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Suite H187 Ikota Shopping Co p!e" V#G#C$ %&ah$ Lago'# Te!#( )7)*+,*8781$ )8)-.*)88).#
E ai!(/01u'#enginee1ing2g ai!#/o

CYRUS Engineering Suite H187 Ikota Shopping Complex V.G.C A ah !ago" #el.$ %8%&'(%88%'.%7%()*(8781+ email$ ,-ru",om

The Managing Director Ucak NIG. LTD Km 32/33 Lekki-E e E! . "a# I$e%& Lekki' Lago(.

5th Dec. 2013

RE: Concrete Electric Pole Factory

/ollo0ing our 1i",u""ion &n1 2e,. &%1( on the a3o4e "u3 e,t5 here i" a 3rie6ing o6 the re7ui"ite pre8,on"tru,tion engineering "er4i,e"$

Introduction !a-ing out a 6a,tor- in4ol4e" 1e,i1ing 0here to put all the 6a,ilitie"5 ma,hine"5 e7uipment an1 "ta66 in the pro1u,tion operation . !a-out 1etermine" the 0a- in 0hi,h material" an1 other input" 6lo0 through the operation.

#he 6ollo0ing 0ill 3e re7uire1 a" the ne,e""ar- pre8,on"tru,tion engineering "er4i,e"$

Su3"oil in4e"tigation 9 to 1etermine nature o6 un1erline "trata an1 3earing ,apa,it- 6or 6oun1ation anal-"i" an1 1e"ign.

Ar,hite,tural 1e"ign 9 re7uire1 6or "pa,e planning to 1etermine 0ork ,enter" 6or pro1u,tion operation.

Stru,tural 1e"ign 9 ne,e""ar- 6or 1etermining mem3er "i:ing an1 ,on"tru,tion "pe,i6i,ation.

Ele,tri,al an1 me,hani,al 9 re7uire1 6or po0er "uppl- an1 plum3ing.

;ill o6 <uantitie" 9 to 1etermine the pro e,t ,o"t.

Type of Production

=o33ing operation+ ,hara,teri:e 3- 0i1e 4ariet- o6 pro1u,t" an1 lo0 4olume.

;at,h operation+ ,hara,teri:e 3- me1ium 4ariet- an1 me1ium 4olume.

Continuou" operation+ ,hara,teri:e 3- lo0 4ariet- an1 high 4olume.

#he propo"e1 ,on,rete pole pro1u,tion 6a,tor- i" inten1e1 to pro1u,e 6our 1i66erent ,on,rete pole" at 1>% pie,e" per 1a-+ there6ore it ,an 3e ,la""e1 a" a ,ontinuou" t-pe operation. Basic Factory Layout Types

?ro,e"" !a-out Cell !a-out

?ro1u,t !a-out

Sin,e 0e are primaril- ,on,erne1 0ith a ,ontinuou" operation in the ,on,rete pole pro1u,tion 0e "hall 3e a1opting a pro1u,t la-out 6or the propo"e1 6a,tor-. Product Layout In pro1u,t la-out 1e"ign the ma,hine" an1 e7uipment are lo,ate1 "o that ea,h pro1u,t 6ollo0" a pre8arrange1 route through a "erie" o6 pro,e""e". #he pro1u,t 6lo0 along a line o6 pro,e""e" that i" ,lear an1 pre1i,ta3le.

?ro1u,t la-out ha4e high 6ixe1 ,o"t to "et up the manu6a,turing line" an1 lo0 4aria3le ,o"t" 6or pro1u,ing large 4olume" o6 the "ame pro1u,t. Layout Design #he la-out 1e"ign 0ill 1etermine$

@ork ,enter" o6 the operation i.e. the exa,t lo,ation o6 the 6a,ilitie"5 e7uipment an1 "ta66.

Spa,e to 3e 1e4ote1 to ea,h 0ork ,enter"

#a"k to 3e un1ertaken 3- ea,h 0ork ,enter.

Project Engineering Design Billing A

Su3"oil in4e"tigation 88888888888888888888888888 &0%5%%%Bplot

Ar,hite,tural 1e"ign 888888888888888888888888888 &>%5%%%

Stru,tural 1e"ign 8888888888888888888888888888888 Ele,tri,al an1 Ce,hani,al 1e"ign 8888888888 1%%5%%%


;ill o6 <uantitie" 8888888888888888888888888888888


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