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Dear readers, Spring is the beginning of a new cycle, time for new things, visions, dreams, passions and desires. Time for changes. The changes deep in your heart, your mind and soul. Time to be reborn. I promise to you that since the next edition, Musetouch will go through some huge changes. It will give you more opportunities, surprises, make you dream, fantasize, create more than ever before. I promise to you happines. Special thanks goes to Natalie Shau, a beautiful and amazingly talented visual artist with such a rich imagiation that she took my breath away, as well as to my dear friends Ljiljana Bursac, Nini Baseema, Kiyo Murakami, Jelena Grujic, Murielle Mirabelle Velay Michel, Ian Furniss, Bolek Budzyn, Thierry Bruet, Dejan Bogojevic, Gines Serran, Mark Sadan and to all of you. Maia Sylba

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To draw public support and to popularize the Russian Academy of Arts I. E. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts Foundation has been founded in 1996. General objective, pursued by The Foundation, is domestic and foreign promotion of I.E. Repin Institutes students and graduates through expositions and media projects. Web site of the Academy of Arts Foundation ( has been created in 1999. To familiarize the broad audience, comprising museums and private galleries personnel, collectors and amateurs of fine arts with the avenues, explored by The Foundation, it was further revised and updated on 2002 and 2011 years. Website organized as online galleries of the artists graduated, teaching and studying in the I. E. Repins institute. Main goal of the gallery is providing the best creative artworks by academician artists all around the world. Foundations online gallery united over 50 well known figurative artists with recognizable manner and progressive style from SaintPetersburg. Worldwide promotion of Saint-Petersburg modern figurative art is main strategy of the Foundations activity. Outstanding paintings of the most of participants in Foundations projects combined classic traditions of figurative paintings with contemporary mentality. In the nearest perspective of the our activity is creating of wide database of I. E. Repins institute graduates for last 50 years. We also provide online exhibitions of the best works, artists and important art themes.

MUSETOUCH MAGAZINE April 2012 Editor Maia Sylba Graphic designer Dejan Silbaski Contributors Nini Baseema Kiyo Murakami Ian Furniss Cover Natalie Shau

MUSETOUCH is a magazine about visual arts. It has been created by Maia Sylba out of a love and passion for art with the hope that people will be able to use the publication and website as a platform to showcase their skills and gain recognition.

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Submission Guideline If you want to contribute to the next edition, you can send us an email with your data and a PDF file that shows your works, also a link of your website if you have any. We would love to see your art so dont hesitate to contact us and welcome. All artwork in this magazine is copyright protected under the MUSETOUCH Magazine brand or remains property of the individual artists who have kindly granted us permission to use their work.

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Nikolay Krusser

I will show you Beautiful

Paul Roberts

Anne Bachelier

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Anna Vinogradova

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Peter Kemp
My Aim

Diana Lemieux

Freydoon Rassouli
Mystical Journey

Patrick Boussignac
The Painter

Nadia Moro
I Dream

130 164

Anja Millen
Far Away

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Nikolay Krusser
Nikolay Krusser was born in 1969 in Sant Petersburg, Russia. He gratuated at University of Arts in Sant Petersburg and still lives and creates in the same city. Nikolay is a beautiful unique visual artist in love with theatre, mystery, fantasy, beauty and sensuality. In love with ballet.
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I will show you Beautiful

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Anne Bachelier
Anne Bachelier was born in 1949. She lives and works in France near Grenoble. Besides painting, Anne illustrates imaginary texts that were published by the CFM Gallery in New York and unique copies of artist books. Distinct, unique, inventive and immediately recognizable-such are the terms used to describe the spiritual mysticism of Anne Bachelier. The artist captures her auddience with compelling vocabulary of highly imaginative images that are somehow, hauntigly familiar. B.K Lichtman
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Peter Kemp
Tell us a little bit about yourself... How did you first get into photography?

My Aim

My name is Peter Kemp and I am living in Delft in the always rainy country called Holland. I am working as a freelance photographer. I learned photography from a self-taught angle and thanks to some of my friends, being photographers themselves! My aim is trying to create story telling pictures with a smile.

