
which resulted in the loss of hu- he said. the controversial dam project if it is groups - also caused delays. “We can’t grow any crops there so we
man lives,” chief judge Aksir Mr Indrajid faces three charges completed – and told those who had To widespread popular acclaim, are returning to our old village.”
told the Medan district court on under tough anti-terror laws, in- returned that they must leave again, President U Thein Sein in September Ko Zaw Lon said residents had
December 4. cluding possession of weapons or even though construction has been 2011 suspended all progress, delaying been told in the past that they could
“We sentenced them to nine explosive materials, which carries halted. Almost one-third of the 200 the final decision on the site’s future return home so long as the dam was
months in prison,” he said. a maximum penalty of death. households relocated from Tanpe until after the end of his term, which not operational.
The sentence was lighter than He said he became incensed have returned to the village. expires in 2016. But even with the But the township administrator
the two-year term sought by pros- after reading reports on Facebook “He told us we can’t live here any- dam’s construction in limbo, residents took pictures of inhabited houses and
ecutors and the maximum penalty about the violence against Roh- more and that this place is owned by are being prevented from returning to warned them they should leave or
for violence resulting in death, ingya in the Buddhist-majority the company and isn’t ours anymore,” their homes. face potential charges. As a result, the
which is 12 years. country, many of whom have died Ko Zaw Lon said. “If we will not go “In past, we had hopes because we possibility of the Myitsone dam’s con-
The men, along with 100 Indo- in sectarian unrest since last year. back to the new village, he said we had good livelihoods,” Ko Tu Khaung, struction resuming is no longer Tanpe
nesian Muslim supporters, chant- He got the idea to attack the would have action taken against us originally from Tanpe, told The Myan- residents’ biggest worry. “Now we are
ed “Allahu Akbar” (God is greater) embassy after being invited by a under section 188.” mar Times. “The surrounding of Myit- worrying we will face eviction today
in the court room after the sen- local Muslim group to take part in Section 188 states that a person not sone was also beneficial to us.” or tomorrow.”
tences were handed down. a protest against the violence in following an order of a public servant Residents of Tanpe, Mazut and – Translation by Zar Zar Soe
According to court documents, Myanmar, he said. – AFP who is legally permitted to give such Lape villages were transferred out of News 21

trial in
Activists lament lack of justice
Myingyan over bloody police crackdown
postponed THAN NAING SOE
SI THU LWIN A VIOLENT police crackdown on
protesters at Letpadaung feels “like
THE trial of nine activists who al- it happened yesterday”, a resident
legedly staged an illegal protest in said on the first anniversary of the
Myingyan in December 2012 over a bloody confrontation, which left
crackdown at the Letpadaung copper scores injured.
mine the previous month has been Protest leader Ma Thwe Thwe
postponed. Win, a resident of Wettmay village
The nine were summoned to ap- in the Letpadaung area, said the
pear in court for the first time on De- crackdown had failed to break the
cember 2 but the hearing was delayed resolve of residents.
because not all of the defendants were “The violent crackdown on the
present. protest camp was one year ago but for
“It had to be cancelled because Ko us it feels like it happened yesterday,”
Thaw Zin Oo, a student from the Uni- she said at a ceremony at Mandalay’s
versity of Technology, is in Yangon. We Kantetkone Masoeyein Monastery on
don’t know when the next summons November 29. “We have invited the
will be,” said Ko Thant Zin, a former relevant authorities to negotiate with
chairman of the All Burma Federation us, but they haven’t so far – we have
of Students’ Union (for upper Myan- just encountered more violence.”
mar), who is among those charged. Activists at the ceremony also
The nine have been charged under decried the lack of punitive action
section 18 of the peaceful protest law taken against police officers over the
and face up to a one-year jail term if raid, in which they allegedly used
found guilty. phosphorous grenades, in violation
“We marched without permission. of international norms.
We demonstrated for the monks who “Whether the [grenades] used
were attacked violently while they to disperse the Letpadaung protest
were demonstrating against the cop- camps were [phosphorous] or not, Activists and monks gather at a ceremony in Mandalay on November 29 to mark the first anniversary of a police
per mine expansion. We walked with it is true that the protesters were crackdown on protesters at the Letpadaung mine. Photo: Than Naing Soe
our student flag, which shows the burned alive,” said Ko Thant Zin, a
fighting peacock,” Ko Thant Zin said. former chairman of the upper My- the Letpadaung residents who keep federation’s record and research place just days before this anniver-
Police Captain U Myint Naing from anmar branch of the All Burma Fed- battling, even after one-and-a-half committee said the investigation of sary,” he said. “We will stand firmly
Myingyan in Mandalay Region con- eration of Students’ Union, which years, against Letpadaung copper the Letpadaung Commission into for Letpadaung residents who are
firmed the delay last week. organised the ceremony. mine expansion,” he said. the crackdown was not transparent. victimised in their region.”
– Translation by Thiri Min Htun “We’d like to honour as heroes Ko Aung Hmaing San from the “More violent attacks have taken – Translation by Thiri Min Htun

Red Shan to consider IN BRIEF

SNLD merger talks

Talkin’ ’bout my education: MDY students hold speech contest
For the second year in a row, students from monastic schools in and around
Mandalay and Sagaing have competed against one another to see who could
deliver the best speech on a given topic.
Middle school children from six monastic schools gathered at Phaung Daw Oo
Monastic School in Mandalay’s Aung Myay Thar San township on November 30
Shan Nationalities League for Democracy invites Red Shan and others for merger to debate the question, “Should opportunities be created to improve access to
learning for school-age children?”
talks as ethnic minority parties consolidate ahead of 2015 general election As well as giving students a chance to develop their critical thinking and
public speaking skills, teacher Daw Khin Chit Win, one of the supervisors of
issues of concern to ethnic minori- it easier for Burmese parties, such as the committee that organised the competition, said the topic was chosen for a
ties. He said talks around the issue of the National League for Democracy reason. “We want to highlight the reforms needed in the education sector.”
KHIN SU a merger had been taking place since or Union Solidarity and Develop- Chief judge Daw Thiri Tun said the students competed in groups of three and
WAI 2012. Most recently, in October, the
SNLD visited the Red Shan party’s
ment Party, to win seats in minority
prizes were given in multiple categories – Si Thu Lwin, translation by Zar Zar Soe

Mandalay office to discuss a possible In October, the Union Election merger, U Sai Saw Tun said. Commission gave approval for the
“Last November there was a meet- formation of the Federal Union Party,
THE Tai-Leng (Red Shan) Nationali- ing of Shan groups in Yangon, includ- which will represent ethnic minority
ties Development Party will consider ing both parties and armed groups ... parties in majority Burmese areas.
a merger with other Shan groups, [from which we found] the SNLD, The Federal Union Party was estab-
party officials said last week. SNDP and us have the same basic lished by members of 16 ethnic mi-
The Shan Nationalities League policy but to merge there would still nority parties.
for Democracy was recently quoted be many things to negotiate,” he said. Following an agreement in June,
in a Shan newspaper as saying that “We can’t say yet whether we will the Rakhine Nationalities Develop-
it planned to propose a merger with join with them for the 2015 election.” ment Party and the Arakan League
the Red Shan. The comments came Over the past year many ethnic for Democracy Rakhine National
after the SNLD invited its main rival, parties have entered merger talks in Party set up the Rakhine National
the Shan Nationalities Democratic an effort to strengthen their position Party. In Mon State, the All Mon
Party, for merger talks on November prior to the 2015 election. First-past- Regions Democracy Party and the
16. the-post voting is likely to be used Mon National Democratic Front are
Red Shan party secretary U Sai again, and the trend toward consoli- negotiating a merger deal, while in
Saw Tun said a merger was possible if dation reflects concerns among mi- Chin State the Chin Progressive Party
the parties can agree on policies con- nority groups that splitting the vote andthe Chin National Party are also
cerning the peace process and other between ethnic parties could make in talks.

Military engineers inspect a suspicious device at Diamond Plaza on

December 2. Photo: Si Thu Lwin

Shoppers flee Diamond

Plaza amid bomb scare
SI THU LWIN lice officer, who asked not to be named. “They took it with them to examine
whether it is explosive.”
A BOMB scare at Mandalay’s Diamond The military engineers and Dia-
Plaza last week prompted shoppers to mond Plaza security piled sandbags
flee and shops to close early. around the object before removing it to
A security guard called police after protect bystanders.
finding a suspicious object in the plaza’s News of the bomb scare spread
car park on the night of December 2. It through the plaza quickly, prompting
was safely removed for testing but po- shop owners to close early.
lice have not yet confirmed whether it “People were really scared when
was an explosive device. they heard a bomb had been found;
“When officials from a military en- customers left straight away so we
gineer battalion came and checked [the closed,” said Daw Arr Yone, who owns
object], they found that it had a clock a fashion shop. “Fortunately there was
and a cylindrical metal pipe wrapped no explosion.” – Translation by Thiri
with adhesive tape inside,” said a po- Min Htun

Vacancy Announcement
At DHL, people mean the world to us. That’s why our goal has always been to attract
and retain the best talent the world over. We provide challenge and opportunity for
personal and professional development. We recognize the difference you bring to
our business, and together we share the pride of building THE logistics company
for the world.

Working for DHL Global Forwarding means working for the global market leader in
air and ocean freight.

We are now seeking highly motivated candidates for the following positions:-
(1) Airfreight Import & Export Manager / Executive
(2) Ocean freight Import & Export Manager / Executive
(3) Customs Clearance & Trucking Specialist
Required Qualification and Skills:
• Any graduate
• Proficiency in English Language skills
• Computer & MS Office skills
• Good communication skills
• Experience in the freight forwarding or logistics industry
Submit your CV and cover letter within 20 December 2013 to:
DHL Global Forwarding (Myanmar) Limited
La Pyayt Wun Plaza, Unit #710, No. 37, Alan Pya Pagoda Road, Dagon T/S, Yangon

US seeks to IN BRIEF

boost its ties

Four more news agencies to open
The Ministry of Information has given
approval for four foreign news agen-
cies, including the BBC and Reuters,
to open offices in Myanmar, an official

with Tatmadaw
said last week.
U Aung Kyaw Oo, director of the
ministry’s Information and Public Re-
lations Department, said on Novem-
ber 30 that the Nikkei Shimbun from
Japan and Voice of America from the
UNITED States President Barack reform after decades of disengage- United States had also received the
Obama’s administration said last week ment,” Mr Singh said. green light.
it hoped to expand limited training for But representative Joe Crowley, “So far, 12 foreign news agencies
Myanmar’s military but faced skepti- who spearheaded sanctions on My- have been given approval to open
cism from lawmakers unimpressed by anmar that have now been mostly offices in Myanmar,” he said.
the pace of democratic reforms. lifted, said that the US was moving Those that have already received
Testifying before Congress, admin- too quickly to build military ties in approval include Associated Press,
istration officials said on December 4 the face of “outrageous and terrible” Kyodo and Agence France-Presse.
that the US wanted to provide train- abuses against minorities. BBC Global News director Peter
ing on human rights to Myanmar’s “I personally don’t think that the Horrocks said it was “hard to over-
military, which ruled the country for Burmese military needs to be trained state the significance” of the govern-
decades before U Thein Sein became to stop killing and raping and stealing ment allowing it to open a bureau,
president in March 2011. lands,” Mr Crowley, a member of the adding that it showed “the astonish-
Democratic Party, said at the hearing. ing pace of change in a country which
“Training the Burmese military, even has long been a byword for media
if it’s on a limited basis, is a huge win repression and censorship”. – Pyae
‘Our limited public relations-wise.” Thet Phyo, translation by Zar Zar Soe
engagements have Mr Crowley said that the prospect
of defence relations could be used as Government to give away
begun to expose an incentive to encourage the military 300,000 set-top boxes
to undertake further reforms, such as Vendors from War Khin Kone Market march to Mandalay Free digital set-top boxes are to be
the military to reforming the constitution to allow City Development Committee’s Department of Markets and given away by the Ministry of Infor-
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to seek the Slaughterhouses on November 29. Photo: Si Thu Lwin mation. Almost 305,000 units are to
international norms presidency after the 2015 election. be distributed before the start of the
Southeast Asian Games, which begin
of behaviour.’ Representative Steve Chabot, a

Vikram Singh
Republican, said that Mr Obama has
“raced to turn Burma into a success
Dispute over market on December 11.
Starting October 15, three TV sta-
tions began broadcasting in the new

stalls in MDY settled

Pentagon official
“I believe its engagement strategy digital DVB-T2 format and ceased
has lost sight of the realities on the broadcasting in analogue. The new
ground and has become hasty and, sets, which will allow analogue tel-
I’m afraid, also misguided,” said Mr evisions to display the digital signals,
“The importance of the military’s Chabot, who heads the House Foreign SI THU LWIN Markets and Slaughterhouses will be given out first in Nay Pyi Taw,
support of reforms so far should not Affairs subcommittee on East Asia and office to raise the issue with the Yangon and Mandalay, said informa-
be underestimated,” Pentagon official the Pacific. head of the department. tion department director U Win Kyi.
Vikram Singh told a House of Repre- But Mr Singh pledged there would A DISPUTE over the allocation “When the market stalls More than 250 new broadcasting
sentatives committee, saying the US be no “slippery slope” of the US offer- of retail space in a Mandalay were allocated, the real ven- stations are to be built by 2017 as
believes the army “is interested in tak- ing more substantive military support market has been resolved after dors didn’t get a space to sell part of Myanmar’s transition to digital
ing steps to modernise, professionalise to Myanmar without more progress on a meeting between vendors and their goods,” said vendor Daw broadcasting.
and reform itself as well”. human rights concerns. Mandalay City Development Aye. “It’s not fair. We walked “The 25 stations to be built in the
“Our limited engagements have “I want to be absolutely clear: The Committee. to see the head of the depart- first two stages of construction can
begun to expose the military to inter- [Defense] Department does not seek The stalls were allocated ment because we were asked to reach 65 percent of the country. The
national norms of behaviour and fos- and is not recommending the full to make the market, near War meet him. Our walking is not a new digital receivers will soon be on
tered new trust and understanding. normalisation of bilateral defense ties Khin Kone Pagoda in Maha protest.” the market,” said a ministry spokes-
This will help us gain influence with with Burma at this time,” Mr Singh Aung Myay township, more or- Department head U Thein person.
the Burmese military and encourage said. derly. But vendors allege that Htay said he would investigate The sets will be given to families
the spaces that should have the case and ensure the stalls earning less than K150,000 a month,
been allocated to them were in- are allocated fairly. “I will en- and who live in wooden, bamboo or
stead given to people with con- sure all vendors are able to sell nipa-palm houses, and to hospi-
nections to officials in charge of their goods in the market and tals, clinics, public schools, public
the project. find out if there has been any areas, orphanages, homes for the
On November 29, the vendors dishonesty.” – Translation by elderly, public libraries, colleges and
marched to the Department of Thiri Min Htun universities. – Nyein Ei Ei Htwe
26 THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

impact still Booze crackdown ramps
at issue Aye Thidar
Officers of the commerce ministry
taskforce search bottles of wine

aung shin
Kyaw belonging to wholesale wine
seller Premium Distribution on December 6. Photo: Boothee
AS controversy continues to swirl
around the now-complete natural A SECOND major food and wine im-
gas pipeline from Rakhine State to porter is being investigated for pos-
the Chinese border, critics say they sible illegal importation of alcohol.
will soon release a report on the en- On December 4, a government task
vironmental and social impact of the force found 1000 cases of wine and
project. The group, Myanmar-China foodstuffs in a warehouse in Thaketa
Pipeline Watch Committee, is also township industrial zone belonging
continuing to press the issue of com- to Premium Distribution Co. Ltd.
pensation for land acquired by the The investigations have triggered
pipeline operators. shops and supermarkets throughout
Although finished, it remains un- Yangon to pull imported wine and
clear where the profits from the pipe- spirit stocks, forcing customers to
line will wind up, one watchdog group settle for locally produced alcohol,
said. which is notoriously poor in quality.
“We are collecting data on land use U Ngwe Soe, deputy director at
and the impact of both the natural gas the commerce ministry, who is on a
and crude oil pipeline projects. This government task force cracking down
process is expected to be complete on illegal alcohol imports, said the
by mid-December. We will say more estimated price of one bottle of the
about the pipeline impact at that wine found at Premium’s warehous-
time,” said U Tin Thit, an adviser to es in Yangon ranged from K7000 to
the Myanmar-China Pipeline Watch K20,000. “These are the prices cited
Committee. by Premium, we haven’t estimated
The committee comprises 25 civil yet,” he said. If so, the store would be
society groups active in 21 townships worth several hundred thousand US
along the route of both the natural gas dollars.
and crude oil pipelines from Rakhine A source at Premium said about
State to the border with China. 90,000 bottles of wine had been
“In our study, the total acreage of found in the 7920-sq-ft space, though
land for permanent use amounted to the mobile team’s estimate was nearly
6499 acres, of which 5638 acres can be 80,000 bottles and about 30 tonnes
cultivated. Some landowners got less of foodstuffs, including frozen meat, night and they would confiscate the He said that Premium has been and beverages.
compensation than they should have vegetables and preserved foods. The products. unable to import any wine for more “There has been no transparency
because of measuring mistakes by gov- team, which was still examining the Premium’s manager Daw May than three months and that its largest in the retail sector since we started
ernment officials,” said U Tin Thit. products as of December 5, said their Myo Oo declined comment to The customers have begun stockpiling as in 1996,” the company said in a state-
The Ta’ang Students and Youth investigation would conclude that Myanmar Times as the investigation much imported alcohol and wine as ment on December 6, announcing
Union (TSYU), an ethnic association continued. they can get their hands on. they have pulled their imported alco-

based in Namhkhan township, north- Premium, which is the largest dis- “At this point, there is almost no hol and wine stock from their shops.
ern Shan State, said, “The compensa- tributor in the city, shut its wine and champagne left in the country. It is “The trade policy at the moment
tion process is not complete. Only a spirits wing last week, leaving its cus- like gold,” the source said, adding that is unclear. Because of that, over the
third of the money has reached the tomers high and dry, a source close to without new import rules in place, past three months some supermar-
landowners. The rest is still in hands the situation said. the country could be completely dry kets and shops stopped selling these
of the administration,” said Mai Amm “Basically, the SEA Games are of imported alcohol in one month’s products. City Mart, Ocean and City
Ngeal of TSYU. The organisation has Number of wine bottles being coming and nobody is going to have time. Express shops have stopped selling
watched the pipeline projects since investigated by the Ministry of wine. It is going to be a dry Christ- The investigation has drawn the from today,” the statement continued.
construction began. Commerce’s illicit import task force mas,” the source said, requesting ano- ire of local supermarket chain City But City Mart is not the only one
nymity for fear of persecution by the Mart, who openly criticised the gov- to stop selling imported wine and
More on business 29 government. ernment policies on imported food alcohol as it is now as most shops
BUSINESS editor: Philip Heijmans | 27

Exchange Rates (December 6 close)

Gold prices reach five Limited high-rises for Currency Buying Selling
year low Yangon in zoning plan Euro
Malaysia Ringitt
Singapore Dollar K780 K785
Thai Baht K30.50 K31
Business 30 property 32 US Dollar K981 K983

up, shops dry Heineken, Quarto in distribution

deal talks before government raid
licences. But Premium might have
a problem if they don’t have any li-
cence or duty-free permit, and these Heineken using the import licences of In May, Heineken announced that
are massive amounts,” said a director Myanmar-based hotels. it had reached a deal to invest US$60
of the Illegal Trade Prevention and thomas “We currently have no formal writ- million in a brewery in partnership
Supervision Control Committee of
Commerce. kean ten agreement with Quarto, but we
have engaged them to help us list and
with Alliance Brewery Company, which
is owned by U Aung Moe Kyaw, whose
The officials will allow Premium distribute our brands into some hotels,” IBTC Group also produces Grand Royal
a few weeks to provide the necessary Mr Campbell said. whisky.
documentation before taking action, “We have been planning a more Heineken’s 57-percent stake in the
he said. DUTCH brewer Heineken has con- formal distribution arrangement with brewery is through subsidiary Asia Pa-
“We will allow their foodstuffs if firmed it was negotiating a beer dis- Quarto before our new brewery is built. cific Breweries, which the brewing gi-
they can show FDA approval, but if tribution arrangement with Quarto In terms of imports we would like to ant – the world’s third-largest beer com-
there are no licences to import wine Products shortly before the Myanmar be able to import our beer through the pany – bought outright last year. APB
and alcohol, we will act according to company was forced to temporarily hotels in advance of the brewery being
the law,” he said. close in late October following a Minis- completed by this time next year.”
Despite laws against the impor- try of Commerce raid. “Our discussions with Quarto are ‘Currently, we are
tation of wine, hotels and duty-free The terms of the agreement would ongoing ... The details of any distribu-
shops are allowed to bring alcohol have seen Quarto distribute Heineken tion contract are commercially sensi- able to seize alcohol
and cigarettes into the country. The
restrictions, which date back several
beer through to the completion of the
company’s Yangon brewery, likely in
tive so we are not able to share this in-
formation. It is also still early days for
in any case where
decades, have been criticised for en- late 2014. However, the deal appears us to be able to form a view of what a we are getting
couraging illegal imports. in doubt following a raid on Quarto’s future more formal market looks like.”
To get around the ban, some busi- premises, which resulted in more than He said Heineken also cooperated information’
nesses have been known to collabo- K600 million worth of food and bever- with Quarto on an Oktoberfest event
rate with hotels to import additional age products being seized. The com- at Parkroyal Hotel. The two companies U Win Myint
alcohol products that are then sold to pany’s managing director was arrested had planned to host a joint booth at the Director of the Ministry of
restaurants and retailers – as Quarto is MyanFood ’13 food and beverage exhi- Commerce’s Directorate of Trade
accused of doing – while others simply bition in early November, Mr Campbell
import through illegal channels. MILLION said, adding that it “didn’t go ahead”

Hotels importing relatively small – because Quarto had been forced to
amounts of alcohol found it easier close by the Ministry of Commerce.
to work with a distribution compa- There is no evidence to suggest pulled out of a deal with army-owned
ny. But in a regulation promulgated that the planned distribution arrange- Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings
last month, the Ministry of Hotels ment and Quarto’s recent problems are Limited to build a brewery in 1996 and
and Tourism now requires hotels to linked. Government officials say the was replaced by Fraser & Neave. The
import alcohol directly, not through recent raids were launched based on latter owns 55pc of their joint venture
distributors. The commerce minis- Heineken’s investment for a new tip-offs. company, Myanmar Brewery Limited,
try will check import licences, sales brewery to be built in Myanmar “Currently, we are able to seize al- which produces Myanmar Beer, Tiger
in Yangon have either pull stock, contracts, and the nature and price cohol in any case where we are getting Beer and ABC Extra Stout.
or, like imported wine shop The of the products, and the hotel has to information,” U Win Myint, director of Meanwhile, Quarto Products re-
Warehouse, shut down indefinitely agree not to sell the products off its the Ministry of Commerce’s Directorate sumed deliveries on December 2 and
while the investigation on Premium premises. of Trade, told The Myanmar Times last sent an expanded list of products to
continues. Hotels imported about and went on trial on November 22. month. its clients, including hundreds of
The raid follows the closure of US$330,000 worth of alcohol and The raid came as a part of a The ministry does not consider types of wine from Australia, France,
Quarto Products, a major food and foodstuffs (including $124,000 worth nationwide government crackdown on the motivation or background of the Italy and Spain, along with liquors
alcohol importer with links to inter- of alcohol) on the basis of letters of illegal food and beverage imports over informant when it receives and acts such as cognac, grappa and kirsch.
national hotels, at the end of October. recommendation from the Ministry the past two months. However, despite on information about potentially il- It was unclear how the products had
The Ministry of Commerce’s Depart- of Hotels and Tourism in the 2012- the confiscation of tens of thousands legal imports. U Aung Than Soe, the been imported and the company de-
ment of Commerce and Consumer 2013 fiscal year, according to govern- of bottles of alcohol from Quarto, the lawyer for Quarto’s managing director, clined to comment.
Affairs is now prosecuting Quarto’s ment data. The amount for the cur- company was allowed to resume sales suggested however that the informant “We are able to resell again our
managing director, who is facing a rent year up to November was about on December 2. in the case “might be a competitor of products ... And we would like to say
three-year jail term. The company has $216,000 (of which $123,000 was for Mark Campbell, a spokesperson for Quarto”, but noted that the ministry thank you all [for] supporting and
since resumed deliveries. alcohol). Heineken Asia Pacific, told The My- would not be required to reveal the helping us during this period,” Quarto’s
“When we investigated Quarto, – Additional reporting by Philip anmar Times that the planned distri- person’s identity to the court during sales manager said in an email to cus-
they could show the hotels’ import Heijmans bution deal would see Quarto import the trial. tomers on November 30.

Cambodia port terminal

is now set for early 2014
Updates to Cambodia’s outdated Sihanoukville Autonomous Port
will allow for greater capacity as bilateral trade continues to grow

CONSTRUCTION on a new multi- to keep up with the growth.”

purpose terminal at Cambodia’s The terminal was originally slat-
Sihanoukville Autonomous Port ed for completion in 2014, accord-
is expected to begin in early 2014 ing to Mr Sonath, but was delayed
to support the country’s rising ex- as designs were changed to include
ports, port officials said last week. more space for warehousing.
The new terminal, linking sea to With the government targeting
shore, will occupy three hectares the export of 1 million tonnes of rice
and is expected to be finished by in 2015, the president of the Federa-
late 2016. It will cost close to US$80 tion of Cambodian Rice Exporters,
million and will be funded with a Kim Savuth, said he welcomed the
loan from the Japanese govern- new construction.
ment, according to port authorities. He added, however, that im-
Var Sonath, deputy director of provements were still needed for
Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, the logistics of getting cargo to the
said that the port is needed to sup- terminal.
port Cambodia’s growing agricul- “What [also] matters is the fee I
tural and garment exports. have to pay when the rice arrives at
“As Cambodia’s economy keeps the port, like the fee for transport-
growing, we see an increasing num- ing the containers to the scanning
ber of agricultural products being machine after they are unloaded
exported,” Mr Sonath said. from the train,” he said.
“The new terminal will be built – The Phnom Penh Post Business 29
The Fine Print
Legal & tax insight More trade corridors
Foreign investment: essential, experts say
making it a reality Nyan Lynn Aung building four highways, including the He said the project should be finished so-called ASEAN Road, slated to be fin- in 2015 and is being supported by the
says, particularly when junior of- ished by 2015. Asia Development Bank (ADB).
ficials lack the authority to accept MORE trade corridors linking the Construction resumed in early 2012 Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan,
Alessio or reject a deal. Giving 48 hours of Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) of roads to Thailand along two routes – Thai deputy minister for commerce,
Polastri a meeting with CEOs who reside
in Europe or the United States is
countries will boost Myanmar’s eco-
nomic development, former secretary
Bago-Thaton-Phayargyi-Myawady, and
said Thailand had already nearly com-
pleted its section of corridors to Laos,
not practical. general of the UN Conference on Trade said U Thein Zaw, chief engineer for which would allow Myanmar to export The wording of the law is only and Development says – and Myanmar the Ministry of Construction. Another to Laos, via a Tachileik-Melsia-Chaung
a small part of the appeal of a is in the perfect position, both geo- route, planned for completion before Kong-Chaung Rai route.
AMENDING the foreign invest- country for foreign investors. graphically and politically, to take the 2015, will link Yangon and India via “We are planning to reduce the de-
ment law, passed in November The actual opportunities and the lead. Taungoo-Gangaw-Kale-Tamu, while two velopment gap between ASEAN and
2012, to remove restrictions on chance to make a deal are much Supachai Panitchpakdi, World Trade others will link Yangon to China, via GMS countries,” said U Soe Win, dep-
actions that foreign companies or more important. These are what Organisation director general from Mandalay-Lashio-Muse and Meiktila- uty director general of the commerce
investors can take would certainly prompt investors to inject their 2002-2005, made the claim following Taunggyi-Kengtong-Mongla. ministry. “We will form partnerships
be good news, and would help at- cash and capital in the economy. the Joint Committee Meeting for the Myanmar is also converting the between GMS countries to [create the]
tract the investment the economy The law can always be amended GMS Cross-Border Transport Agree- once-notorious “Burma Railway” into ASEAN single market.
needs in order to grow. to suit the circumstances. ment in Nay Pyi Taw on November 21. a road. Built by the Japanese during Myanmar’s trade volume is current-
China has mastered this disci- On a separate matter, I am Many GMS members – which include World War II, the 258-mile (415-kilo- ly the smallest among GMS countries,
pline over the past few decades, pleased to see that Myanmar has Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thai- metre) railway line once joined Yangon which have agreed on a three-year plan
opening its economy to maximise moved up in the corruption per- land, as well as China’s Yunnan prov- and Bangkok. It was widely known as to cooperate in promoting trade, involv-
foreign investment. ception index. According to the ince and Guangxi autonomous region the “Death Railway” because more than ing transportation contracts among
But what Myanmar needs is a latest report, Myanmar is still – are among the least developed in the 100,000 labourers and POWs died dur- Myanmar, China, Thailand and Laos.
change of mindset – a break with ranked quite unrealistically low, region. ing its construction, and it inspired the Myanmar has to take action during
the past. but at least is not the lowest of More trade corridors would help film The Bridge on the River Kwai. its tenure as ASEAN chair to reduce
There is a strong contradic- the ASEAN countries. This will correct the imbalance, he said. “Myan- “We are reconstructing missing the development gap, said the Min-
tion between what politicians are certainly help the government at- mar should build border corridors to links of the Singapore-Kunming road istry of National Planning and Eco-
saying and what they are actually tract not just investors’ attention, connect [countries with] each other for by rebuilding a 100-kilometre [62-mile] nomic Development’s deputy direc-
doing. Calling for investment, and but also investments. trade.” As ASEAN chair for 2014, Myan- section between Payathonzu and Than- tor general of planning, U Thant Do
then failing to attend meetings mar was in a key position to do so, he byuzayat [in Mon State, the terminus Chin. He added that Myanmar, as the
with major investors, sends the Alessio Polastri is managing partner suggested. of the original Burma Railway],” said least-developed of the GMS countries,
wrong message, whatever the law of Polastri Wint & Partners. According to the Ministry of Trans- U Myint Thu, deputy director general had to make increased efforts to build
portation, Myanmar is currently of the Department of ASEAN Affairs. trade corridors.

continued from business 26

The pipeline spans central My-

anmar, with unloading points
at Kyaukphyu in Rakhine State,
Yenanchaung in Magwe Regim and
Thaungtha in Mandalay. Myanmar
will receive 88.28 billion cubic feet
(2.5 billion cubic metres) of natural
gas a year from the pipeline.
“We pay attention to land issues.
There have been complaints about
the social and economic impact,
some because of external instiga-
tion. We accept responsibility for
these issues. That is why we built
schools and clinics,” said an offi-
cial at SEAGP/SEAOP, the South-
east Asian Gas Pipeline and Oil
Pipeline company that operates the
SEAGP/SEAOP has spent K30
billion for land compensation so far,
said the company.


