Chapter 5 – Training

Chapter 5 - Training
2 years Earlier, Largoom Gordon walked along side Matt as they headed down one of the corridors to the sleeping area. Gordon knew that with all the twisting caverns and dark areas, he would be lost on his own no doubt about it. At certain points, he wondered how even Matt knew the way. “Have you ever considered putting up signs in this place?” Gordon muttered, keeping close by Matt as they turned another corner. “You get used to it after a while. I wouldn’t worry about it,” Matt replied happily. He was in a good mood but Gordon couldn’t work out why anyone would be in a good mood living there. It was so cold and dark. “Is Lenna ok? Is she always like that?” “You mean grumpy? No. She’s just a bit pissed off that she missed quite a big battle earlier. This morning, something got into our tunnels unexpectedly. It must have dug its way through some how and created a new entrance. We saw you coming and we needed someone to help you so we sent her out. We fought off two of the Rippers which you’ve encountered before and she really wanted to join in but we had to virtually push her out the front entrance to help you.” “So why’s she annoyed at me?” Gordon asked, frustrated that he was practically being blamed by Lenna for Matt’s actions. “I can only guess but it’ll go away eventually. Don’t worry,” Matt reassured him. “And...” Gordon began but a screaming sound broke him off.

“It came from the sleeping area! Wait here!” Matt said seriously. Gordon nodded and watched as he darted off round the bend. There were more screams and shouting coming form further down the cavern. Gordon wanted to go with but he knew what he had been told and he decided he would try to obey his instructions for once. He didn’t want any more near-death experiences today. “IT’S COMING AT YOU!” someone cried out and he could hear a roaring sound quite nearby. Gordon remained where he was, trying to work out what was happening. There was another creature inside, he guessed that much, but who was winning. “Shove out the way,” Lenna cried, pushing past him and knocking him momentarily off balance. Gordon couldn’t stay any longer. Just listening to all the noises and not seeing what was happening was killing him and he decided to follow Lenna to where the action was happening. But as he left his position, Lenna turned and yelled back at him, “Stay to the side and remain there! I can see Matt’s impression of you is going to drop so much by tonight!” Lenna went off and Matt was left alone again, listening to the screams which never seemed to stop. Gordon closed his eyes, trying ever so hard to block out the noises. He tried to think of something nice - tried to think of his parents and how much he missed them. His heart raced. How much longer? Then, he felt warmth against his neck, but not a pleasant warmth, a warmth that indicated there was trouble. Gordon opened his eyes sensing something exhaling in his direction - a Ripper, it’s eyes more gold than the last he had seen. The eyes were almost hypnotic, keeping him still for a few seconds. The creature opened its mouth wide, leaned forwards and shut it quickly over the arm he had raised up. At the last moment as the teeth were close to sinking into his skin, he pulled his arm away and launched himself to the side. He knew

he didn’t have much time. The Ripper was already turning to attack him again. He got to his feet and began to sprint. He turned left where Lenna had gone and followed the sounds of the screams somewhere nearby. He knew instinctively that the Ripper was close on his heels. As he reached a bend in the tunnel, he took the opportunity to glance back and saw the creature lunge at him. He dived out the way and continued to sprint down the corridor. He saw the entrance to one of the rooms and, checking behind him to make sure the Ripper couldn’t see him, he slipped inside. There were few lights on inside but Gordon preferred it like that as it gave him better cover. If the creature hadn’t seen him go in there, he would be safe for the moment. He moved slowly through the room, trying to avoid making a sound or knocking anything over. There was a big table in the centre of the room and a couch nearby but the rest of the room was bare. If he could shift the couch away from the wall, he may be able to crouch behind it. Slowly, he moved towards it and put it in the correct position to give himself a hiding place. As he did so, he could sense the creature moving forwards past the entrance of the room, following the sounds of the screaming and shouting. Gordon couldn’t see but guessed that it hadn’t noticed he was there for he was sure it would have made a lot of noise had it tried to have squeezed through the entrance doorway. He took in deep breaths, trying to slow down his heart rate. He had to stop panicking. It was as though Gordon was afraid the creature might sense his fear and know he was there. But that would be impossible, wouldn’t it? Then, he felt it. The dust in the air was causing irritation down his respiratory system and he knew he was about to sneeze. He deepened his breathing. He had to avoid it...he just had to. The urge to sneeze was growing and he tried desperately to keep it back for just a while longer. He felt a tingling sensation in his throat and