In former days I loved to draw little pictures comic figures playing a role into scenes. With digital photography I got the tools to fit in all details into my photo stories, which are running through my head all day. So that was the main reason to start with digital photography as soon as I push the button my drawing in full color is there. Did your early photographic goals include earning a living from photography, or did it start as a way to express yourself creatively? It started and still is a way to express myself creatively. What do you think is the most important factor in making a good photograph? What is good and what is bad? .. can you tell me? Well I try to create some mystery and glamour into my pics. First by trying to create a mood. I am fond of the old dutch painters like Johannes Vermeer. I am living in the same place Vermeer has lived and worked in a town called Delft does that ring a bell? Secondly by asking my beautiful models to join me into my projects. They are the key factor creating the right mood to set up my story telling pics. Most of my models became my friends . They are good looking people, but more important they are beautiful inside. All credits to them And about what is making a photographer a good one? A passion, sense for beauty, imagination, technique...? Like I said earlier: to me there is no good or bad , but more something like one phoyo is more appealing to me than another. In my opinion the key factor is: creativity. Trying to do something in different creative style ... If you gave me a digital camera I would love to fly back into former days . Since I see so much stories in these times. Twenty four hours a days would not be enough in my opinion old trends can be timeless.

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How does your profession as an artist influence your life? Being busy with preparing my projects takes a lot of time. Preparing my work is something lasting for weeks up to months. So in that way it takes a lot .... but it is fun, since I like to do it! Do you feel that you see things around you differently than others? Haaaha might be ... ! But doesnt everybody see the world in its own way ... Your photographs are quite provocative to the most people but still their response is very positive. Nobody stays aloof. Why that type of photography? Are they provocative? In my scenes I like to focus on details. With just a quick look, it is the general pic to observe in color and scenery. But a deeper look might open the door to other journies. I hope it is like a freeze in time ... a stopping by...I hope people want to stop by and stay for a longer look....I like to create little stories within the story. All details are thought of long before the camera clicks. Could you share a favorite recent image and tell us a little of the back story behind it? This is about a photo called the Rose. I did this one together with the wonderful and creative model Ophelia Overdose. She did created this wonderful wardrobe especially for our shoot. And also created the wonderful hair herself. She knows how to model and when I told her my intension was to create a painting she understood immediately. Ophelia did so well. It is a delight to be able to work with her. So we were able to create our painting pretty quick. The post processing did the rest; it emphasized the painting look alike. And we are both happy with the result. How do you see yourself in the future? Enjoying creatinf story telling pictures like I do now ...
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Freydoon Rasso
Freydoon Rassouli is a visionary artist who has a unique way of reflecting spiritual experience by expressing images from his subconscious onto canvas. He often stimulates creativity by meditating at dawn watching the sunrise in a natural setting, or by envisioning a mystical journey through a night sky. His style does not focus on what is literally seen by the artist, but by surrendering conceptually to what is felt on a deeper level. Rassoulis painting technique is known as Fusionart, a style that he has created and registered and is presently teaching to many artists in Southern California. The main theme of Fusionart is cosmic unity. The painting style is derived from mysticism, near-eastern spirituality, and a foundation in European painting technology. The conceptual approach of Fusionart has been developing in Rassouli since early childhood, and it is evident in his paintings, reliefs, architectural design, sculptures, book illuminations and murals. He migrated to the United States in 1963, where he studied painting and architecture at the University of New Mexico, and was honored with the Leadership Award from the Institute of International Education. Although he began his professional career as an architect, creating three-dimensional structures to satisfy his artistic drive, Rassoulis passion for painting persevered. Through time, he has created hundreds of artworks that have received global recognition for his unique Fusionart style. Rassoulis worldwide exhibits include numerous solo and collective shows as well as international art expositions. His most recent book, Inspirations of the Heart is an empowering book that fuses a collection of Rassoulis artwork with meditative thoughts by Michael Beckwith, D.D. Selective paintings by Rassouli appear in many books, including: Jung, Journey of Transformation and Language of Souls , and on numerous magazine and book covers. The mural entitled Angel of Unity , a painting that spans 55 feet tall by 1100 feet wide, is one of Rassoulis latest creations. The angel watches passersby at the corner of Washington Blvd. and the pacific coast in the city of Venice, and has become a Southern California landmark viewed daily by thousands of residents and visitors. What I portray in my paintings of women is what I sense to be feminine power. Far more than simply an outer beauty to enjoy, I seek to expose the sensitivity and radiance that glows from within the feminine essence. Women have the capacity to be agents of peace and reconciliation, and are willing to explore innovative creative solutions to our human conflicts and global earthly challenges.
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Mystical Journey

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Nadia Moro
Im Nadia. I enjoy telling the story of a variety of scenery in a variety of different ways. I dream deep in underwater photography. I find a microcosm to be endowed with its own reality behind each scene. Im in love with my job, I love it and need it.

