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MC3 JUDGES And now, Id like to introduce our judges.

Head Judge Suzanne Elliott, with over 35 years in the health and fitness fields, was introduced to the path of yoga in 1994 in the Iyengar, Shivananda and Ashtanga styles. Suzanne has a Bachelors degree in Physical Education, Health, Recreation and Biology and a Masters degree in Counseling. She worked in secondary education for over 20 years and trained as a Health Coach with Anthony Robbins. She was a competitive Cheer coach and judge, training her teams to win over ten years of State titles and National championships.!During her coaching years at Merritt Island High School she steered the efforts of recognizing cheerleading as a sport and venturing to have competitive cheer in the Olympics. After enduring the mental stress of being an educator/coach and the physical stress of a marathon, Suzanne discovered the therapeutic value of Bikram Yoga which helped to heal her sciatica and scoliosis. In her 50s, and after menopause, upon discovering that she was born with hip dysplasia Suzanne had both hips replaced and credits her yoga practice as her lifesaver. Suzanne has coached and judged USA Yoga Asana Championships from their beginning. She has coached State, National and International Champions, including Afton Carraway and Kate Keuvelaar.

Suzanne and her husband, Joe, own and direct Bikram Yoga on the Island in Merritt Island FL. They have been health advocates and leaders in their community hosting regional events and workshops including Bikram Choudhurys final posture clinic and a Women's Retreat with Rajashree Choudhury and Emmy Cleaves for two years. Suzanne hopes we will all join the efforts of USA YOGA to help the world be a stronger, more flexible, giving, place to live!! Joe Elliott, co-owner with his beautiful wife of Bikram Yoga on the Island, began practicing Iyengar and Shtanga Yoga in 1994. Upon discovering Bikram Yoga in 2000 he became a Hot Yoga devotee. He became a certified instructor in 2007 and a competition judge in 2010. !Joe is also a yogi-engineer, working full-time as a Quality Engineer in the Space Program at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Injuries from two car accidents, years of wear and tear from martial arts, and a stressful airline career brought Anna Hunter to her first Bikram Yoga class in 2001 and she became a certified instructor in 2006. Anna!served on staff in 2011 and continues as a member of visiting staff at teacher trainings. She has attended Judging and Coaching clinics, two Bikram Yoga Advanced Seminars in Australia and recently completed a Tony Sanchez Advanced Seminar in Mexico. She leads the Bikram Yoga advanced series & coaches competitors for the Florida Regional Championships. Anna has competed in the 2007, 2012 & 2013 yoga asana championships.