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Air Pollution

Theme: We would like to talk about the effects of air pollution

Air pollution can be defined as when there is an air pollutant known as a

substance in the air that can change the quality of the air and can cause harm to all living

things especially humans and environment. The pollutants can be in the form of gases,

solid particles or liquid droplets. Generally speaking, air pollution is caused by human

activities. Among human activities which contributed to air pollution are gas emission

vehicles and factories, usage of pesticides and chemicals fertilizers in agricultures, open

burning and animals farming.( methane gas emitted by digestion of food by animals ).

However, nature can also polluting the air such as ashes from volcanic eruption and dust

from large area which has less or without any vegetation.

Air pollution has caused bad effects on human and nature. The main effect to

human is to their health especially to their breathing system. Polluted air inhale by them

will enter their lungs through trachea. The air might contain carbon monoxide and

nitrogen oxide which could harm human blood circulation, causing asthma, bronchitis,

lung and heart diseases and respiratory allergies. Human eye-sights can also be affected

by dust, smoke or smog.

Polluted air can also harm or kill the vegetation. They are affected when their

leaves started to change colour and could no longer produce their food through

photosynthesis and finally die. Air contaminated with sulfur dioxide can kill most plants

such as alfalfa, oat, wheat and apple trees. Green gases in the air have the same

frightening effects on groundnuts, potatoes and tomatoes. Most of these plants are the

source of human food and if they vanish, it could affect human diet and could cause


Apart from that, birds, land animals and marine animals depend on the same air

that we are in order to breathe. Polluted air could harm and kill them. For instance, in

Poza Rica, Mexico, 1950, many animals such as birds, poultry, cows, pigs and dogs were

killed by sulfur dioxide gas that was released into the air by a refinery. Their death was

caused by contaminated food which was exposed to the toxic in the air. Other instance

occurred in Germany where herds of cattle and horses died after grazing in fields located

five kilometers from a lead and zinc factory. Their caused of death was food poisoning

from contaminated grass due to dust containing lead released by the factory.

Conclusively, air pollution could lead to catastrophe. Everyone must take into

account its consequence and take proper measurement to prevent or at least to reduce it.

The usage of biodiesel fuel and electrical vehicles could help to make the earth a better

place to live.