I Dream

Nadia Moro
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Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts was born in Tiverton Devon in 1948. Brought up by artist parents in Wales. He studied at Newport, Cardiff and Goldsmiths colleges of Art. Gaining early recognition in the 1970s his career as a painter was interrupted when he had worldwide success with the rockband Sniff nThe Tears in 1978. Commitments to music meant that until 2000 time needed to develop his career as a painter was to some degree curtailed. In 1988 he moved with his family to Somerset, where he has continued to paint and make music. His work can currently be seen at the Plus One Gallery London.
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Anna Vinogrado
Anna Vinogradova was born on January 3, 1975 in Krasnodar. In 1994 she entered the Yaroslavl Art School, which she left one year later and entered the preparatory course of Graphic faculty of Repin Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Already in the year 1996 she became a student of Graphic faculty of Repin Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where she was taught from 1996 to 1999 in studios of V.Starov, I. Razdrogin and V. Vetrogonskij. After the third course, Anna Vinogradova decided to withdraw from the Graphics department and moved to the third course of the faculty of Painting in the studio under the direction of V.Pimenov, where she continued her studies, guide by such masters as N.Blokhin, N. Lysak. In year 1999 she produced a series of costumes sketches for the cycle of ballets -mysteries of the Vologda choreographic ensemble called Russian Ballet 21st century. Performances were implemented in year 2000 under the state program The Great Ustyug Homeland of Father Frost. In 2001, together with A. Vladimirov, Anna made a mosaic Our Lady of Vladimir for the plaque-chapel in honor of 2000 years of Christianity in the city of Vologda. In 2006 Anna graduated from the Institute with diploma work called The procession of Shrovetide train, assessed with mark excellent. After graduating from the Institute in summer 2006, Anna Vinogradova was invited to the USA, where she has become a real member of the Association of Americas portrait painters. At that time she also took part in a Show-exhibition in Florida. Vinogradovas paintings are sold in best U.S. galleries in Chicago, California, Florida, New Mexico. Her paintings are also successfully sold on the art markets of China and Russia. The artist has participated in more than 20 travelling exhibitions held by the Gallery of 20th century painting of St. Petersburg Art Center in China. She has also taken part in travelling exhibitions, organized by Peredvizhniki (the Itinerants) of 21st century stream in Russia and the European Union, where her works of art are under intense interest. In 2008 Anna Vinogradova joined the St. Petersburg Branch of Russias Union of Artists. In May 2009 Anna Vinogradova, together with Gennady Bernadsky and Yuri Kalyuta, represented masters of Russia at the Repin academists exhibition in Beijing at the Palace of Nationalities of China. Paintings of Anna Vinogradova are in private collections in Russia, the United States, Japan, Holland, Germany, France and other European countries, as well as in numerous private collections and museums in China.
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Diana Lemieux
I would like to know who Diana is...a person behind the beauty she is creating... I am from Boston and have lived there my entire life except for 4 years that I spent in Brooklyn. Ive always been very involved in animal rescue and at one point in my life had 9 rescued pets. Recently I got married and have my first child on the way. Why do you create photographs, what is your purpose? When Im creating a photograph, it completely changes my mood. It makes me feel alive and carefree. I see it as an escape from the stresses that can consume us in life. And there is no better feeling than when people respond to the artwork that you create mostly for yourself. What inspires you, what moves you? Things like walking in the woods with my dogs, because it clears my head and gives me new ideas. Ive always felt moved by the works of Degas, Dali, Munch and photographers like Tim Walker and Annie Liebowitz. I am forever inspired by the films and musicals I watched as a child with my mother. She was a huge influence on my artistic life. Also, my father was a photographer and when he died, I came across a box of photos that he had taken in the South Pacific during WWII. Finding stuff like that inspires me. What I enjoy about your photography is that you have the abbility to connect with dreams, imagination in a way that we can understand are dreams and especially imagination important to you? The possibilities of ones imagination are endless. I have always had very vivid dreams and a wild imagination, even waking up to hallucinations as a child. My mother always encouraged my storytelling and interest in the arts and for that I feel lucky. In photography, I never want to feel stuck in a certain category or genre. Taking the time to explore your imagination is an incredible tool. What is the most important element of your photographs? Is it your subjects, is it the process or is it your vision and concepts? Im not sure I can say there is one most important element in my photographs. Sometimes the subject is key for a particular idea I have but its when everything comes together - the subject, the concept and vision, the processing that completes the piece and turns it into something even more magical than I could have ever planned for.