SEAGP/SEAOPs expenditure on land
compensation so far

“We work with MOGE [Myanmar

Oil and Gas Enterprise], regional
administration officials and resi-
dents or landowners in awarding
compensation,” said the official.
The country will receive US$30
billion a year over the next 30 years
from the gas pipeline, but the dis-
position of that income may be un-
regulated, according to a report by
the Shwe Gas Movement.
The Myanmar governmen awarded
purchasing rights for the gas to China
in 2008 with an agreement to export
6.5 trillion cubic feet (184 billion cubic
metres) over 30 years. SEAGP/SEAOP,
a consortium of energy companies
from China, Korea and India, and
MOGE operate the line, which runs
between Kyaukphyu and Muse on My-
anmar territory. The estimated cost of
792.5km-long line is $2.01 billion.
30 Business THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

Job watch Gold prices fall to a five-year low

Aye Thidar Kyaw

GOLD prices have fallen to a five-year low

as investors in the local markets are increas-
ingly turning to foreign currencies, experts
Job Vacancy said.
The British Embassy is currently looking to recruit a highly A tical of 24 karat gold (one tical equals
motivated and energetic individual to join our team as a 0.576 ounces) sold on December 4 for about
Deputy Corporate Services Manager. K653,500 (equivalent to about US$1228 an
For more information and details on how to apply, please ounce), the lowest since 2009, said U Win
visit the link below: Myint, secretary of the Myanmar Gold En-
trepreneurs’ Association (MGEA). The decline has been evident since March,
british-embassy-rangoon/about/recruitment when a tical still cost K768,500, down from
gold’s August 2012 high of K793,500.
Deadline for submission of applications will be on 23 “This is normally the peak season for
December 2013. gold sales, because farmers have money
after the harvest. But there is a lack of in-
terest,” he said, adding that price would
continue to fall due to the commodity’s

poor performance on the international
With steady decreases in the market over
the past 9 months, he said that investors
have turned to the property market and the Shoppers examine a gold necklace in a jewellery shop in Yangon. Photo: Zarni Phyo
US dollar.
is why more than 500,000 U Win Myint said he expected that gold adding that her shop has ceased to be

prices would bottom out sometime in the profitable.
range K650,000 - K655,000. Daw Ei Ei Khaing, owner of Shwe Nan
readers choose the two Gold trading tends to take place in the Daw gold shop in Yangon’s Lanmadaw
cities and not the borders as tical prices than Township, said she has had better luck as de-
newspapers that have the are about K10,000 lower than in Yangon and mand had remained steady, from both retail
Mandalay, he said. and wholesale customers, who successfully
nation covered Price of one tical of 24 karat gold in the local
markets last week .
“Since prices have been falling continu-
ously since April, people just want to sell
negotiate prices.
“We don’t keep stockpiles for a long time.
24 hours a day. out,” said Daw Zin Mi Mi Aung, owner of
Aung Thamadi gold shop in Mandalay,
Our products sell out within days, so we
haven’t lost out so far,” she said.

7 days a week.
365 days a year.
Women must evolve from their
Advertising & Subscription
Hotline: +951 392 928
traditional roles, experts say
email: advertising@ their lives. “My grandmother was one of Tourism entrepreneur Daw Khin Sanda
16 children. My mother was one of eight ... Win agreed that tradition was a hurdle. I have only one child. This gives us some “We need old laws repealed and new
room [to enter business],” she said. laws to enhance women [alongside] our
circulation@ Daw Thet Thet Khine highlighted Sin- traditional way of living,” she said.
gapore as a positive example of creating Daw Khin Sanda Win said medical and
Bridget Di Certo Su Phyo Win an empowering arena for women entrepre- communications technology could ben- neurs by encouraging entrepreneurship efit women entrepreneurs. “Once I could
WHILE scientific advances have created through grants, streamlined business reg- not have a fax machine because I needed
new opportunities for women entrepre- istration and family-friendly labour laws. special permission,” she said. “Sometimes
neurs, traditional family roles can hin- it would take the phone shop two hours
der their progress in the business sector, to get a line for me to make a one-minute
leading businesswomen said at the Myan-
mar Women’s Forum 2013 on December
‘We need old laws phone call to order more cement for the
6. repealed and new laws Both financial opportunity and techno-
As a developing country, it is critical for logical assistance are becoming increas-
the economy to capture the contribution to enhance women ingly accessible for budding entrepre-
New Vacancies APPLY NOW!

of its 30 million female citizens, Myanmar neurs, Daw Khin Sanda Win said.
Women Entrepreneurs’ Association vice [alongside] our “Doing business is still a great chal-
president Daw Thet Thet Khine told the lenge. [Myanmar] was isolated for 50 years
traditional way of living’ We have to start from the very bottom,”
“Women have qualities and can make she said.
Daw Khin Sanda Win
contributions [to the economy] but are “In the countryside, women are respon-
Tourism entrepreneur
Business Development Manager still left behind because of traditional sible for daily livelihood,” and this innate
practices,” Dr Daw Thet Thet Khine said. business sense makes them ideal candi-
Marketing Manager “In the private sector, you rarely see wom- dates for launching their own businesses,
Sales and Distribution Manager en in senior positions.” Daw Khin Sanda Win said.
Brand Manager “[Success] is a challenge for business- But for true success, women needed the
women who are overloaded with family “If we want to develop the whole coun- support of the men in their families, Daw
Logistic Officer responsibilities. That’s why family is of try we don’t want to exclude women. By Thet Thet Khine said, adding, “The family
Medical Doctor paramount importance.” ignoring female entrepreneurship, we will needs to encourage women, and workplac-
Project Manager She said advances in family planning cut out half the country’s contribution,” es need to create a family-friendly work
had given women the power to control she said. environment.”
Sales Engineer
Site Engineer
Chief Accountant
Accountant IN BRIEF
HR Manager The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Myanmar is inviting qualified candidates to apply for
HR Executive the following positions:
Mercedes launches showroom
Legal Executive
Sr. Title and level Duty Station Position Deadline Mercedes, which began exporting cars
1. Finance Assistant (Treasury) (LICA 3) Yangon National 10 Dec 13 to Myanmar in July, has now opened a
Secretary showroom on Yangon’s Pyay Road.
2. IT and M&E Database Officer (LICA 6) Yangon National 11 Dec 13
Passenger Service Agent ( Airline) “The car market has great potential
3. ICT Assistant (LICA 3) Yangon National 15 Dec 13
Receptionist in Myanmar. We don’t know how it will
4. Security Guard (LICA 1A) (3 Positions) Yangon National 19 Dec 13 develop, but we want to be on top of
Customer Service The benefit package for the above positions includes an attractive remuneration, 30 days annual leave and it,” said CEO Wolfgang Huppenbauer,
10 holidays per year, medical insurance, learning and development opportunities and a challenging working president of Daimler Southeast Asia.
environment with 250 national and international colleagues.
No. 851/853 (A/B), 3rd Floor, Room (7/8), Bogyoke Aung San Road, U Aung Thet Lwin, head of sales
Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar. All applications must be made through the UNOPS E-recruitment System ( and click on at Cycle and Carriage Automobile
the post you are interested in applying for.
Tel: (951) 229 437, 09 49 227 773, 09 730 94007 Myanmar, said the car market would
Email:, For Sr.4, applicants are kindly requested to submit by manual application (paper) to HR Unit, UNOPS Myanmar at continue to grow so long as the
No. 12(O), Pyithu Lane, 7 Mile, Mayangone Township, Yangon. economy and reforms keep moving
If you have further queries, please contact 95 1 657 281-7 Ext: 149 forward. – Aye Nyein Win Business 31
singapore tokyo

Commercial court Biden urges Japan to

set to open its
doors in Singapore open auto market, farms
SINGAPORE last week said it plans Singapore’s reputation as a leading US Vice President Joe Biden last week
to launch an international commer- destination for international arbi- urged Japan to step up efforts to open
cial court that will aid in settling an tration, which allows for disputes its auto and farm markets in order to
increasing number of cross-border to be resolved by third-party arbi- conclude a huge regional free trade
disputes as Asia’s economies boom. trators outside of court. deal.
The Ministry of Law said in a The Singapore International Ar- Mr Biden, who is in Tokyo on the
statement the proposed Singapore bitration Centre, set up in 1991, last first leg of a three-nation tour of North-
International Commercial Court year handled 235 disputes worth east Asia, held talks with Prime Min-
(SICC) will leverage on robust S$3.61 billion ($2.87 billion). ister Shinzo Abe before a ministerial
cross-border investment and trade It is considered the fourth most meeting on the ambitious deal in Singa-
in Asia, where gross domestic prod- preferred arbitration institution in pore this weekend.
uct is expected to triple over the the world, after similar bodies head- “To state the obvious, for the coun-
current decade to US$34.9 trillion quartered in Paris, London and New tries involved, the decisions and com-
in 2020. York, according to a survey by inter- promises that need to be made are very
“Against this backdrop, the num- national law firm White & Case. sensitive and very difficult,” Mr Biden
ber and complexity of cross-border “Building on the success of the said following the talks.
disputes is expected to increase, arbitration sector in Singapore, the But “we need a comprehensive
enabling the legal services sector proposed international commercial agreement that involves longstanding
in the Asia Pacific to grow signifi- court will make Singapore an even differences between the United States
cantly,” the ministry said. more attractive venue for dispute and Japan including issues like agricul-
It said the SICC will build on resolution in Asia and beyond,” the ture and automobiles”, he said.
ministry said. Foreign automakers have long com-
With similar commercial courts plained that Japanese authorities erect US Vice President Joe Biden gestures as he speaks during a meeting with
‘The proposed ... in London and Dubai handling a huge barriers to entry into the lucrative Japanese business leaders at the headquarters of Japan’s mobile portal and
growing number of global cases, “a market. e-commerce website DeNA in Tokyo on December 3. Photo: AFP
court will make window of opportunity currently Tokyo for its part insists it will never
exists for an Asian dispute resolu- lift all tariffs, in particular on its sensi- “All countries – including mine – negotiations, describing the TPP as
Singapore an even tion hub catering to international tive farm products. are grappling with sensitive issues,” creating “gold standards” for the 21st
more attractive disputes with an Asian connection,”
said a report of an international
Mr Biden told a Japanese newspaper
that negotiators had their shoulders to
he said. “The most important thing is
that countries make the tough choices
Century economy by taking into ac-
count fast-changing sectors such as
venue for dispute committee that looked into the fea- the wheel to try to thrash out the Trans- necessary to deliver a successful agree- intellectual property.
sibility of setting up the court. Pacific Partnership (TPP) before a self- ment.” But there is significant resistance
resolution in Asia’ Law Minister K Shanmugam imposed year-end deadline. The TPP would group 12 nations, in some participating countries, and
told reporters that Singapore is the “Our negotiators are working including the US, Japan, Indonesia outside observers are skeptical that
Singapore’s Ministry of Law “obvious choice” for investors look- around the clock, full speed ahead,” Mr and Mexico, that together make up 40 such a diverse field can reach accord
ing to have disputes resolved in a Biden told the Asahi Shimbun ahead of percent of the global economy. before the new year.
transparent and efficient manner. his trip. Washington has been spearheading – AFP
32 THE MYANMAR TIMES december 9 - 15, 2013

Property BUSINESS editor: Philip Heijmans |

Limited high-rises for Yangon

Kuala Lumpur

tribe ends in new government zoning plan
dam protest
ABOUT 100 Malaysian tribespeople
were forced to end a three-month
blockade of a dam after rising waters
threatened to flood their homes in
Borneo, activists said last week. myat nyein aye tin yadanar Tun
The state-linked Sarawak Energy
company began filling the reservoir LIMITING the number of high-rise
in late September, a week after some development projects in Yangon will
100 Penan natives from seven villages preserve the city’s heritage while
began a protest on the only road to the continuing to attract foreign invest-
remote, US$1.3 billion Murum dam in ment – that’s the message of the Yan-
Sarawak state, located in the north- gon City Development Committee
west of Borneo. (YCDC) regarding the city’s zoning
“They have no choice. The water plan, a spokesperson said last week
is rising fast so they have to get their during a meeting.
belongings,” Peter Kallang, chairman Speaking at the December 4 dis-
of the NGO Save Sarawak’s Rivers Net- cussion about Yangon land use and
work, told AFP. building heritage zoning, architect
He said their homes were Daw Hlaing Maw Oo said, “The plan
already being flooded before promised for the long term is to have a city
resettlement houses had even been that is attractive for residents and
completed. interesting to foreign or local inves-
Malaysian police last month arrest- tors. That’s why we need to include
ed eight tribespeople blocking access conservation in our land-use and
to a dam which they say will displace building heritage zoning plan.” Daw
them from their lands, amidincreasing Hlaing Maw Oo works for the De-
protests on Borneo island. partment of Human Settlements and
The Murum dam is one of a series Housing Development.
of hydroelectric facilities planned by Limiting the high-rise building
the Sarawak government as it pushes zone will help conserve Yangon city
economic development in one of Ma- features, she added.
laysia’s poorest states. “If we allow high-rise buildings
The Penans set up the blockade in throughout the region, the heritage
September to demand 500,000 ringgit buildings and their culture will dis-
($155,000) for the loss of their land, appear,” she said. A view of downtown Yangon. Photo: Staff
property and livelihood. The YCDC’s claims of limiting
The 944-megawatt dam is expected Yangon’s development in order to Serge Pun, chairman of the mul- The YCDC has rolled out new in public, she said.
to flood 95 square miles (245 square preserve the city’s current infrastruc- tinational realty firm Serge Pun & land-use classifications such as low-, Uncontrolled growth could dam-
kilometres), and cause 1500 Penan and ture come as numerous investors are Associates, agrees with the mu- medium- and high-density residen- age the quality of life for residents,
80 Kenyah natives to lose their homes. either turned away from developing nicipal plan, saying that it will give tial, mixed-use, commercial and warned YCDC consultant U Kyaw Lat.
Sarawak Energy had said reloca- modern high-rise buildings in cen- developers more specific guidelines business, industrial and warehouse, “Increased floor-area ratios down-
tion of affected natives was set to be tral areas of town or being forced to to draw from that perhaps did not and others, with the hope of prevent- town will cause more congestion,” he
completed by year-end and insisted scale back on existing projects. exist before. ing misallocations of land that could said, adding that traffic jams could re-
that displaced villagers were being Many buildings in downtown “I think [the zoning plan is] very damage the city’s infrastructure. duce average vehicle speeds in built-
compensated fairly. Yangon, meanwhile, remain outdat- necessary. Yangon city has never “We need this zoning plan so as up areas to 3 miles an hour.
An initial sum of 15,000 ringgit ed with poor safety standards, and had a zoning law and that actually to avoid making mistakes, like allow- Vice chair of Yangon Heritage
per family was reportedly raised to are in some cases dilapidated. opens up to a lot of loopholes so ing high-rise buildings that obscure Trust, Daw Moe Moe Lwin, said wide
23,000, with Sarawak’s chief minister “Different people will have differ- having a new set of regulations is the view of Shwedagon Pagoda,” said variations in materials, building
Abdul Taib Mahmud calling Penan de- ent views on what’s best for the city very good,” he said. Daw Hlaing Maw Oo. heights and quality standards, mean-
mands “outrageous”. and compromises will be needed in “We have to be extremely sensi- The plan, once approved, will ap- while, would harm the city.
Kallang said the protestors would framing policies, but once the rules tive toward preserving the heritage ply to both private and government YCDC deputy director U Toe Aung
continue with legal action against au- and regulations are in place every- building.” buildings. Discussions will take place suggested a trade-off by which high-
thorities despite being forced to aban- one should be treated equally,” said er buildings could be located uptown
don their blockade. U Thant Myint-U, chairman of the if building density was decreased.
The building spree in the resource- Yangon Heritage Trust. ‘Different people will have different “We restrict buildings in Ahlone
rich state along the powerful jungle Nevertheless, experts believe that township to 12 storeys, but that could
rivers has been dogged by controversy investors are willing to work around views on what’s best for the city go up to 18 storeys if there are fewer
as activists allege massive corruption, building restrictions so long as eco- buildings. But we can’t do that down-
while natives complain it has flooded nomic prospects remain high. and compromises will be needed in town,” he said.
rainforests and uprooted tens of thou-
sands of people.
“People in the future will invest
in the areas that don’t have such
framing policies, but once the rules and Economic adviser to the president
Aung Htun Thet said some experts
Hundreds of Malaysian tribespeo- limitations and where you can de- regulations are in place everyone should predicted that by 2030, 25 percent
ple have also blockaded the construc- velop high-rise buildings,” said U of Yangon’s population would live in
tion site of the nearby Baram dam. Aung Thura, chief executive at lo- be treated equally’ the downtown area – about double
While Baram is expected to gener- cally-based consultancy firm Thura the current proportion. “Responsible
ate 1200 MW of power, activists claim Swiss. “If you look at Shanghai and U Than Myint-U people accept zoning and height re-
it will flood 400 square kilometres of Beijing, completely new areas have Chairman of the Yangon Heritage Trust strictions,” he said.
rainforest (154 square miles) and dis- now been developed where nothing – Additional reporting by Philip
place 20,000 tribespeople. – AFP existed before.” Heijmans and Thomas Kean
Quote of the week

‘We need this zoning plan so as to avoid Nelson Mandela leaves

making mistakes’ legacy of tolerance
— Hlaing Maw Oo, architect at the Department of Human Settlements and Housing Development World 36

UN to train
Thilawa SEZ breaks ground
noe noe aung
Myat Noe Oo
IN another major step toward de-
THE United Nations has launched a velopment, representatives of Japan
series of training programs in Hpa-an, and Myanmar last week attended the
Kayin State, that will teach dozens of ground-breaking ceremony for the
local urban planners how to properly Thilawa special economic zone. The
monitor the influx of property develop- first phase of the project, covering
ments in Myanmar. 400 hectares of Thanlyin and Kyauk-
Put on by the United Nations Human tan townships, is to be implemented
Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) by 2015.
and the Urban Research and Develop- At the November 30 ceremony at
ment Institute – established in Yangon the port, the vice minister of Japan’s
in 2012 by UN-Habitat in partnership Ministry of Economy, Trade and In-
with the Department of Human Settle- dustry (METI), said. Myanmar’s ef-
ment and Housing Development – the forts to attract foreign investment
training program will focus on modern would depend on the success of Thil-
strategies for urban development, said awa special economic zone, which is
Daw Moe Moe Oo, training and com- 20km (12.4 miles) from Yangon.
munications officer at UN-Habitat. “Though Japanese investors are
“The first training session is fin- very interested in Myanmar and its
ished,” Daw Moe Moe Oo said, with the emerging economy, they are hesitant
second session picking up in a month to invest here,” said Yoshihiko Isozaki.
and a half. The sessions are spaced out, “The Myanmar government is Japanese and local officials cut the ceremonial rope,
she said, so that they can monitor pro- preparing new laws for international breaking ground on the Thilawa SEZ. Photo: Boothee
gress and keep track of trainees’ devel- investors. And many investors are
opment over time. still worrying about terms and con-
A related program in Yangon run- ditions. Increasing international in- and Sumitomo corporations, and “Now is the time to implement the plemented in 2015 with the construc-
ning from December 12-16 will deal vestment depends on the success of the Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings special economic zone,” said U Win tion of automobile and electronics
with water provision, urban drain the Thilawa special economic zone,” company (MTSH) involving nine Aung, saying he expected the zone factories.
connection system and transportation he added. Myanmar companies. The Myanmar to provide job opportunities for local According to the METI website, Ja-
issues. Housing-related training pro- The zone is being developed by and Japanese governments signed an people. pan will provide ¥20 million (US$3.28
grams have already run one session a consortium involving the Japan agreement establishing the consor- U Set Aung, chair of the Thilawa billion) for the related infrastruc-
each in Yangon, Mandalay, Taunggyi Thilawa SEZ Company, with partici- tium on October 29, said MTSH chair SEZ management committee, said the ture, electrical systems, ports and
and Monywa. pation from Mitsubishi, Marubeni U Win Aung. first phase of the project would be im- transportation.
34 Business Property THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013


Rich Chinese snap up visas

buying Portugal property
A DREAM home in Portugal is be-
coming a golden ticket for wealthy
Chinese, where property assets can
also yield a prized residence permit al-
lowing them to travel and do business
across Europe.
Portugal is rolling out the red car-
pet to discriminating Chinese buyers,
where they are stabilising property
prices that have dropped by nearly a

Living in style
third during a deep recession that has
accompanied the eurozone country’s
international bailout.
GRACIOUS, spacious and family-friend- keep it in touch. There is also a garage One year ago the Portugese govern-
ly – if a tad on the expensive side – this alongside. – Ei The The Naing ment launched a program to attract
week’s house occupies a 15,400-square- wealthy investors, and the results are
foot private compound with a beautiful Location : Ahlone Road, Dagon Tsp
now beginning to bear fruit.
tree-shaded lawn. Four of the five bed- Price :
US$25,000 (for rent) For the purchase of a home or
rooms are double, and there is also a apartment of at least 500,000 euros
maid’s room. Three living rooms are de- Contact : Estate Myanmar (US$700,000) which is to be kept
signer-decorated in white. Ten air condi- Phone : 09 73114860, 0943118787 for at least five years, investors will
tioners keep it cool, and two landlinesww receive a Portuguese residence per-
Only obliged to spend seven days
per year in Portugal, the holders of
these residence permits may travel
TRADE MARK CAUTION and work throughout Europe with-
out a visa within the Schengen area of
NOTICE is hereby given that Goodman Fielder Consumer Foods countries.
Pty Limited, a corporation organized under the laws of Australia of Chinese account for the over-
T2/39 Delhi Road, North Ryde, New South Wales, 2113, Australia, whelming majority of investors in the
scheme, followed by Brazilians, Rus-
do solemnly and sincerely declare that we are the owners and sole sians and Angolans. A man enters a real estate office with Chinese characters announcing properties
proprietors of the following trade mark in Myanmar: The scheme is similar to those in to sell in downtown Lisbon. Property assets in Portugal can yield a residence
place in a number of other European
MEADOW LEA nations, and data released last week
permit allowing property owners to work in Europe. Photo: AFP

The said mark is used in respect of ‘Margarine; edible oils and fats’. by the foreign ministry showed that the rich newcomers. Lisbon real es- said, is space.
The said trade mark is the subject of Declaration of Ownership 356 of these residence permits issued tate agency Casa em Portugal hired “For 500,000 euros clients can buy
so far have brought $300 million in Yansi Xu solely to better serve Chinese an apartment with four rooms at 130
recorded with the Registrar of Deeds and Assurances, Yangon, investment. clients. square metres [1400 square feet] in
Myanmar, in Book IV under No. IV/ 5217/2013 Dated 23rd May, 2013. Now that the program is up and “They are almost all businessmen. Benfica, while in Beijing or Shanghai
running, the increase in investment is I have sold them seven houses in two that is the price of a two-room space
Any infringement or colourable imitation thereof or other infringement expected to be swifter, said Luis Lima, months,” said the 34-year-old, taking a of 60 square metres,” he said.
of the rights of the said corporation will be dealt with according to law. head of the Portugese real estate agent break from tapping frenetically at his Most Chinese investors do not aim
association. computer. to make Portugal their home, but want
U Kyi Win Associates More than 300 new requests for One client is a 35-year-old busi- to use the visa to conduct business in
for Goodman Fielder Consumer Foods Pty Limited permits are under review, which nessman who with his wife plans to other European countries, which they
by its Attorneys-at-Law would take the total investment to move into a modern apartment near can visit freely within the Schengen
$815 million, he estimated, and “the the Luz stadium in Lisbon’s Benfica area of 26 countries, which excludes
REMFRY & SAGAR requests are almost always accepted,” neighbourhood, so their young son Britain and Ireland.
INDIA. Dated: 9th December, 2013 he said. can go to an English-language school “As a general rule, Chinese buy-
In a single week last month, 15 mil- in Lisbon. ers are looking for new or renovated
lion euros was invested, according to The Chinese education system is homes that they can rent out at a
government figures, a rate which if “too demanding” for the child, Lima higher rate,” said lawyer Raquel Cuba
TRADEMARK CAUTION sustained would take annual invest- said, so the parents would prefer him Martins, whose firm helps Chinese cli-
ment to nearly $1 trillion. to be educated in Europe. ents navigate Portuguese bureaucracy.
NOTICE is hereby given that PAREXGROUP PARTICIPATIONS And companies are adapting to Another advantage, the realtor – AFP
SAS, a company incorporated in the laws of France of 19 Place de
la Résistance 92446 ISSY LES MOULINEAUX CEDEX, France,
do solemnly and sincerely declare that we are the owners and sole Athens
proprietor of the following trade mark in Myanmar:-

LANKO Home grabs a high-risk mission

for fragile Greek government
The said mark is used in respect of ‘Chemicals used in industry;
chemicals used for building; adhesives and glues for industrial purposes,
adhesives and glues for wall and floors coverings; chemicals additives
for building materials, in particular compositions and products for the
preparation, the protection and the waterproofing of concretes, mortars RISING poverty, pressure from credi- creditors and the government in re- warned that ending the moratorium
tors and a looming parliamentary turn for loans under from the Greek on foreclosures would cause “a sec-
and cements; chemicals used for resurfacing and smoothing walls revolt: Greece’s government has its bailout agreement. ond Asia Minor disaster”, referring
and floors. Mould release preparations; damp proofing preparations work cut out as it ponders whether to According to Kathimerini, the to the traumatic conclusion of the
(except paints) for building; waterproof packing and insulating broaden home foreclosures to thin the ban reduced home auctions by 50 Greek-Turkish war of 1919-1922 that
ranks of evasive debtors. percent between 2009 and 2012, and saw the elimination of Anatolia’s
materials; insulating materials and products for building. Insulating A law passed in 2010 currently pro- removing it could see 110,000 homes ethnic Greek minority through kill-
plaster; gaskets; sealant compounds for joints; non metallic building tects the principal residence of debt- seized and sold. ings and exile.
materials; mortar, concrete, cement for building; non metallic wall and ors from outright seizure, providing a “Changing the rules on home sei- Facing an internal revolt on the
floor coverings for building; coatings (building materials); non metallic cushion of support in a country stuck zures would mark the beginning of issue from its own lawmakers, the
in a six-year recession and four years a political, economic and social rup- coalition government of conservative
building materials for resurfacing and smoothing walls and floors’. of austerity cutbacks. ture,” said Louka Katseli, the former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is
But according to Greece’s credi- finance minister who promoted the seeking a compromise that will satisfy
The said trade mark is the subject of Declaration of Ownership recorded tors – the EU, IMF and the European law in question. everyone.
with the Registrar of Deeds and Assurances, Yangon, Myanmar, in Central Bank – the measure has been One prominent magistrate has “The weak will be protected, poor
Book IV under No. IV/2155/2013 dated 1st March, 2013. systematically abused. and middle-class households will be
“The moratorium on seizures has protected,” government spokesman

Any infringement or colourable imitation thereof or other infringements brought about an important increase in Simos Kedikoglou told Antenna televi-
strategic bankruptcies, meaning people sion last week.
of the rights of the said corporation will be dealt with according to law. who stopped repaying their loans even “We are trying to locate freeload-
though they had the means to do so,” ers, and protect those who truly can’t
U Kyi Win Associates Poul Thomsen, head of the IMF’s audit meet their obligations owing to the
for PAREXGROUP PARTICIPATIONS SAS mission to Greece, told Kathimerini Homes that could be seized or sold with crisis,” he said.
by its Attorneys-at-Law daily in a recent interview. the removal of government measures The European Commission this
The protective measure is set to currently protecting Greece’s property week also stressed that it was merely
REMFRY & SAGAR lapse in January, and has become a market seeking to “rework” the ban to elimi-
INDIA. Dated: 9th December, 2013 major sticking point in the negotia- nate “systematic abuse brought about
tions between the so-called troika of by the general moratorium”. – AFP Science & Technology 35

US sanctions Scientists discover wonder

rice gene: IRRI
hurt democracy SCIENTISTS have discovered a won-

activists: study
der rice gene that could dramatically
increase yields of one of the world’s
most important food crops, the Inter-
national Rice Research Institute said
BROAD US sanctions aimed at keeping from selling many types of telecommu- Preliminary tests show that yields
certain technologies out of the hands of nications equipment. of modern long-grain “indica” rice va-
repressive regimes can often backfire by Because of this, researchers told a rieties, the world’s most widely grown
hurting democracy movements, a think forum discussing the report, citizens types of rice, can rise by 13-36 per-
tank report said Thursday. in those countries often use outdated cent when infused with the so-called
The New America Foundation study software that is riddled with security SPIKE gene, the Philippines-based
said US sanctions policies “remain holes which can be easily exploited by institute said.
largely outdated in recognizing how the regimes. “Our work showed that SPIKE is
communications technology can ben- “If you are in Iran you cannot get a indeed one of the major genes respon-
efit both the civilian population and legitimate copy of your operating sys- sible for the yield increase that breed-
serve broader American foreign policy tem,” said Collin Anderson, an inde- ers have spent so many years search-
goals”. pendent researcher who contributed to ing for,” IRRI genetic transformation
It added that the broad-brush sanc- the report. laboratory chief Inez Slamet-Loedin
tions “often have negative consequences He said because the software is of- said in a statement.
on the populations in sanctioned coun- ten illegitimate, it cannot get security Testing of new rice varieties in-
tries, inadvertently aiding the repres- updates and governments “are going fused with the gene is under way
sive regimes that seek to control access to [insert] malware [on] everybody ... across several developing countries
to information within their borders.” State-sponsored actors use this as a way in Asia, said rice breeder Tsutomu
The researchers urged a move to to round up political dissidents.” Ishimaru, head of the IRRI-led SPIKE
“smart sanctions” which could deny tar- Ian Schuler, a former State Depart- breeding programme.
geted governments the ability to moni- ment official who now heads a digital “We believe that these will con-
tor and silence opposition movements, activism group, said that in the United tribute to food security in these areas
while allowing more access to personal States “there is general agreement that once the new varieties are released,”
communications tools. the free flow of ideas is beneficial to eve- Mr Ishimaru said.
“These technologies increase citi- ryone”. Increasing the yield means grow- Researcher Tsutomu Ishimaru inspects a rice plant with
zens’ ability to access and share infor- But Mr Schuler told the forum that ing more rice on the same amount of the SPIKE gene in IRRI Los Banos in Manila. Photo: AFP
mation and communicate with each refining sanctions policies is complex land, using the same resources.
other,” said Danielle Kehl, one of the because some technologies “can be used There is so far no definite timeta-
authors of the report. for good things or for bad things”. ble for when the rice containing the just 10pc of global rice production. by more than half of humanity, in-
“They can also provide stronger pro- The report said exemptions should SPIKE gene will be distributed to Breeders from IRRI, a non-profit cluding 640 million Asians who live
tection against censorship and surveil- be made in sanctions for “personal com- farmers, according to IRRI spokes- research group established in the in poverty, according to IRRI.
lance from local governments than the munications tools, from email to anti- woman Gladys Ebron. 1960s, then worked to incorporate To keep rice prices stable and af-
alternatives people rely on if American filtering software”, saying they “clearly The SPIKE gene was first discov- the gene into indica varieties that are fordable at about $300 a tonne, the
products are blocked by sanctions.” enhance the free flow of information, ered by Japanese breeder Nobuya widely used in major rice-growing ar- institute estimates production needs
The report examined sanctions on enabling citizens in repressive countries Kobayashi following long-running eas of Asia. to increase by 8-10 million tonnes eve-
Iran, Syria, Sudan, Suba and North Ko- to communicate with one another and research starting in 1989 on a tropical Ms Ebron said the transfer did not ry year. Asia accounts for about 90pc
rea, where US companies are barred with the outside world”. “japonica” rice variety that is grown involve genetical modification of the of global rice production, it added.
in Indonesia, Ms Ebron told AFP. The crop, a controversial issue in food pro- IRRI is widely recognised as hav-
findings of the study were published duction. “It’s just conventional breed- ing played an important role in the
Monday. ing,” she added. “Green Revolution” of the 1960s in
Tropical japonica rice is mainly Rice is the developing world’s which new varieties of rice dramati-
grown in East Asia and accounts for most important food crop, consumed cally increased yields.

