Anatomy of a Princess

By Mari Garcia
race Kelly, actress and America’s fairy-tale princess, went from Hollywood aristocracy to European royalty. She was beautiful, elegant and impossibly glamorous, born into a wealthy family in Philadelphia whose members boasted a Pullitzer prize winning author and an Olympic Gold medalist. Her fairy tale romance and wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco saw her exchange a Hollywood lifestyle for a more courtly and royal existence. This year, 2013 marks the 84th year of her birth and in astrological terms this is her Uranus return and it is no coincidence that we see her story evolving from legend to myth. But like all legends, the veneer often hides a different story and it is in the transition from legend to myth that the shades have started to fall away and we start to glimpse the other side. Interestingly, a controversial bio-pic starring Nicole Kidman is due to be released later this year and has already drawn the ire of her son, Monaco’s Prince Albert and his sisters Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie. They have denounced the new film as “pointlessly glamourised and historically inaccurate” in a scathing letter attacking the project.1 What does the natal chart reveal of her ‘real’ story?


Let us start by looking at the Father figure as Grace Kelly was known to have worshipped her father. The Greek astrologer, Vetius Valens tells us that: “The matters concerning the father, then, are taken thusly: by day, the Sun will be consulted and the zoidon upon which the Sun stands; [by night] the lord of the zoidon upon which Zeus stands and the zoidon welcoming Zeus…”2 In short, we must consider the condition and placement of the Sun for a daytime birth or Jupiter for a night time birth. Grace Kelly’s chart is a night time chart because the Sun is below the horizon i.e below the Ascendant and it has not yet risen. In this case, we will look to Jupiter as the significator of the father. Firstly, Jupiter in the chart is out of sect as it a diurnal planet and is placed in the opposite hemisphere to the Sun. Jupiter likes being with the Sun and this is a serious flaw. Jupiter is also retrograde in Gemini, the sign of its detriment and is situated in the 8th house. The retrogradation,

difficult and frustrated or frustrating. James Spada: “Grace’s motivations were inspired by her almost pathological need for her father’s approbation… her ‘father complex’ also left her with an obsessive attraction to older. different and could be destructive. This is a Jupiter that is vulnerable to excess and zealotry. Grace Kelly was born into a wealthy Philadelphia family and her father Jack Kelly. apart from the separating square which the Moon makes to it. suggesting that the father is damaged. Therefore. its two major flaws. and although he may be inspiring and forceful. authoritative paternal figures. we can say that Father causes her great difficulties. Tue 5:31 am +5:00 Philadelphia 39°N57' 08' ' 075°W09' 51' ' G rac e K el l y 10' Ý12° É 00° Geoc entric Tropi c al Whol e Signs True Node Rating: AA Ý 00' Œ 56' 50' Ü 19° ‡ ¸ 25° ‡37' 07° ¼ ¿ 00' ˆ 00' ‹ 28° 06' ˆ 21° ¶ Ü 00° ¾ 00° ‰ 00' 00° Š 00' ‹ 00° 00' Additionally. was a tough man. there is something about him and his actions which are alternative. direction and house placement. These are highlighted by Jupiter’s lack of dignity both by sign. She went against her parents’ wishes — despite his . accomplished. who expected excellence and propriety from his daughter. Here we see the difficult Jupiter that instead of being generous and broadminded is instead fanatical and limiting. an uncompromising moralist.”3 Anatomy of a Princess 2 Grace grew up in a family where competition was paramount. 00° „ 00' 00° … 00' Ì 11° „ 11' Á 19° ƒ 31' Œ ƒ 25' 00° À 03° 00' Ï 02° ƒ00' † 00° … 25' ‚ 05' Œ 14° ½ 00° ‚ 00' 00° ‡ 00' » 28° † 51' Ë 04° ‡ 41' ‡ 42' º 10° 34' 00° Na t a l Ch a rt 12 Nov 1929. Jack Kelly instilled a sense of steely resolve as well as a competitive edge in all his children. As an Olympic champion. there are no other aspects.detriment and placement in the 8th house further debilitates or distorts Jupiter. the son of an Irish immigrant. Finally. a planet in detriment will not produce the best of what it signifies and Jupiter. A planet that is corrupted acts in a detrimental manner and brings outs the ‘detrimental’ side. and a self-made millionaire. the great benefic is unable to bring the bounty it promises. According to the biographer.

