14/11/2013 The Rt Hon Ed Davey MP FRSA Department of Energy and !"mate hange 3 #h"teha!! P!

a$e %ondon S#1A 2A# Dear S"r& ' have for (ome t"me )een $on$erned at the "n$rea("ng!y dy(f*n$t"ona! energy po!"$"e( )e"ng p*r(*ed )y the +, and S$ott"(h government(- The r*(h to.ard( (o/$a!!ed 0rene.a)!e1 e!e$tr"$"ty generat"on ha( over.he!med any (en(")!e (trategy for $onvent"ona! generat"on and ."!! !ead to po.er fa"!*re( and/or rat"on"ng'nterm"ttent (*pp!"e( $o*!d !ead to great f"nan$"a! !o(( for )*("ne((e(- Ho.ever& potent"a!!y m*$h .or(e than th"( "( the h*man effe$t of the art"f"$"a!!y enhan$ed $o(t( of e!e$tr"$"ty and ga(For (evera! year( no. 2 ever ("n$e Ed M"!")and prom*!gated the !"mate hange A$t 2003 2 the government of the day ha( ta4en (tep( to red*$e the tota! +, em"(("on( $ar)on d"o5"de )y t.o a!!"ed $o*r(e( of a$t"on- The(e are to6 17 art"f"$"a!!y !oad the pr"$e $ar)on/)a(ed f*e!( to ma4e them !e(( attra$t"ve "n the generat"on mar4et8 and 27 (*)("d"(e 9apparent!y7 !o./ or non/$ar)on/)a(ed method( of generat"on to a!!o. them ta4e an "n$rea("ng proport"on of the +, generat"ng $apa$"tyThe rat"ona!e )eh"nd the !"mate hange A$t appear( to )e th"(6/ There "( a pro)!em )e$a*(e • H*man a$t"v"ty "( "n$rea("ng the !eve! of atmo(pher"$ $ar)on d"o5"de • R"("ng !eve!( of atmo(pher"$ $ar)on d"o5"de ."!! !ead to g!o)a! .arm"ng • :!o)a! .arm"ng ."!! "nd*$e e5tra f*t*re $ar)on d"o5"de em"(("on( from nat*ra! (o*r$e( • Po("t"ve feed)a$4 me$han"(m( ."!! "n$rea("ng!y "nd*$e f*rther $ar)on d"o5"de em"(("on( • Th"( v"$"o*( $"r$!e ."!! $ont"n*e *nt"! $ata(trophe endanger( h*man !"fe on the p!anet • Th"( "( $on("dered to )e an emergen$y& (o dra(t"$ mea(*re( are ne$e((aryThe propo(ed (o!*t"on to the (*ppo(ed pro)!em "( apparent!y6 • H*man a$t"v"ty $a*("ng em"(("on( of $ar)on d"o5"de m*(t )e red*$ed or ha!ted ;*"$4!y • %o.er em"(("on( $an )e a$h"eved mo(t effe$t"ve!y )y red*$"ng the amo*nt of $ar)on/)a(ed f*e!( )*rned "n e!e$tr"$"ty generat"on and tran(port • Th"( re;*"red red*$t"on $an )e a$h"eved mo(t effe$t"ve!y )y "n$rea("ng the $o(t of $ar)on/)a(ed e!e$tr"$"ty $ompared to other type( of generat"on • <e$a*(e the $o(t( of generat"ng e!e$tr"$"ty )y nove! 9or non/$ar)on7 method( "( h"gh& norma! mar4et for$e( ."!! not app!y& (o "n of of to to