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev

IN PICTUREs takes part in a pre-flight underwater
training session in a pool at the Gagarin
Cosmonauts’ Training Centre in Star City
centre outside Moscow on December 4, 2013. Oleg Artemyev
is scheduled to blast off to the International Space
Station (ISS) from the Russian-leased Kazakhstan’s
Baikonur cosmodrome in March 2014. Photo: AFP
36 THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

World editor: Bridget Di Certo |

Nelson Mandela leaves

legacy of tolerance
amid great inequality
NELSON Mandela’s long walk from Verwoerd and when he donned the
apartheid prisoner to South African Springbok rugby jersey to congratulate
president remade a country and in- the mainly white team’s victory in the
spired the world. 1995 Rugby World Cup.
He died peacefully at home in Jo- Mr Mandela remains a unifying
hannesburg aged 95 after spending symbol in a country still riven by racial
months in a critical condition following tensions and deep inequality.
treatment for a lung infection. “His life tells a story that stands in
Twenty-three years earlier, on Feb- direct opposition to the cynicism and
ruary 11, 1990, Nelson Rolihlahla Man- hopelessness that so often afflict our
dela emerged, greying but unbowed, word,” US President Barack Obama
from 27 years’ detention for opposing wrote in the foreword to Nelson Man-
the white-minority apartheid regime. dela’s most recent autobiography.
It was a defining moment of the 20th But crime, grinding poverty and
century. corruption scandals have effectively
In freeing the world’s most famous ended the honeymoon enjoyed after
political prisoner, President FW de Mr Mandela ushered in the “Rainbow
Klerk sent an unequivocal message. Af- A man reads a local newspaper with Nation”.
ter centuries of subjugation, millions of the front page dedicated to South “Nelson Mandela, in a sense, was a
other black South Africans would soon African former President Nelson once-in-a-hundred-year phenomenon,”
be free too. Mandela in Soweto on December 6. said Frans Cronje of the Institute for
Apartheid was over. Photo: AFP Race Relations.
“I greet you all in the name of peace, “Thinking that South Africa would
democracy and freedom for all,” a vote in droves to elect Nelson Mandela maintain that level or that standard of
71-year-old Nelson Mandela said in his the country’s first black president. governance, of attitude, of role in inter-
first public speech in 27 years. As that rarest of politicians, a leader national politics, I think was expecting
“I stand here before you not as a imbued with moral force, Mr Mandela too much.”
prophet, but as a humble servant of was never likely to lose. But his task in Born in the village of Mvezo in one
you, the people.” office was immense, nothing less than of South Africa’s poorest regions, the
Devoid of self-pity, he reached out preventing a civil war. Transkei, on July 18, 1918, Rolihlahla
to the same people who jailed him and “We enter into a covenant that we Dalibhunga Mandela was the great-
who brutalised fellow blacks to preach shall build a society in which all South grandson of a Tembu king.
“true reconciliation” in what was, and Africans, both black and white, will be He was given his English name IN PICTUREs Masaharu Nakagawa (left), chairman of the upper
remains, a deeply scarred country. able to walk tall, without any fear in “Nelson” by a teacher at his school. committee session at the Diet in Tokyo on Decemb
“He came out a far greater person their hearts, assured of their inalien- An activist since his student days at
than the man who went in,” said former able right to human dignity – a Rain- the University of Fort Hare, Mr Man-
archbishop Desmond Tutu. bow Nation at peace with itself and the dela opened the first black law firm in
“He had learned to understand the world,” he declared on being sworn in. Johannesburg in 1952, along with fel- in Algeria and Ethiopia. He served only one five-year term,
foibles and weaknesses of human be- He succeeded in preventing serious low activist Oliver Tambo. After more than a year under- and after his retirement in 1999 he de-
ings and to be more generous in his racial violence in part through his easy He became commander-in-chief of ground, he was arrested and in 1964 voted his considerable energy, despite
judgement of others.” manner and mastery of symbolism. Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Na- sentenced to life in prison during the increasing physical frailty, to mediating
Four years after his release – and Two of his finest moments as a rec- tion), the armed underground wing Rivonia trial where he delivered a conflicts, especially the war in Burundi.
just a year after he received the Nobel onciler came when he had tea with the of the African National Congress, in speech that was to become the mani- In 1998, on his 80th birthday, Mr
Peace Prize – South Africans would widow of apartheid architect Hendrik 1961, and underwent military training festo of the anti-apartheid movement. Mandela, after having divorced his
“During my lifetime, I have dedi- second wife Winnie Madikizela-Man-
cated myself to this struggle of the Afri- dela, married Graca Machel, the wid-
can people. I have fought against white ow of Mozambican president Samora
domination and I have fought against Machel.
black domination. I have cherished the Having been deprived of seeing his
ideal of a democratic and free society ... own children grow up while he was
It is an ideal for which I am prepared incarcerated, he dedicated much time
to die.” to improving the lives of youngsters,
Nelson Mandela was jailed on Rob- drumming up money from businesses
ben Island for 18 years before being to build schools in remote areas.
transferred in 1982 to Pollsmoor prison At age 83, he was diagnosed with
in Cape Town and later to Victor Ver- prostate cancer and successfully under-
ster prison in nearby Paarl. went treatment.
Throughout his incarceration inter- Throughout his life he suffered from
national pressure increased on South respiratory ailments.
Africa. He was diagnosed with early-stage
Then, in 1989, hardline President tuberculosis while in prison in 1988.
PW Botha was replaced by the more In May 2004, Mr Mandela an-
conciliatory FW de Klerk. nounced that he was scaling back his
A year later, de Klerk ordered Mr public schedule to enjoy “a much qui-
Mandela’s release. eter life” with his family and friends.
“I wish to put it plainly that the Eight months later, Mr Mandela
government has taken a firm decision convened the press at his home to an-
to release Mr Nelson Mandela uncondi- nounce that his only surviving son had
tionally,” he told a shocked parliament. died of AIDS in a bid to encourage
“The time for negotiation has ar- more openness about the disease.
rived.” he said, adding, “The alterna- In January 2011 he suffered a lung
tive is growing violence, tension and infection, which recurred in late 2012
conflict.” and again in late March.
Nelson Mandela’s presidency, like Nelson Mandela is survived by his
that of US President Abraham Lincoln wife Graca and daughters Maki, Zindzi
or British Prime Minister Winston and Zenani and dozens of grandchil-
People light candles outside the house of former South African President Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg on December Churchill, will not be remembered for dren and great-grandchildren.
6. Photo: AFP legislative achievements. – AFP

Charity accuses South Korea seeks Bikes a hit in

Sri Lanka over to change history checkpoint-strewn
executions textbooks Syria capital
world 41 world 38 World 43


Tense Thailand braces

for continuing protests
THAI opposition protesters were pre- the opening ceremony of the South-
paring on December 6 to relaunch east Asian Games in Myanmar, her
their campaign to overthrow the gov- office said.
ernment after a temporary truce in the The protesters, a mix of royalists,
strife-hit capital for the birthday of the middle class and other Thaksin oppo-
country’s revered king. nents – sometimes numbering in the
Despite a call by the ailing mon- tens of thousands – want to suspend
arch for “stability and security” in his the country’s democracy in favour of
birthday speech, the demonstrators an unelected “people’s council”.
have vowed to step up their rallies af- Mr Suthep, a former deputy pre-
ter the lull in tensions, which follows mier who now faces an arrest warrant
violence that left five people dead and for insurrection, has pledged to rid
more than 200 injured. Thailand of what he calls the “Thaksin
Protesters have no immediate regime”.
plans for action on Friday and will Demonstrators and police in Bang-
await an “important speech” in the kok have observed a temporary truce
evening from their leader Suthep since Wednesday for the 86th birthday
Thaugsuban about their next move, of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is
said Akanat Promphan, a spokesman treated as a near-deity by many Thais.
for the demonstrators. Any political action or violence
The kingdom remains on edge fol- during the public holiday would
lowing several days of street clashes have been seen as a serious sign of
between police using tear gas, water disrespect.
cannon and rubber bullets against The government on December 3
rock-throwing demonstrators seeking abruptly ordered police to avoid con-
to overthrow Prime Minister Yingluck frontation with protesters, briefly al-
Shinawatra and curb the political in- lowing them into the police and gov-
fluence of her brother Thaksin. ernment headquarters in a surprise
With fresh unrest looming, Ms Yin- move that sharply reduced tensions in
gluck has cancelled two planned trips the capital.
overseas next week to Russia and to – AFP

house special Diet committee, announces the approval of a controversial bill for a new secrecy law in the
er 5, while lawmakers of opposition parties try to stop the approval. Photo: AFP


Myanmar-origin asylum-seekers
rounded up in Australia jungle
A young Thai boy blows a whistle as he sits with his grandmother as anti-
government protesters listen to a recorded speech in the near-empty Finance
Ministry in Bangkok on December 6. Photo: AFP

AUSTRALIAN authorities said on 27 on December 6, adding that details route from Indonesia.
December 6 they had rounded up were still sketchy. Mr Campbell said while undetected
all 27 asylum-seekers who arrived “I think they had a very difficult arrivals had occurred in the past, he TRADE MARK CAUTION
undetected on the country’s remote and distressing time. It’s not clear had directed the commander of bor-
Indian Ocean outpost of Christmas how they came ashore,” said Lieuten- der protection command to undertake Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V., a company organized and existing
Island, adding they were lucky to ant General Angus Campbell, who an assessment of “procedures, disposi- under the laws of the Netherlands, of Waarderweg 39, 2031 BN
survive. leads the government’s people-smug- tion and capability to mitigate where HAARLEM, The Netherlands, is the Owner of the following
How the group, believed to be eth- gling crackdown Operation Sovereign possible such surprises”.
nic Rohingya from Myanmar, came to Borders. “Their arrival was not detected but Trade Mark:-
land on the island was not known but “Those cliffs are extremely difficult their outcome ... will be the same as all
reports said they had survived for sev-
eral days on crabs and coconut in the
inhospitable terrain.
and jagged and the jungle very thick.
“Christmas Island, I would note,
is a sea mount, prone to rough seas,
other illegal maritime arrivals. They
will go to the offshore processing cen-
tres either on Nauru or in Papua New
“These are very small vessels and jagged cliffs and extensively covered Guinea.” Reg. No. 3542/1998
these 27 people who are now safe by dense jungle. These people are ex- Asylum-seeker boat arrivals have
should count themselves extremely tremely lucky to have survived their dropped dramatically under the new
fortunate that they did not suffer a ordeal.” conservative government of Prime in respect of “Int’l Class 05: Medicines and pharmaceutical
far worse fate,” Immigration Minister Of the 27 on the vessel, 22 were in a Minister Tony Abbott, which has preparations for human use”.
Scott Morrison said. detention centre and one was in a sta- retained a hardline policy adopted
Hundreds of people have died ble condition in hospital with minor by the former Labor administration
trying to reach Australia on people- injuries, Mr Campbell said. of sending all boatpeople to Papua Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark
smuggling boats, with one of the worst “An additional four persons have New Guinea or Nauru for perma- will be dealt with according to law.
incidents on Christmas Island in De- been transferred into immigration nent resettlement.
cember 2010 when a boat splintered custody this morning after the assis- But close to 200 people have ar-
on rocks and sank, killing about 50 tance of the Australian Federal Police rived on four boats in the past week. Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L
people. in recovering them from the vicinity of Myanmar views the Muslim Ro- for Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V.
The government had originally Greta Beach,” he added. hingya as illegal immigrants from P. O. Box 60, Yangon
said 28 people arrived on the vessel Christmas Island, an Australian neighbouring Bangladesh. Thousands
which reportedly ran aground on territory 2600 kilometres (1600 miles) have fled in rickety boats since deadly
Christmas Island’s Greta Beach late from the mainland’s west coast, is lo- clashes broke out with Buddhists last Dated: 9 December 2013
Monday, but revised the number to cated on a major people-smuggling year. – AFP
38 World International THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013


Australia defends raids in

East Timor arbitration
Trafficking a worry in
AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Tony
Abbott on December 4 defended
intelligence raids on the offices of
“I have instructed ASIO that the
material taken into possession is
not under any circumstances to be
post-typhoon Philippines
a lawyer representing East Timor communicated to those conducting
in a spying case against Canberra, those proceedings on behalf of Aus- THOUSANDS of women and children
saying they were necessary for na- tralia,” Mr Brandis said. in the Philippines risk falling prey to
tional security. In a separate ASIO operation on human traffickers in the aftermath
Mr Abbott’s government was December 3, Mr Collaery said the of last month’s catastrophic typhoon,
under fire after lawyer Bernard key witness in his case, a retired lawmakers and the chief US aid agen-
Collaery’s offices was raided by the senior intelligence officer-turned- cy warned last week.
domestic spy agency, the Austral- whistleblower, was detained and A US congressman returning from
ian Security Intelligence Organisa- questioned at length before his pass- a visit to the storm-ravaged island na-
tion (ASIO), on December 2 and a port was cancelled to prevent him tion said that while Filipino authori-
range of material seized on a secret from travelling to The Hague. ties and US forces were helping vast
warrant. “This proceeding will continue. numbers of storm victims, more at-
Mr Collaery is representing East The evidence is available here in tention was needed to thwart crimi-
Timor’s government in an arbitra- the Hague as I speak,” Mr Collaery nal opportunists taking advantage of
tion at The Hague accusing Austral- told ABC television. “Muzzling the the chaos after Super-typhoon Haiyan
ia of espionage over a controversial oral evidence of the prime witness roared ashore.
Timor Sea gas treaty, and has de- is so crass. What do you think the “The most vulnerable – women,
scribed the raids as “intimidatory” tribunal is going to think of it? It’s a children, the elderly and those with
tactics ahead of a hearing in the contemptuous action.” special needs – always fare worst dur-
case on December 5. Mr Collaery’s witness will allege ing disasters,” Republican congress-
The Labor-Greens opposition that Australia’s foreign intelligence man Chris Smith, who led the three-
called for an explanation from At- service, the Australian Secret Intel- member delegation to the disaster Typhoon survivors ride onboard a C-130 military plane out of Tacloban, Leyte
torney-General George Brandis. But ligence Service (ASIS), used an aid zone last week, told a House Foreign province, to Manila on November 29. Photo: AFP
Mr Abbott defended the move as in project refurbishing East Timor’s Affairs subcommittee.
Australia’s national interest. cabinet offices as a front to plant lis- At particular risk of sex traffick- minimum standards for eliminating and humanitarian assistance, testified.
“We don’t interfere in cases but tening devices in the walls in order ing are vulnerable people “who over trafficking. The State Department’s “To protect the children of the
we always act to ensure that our to eavesdrop on deliberations about a longer period of time may have lost 2013 trafficking report describes it as a central Philippines during this time
national security is being properly a Timor Sea gas treaty in 2004. some hope”, said Mr Smith. source country for sex-trafficking and of heightened vulnerability, the gov-
upheld – that’s what we’re doing,” That treaty sets out a 50-50 split Such persons in the Philippines, forced labour, and that “child sex tour- ernment of the Philippines and the
the prime minister said. of proceeds from the vast mari- many among the thousands transport- ism remained a serious problem” there. international community will need
In a statement confirming he time gas fields between Australia ed out of the disaster zone to cities like The US Agency for International De- to make every effort ... to ensure and
had ordered the raids on the night and East Timor estimated at some the capital Manila, could fall victim to velopment, which for years has worked strengthen local and national protec-
of December 3, Mr Brandis said the AUS$40 billion (US$36 billion). offers of work in Saudi Arabia or Ko- with the government of the Philip- tive services.”
documents seized “contained intel- Dili is now seeking to have the rea, Mr Smith said, only to find them- pines to reduce human trafficking, also That includes creation of safe spac-
ligence related to security matters” document ripped up on the grounds selves with “an engraved invitation to sounded the alarm at the hearing. es for women and children, she said,
and dismissed any suggestion that that Australia spied on ministers to a hell on Earth”. “We are watching this very closely,” as well as programs that help identify,
they were an attempt to interfere in gain a commercial advantage. Washington considers the Philip- Nancy Lindborg, the USAID’s assistant trace and reunify unaccompanied chil-
the case at The Hague. – AFP pines as not in full compliance with administrator for democracy, conflict dren, – AFP


S Korea
SOUTH Korea’s Education Ministry has
ordered revisions to a number of high
school history textbooks, part of a long-
running ideological battle over the nar-
rative of modern Korea.
In a statement, the ministry said
the publishers of seven government-
approved textbooks had been ordered
to revise 41 instances of “obscure and
unbalanced” descriptions of history.
Failure to do so would result in pub-
lication of the books being halted com-
pletely, the ministry said.
The 41 corrections demanded by the
ministry involved writings on subjects
ranging from civilian killings during the
1950-53 Korean War, territorial disputes
with Japan and North Korean human
rights abuses.
“The most important factors for de-
termining the subjects of modification
were if there are any factual errors and
elements that could negatively affect
students’ perspective of the right histor-
ical events,” Deputy Education Minister
Na Seung-Il told reporters.
The directive follows a row that was
triggered in August by protests from
liberal opposition lawmakers over one
particular textbook which they accused
of a pronounced right-wing bias.
Ruling conservative MPs countered
by challenging a perceived left-wing
bias in a handful of other textbooks.
The turbulent, traumatic history of
the Korean peninsula in the 20th cen-
tury is something of an academic mine-
field. Of particular sensitivity are the
1910-45 period of Japanese occupation,
the division of the peninsula into North
and South, post-Korean War military
rule, the pro-democracy movement of
the 1980s and 1990s, and pretty much
anything to do with North Korea. – AFP
TRADE MARK CAUTION 40 World International THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

Merck KGaA., a Corporation with general partners ) of Darmstadt,

Germany, is the Owner of the following Trade Mark:- HONG KONG

Reg. No. 11620/2013
in respect of “Class 5: Pharmaceutical preparations; sanitary
Chinese fuel Hong Kong
preparations for medical purposes; dietetic food and substances
adapted for medical use, food for babies; dietary supplements for
humans; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping
illegal cancer drug trade
teeth, dental wax. Class 10: Surgical, medical and dental apparatus
SAFETY fears over medication in
and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; mainland China are driving a risky
suture materials”. illegal trade in cancer drugs in Hong
Kong, experts say, warning of short-
Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark ages in a similar scenario to the milk
will be dealt with according to law. formula crisis that emptied shelves in
the territory.
Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L Hong Kong pharmacies are selling
for Merck KGaA the drugs under the counter to main-
P. O. Box 60, Yangon land Chinese visitors who have lost
faith in their own medical system and
E-mail: are dodging high prices, in another ex-
Dated: 9 December 2013 ample of how demand from China can
impact wider markets.
One shopper at a Hong Kong phar-
macy in the bustling commercial area
TRADE MARK CAUTION of Mong Kok said he had travelled
from the southern mainland city of
NOTICE is hereby given that P.H. FOODS CO., LTD. a company Guangzhou to buy the breast cancer Customers buy goods in an independent pharmacy in Hong Kong. Photo: AFP
organized under the laws of Thailand and having its principal office treatment Herceptin.
at 33/1 Moo 1, Petchkasem Road, Aom-yai, Samparn, Nakorn “My wife needs it to survive,” the in the city to tackle increasing “birth said he feared the consequences of
man, surnamed Li, said. tourism”, fuelled by mums-to-be seek- the uncontrolled sale of such strong
Pathom 73160, Thailand is the owner and sole proprietor of the “I will save more than 8000 yuan ing better medical care and residency medication.
following trademark:- [US$1280] per bottle if I buy Hercep- rights for their children. “They [anti-cancer drugs] are more
tin here. They may charge you 24,000 Among their concerns are fears toxic. It is not like you are buying Pan-
yuan for this on the mainland.” over the safety of medicines produced adol,” he said.
Customers from China buying the in China. Recent scandals include Mr Tse added that the organisation
medication without the required pre- drug capsules made from toxic raw had reported the problem to Hong
scription is “very common”, said Chui material derived from scrap leather Kong’s Department of Health, but had
(Reg: No. IV/10263/2013) Chun-ming, chair of the Society of and the busting of a ring peddling not seen a significant response.
in respect of :- “Crispy Snack (Crunchy Snack), Biscuit, Bread, Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong. counterfeit tablets. Pharmacies tend to buy their can-
Cookies, Corn chips, Jelly, Chocolate coated confectionery.” Class: 30 “This illegal trade brings them In 2008 a blood thinner called hep- cer drugs from private doctors as a
[pharmacies] a lot of money,” he said, arin, produced in China, was found to safer route than getting them direct
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said trademark or referring to the city’s small independ- be contaminated and linked to dozens from drug companies, as direct orders
other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with according to law. ent high street businesses. of deaths. are likely to be more closely monitored
Mr Chui says that 90 percent of “People are not trusting their sup- by the authorities, says Mr Chui.
U Kyi Win Associates the cancer drugs sold in pharmacies ply chains,” Ben Cavender, an associate The Hong Kong branch of Roche,
for P.H. FOODS CO., LTD. in Hong Kong go to mainland buyers principal at the Shanghai-based China which manufactures Herceptin, said it
as most local residents get them direct Market Research Group, said. had been “made aware” of reports of
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon. from hospitals or their own doctors. “They are worried that the drugs mainland visitors coming over to buy
Phone: 372416 Dated: 9th December, 2013 With drug companies imposing may be labelled incorrectly, or the oncology drugs.
supply quotas for different countries quality is not that high, or the com- “We are committed to supporting
based on factors including popula- pany decides to make it more cheaply the relevant authorities with any in-
tion size, Hong Kong could fall short in China than in the other countries, vestigations,” it said in a statement to
TRADE MARK CAUTION if demand continues from beyond its or they might be fake.” AFP.
borders, Mr Chui said. Buying or selling an anti-cancer According to a 2012 report released
Notice is hereby given that LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER “The problem is Hong Kong is a drug without a prescription can lead by the China National Cancer Registry,
very small city and the supply is very to maximum fines of HK$100,000 the country sees 3.12 million new can-
of 50, rue Carnot 92284 Suresnes cedex, FRANCE, is the Owner limited,” he said. ($13,000) and two years’ imprison- cer cases every year.
and Sole Proprietor of the following trademark:- “In a few years, it might turn out to ment for buyers, salespeople and From 2006 to 2010, the number
be another ‘infant formula’ issue.” pharmacy owners, according to the of cancer cases in Hong Kong rose at

SERVIER Chinese parents became distrust-

ful of domestic milk brands after a
huge 2008 scandal involving formula
Department of Health.
A spokesman said that it had
boosted surveillance in response to
an average rate of 2.7 percent each
year, four times more than the annual
population growth rate, a report by
(Reg: No. IV/12633/2013) tainted with melamine that killed six mainland drug demand. Hong Kong Cancer Registry (HKCR)
In respect of: - children and sickened 300,000 others. There were 24 cases in 2012 which showed.
“Pharmaceutical products, advertisements and business, namely Their concern triggered a rush on led to convictions for the illegal sale of Mr Chui believes the increasing
milk powder, which saw shelves emp- prescription medicines. pressure on Hong Kong’s cancer drug
assistant to the management of the business: services for the tied around the world – Hong Kong But despite the threat of prosecu- supply could soon reach crisis point.
organization of the business; services of medical promotion services of banned travellers taking out more tion, the trade continues. “The majority of community phar-
promotion for the sales of products; professional business consultation; than 1.8 kilograms (4 pounds) of for- When a reporter visited four small macies in Hong Kong are owned by
mula from March 1 this year. independent pharmacies in Hong businessmen rather than professional
business information; searches in chemistry, consultation in pharmacy; Mainland demand has heaped Kong and asked for 440 milligrams of pharmacists,” he said.
exploitation of patents; health services.” in classes 5,35,42 pressure on Hong Kong’s healthcare Herceptin, all offered to sell it without “There is a high probability that, in
system in the past. Hospitals have a prescription. up to three years, the supply of anti-can-
banned mainland women who do not Tse Hung-hing, president of the cer drugs will become an issue.”
have local spouses from giving birth Hong Kong Medical Association, – AFP

(Reg: No.IV/12632/2013)
In respect of: -
“Pharmaceutical; veterinary and sanitary preparations; dietetic
Researchers launch croc attack file
substances adapted for medical use, food for babies; plasters,
materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; AUSTRALIAN researchers on December 2 launched the reported attacks by any crocodilian species on a human to bet-
world’s first crocodile attack database, hoping to establish ter understand risk factors leading to such attacks,” he said.
disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, whether conservation of the reptiles had “come back to bite This would “ultimately help to improve human safety and,
herbicides in class 05.” itself”. as a consequence, crocodilian conservation,” said Mr Britton.
CrocBITE, a new global database of human-crocodile inter- There are already some 1700 entries in the database, drawn
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said trademark actions, will be managed by researchers at Australia’s Charles from historical records and news articles, and Mr Britton said
or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with according Darwin University (CDU), aiming to explore whether protec- the team was “already beginning to see patterns.”
tion had increased attacks. Members of the public can view the latest data and report
to law. Since laws were passed in Australia’s tropical Northern attacks at Reports will be verified
Territory in 1971 protecting crocodiles, CDU researcher Adam by the CDU team before being uploaded into the database.
U Nyein Kyaw Britton said species numbers had boomed, leading to greater The data – which includes the date of an attack, gender and
B.Sc., Dip Engg., R.L., D.B.L. interactions with humans, with “similar stories from around age of victim, country, crocodile type and size – will be fed into
For LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER the world”. interactive maps and there will also be species description and
“Crocodile conservation has come back to bite itself,” said distribution information available on the site.
Room 007, Inya Lake Hotel Mr Britton. Saltwater crocodiles can grow up to 7 metres (22 feet) long,
37, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road “Human-crocodile conflict is increasing each year as croco- weigh more than a tonne, and are a common feature of Aus-
Mayangone Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar dile populations recover from decades of overhunting, and hu- tralia’s tropical north.
man populations continue to grow and encroach upon croco- Their numbers have increased steadily since the introduc-
Tes: (951) 9662866 dile habitat.” tion of protection laws, with government estimates putting the
E-mail: The aim of CrocBITE would not be to “vilify” the predatory population at between 75,000-100,000.
Date: 9th December, 2013 reptiles but “better analyse crocodile and human conflict”. Until now, quantifying the frequency of attacks on humans
“The project will be an ongoing attempt to compile all has been anecdotal. – AFP International World 41
PARIS S.R.Tyres Co., Ltd, a company organized under the laws
of Thailand and having its principal office at 222 Moo 1,
Suwinthawong Road, Khokthai Sub District, Srimahosot District,
Prachinburi 25190, Thailand the owner and sole proprietor of the
following Trademarks:-

Reg. No. 4/8117/2013

Reg. No. 4/8118/2013

Parisian subway riders walk past an awareness campaign by international relief organisation Action Contre la Faim on
December 3. Photo: AFP

Charity accuses Sri Reg. No. 4/8119/2013

Lanka over executions

Used in respect of:-

Vehicle tires and tubes. (International Class 12)

FRANCE’s Action Contre la Faim details to enable an investigation,” killers. Any unauthorised use, imitation, infringements or fraudulent
(ACF) on December 3 accused Sri Lan- military spokesperson Brigadier Ru- The aid workers were in Muttur
kan security forces of killing 17 aid wan Wanigasooriya said. helping local people recover from the intentions of the above marks will be dealt with according to law.
workers in cold blood and then organ- ACF’s report into what happened is devastating aftermath of the 2004 tsu-
ising a cover-up of what it described as entitled The Truth Revealed about the nami. ACF was one of the few NGOs Tin Ohnmar Tun & The Law Chambers
a “heinous” war crime. Assassination of 17 Humanitarian Aid not to have withdrawn its staff from
In a report on the bleakest day in Workers in Sri Lanka. the area as fighting between govern- Ph: 0973150632
its history, the charity said it has proof It alleges that the killers were pro- ment forces and the Tigers intensified.
that Sri Lankan army, navy and police tected by Sri Lankan authorities at the ACF insists it delivered aid impar- (For.Domnern Somgiat & Boonma,
personnel were implicated in the Au- highest levels and describes an offi- tially to rebel and government-held
gust 4, 2006, massacre in the city of cial investigation into the killing as a areas but a suspicion among govern- Attorneys at Law, Thailand)
Muttur, in the mainly Tamil north of “farce” characterised by the systematic ment forces that many aid workers Dated. 9th December, 2013
the island. destruction of evidence and multiple were pro-rebel seems to have provided
“In one of the most heinous crimes irregularities. the motive for the killings.
ever committed against humanitarian “Every day we and other humani- According to what ACF regards as
workers, the 17 aid workers were lined tarian organisations work in war credible accounts of the incident, the
up, forced to their knees and each shot zones,” said Mike Penrose, executive workers were unarmed and having a TRADEMARK CAUTION
in the head,” ACF said. director of ACF-France. “It is para- tea break when the government forces
The aid workers, 16 ethnic Tam- mount that those who do not respect arrived. NOTICE is hereby given that CARL ZEISS AG, a company
ils and one Muslim, were killed humanitarian aid workers are brought They were forced to kneel and 15 organized under the laws of Germany of Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 22,
as Sri Lankan government forces, then to justice and that these crimes do not of them were shot in the head on the 73447 Oberkochen, Germany, are the owners and sole proprietors
engaged in a civil war against Tamil go unpunished.” spot by police officers and a home
Tiger separatists, took over Muttur. ACF said it had been prepared to guard in the presence of naval special of the following Trade Marks in Myanmar:
Government forces finally tri- wait for the outcome of the official in- forces, according to these accounts.
umphed in the conflict in 2009 after vestigation but had finally lost hope Two others appear to have tried to flee
decades of fighting characterised by of Sri Lanka acting to bring those re- and were shot while doing so. The said mark is used in respect of ‘Optical physical and electro-
numerous atrocities on both sides. sponsible to justice. In the days after the killings, ACF
Defence officials in Colombo last “Now that relevant domestic officials attempting to reach Muttur technical apparatus, instruments and equipment as well as their
week dismissed ACF’s report and mechanisms have been exhausted, were blocked on four occasions by the component parts, spectacle lenses, spectacle frames and protection
questioned why the charity had “with- witnesses have been silenced and the military and they were not allowed to spectacles, surveying, navigational and weighing instruments spirit
held” evidence that could have helped internal Sri Lankan investigation has collect the bodies until August 7.
local investigators. become a farce, ACF considers it to be ACF last week put up a series of 10 levels, instruments for the measuring and plotting of photographs,
“This is another instance of a pat- its moral duty to publicly denounce posters in Paris’s busy Odeon metro photographic instruments and film and plate holders for same,
tern which has emerged since the end the perpetrators of this crime.” station to denounce the Muttur attack medical instruments and their component parts, measuring
of the conflict where certain organisa- The organisation said only an in- and other killings of humanitarian
tions level allegations against the gov- dependent international investigation workers that have gone unpunished.
instruments, measuring tools and measuring scales, illumination
ernment without providing sufficient could now lead to prosecution of the – AFP apparatus, motor car lamps, machines for the working of glass,
metal, wood, leather, horn and celluloid, drawing instruments,
computing machines and slide rules’.