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Do you have a favorite image? I think its a toss up between two of my self portraits. They were both taken quite sometime ago and I think I am drawn to these images because it reminds me of a time when I wasnt thinking so hard about my photography and trying to come up with concepts. They were accidental, unplanned shots. This one was taken in Death Valley really quickly because it was about 120 degrees: And the other is one of my dancing self portraits. I have been dancing on some level my entire life so this sort of image is my favorite to try and capture: How do you see yourself in the future...what do you wish to achieve? I always want to be creating and trying new things. I love coming up with ideas for fine art conceptual pieces but lately I have found some interest in editorial and fashion photography. I had my first experience shooting fashion in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. I see myself traveling, taking a lot of pictures and teaching photography workshops. My goal is to be a better photographer and person every day. MS
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Patrick Boussign
Patrick Boussignac was born in 1956, in Villejuif, France. Drawing and painting have been a part of his life since childhood. He paints his first canvas at the age of 8, while studying with Gilles Cardiou, an expert on trompe loeil. He knows he will become a painter. Encouraged by his teachers, Patrick explores various techniques and settles upon oil as his main medium. After graduating in graphic arts he is admitted at the Escole Superieure dArts appliques in Paris. Holder of a degree, Boussignac carries on practically every profession related to drawing: legal draftsman in a court, political cartoonist and caricaturist for important daily papers such as Le Monde, Liberation, Le Courrier, International, Le Bien Public, Helsingin Sanomat ( Finland ), author of comics, illustrator of children books and advertisements, designer. Thanks to his friendship with the founder of the Societe Internationale Graphique de France, he creates posters and postcards during several years. He then decides to dedicate himself entirely to painting. He improves his knowledge of old techniques with the group Peintres de la Realite . Patrick is particularly interested in eighteenth and nineteeth century painting. Briefly attracted by fantastic, with artists such as Di Maccio, he progressively develops his own universe, which is the way, as he says, to distance ourselves from perceptions. Since 1976 he has taken part in several art fairs: Salon dAutomne, Salon Comparasion, Salon des Independants, Salon dOsaka, Art Expo New York, Salon des peintres contemporains ( Grand Palais, Paris ), Salon International de Monaco. In 1980 he has his first personal exhibition at the FRAC, Paris. From 1980 to 1985, encouraged by the painter Tal Coat and the dancer Michael Denard, he goes in for several art competitions and wins many prizes: Medaille dOr de la Ville de Paris, Medaille dOr du Salon International dOsaka, Medaille dargent du Salon dArt contemporain de Bourges, Prix Vincent Van Gogh, Prix dencouragement artistique europeen, Medaille dor du Salon Artistique de Carreze. At the same time Patrick works for publishing houses. He is co-author with Michael Toss and illustrator of Brecht For Beginners, La Decouverte, Paris, co-author with Claude Sautet and illustrator of Nietzche for Beginners, Le Decouverte, Paris. His works appear in several collections around the world, particularly Japan, USA, Germany, Belgium, Russia and China.
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The Painter

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Anja Millen
I consider myself an artist, writer and hermit.

Far Away

Born somewhere at the end of the world, so called Germany, Anja spent her entire youth there, followed by some years as cook in France. In 1984 Anja started to visualize her own world in paintings and sketches. Strange, monstrous, nifty and sometimes beautiful.

After visiting the european academy of art, the school of design and art, she discovered the wonderful, unlimited world of digital art in 1998. Since a few years she bans the demons in her head also in photography, still learning, still getting crazy by all those surreal fantasies in her mind. Anja is currently living in a cave, on top of the highest mountain, scratching little stickmen in the wall and thinking of publishing a volume of photographs or an illustrated book. The world in my eyes seems to be a remix between zombies and aliens. Im definitly not a zombie. Her art is shown and featured in different virtual galleries. She is currently Working with musicians creating their CD coverart. Anja made MMORPG concept arts and character studies for the RPG Genre and is looking forward to create bookcovers for fantasy novels.
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