6 This is an interesting expression of this debilitated Jupiter because as astrologers. claims Spada. We find Mars in Scorpio. heat may become increased and moisture diminished. when it suits his moral compass. The condition of the ruler of the Ascendant describes how well Grace can achieve her primary motivation. “Her ‘father complex’ also left her with an obsessive attraction to older. effectiveness and strength.” 9 The nature of Mars is that it is hot and dry and with combustion. wealthy. But we must be wary of such strong planets as Robert Zoller tells us. inspiring and generous yet also moralistic and zealous and it took the form of her father. it was stipulated that her dowry would be $2 million. When Grace was engaged to Prince Rainier. Grace was driven by the need for emotional security and this was realised through the Ascendant ruler. Grace Kelly’s love life revolved around older men. Grace Kelly decided to pursue her dreams of a career in the theater. giving it prominence. In Kelly’s chart. who played the twin roles of mentor/lover. authoritative paternal figures. But Jupiter is much more the zealot than Saturn could ever be. her father viewed acting as “a slim cut above streetwalker”.4 For most of her life.”5 But her father’s demands for demure obedience backfired and Grace “rebelled against the heavy-handed moral strictures forced upon her and became sexually promiscuous”. which Jack Kelly handed over. the role of mentor is a Jupiterian one. A powerful placement as it has both essential and accidental dignity : rulership and placement in an angular house. Mars. Mars is known for its haste in Anatomy of a Princess 3 . we would be looking for the Saturn statement of heavy handed morality. in rulership. She was also determined to win her father’s approval for her career choice. Also. where experience and wisdom as well as a level of protection are extended to the neophyte. The Ascendant describes the individual’s primary motivation. moralistic and also benevolent. that is within 12 degrees of the Sun and therefore ‘burnt’.” wrote James Spada in Grace: the Secret Lives of a Princess. Jupiter alone is not responsible for Grace Kelly’s sexual proclivities however.8 Combustion suggests that the quality of Mars is affected. consequently the injurious influence of combustion is less with some planets and greater with others. “For whom.g. the innate drive that propels the person forward. Looking a bit closer we see that Mars is combust. she achieves it with no problem as Mars is in such good condition. What we see is the picture of this Jupiterian figure in her life. Scorpio rises and the motivation of a water Ascendant is emotional need. accomplished. We must constantly ask the question. Primary Motivation Next let us look at the Ascendant. “Grace’s motivations were inspired by her almost pathological need for her father’s approbation. but what we have is an image of a father who is ‘bigger than life’. these qualities are heightened and as such the destructive quality of Mars then becomes a problem. conjunct the Sun in the 1st house. At first glance we can say that yes.brothers' occupations (they were both actors). does the planet benefit?” and “To what degree does this planet benefit?”7 He means who is getting the benefit of this power as it may not always be the person. Al-Biruni explains that combustion affects planets in different ways according to their nature: “…as e.