Amnesty says N Korea gulag expanding The said marks are used in respect of ‘Optical instruments and parts
thereof, especially consisting of one or several lenses as photographic,
SATELLITE images of one of North Korea’s largest politi- The former guard said he also witnessed prison officers microphotographic, projecting and microscope objectives’.
cal prison camps suggest its inmate population is expand- strangling detainees and then beating them to death with
ing, Amnesty International said on December 5 in a report wooden sticks.
detailing rape and torture in the North’s notorious gulag. Prison officials frequently raped women inmates who were
The report by the London-based rights watchdog included then killed, he said. 5.
rare testimony from a former camp guard, as well as from “After a night of ‘servicing’ the officials, the women had to
former inmates about the brutality prevalent in the prison die because the secret could not get out. This happens at most The said mark is used in respect of ‘Optical instruments and their
system. of the political prison camps,” he told Amnesty. parts, spectacles, magnifier, spectacles, safety goggles, magnifying
“For Amnesty International, which has been investigating Former Camp 15 inmates said detainees were subject to glasses, spectacle lenses, including tinted lenses and such made of
human rights violations for the last 50 years, we find North forced labour – usually for between 10 to 12 hours a day on
Korea to be in a category of its own,” said Amnesty’s East Asia near-starvation rations with a strict production target. plastics, spectacle frames, binoculars and microscopes, ophthalmic
researcher Rajiv Narayan. “Often we did not meet our targets because we were and optometrical instruments and apparatus as well as parts thereof’.
North Korea denies the existence of the political prison always hungry and weak,” one former Camp 15 prisoner
camps which, according to independent estimates, form a told Amnesty. The said trade marks are the subject of Declarations of Ownership
network holding between 100,000 and 200,000 people. “We were punished with beatings and also reductions in recorded with the Registrar of Deeds and Assurances, Yangon,
The images analysed in the Amnesty report were taken our food quota,” said the prisoner, whose name was withheld. Myanmar in Book under Nos. IV/7243/2005, IV/7244/2005,
over a two-year period from 2011 to 2013, and were of Camp 15 Camp 15 covers an area of 370 square kilometres (140
in the south of the country and Camp 16 in the north. square miles). In 2011, an estimated 50,000 people were im- IV/7245/2005 dated September 7, 2005, IV/7247/2005 dated September
Amnesty estimated the size of Camp 16 is 560 square prisoned within the camp. 5, 2005 and IV/7250/2005 dated September 7, 2005 respectively.
kilometres (216 square miles) – three times the size of The recent images of Camp 15 – also known as
Washington, DC – with around 20,000 prisoners. Yodok – show that 39 housing blocks have been demolished
Any infringement or colourable imitation thereof or other infringement
Analysis indicated a slight increase in the remote camp’s since Amnesty International last assessed satellite pictures of of the rights of the said Corporation will be dealt with according to law.
population, with new housing blocks clearly visible and signs the camp two years ago. U Kyi Win Associates
of “significant” economic activity such as mining and logging, The testimony echoed those provided recently by camp
the report said. survivors to a landmark UN commission investigating human For CARL ZEISS AG,
A former security guard based at the camp from the 1980s rights abuses in North Korea. by its Attorneys
until the mid-1990s, named only as Lee in the report, told Amnesty called on North Korea to close the camps imme- Remfry & Sagar
Amnesty of the methods used to execute prisoners. diately, and urged countries like China to stop repatriating
He revealed detainees were forced to dig their own graves North Koreans who flee the country on the grounds that they Attorneys-at-Law Dated: 9th December, 2013
and were then killed with hammer blows to their necks. would likely be sent to the gulag. – AFP International World 43 TRADE MARK CAUTION
Notice is hereby given that BIOGARAN of 15, boulevard Charles
DAMASCUS de Gaulle – 92700 Colombes, FRANCE, is the Owner and Sole
Proprietor of the following trademark:-

(Reg: No. IV/12634/2013)
In respect of: -

“Pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations dietetic

substances for medical use. in class 05.”

Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said trademark

or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with according
to law.

U Nyein Kyaw
B.Sc., Dip Engg., R.L., D.B.L.
Room 007, Inya Lake Hotel
37, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road
Mayangone Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar
Tes: (951) 9662866
Date: 9th December, 2013
A man walks past a bicycle shop in the Syrian capital Damascus on November 28. Photo: AFP

Bikes a hit in checkpoint- TRADEMARK CAUTION NOTICE

SENSO CORPORATION LIMITED, a company organized

strewn Syria capital
under the laws of Thailand and having its principal office at 28
Soi Somdejprapinklao 4, Somdejprapinklao Rd, Bangyeekhun,
Bangplat, Bangkok 10700, Thailand is the owner and sole
proprietor of the following Trademark:-

DAMASCUS bike shop owner Ali tude of army checkpoints which have at Leila Basha mosque, said on the
Jumaa is a happy man despite the popped up across the city, with troops group’s Facebook page, “To navigate
civil war raging across Syria: With inspecting every passing car. the streets of Damascus, our only op-
checkpoint-weary locals in the capi- More than half the capital’s streets tion is bicycles.”
tal increasingly swapping their cars have been shut down, leading to traffic Another social media user wrote,
for bicycles, business has never been jams which can paralyse the capital’s “When I’m stuck at a checkpoint and Reg. No. 4/8389/2013
better. roads for hours on end. I see 32 bicycles in front of me, I think
“Bike sales are exploding,” he said The aim of the checkpoints is to myself, I really need a bike.”
Used in respect of:-
with a big smile. to protect the capital from bomb Some have grown so tired of the
Young Damascenes especially have attacks and to stop weapons and traffic that they make jokes about it. Shoes, upper outer garment for men and women, pants for men
turned to bikes en masse to avoid the explosive-laden cars from slipping in. “Life is too short to spend on a bus,”
endless traffic jams caused by hun- The drastic security measures wrote another Facebook user.
and women. (International class 25)
dreds of army checkpoints. and the congestion they cause have In Damascus, an average
Two and a half years into Syria’s encouraged people to use bicycles, bi­­cycle costs about 400 Syrian pounds Any unauthorised use, imitation, infringements or fraudulent
brutal war, the economy has taken a whereas just a few months ago (US$30), with most of them imported
beating, with inflation soaring at 68 only delivery men and newspaper from China.
intentions of the above mark will be dealt with according to law.
percent and scores of businesspeople distributors could be seen using them. Some residents also see bicycles as
leaving the country. Mohammad Sabbagh, an a way of saving money on fuel, which Tin Ohnmar Tun & The Law Chambers
While the conflict has caused engineering student, is thrilled at has grown scarce as fighting has cut
heavy losses for most businesses in
Ph: 0973150632
having taken to two wheels. off supply routes across Syria.
Damascus, Mr Jumaa, a trader in his “I get to university in 20 Ms Fadia is upset so much of her
40s, is among the lucky ones. minutes, while it used to take me one or salary goes on petrol. (For.Domnern Somgiat & Boonma,
It’s hard to miss his store, which two hours [by bus], depending on the Buying a bicycle “would be the Attorneys at Law, Thailand)
sells bicycles of all types and colours traffic,” said Mr Sabbagh, parking his ideal solution,” she said, as the price of
as well as carrying out repairs. bike. fuel has nearly doubled in two years. Dated. 9th December, 2013
“We have regular clients,” said Mr “I can do whatever I want with my The Facebook campaign en­­­­­cour­­­
Jumaa, while repairing a bicycle in time now, as I don’t have to wait for ages women like Ms Fadia to abandon
front of his shop on Khaled bin Walid the bus any more,” he smiled. their cars.
Street. Manar Masri, also a student, said “Women feel embarrassed to ride a TRADEMARK CAUTION NOTICE
“Young women, including uni- he took up cycling after he stumbled bike, but we need to break all those ta-
versity professors, use bicycles to get on a Facebook page named “We need boos ... even if that seems unusual in our
around,” he said. a bike”. conservative society,” one post reads. Oracle America, Inc., a company organized under the laws of the
Syria is a conservative Muslim “It’s wonderful that all these But not everyone supports the idea. State of Delaware and having its principal office at 500 Oracle
country and women on bicycles used people, especially young girls, want to A street seller grumbled as he Parkway, Redwood Shores, California 94065 United States of America
to be a rare sight. cycle,” he said. watched a young woman riding
But for months now, residents say Even some religious figures have through the Shaalan commercial dis- is the owner and sole proprietor of the following Trademark:-
driving in Damascus has turned into joined in. trict. “Now we’ve seen it all!” he called
a nightmare because of the multi- Mohammed Ali Malla, a cleric out. – AFP
BAGHDAD Reg. No. 4/3677/2011

Iraq attacks kill nine as 2013 toll tops 6200 Used in respect of:-

Computer software, computer hardware, computer peripherals,

ATTACKS in predominantly-Sunni Arab areas of Baghdad Baghdad that has seen multiple deadly attacks in recent and related products manufactured, imported and/or sold by or
as well as in northern and western Iraq killed at least nine weeks.
people on December 3, the latest in a months-long nation- When onlookers gathered at the scene, two suicide
on behalf of the Company in Myanmar.
wide surge in bloodletting. bombers blew themselves up.
The rise in violence, which has killed more than 6200 Overall, seven people were killed and 15 wounded, two Any unauthorised use, imitation, infringements or fraudulent
people this year, has prompted the authorities to appeal for security officials said.
international help in combating militancy ahead of general
intentions of the above mark will be dealt with according to law.
Violence elsewhere in Iraq left two people dead and
elections due in April. more than a dozen wounded, according to security and
Officials have blamed a resurgent al-Qaeda embold- medical officials. Tin Ohnmar Tun & The Law Chambers
ened by the civil war raging in neighbouring Syria, but the The authorities have made some concessions aimed at Ph: 0973150632
government has itself faced criticism for not doing enough placating Sunnis, including freeing prisoners and raising
to address the concerns of Iraq’s disaffected Sunni Arab the salaries of anti-al-Qaeda Sahwa fighters.
minority. But the daily attacks show no sign of abating. (For.Domnern Somgiat & Boonma)
Bombings last week hit west Baghdad, as well as the pre- Diplomats, analysts and human rights groups say the (Attorneys at Law, Thailand)
dominantly Sunni cities of Abu Ghraib, Mosul and Tarmiyah. government is not doing enough to address disquiet among
In the deadliest attack, twin roadside bombs exploded Sunnis over what they see as mistreatment at the hands of Dated: 9th December, 2013
near municipal offices in Tarmiyah, a town just north of the Shiite-led authorities. – AFP
TRADE MARK CAUTION 44 World International THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

Intervet, Inc., a corporation organized and existing under the laws

of the State of Delaware, of 56 Livingston Avenue, Roseland, NUSA DUA

India resists pressure in

New Jersey 07068,United States of America, is the Owner of the
following Trade Mark:-

Reg. No. 1077/1983
Reg. No. 2449/1995
Reg. No. 392/1998
tense WTO impasse
in respect of “Int’l Class 5: Veterinary preparations and substances”. INDIA on December 5 shrugged off Washington and some other the Indian position but it is difficult
mounting pressure to compromise in trading nations are said to feel the to say what that could mean,” he said.
a global impasse over food security Indian position violates WTO lim- India’s ruling Congress Party is
Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark will that has cast the future of the World its on subsidies and fear stockpiled facing tough elections next year, but
be dealt with according to law. Trade Organisation into doubt. grain could end up on global markets, Mr Sharma said domestic politics
New Delhi’s insistence that it be skewing prices. were not a factor in its WTO stance.
allowed to stockpile and subsidise The crux of the impasse is New He framed the issue as a divide
Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L grain for its millions of hungry poor Delhi’s demand that it be made between industrialised countries
for Intervet, Inc. has emerged as a major stumbling exempt from any WTO challenges and a developing world that he said
P. O. Box 60, Yangon block at a WTO conference of trade over the issue indefinitely, while viewed WTO rules as favouring rich
ministers in Bali. nations.
E-mail: The WTO has warned that failure “India speaks for the vast majority
Dated: 9 December 2013 to reach a compromise on that and ‘It comes off more of people in the developing countries
other issues could be a death blow to and the poor countries. India is not
the body’s 12-year-old effort to remove as a domestic issue alone,” he said.
trade barriers, which is at a stalemate. However Mark Kennedy, who
TRADE MARK CAUTION “This is a fundamental issue. for India than a leads the graduate school of political
NOTICE is hereby given that Millennium & Copthorne
We will never compromise,” Indian
Commerce and Industry Minister
true commitment management at George Washington
University, said developing coun-
International Limited a company organized under the laws of Anand Sharma told reporters at the
conference venue on the Indonesian
to be a leader for tries did not “appear to be rallying to
Singapore and having its principal office at 36 Robinson Road India’s cry”.
#04-01 City House, Singapore 068877 is the owner and sole
resort island. the developing “It comes off more as a domestic
The WTO launched its main “Doha political issue for India than a true
proprietor of the following trademark:- Round” of talks in Qatar in 2001, world.’ commitment to be a leader for the
aiming to create an open trading developing world,” added Mr
You are the Centre of Our World environment and rules that are fair to Mark Kennedy Kennedy, who has also advised the US
(Reg: No. IV/9231/2012) both rich and poor countries. George Washington University government on trade issues.
But protectionist disputes, Trade ministers have issued stark
in respect of: “Business management of hotels and resorts/motels and particularly between the industri- warnings that a failure to close gaps
other temporary accommodation including serviced apartments and alised and developing worlds, have in Bali would fatally wound the
apartment hotels; public relations services in relation to temporary made progress elusive. the Bali package would limit the WTO’s waning world influence.
accommodation, including hotels and motels, serviced apartments and New WTO chief Roberto Azevedo exemption period. Mr Azevedo has raised an alarm
of Brazil is pushing for an agreement “This doesn’t mean that this over alternative regional pacts be-
apartment hotels; marketing of temporary accommodation including in Bali on a more modest package is a mission impossible,” said Mr tween major trading nations, such
hotels and motels, serviced apartments and apartment hotels including touching on agricultural subsidies Wirjawan, who has called for com- as the 12-country Trans-Pacific
the advertising of the aforementioned services via the Internet and and other issues, hoping to buy time promise in comments that appeared Partnership pushed by Washington.
until Doha can be revived. aimed at New Delhi. He said a trend in that direction
other global computer networks.” - Class: 35 Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Earlier on Thursday, EU Trade would have “tragic” consequences
“Temporary accommodation services, accommodation (rental of Wirjawan, chair of the talks, said Commissioner Karel De Gucht hinted for countless poor in developing
temporary), catering (food and drink), rental of meeting rooms, he and Mr Azevedo were seeking to at possible movement behind closed countries around the world that are
broker a compromise between India doors. struggling to compete in the global
restaurants, cafés, reservations of temporary accommodation; and the United States. “There has been a development in marketplace. – AFP
providing temporary housing accommodation; providing serviced
apartments; hotel services.” Class: 43
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said trademark or GABORONE
other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with according to law.
U Kyi Win Associates Africa risks losing 20% of elephants by 2023
for Millennium & Copthorne International Limited
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon. AFRICA could lose 20 percent of its
Phone: 372416 Dated: 9th December, 2013 elephant population within a decade,
conservation groups warned Monday
as governments met in Botswana to
discuss measures to curb poaching.
TRADE MARK CAUTION An estimated 22,000 elephants
were illegally killed across the
NOTICE is hereby given that Medinova AG a company organized continent last year, as poaching
under the laws of Switzerland and having its principal office at reached “unacceptably elevated lev-
Eggbühlstrasse 14, CH-8052, Zürich, Switzerland is the owner els”, according to a report by CITES,
and sole proprietor of the following trademarks:- “If poaching rates are sustained at
current levels, Africa is likely to lose
a fifth of its elephants in the next ten
years,” the group said.
(Reg: Nos. IV/1835/2005 & 1933/2010 & IV/13414/2012) The study was released as experts
and ministers met in Gaborone to
in respect of :- “Soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair look at ways to stamp out the slaugh-
lotions, dentifrices and pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary ter, fuelled by a growing demand for
ivory in Asia.
preparations” The meeting is expected to adopt
13 “urgent” steps to stem the tide of
illegal elephant killings.
These will include classification of A Kenya Wildlife Services ranger stands guard over an ivory haul seized
(Reg: Nos. IV/1834/2005 & IV/1934/2010 & IV/13416/2012) trafficking in ivory as a serious crime overnight as it transited through Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi. Photo: AFP
and securing stiff sentences for of-
in respect of :- “Pharmaceutical preparations” fenders. He described the situation in tusk can weigh 20kg (44 pounds), ac-
Prevention would be tackled central Africa, where the estimated cording to experts.
through better arming of national poaching rate is twice the continental In terms of international crime,
protection agencies and discouraging average, as “particularly acute”. wildlife trafficking now ranks fifth
(Reg: Nos. IV/1833/2005 & IV/1935/2010 & IV/13415/2012) demand in destination countries. There are around half a million el- after narcotics, counterfeiting, the traf-
The meeting will also recommend ephants left in Africa compared with fic of human beings and the traffic of oil,
in respect of :- “Pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary the adequate securing of government- 1.2 million in 1980 and 10 million in according to estimates cited at the
preparations” and privately-held ivory stockpiles 1900. meeting.
so they do not make their way into Researchers believe that poverty Beyond worries about the species’
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said wrong hands. and weak governance in African coun- survival, elephant poaching has given
“We continue to face a critical situ- tries harbouring elephants are driving rise to security and terrorism con-
trademarks or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with ation,” said John E Scanlon, secretary forces behind a spike in poaching. cerns.
according to law. general of the Convention on Interna- Ivory trade is banned under the Proceeds from ivory are “known
tional Trade in Endangered Species of CITES, yet the illegal trade is es- to fund terrorism acts, support con-
U Kyi Win Associates Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). timated to be worth up to US$10 flicts” said the conference document.
for Medinova AG “Current elephant poaching in Af- billion a year. Experts suggest the funds could be
rica remains far too high, and could The price of ivory on the black financing groups such as Somalia’s
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon. soon lead to local extinctions if the market shot up tenfold in the past al-Qaeda-linked Shebab, Uganda’s
Phone: 372416 Dated: 9th December, 2013 present killing rates continue,” said decade to more than $2000 per kilo- Lord’s Resistance Army and Sudan’s
Mr Scanlon. gram. On average, an adult elephant Janjaweed militia. – AFP
TRADE MARK CAUTION services relating to all the aforesaid.” Class: 38 computer and electronic games; computer equipment for
“Providing digital music [not downloadable] from MP3 Internet use with any of the aforesaid goods; electronic apparatus
NOTICE is hereby given that Apple Inc. a company web sites; providing digital music fnot downloadable] from with multimedia functions for use with any of the aforesaid
organized under the laws of the States of California, United the Intemet; operating chat rooms; publication of electronic goods; electronic products with interactive functions for
States of America and having its principal office at 1 Infinite, books and journals on-line; providing on-line electronic use with any of the aforesaid goods; accessories, parts,
Cupertino, California 95014, United States of America is publications [not downloadable]; electronic games services fittings, and testing apparatus for all the aforementioned
the owner and sole proprietor of the following trademarks:- provided by means of the Internet; information relating to goods; user manuals in electronically readable, machine
APPLE music entertainment, education, interactive entertainment and readable or computer readable form for use with, and sold
education, provided on-line from a computer database or the as a unit with, all the aforementioned goods; apparatus for
(Reg: No. IV/8278/2013)
Internet; music library services; organizing and conducting data storage; hard drives; miniature hard disk drive storage
seminars and training courses relating to science, engineering, units; pre-recorded vinyl records, audio tapes, audio-video
computer systems and business; education services relating to tapes, audio video cassettes, audio video discs; audio tapes
planning, production and distribution of live or recorded audio, (all being sold together with booklets); CD-ROMs; digital
visual or audio visual material; education and entertainment versatile discs; mouse pads; batteries; rechargeable batteries;
information services; providing online databases and directories chargers; chargers for electric batteries; headphones; stereo
(Reg: No. IV/8279/2013) in the field of music, concerts, videos, radio television, news, headphones; in-ear headphones; stereo speakers; audio
the above two trademarks are in respect of:- sports, games, cultural events and entertainment; providing speakers; audio speakers for home; monitor speakers;
“Telecommunications; communication and online magazines, newsletters and books in the field of speakers for computers; personal stereo speaker apparatus;
telecommunication services; providing access to web sites on music, concerts, videos, radio, television news, sports, games, radio receivers, amplifiers, sound recording and reproducing
the Internet; delivery of digital music by telecommunications; cultural events, and entertainment; organizing exhibitions apparatus, electric phonographs, record players, high fidelity
providing wireless telecommunications via electronic for entertainment, educational and cultural purposes, music, stereo apparatus, tape recorders and reproducing apparatus,
communications networks; wireless digital messaging, concerts, film and motion picture events, audio and video loudspeakers, multiple speaker units, microphones; digital
paging services, and electronic mail services, including events; publishing of text, graphic via communications audio and video devices; audio cassette recorders and
services that enable a user to send and/or receive messages networks; matching users for the transfer of music, video, and players, video cassette recorders and players, compact disc
through a wireless data network; one-way and two-way audio recordings via communications networks.” Class: 41 players, digital versatile disc recorders and players, digital
paging services; communication by computer, computer “Application services provider (ASP) featuring software for use audio tape recorders and players; radios; cameras; video
intercommunication; telex, telegram and telephone services; in connection with online music subscription service, software cameras; bags and cases adapted or shaped to contain
rental, hire and leasing of communications apparatus and that enables users to play and program music and entertainment cameras and/or video cameras; cordless telephones; mobile
of electronic mailboxes; electronic bulletin board services; related audio, video, text and multimedia content, and software telephones; parts and accessories for mobile telephones;
electronic communications consultancy; facsimile, message featuring musical sound recordings, entertainment-related mobile telephone covers; mobile telephone cases; mobile
collection and transmission services; transmission of data audio, video, text and multimedia content; providing temporary telephone cases made of leather or imitations of leather;
and of information by electronic means, computer, cable, use of on-line and non-downloadable software to enable users mobile telephone covers made of cloth or textile materials;
radio, teleprinter, teleletter, electronic mail, telecopier, to program audio, video, text and other multimedia content, portable digital electronic devices and software related
television, microwave, laser beam, communications satellite including music, concerts, videos, radio, television, news, thereto; handheld digital electronic devices and software
or electronic communication means; transmission of data sports, games, cultural events, and entertainment-related related thereto; MP3 players; hand held computers, personal
by audio-visual apparatus controlled by data processing programs; providing on-line facilities, via a global computer digital assistants, electronic organizers, electronic notepads;
apparatus or computers; broadcasting or transmission of network, to enable users to program the scheduling of audio, magnetic data carriers; mobile digital electronic devices,
radio and television programmes; time sharing services for video, text and other multimedia content, music, concerts, telephones, computer gaming machines, microprocessors,
communication apparatus; provision of telecommunications videos, radio, television, news, sports, games, cultural events, memory boards, monitors, displays, keyboards, cables,
access and links to computer databases and the Internet; and entertainment-related programs as they will be aired; modems, printers, videophones, disk drives, cameras;
electronic transmission of streamed and downloadable audio licensing services relating to music publishing; services for the computer software, pre-recorded computer programs for
and video files via computer and other communications exploitation of music rights; providing access to a computer personal information management, database management
networks; web casting services; delivery of messages by data base in the nature of a bulletin board in the fields of music, software, character recognition software, telephony
electronic transmission; provision of connectivity services video, film, books, television, games and sports.” Class: 42 management software, electronic mail and messaging
and access to electronic communications networks, for “Online social networking services; providing a social software, paging software, mobile telephone software;
transmission or reception of audio, video or multimedia networking website; concierge services.” Class: 45 database synchronization software, computer programs
content; providing access to digital music web sites on the for accessing, browsing and searching online databases,
Intemet; providing access to MP3 web sites on the Intemet; IPOD computer software and firmware for operating system
delivery of digital music by telecommunications; operating (Reg: No. IV/8280/2013) programs, data synchronization prograrns, and application
search engines; providing telecommunications connections in respect of :- “Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, development tool programs for personal and handheld
to the Internet or databases; providing user access to the cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, computers; electronic handheld devices for the wireless
Internet (service providers); electronic mail services; checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus receipt, storage andlor transmission of data and messages,
telecommunication of information (including web pages), and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, and electronic devices that enable the user to keep track of
computer programs and any other data; video broadcasting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or or manage personal information; software for the redirection
broadcasting prerecorded videos featuring music and controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission of messages, Internet e-mail, andlor other data to one or
entertainment, television programs, motion pictures, news, and/or reproduction of sounds, images or other data magnetic more electronic handheld devices from a data store on or
sports, games, cultural events, and entertainment-related data carriers, recording discs; apparatus, instruments and associated with a personal computer or a server; software
programs of all kinds, via a global computer network; materials for transmitting and/or receiving and/or recording for the synchronization of data between a remote station
streaming of video content via a global computer network; sound and/or images; downloadable audio and video recordings or device and a fixed or remote station or device; bags and
subscription audio broadcasting via a global computer featuring music, comedy, drama, action, adventure andlor cases adapted or shaped to contain MP3 players, hand held
network; audio broadcasting, broadcasting music, concerts, animation; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for computers, personal digital assistants, electronic organizers
and radio programs, via a global computer network, streaming coin operated apparatus; cash registers; calculating machines, and electronic notepads; audio, video, and digital mixers;
of audio content via a global computer network; electronic data processing equipment; computers, computer peripherals, radio transmitters; car audio apparatus; parts and fittings for
transmission of audio and video files via communications computer terminals; computer hardware; facsimile machines, all the aforesaid goods.” Class: 9
networks; providing search engines for obtaining data on answering machines, telephone-based information retrieval
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said
a global computer network; communication services in the software and hardware; adapters, adapter cards, connectors and
trademarks or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt
form of matching users for the transfer of music, video and drivers; blank computer storage media, fonts, typefaces, type
with according to law.
audio recordings via communication networks; providing designs and symbols in the form of recorded data; chips, discs
on-line bulletin boards for the transmission of messages and tapes bearing or for recording computer programs and U Kyi Win Associates
among computer users concerning entertainment, music, software; random access memory, read only memory; solid state For Apple Inc.
concerts, videos, radio, television, film, news, sports, games memory apparatus; electronic communication equipment and P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon.
and cultural events; information, advisory and consultancy instruments; telecommunications apparatus and instruments; Phone: 372416 Dated: 9th December, 2013
the pulse editor: MANNY MAUNG THE MYANMAR TIMES december 9 - 15, 2013

gers o
fin n
r it

A drum,
a drum! Liam Shea
and James
do acting

training at
Photo: Zarni

doth come…
With a cast of hundreds and a bit of
imagination, Yangon schoolchildren
bring Shakespeare to life

ith these words, Scenes alternated between Eng- most adorable battlefield displays video showing the preparations,
a trio of Scottish
witches calling
Nandar lish and Myanmar language; in one
striking scene of dialogue, one actor
ever put on.
As any good director knows,
during which the two expat direc-
tors, Liam Shea and James Erskine,
themselves the Aung spoke in English while another Shakespeare has always been about worked with children in interna-
“weird sisters” begin replied in Myanmar. more than just the words – no mat- tional and monastery schools, build-
to prophesy the bloody rise – and And to give everyone their time ter how famous those words may be. ing their confidence and teaching
still bloodier fall – of a once-heroic to shine, many roles were played by Highlights included an extended them how to get up on stage and
general turned power-hungry and multiple actors simultaneously: Five sequence of expertly portrayed deliver with gusto.
corrupt, determined to take the Friday at the National Theatre – Lady Macbeths, for example, tried mimed pratfalls – a universal lan- Liam explained the project’s
throne at any cost. surely the most unique Shakespear- and failed to wash the dangling guage which needs no translation goals to The Myanmar Times in
Last Wednesday, however, the ean performance ever held in this ribbons of blood from their hands – – that had the crowd exploding with between last-minute rehearsals with
lines were being incanted by an country. and one of them wasn’t even a lady. laughter; weapon-free imaginary the makeshift troupe of players at
even more unlikely grouping: a pair Around 300 youngsters between Combined with the acoustics swordfights that saw each side Sandayama monastic school in Hla-
of expats and two dozen 10-year- the ages of 6 and 20 came together of the auditorium, the ages of the strike down the other to a four- ing township last Wednesday.
olds, clad not in dented armour but to bring one of William Shake- speakers and the sometimes over- count rhythm; and a rousing dance “It is intended to give the
in thanaka and green-and-white speare’s most famous – and gory – enthusiastic chatter in the audience number with the audience clapping students a chance to understand
school uniforms. works to life. – a mix of children, parents and enthusiastically to the rhythm. a Shakespeare play through active
In the words of Macbeth himself, With support from the British Em- curious expats – from some seats “The kids are so lovely,” said learning,” he said.
“Stay, you imperfect speakers, tell bassy as part of Great Britain Week it was difficult to make out many audience member Marca after the “And the nice thing about it is
me more.” in Myanmar, the free performance lines. show. “They’re doing the whole play bringing communities together.
The children were putting the was put on by a new organisation in But the older actors had their and made only one or two mistakes. The kids who go to international
final touches to their scenes prior to Yangon called Shakespeare Schools, parts down solidly, and the younger Now I’m really disappointed that I schools don’t always meet kids from
an unexpectedly delightful perfor- an outreach group set up by a veteran ones made up for any moments of didn’t bring my flash camera.” monastery schools. It’s nice to put
mance of the Scottish play, held last of London’s Globe Theatre. confusion by performing surely the Friday’s show began with a brief them on an even playing field. The the pulse 47

international school students are understood the advantages such an to be Thane of Cawdor. ally, I prefer seeing them performed
performing a scene; the monastic ambitious production can bring to “I have practised three times on stage,” James said.
school students are performing a
scene. They’re all equal in the play.”
Overall, over a dozen organisa-
the children’s learning.
“I’ve been in contact with this
school for a long time,” he said.“I’ve
today and I want to do more and
more. All of my friends like to
rehearse the play and really love to
Liam said acting the play out to-
gether encourages students to think
differently about its language – and
‘I have
tions were involved, including
Laurel Art School and four local
explained what they do to the prin-
cipal monk and the teacher in this
perform in the theatre.”
Co-director James Erskine said
their lives.
“You don’t get to pretend to be practiced
monastic schools: Sandayama, Nang school, and they understand what the “Scottish play”, as it’s supersti- a king every day. It’s not every day
Oo, Mi Gadar Yone and Shwe Myint benefits can be had by teaching arts tiously known, was a good match for you can pretend to be a witch. But
Zu convent school. and drama. It is rarely seen in other the students. you can when you’re doing the play.
Shakespeare is no easy feat
in any classroom, let alone when
schools in Myanmar.”
The children only had three
“Shakespeare’s Macbeth is new
and fresh for the students from the
I think it encourages people to use
imagination as a way out.” times
trying to bridge two languages. So weeks to practice – a nightmare for monastic schools, so they are full That’s a good lesson for everyone
while the children tended to have any thespian, amateur or profes- of interest in learning,” he told The of all ages. As Shakespeare wrote else-
no problems following the instruc- sional – but the children seemed Myanmar Times. where, “All the world’s a stage, and all
tions of their director – a testament
to the two men’s enthusiasm and
charisma – instructors from the
“I act the part of Macbeth in the
beginning of the play,” said Soe Ko
Part of the fun, he said, comes
with excitement of actually bringing
the words to life – a process too
the men and women merely players.”
And while it’s unlikely that any
coconut trees ever grew in Birnam
and i
non-profit community outreach
program Gitameit also helped guide
Ko, 11, who was suprisingly at ease
explaining the play’s labyrinthine
often missing from most classroom
Wood in Scotland, for a few mo-
ments last Friday a veritable army
want to
the progress.
Thila Min, 36, a drama teacher
with Gitameit, said the monks and
double-crossings. “I am a general
in the army of King Duncan. I’m
Thane of Glamis, and when the king
“Most of the people around the
world approached Shakespeare by
reading his plays. But I think that
of schoolchildren marched enthu-
siastically behind some well-placed
fronds toward a stage in Yangon,
do more’
teachers at Sandayama immediately executes the Thane of Cawdor, I get makes them more boring. Person- and anything seemed possible. – Soe Koko, 11
48 the pulse THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

