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HIV basics: Straight Talk radio show

Some children born with HIV are in Madi hits

now adolescents. Partly, this is
due to improved HIV treatment.
But it is also now known that
some children with HIV will
show no signs until they are
adolescents. Ideally, children born
with HIV should be given ARVs in
WKHÀUVW\HDURIOLIHTest for HIV if your parents
seem to be infected. Early treatment is best.
Encourage your parents and relatives to also
test for HIV, especially during pregnancy, and
to deliver at a health centre.
o.7 July 2009
Vol.15 N

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to touch ou are growing up. You are attracted She then asked me to have sex, but I refused. She
Robert on
TransNile FM
I am 21 years old.
I was born in Yei,
Southern Sudan. I am
to the opposite sex and even get sexual started calling me “sexually inactive.” One day in a relationship. My
feelings. You want to tell that chick or she escorted me to fetch water. She squeezed my partner is at school.
dude how you feel and what you want. penis arousing my sexual feelings. Finally I had We are waiting
This explains the sex advances you get. sex with her. But I regret this because I was not to have sex after
ready." Wakabi Eric, S5, 19, Kisiki College
Edith Mukisa, a professional counselor, says Namutamba
sexual advances can be hidden or straight Respect each
forward. For example, someone may give you Douglas and Eric's stories are among the 57 other if you are in a
gifts or make unpleasant signs, comments, jokes responses to the February Straight Talk quiz: "Tell relationship. If you
or bad touches. When done in a non-offensive
way, sexual advances may make you feel sweet,
us your experience with sexual advances and your cannot abstain from
flattered, handsome or beautiful. Enjoy the
reactions". Thank you. sex, use a condom
moment, but be careful. properly and always.
DO BOYS FALL VICTIMS TO Boys, before you make a move, think again.
Sometimes a dog must run away from a bone.
SEXUAL ADVANCES? Just because she asked for it
It is more common
for girls to get doesn't make you immune
advances from to HIV/STDs, making her
males. But boys pregnant or being imprisoned
also get sexual for defilement.
advances from girls.

Shocked? Read Douglas

and Eric's stories.

SHE PUT she offered to sponsor her.

HER BREASTS When Nanyonga Grace After completing her 'A' h
ON ME lost her parents, she had
to level, she went back to Rut
"One time I was reading look after her three brothe
rs who taught her to smoke I
my books in a bush. A girl
and sisters. Tough times! but ÀVK6KHJDYHKHUFDSLWDOR er
looking after cattle passed accepted my parents' dea
th 150,000/=. Grace has nev
by and pretended to life had to continue." looked back since then.
read my notes. Then she She paid her own fees at
pressed her breasts on my "I sent my two brothers to
work university and looked afte
shoulder. I felt excited. stones
in a stone quarry (where n). I her two brothers and sist
My sexual feelings for building are broken dow star t Grace was recognized by
were aroused. I got used the money they got
to President Yoweri Museveni
sting. 2009
myself doing it. I a business in chicken roa le studying at for hard work. She won the by The
regretted the act. I did this for three years whi ka." Women Achiever’s awa
I will never do it Lady Consolata SS in Kire New Vision. give you
again till I complete Grace says: "God cannot
for Kalangala, not carry."
my studies." Douglas When Ruth Kavuma, MP a cross which you can
the papers,
O, Amolatar SS read Nanyonga's story in

New Quiz
TOUCHED Star school
"A girl aroused my HIGH SCHOOL, BUSHENYI. They
sexual feelings have written many interesting Tell us stories of the people in your community
after touching letters. You win a football and who you admire for making it in life despite
my penis netball. Wherever you are, keep hard times. Send true stories and WIN A
several writing to Straight Talk, BOOK: Introduction to Biology for O-level
times. PO Box 22366 K'la
or A long way Gone by Ishmael Beah.
2 Straight Talk, July 2009