he had no choice but to release. His mouth opened wide and out came the sound. There was a movement somewhere behind him and he heard the creature easing itself through the doorway. He had no exit and he felt as though he had felt earlier that day, back in the house, trapped in one of the rooms. What had he done then? He had run past. Could he run past again? Maybe if he remained quiet, the Ripper would turn away. After all, it hadn’t seen him yet. He heard scratching behind him and something creaked. The creature had pulled itself up onto the table. Gordon changed his breathing pattern and held his breath completely. He couldn’t risk anymore sounds for there were barely 3 metres between him and the Ripper. And the only other place he could hide was... Gordon acted quickly. He knew the creature was about to jump off the table onto the couch and look behind it. As fast as possible, he got on all fours and crawled round the side of the couch, just as the creature made the move Gordon had expected. He hadn’t been seen yet and he wanted to keep it that way. He had two choices. 1. run out the room but still be chased. 2. Hide and hope the Ripper went away. The latter option seemed appealing and that’s why Gordon made a quick dive for hiding underneath the table. As the creature was facing the other way, he wasn’t noticed. He had done it. He went to change to a sitting position but his mind hadn’t yet registered how low the table actually was. And he banged his head as he moved. If the noise hadn’t been enough to alert the creature, his short moan of pain definitely would have. The creature leaped down to the floor and stared under the table at him. The two golden eyes haunted him once more. This was to be the last time he would see them, ever again... ***

“I told you he was good for nothing. He get’s scared off by a tamed creature...what would happen if that was in the wild...” Gordon opened his eyes at the sounds of Lenna and Matt talking together. He felt achy all over. What had happened? He sat himself up and the two, noticing he was awake, came over to him. Lenna was smirking at him, clearly happy about something. Gordon didn’t need her to say anything. He understood instantly that she had saved him and didn’t exactly want to find out how. Matt knew he was confused and sat down on the end of his bed. “You feeling alright?” he asked gently. Gordon felt he was being treated like a young child. “Yes. I’m fine,” he grunted watching Matt with suspicion. “It wasn’t your fault, Gordon. We’ll try it again another time if we get another one here.” “What are you talking about?” Matt asked, completely bewildered. “Is it dead?” Matt glanced over at Lenna and mouthed something to her. She seemed to understand and, reluctantly, she left the room. “Yes,” he replied looking back at Gordon. “We didn’t want to kill it but training has never gone wrong like that before.” “Training?!” Gordon interjected, sitting up straight. What was he going on about? “Yes. Every new member undergoes training. It starts off with a test to see how well they can cope with a sudden well the person can cope with instructions.” Gordon realised now that Lenna had been trying to help him when she said he should stay where he was and listen to Matt. He had

thought that was a bit strange. He expected Lenna would pull him with her and make him fight instead of telling him to wait around like a coward. “And how does everyone else cope with that, then?!” Gordon asked angrily but he didn’t let Matt answer. “How does everyone else cope when they’re left like dead meat in the middle of a maze of caves, still completely confused as to what has just happened to them?!” “Gordon...” “I’m surprised you’re not on your own doing that to everyone!” “ don’t understand...” “You may do that to every member...but I’M NOT A MEMBER! I want to go home.” Gordon got out of bed and ignored the excruciating pain through his body as he stumbled across the room to the doorway. “Gordon. We’ve managed to tame this creature over the time we’ve been here. We’ve used it for training purposes for so long. It doesn’t normally attack like that. Something’s happened which wasn’t meant to happen and I think it’s happening all over the planet. We need to find out what’s going on...” Furious, Gordon turned to him and said through gritted teeth, “Well...this time, that ‘we’ doesn’t include me. Sorry, Matt. You’ll have to find someone else to do the job for you.” “But you fit in here at Unreachable...” Matt tried, helplessly. Gordon shook his head. “Who are Unreachable? What is it?” Matt looked down at his feet and remained silent. “If you can’t tell me, then I’m going.” Matt didn’t stop him. He couldn’t tell him even if he wanted to. He wouldn’t know how to start explaining it. “Bye, Matt.”

Gordon walked slowly away down the tunnels towards the exit. He had had enough. He would survive on his own and...hopefully...find his way home...

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