Busts of champions
Photo: Ko Thaik

past help kick off the

SEA Games
Chit Su sculpting athletes who brought Malaysia and in 1973 in Singapore. glory to Myanmar. The Ministry She said: “When I modelled for

of Sport selected the subjects for the sculpture I felt young again,
S an artistic tribute to us. We intend these art works as a and wanted to compete. I advise
Myanmar’s sporting memorial for the next generation of children who aspire to compete
greats, sculptor Kyaw sportsmen and women.” in the Games to practise over the
Kyaw Min and painter The five athletes selected are long term. This sculpture will be a
Shwe Myint are weightlifter U San Myint, who memorial for my grandchild and The Myanmar Times own photographer Kaung Htet poses with his work.
depicting some of the country’s won 13 gold medals, tennis player the next sporting generation.”
gold medallists from past Southeast
Asia Games. Their work will be on
display from December 3 to 7 at
U Maung Zaw, who won four
golds, Daw Aye Shwe and U Aung
Hla, track and field athletes who
The 27th Southeast Asia Games,
the first to be hosted by Myanmar
in 44 years, is being held in Nay
Myanmar photo-book
launches in Yangon
Yangon’s Thuwunna Stadium, where each won four gold medals, and Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay and
some of the events of the 27th SEA volleyball player U Soe Thein, who Ngwesaung Beach. The official
Games will take place. scored three golds. mascot of the 2013 Games is a pair of
Kyaw Kyaw Min said: “Shwe Daw Aye Shwe took her four owls, lucky charms in the Myanmar
Myint and I wanted to celebrate golds in 1969, when Myanmar tradition. The male is called Shwe Ei Ei Thu who took part, as well as Aung Pyae,
the Games by drawing and hosted the SEA Games, in 1971 in Yoe and the female Ma Moe. Kaung Htet, Kyaw Kyaw Winn and
INTERNATIONAL photographers “This is my tenth visit. My first
collaborated with their local was in 1992, but at that time I
counterparts to produce 7 Days in couldn’t go to many places outside
Myanmar featuring the country’s Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan. This
most picturesque locations. The book time I went to Chin State. The roads
was launched at Yangon’s Chatrium are bad, but there is so much to see,
Hotel on December 2. and the images are great,” said UK
A gallery of 100 pictures was photographer Michael Freeman.
exhibited at the launching ceremony “The book is wonderful. I think
from December 2-8. I did a good job,” said Michael. “I
Nine Myanmar photographers and wrote captions for more than 100
21 from around the world depicted photos, with a brief history of each.
scenes of business, culture, scenery Myanmar photographers rank with
and people, taken within a seven-day their professional counterparts in the
period last April-May. rest of the world,” U Thaw Kaung,
“I spent a lot of time and energy Life Achievement Award of Literature
on this book, but it was worth it,” and Myanmar Historical Commission,
editor Nicholas Grossman told The National Museum in Yangon, told The
Myanmar Times. Myanmar Times.
Mr Grossman wrote the text The more than 300 outstanding
accompanying the work of the original images include seven from
photographers, describing their the prestigious Magnum Photos
experiences and the locations they cooperative, several from National
visited. Geographic magazine and nine from
Abbas, Steve McCurry, Michael Myanmar’s rising stars.
Yamashita, Michael Freeman, Bruno 7 Days in Myanmar, published by
Barbey and Raghu Rai were among Editions Didier Millet, is available for
Kyaw Kyaw Min creates a likeness of . Photo: Thiri Lu the international photographers US$60. the pulse 49
Music Review, Chill Session: Wi Thay Tha

Chill Session gains new fans for hip-hop

releases that can be enjoyed from
Lwin beginning to end, without any
temptation to skip songs.
Mar The strong lyrics cover a range
hTun of topics. Even the love songs
“A Cake” (A Great Bitterness) and “A Tate Thit” (New Past) are
clever, avoiding the saccharine

childishness common in
OUR of Myanmar’s best Myanmar music in favour of witty
rappers have joined forces meditations on the finer aspects of
to form the hip-hop super- the female body.
group Chill Session, which The song “Mary Jane” has
last month released their proven to be particularly popular
debut album titled Wi Thay Tha with the kids. Leading off with
(Extraordinary). pleasant backing vocals, the
Chill Session is made up of J-me rappers soon launch into an ode
and Chit Soe from the Project-1 to their affection for Mary Jane, a
group, and Bo Lay and Chan A Win well-known 1970s code word for
from Firecracker. ganja (aka da chronic, aka wacky
These artists have spent the past tabbacky).
several years forging their own “Paradise” celebrates the joys of
unique styles, but the new project life like beach parties and spending
has allowed them to combine their time with the family, while “Alin
creative forces and explore new Yin Myint” is a cool song that
approaches to their music. skillfully combines hip-hop with
J-me, for example, is well known gospel music.
for his rapid-fire vocal delivery, “Ta Kyoung Lout Yay Par Oo”
but here he slows it down and (Please Write One Song Lyric) relies
enunciates his lyrics more clearly, on old-school beats and nimble
allowing fans to better understand rhymes to belittle rappers suffering
and appreciate his mad rhyming from sub-par vocal skills.
skills. I could go on and on,
Wi Thay Tha features 12 songs highlighting the greatness of each
written by Chill Session and guest song, but it would be better if
composers Thaw D Wai, Thuta Ill you just bought the album and
and Ar-T. KGK, Chan A Win, C2 enjoyed it for yourself. Many
and Chan Myae Oo contribute to others in Myanmar already have:
production. Even teenagers and adults who
There’s not a single weak track never liked hip-hop are singing the
on the CD – it’s one of those rare praises of Chill Session. Chill Session’s album art. Photo: Supplied the pulse 51

Jam It in
GREG holland all this creativity. When that day will come depends on a lot of factors, but

you can be sure in the meantime that
N between the car horns, JAM IT! will push on through with
yelping dogs and the aggressive their true DIY spirit.
sound of gargling betel spit, an This month, JAM IT! took to
underground music scene can the road with their growing roster
be heard in Yangon, if you listen of bands and teamed up with local
closely enough. A severe lack of live promoters in Mandalay to host the
music venues that cater to the bands first of hopefully many joint gigs.
and the fans would, in any other A rickety plywood structure would
time or place, crush such a diverse, be the stage, set at the far end of
creative and justly abrasive music an impressively sized skate park in Mandalay’s Death Rising. Photo: Greg Holland
scene. With alcohol licences at 20 Mandalay, where JAM IT! provided
lakhs and entertainment licences up five acts and the Mandalay promoters elbow sustained from the previous metal- heads took a breather and said, “The crowd was feeling excited
to 3000 lakhs, depending on whose championed eight of their own. The night’s motorbike incident affect the breakdancing circles emerged. and wanted to taste something new.
pocket you’re in, its plain to see why free gig was a seven-hour barrage of their performance, Skunx front man Mandalay’s “socially conscious” Rebel They are very supportive of us and
there are such a shortage of live noise delivered to a crowd of eager Eugene delivered a vicious set to a Force and Wild Boyz, while reluctant I’m grateful for that,” he added.
music venues. Despite the pressures young fans, music scene aficionados rapturous crowd of head-bangers. to admit a political sentiment to their “Right now [JAM IT! is] planning
of this rather bleak situation, and the the weary-eyed Yangonites who made The Mandalay and Yangon acts music, had each and every member of to have more gigs all over Myanmar
lure of over-priced expat venues, JAM the 10-hour bus journey up. took turns performing, feeding off the crowd whipped into a frenzy. not only Mandalay but also Taunggyi
IT! have managed to host packed- Mandalay’s Skunx, having made each other’s energy with rowdy Other notable performances and everywhere where they have
out reduced-cost gigs in unassuming a name for themselves for their competition. The gig was equal came from Yangon punks No U Turn, underground bands so we can perform
venues. With an increasingly large uncompromisingly harsh sets at parts punk, hip-hop and metal with who were testing out new material all together. I think JAM IT! is on
local fan-base and a growing number recent Yangon appearances, took to Yangon’s G-Tone and his Cyclone in anticipation of recording their its way to becoming something that
of talented alternative bands and the stage at the peak of the event’s crew taking leadership of the hip- third album. Speaking about their young people are interested in and we
DJ’s, Yangon needs a central hub for energetic bill. Not letting a fractured hop segment of the show while the performance, lead singer Ye Ngwe So hope it to become more successful.”

Mandalay’s Skunx play through the pain. Photo: Greg Holland Yangon’s No U Turn. Photo: Greg Holland
52 the pulse tea break THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

Universal Crossword SUDOKU PACIFIC

Edited by Timothy E. Parker

DNA TEST By Martin G. Morris

ACROSS 3 Jimmy Carter’s middle 23 Recommend 42 Repeated Catholic
1 Final Greek letter name big-time prayer
6 Intensifies (with “up”) 4 Tribal historian 25 Type of auto 43 Take ten
10 Spill the beans 5 Ridicule or collision 49 Picks
14 Lion’s plaints berate 26 Muss, as hair 51 Hold a meeting
15 Rummage 6 Prince 27 Star in 54 Sty noises
through Valiant’s son Orion’s foot 56 Some cookies
16 Actress Kudrow 7 Runway figure 28 Old hags 57 “Ghostbusters” goop
17 Scheming duo of old 8 Soft, thin silk 29 Ethically 59 Sack attachment
cartoons cloth challenged 61 Hotshot pilots
20 “McSorley’s Bar” 9 Adult male deer 32 Pre-meal drink 62 “The stockings ___
painter John 10 Disposable razor 34 Shocking win hung ...”
21 ___ on (prodded) insert 36 “Much ___ About 63 Be beholden to
22 Dot above the i 11 Fleur-de-___ Nothing” 64 Soldier in Lee’s army
24 Put through the 12 Cigar residue 38 Smallest 65 Hair gel amount
paces 13 Sheep bleat possible team 66 Select (with “for”)
27 Alternative to 18 Come before 40 “Walk-___ 67 White or wheat
Panasonic, once 19 Any foursome welcome” alternative
30 The MGM lion
31 You might play
something by it
33 Vow to pony up
35 Cooking maven
37 Fizzled firecracker
39 All square
41 Cheerful willingness to
be obliging
44 Implant deeply, as in
45 Atop, poetically
46 Kind of proprietor or
47 Farmer’s field
48 Gaggle formation
50 Attack word
52 After expenses
53 Blackthorn plum
55 State gambling
58 Cartoonist’s
60 Eloper’s
63 One ensuring army
equipment works
68 Too diluted
69 Straddling
70 Manicure board
71 Dwindles
72 “You ... yeah, you”
73 Sit through again

1 Christmas bulb
2 Cows hit a low with




Laugh all the way to the bank when you rent this space.
The tea break page is being re-formatted in readiness for our move to a daily cycle. It may look something like this in the future.
Our market research shows that a page like this attracts a large number of readers, who loyally read it every day.
Ring Marketing Department to book this space permanently and
laugh all the way to the bank with the extra business coming in your door.
Telephone us now on +951 392 928 the pulse food and drink 53

Phyo’s cooking adventure

It’s my party
and I’ll fry if I want to
ITH Christmastime
approaching, din-
ner party season is
kicking into high
gear. This month I’ll
be sharing fun recipes for the festive
season – dishes which are quick and
yummy at holiday time or any time.
Here are two recipes to bridge
the gap between last month’s noodle
theme and this month’s festive dishes.
Dried egg noodles are the key ingredi-
ent in both recipes this week, and
– just like you do at parties – we’re
starting out with the nibbles.
Both recipes start the same way
before diverging for very different
results. You can make spiced crispy
noodles with paprika or any other
spice you like, while chocolate spiders
are given a local twist by calling for
caramelised jaggery instead of more
expensive imported chocolate. Either
way, your guests won’t be able to stay Jaggery Noodle Spiders. Photo: Phyo Spicy Crispy Noodles. Photo: Phyo
transfer to kitchen paper and drain Prepare egg noodles as per pack- Coat two spoons lightly with oil. Foodie quote
Spiced crispy noodles excess oil. age instructions, adding 1 tablespoon Scoop out noodle mixture and roll “Food is not about impressing
(Serves 6) Deep-fry basil leaves, then remove of oil into the boiling water so noo- with two spoons into a ball. Trans- people. It’s about making them feel
and drain excess oil on the kitchen dles will not be sticky after draining. fer the ball to the grease paper and comfortable.”
8-10 leaves basil (pin seinn) paper as well. Add oil to a wok and heat on repeat for rest of noodles. Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa
4 pieces dried egg noodles In a bowl, combine paprika, salt, medium-high. When oil is ready, turn Put finished tray in refrigerator to Cookbook
2 cups vegetable oil ground black pepper, sugar and deep- heat to medium and deep-fry noodles cool down.
2 teaspoons paprika powder fried basil leaves. Mix well, shaking if in batches, ensuring noodles are flat Serve later that day or store in the Next week
1 teaspoon salt necessary. and evenly spread. Flip at least once. fridge in an airtight container. Holiday recipes continue
1 teaspoon ground black pepper Lay noodles in a bowl or plate and When noodles turn golden, trans-
2 teaspoons sugar sprinkle spices mix over them. fer to kitchen paper and drain excess Tips

Wine Review
oil. The jaggery will need constant
Wash the basil leaves and dry well. Jaggery noodle spiders Wash jaggery gently and add to monitoring while making the sauce,
Prepare egg noodles as per pack- (Serves 6) sauce pan with 1 cup water. Sim- so keep stirring. Adding a couple
age instructions, adding 1 tablespoon mer until jaggery becomes sticky of pinches of salt will bring out the
of oil into the boiling water so noo- 4 pieces dried egg noodles and runny, then remove from heat. sweetness even more.
Myaung Mya
in e
dles will not be sticky after draining. 2 cups vegetable oil Let cool for 3-4 minutes. Meanwhile, W hit
Pineapple Wine
Add oil to a wok and heat on 1 cup dark jaggery spread grease paper on a tray and set Shopping list

medium-high. When oil is ready, turn 1 cup water aside. I use packaged dried egg noodles. 2004
heat to medium and deep-fry noodles ¼ teaspoon salt Crush the noodles and add to Jaggery is available at the supermar-
in batches, ensuring noodles are flat 1 tablespoon white sesame seeds sauce pan. Coat with caramelised jag- ket as well as at local markets: Ask This wine does not
and evenly spread. Flip at least once. 1 tablespoon roughly crushed gery. Add sesame seeds and peanuts, for mote loke hta nyat/hta nyat kyan taste like pineapple. It
When the noodles turn golden, roasted peanuts coating noodles evenly. (literally, jaggery for making sweet). is not even sweet. In fact,
the taste is quite harsh
on the nose. Not a good
bottle, but this is what

Newly opened Green Gallery is not to be missed we’ve been reduced

to with the ban on
imported wine.

THERE’S a new restaurant in down-

town Yangon, and it’s a gem. Situated Score
on the lower block of 52nd street,
“Green Gallery snacks and drinks”
specializes in salads and Thai food.
Diners in the downtown area looking
for a break from over-oiled curries
and over-priced western fare, your
prayers have been answered.
Ma Bo, the proprietor, head cook,
K 3,000
and occasional server of Green Gal-
lery, spent more than a decade living
and working in Thailand, and in that Aythaya
W red

Cabernet 2012

time she acquired what can only be Chicken with Oyster Sauce. Photo: Staff Spicy Egg Salad. Photo: Staff

called a mastery of the Thai cuisine.

This is not Thai-Burmese fusion, and white rice. It was tangy and fishy in every morning for the day’s bounty, tempting, and perhaps even obliga- This Shan State brand does
it’s not some processed take on pad the best possible way, with a melody and the effort more than comes tory. Diners who travel in packs and not fare much better,
thai. This is the real deal: authentic of herbs and spices in the sauce through in the taste. love to share will find a home at offering little beyond
Thai. kicking the dish into the realm of The affordable prices of the vari- Green Gallery. a dry yet watery taste.
I started the meal with chicken delicious. ous dishes, nothing more than K3000, The decoration scheme has a The smell is powerfully
stir-fried in oyster sauce served with My companion enjoyed egg make splurging on several dishes stripped down, DIY aesthetic. Tables alcoholic, leaving me
salad and rice noodle salad, both of and chairs are custom-made from hard-pressed to think
which she reported were delicious salvaged wood, and the countertops of any food or snack
Green Gallery and hearty enough to make an ideal are made from repurposed and this would pair nicely
breakfast. slightly modified wooden pallets. with.
No.58, 52nd St, Botahtaung However, the real standout dish The spare approach adds up to a
Township. was the coconut soup. Tender laid-back, convivial atmosphere. It’s

Food 9
chicken and succulent mushrooms
served in coconut milk, the dish
a perfect setting for long lunches or
late dinners. Score
Drink 8 manages to be many different and Ma Bo has stated her plans to
Atmosphere 9 wonderful tastes all at once: sweet expand the menu in the coming
X-factor 10 yet savory, spicy yet smooth, with a weeks, hoping to add fruit shakes
Service 9 fresh zestiness that had me literally and mangos with sticky rice as soon
Value for money 10 smacking my lips. as the fruits are in season – all the
Of course, with all these dishes, more reason for lovers of fine food to
Total Score: 9/10 the operative word is “fresh”. Ma Bo
buys fresh produce at nearby markets
check out this excellent new estab-
K 9,500
54 the pulse socialite THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9-15, 2013

City Baby Club 3rd anniversary

Iren Zin Mar Myint


Ko Nyi Nyi Tun and family Ma Zar Zar Htike

Mercedes-Benz car showroom opening

May Grace

Pyae Ti Oo and Eaindra Kyaw Zin Attendees Lu Min and wife

Precious Gems 6th anniversary sale promotion Chic magazine anniversary

Nu Myat Theingi Oo

Daw Than Cho Nwe, Daw Mi Mi Naing, Aunty Cho and Ma Ei Po Me N Ma girls

SCG Sharing the Dream Program

Pisanu Suvanajata Ma Tharaphe, Ma Wai Phyo and Ma Wint Mon Swe

PEB steel building seminar

Sami Kteily Staff members the pulse socialite 55
Guy Laroche Paris new wears launch

Ei Ei Htwe

Happy Sweet December to you all, readers!

Socialite was enjoying a relaxed pace of ‘socialit-
Bangladesh Cultural festival 2013

ing’ this week, but certainly wasn’t bored, it’s

because she loves December the most and cooler
weather. She said farewell to November with vari-
ous kinds of events. On November 27, she enjoyed
an afternoon with the toddler attendees
at City Baby’s 3rd anniversary at City
Mart, China Town Point Center. On the
following day, she attended the SCG’s
‘Sharing the Dream’ event which
supports the Education of Myanmar
students at IBC. On November 29th,
she was at the seminar of steel build-
ing by PEB steel company at Sum-
mit Park View hotel. Next day, our
Socialite dropped by the Precious
Gems 6th anniversary sale pro-
motion at its shop. Guy Laroche
Ms Tasanee

Paris new wears launch at Junction Models

Square, was also a fantastic fashion Kaung Pyae
event before heading to the Monte
Vino wine launch at the Sedona
Hotel and ending the week at the
Bangladesh Cultural Festival
2013 at Bangladesh Embassy,
Than lwin road.

A performer

SK Al Emran and Minur Rahman

Ko Lin Kyi Min, Ma Htet Htet Khin and Ko Zayyar Myo Khin

Monte Vino wine launch

Ma Tin Thandar Khine Ko Min Zaw Than

56 the pulse travel THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013


Yangon to Nay Pyi Taw YH 910 3,4,6 7:55 10:00 Nyaung U to Yangon W9 203 Daily 11:00 12:10 Yangon to Thandwe
Flight Days Dep Arr Y5 233 Daily 8:10 9:25 Flight Days Dep Arr W9 119 1,3,6 11:15 12:25 Flight Days Dep Arr
FMI A1 1,2,3,4,5 7:30 8:30 YH 918 3,4,6 8:20 10:15 YH 917 3,4,6 7:35 10:15 W9 129 Daily 15:00 16:10 W9 141 Daily 6:15 9:35
Y5 777 1,2,3,4,6 7:45 8:25 YJ 891 Daily 8:30 10:25 YJ 891 Daily 7:45 10:25 K7 826 2,6 11:45 13:00 6T 351 1,2,3,4,6,7 6:30 10:00
FMI A1 6 8:00 9:00 6T 402 Daily 8:45 10:45 W9 141 Daily 7:50 10:40 6T 807 1 12:00 14:20 6T 605 Daily 11:15 12:10
FMI B1 1,2,3,4,5 11:30 12:30 YJ 902 7 8:20 10:25 YH 917 1 7:50 11:30 K7 224 Daily 14:30 15:45 YH 505 3,4,6 10:30 13:10
FMI A1 7 15:30 16:30 K7 223 Daily 8:55 11:00 6T 401 Daily 7:55 10:45 YH 731 1,2,3,4,5,6 15:00 16:25 W9307 2,4 11:30 13:50
FMI C1 1,2,3,4,5 16:30 17:30 W9 201 Daily 9:10 11:05 K7 222 Daily 8:05 11:00 6T 501 Daily 15:30 16:40 W9 309 1,3,5,6,7 11:30 13:50
YH 918 2 9:10 11:05 YJ 901 1,2,3,4,5,6 8:25 9:45 YH 511 6 11:30 14:05
Nay Pyi Taw To Yangon W9 144 Daily 9:20 10:45 YH 917 2 8:25 11:05 Heho to Yangon
Flight Days Dep Arr Y5 132 3,5,6,7 9:30 10:30 YH 910 1 8:25 10:30 Thandwe to Yangon
Flight Days Dep Arr
Flights Days Dep Arr YH 918 1 9:35 11:30 Flight Days Dep Arr
YH 910 3,4,6 8:40 10:00 W9 141 Daily 8:35 10:40
FMI A2 1,2,3,4,5 8:50 9:50 YJ 001 1,2,3,4,5 9:50 10:45 W9 141 Daily 9:50 10:40
W9 144 Daily 8:50 10:10 YH 910 2 8:45 11:00
FMI A2 6 10:00 11:00 K7 227 2,4 10:35 12:00 6T 632 1,2,3,4,6,7 10:15 11:10
YJ 902 7 9:05 10:25 6T 352 Daily 9:00 11:10
FMI B2 1,2,3,4,5 13:00 14:00 K7 627 1,5 10:55 12:20 6T 605 Dailys 12:25 15:00
YH 910 2,5 9:40 11:00 YH 918 3,4,6 9:05 10:15
FMI A2 7 17:00 18:00 YH 832 4,6 11:30 12:55 6T 632 5 13:00 13:55
6T 351 5 10:50 13:55 YJ 891 Daily 9:15 10:25
Y5 778 1,2,3,4,6 17:30 18:10 K7 845 2,4,7 12:50 16:00 YH 506 3,4,6 13:10 14:00
YJ 202 2 16:15 17:35 YH 910 1 9:20 10:30
FMI C2 1,2,3,4,5 18:00 19:00 6T 808 7 13:15 15:15 W9 307 2,4 14:05 14:55
K7 225 Daily 17:45 19:00 6T 402 Daily 9:35 10:45
YH 738 5 13:40 18:05 W9 309 1,3,5,6,7 14:05 14:55
W9 211 Daily 17:55 19:15 K7 223 Daily 9:45 11:00
6T 808 1 13:45 15:45 YH 512 5 14:05 14:55
Yangon to Mandalay YH 732 1,2,3,4,5,6 17:55 19:15 W9 201 Daily 9:55 11:05
YJ 202 1,3 15:30 16:55
Flight Days Dep Arr 6T 502 Daily 18:35 19:55 YH 918 2,5 9:55 11:05
YJ 212 5 15:30 16:55
YH 917 2 6:00 7:40
YH 909 1 6:00 7:40
YH 514
YJ 202
17:35 Yangon to Myitkyina
YH 918
YH 506
Domestic Airlines
YJ 901 1,2,3,4,5,6 6:00 7:25
YJ 602/W9 7602 6 15:50 17:15 Flight Days Dep Arr W9 204 Daily 12:25 13:35
YJ 901 7 6:00 8:05 Air Bagan Ltd. (W9)
YJ 212 7 16:00 17:25 K7 844 2,4,7 7:30 11:05 YH 506 2 12:55 15:00 Tel : 513322, 513422, 504888, Fax : 515102
YH 917 3,4,6 6:00 8:20
YH 728 1 16:30 17:55 K7 624 Daily 10:30 13:25 K7 829 1,3,5 13:50 15:05
YJ 891 Daily 6:10 8:15 Air KBZ (K7)
YJ 762 2,4,6 16:35 18:00 YJ 211 5 10:30 13:20 6T 808 7 14:05 15:15
Y5 234 Daily 6:15 7:30 Tel: 372977~80, 533030~39 (Airport),
W9 120 1,3,6 16:30 17:55 YJ 201 1,2,3,4 11:00 13:50 6T 808 1 14:35 15:45 Fax: 372983
YH 917 1 6:15 9:35
K7 225 Daily 16:50 19:00 YJ 211 7 11:00 13:50 W9 120 1,3,6 15:45 17:55
YH 909 3,4,6 6:15 7:55
W9 251 2,5 11:15 14:10 YH 728 1 15:45 17:55
Air Mandalay (6T)
W9 129 Daily 17:10 18:35 Tel : (Head Office) 501520, 525488,
6T 401 Daily 6:20 8:25
YH 738 3 17:10 18:35 YJ 762 2,4,6 15:50 18:00 Fax: 525937. Airport: 533222~3, 09-73152853.
K7 222 Daily 6:30 8:40 Fax: 533223.
W9 211 Daily 17:10 19:15 Myitkyina to Yangon K7 224 Daily 16:00 19:00
K7 626 1,5 6:45 8:10
YH 732 Daily 17:10 19:15 Flight Days Dep Arr YH 738 3 16:25 18:35 Asian Wings (YJ)
K7 226 2,4 6:45 8:10
K7 625 Daily 17:10 18:35 YJ 211 5 13:35 16:55 YJ 762 1 16:25 18:35 Tel: 951 516654, 532253, 09-731-35991~3.
YH 831 4 7:00 8:40 Fax: 951 532333
YJ 762 1 17:10 18:35 YJ 202 1,3,4 14:05 16:55 W9 129 Daily 16:25 18:35
YJ 001 1,2,3,4,5 7:30 9:20
8M 6604 2,4,7 17:20 18:30 YJ 211 7 14:05 17:25 YH 731 1,2,3,4,5,6 16:25 19:15 Golden Myanmar Airlines (Y5)
W9 201 Daily 7:30 8:55
YJ 752 5 17:30 18:55 YJ 202 2 14:05 17:35 YJ 752 5 16:45 18:55 Tel: 95 9 400446999, 95 9 400447999,
8M 6603 2,4,7 9:00 10:10 Fax: 01 860 4051
YJ 752/W9 7752 3 17:45 19:10 K7 625 Daily 15:40 18:35 YH 738 5 16:55 18:05
K7 624 Daily 10:30 11:55
YH 730 4,6 17:45 19:10 W9 252 2,5 16:05 19:00 6T 501 Daily 16:55 19:55 Yangon Airways(YH)
YJ 211 5 10:30 11:55
6T 502 Daily 17:50 19:55 YJ 752/W97752 3 17:00 19:10 Tel: (+95-1) 383 100, 383 107, 700 264,
YJ 761 1 10:30 13:30 Fax: 652 533.
YJ 752/W9 7752 5 17:50 19:15 K7 827 2,6 17:25 18:40
YJ 761 2,4,6 11:00 12:55 Yangon to Heho
YJ 201 1,2,3,4 11:00 12:25 Flight Days Dep Arr YH 730 2 18:15 19:25 FMI Air Charter - Sales &
Yangon to Nyaung U YH 917 3,4,6 6:00 9:05 Reservations
YJ 211 7 11:00 12:25 Tel: (95-1) 240363, 240373 / (+95-9) 421146545
Flight Days Dep Arr YH 917 5 6:00 9:55
YJ 751/W9 7751 3,5,7 11:00 12:55 YANGON TO SIT T WE
YJ 901 7 6:00 7:20
YH 727 1 11:00 12:25 YH 909 1 6:00 9:20 Flight Days Dep Arr
YH 917 3,4,6 6:00 7:35
YJ 891 Daily 6:10 9:00 6T 605 Daily 11:15 13:15
YH 513 3 11:00 12:40 YJ 901 1,2,3,4,5,6 6:00 8:10
YH 737 3 11:00 13:10 W9 141 Daily 6:15 8:20 6T 611 4,6 14:30 15:55
YH 917 2,5 6:00 8:25
YH 729 4,6 11:00 14:00 YH 909 2,5 6:15 8:45 W9 309 1,3,5,6,7 11:30 12:55 6T = Air Mandalay
YH 909 1 6:00 8:25
W9 251 2,5 11:15 12:40 YH 917 1 6:15 8:50 K7 426 Daily 12:30 13:50 W9 = Air Bagan
YJ 891 Daily 6:10 7:30
6T 807 7 11:30 12:55 6T 401 Daily 6:20 9:20
W9 141 Daily 6:15 7:35 YJ = Asian Wings
YH 737 5 11:30 13:40 K7 222 Daily 6:30 9:30 SIT T WE to yangon
YH 917 1 6:15 7:50 K7 = AIR KBZ
YH 729 2 11:30 14:30 6T 351 1,2,3,4,6,7 6:30 8:45 Flight Days Dep Arr
YH 909 2,5 6:15 7:50 YH = Yangon Airways
6T 807 1 12:00 13:25 W9 201 Daily 7:30 9:40 6T 606 Daily 13:35 15:00
YH 909 3,4,6 6:15 8:40
K7 828 1,3,5 7:30 8:45 K7 427 Daily 14:05 15:25 FMI = FMI AIR Charter
K7 224 Daily 14:30 16:35 6T 401 Daily 6:20 7:40
W9 129 Daily 15:00 16:55 6T 351 1,2,3,4,6,7 6:30 7:50 YH 505 3,4,6 10:30 11:55 6T 612 4,6 16:15 17:40 Y5 = Golden Myanmar Airlines
YJ 761 1 10:30 12:45
YH 731 1,2,3,4,5,6 15:00 17:10 K7 222 Daily 6:30 7:50
YJ 751/W9 7751 3,5,7 11:00 12:10 Yangon to Myeik
Subject to change
6T 501 Daily 15:30 17:30
W9 211 Daily 15:30 16:55
YJ 601/W9 77601 6 10:30 11:50
YJ 761 2,4,6 11:00 12:10 Flight Days Dep Arr
without notice
YJ 761 1 10:30 11:50
W9 143 Daily 7:15 8:35 YH 737 3 11:00 12:25 K7 319 Daily 7:00 9:05
Mandalay to Yangon K7 224 Daily 14:30 17:25 YH 727 1 11:00 12:25 Day 4 = Thursday
Flight Days Dep Arr W9 211 Daily 15:30 17:40 6T 807 7 11:30 13:50 Myeik to Yangon 1 = Monday 5 = Friday
2 = Tuesday 6 = Saturday
YJ 901 1,2,3,4,5,6 7:40 9:45 YH 731 1,2,3,4,5,6 15:00 17:55 YH 505 2 11:30 12:55 Flight Days Dep Arr
3 = Wednesday 7 = Sunday
YH 910 1 7:40 10:30 6T 501 Daily 15:30 18:20 YH 737 5 11:30 12:55 K7 320 Daily 11:30 13:35 the pulse travel 57


Jane Fonda’s
controversial 1972
Flights Days Dep Arr Flights Days Dep Arr Flights Days Dep Arr
PG 706 Daily 7:15 9:30 PG 722 Daily 19:45 22:45 MU 2029 Daily 13:55 13:50
8M 335 Daily 8:40 10:25
PG 702 Daily 10:30 12:25 Flights Days Dep Arr Flights Days Dep Arr
TG 302 Daily 14:55 16:50 8M 336 Daily 11:55 12:40 PG 721 Daily 17:15 19:15

visit remains a part

PG 708 Daily 15:20 17:15 TG 303 Daily 8:00 8:45
8M 331 Daily 16:30 18:15 PG 701 Daily 8:50 9:40
PG 704 Daily 18:20 20:15
International Airlines
TG 301 Daily 13:00 13:45
Y5 237 Daily 18:05 19:50 PG 707 Daily 13:40 14:30
TG 306 Daily 19:45 21:40 PG 703 Daily 16:45 17:35
TG 305 Daily 17:50 18:45

of Hanoi’s culture
8M 332 Daily 19:20 20:05
Flights Days Dep Arr PG 705 Daily 20:00 21:15
DD 4231 1,3,5,7 8:00 9:45 Tel: 251 885, 251 886.
Y5 238 Daily 21:10 21:55
FD 2752 Daily 8:30 10:20
FD 2756 Daily 12:50 14:40 DON MUENG TO YANGON Air Bagan Ltd.(W9)
FD 2754 Daily 17:35 19:25 Flights Days Dep Arr
FD 2758 1,2,3,4 20:55 22:50 Tel : 513322, 513422, 504888, Fax : 515102
DD 4230 1,3,5,7 6:30 7:15
FD 2751 Daily 7:15 8:00
YANGON TO SINGAPORE FD 2755 Daily 11:35 12:20 Air China (CA)
Flights Days Dep Arr
Kazuo Nagata state broadcaster, remembers seeing

