1. Name & Designati n an! a!!"ess # t$e C %"se Di"e&t "' UGC Academic Staff

College Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University A rangabad Maharashtra !"1##1$ Tel. (Office):0240-2403227,228,229,230, a!: 02402400204 %. ". !. (. Tit(e # t$e t"aining & %"se' &ands on training Molec lar Biotechnology. D%"ati n & !ates # t$e & %"se' " weeks N ) # *a"ti&i*ants' %#'!# M !e # se(e&ti n' )eachers a**ointed in life science+ biotechnology+ bioinformatics+ Microbiology+ botany+ ,oology+ bio'chemistry+ agric lt re and maternity science. -. B"ie# +%sti#i&ati n # *" * sa( i)e), nee! # " & n!%&ting t$e & %"se' (i) Detai(s # (a- "at ". #a&i(ities a/ai(a-(e 0it$ t$e instit%te

"ince i# is $oin# %en#u&e be#'een #(e ).*.+ ,cademic "#aff +olle-e .&. /abasa(eb ,mbed0a& 1a&a#('ada )ni%e&si#2 ,u&an-abad and .eo-i&i +olle-e, ,u&an-abad #(e 3&ac#ical #&ainin- 'ill conduc#ed a# deo-i&i colle-e, bio#ec(nolo-2 labo&a#o&2. T(e labo&a#o&2 include ins#&umen#s &e4ui&ed fo& (a) se3a&a#ion5c(&oma#o-&a3(2 (b) elec#&o3(o&esis (c) +en#&ifu-a#ion (d) 6+7 (e) -el documen#a#ion s2s#em (f) 6 *E (-) "#a#e-of-,&#, mic&osco3ic facili#ies (() 869+ (i) ,nimal cell lines ($) s3ec#&osco32 ins#&umen#s and essen#ial ins#&umen#s, %a&ious molecula& biolo-2 e!3e&imen#s 'i#( an eas2. .ii$ Stat%s # e1*e"tise # t$e "gani2e"s in t$e #ie(! (Anne1%"e3I) /. O-+e&ti/es # t$e & %"se' )he candidate selected for this training wo ld be ta ght theoretically and *ractically to be able to cond ct molec lar cloning witho t m ch of diffic lties at neral and metro*olitan city de*artments. 0t is also e1*ected that *artici*ant coming from *arts of 0ndia will get a chance to interact with the s*eciali,ed scientist+ will get an o**ort nities to clear do bts sway their

:iran 8 kharat 6rofessor Deogiri instit te of biosciences and technology " Dr. C %"se & ntent (*(ease s*e&i#. !ate30ise s&$e!%(e # (e&t%"es an! *"a&ti&a(8s)' .' 2il 1%. et&): i# an. 9$et$e" an.%i"e! # " & n!%&ting t$e & %"se' .BAMU A rangabad .S$ A"ea # e1*e"tise 8ecombinam*t+ D2A technology+ Genetic 9ngineering % Dr.S$ 1*1 :ns#i#u#e of /iosciences .u&an-abad. Tec(nolo-2. ! Mr.M. in!i&ating t$e a)Inte"na( #a&%(t. Ong ing "esea"&$ *" +e&ts 0it$ t$e & %"se name # #%n!ing agen&. 3. t$e DBT ea"(ie"' 2o 11.S$ of Animal Bio'technology Gene'e1*ression Chromatogra*hy Bio'informatics+ Bio'chemistry Agric lt ral 9nvironmental Biotechnology+ 0nd strial biotechnology (minim%m 567 *"a&ti&a() " t$e" agen&.BAMU .M.M.ay 2 harke 6rofessor . Finan&ia( assistan&e "e. San. Nat%"e # t$e C %"se (T$e "eti&a( 4 P"a&ti&a() %( 4 )heoretical 5 /(4 6ractical 7.Anne1 re'000$ . & n!%&te! "gani2e" in t$e #ie(!.M.u&an-abad. S") N 1 Name Dr.u&an-abad.concern and absol tely they will be able to *date with the recent trends in recombinant their D2A technology. Ar n S kharat Designati n 6rofessor A##i(iati n ASC+ Dr. .Get estimate for kits for *ractical+ chemical for *ractical and small instr ments$ <=) C %"se Fa&%(t.S$ De*t Biotechnology Dr.Anne1 re'00$ Add time table 1#. s%&$ t"aining s* ns "e! -. k lkarni <eetendra A 6rofessor .