• The pr"$e of $ar)on/)a(ed e!e$tr"$"ty m*(t )e art"f"$"a!!y "nf!ated (o a( to ma4e "t !e(( attra$t"ve $ompared to nove! generat"on& and • :enerat"on from $ar)on/)a(ed f*e!( m*(t )e made !e(( e$onom"$ )y rat"on"ng v"a a r"gged mar4et "n $ar)on perm"t(& and • =ove! method( of generat"on m*(t )e (*)("d"(ed (o a( to en$o*rage the"r deve!opment and adopt"on • The(e (*)("d"e( m*(t )e o(ten(")!y 0(e!f/f"nan$"ng1 )y mean( of art"f"$"a! !ev"e( on f*e! )"!!(Variations in price due to commercial pressures are to be expected and are unavoidable in a free market. 'n$rea(e( d*e to po!"t"$a! a$t"on are ent"re!y avo"da)!e& and are (*ppo(ed!y $omp!ete!y ."th"n the p*rv"e. of yo*r department- >o* are re(pon(")!e for / d"re$t!y and "nd"re$t!y / add"ng !arge and "n$rea("ng amo*nt( of $o(t to the dome(t"$ po.er )"!!( of $on(*mer( "n the +,- The(e art"f"$"a!!y h"gh )"!!( are "n$rea("ng!y dr"v"ng poorer $on(*mer( "nto a $ond"t"on that ha( )e$ome 4no.n a( 0f*e! poverty1- Th"( ha( )een demon(trated )y (evera! agen$"e( to )e $a*("ng e5$e(("ve n*m)er( of death( "n $o!d .eather- #hether the(e death( are the re(*!t of a !a$4 of heat"ng )e$a*(e the $on(*mer?( po.er ha( )een $*t off or a( a re(*!t of the $on(*mer ma4"ng a $on($"o*( de$"("on not to *(e ava"!a)!e heat"ng "( "mmater"a!6 "n many $a(e( the !a$4 of heat ."!! )e a d"re$t or "nd"re$t $on(e;*en$e of the r"("ng $o(t of po.erS$ott"(h !a. "( d"fferent from Eng!"(h !a.- Part"$*!ar!y germane to th"( d"($*(("on "( the def"n"t"on of m*rder that "( *(*a!!y *(ed "n S$ott"(h $o*rt(- ontrary to the po("t"on "n Eng!and& .here m*rder m*(t )e the $on(e;*en$e of a $on($"o*( a$t& "n S$ot!and "t "( def"ned a( 0+n!a.f*! 4"!!"ng of another ."th "ntent to 4"!!& or with wicked recklessness to life1 9my empha("(7#e $an (ee that "n S$ot!and there need )e no "ntent"on to de!")erate!y 4"!! a per(on or even to 4no. any per(on "n the $o*ntry8 "f 0."$4ed re$4!e((ne((1 $a*(e( a death& that death "( $apa)!e of )e"ng $!a((ed a( m*rder't (eem( to me that the $a(e for art"f"$"a!!y "nf!at"ng po.er )"!!( to pay for the 0de/ $ar)on"(at"on1 of o*r e!e$tr"$"ty generat"ng "nfra(tr*$t*re "( (o poor a( to )e re$4!e((Re$4!e((ne(( $o*!d )e e5p!a"ned a.ay a( the re(*!t of ("mp!e "gnoran$e& a!tho*gh th"( "( *n!"4e!y ever to )e a$$epted a( a !ega! defen$e- 0#"$4ed re$4!e((ne((1 .o*!d on!y )e proven "f the a$t"on $ont"n*ed after the a$tor .a( p!a$ed "n f*!! po((e(("on of the fa$t('t "( "n$on$e"va)!e that the +,?( Se$retary of State for Energy and !"mate hange "( not "n po((e(("on of a!! of the re!evant ($"ent"f"$ report( of vary"ng provenan$e and ;*a!"ty- The(e ."!! *ndo*)ted!y "n$!*de the re$ent 'nter/governmenta! Pane! on !"mate hange 9'P 7 AR@ report(& .h"$h have dra(t"$a!!y ro.ed )a$4 from the proAe$t"on( of doom $onta"ned "n ear!"er 'P report(- M*$h of the ($"en$e that *nderp"nned the or"g"na! op"n"on( regard"ng $!"mate $hange "( no. d"($red"ted or ha( )een rev"(ed8 the a!!eged over.he!m"ng ($"ent"f"$ $on(en(*( that ha( )een *(ed a( v"$ar"o*( (*pport for po!"t"$a! a$t"on ha( )een (ho.n to )e a $h"mera8 there ha( )een no g!o)a! .arm"ng 9(tat"(t"$a!!y ("gn"f"$ant or other."(e7 for (eventeen year(8 and there "( an "n$rea("ng rea!"(at"on among(t the genera! pop*!a$e that they are )e"ng ro))ed )y pro5y "n order to (*pport a fa"!ed green dreamTo (*mmar"(e6 the 0green1 !ev"e( that yo*r government "( app!y"ng are not )a(ed on any $red")!e ($"ent"f"$ theory& )*t are d"re$t!y or "nd"re$t!y !ead"ng to avo"da)!e death(- >o* are

the em)od"ment of the governmentB( $!"mate $hange po!"$y- 'f yo* $annot $onv"n$e me that yo*r po!"$"e( are defen(")!e "n ($"en$e& and "f any death "n S$ot!and th"( ."nter "( attr")*ted "n any .ay to f*e! poverty& ' ."!! )e .r"t"ng to Po!"$e S$ot!and to a(4 them to $on("der .hether a $harge of m*rder aga"n(t yo* .o*!d )e A*(t"f"ed't pro)a)!y ."!! not (*rpr"(e yo* to 4no. that ' ma"nta"n a )!og 9tpdr(!-org7& and ' have a!ready a"red th"( top"$ there- My reader( 4no. that ' have .r"tten to yo*& and ."!! )e e5pe$t"ng a f*!! and (at"(fa$tory an(.er' and other( a.a"t yo*r rep!y ."th great ant"$"pat"on>o*r( fa"thf*!!y&