FD 2753 Daily 16:20 17:05 Tel : 666112, 655882.
MI 509/SQ 5019 1,2,6,7 0:25 5:00 FD 2757 1,2,3,4 19:35 20:25
8M 231 Daily 8:00 12:25 Fonda dressed in an ao ba ba, a tradi-
8M 233 5,6,7 14:00 18:25 SINGAPORE TO YANGON Air India ANOI, Vietnam — Go down tional Vietnamese outfit.
Y5 233 Daily 10:10 14:40
SQ 997/MI 5871 Daily 10:25 14:45
Flights Days Dep Arr Tel : 253597~98, 254758. Fax: 248175 an unassuming stairway be- Fonda seemed very approachable,
SQ 998/MI 5872 Daily 7:55 9:20 tween the pool and outdoor Thanh said, recalling that it made
3K 586 Daily 11:40 16:20 8M 6231/3K 585 2,4,7 8:55 10:25
MI 517/SQ 5017 Daily 16:40 21:15 bar at the luxurious Sofitel him realize that while the U.S. mili-
TR 2827 1,6,7 15:10 19:35 3K 585 Daily 9:10 10:40 Bangkok Airways (PG)
TR 2827 2,3,4,5 17:10 21:35 8M 6231/3K 585 1,3,5,6 9:10 10:40 Tel: 255122, 255 265, Fax: 255119 Legend Metropole Hanoi tary was their enemy, the American
8M 232 Daily 13:25 14:50 hotel — which opened in 1901 to serve
3K 588 2,3,5 19:30 00:10+1
TR 2826 1,6,7 13:10 14:30 people were friends. It reassured
YANGON TO KUALA LUMPUR MI 518/MI 5018 Daily 14:20 15:45 Condor (DE) Hanoi’s expatriate population — and him that his country was not in fact
Flights Days Dep Arr TR 2826 2,3,4,5 15:00 16:30 Tel: + 95 1 -370836 up to 39 (ext : 810) you’ll find yourself in an old air-raid isolated, he said.
Y5 234 Daily 15:35 17:05
8M 501 1,2,3,5,6 11:30 15:30
3K 587 2,3,5 17:20 18:50 shelter from the Vietnam War. Fonda was followed by cameras
AK 1427 Daily 8:30 12:50
MH 741 Daily 12:15 16:30 8M 234 5,6,7 19:25 20:50 Dragonair (KA) The basement shelter was re- wherever she went in war-torn Hanoi,
MH 743 Daily 16:00 20:15 MI 520/SQ 5020 1,5,6,7 22:10 23:35 Tel: 95-1-255320, 255321, Fax : 255329 discovered during renovations two including a visit to Bach Mai Hospital.
AK 1421 Daily 18:50 23:10 years ago and is now open to visitors. She appeared on numerous radio
BEIJING TO YANGON Golden Myanmar Airlines (Y5)
YANGON TO BEIJING Flights Days Dep Arr American actress Jane Fonda and broadcasts, on which she spoke to
CA 905 2,3,4,6,7 8:05 13:15 Tel: 95 9 400446999, 95 9 400447999,
Flights Days Dep Arr
Fax: 01 860 4051
other luminaries took refuge here U.S. soldiers in South Vietnam about
CA 906 2,3,4,6,7 14:15 21:55 during the war, according to a tour the destruction she had seen.
YANGON TO GAUNGZHOU Flights Days Dep Arr Malaysia Airlines (MH) guide leading a group that included These actions on what was then
Flights Days Dep Arr AK 1426 Daily 6:55 8:00 Tel : 387648, 241007 ext : 120, 121, 122 Fax some elderly Americans. considered enemy territory caused a
8M 711 2,4,7 8:40 13:15 MH 740 Daily 10:05 11:15
MH742 Daily 13:50 15:00 : 241124 Tran Minh Quoc, a former major stir back in the United States,
CZ 3056 3,6 11:35 15:50
CZ 3056 1,5 17:40 22:15 8M 502 1,2,3,5,6 16:30 17:30 Vietnamese ambassador to Italy, re- with many taking to calling her “Ha-
AK 1420 Daily 17:20 18:25 Myanmar Airways International(8M) members taking refuge in the shelter noi Jane.”
YANGON TO INCHEON Tel : 255260, Fax: 255305
Flights Days Dep Arr GUANGZHOU TO YANGON with Fonda when he served as her According to Norm Smith, who
8M 7502 Daily 0:50 8:50 Flights Days Dep Arr interpreter during her June 1972 visit was stationed in South Vietnam as a
8M 7702 Daily 23:45 8:05 CZ 3055 3,6 8:40 10:30 Silk Air(MI)
CZ 3055 1,5 14:45 16:35 Tel: 255 287~9, Fax: 255 290 to the city. civilian employee of the U.S. military
YANGON TO TAIPEI 8M 712 2,4,7 14:15 15:50 Quoc, 65, said Fonda did not ap- during the war, Fonda deserves to be
Flights Days Dep Arr Thai Airways (TG) pear frightened, and as soon as the si- branded a traitor because her visit
CI 7916 1,2,3,5,6 10:50 16:15 TAIPEI TO YANGON Tel : 255491~6, Fax : 255223
QR 288 2,5,6 11:35 17:20 Flights Days Dep Arr rens stopped, she grabbed her camera bolstered North Vietnam’s position as
CI 7915 1,2,3,5,6 7:00 9:55 and went above ground. But he also they sought to negotiate an end to the
YANGON TO KUNMING BR 287 2,5,6 7:45 10:35 Vietnam Airlines (VN)
Flights Days Dep Arr Fax : 255086. Tel 255066/ 255088/ 255068.
said she had a sentimental side, re- war in the Paris Peace Accords.
MU 2012 1,3 12:20 18:35 INCHEON TO YANGON calling an incident in which she burst Although Fonda was undeterred
MU 2032 Daily 14:40 18:00 Flights Days Dep Arr Qatar Airways (Temporary Office) into tears upon seeing schoolchildren by the criticism she received, she said,
CA 906 2,3,4,6,7 14:15 17:35 8M 7701 Daily 18:40 22:15
8M 7501 Daily 19:30 23:40
Tel: 01-250388, (ext: 8142, 8210) wearing straw hoods to protect them “I will go to my grave regretting the
YANGON TO CHIANG MAI during bombings. photograph of me in an antiaircraft
W9 9607 4,7
Days Dep
16:10 Flights
Days Dep Arr International Fonda gained fame for creating a carrier [sic],” referring to the iconic
MU 2011 1,3 8:20 11:30
sensation on the screen in the 1960s, picture of her sitting at the controls of
FD & AK = Air Asia
YANGON TO HANOI CA 905 2,3,4,6,7 13:00 13:15 but around 1970 she became an in- a North Vietnamese antiaircraft gun.
Flights Days Dep Arr TG = Thai Airways
VN 956 1,3,5,6,7 19:10 21:30
MU 2031 Daily 13:30 13:55 creasingly active opponent of United The photograph made it look like she
8M = Myanmar Airways International States involvement in Vietnam. was taking aim at her own country.
YANGON TO HO CHI MINH CITY Flights Days Dep Arr Y5 = Golden Myanmar Airlines She received an invitation to visit When she and Quoc met again
Flights Days Dep Arr W9 9608 4,7 17:20 18:10
VN 942 2,4,7 14:25 17:10 PG = Bangkok Airways Hanoi in May 1972 after criticizing in the United States in 2002, she
HANOI TO YANGON MI = Silk Air the administration of then President asked him if she had been set up. He
YANGON TO DOHA Flights Days Dep Arr Richard Nixon for escalating the air answered “no,” but he later said that
Flights Days Dep Arr VN = Vietnam Airline
VN 957 1,3,5,6,7 16:35 18:10 campaign against North Vietnam. the number of U.S. visitors to North
QR 619 Daily 7:30 11:15 MH = Malaysia Airlines
QR 919 Daily 7:30 11:15 HO CHI MINH CITY TO YANGON The invitation came from the Vietnam doubled after Fonda came
CZ = China Southern
Flights Days Dep Arr Vietnamese Committee for Solidarity and that they all organized antiwar
Flights Days Dep Arr VN 943 2,4,7 11:40 13:25 CI = China Airlines with the American People, a group that activities after returning home.
8M 403 1,3,6 8:35 12:30 DOHA TO YANGON CA = Air China invited several hundred U.S. antiwar ac- Fonda’s visit was incredibly valu-
Flights Days Dep Arr KA = Dragonair tivists to visit Vietnam during the war, able to North Vietnam, Quoc said. It
QR 618 Daily 21:15 06:29+1 and by which Quoc was employed.
Flights Days Dep Arr
QR 918 Daily 21:15 6:29 Y5 = Golden Myanmar Airlines seems she had been used after all.
0Z 770 4,7 0:50 8:50 At the time, it was unlikely that When the two met in 2002, Fonda
KE 472 Daily 23:35 07:45+1 IC = Indian Airlines Limited
GAYA TO YANGON many North Vietnamese had ever told Quoc she wanted to someday
Flights Days Dep Arr W9 = Air Bagan
8M 602 1,3,5,6 11:20 14:30 seen a Jane Fonda movie. Yet Chu Chi return to Vietnam. Eleven years later,
Flights Days Dep Arr 3K = Jet Star
KA 251 1,2,4,6 01:10 05:35 Thanh, a former cameraman for a however, she has not been back.
YANGON TO TOKYO Flights Days Dep Arr QR = Qatar Airways
Flights Days Dep Arr 8M 404 1,3,6 13:30 14:55
NH 914 Daily 22:10 06:45+1 KE = Korea Airlines
SEOUL TO YANGON NH = All Nippon Airways
YANGON TO SIEM REAP Flights Days Dep Arr
Flights Days Dep Arr KE 471 Daily 18:30 22:30 SQ = Singapore Airways
8M 401 1,3,6 8:35 10:45 0Z 769 3,6 19:30 23:40 DE = Condor Airlines
Flights Days Dep Arr Flights Days Dep Arr
NH 913 Daily 11:40 17:15 BR = Eva Airlines
8M 601 1,3,5,6 9:00 10:20
DE = Condor
Flights Days Dep Arr Flights Days Dep Arr AI = Air India
TG 2982 2,4,6 9:30 11:45 KA 250 1,3,5,7 21:50 23:45
TG 2984 5,7 19:35 21:45 Subject to change
PG 710 Daily 14:15 16:40
Days Dep Arr without notice
MANDALAY TO DON MUENG TG 2981 2,4,6 7:30 8:45
Flights Days Dep Arr TG 2983 5,7 17:30 18:45
FD 2761 Daily 12:50 15:15 PG 709 Daily 12:05 13:25 Day 4 = Thursday
1 = Monday 5 = Friday
MANDALAY TO KUNMING DON MUEANG TO MANDALAY 2 = Tuesday 6 = Saturday A memorial to the victims of US air raid on the grounds of Bach Kai Hospital in
Flights Days Dep Arr Flights Days Dep Arr 3 = Wednesday 7 = Sunday
MU 2030 Daily 14:40 17:20 FD 2760 Daily 10:55 12:20 Hanoi, one of Jane Fonda’s stops on her controversial tour. Photo: Washington Post
58 the pulse THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

WEEKLY predictions
december 9 - 15, 2013

Aquarius | Jan 20 - Feb 18 Leo | Jul 23 - Aug 22

Explore what it means to Management skills in

pay attention to your position of authority and
truths, again inner and power are good at making
outer. Life’s up and down decisions. What needs to be
provide windows of settled is what kind of an
opportunity to determine the true influencer will you be? You should make a
values and goals on different directions difference tomorrow by becoming a
relating your interests to enduring life better leader today. You must try to
purposes and your some of destiny. Get skillfully wave your persuasive magic in
a think of using all obstacles as the global arena where governments and
stepping stones to build the life you mega- corporation meet. Life partner
want. Self-incentive needs to open up must be qualified in emotional
your emotions. challenges.

Pisces | Feb 19 - March 20 Virgo | Aug 23 - Sep 22

Follow the high-spirited few A vice is nothing more

who meet the unknown than a virtue turned inside
effectively. You can devise a out, misapplied or use in
personal strategy of the wrong context.
A representative from the Ministry of Information wlecomes the assembled authors. Photo: Zarni entrepreneur, whenever you Learning about love
find yourself and however for fulfillment through trial and error, you can find

Evening of words returns

and you must meet yourself honestly. yourself easy and cool to being to
Learn to persist even profit from setbacks stabilize everything according to your
and build up your wisdom. Introduce the belief and trust. Personal
question of what’s worth doing? Never transformation and reinvention could
feel disconnected from routines and be made by your own rules and you

to Yangon
structure of your usual life in connection will have a study of heartfelt things in
with love. life with wonder.

Aries | Mar 21 - Apr 19 Libra | Sep 23 - Oct 22

Mental imagery is very Your aesthetic sense,

National Literature Awards grants lifetime achievement powerful. The secret to
using imagery is to develop
civilizing instinct and
pretty urge of the soul are
awards to unprecedented three writers as vivid a scenario as
possible. Look for
to beautify the world. Your
ability to see and love
opportunities to recognize the ideas and another person’s point of view is
recognition or award. ries of awards year to year – as successes of others, and pick up on the virtuous power to change everything
“I was expecting something for well as the prize money given to suggestions made by others and into harmony. Learn more about
my novel,” the writer, now a frail winners. This year, after writ- support them. Become involved in off spiritual laws that can make
81-year-old, said from the stage at ers lobbied for bigger prizes, the the job activities that are rewarding and relationships bearable and enjoyable.
the National Theater on December committee opted to award lifetime provide recognition. Try to see both Take time well enough to solve social
3 as part of this year’s National Lit- achievement winners K1,500,000 sides of the question in emotional problems and remain yourself in love
Zon Pann Pwint Ei Ei Thu erary Awards ceremony. She had to (about US$1500) compared to problem. life.
be accompanied by fellow writer Mi the K10,000,000 (about $1000)

Chan Wai, but her words remained they’ve been given since 2011.
T the age of 28, writer as strong as ever. Winners in other categories took Taurus | Apr 20 - May 20 Scorpio | Oct 23 - Nov 21
Khin Swe Oo made her “Since my first novel launched, I home K10,000,000 compared to
literary debut with her was looking forward to an acknowl- K5,000,000 the year before. A positive expectancy about Don’t be considered
novel Doe Tine Htar edgement. But I didn’t get it. I have The ceremony was also notable your future is to become yourself secretive in nature
Ni (Our Nation). Her given up hope of any reward for my for its return to Yangon, having motivated to certain at all times and know that it
inspiration came from her distaste works since then,” said Khin Swe been held in Nay Pyi Taw instead abstract value like beauty is good to show your simple
at growing up during colonial times, Oo. since 2005. or justice or some other esteemed natural character. Money is
before the country’s independence; That is until now. As well as Awards were handed out in 13 quality. You will be activated by your a transforming power sometimes, not
the result has been hailed of one recognising works published in categories for works published in inner truths and talents drawing forth always and don’t be interested in money
of the finest novels ever written in 2012, the prize-giving committee 2012, with no awards given this year meaning and pleasure.Attention is your for that reason. You can be overly awed by
Myanmar. was generous this year in handing for English-language fiction, drama power. Attract all different focusing to the power of money to a point where you
Published in 1961, the novel out lifetime achievement awards to and youth literature. classify the value which leaves you cool think wrongly about money rules the
was twice reprinted and has even not one but three writers. Among the winners was Maung and refreshed. Be sure to accept good world. The financial status is to be
been translated into Japanese. Khin Swe Oo, Aung Thin, Theik- Myint Kywe, 79, who was awarded change in love life. known by your abilities.
But while her debut caught the at- pan Hmu Tin – aged 81, 86 and a prize for Myanmar Pyi Hma Nay
tention of readers and turned her 89 respectively – were all recog- Yat Myar, his translation of George
into a literary celebrity at a young nised for their long and illustrious Orwell’s novel Burmese Days. Gemini | May 21 - June 20 Sagittarius | Nov 22 - Dec 21
age – and while several of her careers. Maung Myint Kywe told The
works were later made into suc- First given out in 1972, the Myanmar Times his friend gave How you think about Social focusing should be
cessful films – Khin Swe Oo said National Literature Awards have him a copy of Burmese Days as a yourself and how you want clear and you should
she was never given any official varied their number and catego- present back in that most Orwellian others to think about you increase intellectual range
of years, 1984. and see you without any and scope to apply to all
“After I read Burmese Days, I emotional attachment are aspects of today and
learnt how Burmese people lived depending on intellectual level between tomorrow. You must learn to set limits to
in a state of inferiority after losing you and others. Financial obligation reach targets and goals through a
independence. The country lost beyond your personal power will get series of attainable points or objectives.
independence easily but strug- better than usual and now is the time to A long, drawn-out process may be
gled hard to regain it. I thought I be clear as to what you want in love and difficult for you, but cosmic changes will
should translate this book to show in a partner. Get quiet and search your make your fortune safe and great
the value of independence,” Maung heart. wonderfully.
Myint Kywe said.
He translated the book in
[WHEN? Right away or years Cancer | Jun 21 - Jul 22 Capricorn | Dec 22 - Jan 19
later] but it was left without a
publisher until 2004. “At the age of You will be lucky Your habit like to argue with
70 I found a publisher, but he gave speculator especially success and different action
the green light [only] last year and with residential property against reasonable factor
it was published in 2012.” or hotels and that could make you
While the event was a celebra- restaurants, and disgraceful and ugly many
tion, Khin Swe Oo said it also waterside properties will allure you times.You need to learn the worthy of
reminded her that many deserving always. you need to develop social adaptable nature in order to fulfill
writers – including Journal Kyaw self-esteem and feeling of self-worth your highest inspiration. Cultivate your
Ma Ma Lay, Daw Khin Myo Chit, if you are to realize your greatest social grace to develop a social style
Dagon Taryar and Mya Than Tint – financial potential. Keeping the feeling along with charm and an ability to get
whose works have enjoyed fabulous of being provider for others, you along with people. Don’t be deep
popularity over the years have should be hampered in your attempts introverted and understand to make good
passed away without being given to lead and guide others by wit. balance with your own counsel.
lifetime achievement awards.
Maung Myint Kywe agreed: “It
is sad that they couldn’t enjoy the AUNG MYIN KYAW
awards, even though they are well 4th Floor, 113, Thamain Bayan Road, Tarmwe township, Yangon.
Author and translator Maung Myint Kywe accepts his award. Photo: Zarni deserved.” Tel: 09-731-35632, Email:
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130, Shwegondaing Rd, Kamayut. P., O 11041
Red Cross tel:682600, 682368 Yangon General Hospital (West) tel: 222860, 222861, Yangon, Tel: +(95-1)
Traffic Control Branch tel:298651 220416. M-22, Shwe Htee Housing, Bahan Tsp, tel : 01-549600
Department of Post & Telecommunication tel: 591384, Yangon General Hospital (YGH) tel: 256112, 256123, Thamine Station St., Near Yuzana Garden Hotel Mandalay- Tel: 02-60933.
591387. 281443, 256131. the Bayint Naung Point, 44, Alanpya Pagoda Rd, Nay Pyi Taw- Tel:
Immigration tel: 286434. Mayangone Tsp., Yangon Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp, 067-420778, E-mail :
Ministry of Education tel:545500m 562390 ELECTRICITY Tel : 522763, 522744, tel : 01-248944
Ministry of Sports tel: 370604, 370605 Power Station tel:414235 667557. Fax : (95-1) 652174 com. URL: http://www.
Ministry of Communications tel: 067-407037. E-mail : grandpalace@ ACCOMMODATION
Myanma Post & Telecommunication (MPT) tel: 067- POST OFFICE
407007. Long Term
General Post Office
Myanma Post & Tele-communication (Accountant Dept) 39, Bo Aung Kyaw St. (near British Council Library). tel:
tel: 254563, 370768. 285499. Air Con Sales & Service
Ministry of Foreign Affairs tel: 067-412009, 067-412344. No. 2/1, Than Thu Mar
Ministry of Health tel: 067-411358-9. INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Rd, Thuwunna Junction.
Yangon City Development Committee tel: 248112. Yangon International Airport tel: 662811. Happy Homes Tel : 09-4224-64130
No. 12, Pho Sein Road, Real Estate & Property
HOSPITALS YANGON PORT Tamwe Township, Yangon Management
Central Women’s Hospital tel: 221013, 222811. Shipping (Coastal vessels) tel: 382722 Tel : (95-1) 209299, 209300, Tel: 09-7349-4483, BARS
Children Hospital tel: 221421, 222807 209343, 209345, 209346 09-4200-56994.
Ear, Nose & Throat Hospital tel: 543888. RAILWAYS Fax : (95-1) 209344 E-mail: aahappyhomes@ 50th Street
Naypyitaw Hospital (emergency) tel: 420096. Railways information E-mail : greenhill@, http://www. 9/13, 50th street-lower,
Worker’s Hospital tel: 554444, 554455, 554811. tel: 274027, 202175-8. Botataung Tsp. Tel-397160.
THE MYANMAR TIMES december 9 - 15, 2013

CONSULTING co working space Engineering GAS COOKER & HEALTH SERVICES

Cooker Hoods

Marina Residence, Yangon

Green Garden Ph: 650651~4, Ext: 109 Myanmar Research | Consulting | Technology
Beer Gallery Mini Zoo, Beauty Plan, Corner of Shwe Hinthar B 307, 6 1/2 No. (6), Lane 2 One-stop Solution for 98(A), Kaba Aye Pagoda
Karaweik Oo-Yin Kabar. 77th St & 31st St, Mandalay Miles, Pyay Rd., Yangon. Botahtaung Pagoda St, Sub-station, M&E Work World’s leader in Road, Bahan Township,
Ph: 02 72506 Tel: +95 (0)1 654 730 Yangon. Design, Supply and Kitchen Hoods & Hobs Yangon. Tel: 553783, 01-9010003, 291897. Install (Hotel, High Rise Same as Ariston Water 549152, 09-732-16940,, Building Factory) Heater. Tel: 251033, 09-730-56079. Fax: 542979 379671, 256622, 647813 Email: asiapacific.
193/197, Shu Khin Thar
Lobby Bar car rental Street, North Okkalapa
Parkroyal Yangon, CONSTRUCTION Industrial Zone, Yangon.
Myanmar. 33, Alan Pya Lemon Day Spa Tel: 951-691843~5, 951-
Phaya Road, Dagon Tsp. No. 96 F, Inya Road, 9690297, Fax: 951-691700
Kamaryut Tsp, Yangon. Email: supermega97@ Yangon : A-3, Aung San
Tel: 514848, 09-732-08476. Stadium (North East Wing),
E.mail: lemondayspa.2011 HOT LINE: Mingalartaungnyunt Tsp. 959 - 402 510 003 Tel : 245543, 09-73903736,
09-73037772. One Stop ENT Center
• First Class VIP Zamil Steel FASHION & TAILOR No. (68), Tawwin Street,
No-5, Pyay Road, Mandalay : No.(4) 73rd St,
Limousine Car Rental. Btw 30th & 31st St, Chan 9 Mile, Mayangone Tsp,
Strand Bar 92, Strand • Professional English 7½ miles, Yangon, Myanmar.
Mayangone Tsp, Yangon. Aye Thar Zan Tsp. Tel : 09-
Rd, Yangon, Myanmar. Speaking Drivers. 6803505, 09-449004631. Tel : (951) 9 666141
tel: 243377.fax: 243393, • Full Insurance for Tel: (95-1) 652502~04. Fax : (951) 9 666135 your Safety and Fax: (95-1) 650306.
No. 52, Royal Yaw Min Gyi Email: zamilsteel@ Sein Shwe Tailor, 797 Gems & Jewelleries Email : comfortable journey (003-A), Bogyoke Aung
Condo, Room F, Yaw Min • Call us Now for your Website :
Gyi Rd, Dagon Township, San Rd, MAC Tower 2,
best choice Lanmadaw Tsp, Yangon,
Advertising Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: 09-425-307-717 courier Service Ph: 01-225310, 212943~4
Ext: 146, 147, E-mail:
INDUSTRY IN MYANMAR SINCE 1991 DTDC Courier and Cargo Get the Best Pure Natural
Service (Since 1991) Gemstones and Jewellery
Car Rental Service Yangon. Tel : 01-374457 FITNESS CENTRE No. 44, Inya Road, 24 hours Cancer centre
No. 56, Bo Ywe St, Mandalay. Tel : 09-431- Yangon, Myanmar. No. (68), Tawwin Street,
Spa Paragon 34095. www.DTDC.COM, Tel : 01-2305811, 2305812.
Condo B#Rm-106, Shwe Latha Tsp, Yangon. 9 Mile, Mayangone
M a r k e t i n g & c o mm u n i c a t i o n s
Tel : 01-246551, 375283, email : info@bestjewels Township, Yangon.
A d v e r t i s i n g Hinthar Condo, Corner of Door to Door Delivery!!!,
Pyay Rd & Shwe Hinthar 09-2132778, 09-31119195. Tel : (951) 9 666141
SAIL Marketing & Fax : (951) 9 666135
Communications St, 6½Mile, Yangon. Gmail:nyanmyintthu1983@, Balance Fitnesss
Suite 403, Danathiha Center Tel: 01-507344 Ext: 112, No 64 (G), Kyitewine
09-680-8488, 09-526-1642. Duty free
790, Corner of Bogyoke Rd Pagoda Road, Mayangone
& Wadan Rd, Lanmadaw Township. Yangon
Township, Yangon, Myanmar. coffee machine 01-656916, 09 8631392
Tel: (951) 211870, 224820, BOOK STORES Email - info@
2301195. Email: admin@ 24 hours Laboratory & X-ray
www.advertising-myanmar. Duty Free Shops No. (68), Tawwin Street,
com illy, Francis Francis, VBM, Yangon International Ruby & Rare Gems 9 Mile, Mayangone Tsp,
Brasilia, Rossi, De Longhi Airport, Arrival/Departure of Myanamar Yangon, Myanmar.
Nwe Ta Pin Trading Co., Ltd. Tel: 533030 (Ext: 206/155) Life Fitness No. 527, New University Tel : (951) 9 666141
BEAUTY & MASSAGE Shop C, Building 459 B Ave., Bahan Tsp. Yangon. Fax : (951) 9 666135
• 150 Dhamazedi Rd., Bldg A1, Rm No. 001,
New University Avenue Office: 17, 2 street,
Shwekabar Housing,
Bahan Tsp, Yangon. 01- 555-879, 09-4210-81705 Hlaing Yadanarmon Housing,
Tel: 536306, 537805. Mindhamma Rd, Hlaing Township, Yangon. Mayangone Tsp. Yangon. Tel: 549612, Fax : 545770.
Email : yangon@ Tel: 500143, 500144, 500145. Ph: 01-656511,
• 15(B), Departure Lounge, Fax: 01-656522, 24 Hour International
Yangon Int’l Airport. communication Hot line: 0973194684, Medical Centre @
• #87/2, Crn of 26th & 27th Victoria Hospital
La Source Beauty Spa St, 77th St,Chan Aye Thar No. 68, Tawwin Rd, 9 Mile,
80-A, Inya Rd, Kamayut Tsp. Zan Tsp, Mandalay. Mayangon Township,
Tel: 512380, 511252 Tel : (02) 24880. Yangon, Myanmar
Beauty Bar by La Source The Lady Gems & Jewellery Tel: + 951 651 238,
Room (1004), Sedona Hotel, International Calling Card Dance Club & Bar No. 7, Inya Rd, Kamayut + 959 495 85 955
Tel : 666 900 Ext : (7167) MYANMAR BOOK CENTRE No.004, Building (B), No.94, Ground Floor, Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar. Fax: + 959 651 398
LS Salon Ground Floor, Yuzana St, No. 20, Ground Floor, Pearl Tel : 01-2305800, 09-8315555
Nandawun Compound, Bogalay Zay Street, Street, Golden Valley Ward, 24/7 on duty doctor:
Junction Square, 3rd Floor. No. 55, Baho Road, Highway Complex Housing, The Lady Gems & Silk + 959 492 18 410
Tel : 95-1-527242, Ext : 4001 Kamayut Township, Botataung Tsp, Bahan Township, Yangon. Co operative Business
Corner of Baho Road Tel : 09-509 7057, 01- Website:
Mandalay and Ahlone Road, (near Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon.Tel: 392625, Centre, Room No (32/41), “ One Stop Solution for
La Source Beauty Spa Tel : 01-230-4379, 220881, 549478 (Ext : 103) New University Avenue Rd,
Eugenia Restaurant), 09-500-3591 Email : realfitnessmyanmar Quality Health Care “
No. 13/13, Mya Sandar St, Ahlone Township. tel: 09-731-74871~2 Email : danceclub. Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
Chanaye Tharzan Tsp. Email : mm Tel : 09-5200726
212 409, 221 271. 214708
Tel : 09-4440-24496. fax: 524580. email: info@, (Except Sunday)
Your Most Reliable

No. (68), Tawwin Street,

Floral Service & Gift Shop 9 Mile, Mayangone Tsp,
No. 449, New University Yangon, Myanmar.
Avenue, Bahan Tsp. YGN. Tel : (951) 9 666141
Tel: 541217, 559011, The Natural Gems of Fax : (951) 9 666135
09-860-2292. Myanmar & Fine Jewellery. Email :
Market Place By City Mart No. 30(A), Pyay Road,
Tel: 523840~43, (7 mile), Mayangone Tsp, Website :
523845~46, Ext: 205. Yangon, Myanmar.
Junction Nay Pyi Taw Tel : 01-660397, 354398-9
Tel: 067-421617~18 E-mail : spgmes.myanmar
422012~15, Ext: 235. Home Furnishing
Res: 067-414813, 09-492-
09039. Email : eternal@ GENERATORS

22, Pyay Rd, 9 mile,

Mayangone Tsp.
Floral Service & Gift No. 589-592, Bo Aung tel: 660769, 664363.
Centre 102(A), Dhamazaydi Kyaw St, Yangon-Pathein
Rd, 500142 highway Road. Hlaing
Summit Parkview Hotel, Tharyar tsp. Tel: 951-
tel: 211888, 211966 ext. 173 645178-182, 685199, Fax:
fax: sandy@ 951-645211, 545278. e-mail: mkt-mti@ Bldg-D, Rm (G-12), Pearl
Foam spray Condo, Ground Flr,
Insulation GLASS Kabaraye Pagoda Rd,
Bahan Tsp. Tel: 557448.
Ext 814, 09-730-98872.