)his will allow *artici*ant to get ac> aintaned with these instr ment. )he g est ho se is also e> i**ed with cooler+ a s*acio s dining hall with a kitchen and other initial facilities in this connection. )he laboratory being sed for this activity is also carries instr ments facility beyond the sco*e of *ro*osed training. Signat re of the Co rse ?rgani. Milind G watve Dr. Mahadevan Dr.6rofessor 6rofessor Senior Scientist 6rofessor A##i(iati n 00S Bangalore 2CCS * ne 00S98 6 ne CCMB &yderabad CD=D &yderabad A"ea # e1*e"tise Gene'e1*ression+ Molec lar Microbiology Molec lar imm nology 9cology Microbial 6athogenesis +ell "i-nallin. @e have three lect re hall with AC+ com* ter lab with %!5/ internet facility+ AC+ ACD facility and *ossibility for virt al class *resentation.2oteC )he *ro*osal sho ld be forwarded by the 91ec tive A thority of the 0nstit te with the seal$ De*a"tment # Bi te&$n ( g. ). S neel :ateriya Asst. <?) Ot$e" in# "mati n. S.. i# an. S") N 1 % " ! ( Name Date B 6laceC .' )he UGC Academic staff college is instit ted on ?ctober %% nd 173/ and has served *artici*ant for training them thro gh 77 orientation and nearly "%( refresher *rogramme. "i-nal #&ansduc#ion 7(odo3sin si-nallin- - Dr. 8agh anad Dr. . stice to training *rogram of *artici*ant wo ld be certainly ac> ire skill and knowledge both. 0 have confidence that if given chance we will do 1##4 .8.-) In!ian g%est #a&%(t. 6resently we have staff recr itment com*leted by the norms of UGC+ 11 of 1% *ositions filled this wo ld hel* cond ct *rogram with an ease.g est.6rofessor Delhi University <>) E1isting g%est $ %se " $ ste( a&& mm !ati n' )he UGC Academic staff college has its own g est ho se with a *rovision to accommodate at least ". Ghirighari lal Dr. 7as(na Bhandari Designati n 6rofessor Asst.

6 blic sector and *rivate sector+ 8BD instit tes 5 niversities having e1*ertise and infrastr ct re in the area are eligible to cond ct the co rse. %. (./ co*ies+ back'to'back *rint B soft cover *age $ forwarded thro gh the e1ec tive a thority of the instit te sho ld be sent toC D") Man + Sing$ R $i((a S&ientist38C8 De*a"tment # Bi te&$n ( g. ". )he d ration of the co rse sho ld be % to ! weeks .6ro*osal for cond cting Short )erm )raining Co rse sho ld be s bmitted in enclosed DB) format . emai( at man +s" $i((a)!-tDni&)in 1. L !i R a! Ne0 De($i3<<666= A s #t & *. )he time ratio for theory Ds *ractical work in a co rse sho ld be of the order of "#C/#. a(s -e sent -. )he training sho ld be techni> es oriented and em*hasis is to be given on laboratory work rather than lect res. .at least 1! working days$. Ct$ F( " CGO C m*(e1. )herefore+ besides demonstrating the techni> es+ *artici*ants sho ld be enco raged to carry o t the techni> es5laboratory e1ercises themselves.ective of the co rse is to im*art hands'on training in research techni> es so that the *artici*ants can a**ly them in their research or teaching *rogrammes. ma. B( &A B. . )hese are advanced level co rses+ which sho ld be designed to train mid'career scientists 5 UG and 6G teachers on the se of vario s advanced 5modern research techni> es in the areas of Biotechnology. !. (@G & PG) in Bi te&$n ( g. )he main ob. )he n mber of *artici*ants sho ld not be less than %#.G%i!e(ines # " & n!%&ting s$ "t3te"m t"aining & %"se # " mi!3&a"ee" s&ientists4Tea&$ing #a&%(t. A day'to'day sched le of the co rse indicating laboratory e1ercises as well as lect res *lanned is to be f rnished along with the *ro*osal.