When she makes theÀUVWPRYH

y Doreen Kikanu, S6 vacist Thigh power Letters
There are girls who are "She sat next to me and put her arm "There is a girl who sent me a letter
shy, but their actions speak on my thigh. I felt her smooth fingers. asking to meet her under a certain
louder than words. So how do they My penis erected. She said that we mango tree. My friends escorted me to
do it? go to bush for sex. I came to my meet her. She gave my friends money
senses, then told her I was not ready." to buy pork. When they left, she asked
Miss Beautiful Okwang Ambrose, Dokolo for sex. I refused. She got annoyed
takes time to look Progressive SS and said I was not the right person
gorgeous for Mr for her. Odongo Denis, 18, Dokolo
Handsome. She Yusuf Pande, our listener from Progressive SS
wears makeup. Kaliro, says: "I was reading my books
And like a bomb, at school under a tree. A girl came, Dudes, you know what is
she will appear sat next to me and threw her thigh good for you. Real Men wait.
at his place in on mine. I told her to stop it. She
a blouse that
leaves her 'boobs'
asked me if I did not know what to
do. I was scared to hear about sex
crying out loud, a tight short skirt yet we are still in school. My father In such times, it is rare that you are
that leaves most of her legs out. She toils to get my school fees. I insisted armed with protection like a condom.
constantly stares at this guy with on waiting. She told me I was very And it is also unlikely that you know
her lips begging and pleading. This stupid. Later my friend told me that each other's HIV status. Best choice
leaves the boy breathing heavily. she had been in sexual relationships is to walk away. Don't live a life of
The bold girl tells him, "I am 'horny,' with many men."
let's get down." The guy can either
play along or reject. From drama to
In the stories below, boys chose not
"There is a girl I acted with a role
to play a long. Bravo!
of mother and father. Afterwards
she said I had acted well. She
Muwesi Andrew, aged 19,
wanted to know if I could also
a Straight Talk listener from
Justine Nakalema, S3, Luweero SS play sex well. She started
Bupadhengo in Kamuli, says his
says she is abstaining to keep safe. unzipping my trousers.
girlfriend once asked for sex. He
Suddenly I said NO. have feelings
went to visit and found her in the
Movies She apologized and want to
Watching movies at night with and left." express them.
"I sat on her bed. She closed the door
two girls put Moses Ogema, S4, Mubezi Dan, But you should
and demanded for sex. I trembled
Dokolo Progressive SS in a St John not sexually harass
(shook in fear). I could not expect a
difficult situation. "I sat between two College, the boys by throwing
girl to do that. I said NO! She forced
girls who were just my friends in the Magale, yourself all over them.
me down on the bed. I refused. I lied
entertainment room at school. One girl Manafwa
that we would have sex the following
day. I ended our relationship. Later told me to do as the people in the sex
she did an HIV test and the results scene. She squeezed my hand on her
were positive. I am HIV negative. If I breast. I felt sexy. So I left the room and
had given in I could have got HIV. " went to bed alone.

The diary of a young positive

Jane, 19, is living with HIV. Here she willful or intentional transmission control HIV/AIDS. But Straight
shares the story of her life. will lead to life imprisonment. So, Talkers, what do you think about my
for instance, if a mother concerns about the HIV/AIDS Bill?
Good news! My has HIV and doesn’t get Should people be imprisoned for
CD4 count has Prevention of Mother transmitting HIV?
risen from 300 last To Child Transmission
March to 520 now. (PMTCT), and her baby Questions to Jane from
It dropped when I fell gets infected, she could Gulu Central HS
sick with pneumonia. I be imprisoned. Another
am less stressed now. I example: if a father has HIV 1. What role does your support
believe this is helping. and infects his wife, he could group play for HIV positives?
also be imprisoned for life! Samuel
Charlie is now steady. I am The penalty should not be life The support group brings all of us Ritah
the only flower (girl) in his imprisonment. That mother young positives together to interact, Nassali
life. He used to have other may not be able to get PMTCT. share our experiences, learn and 14, Nalinya
girls and lie that they were And that father may be have fun. It is because of the peer Lwantale Girls
just friends. I knew they were overwhelmed by fear of stigma. support group that I have been SSS, Luweero
more than friends from their able to come out and share my
text messages to him. I once experiences with you.
The law also says: The person
laid a trap and told my friend to who is HIV positive will disclose 2. Is your boyfriend Charlie HIV
send me a love message. I knew
Charlie would read it. He got so
to their sexual partner.
Well that sounds easy but
positive? Aromorac Proscovia
Yes, he is HIV positive. We love thing:
is the in me
upset when he read it. disclosure is hard. The and understand each other. We organised.
government has not Abstinence makes
are there for each other in their virginity.
More good news. I have empowered people with HIV My friends have broken not concentrate
trying times like sickness. can
They are disturbed and e. I am respected.
finished my final exams with disclosure skills. valu
in class. Virginity has by her boyfriend after
in the counseling course. Do you have any questions, d
comments for Jane? My friend was rejecte KHVHOOVÀUHZRRGWR
But I hope this HIV/AIDS bill doesn’t Of course, I agree that the LPSUHJQDQWLQJKHU6
Write to 22366, Kampala because the
stress me. I find it unfair. It says: government has an obligation to get money. She suffers assistance.
boy does not give her
Chelangat Victoria,
St Micheal SS
Straight Talk, July 2009 3