International Construction
Material Co.,
S.B. Ltd.
Foam Spray Insulation No. 60, Sint-Oh-Dan St,
No-410, Ground Fl,Lower Lower Block, Latha Tsp, No-001-002, Dagon Tower,
Pazuntaung Rd, Pazun Yangon, Myanmar. Ground Flr, Cor of Kabaraye
taung Tsp, Yangon.Telefax Tel : 01-2410292, 243551, Pagoda Rd & Shwe Gon
: 01-203743, 09-5007681. 09-431-83689, 09-4480- Dine Rd, Bahan Tsp.
Hot Line-09-730-30825. 33905. Tel: 544480, 09-730-98872.
december 9 - 15, 2013 THE MYANMAR TIMES

Office Furniture SCHOOLS Water Heaters

European Quality Monsoon Restaurant

Sai Khung Noung Real & Bar 85/87, Thein Byu Horizon Int’l School The Global leader in
& Designs Indoor/ No.430(A), Corner of Water Heaters
Outdoor Furniture, Hotel Estate Co., Ltd. Dhamazedi Rd & Golden Road, Botahtaung Tsp. 25, Po Sein Road, Bahan
Open Daily (9am to 6pm) Tel : 541501, 551197, Tel: 295224, 09-501 5653. A/1, Aung San Stadium
Furniture & All kinds of No. 797, MAC Tower II, Valley Rd, Building(2) Tsp, tel : 541085, 551795,
400781, 09-73176988 551796, 450396~7. East Wing, Upper
woodworks Rm -4, Ground Flr, Market Place (City Mart), Pansodan Road.
No. 422, FJVC Centre, Email : saikhungnoung Bahan Tsp, Yangon. fax : 543926, email :
Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Tel: 01-256705, 399464,
Ground Floor, Room No. 4, Lamadaw Tsp, Yangon. Tel : 01-523840(Ext-309), contact@horizonmyanmar. com, 394409, 647812.
Strand Road, Botahtaung Tel: (951) 212944 Ext: 303 09-73208079.
Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar. sales.centuremyanmar@
Tel: 01-202063-4, 09 REMOVALISTS
509-1673 E-mail: contact@ Water Heater Made in Japan, Ocean Center (North
Point), Ground Floor, Same as Rinnai Gas Cooker Yangon Int’l School and Cooker Hood
Quality Chinese Dishes Tel : 09-731-83900
with Resonable Price 01-8600056 Fully Accredited K-12 Showroom Address
Marine @Marketplace by City Mart. International Curriculum
Communication & Tel: 01-523840 Ext.109 with ESL support WATER PROOFING
Navigation Legendary Myanmar Int’l No.117,Thumingalar
Bld-A2, Gr-Fl, Shwe Shipping & Logistics Co., Housing, Thingangyun,
Gabar Housing, Mindama Ltd. Tel: 578171, 573149,
Rd, Mayangone Tsp, No-9, Rm (A-4), 3rd Flr, 687701, 687702.
Yangon. email: eko-nr@ Kyaung St, Myaynigone, Sanchaung Tsp, Yangon. Delicious Hong Kong Style
Ph: 652391, 09-73108896 Food Restaurant service office
Tel: 516827, 523653,
516795. G-09, City Mart (Myay Ni
Heaven Pizza Gone Center). International Construction
Top Marine Show Room Mobile. 09-512-3049.
Email: legandarymyr@ 38/40, Bo Yar Nyunt St. Tel: 01-508467-70 Ext: 114 Material Co., Ltd.
No-385, Ground Floor,
Lower Pazundaung Road, .mm Yaw Min Gyi Quarter, No. 60, Sint-Oh-Dan St, Dagon Township. Indian Fine Dining & Bar Lower Block, Latha Tsp,
Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon.
Ph: 01-202782, 09-851-5597 Tel: 09-855-1383 Bldg No. 12, Yangon Int’l Yangon, Myanmar.
Compound, Ahlone Road. Executive Serviced Offices
Tel : 01-2410292, 243551,
Bldg-A2, G-Flr, Shwe Tel: 01-2302069, 09-431-
09-431-83689, 09-4480-
MEDIA & ADVERTISING Gabar Housing, Mindama Tel : 01-4413410
85008, 09-731-60662. 33905.
Rd, Mayangone Tsp,
Yangon. email: eko-nr@ The Ritz Exclusive Lounge
Relocation Specialist Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Water solution
Ph: 652391, 09-73108896 Rm 504, M.M.G Tower, World famous Kobe Beef Yangon. 40, Natmauk Rd,

#44/56, Kannar Rd,
Botahtaung Tsp.
Near Thuka Kabar
Hospital on Pyay Rd,
Tamwe Tsp, Ground Floor,
Tel: 544500 Ext 6243, 6244
Company Limited
Tel: 250290, 252313. Marlar st, Hlaing Tsp. Easy access to CBD
Media & Advertising U Min Sein, BSc, RA, Mail : info@asiantigers- Tel: +95-1-535072 Fully furnished facility
CPA.,RL Advocate of the Water Treatement Solution
All the way from Company setup for $1,000 Block (A), Room (G-12),
Australia. Design Supreme Court 83/14 Kohaku Japanese Office available from $360 only Pearl Condo, Kabar Aye
for advertisement is Pansodan St, Yangon. Restaurant Pagoda Rd, Bahan Tsp.
not easy, reaching to tel: 253 273. Chatrium Hotel Royal Hot Line : 09-4500-59000
target audience is even Lake Yangon
harder? We are equipped 40, Natmauk Road, Water Treatment
with great ideas and PLEASURE CRUISES Crown Worldwide Tamwe Tsp, Lobby Level, The Emporia Restaurant Tel: + 95 1 374851
partners in Myanmar to Movers Ltd 790, Rm 702, Tel: 544500 Ext 6231 Chatrium Hotel Email :
create corporate logo, 7th Flr Danathiha Centre, Royal Lake Yangon (ENG)
business photography, Bogyoke Aung San Rd, 40, Natmauk Road, (JPN)
stationery design, mobile Lanmadaw. Tel: 223288, Tamwe Tsp. Lobby Level,
advertisement on public 210 670, 227650. ext: 702. Tel: 544500 Ext 6294 Commercial scale
transport and billboard/ Fax: 229212. email: crown water treatment
magazine ads. Talk to us: Moby Dick Tours Co., Ltd.
Islands Safari in the Mergui Enchanting and Romantic, (Since 1997)
(01) 430-897, (0) 942-000- a Bliss on the Lake No. (6), Lane 2 Tel: 01-218437~38.
4554. www.medialane. Archipelago
5 Days, 7 Days, 9 Days Trips Botahtaung Pagoda St, H/P: 09-5161431, 62 D, U Tun Nyein Road, Yangon. 09-43126571.
Tel: 95 1 202063, 202064 Mayangon Tsp, Yangon
E-mail: info@islandsafari 01-9010003, 291897. 39-B, Thazin Lane, Ahlone.
Schenker (Thai) Ltd. Tel. 01 665 516, 660976,
Paint Website: www. Mob. 09-730-30755
Yangon 59 A, U Lun 1. WASABI : No.20-B, WEB SERVICE Maung Street. 7 Mile Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd,
World’s No.1 Paints & Pyay Road, MYGN. tel: Yankin Tsp,(Near MiCasa),
Coatings Company 667686, 666646.fax: TRAVEL AGENTS
Tel; 09-4250-20667,
651250. email: sche 09-503-9139 Myaynigone (City Mart)
Yankin Center (City Mart) Web Services
Road to Mandalay All the way from Australia.
Myanmar Hotels & 22, Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd,
Bahan Tsp. tel 541997. UnionBarAndGrill World-class websites,
Cruises Ltd. Governor’s Asian Trails Tour Ltd come with usability and
Sole Distributor Residence 39C, Taw Win email: leplanteur@ 42 Strand Road, 73 Pyay Rd, Dagon tsp. Botahtaung, Yangon. responsiveness. Our
For the Union of Rd, Dagon Tsp, Yangon. tel: 211212, 223262. works include website,
Myanmar Since 1995 Tel: (951) 229860 Bo Sun Pat Tower, Bldg Tel: 95 9420 180 214, 95 fax: 211670. email: res@ web apps, e-commerce,
Myanmar Golden Rock fax: (951) 217361. email: 608, Rm 6(B), Cor of 9420 101 854 forum, email campaign
International Co.,Ltd. Merchant Rd & Bo Sun, and online advertisement.
#06-01, Bldg (8), Myanmar Pat St, PBDN Tsp. Tel: Shan Yoma Tours Co.,Ltd Plus, we’re the authorised
ICT Park, University Hlaing 377263, 250582, 250032, reseller for local and
Campus, Hlaing Tsp, REAL ESTATE 09-511-7876, 09-862-4563. international domain
Yangon. Tel: 654810~17. names. So, put your
G-01, City Mart (Myay Ni worries aside and let us
RESTAURANTS Gone Center). create the awesomeness
Your Most Reliable & Tel: 01-508467-70 Ext: 106 Capital Hyper Mart you deserved online.
Friendly Real Estate Agency 14(E), Min Nandar Road, (01) 430-897, (0) 942-000-
Tel : 09-7308848 No. 5, U Tun Nyein Dawbon Tsp. Ph: 553136. 4554. www.medialane.
01-242370, 394053 Street, Mayangone T/S, City Mart
Good taste & resonable Tel : 01-660 612, 011 22 (Aung San Branch) tel: VISA & IMMIGRATION
No-410, Ground Floor, 253022, 294765.
Lower Pazundaung Road, price G-05, Marketplace by 1014, 09 50 89 441
Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon. @Thamada Hotel City Mart. Email : lalchimiste. City Mart (47th St Branch)
Ph: 09-851-5202 Tel: 01-243047, 243639-41 Tel: 01-523840 Ext: 105 tel: 200026, 298746.
Ext: 32
Real Estate Agent City Mart (Junction 8)
tel: 650778.
Agent fees is unnecessary
Tel : 09 2050107, City Mart (FMI City Branch)
tel: 682323.
09 448026156
International Construction City Mart (Yankin Center Get your Visa online for
Material Co., Ltd. Singapore Cuisine Branch) tel: 400284. Business and Tourist
No. 60, Sint-Oh-Dan St, a drink from paradise... Super One Super Market, No. 372, Bogyoke Aung City Mart No need to come to
Lower Block, Latha Tsp, Real Estate Agency available on Earth Kyaikkasan Branch, San Rd, Pabedan T/S, (Myaynigone Branch) Embassy.
Yangon, Myanmar. Email : realwin2012@ @Yangon International No. 65, Lay Daung Kan Rd, Yangon. Tel : 01-380 398, #165. 35th Street, Hotel, No.330, Ahlone Rd, tel: 510697.
Tel : 01-2410292, 243551, Man Aung Qtr, Tamwe Tsp, 01-256 355 (Ext : 3027) Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon.
09-431-83689, 09-4480- Tel : 09-732-02480, Dagon Tsp, Yangon. Yangon. Tel : 01-542371, Email : zawgyihouse@ City Mart (Zawana Branch) Tel: +951 381200, 204020
33905. 09-501-8250 Tel: 09-421040512 09-501-9128 tel:564532.
By Fax : 01-254158
By Email :, Buy space ON THESE PAGES
By Mail : 379/383, Bo Aung Kyaw St, Kyauktada Township, Yangon. Call: Khin Mon Mon Yi - 01-392676, 392928

General Property
Computer HOME Tution & Guide :
For pre - KG, Primary
... Warmly welcome the
buyers )
Preparation for external
auditor (6)Development Language be inquired. U Thant
Zin : 09-503-5350 , Rent/ Sale 1 Aircon, 800 Lakhs,
Negotiable, Ph-09-4016-
HIGHLIGHT Computer & secondary level. Aung Professional standardized accounting WITHIN 24 hours can 01-547442. 28/3B, 04409.
Group : ComputerTraining Specialized in Maths & Translation Professional procedures. Daw Thin make you confidient in Thadipahtan St, Tamwe.
Myaing Rd, 80' x 80' CENTRAL CITY
& Software Development Biology. Tr. Daw Khin Swe Translation from Thin Aung, Accounting Myanmar Language land, 2RC, 4 MBR, Residence near
- 26, Myoh Thit (1) St, Win (B.E.H.S Thuwunna)
Rtd. Ph: 09-730-99679,
Myanmar to English &
English to Myanmar.
Consultant , Ph: 09-
speaking and scripts! Public Notice Fully furnished, New Park Royal, marble/
Kyauk Myaung, Tamwe, Teacher Phyu Phyu (7) Aircons, Generator, hardwood premium
Yangon. Ph: 09-731- Teaching English : For legal Translation, WE are the one of Khin : 09-4930-8926, HR Module -1,
Recruitment & Selection Lawn, Ph Line, US$ fittings, modern design.
46123, 09-2500-01664. Englishforyounglearners Technological , service Aera 51 group phyuporcupine@gmail.
Computer Service and adults. English for Diplomatic, Contract, Real - Estate. Who want to com, 56 I, Thiri Marlar Certificate Course Trainer 6500 per month. (2) 4 rooms 3 bathroom (2
(1) Daw Soe Soe Kyi , Innya Rd, 80' x 90' land, master w/ attached bath)
Group:Window oversea travel, study, Advertising, Movie, buy, sell & rent for house, Lane, 7.5 mile, Pyay Rd, 1955sqft $4850/month.
workplace or social Literature, etc. With Condo & Industry zone. HR Practitioner MPA 2RC, 4 Master bedroom,
Installation, Software Yangon. Ph Line, US$ 6000 per jasonwongjp@gmail.
Installation. Server purpose. Business Various Services on paper, Contact ph: 01-293-314, English for Adults , B.Sc (Chemistry),
Installation (DHCP, AD, English, Basic English, electronic file, recording 09-4037-04805. &Young Learners 100 % Executive Diploma in month. Ph: 09-507-4241 com, 09-4211-02223.
Human Resources PABEDAN, New Condo, PRIME OFFICE,
ISA, Handy Cafe). CPE Everyday English, & other relevant matters. face to face classroom Pansodan Rd, 2500
Downtown Near Sule
& Router Configuration. Communicative English.
Taught by experienced
both regular and express
with expert service.
For Sale based lessons, Small Management Trainer
(2) Daw Swe Swe Aung, Pagoda, 3000 Sqft, 3 sqft, office layout
Network Cable classroom sized, limited MBR, 1 Single bedroom w/ boardroom and
Installation. Ph:09-4201- and qualified teacher. No139, 2nd Flr, Bargayar Macbook Pro 13" seats, Variety of learning HR Practitioner B.Agr.
10247. Taught in abroad for Rd, Sanchaung, Yangon. Retina Display Intel resources Experienced, Sc Executive Diploma 5 Aircons, Bathtub, Teak manager's office.
a few years. Effective Core i5 Ram 8GB S.S.D in Human Resources floor, nice view, US$ Clean open design,
Ph: 09-732-11907,aung. internationally qualified 3500 per month. Ph: foreign quality fittings.
Education lessons, International
Learning materials,
For Foreigners:
128GB Mac OS 10.9
Price : 1380000. Ph :
teacher who get the best
out of you, whatever your
Management Fees Ks-
120,000. Schedule,Start 09-507-4241. Full building generator.
09-4200-50651 date : - 14th December, THINGANGYUN, On Thu $ 6 2 5 0 / m o n t h .
Wisdom Management Refresh, develop and Want to Business level. Offer courses that jasonwongjp@gmail.
Centre General Communicative skill in 99% New Samsung 2013. Complete date - Min Ga La Main Rd, Near-
practise English. Ms Si build your confidence Yangon International com, 09-4211-02223.
Psychology Program. Si - Ph: 09-4207-85157 Myanmar. Pls contact : Series 5 Ultra Book for practical situations 29th December, 2013
Level: Certificate Program Intel Core i5 Ram 8GB , Sat: & Sun: (3-weeks) School (YIS), ILBC Condo (Pyin Nya
Special for Math : 09-4210-91882 and improve important Apartment - First Flr Waddy) 1 MB, 2 Single
Outlines (1). Introduction For Int'l school (ILBC, ISY, areas such as Speaking Time - From 02:00 pm to
& History of Psychology 05:00 pm , total 6- hrs. (1,200 Sqft) One Master Rooms, 1 Single room
ISM & YIS) Geometry, and Listening in English. with bath. Fully furnished,
(2). Biopsychology & Algebra, Calculus. Address : Ba Yint Naung Bed Room attached
English for young learners bath room & toilet, Two Available to move in 1st
the Foundations of Tr. Kaung Myat - BE : Teacher Yamin - Ph: (01) Tower -1 , Ground Flr, Rm
Neuroscience (3). States C&D, Kamaryut Yangon. Single Rooms Extra Bath week of January' 2014.
(PE), Guide&Leacturer. 291679, 09-250-136695. Lift, Satellite, Internet. Ph
of Consciousness (4). Ph:09-731-42020. Contacts : 09 4500 45916 Room & Toilet, Kitchen
FOR FOREIGNERS Room,Dining Room, : 09-732-41848, 09-507-
Learning (5).Emotion Teaching English, Want to learn Myanmar emails : thewindyhills@
& Motivation (6). , maytwonine. Sitting Room Near KBZ 9048, 09-8601042
English for Young speaking at your home? Pansodan Business
Psychological Develop Learners and High School Contact : 09-517-9125, Bank, City Mart, Market,
ment (7). Personality (8). Schools, Circular Train Tower Rd, 2500sqft,
Graduates. English for 09-861-1052 building generator, office
Testing and Individual social, study, overseas give your child the Training Station car parking
space, Opposite of YIS layout w/ boardroom
Differences. Duration : travel and work. General best possible start to Decent Myanmar and manager's office.
12-Week. Day : Friday, English course. Qualified Teachers' apartments
life at International Training School Personal Nice, Peace Location: Modern, open design,
Saturday (6:30 – 8:00 PM). and experienced teacher. Montessori Myanmar
Starting Date : December Management & Business Ph-09-5148138, 01- imported fittings. $6250/
Using International (English Education Management Trainings month. jasonwongjp@
13, 2013. Fees: New Syllabuses. Available 573881.
Center) Accredited by Basic English Grammar Bahan : A European, 09-4211-
Participant: 95,000 Ks. for small groups or IMC Bangkok (Since IELTS preparation English Style fully furnished 02223
Regular Participant : Individuals. Ph: (01) 1991). Our Montessori for Specific Purpose- THAMADA CONDO
85,000 Ks. Add : 8, 6th 291679 , 09-2501-36695 apartment at Pearl
curriculum includes: ESP. (1) Spoken English Condominium, 12th flr, 1600sqft fully furinished
Flr (Right), Chan Thar St, Willingly give a helping Practical Life Exercises, (2) Business Writing (3) condo behind the
Sanchaung. (Near Shan hand to those who are 1700 sqft. Most modern
Sensorial Training, Business English (4) interior decoration. Fully Thamada Cinema, 5
Lan Bus-Stop). Ph: 09- still difficult to answer Language Development, English for Marketing minutes from Traders
537-0230, 09-730-02705. ABE question papers of Air conditioned. Best
Mathematics, Cultural (5) English for HRM (6) for foreigners. Rent and Park Royal Hotel.
“English Classes” Business Management To consult how to buy H.D.D + SSD Display Studies, Botany and
13.3 1 Year 6 Month English for Media (7) expected USD 2500 Suitable for office use as
For both young learners ( Graduate Diploma) for Insurance Coverages, Zoology, History, Creative English for IT (8) English well as residential. Free
& adult, Good foundation International Warranty per month. Can also
December exams. Pls Insurance for your Art, Music and Movement, for Law (9) English for sell for USD 3,50,000. Parking slot available.
in Grammar, Good contact: 09-4211-07662 cars, Insurance for your Price : 580000. Ph : 09- Cooking, Physical,
foundation in English, 501-6694 Marine Engineering (10) Call owner (English 3500$/month, negotiable.
give your child the best homes, Insurance for your Development, Social & English for Medicine 29/ speaking 09-508-2244) Contact ebrahiemaadil@
General English-4 skills, possible start to life at showrooms, Insurance for Toyota IQ 2008 130 Emotional Development.
Business English-4 skills, akhs Push Start. Mileage B, Rm 7, Myay Nu St, or (Myanmar speaking, 09-503-
Int'l Montessori Myanmar your factories, Insurance Learning through play. Myaynigone. Ph:01-512- 0604
Vocabulary enrichment (English Education for your stocks & other 65000. Contact 01-650- 09-735-67890)
55(B), Po Sein Rd, 467, 09-722-32047. a spacious Two Storey
course. Intensive classes Center) Accredited by contents, Insurance 164, 09-731-10110 Bahan, Yangon, Tel:
only & no home visit . Ba IMC Bangkok (Since for your employees, Macbook Pro 13" HousingforRent House on University
Yint Naung Tower – 1, 1991), Our Montessori Insurance for yourself and Retina Display Intel
546097, 546761. Email: Travel HLAING THAR YAR, FMI
Avenue Road for rent,
conveniently located
Ground Floor, Room - curriculum includes: your families, I'll be there, Core i5 Ram 8GB S.S.D English for Young Virgin Land Tours - Visa
128GB Mac OS 10.9. City, 80' x 60', 2 Story on the center of the
C&D,KamaryutTownship, Practical life Exercises, Ko Nyi, Insurance Agent : Learners : Build Services : Worldwide building, 2 living room,
Yangon . Contact - Ph: Price : 1430000. Ph : road and near to Inya
Sensorial training, Licence No. A-1394, Ph: confidence in commu Air Ticketing, Worldwide 4 MBR, 2 SR, with Ph, Road. 3 Living Rooms, 4
09-4500- 45 916, gmail: language development, 09-4480-13031. email: 09-4200-50651 nicating in English. Hotel Reservation, All
MSI Board P4 Dual Core Aircon, Hot, cool water, Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms,
thewindyhills@gmail. Mathematics, Cultural Build strong foundation Kind Transportation nice to live. Ph : 09-731-
com. CPU 3.2 ghz Ram 2 Gb 2 Guest Toilets, 1 Dining
studies, Botany & Car Insurance, Home in English for further Rental, Inbound & 81377. Room, an Indoor Kitchen
FOR PRIMARY Student : Zoology, History, Creative Insurance, Life Insurance, Hdd 500 GB VGA 512 education. Introducing Outbound Tour Operator,
MB DVD RW (ASUS) 3 STOREY Building with plus an Outdoor Kitchen,
English, Maths, Myanmar, Art, Music and Movement, Personal Accident and reading with variety Tour Guide Services. Ph. full facilities. Ph: 01- a Well Maintained
Geography, History, Cooking, Physical Disease Insurance, Viewsonic 19 ' UPS of books. Using Int'l 01-861-0252, 09-512-
Green Tech 650 W. Ph: 241756, 370334, 09- Garden, Freshly painted
Science, Social, English Development, Social & Maine Hull Insurance, syllabusessuchasOxford, 3793, 09-520-2643. 510-3207. rooms with teak floors,
Language. If you need to Emotional Development. Marine Cargo Insurance 09-4211-11780. Collins & Cambridge BELTA CAR Rental Rate
Samsung Galaxy S4 / (1).Near Bogyoke For further inquires, call
coach your child. Please Learning through play. I nterpretation / ,etc. Lesson will be with Professional English Market, 2500 sqft, 2
S3 / S2 / Grand / Note Mobiles: 09-25400-2213.
do contact at Teacher 55(B), Po Sein Rd, Translation Service : conducted in English. Speaking Tour Car MBR, 1 SR , fully furnish,
Caroline : caroline.zita@ Bahan, Yangon, Tel: For INGOs’ workshops; 1, 2 HTC One / Butterfly Taught by qualified & Driver*600000 Ks/ month
(No Brokers Please)
Sony Z / SP / S / P. Ph : 3000 USD. (2).Near PRIME OFFICE, Panso 546097, 546761, Email: Power Points; internationally experience (exclude fuel OCTANE)
WANT TO LEARN 09-3100-8866. Park Royal hotel, 1250 dan Rd, 2500sqft, office Documents; Reports; teacher.English for Adults contact: Mr.Sonny: Sqft, 2 MBR, 1 SR, fully layout w/ boardroom
English? Learn English For IGCSE (Edexcel & Research Papers. Call: iPhone 5S/5/4/4S. Ph : Speak fluently in various 09-4200-48040 & Ms.
with native speaker! -4 09-2540-04420 furnish, 2500 USD. (3). and manager's office.
Campridge) & Secondary 09-4500-20560 situations. Improve MyaMyaAung (Tourist Near Park Royal hotel, Clean open design,
skills, Business English, level Regular tuition A SEASONED account Intel Core i5 Ram 8GB your pronunciation and Guide): 09-4015-43732
IELTS graduation, IELTS H.D.D + SSD Display 2500 Sqft, 3 MBR, fully foreign quality fittings.
classes Home tuition ing prefessional with increase your vocabulary. The Any-ways Travel furnish, 4000 USD. Ph: Full building generator.
foundation, Custom Exam preparation classes more than 13 years 13.3 1 Year 6 Month Communicate effectively & Tours Co : 1225,
International Warranty. 09-4921-4276. $ 6 2 5 0 / m o n t h .
Program. We are going All subjects available of experience in in everyday situations. Pinlon Rd, 35 Ward, (1) THUWUNNA, Duplex jasonwongjp@gmail.
to open our new intake at Contact: 09-508-8683. various industries. Can Price : 580,000. Ph : 09- English for social, study, North Dagon (Email
501-6694. for Sale, 2 storeys com, 09-4211-02223
2th of December and offer LCCI, Level I, II & III, provide below services overseas travel and :- anywaysmyanmar@ building, 40 x 70 ft,
20,000 kyats Discount. MYOB. Ph:09-520-0974 in compliance with Macbook Pro 13" Intel work purposes. Teacher
Contact our Friendly international accounting Core 2 Duo Ram 4GB Yamin - Ph:291679, 09- was
established since early
Thuwunna VIP-1, Main
Rd (2) North Oakklapa, HousingforSale
Customer Service
Officers for complete Expert Services standards. (1)Financial H.D.D 750GB Mac OS
10.8.5 + Windown 7.
250-136695 October, 2013. The Main Rd (Wai Pon La Rd) Land & Building for Sales
statements preparation myanmar for foreign visitors (Tourists, Near Medical School by owner:- 40' x 60' area
information. Ph: 09-731- Real Estate : We (profit & loss) (2) Price : 599,000. Ph : 09- Foreigners. Ph: 09- Businessorotherpurpose) land & Wood Building
have Lands for sale 4200-50651. Shop House, 1200 Sqft,
62586, 09-4211-19895, Financial statements/ 2501-50791. are advised to contact us Hall type, . (3) Yankin, Water, Electricity OK
01-230-5699, 01-230- suitable for making performance analysis HTC One Silver Color With english Grammar for and enjoy our services, & ready for staying
Industrial buildings in Original Accessories. Shwe Ohn Pin Housing,
5822. Email: info@ (3)Strategic planing all classes. Ph: 09-541- such as ticketing,hotel 900 Sqft. 3 rooms, fully No.294, South Dagon- . large area. Buyers can (budgeting/forecasting) Price : 490000. Ph : 09- 384 reservation, tour 18(B) Aung Min Ga La
Contact Us on 09-4500- 3100-8866 furnished, Near Sedona
Add : Bldg 6, Junction (4)Implementation of Myanmar Language programming, holding Hotel. Ph:09-732-41848, St (Concrete Rd) Ph:01
Square, Kamaryut, 59037. (There is no pay internal controls (5) Guide (For Embassy seminars,car rental and 573881, 09-514-8138
Yangon. for Agents & Third party General family & others) When etc. Welcome anyone BAHAN, Golden velly, We have Lands for sale
if you are thinking to you stay in Myanmar, contact to Ph : 09-511- (1) near ISY school, suitable for making
give a book-gift to your do you want to ask to 7890, 01-581878 2RC, 2400 Sqft, 2 Industrial buildings in
loved ones. Meiji Soe's your children to learn ASIAN BLISS Myanmar MBR, 2 SR, fully furnish, large area. Buyers can
"Culture & Beyond - Myanmar language? Car Rental Service. 4500 USD (2).near City Contact Us on 09-4500-
Myanmar" is a unique Call:09-514-6505 Ph:01-543-942, 09-519- Mark, 2 RC, (5600 Sqft) 59037. (There is no pay
of its king revealing (Christine) 1785, 09-731-18957. , 6 MBR, fully furnish for Agents & Third party
Myanmar Culture, SAT score raising classic NYAN MYINT THU Car (10000 USD) (3). 3 RC, ... Warmly welcome the
Beliefs and Superstitions novels and short stories Rental Service : Ko 5000 Sqft, 3 MBR, good buyers )
in sector by sector practice can be asked,it Nyan Myint Win Kyi (MD) for office, 4500 USD. Ph: Southern Dagon
together with photos. is right to enjoy reading - 56, Bo Ywe St, Latha, Ph: 09-4921-4276. - 18, Land and Good
Available at Book Stores classic and persuaded Yangon, Myanmar. Ph : (1)Kyee Myint Dine, Wood Building for Sales
& MCM Ltd. Ph: 253642, writing ,critical thinking 01-246551, 01-375284. Pan Hlaing housing, Pan 20 x 60-Aung Min Ga La
3922928, 392910. and world culture.If you ph:09-2132778. email: Hlaing St, first flr, 25' x street(18b)-250 Lakhs,
Email: distmgr@ are not the student of nyanmyintthu1983@ 37', 2BR, 3 Aircon, 1Ph, 40 x 60, Aung Mingalar SAT study. you tried as, nmt@nyan 1heater, pressure pump, St (18b)-500 Lakhs,
SHWE KYIN Slipper much as you can to follow myintthucarrental. 2 exhaust fans, highly Ready for Staying,
shop, Yangon. Ph: 01- the lesson with skill you com, colwinkyi@ decoration, 750 Lakhs, Water, Electricity. Selling
240966 ext 333, 09- got good experienced gmail. com. Web:www. Negotiable, (2)Pazun by the Owner himself:
515-7156. for your .further study. nyanmyintthucarrental. Daung, Mahabandoola Ph:-01--573881, 09-
Spanish language can com Rd, 8th flr, 25'x60', 3BR, 514-8138
THE MYANMAR TIMES december 9 - 15, 2013 FREE
& MS Office. Good in achievements, Enhance
UN Positions Ingo Positions English & Myanmar. Pls
Kamaryut, Yangon,
Email: msfch-rangoon-
6584, Email : yangon@
experience. Application
letter by email to savoy. ment training. Pls bring
work in Nigeria, Lagos.
25 Myanmar are working
unesco Myanmar world Vision submit application (CV, KELVIN CHIA Yangon or CV along with a copy there No agent fees,
Project Office is Int'l - Myanmar is cover letter, references) myanmar Red Cross Ltd is a foreign legal 129, Dhammazedi of your credentials to: Air Ticket Free, During
seeking Administrative seeking Community to : HR Department Society is seeking (1) consultancy firm. Rd, Yangon. Tel: (95- 235,Shukinthar Myo Vacation with pay CPA
Assistant: University Development Facilitator Solidarites Int'l/ Or drop Field Coordinator We invite motivated 1) 526298, 526289. Patt Rd, Taketa, Yangon. or ACCA or M.Ba or
degree at Bachelor or (CMCB Project) in your application on an (CBHD focus on MNCH) and committed Please mention the Ph: 450396, 450397, B.Com or D.Ma or
higher level in public of Thayetchaung - Coastal envelope at Solidarites 1 post in Mindat, individuals to join us desire position on the Closing date : December LCCI, Good for English
business administration Zone: University Degree. Int'l office : 44-A, Chin State: University as: Administrative application letter. 15th, 2013. speaking, Computer skill
or a related field. Working experience in Tharyarwaddy Lane, graduate (in public Executive : Good written Urgent Need BAGAN CAPITAL, an & MYOB Ph:01-573881,
Excellent in English community development. Bahan, Yangon or per health or management & spoken communication Accountants, General investment and advisory 09-5148138
language proficiency in Compe tent in used of email: recruitment@ or related fields). 3 years skills in English. Mature Clerks, Marketing & firm, is seeking an Office “Audier & Partners,
comprehension & ability Microsoft Word, Excel solidarites-myanmar. experience in programme & capable of supervising Sales Persons (M/F)- Manager (Yangon head a Vietnam-based
to speak, read and ability & Power Point. Good org, cc:mon.admin@ manage ment with & directing subordinates. Age above 30 years office). Duties: Supervise international law firm
to speak, read and write, command of Myanmar solidarites-myanmar. experience in planning, Must be well-organized, US$ 1,000/Month, Free office staff, manage with offices in Vietnam,
including ability to draft and English. Must org, Closing date : 10th monitoring & reporting & meticulous, have Accomodation, Food, accounts, maintain office Mongolia and Myanmar
correspondence and provide a clean criminal December in budget control. 3 year's initiative & execute Transport Yearly Bonus, records and supplies, is looking to hire
minutes of the meetings. background. Pls submit myanmar Red Cross experience in supervision, instructions promptly. Local Allowances, perform general business lawyers for its
5 years experience in resume (clearly identify Society is seeking (1) manage ment of staff Some accounting Festival Allowances. To clerical tasks, deal with Yangon Office. Profile:
handling administrative the post you apply) by post Emergency Operation & volunteers within the background & work in Nigeria, Lagos. inquiries, organize office Myanmar nationals
& secretarial tasks. to HR Department, World Center (EOC) Officer NS or any other related experience preferred. 25 Myanmar are working operations, systems and holding advanced law
Computer literacy Vision Int'l - Myanmar or 1 post in Nay Pyi Taw NGO. (2)Manager 1 Interested applicants there No agent fees, procedures. MUST BE: degrees, minimum
with automated office in person to application : 2 years of relevant post in Hpa-An, Kayin are invited to send their Air Ticket Free, During Fluent in English and 1-year work experience
systems and proficiency drop-box at (18), Shin experience in Disaster State: University degree full resume stating their Vacation with pay CPA or Myanmar (native), able in law firms/government
in the use of Microsoft Saw Pu Rd; Ahlone, Management. Proficiency in related field. 5 years current and expected ACCA or M.Ba or B.Com to type in Myanmar, able entities, full English
Office Suite. Excellent Sanchaung PO or send with Microsoft Office experience in senior salaries, together with or D.Ma or LCCI or any to travel locally within proficiency (reading,
typing skills in Myanmar to applications. Proficiency management. For all a recent photograph to Accounting Academic. Yangon state, have writing, speaking),
language are essential. Closing date : December with GIS (geographic posts : Effective computer Good for English excellent interpersonal computer software
Pls submit a cover letter 16, 2013 information systems) knowledge. Red cross We regret that only Speaking, Computer skills, be experienced proficiency. Pls submit
(referencing the job world Vision Int'l - helpful. Good volunteers are preferable. shortlisted candidates Skill & MYOB. Ph :01- with software such as CV to grangerat@
Announcement No. JA36- Myanmar is seeking (1) communication & IT Pls send application will be notified. 573881, 09-514-8138. Excel & Word, have”
13) accompanied by full Community Develop knowledge skills. (2) letter, CV & related yangon Oil and East Meets West is basic accounting & INTER GROUP of
resume stating details of ment Facilitator in Monitoring & Reporting documents to Myanmar Gas Services Co., seeking a Program math skills, able to companies : an int'l
educational qualifications Kyangin - Ayeyarwaddy Officer 1 post in Nay Red Cross Society Head Ltd is seeking HSE Assistant based in multitask, be detail- management consulting
& working experience, Region: University Pyi Taw : 3 years Office, Yazathingaha Rd, Supervisor 2 posts Yangon. Fluency in oriented, have excellent company is looking for
present income, home Degree, Working relevant experience in Dekkhinathiri,NayPyiTaw. in Sagaing Division Myanmar & English. time management (1).Junior Consultant 1
& office telephone experience in community monitoring and reporting Or mrcshrrecruitment@ : Degree in relevant Proficiency in Italian skill. Must provide Post : Diploma or Degree
numbers. Email:kk.lwin@ development. Compe field. Effective English Engineering discipline preferred. Good know own accommodation. in Business Management; with copy tent in used of Microsoft language skills & such as HSE, Petroleum ledge of MS Word, excel Must have no criminal and/ or Finance,
to: adm.bgk@unesco. Word, Excel & Power computer knowledge.
Red Cross Volunteers
Local Positions or Mechanical. 5
years' experience in
and email. Experience
in the healthcare sector
CV Good communication,
presentation & inter
org, UNESCO Yangon Point. Good command
Project Office, UN Bldg of Myanmar & English. are preferable. Pls send Centure Myanmar, a the development & is advantageous. Pls personal skills, Comfor
6, Natmauk Rd, Tamwe, (2)Customer Services application letter, CV leading office furniture implementation of HSE submit CV & cover letter Orion Business table with engaging
Yangon, Coordinator in Kyangin and related documents provider in Myanmar, is programs. Computer to EMW Yangon Office: Group is seeking clients, Ability to work
UNICEF Myanmar is - Ayeyarwaddy Region to Myanmar Red Cross seeking - Sales manager skills with working Rm. 01, Bldg. 27, Shwe Education Consultant both independently and
seeking Fixed-term : University Degree. 2 Society Head Office, (1 post) - Sales Executive knoweldge of Microsoft Ohn Pin Housing, Yankin - 4 Posts : 1 to 2 as part of a team, Prior
Appointment Education years experience in Yazathingaha Rd, (2 posts) - Marketing Software. Pls send Tsp. 09420036369 / years experience in knowledge on trade
Specialist (NO-C), the field of customer Dekkhinathiri,NayPyiTaw. Executive (1 post) - full CV, detailing skills, 098600282 danica@ educational consulting matters, logistics and
based in Yangon : services in commercial/ Or mrcshrrecruitment@ Showroom manager (1 knowledge & experience / field, Welcome to apply shipping documents
Advanced University public institutions/ INGO. post) - Showroom Sales with recent color passport mickytauktun@gmail. fresh graduate MBA required. Pls submit
degree in one or more (3) Education Quality medecins du Monde (2 posts) - Sales Trainee sized photograph to com or DMA , Excellent detailed CV in person
of the disciplines Specialist (Education (MDM) is seeking (2 posts) - Secretary/ yogsmyanmar@gmail. KELVIN CHIA Yangon in English, Support or by email, stating
relevant in the following Department) (Re-Open) Project Manager 1 Assistance (1 post) - com by email or submit Ltd is a foreign legal Marketing director to your current & expected
areas: Education; in National Office, post in Myitkyina, Kachin Driver (2 posts). We offer hard copy to room 1406, consultancy firm. We run effective marketing salary, date of availability,
Primary Education or a Yangon : University State: Any graduate a young and international 14th Flr, Sakura Tower not invite motivated & strategy for education reason for leaving and a
Social Sciences fields Bachelor Degree in any (Public Health, Medical working atmosphere and later than 15th December committed individuals service, Can consult recent passport photo to
relevant to international discipline. Computer Science, Social Work, search for competent and 2013 (or) until suitable to join us as,(1) Lawers & communicate well 7(D), 1st Flr, Pyay Rd, 6
development assistance. skill & background in Public Administration, dedicated employees to candidate is defined. who will work on a with any level of miles, Hlaing, Yangon,
5 years of progressively education development Program Management). grow with our expanding MiTA Myanmar @ ISBC variety of corporate & customers (2)Marketing Ph: 09-731-0 5353, 09-
professional work is essential. Extensive 3 years experience business. Be part of the Company is urgently commercial matters & Executive - 6 Posts : 731-05340, Email: hr-
experience at national experience of training & in NGO's, possibly in team and send your looking for Myanmar transactions in Myanmar Diploma or certificate in Pls
and international levels working with child related Health programs, out of application letter and CV nationals for the . If you are a Myanmar marketing, Excellent in state the Job Title that
in field programmes issues are essential. Must which 2 years in senior to mailhrdepartment@ following positions: (1). - qualified lawyer with English, Experience in you are applied for in
relevant to Education provide a clean criminal management position. Maintenance Engineer strong English language marketing field prefer, the subject of your email.
programmes. Fluency background. Pls submit Fluent in English. skills, you are invited Fresh graduate who Savoy Hotel, Yangon
in English and Myanmar resume (clearly identify Excellent computer to apply to join our has a great enthusiasm is urgently looking for (1)
is required. Working the post you apply) by post literacy. Pls submit CV Myanmar prctice group. in marketing can also Sous Chef - minimum 3
knowledge of another to HR Department, World & a cover letter to MDM Myanmar nationals welcome to apply, ~ 5 years experience
UN language is an asset. Vision Int'l - Myanmar or Country Coordination admitted to int'l bars are Good communication in the same position
Pls send application in person to application Office, Yangon, 47-B, also welcome to apply. & negotiation skills, (2) Driver - minimum
with updated CV or drop-box at No (18), Shin Po Sein St, Bahan, Training will be provided. Flexible and can work 3 years experience (3)
Personal History form, Saw Pu, Sanchaung PO Yangon. 542830, 09- Applicants may email to as a team. Pls submit Bell Man - minimum 2
educational credentials or send to myajobapps@ 731-71002, Email: & application with CV, years experience and
and references to jobs. Closing date : office.mdmmyanmar@ submit your curriculum recent passport photo good English skill (4) by December 10, 2013 vitae. & copy of all relevant Storekeeper - minimum
17 December 2013. medecins Sans medecins Sans Horizon Int'l documents to 512/B, 2-3 years experience
UNICEF Myanmar is Frontieres Switzerland Frontieres - Switzerland School is looking for Waizayantar Rd, 4 (5) Security - minimum
seeking Fixed-term (MSFCH) is looking (MSF-CH) is seeking (Shukhinnthar Campus) Ward, South Okkalapa. 2 years experience.
Appointment Chief, Field for Head of Mission (1)Human Resources (1).Office secretary - F Ph:09-731-13092, Application letter by email
Office (NO-C), based in Assistant 1 post & Administrative 1 post : Age under 30, 09-317-43835. hr1@ to
Mandalay : Advanced in Yangon : Proven Assistant in Yangon Bachelor’s Degree in any orionbusinessgroup. or 129, Dhammazedi
University degree experience in the field Office. Education: field or Diploma in the com within two weeks. Rd, Yangon. Tel: (95-
in Social Sciences, or humanitarian areas Certificate or diploma in relevant field, Sufficient (1). English - Japanese 1) 526298, 526289.
International Relations, of humanitarian aid, with business, hotel or HR work experience in Translator - (JLPT Level Please mention the
Government, Public other non-government Management or similar the related field, Good 1 and English language desire position on the
Administration, Public organisations: experience education. Experience command of English, skill) Salary 10 Lakh application letter.
Policy, Social Policy, working with authorities at in a similar position of Computer literate, & above Aryu Thukha
Social Development, anationalandinternational at least 2 years in a Parkway Cancer Centre (2 positions) - Packaging Customer care skills, JfkQxU (2).Japanese Specialist Hospital,
Community Develop level. English & Myanmar private company or in isseeking MedicalDoctor Industry (2). Sales (2).Assistant Teacher - Burmese Translator Lashio is seeking suitable
ment or other relevant required. French is an NGO. Fluent in English Female 1 post : M.B,B.S Engineer (2 positions) - F 2 posts : Age 20 to (JLPT Level 1 ), Salary person for the following
disciplines with asset. Preferably a & Myanmar. (2)Medical Graduate with SA MA – Packaging Industry. 35, University graduate, 5.5 Lakh http://goo. positions. (1). Nurses 3
specialized training medical or paramedical Doctor - 1 post in Sittwe, registration, 2 years Work Location: Yangon, Proficient in English, gl/4YP3ar (3)Company posts (2). Laboratory
in conflict resoluttion. qualification & university- Myauk Oo, KyaukTaw experienceinmedicalfield, Myanmar; Training in Comfortable working Introduction. Consult technician 2 posts (3).
5 years of relevant level studies. Pls submit - Rakhine State: Good communication Bangkok, Thailand. To with young learners, ing company. Off day Radiographer 2 posts.
professional work application (motivation Recognized medical in English, Must be know more about above Able to devote oneself is generally Sat, Sun Requirements :Dip. In
experience, Fluency letter, updated CV & copy doctor diploma/ degree able to use computer, positions & OTHER to teaching, Friendly, and public holidays. Fill Nursing, B.Med.Tech.
in English & Myanmar. of prefessional diplomas) with valid SAMA. Previous internet and Microsoft VACANT positions and enthusiastic & patient. application form at, http:// (Lab technology), .
Working knowledge of to : HR Manager, MSF- working experience application with excellent sending CV, please visit: (3).Receptionist - F 1 or Send B.Med.Tech. (Medical
another UN language CH, Switzerland, No.101, with humanitarian skills, We welcome the https://mitaservices. post : Age under 30, Resume to DJ Myanmar imaging). Interested
is an asset. Creating Dhamazedi Rd, Kamayut, organization & interested candidates who are trust Bachelor’s Degree in any Ltd : 4th flr, Left Room, candidates can enquire
& Innovating. Pls Yangon, Ph: 502509, in public health in remote worthy, self-motivated myanmar/ field or Diploma in the Bldg 13/B, Shankone at 09-502-6602
send application 503548, E-mail: msfch- population are assest. 1 with positive working Savoy Hotel, Yangon relevant field, Sufficient St, Myaynigone, World Trade
with updated CV or rangoon-web@geneva. year clinical experience attitude. Interested is urgently looking for work experience in Yangon, info@dream job Associate Trading
Personal History form, essential. Fluent in persons are invited to (1) Bar Supervisor - 2 the related field, Good by post. Company Ltd is seeking
educational credentials solidarites Int'l is English & Myanmar. Pls submit: CV with relevant ~ 3 years experience, command of English, URGENT NEED : Sales and Marketing -
and references to jobs. seeking Administrative submit your application certificates, documents, good English and Able to handle phone Accountants, General M 4 Posts : Degree or by Manager 1 post in (motivation letter, recommendation letter good personality (2) communication, Clerks, Marketing & Diploma holder in related
11 December 2013. Bhamo, Kachin State: updated CV and copy of attach and documents, Storekeeper - minimum BENEFITS: Attractive Sales Persons - M/F- field. Good personality,
IOM Int'l Organization University level or professional diplomas) to and expected salary 1 ~ 2 years experience, Salary, Lunch is also US$ 1,000 /Month, Free polite, neat and tidy. Pls
for Migration is seeking equivalent in Accounting/ HR Manager, Medecins to Rm(G-07), Ground LCCI (Level II) (3) Driver provided , An opportunity Accomodation, Food, contact : 40/42, 136 St,
Assistant Project M a n a g e m e n t / Sans Frontieres - Floor, Diamond Center, - minimum 3 years to work for an institution Transport Yearly Bonus, Tarmwe, Yangon. Ph: 01
Manager (Medical Administration. 3 years Switzerland (MSF-CH) Pyay Rd, Kamayut. Tel : experience (4) Security where students have Local Allowances, 200151 , 01 200288 , 09-
Services & Social experience in a similar 101, Dhamazedi Rd, 532 438, 532 447, 09 513 - minimum 2 years lots of outstanding int'l Festival Allowances. To 510-9966.
Mobilization) 1 post in position with NGOs.
Myawaddy, Kayin State. Excellent knowledge of
Pls submit an application Word, Excel, PowerPoint
letter and an updated CV presentation. Fluent in
with a maximum length EnglishandMyanmar.Pls
of 3 pages including submit application (CV,
names & contact details cover letter, references)
of referees (copies of by email : recruitment@
certificates and further
documents are not solidarites Int'l is
required at this stage) seeking Water Facility
to Int'l Organization for Construction Manager
Migration (IOM) Mission 1 post in Monywa,
in Myanmar - Yangon Sagaing : 5 years
Office, 318-A, Ahlone Rd, experience in water
Dagon Tsp, Yangon, Ph: construction. University
210588, 09-732-36679, degree or diploma in civil
Email: hryangon@iom. engineering or equivalent.
int, Closing date :9 Knowledge of IT
December, 2013. management, AutoCAD
64 Sport THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013