Mars is also in a grand trine with Pluto and the Moon. She was famous for it. “Grace almost always laid the leading man. she seems to burn with an inner fire. What we see with Grace Kelly is someone whose façade was cool and elegant. John Ford and many others. in Scorpio which one can say is the steely resolve that many have described and then we also see Mercury conjunct the Ascendant. Scorpio on the Ascendant is a water sign and water has the qualities of cold and wet. reserved. Mars sitting in the first house. The Scorpio Ascendant is protective of the rest of the chart and with the ruler. It describes our beginnings and our outward behaviour. Additionally. well-spoken. Anatomy of a Princess 4 . bringing together the appetites (Moon) and the adrenalin rush (Mars) with the obssessiveness of Pluto. She was adored by colleagues on both sides of the camera. she also expressed her Mars via a rampant sexuality. The writer. Gary Cooper and Clark Gable. Alfred Hitchcock. giving her both the poise and astuteness when it came to media interviews. singers Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. However. Planets in the First House The other side of the Grace Kelly image which was demure. Mercury is also conjunct the South Node. adding another layer of meaning. How do we reconcile this picture with the previous one? Let us look at the other planets in the 1st house as these will also be significant in colouring how she comes across to others. film director. Together they make for actions and attitudes which are slow to form. fashion designer Oleg Cassini. deliberate and remote. Grace Kelly realised her primary motivation for emotional security through the agency of Mars. opinions and attitudes are steadfast and consistent. Under an icy surface. generous and kind. protecting the intense and sensitive individual. Mercury also squares the Leo MC describing her ability to articulate and express both her personal and professional aspirations. the famous film director who had worked closely with Kelly summed her up in this way: “She’s seductive without being sexy. once established and formed the connections. she had a strong sense of survival. Whilst she could be incredibly focused and energetic in her pursuit of her ambitions.movement and separation to stand out. Gore Vidal was heard to quip. selecting scripts or negotiating contracts. The cold quality suggests slow or deliberate movement and the wet quality implies cohesion and connection.” 11 And it is the inner fire of the dignified Mars coupled with combustion that is at the heart of it. The Ascendant The Ascendant also describes how we come across to others and how we interact with the world.”10 Interestingly. Mercury rules the 8th and the 11th and so her vulnerabilities which cause crises (8th) and her hopes and wishes (11th) are the underlying motivation for the expression of this Mercury. We see the Sun and Mars in the first. poised. Her promiscuity saw her involved in affairs with actors Ray Milland.

relationships and partnerships are the defining goals in her life and would continue to be important in every facet of life. the South Node in the 1st. the Mars got what it wanted but what did all this sexual activity do for Grace Kelly’s own satisfaction? Possibly in the short term it did provide some satisfaction however it was an aching need that seemed to be always just beneath the surface of the cool. Mars and Pluto suggests emotional power struggles as well as the need to ‘possess’. this was .”15 She herself continued to have affairs with others for several years afterwards. After her many liaisons. We find the Moon in Pisces in the 5th house ruling the 9th house. fortitude and cooperation. claims biographer James Spada. Grace “was a rest.14 When she married Prince Rainier of Monaco she believed that she had found the perfect husband.12 With the Nodal axis straddling the 1st . When she was younger. suggests that there is an avoidance or denial of pain or crisis. rules the instinctual processes (Scorpio South Node) and is easily the most powerful planet in the chart by dignity. suggesting that the relating energy of Venus is underpinned by hidden fears (12th) and cooperation/competition (7th). Venus is in rulership in the 12th and is sextile to Saturn. What we see is the Nodal axis activated by a need for partnerships and the realization of this via the Martian lens of sexual activity.The Nodal Axis The house axis emphasized by the Nodes describes the ‘internal map’ of the life where a person blends the instinctual (South Node) with the learned processes (North Node) of life. Anatomy of a Princess 5 The Moon Finally. a tendency to insist on self-sufficiency regardless of circumstance. That she would strive to form relationships and when they failed to meet expectations. But the marriage did not provide the balm to the Nodal urge to look for partnerships which provided stability and emotional satisfaction. Her emotional needs were about feeling connected and creative. which as a pair describe issues of desire. most notably with older and married men. The involvement of the Moon in the grand trine with Sun.7th house axis we see the importance of relationships. the Mars is called into action as it is the most readily available planet as it sits in the 1st house. What is additionally interesting is that the planets that rule her Taurus-Scorpio Nodal axis are Venus and Mars. elegant exterior. That’s very frustrating to me and makes me very unhappy. a rigidity of outlook.13 This nodal axis tells us that for Kelly. For Grace Kelly spent the first part of her life looking for the ‘perfect partner’. Venus rules the 7th and 12th houses. Yes. Again. dissatisfied and unhappy woman” desperate to win legitimacy in a good marriage. she reverted back to the instinctual patterns described by the South Node. a look at her Moon to determine just what Grace Kelly needed to feel safe and secure. Mars on the other hand rules the 1st and the 6th and so the roots of Grace’s instinctual passions are herself (1st) and her own toil and labour (6th). Her North Node in the 7th suggests that the learned process involves developing cooperation.less. companionship and healthy competition while the instinctual. she became guilt-ridden about her promiscuity at the ripe old age of twenty-six. She once confided to her hairdresser: “I know my husband has affairs with other women.