A co*y of the circ lar may also be sent to DB) and to the coordinators of DB) s **orted UG B 6G teaching co rses . /. =or this * r*ose+ the co rse may be advertised in a national news*a*er5scientific . )A5DA to g est fac lty and (#4 non' s*onsored *artici*ants from * blic f nded instit tions is admissible as *er entitlement nder G?0 norms. . 0n the selection of candidates+ the following as*ects may be ke*t in viewC .d$ 6resent B f t re research interests of the candidatesE instit tes5laboratory. )his wo ld incl de cost of minor laboratory e> i*ment+ cons mables+ *rinting of laboratory man al+ )A5DA+ technical fees+ cost of advertisement+ stationary+ contingency etc.b$ 6resent *lace B nat re of work . )he information regarding co rse sho ld be circ lated to all the relevant national research instit tions5laboratories5 niversities+ in' ho se 8BD centres nder * blic or *rivate sector nits. ? t of these+ 1'% e1*erts may be invited for lect res only+ while others wo ld stay for abo t a week to *artici*ate in the laboratory e1* the co rse.-. 0n addition to the internal fac lty+ %'! 0ndian G est =ac lty drawn from other 0ndian laboratories5instit tes engaged actively in the relevant research areas sho ld be invariably involved in organi. )otal cost of a co rse sho ld be within an amo nt of ` -.list will be enclosed with the a**roval order$. At least ! weeks time sho ld be given to the candidates for s bmitting a**lications thro gh their instit tes. 3.ects5*rogrammes in candidateEs laboratory .c$ 8BD facilities available in candidateEs laboratory . At least ! scientists incl ding a Co rse Director who have e1*ertise in the research area of the *ro*osed co rse sho ld be chosen as Core'=ac lty from the host instit te and t$ei" & nsent "ega"!ing *a"ti&i*ati n in t$e & %"se s$ %(! -e in!i&ate! in t$e *" * sa() )he biodata of the Co rse Director and the fac lty along with a list of relevant research *a*ers * blished d ring the last "'! years sho ld also be enclosed.a$ 9d cational > alification+ research e1*erience+ age . Mid'career scientists 5 UG and 6G teachers holding reg lar *ositions in niversities5national labs5 research instit te5 in'ho se 8BD centres+ and have been s*onsored by their *arent instit tions+ sho ld be given *reference in the selection as *artici*ants.# lakhs.g$ 8elevant * blications by the candidates and their senior colleag es d ring last ! years .f$ ?ngoing 8BD *ro.o rnal. 1#.below !( years$ . )he sched le of the training co rse sho ld be given wide * blicity. 7.e$ 2ames of the senior colleag es and nat re of the work being done by them .

)he laboratory man al for co rses . 0n addition+ ( co*ies of the man al along with other relevant doc ments5*a*ers sho ld be sent to the De*artment. Any s ch fee received from *artici*ants belonging to ind stry sho ld be ad. )hey may be asked to intimate their acce*tance of the offer within 1# days or so+ failing which . &owever+ charge levied for *roviding lodging5boarding facility to the *artici*ants+ need not be ad.h$ 8ecommendation of the s *ervisor in case of research st dents . 1".$ @hether the candidate is an a**licant for other co rses or has earlier attended s ch co rses+ s*onsored by the DB) &owever+ candidatesE research e1*erience+ 8BD facilities available with their instit tions and the tility of the training co rse in their research activities sho ld be the main consideration for selecting *artici*ants. sted against the total a**roved cost of the co rse.. sted against the a**roved cost of the co rse.list will be enclosed with the a**roval letter$.. A*art from giving detailed *rotocols for the co rse may be selected. waitlisted candidates sho ld be called immediately. 11.i$ &ow the candidate *ro*oses to make se of the training in his research *rogrammes5*ro. Candidates selected for a co rse sho ld be intimated at least " weeks before its start.ects . 1-. 1(. 91ercises 5 techni> es+ the man al sho ld also incl de a brief theory of the *ractical+ abstracts of the lect res ill strations+ diagrams+ if any to e1*lain the techni> es5*rotocols+ references of im*ortant research *a*ers * blished by the co rse Director and his gro *. 1%.e 3F G 11F$ bo nd and *rinted+ sho ld be made available to the *artici*ants at the beginning of the co rses. 2o charges5registration fee sho ld be charged from the co rse *artici*ants+ belonging to * blic f nded instit tions for the co rse material. A**lications from less develo*ed regions of the co ntry may also be given * 1!. A ma1im m of three *artici*ants from local instit tion incl ding one from the instit tion organi. ?n behalf of DB)+ one co*y of the Co rse'Man al may be mailed directly to the list of coordinators of DB) s **orted niversities5instit tions .

17.068$ sho ld be incl ded in the co rse content. 13. Aect re on Biosafety g idelines on safety meas res in res*ect of rD2A research and intellect al *ro*erty rights . *a.ation certificate against the grant released earlier by the De*artment to cond ct s ch training co rse by the same Co rse Director or his gro * has not been f rnished or ns*ent balance+ if any+ is yet to be ret rned to the De*artment+ it wo ld not be *ossible for the De*artment to consider another *ro*osal ntil the above is sent to DB). *********************** . De*a"tment # Bi te&$n ( g.ation certificate within " months of com*letion of the co rse and ns*ent balance o t of the grant+ if any+ is to be # D"a0ing an! ref nded immediately to the De*artment thro gh Deman! D"a#t in #a/ %" Dis-%"sing O##i&e".a-(e at Ne0 De($i) %#. 0n case+ a dited statement of e1*endit re5 tili. 0nstit tes will be re> ired to f rnish statement of e1*endit re and tili.1/. Any change in the sched le of the co rse wo ld re> ire *rior a**roval of the De*artment.

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