A ‘bluffer’s
Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing

guide’ to the
27 Southeast

Asian Games
27 th Sea Games Myanmar 2013

WHEN it was announced that Chin- Roebuck
lone would make its debut at the
2013 SEA Games and that its inclu-
sion alongside other sports native to
the region such as the Vietnamese
martial art of Vovinam would be in Our ‘bluffer’s guide’ to the
preference to more internationally SEA Games focuses on those
recognised Olympic disciplines, it sports that may never make it
drew criticism from nations such as to the Olympics but whose elite The Myanmar chinlone team celebrates after winning gold at the 27th SEA Games in Nay Pyi Taw on December 5.
the Phillipines. However the Filipino will get their chance to compete
martial art of arnis has only featured for international gold this De- ernment High School held a sports contact: the top of the toes, the inner tucked around the thigh, allowing
at two SEA Games, both of which cember. competition including chinlone, and outer sides of the foot, the sole, the chinlone player freedom to move.
were held in Manila. In a games de- This week we focus on a complete with a subjective marking the heel, and the knee.
signed to reintroduce Myanmar to sport that’s inclusion though system. On June 29 1953, the All Bur- In the team game, six players Where is it played?
the international stage, the inclusion causing some controversy ma Chinlone Conference was held in must pass the ball between each Chinlone games feature as part
of an authentic cultural icon of the makes the 2013 SEA Games not Yangon. Delegates from 33 districts other as they walk around in a circle. of many Buddhist festivals
country seems not only appropriate only an event with a Southeast attended the conference and agreed When a player moves to the centre, heldthroughout the year. The largest
but laudable. Asian character but one with a upon the game’s universal laws and they are supported by their team of these chinlone festivals lasts for
distinctly Myanmar flavor. regulations. mates to create a string of moves. over a month and attracts hundreds,
Where does it originate? The typical playing circle is 6.7 me- maybe thousands of teams. Live mu-
When and how chinlone originated What’s it all about? tres (22 feet) in diameter. The ideal sic from a traditional orchestra ac-
in Myanmar is a question open to de- Traditionally non-competitive, chin- playing surface is dry, hard-packed companies the players, who attempt
bate. Believed to be over 1500 years city of Sre Kestra near Pyay. lone is often described as a combina- dirt, but almost any flat surface will to play in time to the tempo of the
old, it may be related to the ancient Traditionally, playing chinlone tion of sport and dance. As a team do. piece. Live commentary also adds
Chinese game of cuju or tsuchu, the was a means of exercising the body sport with no opposing team, the fo- When the ball drops to the ground to the performance, including witty
game FIFA recognises as the oldest when one’s back and limbs became cus is not on winning or losing, but it’s dead, and the play starts again. In wordplay designed to entertain the
form of football. It is certainly linked cramped following long periods of how beautifully one plays the game. the SEA Games, two teams perform crowds.
to similar games across Southeast sitting, standing or working. Sir The primary objective in chinlone 10 minute sets. Each set is scored The introduction of chinlone at
Asia known as takraw in Thailand, JG Scott, the man who introduced is to keep the ball in the air for as individually and the winners are de- the SEA Games has led to the rules
sepak raga in Malaysia, Singapore football to Myanmar, was also a fan long as possible without touching it termined in a best of three format. and regulations for the sport to be
and Indonesia, sipa in the Philip- of chinlone. The Scotsman, whose with the hand. At grassroots level the Should scores be tied in any one in- drafted in the English language for
pines, kator in Laos and da cau in thighs were covered in traditional game is truly one for the whole com- dividual set then extra time is played proliferation of the sport. With the
Vietnam. Myanmar tattoos and had adopted munity; both men and women play with an additional 5-minute set. aspiration of forming an ASEAN
As chinlone is predominantly the local non-de-plume Shway Yoe, and will often feature on the same The 27th SEA Games chinlone Chinlone Federation, Myanmar chin-
played with the foot, many interna- did not at that time consider chin- team. Adults and children can also competition was conducted in ac- lone coaches and referees have been
tional onlookers consider the sport lone a game. As to him a game re- play together and it is not unusual to cordance with the rules of Inter- touring neighboring countries seek-
a Myanmar version of football. How- quired two or more competitors see elders of 80 years joining a game. national Sepaktakraw Federation ing to develop the level of interna-
ever, with no goals or opposing side striving for supremacy but chinlone’s (ISTAF). Each country entering a tional interest, proficiency and com-
required, the nature of this sport co-operative nature made it pre- How do you play? team is likely to enter three of the petition.
and its part in Myanmar culture is dominantly an enjoyable, collective Chinlone literally translated means four events. Each of these events
starkly different. Not only can the means of exercise. cane-ball. The game is played bare- has their own particular format and How many medals are available?
game be seen played on every street Since Scott’s time things have foot or while wearing specialist chin- rules and include a two-circle event With four events each for men and
or open space in the country but a changed. Just as gymnastics has lone shoes that allow the players to that has been created especially as a women, chinlone offers eight gold
silver chinlone was discovered en- developed from a means of exercise feel the woven, rattan ball. The balls spectacle for the 27th SEA Games. medals in the Games.
shrined within the relic chamber of into an adjudicated sport, so has make a distinctive clicking sound
Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda in the old Pyu chinlone. In 1908 the Rangoon Gov- when kicked using the six points of How do you win? What’s the betting?
What sets chinlone apart from oth- Myanmar obviously starts as the fa-
er similar ball sports is the sheer vourites but watch out for the Thai
range of artistic expression executed and Malaysian teams who are bet-
through an astoundingly dexterous ting on the application of transfera-
level of footwork and spirituality. ble skills as they enter their reserves
Players have identified over 200 from the sepak takraw competitions
different ways to kick the ball, with in a bid to medal.
many of the techniques having ele-
ments in common with traditional Where will it all happen?
Myanmar dance and martial arts. The chinlone events will be hosted
As one must consider the beauty of by the in WunnaTheikdi Indoor
the game, there is a correct form and Stadium, Naypyitaw starting on De-
position to deliver every kick. How cember 4 and will be concluding on
one holds their hands, arms, torso December 9.
and head as they execute the kick is
all important and a move can only Did you know?
be considered to have been properly Want to play chinlone but not sure
completed if the form is good. you have the required dexterity or
Some of the trickiest kicks are spirituality of mind? Well, there’s an
played from behind the back where app for that.
the player is unable to see the ball. The organisers of the 27th SEA
To play chinlone well, the whole Games have celebrated the inaugu-
team must be absolutely in the mo- ral chinlone event by introducing a
ment. Serious players often talk of game to be downloaded on phones
entering a focused state of mind using the Android platform. The
they refer to asjhana, a state similar game features SEA Games mascots
to that achieved through meditation. from current and past events and
500 offline levels to master.
What should you be saying?
I hope someone performs the man-
dala move. – A kick that is notori-
ously difficult to complete Matt Roebuck is a sports writer
Personally I’m not keen on these and sports development consultant
shoes and shorts. Chinlone should be based in Yangon. He is the author
played barefoot, wearing a gadann of the book The Other Olympics,
kyaik. – a men’s longyi that has been published in 2012.
66 Sport THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013


Phelps keeps mum on

US$1 million Rio question
WIMMING legend Michael It’s “the million-dollar question”, he But Phelps would only say he was
Phelps, winner of the most laughed. looking to get back into shape gener-
medals in Olympic history, Phelps, who landed four golds at ally and did not know if that would
would not be drawn last the 2012 London Games, has been lead to a top-level return.
week on whether he may in training in Baltimore and in June On his last visit to Rio eight months
come out of retirement for the 2016 top rival Ryan Lochte intimated there ago Phelps gave swimming tips to chil-
Rio Games. could yet be an Olympic rematch be- dren from the Rocinha favela in Rio de
Dubbing the issue the “million-dol- tween them. Janeiro.
lar question”, the 28-year-old, winner Phelps said, “I’ve said 100 times if Phelps said that had been an enjoy-
of 18 gold, two silver and two bronze I feel like coming back ... I could. But able experience and was delighted to
medals, was visiting Brazil to shoot a I’m not saying I am going to.” see young fans turn out to greet him
commercial with football legend Pele Phelps’ long-term coach Bob Bow- and Pele in Sao Paulo.
but dodged making any commitment man fueled speculation of a comeback “I always enjoy interacting with
on a possible return to the Olympic for the star last month by revealing kids, and to be with a legend like Pele
arena. the multiple champion signed up for makes it even better. The kids were so
“I don’t know what’s gonna hap- drug-testing in May. engaged when Pele walked into the
pen in three years. I don’t even know That would enable him to return room.
what is gonna happen tomorrow,” said to competition in March and Bowman “Being healthy and staying active US swimmer Michael Phelps (L) and Brazilian former football star Pele hug each
Phelps when pressed on a possible re- said he believed Phelps had it in him is very important to me and I want to other during an activity to promote healthy living and lifestyle among children, in
turn to top competition. to return to the top of the sport. teach the kids the same message.” – AFP Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 4. Photo: AFP


Rodman heading back

to N Korea to train
basketball team
FORMER NBA star Dennis Rodman, out in January. He’s going to spend a
the new friend of North Korean leader few days training the North Korean
Kim Jong-un, will this month make a team,” Scott told AFP.
third visit to the reclusive state to train “I’m going with him, we’re taking a
its basketball team, a source involved documentary crew.”
in the trip said on December 4. Rodman announced in September
The heavily tattooed former Chi- that the first game will be on January
cago Bulls star is organising friend- 8, Kim’s birthday, and the other on
ship exhibition games between January 10.
North Korea and ex-NBA players in Rodman has struck up an extraor-
January. dinary friendship with Kim since
“We’re going back, most likely on making his first trip to North Korea
December 18-21. Dennis is going to in March, when he declared the young
train the North Korean team and get ruler a “friend for life”.
them ready for the big match in Janu- Kim, who was educated in Switzer-
ary,” said Rory Scott, a spokesman for land, is reported to be a huge fan of
the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, basketball and especially of the Chi-
which is sponsoring the games. cago Bulls, with whom Rodman won
“We’ll be announcing the details of three NBA titles alongside Michael
the US NBA players that we’re taking Jordan in the 1990s. – AFP
IN PICTUREs The Sixth Man: The “Cameron Crazies” taunt Caris LeVert (23) of the University
of Michigan as he waits to inbound the ball against Duke at Cameron Indoor
Stadium on December 3 in North Carolina. Photo: AFP

Former basketball player Dennis Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
watch a basketball game in in North Korea in March 2013. Photo: AFP Sport 67

Mandela the secret weapon in

Continued from page 68 currently one of the strongest Eu-
ropean teams.”
“I am pleased with the draw as France, champions in 1998 but
we didn’t get into a Group of Death forced to come through the playoffs,

1995 final
scenario and we also shan’t have to will meet Group E seeds Switzerland
travel huge distances,” said Alex Sa- as well as Ecuador and Honduras in
bella, the Argentina coach. a mixed-bag group.
“It’s a good group for us,” said Japan, meanwhile, saw themselves
For South Africans, winning the 1995 the crowd but to the Springbok team.” “It was incredibly intense. The All Nigeria assistant coach Daniel lumped in with seeded Colombia,
Rugby World Cup final marked the Lomu, who was named player of Blacks may well have felt like they Amokachi. Ivory Coast and Greece in Group C.
emergence of the “Rainbow Nation,” the tournament, said it was intimidat- were taking on the whole world. “Argentina are the world powers, After a poignant homage to the
for New Zealanders, it was the day ing to meet Mandela decked out in his “The atmosphere in that ground but you cannot afford to underrate late Nelson Mandela, the draw began
Nelson Mandela single-handedly out- opponents’ colours. could not possibly be repeated, ever, Iran or Bosnia. Overall, it’s a good to the exhilarating sound of samba
psyched the mighty All Blacks. “It felt like the pressure was all on because you’d never again get such a draw.” at the northeastern beach resort of
The Jonah Lomu-inspired New us because they had Nelson Mandela great moment in history and such a Former England boss Fabio Costa do Sauipe.
Zealanders were red-hot favourites go- on their side,” he recalled ahead of the great man creating that moment.” Capello was happy after he saw his The draw build-up had been
ing into the decider, breezing through 2007 World Cup. To their credit, the All Blacks main- Russian charges draw seeded Bel- dominated by news of stadium de-
the group stages and humiliating Eng- At the time, Mandela had been tained their composure to keep the gium, South Korea and Algeria in lays and anti-World Cup campaign-
land in the semi-finals. president for barely a year and many scores level after 80 minutes but suc- Group H. ers threatening public protest.
In contrast, the Springboks scraped cumbed to a Joel Stransky drop-goal “I’m pleased with the draw. Yet Mandela’s death changed the
through on the back of an unconvinc- deep into extra-time. Some of the other groups consist of tone as participants remembered
ing 19-15 semi-final win over France, Mandela then took to the field much stronger teams,” said Capel- how he saw in sport a means of fos-
raising fears they would be blown ‘It was the most again, this time to present the William lo, while conceding “Belgium is tering social progress.
away in the final at Johannesburg’s El-
lis Park.
awesome experience Webb Ellis trophy to Springbok skip-
per Francois Pienaar.
Then Mandela, in one of the most I’ve had at a rugby The defeat spelled the end of
audacious political gambles of his ca- Mains’ international coaching career,
reer, appeared before the mostly white stadium.’ but he says he still feels proud to have
crowd of 62,000 wearing a Springbok been on the sidelines as history was
jersey to shake the players’ hands be- Laurie Mains being made.
fore kick-off. Former New Zealand rugby coach “Put the rugby aside, put the result
The-then All Blacks coach Laurie aside for the moment, I feel deeply
Mains said the entire stadium was honoured and humbled that I was
electrified at the sight of South Af- part of such a great occasion in world
rica’s first black president sporting a sport,” he said.
garment that was indelibly associated whites still regarded him as a terror- Nor does he bear any ill will to Man-
with the apartheid regime. ist over his support for armed struggle dela, the Springboks’ secret weapon
“We had no idea it was going to against apartheid. on the day, whom he subsequently met
happen,” Mains told AFP, just months He also risked alienating black sup- when he returned to Johannesburg to
before Mandela died aged 95 after a porters, for whom rugby union, and coach Super rugby in 2000-2001.
long illness. the Springbok jersey in particular, “The balance and compassion that
“When Nelson Mandela appeared had long been a hated symbol of white that man showed after what he had
from under the grandstand with a supremacy. been through is an example for all
Springbok jersey on, the crowd liter- But on June 24, 1995, the gamble leaders in the world,” he said.
ally erupted. paid off and the chant of “Nelson, Nel- “My everlasting impression of Nel- FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke and presenter Fernanda Lima draw
“It was the most awesome expe- son” reverberated around the stands son Mandela is that if we could have a the groups for the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup, in Costa do Sauipe, Brazil, on
rience I’ve had at a rugby stadium. while millions more watched televi- few more of him, then the world would December 6. Photo: AFP
Clearly it was a huge boost, not just to sion screens transfixed. be a much better place to live in.” – AFP
68 THE MYANMAR TIMES December 9 - 15, 2013 SPORT EDITOR: Tim McLaughlin |

Rodman going back

to North Korea


Spain face Dutch in World Cup

repeat, England draw Italy
EIGNING champions Spain South Africa four years ago, start their were going to get Holland and we did, Paulo on June 12 – assuming the venue Prandelli said the group looked a
will begin their defence Group B campaign against the three- in the first game no less,” said Spain is ready after a fatal accident last week tough call.
of the World Cup with a time runners-up on June 13 in Salva- coach Vicente Del Bosque. delayed prospective completion until “It is the Group of Death, a very dif-
rematch of the 2010 final dor. “Holland will demand that we start April. ficult group. We are worried about the
against the Netherlands, They will also meet Chile, who they at our highest level.” The Brazilians will then take on distances we shall have to cover. The
while England were paired with Italy beat in the group stage in 2010, in Rio Hosts and five-time champions Mexico and Cameroon in a Group A game against England will be very im-
in the December 6 draw. and Australia in Curitiba. Brazil were drawn to face Croatia in that appears on the face of it unthreat- portant,” Prandelli added.
Spain, who won their first title in “I said to people this morning we the opening game, scheduled for Sao ening, if not easy. After the Italians, Hodgson’s side
“We must pay close attention then takes on Uruguay in Sao Paulo on
to the opening phase,” said Brazil’s June 19 and Costa Rica in Belo Hori-
2002 title-winning coach Luiz Felipe zonte on June 24.
Scolari. A notable subplot will see Germany
“We must play every game as if it go up against the United States, now
were the final right from the outset.” coached by former Germany coach
England, meanwhile, will start off Jurgen Klinsmann in Recife on June
with a Group D meeting against four- 26 in their final pool match.
time champions Italy in the heat of “That’s one of those crazy stories
Amazonian venue Manaus on June 14, that football writes,” Klinsmann told
though it is at least an evening kick- German broadcaster ARD.
off. Germany, whose third and last title
That match is a repeat of the came in 1990, also drew Ghana and
Euro 2012 quarter-final, which Italy, Portugal in Group G.
who knocked England out of the Klinsmann coached Germany to
1978 World Cup qualifiers, won on third at the 2006 World Cup with cur-
penalties. rent German boss Joachim Loew his
“It’s a tough group, there’s no doubt then assistant.”
about that,” said England coach Roy “So, we will be meeting old friends,”
Hodgson, whose team also face Uru- smiled Loew.
guay, a third former champion in their Argentina, champions in 1978 and
group, and Costa Rica. 1986, meet sole newcomers Bosnia in
“In Italy and Uruguay it’s almost as Rio on June 15 and then will face Iran
though we have got two number one and Nigeria.
seeds in our group.”
Italian opposite number Cesare Continued on page 67

IN PICTUREs Striking gold: The Myanmar women’s chinlone team celebrates winning
the first medal of the 27th Southeast Asian Games on December 4 at Wunna
Theikdi Indoor Stadium, Nay Pyi Taw. Myanmar defeated neighboring Thai-
land 534-375 to take home gold. The opening ceremony for the Games takes
place on December 11. Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing

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