com Mari Garcia Copyright 2013. passion and desire fuelled both her ambitions and her need for emotional security. the ruler of the Taurus 7th house is Venus.Co. As the Moon rules the 9th house of’ll be lucky to see them again. I suppose the world will also hang its head in disappointment. she planned to flee back to America. She settled for what she felt was ultimately her most precious achievement and tellingly.Uk http://www. her children were the pinnacle of creativity and the possibility of the threat or loss of them was almost too much to Accessed 24/1/13 4 “Grace Kelly” as quoted in Wikipedia sourced at http://en. where she has been offered $1 million to star in Marnie. the Untold Story”. in rulership in the 12th.’16 It is this that is the deciding 29 January 2013. the script ends with the line : ‘Grace Kelly never acted again. In a scene in the soon-to-be -released the house of fears and sorrow. Part I. An interesting point here. Also. that image now recedes from legend to myth which will continue to surround the legacy of her films. what we have started to see is the revelation of the person behind that myth. she sought comfort in many relationships.……. she fled her father (represented by the difficult Jupiter) only to flee into the arms of one just like him! The Moon is in square to The money did not attract her. What we must remember is that as astrologers. ‘Your children will suffer most.wikipedia. it was directed towards her children. Check the website at www. She often referred to her marriage as her ‘gilded cage’ – an apt description of her life in Monaco. our job is not to pass judgment on a life but to examine it. The person that was Grace Kelly was a dreamer. a new Alfred Hitchcock thriller. References 1 Anatomy of a Princess 6 “Monaco royals slam Nicole Kidman's Grace Kelly biopic” at News. Her drive. When she’17 Summary While Grace Kelly will continue to live in the collective memory as the ‘cool and elegant celluloid princess’. Express. James Grace: the Secret Lives of A Princess as quoted in “Grace. Accessed 24/1/13 5 Spada. Chapter 32 3 Spada. determined to realize her dreams and driven by emotional need. only eleven of them however. But when the marriage to Rainier started to fracture in the early 1960’s and she was so disillusioned. James Grace: the Secret Lives of A Princess .au/entertainment/movies/monaco-royals-slam-nicole-kidmans-grace-kelly-biopic/story-e6frfmvr1226555553419#ixzz2IBsjfA4L [18/1/13] 2 Vetius Valens Anthology Book II. it was the opportunity to flee Rainier’s tyrannical Sourced at http://www. the realization of these is in the 5th house of children and creativity.fuelled through her many love affairs. Information on the techniques mentioned in this article can be found in Scala Coeli or in the Astro Mundi courses.astromundi. Kelly asks a friend what would happen if she accepted the Hitchcock role and sought a divorce? The reply. With the Moon in the 5th.

2012) page 237. Peter “ which offers a four year course in astrology. M Garcia & J Usher (Adelaide: Astro Mundi. 15 Sheridan. Sharon “Grace Kelly Marriage Claims anger Monaco Royal Family”. 12 Garcia.Uk 29 January 2013. 10 Sheridan. M “The Dragon’s Path: the Moon’s Nodes in Astrology” in Scala Coeli: the Ladder of Heaven. Express.Uk 29 January 2013. 2012) page 237. Anatomy of a Princess 7 . 7 6 The Author Mari Garcia is a consulting astrologer who has been involved with astrology since 1990. Robert Medieval Astrology Course 8 For more on the condition of combustion see Scala Coeli: the Ladder of Heaven M Garcia & J Usher (Adelaide: Astro Mundi. http://www. 14 Op. R Ramsay Wright. http://www. 13 accessed 27/2/13 17 Ibid. She has lectured widely both in Australia and the USA and has published articles in Australia and overseas and writes for several local and national Keep abreast of developments at Astro Mundi on Accessed 24/1/13 16 Accessed 24/1/13 11 Ibid. a Traditional Astrology course as well as special interest workshops and Master Classes. Peter “Grace. Express. Daily Mail UK.astromundi. 9 Al-Biruni The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of 26 January 2013 sourced at: http://www. the Untold Story”.Co. She runs a consulting practice in Adelaide and is co-principal of ASTRO MUNDI. the Untold Story”. Mari can be contacted on 08 8563 9182 or check out the website at www.dailymail.

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