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Email: December 2013.


Trading Name:________________________________________________________________ Name(s) of Proprietor: __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________ Telephone:______________________________Fax:__________________________ Mobile:_____________________email/website______________________________ Type of Business:______________________________________________________ Itemised listing of your proposed product range:____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Insurance Policy Number (attach a copy)___________________________________

Previous market experience:


If Yes please state market location ________________________________________ Prices of stalls on application (Rental from $165.00 inc GST for 3 days). Fees are payable 15 days in advance at all times, to be paid before 6pm by of the Thursday 2 weeks before commencement of trading. Account details for payment: Station Street Market Subiaco BSB 066-505 A/C No. 10174726 I have read and understood the Station Street Markets Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by them if my application is successful.


2 STATION STREET MARKETS RULES OF MARKETS 1. Station Street Trust t/as THE STATION STREET MARKETS SUBIACO (the owner) grants authority to a tenant to occupy a stall area within Station Street Markets subject to the tenant complying with these rules and any specific instructions given by the Management.

2. The tenant agrees to conduct its business within the area allocated by the management. Stallholders are NOT PERMITTED to display their goods beyond the lines as marked outside their actual stall. Stallholders should note that if they hang articles from the roof rafters care should always be taken to remove any hangers, wire etc. at the end of a trading day that may cause accidental harm to others. Common sense should be used when displaying any item that may be unstable or potentially dangerous. 3. Rent is payable ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. 4. Rents are payable at the office no later than 12 noon on the Saturday they are due. 5. 6. The tenant acknowledges that the owner can require the tenant to relocate its business at any time without cause or reason. The Market is subject to redevelopment at any time and the present format may be reviewed. 7. Stallholders must open and close their stalls at the times designated as Trading Hours HOURS OF TRADING are 9 am to 5.30 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Failure to open or close on time on any trading day could result in forfeiture of any trading rights a Stallholder may have in respect of their stall. 8. Access by vehicle for the purpose of loading and unloading is before 9 am and after 5.30 pm. Access times to the markets outside of trading days are as follows: Wednesday 8 am 6 pm; Thursday 8 am to 6.30 pm. No access outside of these times unless arrangements are made with management. 9. HEATERS OF ALL TYPES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any Stallholder found using a heater will IMMEDIATELY FORFEIT their right to trade at the Station Street Markets. No electrical appliance can be installed within any stall without prior approval of the management. Stallholders wishing to use extra lighting over and above the supplied fluorescent will be charged accordingly. ALL ELECTRICAL WORK REQUIRED WITHIN THE AREA OF A STALL CAN ONLY BE CARRIED OUT BY THE MARKETS APPOINTED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. Details of this contractor can be obtained from the Manager. 10. All Food Stall operators are required to complete an Electrical Appliance Register and following submission of their list of appliances, are prohibited from installing additional electrical appliances without prior written approval of the Management. 11. Meters are read every fortnight and accounts rendered showing payment date. Alfresco Food Court traders will be charged a fee for electricity consumed based upon their Schedule of electrical equipment within their stalls.

12. Any person wishing to sell a business within the Markets must seek approval from Management. This approval will not be unreasonably withheld.

3 The Management reserves the right to approve or veto the sale or transfer of any stall and/or the type of goods to be traded. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld, subject to normal criteria of the interest of the Markets as a whole. 13. An Administration Fee of $330.00 inclusive of GST is payable prior to the sale and transfer of all businesses within the market. Transfer of Business Activity Forms (Form 1) and Application to Purchase Business Forms (Form 2) are available from the Management. The proper maintenance of the stalls is the responsibility of the Stallholder. A Thirty Day written notice is required from a Stallholder to vacate the Markets (for permanent Stallholders). Stallholder parking is NOT permitted in the Markets car park on trading days. Any Stallholder parking in the carpark during trading hours will risk being wheelclamped. All Food Shop operators are required to apply for authority to operate within these markets. Any Transfer Fee or Annual License Fee is the responsibility of the Operator of the Food Stall direct with the Health/Environmental Department of the City of Subiaco. All Stallholders must provide a copy of their current Certificate of Currency and Public Liability cover. This cover must be renewed on an annual basis. All rubbish and litter to be placed in the large disposal bins at the rear of the Markets (behind the Fruit and Veg. lane). ALL CARTONS ARE TO BE CRUSHED OR COLLAPSED BEFORE DISPOSAL INTO BINS. The current base rent charged is payment for: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Public Holiday rate is subject to the following formula: Normal 3 day base rent x 31.05% = 4 day public holiday weekend rate. Please note that GST of 10% applies. Please note that an annual rent review will take place between September and October. Stallholders must give a copy of the keys of their stall to the Management. The Market is a NO SMOKING area. Smoking is NOT PERMITTED in entrance areas. All Food Stallholders must install a Fire Blanket and Fire Extinguisher in their premises. The use of gas bottles is limited to the Alfresco area only and MUST be disengaged on a daily basis after close of trading. The floor area of the allocated food stall must be protected by a ground sheet to avoid staining the Floor and therefore causing it to be slippery and therefore dangerous to future stallholders and customers.

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21. 22. 23. 24 25.


I, the undersigned agree to abide by the Rules of the Market as outlined above.

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Seafocus Holdings Pty. Ltd. A.C.N. 077 965 792 ITF The Station Street Trust and Atalanta Investments Pty. Ltd. A.C.N. 096 595 612