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.:INFO:. This keygen was not made by me, thank davidstar. .:BEFORE STARTING:. Your internet needs to be turned off.

If you have any other versions of newbluefx you need to uninstall and delete the folder that was in it.

(C:) > Program Files > NewBlue (32-bit) or (C:) > Program Files (x86) > NewBlue (64-bit) Change your date of your computer to 2050.

Or click on "Change Date" of this program to open it, It happens that the plugins are configured to register MANDATORY within 1 week. Failure to register the product at this time limit, the trigger is released automatically.

.:INSTRUCTIONS:. 1. Install selecting any video software you have. Install the plugin but canceled NewBlue the installation of "eSellerate Update Setup" (Each plugin attempt to install this program it is NOT necessary). 2. After instillation go to (C:) > Program Files > NewBlue and go to the folder that the FX plugin you just installed and press the EXE. file that tells says Activate(Name of plugin here) . Open "Manage Activation" from Home> Programs> NewBlue ... At the same time opens the corresponding keygen. 3. "Please enter your serial number here", enter the copied from serial keygen. It is recommended to use serial with the key generated for Premiere, it will be compatible any other editing program. The key to Premiere is the subkey "ALL" in the first group, for example:NB3E "ALL"-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX The sublclave "ALL" is UNIVERSAL, it works for all programs. Do not press to register online. Press "Manually Activate" Then open the eSellerate window "New Blue ... Product Activation." Choose the option below: "I Already Have an Activation Key and would like to activate now" and click Next. In the new window, from Table A, paste the key activation copied from the keygen for the serial number and Click "Activate" in the space requested.

4. INSTALL ALL THE PLUGINS OR YOU HAVE TO REPEAT THE PROCESS ABOVE. Now once you have all the software installed and al the programs are now activated with the serials open up the plugins and it will tell you to register, NEVER REGISTER, ALWAYS CANCEL IT, FOR EACH PLUGIN CANCEL IT.

Update the system date as noted in step 1. Run your favorite editing program. If you open a NewBlue
miniventana ask that you register the program, select "Cancel." You need take no internet activation, as NewBlue aunquelo valid, the plugin will display the watermark if you miss one week after installing for the first time NewBlue in the system.



Cracklock is recommended to install is a program that manipulates the system date for programs. exe. Each plugin NewBlue try to detect the system date through editing program (Premiere, Vegas, Studio, etc..) that being implemented. Cracklock "encarceler" the program in date chosen by the user. Cracklock automatically modifies the system date (The date you want the user) and sends Information to the program. Such amendment of the date is momentary, the date resets immediately.

This prevents manual adjustment by the user. You need to know the date it was first installed in the system NewBlue, and give that date to Cracklock. Best of all is Cracklock that is FREE.

Cracklock HOW TO USE? 1 .- Start> Programs> Cracklock> Cracklock Manager 2 .- Click "Add Program" and the browser locates the editing program you are using NewBlue plugins. 3.-In the new program window will be added. Click in the program.

4.-In "Settings" choose the dates you want to cheat the program. That date is set to "Virtual date."
Enable "Affect the date and time of the system," 5.-Click on "Dependencies" and choose "Static injection." OK.