Advances can turn

into forced sex nucleus of the CD4 cells. Once
inside the nucleus, the virus starts
multiplying. PEP works by blocking

he reality is that girls face the enzymes that transport the
sexual advances that HIV into the CD4 cell. When this
often stretch into rape. occurs, the virus dies. For PEP to
Studies show that 23% of girls work, it must be given within 72
say that they were "not at all hours of being exposed to HIV: 72
willing" when they had their hours is the latest.
first sexual intercourse. Your By Dr Sabrina Bakeera,
letters say that rape by fathers, Department of Paediatrics,
uncles, brothers, cousins and Makerere Medical School
houseboys/girls and relatives is
common. This is terrible!
Date rape
"I was defiled by my uncle at
Sometimes rape happens during
seven years. He forced me into
an outing with a boyfriend. Edith
his bedroom. I felt so much
Mukisa gives you dating tips: Find
pain and blood started coming
out where you are going. Inform
from my vagina. I cried but
your parents or a responsible Muber Charity and
nobody came to help me. He
warned me not to tell anyone
adult. If only two of you are going
to be in isolated places, do not
Pamu Mary, S4 students
and threatened to kill me if I from Warr Girls, Arua, say that
accept. This may lead to sexual
did. When I told my friends they being friends has kept them
abuse. Go to places where you
advised me to tell my parents. PEP is Post Exposure Prophylaxis. will not be alone with him. There safe from risks such as rape.
My parents reported him to police. It prevents HIV from multiplying is safety in numbers. Go with
He is in prison." Girl, 19, Katerera in the body. When HIV enters a friend if you are not sure
Comprehensive HS the body, it attaches itself of the intentions of the
on CD4 cells. CD4 cells are outing.
Girls, be strong and report rape or

the commanders of the Boys, be gentlemen.
defilement cases immediately to an army of white blood cells Treat girls like ladies.
adult. Before reporting to police, that defend the body from

Let her have sweet
first go to the health centre and infections. The HIV virus memories of your date.
ask for PEP. uses enzymes to enter into the Respect her.

If someone attempts to rape you, scream. Screaming has What are

helped some girls from being raped. Hormones are natural
Elder's chemical messengers produced by
our bodies. They tell our bodies
advnoic e how to grow and when to start
Sex for fees Schools aret conducive
for a serious love rel at Gulu
puberty. Growth hormones lead to
growth of bones. Sex hormones
Boys and girls, be careful. Some , lec tur er cause the deepening of the
Pau l En eku voice, the growth of testes and
gifts, money and job offers come careful
University, says: "Be muscles, and sperm production
with hidden motives. "There is a e co mm itti ng to love
widow who gives me schoolfees,
befor why in boys. In girls, they cause the
or ma rri ag es. Kn ow
scholastic materials and pocket sch oo l." growth of ovaries and breasts and
yo u are at
money. One day, she called me menstruation.
into her bedroom and asked for Be focused. My trousers don't In both
sex. I was shocked. I told her I was
not ready." MD, 15, S2 Katerera
Set priorities fit well, I Wonder sexes,
Comprehensive HS, Bushenyi to avoid whether these are hormones
problems hormones at work! control
Find safe means of getting hair
money for your educaton. growth
armpits and

Hormones have a
powerful effect on
how we feel. They are
largely responsible
When someone does something you statements. If necessary, repeat them. for sexual attraction
do not want, like forcing you to have Keep eye contact. between males and
sex, say a strong and clear females. Teenagers
Do not be rude to the
NO! Say “I can’t have may experience wildly
offender. Set limits.
sex. I can get pregnant changing moods due
Say: “I can’t come to your
and drop out of school. to hormones. Hang in
WINNERS Don’t touch my
breasts or penis. It
house when you are
alone." Use your body
Dr Paul Semugoma
OF A NOVEL displeases me."
If an elder is
harrassing you
Thank you for the beautiful letters Assertiveness
sexually, tell them
on sexual advances. The best means not

politely that they
letters win the novel, The Color being ashamed
must observe your
Purple. WINNERS: or apologizing
rights as a boy
zNatamba Elizabeth and Denis when you
or girl. You will age commonly
Mugabe, Katerera Comprehensive HS need the right
be respected for Slang is a langu
g people.
zWakabi Eric, Kisiki College thing. It means
being serious and spoken by youn
z Okwang Ambrose, S3, Dokolo standing
not ‘easy. Dude - a guy
Progressive SS up for your By Falal Rubanga Chic - a girl
z Mubezi Dan, St John’s Magale values, Faith, Straight Boobs - breasts te
said to congratula
z Mutesi Mariam, Dabani SS beliefs, Talk Foundation Bravo - a word
4 Straight Talk, July 2009
Success doesn’t come
to you. You go for it.

STF O. Box
P.P.O. Bo
223 66
x 223A66

ARVs and sex Students of ST. Balukuddembe S. S Mitala Maria Mpigi

Is it true that when you take ARVs Avoid bad peer groups. Concetrate on academics
immediately after sex with a girl
who has HIV one cannot contract
the virus? Bila H, St. Stephen SS,
Katakwi Fight climate change: Straight Talk Club of St Balikuddembe Mitala Maria in
Stephen, doctors do not recommend ejaculation? Juma W, Kiribari
SS, Iganga. Mpigi taking care of seedlings in their nursery bed.
that you protect yourself from HIV
in this way. It is an abuse of ARVs Dear Juma, immediately after
that is dangerous for you and others. ejaculation, sperms swim from the
However, yes, ARVs can be used for vagina, to the uterus and tubes of
the woman. Sperms can fertilize an
PEP, which is given when one comes I was orphaned at the age 10. My parents died of HIV.
in contact with fluids that might egg up to 3-4 days after ejaculation.
When an egg is released within four They left a big house in my name at Bushenyi town. My uncle wants to
have HIV. For example, if one has take the house. He says I am HIV positive, although he has not taken me
unprotected sex or is pricked by a days, pregnancy may occur.
for HIV testing. My parents left a big farm of crops. I use the money from
needle which contains HIV positive the crops for school fees.
blood. PEP is not 100% and only In love with a partner Joseph, 18, S2, Katerera Comprehensive School, Bushenyi
works if you start the ARVs within who has HIV
72 hours: 72 hours is the maximum. I love my partner and I do not
Do not play around with PEP. It is for want to leave her. We carried
emergencies like accidents and rape. out an HIV test and her results
were HIV positive. What can I
do? Boy, Kitende College Bwera,
ADVICE to Diana’s pal
Money temptation Kasese. When my friend’s mother is away, her father brings another
A boda boda gives me money. woman in the house. The father pays my friend not to tell her
My friends reported me to the From the medical view, you can
marry a partner with HIV when you mother. The father has promised her hell on earth if she ever tells
headmaster who punished me. The her mother. Diana, 14, S2, Tororo Girls
man still gives me money. What are HIV negative. But you have to
can I do? Apayi E, 14, Okufra SS ensure that you do not get infected
because HIV/AIDS is an extremely Diana’s friend should tell her mother. If the father is infected
Dear Emily, your friends wanted to with HIV and other STDs, he will pass them to the mother
warn you, and your headmaster beat serious condition, and you will be
the main caretaker of your partner and both parents may die. Let her give the money that
you for a reason. The man wants the father donates to her to her mother. The mother
to befriend you and have sex in and the children. Talk to doctors
and HIV counsellors. They will should lay an ambush. She should pretend to go on a
exchange for his money. If you accept long trip and return unexpectedly. She will catch them.
his money, you will fear saying no advise you and your partner to use
condoms. They will also advise you Nakanuagi M, Gayaza HS, Wakiso
to sex, even when you don’t want
it. Don’t accept his money. Gifts just on how to get a pregnancy without Diana’s friend should convince the mother to go for
corrupt you to have sex. infecting yourself or the baby. an HIV test. She should also tell her that they are facing
However, do not rush into marriage. problems at home while she is away. This will send a
Marriage is a serious matter, message to her. Macheme Stephen, Muterere SS,
Sperm lifespan whatever your HIV status. You are
How long does the sperm Bugiri
still a student.
stay alive in the vagina A whole father who should advise the daughter
before fertilizing the egg after Counselor: Dr. Paul Semugoma misbehaves! Diana’s friend should not be a afraid.
She should explain to him the consequences of
what he is doing. If he gets infected with HIV,
Science test
There is a lot of wrong information about growing up, HIV/ STDs. Test how
who will care for his children. He may change.
Musema Mambo Mansur. Daystar SS,
much you know. Draw diagrams if necessary. Send your completed
QUIZ to PO Box 22366, Kampala. Diana’s friend should not be intimidated by
• How many sperm cells are contained in a single ejaculation? her father. She should ask for help from elders,
• Tell us what you know about PEP teachers and relatives. The elders will guarantee
her security in case her father sends her away.
• Explain how you would use a condom?
She should not accept bribes from her father.
• Explain why teenagers sweat a lot and develop pimples during puberty? In case the father is infected with HIV, he will
• Describe signs of an STD? infect the mother. Omirambe W, Bishop
Cyprian Kihangire SS, Kampala.

We got letters from

51 straight talkers.


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